by MasterKGray

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19. Concussion, Coma, a New Slave and Twins?

A few days later Ben had taken them all shopping for a new car for James. He couldn’t keep driving that old wreck, it was about to die any day. They got to the lot and Ben went to look at the new trucks, thinking he might buy a new one. He could still use the old one he had customized for off-roading. As he was looking, Chloe had wandered ahead of him and suddenly gave a squeal of delight, standing by a brand new black truck with red trim.

“Ooo, Master, this truck is so sexy,” Chloe said huskily.

“Why do you say that?” Ben asked, mentally agreeing that this was the hottest looking truck on the lot.

“It reminds me of you Master, so big and strong and beautiful, except – well...”

“Well what, slave?”

“It doesn’t remind me of how you fuck, but the rest of it is perfect.”

“What reminds you of how I fuck?”

“A train, Master, you fuck like a train and my pussy hurts so good after we’re done.”

“Good thing you’re a pain slut, huh?”

“Yes Master.”

“Alright, I’ll buy it. It will be more comfortable to ride in than the old one, we can use that one for off-roading,” Ben said as James and Kira walked up to him. “Did you find something you like?”

“Well, yes, but it’s not a car and it’s expensive, I don’t know how much I’m allowed to spend,” James replied hesitantly.

“We want to buy that beautiful blue truck with the white stripes, Master Ben, please,” Kira blurted out and Ben and Chloe both laughed. “Oh, I’m sorry Master, is it too much money?” Kira asked, looking confused.

“No, that’s why we were laughing. I have more than enough money to cover that truck. No problem, let’s go back to the office and see if we can get a test drive before we make a deal,” Ben suggested and they all walked back to speak to a salesman.

“Hi, see anything you like?” The salesman asked as they walked into the showroom.

“Yes, actually two trucks, we’d like to take them for a test drive,” Ben replied.

“Alright, which trucks?” the salesman queried.

“The black one with the red trim – ,” Ben started.

“And the blue one with the white stripes,” James added, quickly interrupting Ben.

 “Very well, I’ll need to see your driver’s licenses and if you could give me your bank accounts so I can check out your credit, the salesman responded.

“Sure, but I’ll pay for both of them,” Ben said as he handed them his bank account and both their driver’s licenses. The salesman sat down at the computer for a minute and tapped away, coming back a few minutes later with the keys for both vehicles and their driver’s licenses. “Thanks, we’ll be back soon,” Ben said and they all headed out to test drive the trucks. Ben unlocked the doors and helped Chloe in before going around and getting in as James and Kira rushed on down the lot to the blue one.

“Master, I’m so hot for you right now,” Chloe said.


“You are such an amazing person, good and kind, that was so nice of you with James and Kira and just the whole thing. Now I’ve got a sister in bondage and two Masters, though Master James has never fucked me, I wouldn’t mind. Oh Master, please fuck me, I want you inside me here in this beautiful truck.”

“How can I say no to that?” Ben chuckled and Chloe unbuckled her seatbelt and was straddling his erection in seconds, trying to grind her wet pussy on his pants. Ben stopped her long enough to unbuckle, pulling out his larger than ever cock and Chloe slid onto it quickly moaning in ecstasy as she bottomed out.

“Oh Master, you fill me up like no other,” Chloe said as she started to ride him, bouncing up and down and she came within a few thrusts, crying out in her lust.

“Do I need to gag you, slave?”

“Probably, Master.”

“Well, I don’t have anything to physically gag you, so gag yourself, slave, keep it down, you’re hurting my ears.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said and started thrusting up and down, trying to keep her mouth clamped shut so she wouldn’t scream and cry out. She had always been very vocal when the sex was so good, but especially now, her Master’s huge cock touched her in all the right places and sent her to an orbit she never knew existed. As she rode him she couldn’t help but make some noise, but with her lips closed and mindful of her Master’s orders she kept herself from crying out the next time she came, though mini cries and moans escaped through her nose. Finally Ben came as Chloe reached her third orgasm.

“Well, now I guess we have to buy it, they’ll never get this smell out of here,” Ben joked as he pulled Chloe off of him. He zipped up and went to his old truck, returning with a roll of paper towels to clean up their mess. It wasn’t difficult because the seats were leather and their juices hadn’t been sitting on them for long. Chloe took a towel and wiped up her dripping pussy.

“Thank you Master, I’m sorry if I caused any problems,” Chloe said softly.

“No problem at all, I was going to buy it anyway,” Ben grinned and started the engine, checking the tach because it ran so quietly. He was used to his old truck with the loud mufflers and he could hear the engine. They drove out onto the highway and it performed beautifully, running smoothly and quietly, even at higher speeds. They returned to the lot to see that James and Kira had already returned and were fogging up the windows in the truck. Ben and Chloe grinned at each other before Ben got out and knocked on the window.

“Smells, like sex in here,” Ben grinned as James rolled down the window.

“Yeah, we really like it and Kira wanted to christen it, just like you and Chloe did in your truck,” James responded with a wide grin.

“Perfect, I’ll go pay for them and find out when we can pick them up,” Ben said as he and Chloe started toward the showroom.

