by MasterKGray

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; slave; straps; gag; oral; sex; heels; collar; leash; cuffs; rom; cons; X

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16. Chloe Discovers Her True Buyer

Chloe had been kidnapped a second time, taken to a slave market and sold on an auction block. She had been purchased by a handsome, Arabic businessman in an expensive, tailored suit. He tied her up, put her on board his private jet airplane, used her for his pleasure and brought her here to this apparently private airport. She had been placed in a spartan room with no windows, two chairs, a table and a locked door. She was unbound and sitting there with nothing but her permanent collar on. Where was she? Why was she unbound and locked in this room?

Suddenly the door burst open and Chloe was afraid of what was going to happen. In strode Ben and Chloe squealed with delight and launched herself into his arms, hugging and kissing him on his face and neck, her legs wrapped around his waist. Chloe was beyond ecstatic at seeing Ben and just kept hugging and kissing him, finally finding his lips and they kissed for several minutes before Ben finally broke the kiss.

“I may be strong, but I can’t hold you like this forever,” Ben said, walking a few steps and sitting down in one of the chairs.

“Oh Master, I thought I’d lost you forever,” Chloe said, completely out of breath.

“I know, it took me a while to track you down.”

“Master,” Chloe said fearfully and slipped off his lap and knelt in presentation as her new Master walked in the door and smiled.

“What’s the matter, Chloe?” Ben asked.

“H – He is my new Master, he purchased me at the auction,” Chloe said and bowed her head in submission. Ben and her new Master burst into laughter and Chloe looked up in bewilderment.

“Chloe, this is Amir, my new best friend. He purchased you for me, I bought you, he was just my ‘agent’,” Ben said with a chuckle and Chloe’s eyes widened in surprise.

“I – Is this true, Master?” Chloe asked looking up at Amir’s smiling eyes.

“Yes, it is true, my little one,” Amir grinned down at her.

“But you – you purchased me, and let me believe I was your slave. You used me like a slave, you – ,“ Chloe said but was interrupted by Amir.

“Did I, little one? I never called you slave, and you offered yourself to me. How could I refuse such a beautiful submissive woman, doing what she does best, pleasing a man?”

Chloe knelt there with her mouth open in shock. It was true, he had never called her slave, she had assumed because he had purchased her. She had offered herself to him in an effort to be more pleasing to her assumed new Master.

“So you tasted of my slave’s delights?” Ben asked.

“Yes, she is exquisitely skilled and enthusiastic. I would love to purchase her for my harem. The bitches could learn a thing or two from this little minx. No one has ever sucked my cock so well or squeezed my dick so fabulously with her cunt as this little one, I will give you one billion dollars for her,” Amir replied.

“Master?” Chloe questioned, looking up at Ben and Amir.

“Be quiet slave, we are discussing your sale,” Ben said tersely and looked at Amir. “So the offer is one billion dollars for this worthless slut?”

“Come now, you are not talking to some peddler on the street, you are talking to a wise businessman worth many times more than I just offered you for this talented slave.”

“I won’t sell her to you, Amir; she’s worth much more to me than money.”

“Alright, two billion, no – no make it five billion.”

“F – Five billion, that’s a lot of money Amir, are you sure you could come up with that much?”

“Yes, I am sure. So will you sell this hot little slave to me for five billion?” Amir asked and Ben seemed to be thinking about it. Chloe trembled in fear, thinking that Ben might actually sell her to Amir. Sure, he said he loved her, but with that much money he could surely find another slave to take her place.

“No – No, I cannot sell her Amir. You know how much trouble I went through to find her, I’m never letting her go,” Ben said and Chloe sighed in relief. Again, the men burst out with laughter and Chloe realized she had been tricked again.

“I am serious, my friend, if you do ever decide to sell her, my offer stands,” Amir said and left the room, closing the door behind him.

“Master?” Chloe looked up at Ben with a questioning look on her face.

“No, I will not sell you, you are my one true love in this life. I treat you like a slave and you keep coming back for more, I love you so much, Chloe, get up here and sit on my lap, I’m not done with my slave.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe happily complied and climbed into his lap, her legs spread wide around his waist, facing him, kissing his neck and hugging him as tightly as she could. “Mmm, Master, is your slave exciting you?”

“Yes, it’s been rough not having you around these last few weeks. Prepare to be used for my pleasure, my hot little slut slave.”

“Ooo, yes Master, which hole would you like to use?”

“Let’s start with that talented pussy of yours,” Ben said, standing up and pushing Chloe face down onto the table her ass in the air, kicking her legs apart and driving his rock hard erection into her sopping pussy. Chloe had become so excited being back with her Master that she had left a wet spot on his pants when she wrapped her legs around him. Chloe gasped and then moaned with arousal at Ben’s size, the biggest cock she had ever had in her now stretched-out pussy. She climaxed after only a few thrusts and her spasms pulled Ben over the edge as well, so thrilled to be back together again.

“Oh Master, no one fucks me like you do,” Chloe moaned after she came down from her orgasm, then spun off the table and knelt in presentation, taking his slimy cock into her mouth, cleaning him.

“Aahh, I’ve missed this so much,” Ben groaned. “Amir, could we get some paper towels, a Pepsi and a Mountain Dew in here?” Ben called out into the air. Just as Chloe was putting his cock back into Ben’s pants, one of Amir’s minions brought the requested items into the room, leaving them on the table and exiting as quickly as he had entered.

Ben cleaned Chloe’s dripping pussy with the paper towels and sat her in one of the chairs. He sat opposite her and pushed the Mountain Dew towards her as he grabbed the Pepsi and opened it, taking a long drink. Chloe opened her bottle and drank from it, suddenly realizing how thirsty she was.

“It took me until the second video was released to track you down. I hired an expert internet hacker and had him trace the signal back to its original source. He tried with the first one, but the trail had run cold. He said he could find it when they started with the live broadcast of the next video. We discovered it and paid to get in on the live viewing, which allowed him to track down the broadcast, which led us to where you were being held. I had become friends with Amir via the internet, in a billionaire’s only club. He told me he would retrieve you because I was too angry and might be implicated for murder if I went. I agreed because I knew he was right, I wanted to kill Tom for this stunt, but Amir assured me he could get you out,” Ben explained.

“Why did I end up being taken to the auction and sold?” Chloe asked.

“To fulfill your fantasies, you told me that you wanted to be a real slave and I figured if you were sold, you would believe that you were. Obviously it worked, since you thought Amir was your new owner. I told him to purchase you at the auction and wired him twenty million dollars. He said no slave had sold at auction for more than twelve million, but he wanted to make sure he had enough. The last bid before he bid it all was thirteen million.”

“Oh my god, Master, that is so exciting. I still can’t believe I could be worth so much.”

“The blonde woman he bought at the beginning of the auction only brought five million, which is quite high for the first slave. The Hispanic woman in front of you went for nine million.”

“You saw my sale, Master?”

“Yes, Amir recorded it and sent me the video while you were in flight.”

“The Spanish girl seemed so happy when the man spoke to her in Spanish, but he was white.”

“Yes, Amir also left me little comments. Apparently the man who purchased her is from Spain and he told her how beautiful and sexy she was, it made her very happy to be purchased by a man who spoke her language and appreciated her beauty. Of course, he will still be her Master and she will still be a slave.”

“Do you think she understood that, Master?”

“I would think so, I mean she was just bid on while naked. They forced her to orgasm on the block, just like they did with you, only she was not whipped, just had her nipples pinched and her pussy rubbed until she exploded with ecstasy. These men obviously know their business. Amir was impressed, he said he’d never seen a slave orgasm from a whipping on the block before, until you.”

“I couldn’t help it Master, it was so erotic.”

“For a pain slut like you it was, but for the average slave, no.”

“Yes Master.”

“Is that collar on your neck supposed to be permanent?”

“Yes Master, Tom said it would never come off.”

“We will have to see about that, I plan to get it off eventually and then put my permanent collar on your pretty neck. Your new collar will have a GPS tracker in it so I can find you a lot faster if this were to ever happen again, though with the new alarm system and security team, I doubt that will be a problem.”

“Security team, Master?”

“Yes, I’ve hired ex-military men, I think they are all Seals or Green Berets, extremely skilled at what they do, it should keep us safe from this ever happening again.”

“Thank you Master.”