“So, did you like them?” The salesman asked.


“Can we write up the paperwork?”

“Not until we negotiate.”

“But Sir, you have more than enough money to cover five trucks, what’s the problem?”

“Yes I have plenty of money, but I’m rich, not stupid. I know there’s at least a fifteen percent markup on these vehicles and I don’t want to pay any more than eighty percent of the listed price, especially since I’m buying two trucks.”

“I – I can’t do that Sir.”

“Sure you can, go get your manager, or I can just walk away, you’re not the only car dealership around.”

“Ok, Ok, I’m going,” the salesman said as he rushed off to the manager’s office. He came back a minute later, motioning them to follow him into the manager’s office.

“So, how can I help you?” the manager asked politely.

“I’m buying two trucks and I only want to pay eighty percent of the listed price, but your salesman here says he can’t do that,” Ben replied.

“But Sir, my man informs me you have plenty of money, what’s the big deal?” the manager asked.

“As I said to him, I’m rich, not stupid and I know these are already marked up. Also, in another month you have next year’s models coming in, so you need to move these. On second thought, seventy five percent or I walk away and buy them somewhere else,” Ben demanded, still not sitting in the chairs, even though the manager had gestured for them to be seated when they came in. Chloe stood near the door, marveling at the business savvy of her Master. Everything about him thrilled her to the core, she was deeply in love with him.

“Alright, you’ve got me on that one, moving these two trucks will make room for the new ones and I’m going to need the space, write it up at seventy five percent,” the manager said, nodding towards the open mouthed salesman who turned to exit the office, gesturing them to follow.

“I can’t believe he gave you that deal, that’s the best I’ve ever seen him do,” the salesman said, pulling out the papers for both trucks and starting to fill out the necessary information.

“Make sure the blue one is in James’ name,” Ben said.

“Wow, is he your nephew or something?” the salesman asked.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but he’s my employee,” Ben replied.

“Wow, I’d love to be your employee,” the salesman remarked with chagrin.

“Do you have any special skills?” Ben asked.

“Not really, I’m good at selling cars, but that’s really about it,” the salesman answered.

“Well, James is a really good computer expert, that’s why I’m paying him the big bucks and buying him a new vehicle,” Ben said just as James and Kira came in, standing behind Ben and Chloe.

“Alright, I just need your signatures,” the salesman said, showing them where they needed to sign. Ben had to sign the paperwork for James because he was the one paying for the truck.

“When can we expect delivery?” Ben asked.

“You can pick them up in a week,” the salesman replied.

Two days later James and Kira had gone to the tattoo place to have Kira’s neck measured for her new collar. James had decided that if she was going to look like Chloe, Kira’s collar should match as well and Kira was ecstatic. They were also going to brand her left ass cheek with the identical brand as Chloe’s and then get a tattoo to match the rose Tom had forced onto Chloe’s right hip. Afterward they were headed to the genetics place to give Kira the same injections Chloe had received with a little enhancement to her already full breasts and changing her eye color to blue, which should make them nearly identical.

Chloe’s hair had already grown out enough that Ben had taken her to get it cut in a not quite to the shoulder cut, removing all of her original hair as the new red hair grew in thick and full. Ben and Chloe were at home alone together for the first time in a week. Chloe was hoping Ben would devise some devious way to dress her or bind her so that he could use her well lubricated pussy. Ben had not seemed one bit interested in that and Chloe had not been dressed or bound at all today. Disappointedly she walked into the kitchen for lunch to find a sandwich and soda waiting for her. Ben had ordered lunch.

Chloe waited for Ben to chain her to the chair, but he did not and bit into his sandwich, seemingly lost in thought.

“Don’t care if your slave runs away?” Chloe asked.

“Huh, oh, sorry Chloe, I’m just thinking about things.”

“What’s wrong, Master?”

“I just spoke with my father and my mother has terminal pancreatic cancer, there’s nothing they can do for her.”

“And you’re feeling guilty about all those years you didn’t get along with her.”

“Yes, I know I shouldn’t, lord knows she brought it on herself, but – .”

“You just can’t put it out of your mind, right Master?” Chloe finished the sentence for him.

“Yes dammit, Chloe, stop finishing my sentences.”

“Sorry Master.”

“It’s alright, I’m just upset and I’m actually angrier at myself for letting it get to me as much as it is.”

“She’s your mother, Master, she carried you inside her for nine months, you have a connection to her, and you love her, even if you hate her too.”

“Damn Chloe, you seem to be able to cut through all of it and get right to the point. Yes, I love her, but I hate her, and I’m sad that she’s going to die, but I don’t know how to talk to her anymore. There’s obviously nothing I can do for her and I just don’t know what to say to her. I told Dad I was sorry, and hung up.”

“It’s alright Master, I’m here for you and even though you didn’t chain me down, I’m not going to run away. The bond in my heart is stronger than any chain you can bind me with.”

“Chloe, I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my entire life. You are the most amazing woman in the world. You’re smart, perceptive, and you have wisdom beyond your years. I still can’t believe I got so lucky and you willingly submitted to be my slave, thank you Chloe.”