“As you know, you are very valuable, and I don’t ever want to lose you again.”

“I love you Master.”

“I love you too, Chloe.”

“Thank you Master.”

“So, we’d better get going, it’s about a two-hour drive to get home from here, I had to rent this place for a day and get special clearance so we could get you here.”

“Again, thank you Master.”

“You are more than welcome,” Ben said as he stood and left the room for only a few moments before he returned with leather cuffs, which he placed on Chloe’s wrists and elbows, locking them together behind her back, then attaching the leash to her collar and leading her out of the room as she followed along willingly, thrilled to be back with her Master. Amir was waiting outside the door. He and Ben hugged. “Thank you Amir, I owe you.”

“No my friend, as I said, if you ever decide to part with your slave, please allow me the first option to purchase this incredible woman,” Amir said.

“I will.”

“And Chloe, if I ever get the privilege to see you again, I hope it is as my slave,” Amir said as he hugged her, obviously Chloe could not return the hug because she was bound.

“Yes Master,” Chloe smiled up at him and then turned to follow Ben as he led her out of the airport into the parking lot to his truck. Ben lifted her into the seat and buckled her seat belt, before climbing into the driver’s seat and firing up the engine, roaring off down the road toward home. “Now I know why Master Amir blindfolded me when he took me off the plane, Master, I would have known that we were not in the desert anymore,” Chloe said as she nodded toward the trees.

“Yes, I didn’t want you to know where you were until I walked in.”

“It was a grand surprise, Master,” Chloe yawned.

“You must be tired, why don’t you sleep if you can,” Ben suggested as he pulled onto the interstate highway that would take them home. Chloe didn’t care that she was naked, she was home with her Master where she belonged and she fell asleep before they passed the next exit on the highway. Ben drove the two hours home and Chloe woke when he backed his truck into the garage.

“What day is it, Master?”

“It’s Tuesday, why do you ask?”

“I haven’t even known what day it was for several weeks, Master, I just wanted to know.”

“You may sleep in tomorrow, we don’t have any appointments until Saturday, but we have a busy day scheduled.”

“What will we be doing, Master?”

“At ten am we are going to the tattoo place to have your current collar removed and your new one put on. At two pm we are going to the genetics place to have you denuded below your eyes and your hair color changed. At seven pm we are meeting James and Kira at the steakhouse.”

“Wow, sounds like a lot, Master,” Chloe yawned, trying to wake up. “James and Kira, we were supposed to meet them at the steakhouse before, but I was kidnapped, right?”


“Sorry Master, just trying to remember.”

“It’s alright, are you hungry?”

“Yes Master.”

“How does Chinese sound?”

“Chinese sounds great, Master.”

“Very good,” Ben said as he came around and helped Chloe out of the truck.

“Mmm, Master, it feels great to be back in your clutches again.”

“It’s great to have you back, Chloe, I’ve missed you so much,” Ben said as he hugged her tightly. Chloe could not hug him back but leaned her head against his shoulder, soaking up the warmth of his body and embrace.

“This is where I was meant to be,” Chloe said and Ben hugged her tighter. “Thank you Master.”

“What are you thanking me for?”

“For just being you, for finding me and bringing me home, Master. Please let me give you a blow job to thank you.”

“Not until I order the food, slave, I’m starving,” Ben chuckled and pulled out his cell phone, finding the local place in his speed dial and placing their order. “Now, about that blow job...” Ben said as he unbuckled his belt, dropping his pants and pulling out his cock. Chloe quickly slipped to her knees and went to work, licking and sucking as Ben moaned in appreciation. It didn’t take long until Ben was nearing his climax. Chloe took him deep into her throat, sucking and licking and growling in her throat and Ben could not hold out any longer, sending his load straight down into her stomach as Chloe swallowed him whole.

“Ahh, yummy Master,” Chloe moaned as she cleaned him and Ben thought she looked a little flush.

“Did you cum?”

“Yes Master.”

“But – how?”

“It was a small one Master, but I am so happy to be back here and, though I am quite tired, I was so excited to be pleasing you again that I just couldn’t help myself. Something about the erotic picture and the lack of oxygen made it happen I guess. I assumed it would be alright since you were using one of my holes. That is the rule, right Master?”