“I love you too Master, perhaps you can drown your sorrows by fucking your slave to your heart’s content, or cock’s content, whichever works for you,” Chloe grinned and Ben smiled back at her.

“Thank you Chloe, you also know how to break through my depressing mood and make me smile again,” Ben said, eating his sandwich quietly but with a less stern face. Chloe ate quietly, not wanting to upset him or ruin whatever he was thinking about. They both finished eating and Chloe got up from her chair to clean up the mess on the table. She threw away the garbage and grabbed the empty soda bottles, bending down to put them in the recycling. Ben snuck up behind her and slammed his now raging erection into her obviously damp pussy. Chloe cried out and went limp, Ben grabbed her, holding her up. He thrust a couple of times, then realized that Chloe was not responding to his thrusts and was unconscious.

Ben carried her to the leather couch and laid her down, looking at her head. At first he didn’t see anything through the thick hair, but then he felt the bump on her head and his hand came away sticky with a little blood on it. He had rammed into her so hard she banged her head on the counter or cabinet. She was still out cold and Ben tried to rouse her, gently tapping her cheek and calling her name.

“Huh – oh my head, what happened Master?” Chloe said as she came to, her eyes seemed unfocused.

“I’m sorry Chloe, I tried to take you by surprise again and I caused you to hit your head on the counter, you might have a concussion. Stay awake, babe, please, don’t go back to sleep, I need you to stay awake for me,” Ben pleaded but Chloe’s eyes were already closing and she lost consciousness. Ben cried out in frustration. James had taken his truck and he didn’t have the keys to James’ car, if it would even start. He decided to call 911 and they sent an ambulance. Ben rode up front with the driver and they sped off to the hospital. Chloe never regained consciousness and they admitted her into the hospital with a concussion and she had slipped into a coma. The doctor’s didn’t know if or when she might come out of it. Ben was beside himself with grief and actually cried for the first time in years.

Chloe awoke slowly, opening her eyes to the blinding glare of the fluorescent lights. She shook her head, trying to clear her vision as her eyes tried to focus for the first time in a while. Everything was blurry at first but eventually she was able to focus enough to see Ben sitting asleep in the chair next to her bed. He looked awful, his face haggard and unshaven, his eyes looked sunken and he looked like he might have lost a few pounds. She looked around the room and realized she was in a hospital but didn’t remember coming here.

“Master, where are we?” Chloe asked and Ben stirred slightly but did not open his eyes. Chloe repeated her question speaking louder.

“Huh – oh thank god you’re awake Chloe, we were so worried about you!” Ben exclaimed sitting upright and rubbing his eyes.

“Where are we, Master?”

“In the hospital, I’m so sorry Chloe. I tried to surprise you from behind when you bent over to put the recycling away and I caused you to hit your head on the counter, I found a little bit of blood there when I went back home the other day.”

“I don’t remember, Master,” Chloe said looking down at the IV in her arm, pulling the oxygen tubes from her nostrils so she could breathe better. “How long, Master?”

“Two and a half weeks. James and Kira came by a few times and Kira talked to you but you didn’t respond. They told her to keep it up, it might help bring you out of it. I talked to you at night, begging you to come back to me until I fell asleep here in the chair.”

“Could I get something to eat, Master, I’m starved?”

“Sure, I’ll ring for the nurse,” Ben said, pressing the call button.

“I don’t remember Kira, but I remember you talking to me Master. You kept asking me to come back to you, but I couldn’t find my way out. I couldn’t find a way to tell you that I heard you and I was trying to get to you.”

“So it helped that I talked to you?”

“Yes and no, Master. It helped because I knew you were here with me somehow, but it hurt so much to know that I couldn’t obey you and come be your slave like I knew you wanted. I wanted to get back to you so badly, maybe it helped more than we will ever know, I’m not sure Master, but I’m so glad I’m back here with you.”

“How do you feel?”

“Hungry Master.”

“I mean besides that, do you feel weak or tired?”

“Maybe a little weak, but definitely not tired, I just spent the last two weeks sleeping, Master,” Chloe joked and Ben smiled for the first time in two weeks.

“That’s good,” Ben said, getting up and hugging her as Chloe hugged him back weakly. “Wow, is that as hard as you can hug me?”

“I don’t know, Master, I still feel pretty weak.”

“Well, you haven’t used your muscles in two and a half weeks, so they’ve atrophied a bit. The doctors talked about putting you on electrostimulation so your muscles didn’t atrophy so far that you couldn’t even walk or anything. They said you were in excellent physical condition when you came in, so they weren’t worried about it just yet.”

“I’m thirsty Master, is there any water here?”

“Yes, there’s some in that pitcher there and I think you have a cup too,” Ben said, finding the cup and pouring some water into it. Chloe drank from the straw and made a face.

“Ugh, this is tap water and it’s warm and disgusting.”

“Sorry babe, where the hell is the nurse?”

“I don’t know, did you press my call button, Master.”

“Yes, I’m going to walk down to the nurse’s station and see if I can’t get someone down here,” Ben said walking out of the room. After a few minutes he returned with a pretty blond nurse with big breasts and green eyes. Chloe was now naked, having stripped off her hospital gown and was kneeling on the bed, though it looked like she was struggling to do so.