“Yes, of course that’s the rule and it is more than alright, it is amazing! I’m actually happy for you, I never knew you could do that.”

“I didn’t know myself until just now, Master.”

“Incredible,” Ben said, shaking his head in amazement. He lifted Chloe off the floor and sat her down in her chair, chaining her to it, her legs spread wide, before unlocking her arms, leaving the cuffs. Ben slid a bottle of water in front of her and Chloe opened it and took a few sips.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said, her eyes shining before the tears spilled over the edge and ran down her cheeks.

“Why are you crying, you’re home safe now?”

“I’m just so happy, Master, these are happy tears.”

“Happy tears?”

“Yes Master, we women sometimes cry when we are happy because we are overwhelmed emotionally. I am so happy to be back with you, I was taken somewhere on the other side of the world away from you. I tried to make the best of it, but I missed you every day and often cried myself to sleep because I was missing you. I thought I would never see you again, and now here I am, back where I belong, it’s just so wonderful,” Chloe explained as the tears flowed and then she cried some more after her exposition. Ben brought over a box of tissues and Chloe used several to dry her tears and blow her nose. She finally stopped crying just as the doorbell rang with the delivery of the food.

“That must be the food, I’ll be back in a minute,” Ben said as he headed for the front door. He returned with the food and set out the dinners for them. Chloe dove in ravenously, she had eaten rather bland and also some disgusting food before being sold. The cashew chicken tasted amazing and she was quite hungry. She finished the entire dish but left the egg roll, giving it to Ben who happily ate it. Chloe finished drinking her water after she ate.

“Master, may I have a Mountain Dew?” Chloe asked and Ben jumped up with a mouth full of egg roll and grabbed a Mountain Dew for her and a Pepsi for himself. He drained the last few drops of his beer before opening the Pepsi to take a few swallows. Chloe drank her soda slowly, savoring the flavor she had not tasted for weeks.

“Are you sure you want to drink all of that, you know it has a lot of caffeine and might keep you awake?” Ben asked.

“I want to stay awake long enough to please you Master, I’m sure you will want to use me before I sleep. Plus, I am at home, I will be able to relax and sleep, all you have to do is order me to sleep, Master, you know it works,” Chloe replied and Ben nodded, he definitely wanted to use his slave before they slept and he had witnessed her going to sleep quickly after his command. Ben got up and started clearing the table.

“Master, shouldn’t your slave be cleaning up for you?” Chloe asked and Ben came over to unchain her from the chair. Chloe got up quickly and cleared the table, drinking the last few swallows of her soda before tossing the empty bottle in the recycling bin. She threw away the takeout containers and wiped down the table, then went into the living room where Ben had gone and knelt in presentation before him as he sat on the couch. Ben was watching an old movie and Chloe knelt there smiling up at him.

“Come sit up here with me.”

“But Master, I am not allowed on the furniture unless I am bound.”

“We can fix that, stand and turn around, hands behind your back,” Ben ordered and Chloe immediately complied as Ben locked her wrists and elbows behind her with small padlocks through the rings on her cuffs. She then sat on the couch next to him as he placed her arm around her and pulled her close. Chloe snuggled in, resting her tired head on his shoulder and within minutes was fast asleep. Ben smiled to himself, he knew she was very tired and he let her sleep while he watched a movie he had seen several times. Eventually, Ben himself grew weary and he turned off the TV then carried Chloe into the bedroom. He laid her gently on the bed and was about to lock her collar to the chain at the head of the bed when Chloe’s pretty blue eyes fluttered open and looked up at him.

“Mmm, Master, may I use the toilet before you lock me up for the night?”

“Yes, of course,” Ben said and carried her into the bathroom, setting her on the commode. Chloe did her business and Ben cleaned her, then carried her back to bed and locked her collar to the chain. He went back into the bathroom to relieve himself before returning to bed to find Chloe fast asleep again. He covered her over and snuggled up behind her, his erection threatening to force its way into her pert ass cheeks. Chloe moaned but did not awaken and Ben spooned her as before, her big tits filling his hands as he drifted off to sleep.