“Oh my god, why are you naked?” The nurse asked.

“I’m presenting myself to my Master.”

“What – why? You’ve been in a coma for over two weeks, you need to take it easy.”

“She’s my willing slave, didn’t you notice her collar?” Ben interjected.

“Yes, but I thought it was just some sort of game,” the nurse responded.

“It’s no game, I am his slave for real and forever. I love him and want to make him as happy as he makes me,” Chloe piped up.

“Here, let’s get your gown back on,” the nurse said.

“Why? You have the same equipment, you’ve seen it all before,” Chloe said.

“True, but I’m sure the doctor doesn’t need to see you naked,” the nurse suggested.

“He sees lots of patients naked, it’s his job,” Chloe stated.

“Yes, I suppose he does, but probably not many as hot as you,” the nurse giggled.

“Could we get her something to eat, she said she was hungry?” Ben asked.

“It’s two forty in the morning, the kitchen is closed,” the nurse replied.

“Then I guess I’ll go down to the snack machine and get her something from there,” Ben said.

“I can get her milk or diet soda,” the nurse offered.

“I’ll have some milk, please, but no diet soda, that stuff tastes disgusting,” Chloe said and Ben and the nurse walked out the door, Ben returning with snacks from the machine and a Mountain Dew. Chloe struggled to open the bottle but finally accomplished it and drank heartily before looking over the snacks Ben had brought.

“Oh, that tastes so good, thank you Master. Um, I can’t eat the Snickers because I’m allergic to peanuts, but I’ll take the brownie and the Milky Way,” Chloe said, opening the brownie and taking a big bite. Just then the nurse came back in with a carton of milk and a piece of birthday cake.

“Why are you still naked?” The nurse asked.

“I am a slave, and I spend most of my time naked, it just feels right,” Chloe replied as she opened the carton of milk and drank.

“I guess you weren’t kidding when you said this wasn’t a game,” the nurse said. “Has she always been this submissive or is this side effects of the coma?” The nurse asked, looking at Ben.

“She’s always been like this with me, I’m the luckiest guy on the planet,” Ben grinned.

“I’ll say,” the nurse said glumly.

“Hey, you’re pretty hot yourself,” Ben tried to cheer her up.

“You think so?” The nurse asked. “I know I’m not as hot as her, but I think I have a pretty nice body, and men seem to love my big tits.”

“Chloe is the hottest woman in the world to me, but it is a combination of her physical beauty and her submissive slave nature. Also her amazing intelligence, not to mention she submitted to be my slave and she loves me more than I could have ever hoped,” Ben heaped praise on his beautiful slave.

“Oh god, and you love her too,” the nurse noted.

“You bet I do, how could I not love someone like her, she is incredible.”

“I’ll say, she’s not even worried or upset that we’re talking about her like she’s not even in the room.”

“True, because in the deepest part of her, she is a slave. She has committed to be my property for as long as I want her,” Ben said as Chloe finished the last of the candy bar and drank more of her soda, finishing the bottle.

“Master, may I have more, please?” Chloe asked, holding up the empty bottle of soda.

“Do you want more snacks?” Ben asked.

“No thank you Master, just more to drink, I’m so thirsty, maybe a bottled water too, this stuff is disgusting,” Chloe wrinkled her nose in disgust, gesturing towards the pitcher on her table. Ben chuckled softly to himself, Chloe was back, she seemed to be mentally fine and he hurried down the hall to get the beverages she requested.

“So you really get into all this Master and slave stuff, huh?” The nurse asked.

“I live it every day!” Chloe exclaimed happily. “Um, what’s your name?”

“Oh, sorry, I forgot my name tag, I’m supposed to wear it but I couldn’t find it when my shift started. My name’s Allie?”

“Is that short for something?”

“Yes, actually my name is Alexis, but it sounds so much like a stripper name or something.”

“It’s a very pretty name, and strippers are usually hot, just like you.”

“I’m not that hot.”

“Sure you are. Look at those big boobs and those pretty green eyes and blond hair, you must have guys falling all over themselves to go out with you.”

“I used to, but I’m kind of in a funk, not that I haven’t had guys chasing me, I’ve just grown tired of the struggle, I can’t seem to find the right guy. Oh sure, I’ve had plenty of nice guys, but the sex is less than exciting, I’ve faked it with most of them or at least half faked it because the orgasm wasn’t that great, if I had one at all.”

“Well, what turns you on? What kind of porn really gets you juiced up?”

“I – I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone.”

“Aww, come on, you’re not going to tell me? How are you ever going to get the fireworks if you don’t first light the match?”

“I’ve never told anyone because I don’t want to do it. I just sit in front of my computer with my big vibrating dildo and fuck myself to ecstasy when I watch, um, b – bondage and s – slave porn.”

“So that’s why you’re so uncomfortable with me being naked and collared, it’s turning you on and you don’t want to admit it.”

“She doesn’t want to admit what?” Ben asked, hearing the end of the conversation, setting the two bottled beverages on the table in front of Chloe.

“She’s been watching bondage and slave porn and it gets her off like nothing else, but she’s afraid to try it,” Chloe blurted out.

“I – I have to go, the doctor will be in a few minutes to check you out and see if he thinks we can release you. Based on what I’m seeing he’ll probably let you go home in the morning,” Allie stuttered rushing out of the room.

“She’s just upset Master, she told me she watches bondage and slave porn and vibrates herself to multiple orgasms. But she’s not willing to try it.”

“Someone’s in denial.”

“Yes Master.”

“By the way Chloe, you should have let me know you’re allergic to peanuts, I might have fed you something with them in it by accident.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said just as a man in a white coat and stethoscope walked in carrying a clipboard.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Gaines, the nurse tells me you woke up and feel fine. Let’s check you out and see if I can let you go home. Um, do you want to cover yourself, Miss Peterson?”

“No, I’m fine, Doctor Gaines and please call me Chloe.”

“Well, alright, this is a bit unusual, I usually have trouble getting women to take their clothes off even when it’s necessary, but it isn’t necessary now and you’re willingly naked.”

“Yes Doctor, I’m a slave and used to being naked, especially with my Master.”

“Alrighty, then, let’s begin,” Dr. Gaines said and began examining Chloe, checking her eyes, her vitals, her responses and looked at the chart several times. Finally he wrote something and signed his name just as nurse Allie came back in the room. "She’s good to go, everything checks out normal, she can go home in the morning.”

“Can’t I take her home now, Doctor?” Ben asked.

“Usually we don’t release patients until the day shift comes on,” Dr. Gaines replied.

“I can take care of it Dr. Gaines,” Allie offered.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Doctor, I’ll get everything into the computer and sign her out myself.”

“Very well, then you may leave as soon as Nurse Daniels gets finished with your paperwork.”

“Thank you Doctor,” Ben said as Dr. Gaines exited the room.

“Alexis Daniels, you’re right, it does sound like a stripper name, and you’ve sure got the face and body for it too,” Chloe joked.

“I’ve never seen someone come out of a coma and be as sharp as you are. Dr. Gaines was pleasantly surprised too, that’s why he allowed me to release you,” Allie said. “I’ll be back in a little while with some papers for you to sign.”

“Thanks, Allie,” Chloe called after her.

“I don’t have any clothes for you here. We brought you in naked,” Ben informed her.

“It’s alright Master, I’m used to it. Ooo, I just had a wicked thought, Master. I’ve always wanted to be strapped down to one of those gynecological chairs and fucked senseless. Do you think they have them here?”

“I’ll have to ask the nurse when she comes back.”

“Her name is Allie, Master.”

“Um, you called her Alexis too, didn’t you?”

“Yes Master, she doesn’t like it because she thinks it sounds too much like a stripper name.”

“It really does, but she is hot enough to pull off Alexis.”

“I think so too, Master.”

“Again, I’m really sorry Chloe, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen, you just looked so hot with your ass sticking up in the air like that and I couldn’t help myself, I mean, after all, you are my slave and I can use you anyway I want.”

“I forgive you Master, I’m fine now, so let’s just forget about it, and please keep using me however you wish. Did I need stitches or anything?”

“No, but you could probably use a haircut,” Ben noted, her red hair now falling to the middle of her back.

“I don’t know Master, I kind of like it, but I suppose it might get in the way of our fun.”

“That’s what I was thinking, it really is very beautiful, but it’s a bit long.”

“Let me see, Master,” Chloe said, pulling her hair from behind and covering her big breasts with it. “Yes Master, it’s too long, I shouldn’t be able to cover myself with my hair,” Chloe agreed, pulling the hair back behind her head and letting it fall over her shoulders and down her back.

“You have such beautiful hair, well, I mean, all of you is just gorgeous, but I wish my hair was thick and wavy like that,” Allie said as she showed them where to sign the release papers.

“Thank you, Allie. Um, I was wondering if you had one of those gynecological chairs with the straps on them somewhere around here. We’d like to borrow it if that’s alright?” Chloe asked.

“I think so, but it might be a little dusty, I believe it’s in a storage closet down the hall,” Allie replied as she collected all the papers and looked them over to make sure everything was signed. “Yep, everything looks good here, you’re free to go. I’ll show you to that closet. Hey, where are your clothes?”

“I didn’t have any when I came in, so I don’t have any to go out in,” Chloe responded as she got up off the bed and took her first halting steps after being in bed for so long. “May I use the restroom before we go?”

“Of course,” Allie replied, turning on the light in the bathroom attached to the room. Chloe quickly relieved herself and came out with a big smile, grabbing onto Ben’s arm.

“All ready to be fucked, Master,” Chloe giggled and Allie gasped.

“What’s the matter Allie?” Ben asked with a grin.

“Other than porn, I’ve never heard anyone talk like that,” Allie answered, hiding her flushed face, the dirty talk was making her hot. “Come on, let’s see if we can find that table and get you strapped down,” Allie said as she led the way out of the room and down the hall, opening first one, then another door before smiling at them.

“Did you find it?” Chloe asked.

“Yes I did, it doesn’t look too dirty, but I’ll get a few towels and we can wipe it down to make sure,” Allie answered as she rushed to the linen closet, returning with a handful of towels. She wiped down the table and instead of turning on the overhead light, flipped on a lamp in the corner of the room, it gave the room a warm glow. “If I get time, which isn’t too often, I’ll come hide for a while, that’s how I knew this was here. I’ll sit in this chair and read porn or just relax and take a nap,” Allie explained as she plopped down in a comfortable looking chair near the lamp.

“Oh Master, please tie me down and use me,” Chloe pleaded, looking longingly at the table/chair.

“Climb aboard,” Ben joked and began strapping her down with the leather straps provided. Once Chloe’s wrists were strapped to the arms of the chair, Ben pulled her legs apart and strapped them to the legs which had been spread wide. Chloe moaned with appreciation and arousal as Allie looked on, enraptured. Ben could see Chloe’s labia slick with her own lubricant so he dropped his pants and plunged in as Chloe squealed with delight. Allie also let out a moan of arousal at the erotic sight before her.

Ben continued his thrusts with vigor, not having been able to do this for a couple of weeks and Chloe burst into her first orgasms, screaming and crying out saying some nonsensical things and sometimes begging Ben to fuck her harder as she shuddered and spasmed around his massive cock. Ben continued on towards his own climax as Chloe came a second time. Ben finally unloaded inside her hot pussy, triggering Chloe’s third orgasm and she collapsed back onto the chair as her climax subsided, completely spent, falling into a daze as her body twitched and shuddered with the aftershocks of her climax.

During the peak of all this Allie’s fingers had found her clit and she rubbed herself to a most satisfying climax just as Chloe reached her second orgasm and Ben and Chloe cumming together had triggered a second mind blowing zenith as she came harder than she ever had in her life, collapsing into her chair.

Ben pulled out of Chloe, realizing she was exhausted from exerting so much energy so quickly after coming out of her coma induced sleep. Allie knelt on the floor and grabbed Ben’s hips, surprising him as she took his cum covered cock into her mouth, licking and sucking him clean as her hips undulated as if trying to get that feeling again.

“Oh my god, that was hotter than any porn I have ever watched! I guess because it was happening live, right in front of me. I could smell her arousal and could almost taste your cum when you ejaculated! I had to taste it for myself, oh god, what the hell is wrong with me?” Allie asked after her exclamation, panting heavily, still aroused.

“Chloe was right, you are in denial,” Ben stated with a grin.

“No – well, maybe I am. So what, it’s my life,” Allie moaned as her heart and body were telling her a different story than her mind.

“That’s true, but I know how much happier you’d be if you let go and gave in to that side of you. Take Chloe for example, she’s never denied that side of her and she is the happiest woman I have ever met. She’s constantly wet and horny and I fuck her to multiple orgasms every day.”

“Every day, how can you do that, don’t you get tired?”

“Sometimes, but then we take a little nap and we’re ready for more.”

“How can you afford to do that, don’t you have to go to work?”

“Nope, not any more, my investments panned out really well recently and I don’t have to work ever again, but I’m still investing.”

“Handsome and rich, what a lucky girl.”

“Yes, I know how lucky I am,” Chloe rasped, her body exhausted and her throat dry and scratchy.

“Oh, sorry, I thought you were still in subspace or something,” Allie said.

“I was up until a minute ago, could I have some more water, please?” Chloe requested hoarsely. Allie left the closet to get a bottle of water and Ben unstrapped Chloe from the table. She nearly collapsed as she tried to get up from the table. Ben caught her and swept her onto his lap as he sat in the chair Allie had occupied when they first came in. Allie returned with the bottle of water and handed it to Chloe, who had trouble opening it so Ben did it for her and she drank greedily.

“God, you’re so lucky,” Allie gushed.

“You already said that, and again, I know how lucky I am,” Chloe responded.

“No, I mean, if he was available I’d be offering him whatever he wanted.”

“He wants what he already has, me. He wouldn’t accept anything except total submission.”

“I know, and to a man as handsome and hung as he is, I’d give it to him.”

“See Master, I told you before how handsome you are and what you do to other women, not just me.”

“Thank you Chloe, I’m beginning to see what you mean,” Ben acceded.

“If I asked, would you strap me into this devious contraption and fuck me?” Allie asked. Ben frowned and looked at Chloe who was looking at Ben to see what he would do, while Ben was asking permission with his eyes.

“I don’t own you, Master, you own me. If you want to fuck this hot piece of ass, it’s up to you. I’m just your slave, not your girlfriend or wife,” Chloe said softly, trying to belie her feelings.

“But you are more than just my slave, you’re my girlfriend, in fact, if you want to be my wife I’d be honored. That’s why I want to know your true feelings on this subject. I don’t want to go fucking every woman who asks me to if it would hurt you,” Ben explained.

“Thank you Master, as your slave I have no right to expect monogamy. You could have many slaves if you wanted. If you wanted to enslave her, I can’t stop you, but if you’re asking if it would make me jealous, the answer is yes,” Chloe finally released her true emotions.

“Chloe I love you, will you marry me?” Ben asked and Allie gasped.

“Part of me wants to say yes, but the slave part says it would ruin our perfect dynamic, Master. A wife has certain rights, a slave has none. I love being your slave, and you love having me as your slave. It’s not broken Master, let’s not try to fix it,” Chloe replied and both Ben and Allie were stunned.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry, you two are so in love, I would never want to come between you. What you said was so beautiful Chloe, you are so hot, intelligent, and submissive, it’s no wonder he chose you,” Allie heaped praise on Chloe.

“Thank you Allie, fortunately we found each other, and you are very hot yourself. I’m attracted to you and I’m not bi or lesbian,” Chloe stated.

“She’s right, if I didn’t have Chloe I would certainly be chasing a beautiful woman like you,” Ben said and Allie blushed because the most handsome man she had ever met told her she was attractive. God, he hadn’t even taken off his shirt and she could see the muscle definition beneath it, his strong handsome features, those steely blue eyes, not to mention that big beautiful cock, Allie thought and moaned, still sexually charged.

“Do as she asked, Master, she needs it,” Chloe said looking at the need in Allie’s face and body and taking pity on her.

“Are you sure?” Ben asked.

“Don’t ask me again, just do it before I change my mind,” Chloe replied, so Ben grabbed Allie, bringing her out of her reverie and stripping off her scrubs.

“Yes! Please fuck me,” Allie moaned as Ben lifted her onto the table and strapped her down. She squirmed in her bonds with need, not trying to escape. Chloe gazed upon Allie’s beautiful body and understood why her Master would want to fuck her. What red-blooded man could resist such a beautiful woman begging him to take her.

“Do I need to use a condom?” Ben asked.

“No, no, I’m on the pill, please Sir, just fuck me!” Allie pleaded.

“You may not cum until I stick my dick in you, slave,” Ben ordered and Allie moaned, she had never tried to hold back an orgasm, and this one was fast approaching, though he hadn’t even touched her sexually yet, just strapped her down. It also set off another level when he called her slave, oh god, Allie thought, I really am a slave inside, I need this so badly, don’t cum, don’t cum, oh god, don’t cum. Ben teased her nipples before taking one into his mouth and sucking on it while he played with the other.

“Please Sir, please, I need to cum, please just fuck me, I’m so ready,” Allie pleaded and Ben chuckled. Suddenly Chloe got up and stood by her head.

“My Master has ordered you not to cum until he puts his massive cock in you. Do not cum or you will be punished,” Chloe ordered and Allie gasped and held her breath as Ben continued his assault on her tits, his finger finding its way into her soaked pussy. Allie held her breath until she couldn’t and gasped in gulps of air, still trying to hold back the orgasm that was right there. If she had not been ordered to wait, she would have already climaxed.

“Pleeeeeeaaasssseee!” Allie begged. “Please fuck me – Master,” Allie whispered and Ben relented, slamming his huge cock into her. Allie came immediately, her held orgasm so close to the surface she couldn’t have held on if she tried when Ben rammed into her. Allie cried out and screamed just as Chloe clamped her hand over Allie’s mouth to prevent disturbing the patients in the hospital. When Allie calmed down a bit Chloe removed her hand, only to have to cover her again when her next orgasm hit. Finally Ben came inside her after Allie’s fourth orgasm and she laid there completely drained, enjoying the aftershocks of her multiple orgasms. Ben pulled his softening cock free of her dripping pussy and Chloe immediately knelt and cleaned him up.

“Tastes different than me, maybe a little sweeter,” Chloe commented in between licking and sucking and Ben grinned down at her. Chloe was amazing in every way and he could never betray her, he loved her too much.

“Look what you do to me Chloe. Do you want this again?” Ben asked.

“I’m so weak, Master, I don’t know if I could walk out of here if you fucked me again.”

“I could always carry you, slave.”

“Whatever you wish, Master,” Chloe said as Ben tucked his penis back into his pants and smiled down at her.

“Oh god, that was amazing Master, I’ve never cum so hard or had such a big cock inside of me,” Allie moaned after coming out of her sex induced stupor. “Please make me your slave, Master, I need to be a slave. I’ve known for a while it’s what I wanted, but I don’t have a Master.”

“I will take you home, but you are only a temporary slave. I have the best slave ever and I don’t want another slave, but I can find you a Master,” Ben responded.

“Sell me, Master, sell me to some rich man like you. I don’t care about the money, give it to needy children, just make me a real slave, oh god,” Allie pleaded as Ben undid the straps holding her down. Allie crawled off the table and knelt beside Chloe, copying her perfect presentation.

“Wow, two beautiful slaves, you two are quite the sight.”

“Thank you Master,” the slaves said in unison before looking at each other and giggling.

“Let’s go home then,” Ben said and Allie got up and put her scrubs back on but Chloe remained kneeling, waiting for Allie to finish before she stood.

“Um, I have some clothes in my locker, then she won’t have to walk out naked,” Allie suggested.

“What about you?” Ben asked.

“I’ll just wear my scrubs home, I’ve done it before, it’s no big deal,” Allie replied and led them out of the closet, turning off the lamp and heading down to the locker room. Allie pulled out a pair of sweats, t-shirt and running shoes, handing them to Chloe who slipped them on. The t-shirt was a bit tight and revealed her erect nipples, but everything else was fine.

“I’m going to tell them I’m sick so I can leave early and then I’ll turn in my resignation online,” Allie informed them happily.

“Sure, slave, but you might want to wipe that smile off your face when you tell them you’re sick, otherwise they might not believe you,” Ben advised.

“You’re right Master, thank you,” Allie said then screwed her face up like she was in pain.

“Much better, that’s believable,” Ben agreed and Allie turned in the patient release papers and told her supervisor she was sick and needed to leave. The supervisor nodded and they left the hospital, Ben taking Chloe to his new truck and Allie following behind in her car as they drove to Ben’s house. Though it was five AM, Kira bounded happily naked into the garage as Ben finished backing in. Chloe gasped at what she saw, Kira looked just like her. She was wearing the same collar, though with her own name and James as her owner, her hip sported the same brand, her other hip with the rose tattoo, her breasts were bigger and bouncier, her hair was thick red and wavy and her eyes were a beautiful blue. If she didn’t know any better, Chloe thought she could be looking in a mirror.

“Chloe!” Kira exclaimed as she wrapped Chloe in a big bear hug after they got out of the truck.

“Kira, oh my god, you look just like me!” Chloe exclaimed after hugging her, she held Kira at arms-length to look at her, it was amazing how close their facial structure was.

“I know, it’s like looking in a mirror,” Kira grinned. “You’re so hot!”

“And so are you, wow!” Chloe hugged her again as Ben went to the front door to let Allie in because the doorbell rang.

“Who would be ringing the doorbell at this hour?” Kira queried.

“That would be my nurse and now Master’s temporary slave, Allie,” Chloe replied with a grin.

“A new slave?” James asked, interjecting himself into the conversation.

“Yes Master James, she begged Master to enslave her. Master said he would only keep her temporarily, he’s going to sell her online and donate the profits to charity,” Chloe replied as they walked into the kitchen.

“Wow, what does she look like?” James asked.

“Let’s go into the living room and you can see for yourself,” Chloe suggested and they walked into the living room where Allie was in the process of stripping off her clothes at Ben’s order. After she finished she looked up and saw James, Kira and Chloe standing there staring at her.

“She’s hot!” James exclaimed.

“I know, I’ve already seen her naked,” Chloe informed them.

“Oh god, you have a twin sister?” Allie said, trying to cover her nakedness with her hands and arms.

“Hands behind your head, feet shoulder width apart, straighten your back, thrust up those beautiful tits, head up, eyes straight ahead,” Ben barked orders and Allie obeyed.

“Sister in bondage, but we are not twins or even blood sisters, but we do look a lot alike,” Chloe grinned.

“They have been genetically altered to look similar in appearance. Neither had red hair, Chloe’s eyes were always blue and her body is the same. Kira had her eye color changed and her breasts slightly enhanced to match Chloe’s, so in some ways they are twins,” Ben informed her.

“Looking at them now, Master, you’d think they were identical twins,” Allie commented.

“I know, after I had Chloe changed, Kira requested to look just like her, we allowed it, since we both think Chloe is the hottest woman we have ever seen,” Ben explained.

“I have to agree, I wish I looked like her,” Allie said.

“Kneel in presentation, slave,” Ben ordered and Allie knelt, but she didn’t know what that meant.

“Spread your knees wide, wider, better, straighten your back, suck in your stomach, hands crossed in the small of your back, thrust up your tits,” Chloe explained and Allie complied.

“Do you wish to be a slave?” Ben asked.

“Yes Master, please collar me and make me your slave. I know you will only keep me until you can sell me, but I know it is what I am,” Allie replied.

“You are now slave Alexis,” Ben said, locking the steel collar he had first used on Chloe months ago around Alexis’ neck.

“But I prefer Allie, Master,” Alexis protested.

“You are a slave, what you prefer does not matter. What your Master decides, does matter. You are now slave Alexis, it fits you better than your nickname. Alexis is a hot name, it even sounds sexy, and it better matches your hot body. Allie sounds like a child, you are not a child, you are a woman, and a very beautiful one at that,” Ben expounded.

“Yes Master, thank you,” Alexis said.

“We are all very tired and will be going to bed and I’m sure you are tired also and would like to sleep. I will put you to bed in the cell in the basement. When we have all rested I will come and punish you for your impertinence,” Ben said.

“Yes Master,” Alexis hung her head in shame. It made her wet to think about being punished, but she also feared what Ben might do to her pristine body. Ben attached a leash and led her to the basement, locking her in the cell, not bothering with any other restraints for now.

“Get some rest, slave, and no touching yourself or cumming,” Ben warned.

“Yes Master,” Alexis yawned as she slipped under the blanket and Ben turned out the light in the dungeon area, leaving the stair light on, giving only minimal light in the cell. After Ben closed the door at the top of the stairs Alexis thrust her hand between her thighs and rubbed herself to orgasm, relieving her pent up arousal. She sighed contentedly and drifted off to sleep.


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