Chloe awoke alone in bed, Ben having already gotten up and was in the shower. Chloe was upset with herself, she had wanted to let her Master use her last night but she was too tired and fell asleep. Then she had hoped she would awake before Ben and at least rouse him with one of her amazing blow jobs, but that was not to be either as she heard the water in the shower. Chloe suddenly realized she needed to pee really badly and struggled to keep herself under control. Eventually Ben finished in the shower and came into the bedroom, toweling his hair dry.

“Good morning my beautiful slave.”

“Good morning Master, could I please use the toilet, I need to pee really badly?” Chloe requested, and Ben rushed over and unlocked her collar from the chain. Chloe rushed into the toilet and plopped down, releasing a strong stream of urine, her wrists and elbows still locked behind her. Ben came in and hung the towel on the drying rack and started to leave. “Master, could you please clean me up?”

“I would have released your arms, but you were in such a rush to get to the toilet,” Ben chuckled as he wiped her crotch and Chloe moaned with arousal, her sexual needs surfacing. “Somebody’s excited.”

“Yes Master, I slept too late and wasn’t able to wake you as I normally do, nor did I get to ride your magnificent cock, I am very horny.”

“Hmm, we can rectify that after your shower,” Ben said as he released Chloe’s arms and removed her cuffs. Chloe dutifully climbed into the shower and started the water, washing herself. She realized she did smell a little musky and washed her body thoroughly. She washed her hair and conditioned it, leaving it in her hair as she let the water massage her sexy body. She felt so alive and refreshed after her long night of sleep and couldn’t wait to allow Ben to use her. She rinsed her hair and got out of the shower, toweling dry, wondering where Ben had gone off to, she didn’t see him in the bedroom.

Chloe walked into the bedroom and found a dark red leather harness and cuffs with a note on the bed, with a pair of leather shoes that matched the harness. The note told her to put on the leather harness, cuffs and shoes, add the leash with the matching handle and meet Ben in the kitchen. Chloe had difficulty with the harness until she figured out where her breasts went, then everything seemed to fall in place. She strapped it on tightly, noticing how it lifted her already prominent tits and accentuated her lovely curves. She locked on the cuffs and slipped on the seven inch heels, noticing that they locked when she closed the hasp. She attached the leash to her collar and strode down the hallway toward the kitchen, relearning how to walk in the skyscraper heels. She entered the kitchen to find Ben standing there with a box of donuts and a hot chocolate for her.

“Where’s the ball gag?”

“What ball gag, Master, I didn’t see the ball gag and the note didn’t say anything about a – argh,” Chloe said as Ben cut her off by stuffing a large ball gag into her mouth that matched her outfit. He buckled it tightly at the back of her neck, then led her by her leash to the table, pulling her down onto it. He stepped behind her and dropped his pants before stuffing his huge cock into Chloe’s already damp pussy. He pulled her arms behind her and attached them to the harness, forcing her right wrist up toward her left shoulder and her left wrist toward her right shoulder in a loose reverse prayer. Chloe was now helplessly bound and impaled on her Master’s cock, she was in heaven.

Chloe came after only a few thrusts as Ben rutted into her and she milked him as well as she could in her orgasmic haze. Ben came shortly thereafter, triggering Chloe’s second orgasm as Ben took her in their favorite position. As they came down from their coitus, Chloe relaxed onto the table, her immediate need satiated for the moment. Her Master had used her for his pleasure and cum inside of her, a warm glow spread over her, she was fulfilling her Master’s wishes and had also been able to achieve more than one orgasm. Chloe sighed and closed her eyes as the aftershocks washed over her. She wanted this feeling to last forever.

“Good, slave?” Ben asked as he swatted her ass playfully after slipping his softening cock out of her, bringing Chloe out of her reverie. Ben cleaned them up and then helped her off the table, removing the ball gag and chaining Chloe to the chair before releasing her arms.

“Fantastic, Master,” Chloe responded enthusiastically before taking a sip of her hot chocolate, then biting into a Bavarian Cream donut, her favorite.

“Good, I wouldn’t want my slave to be too horny to eat, she’s going to need her strength for the next few days, I plan to fuck the stuffing out of her to make up for lost time.”

“Mmm, Master, are you teasing your slave?”

“No, not at all, I’m just informing you of what to expect, I plan to run out of swimmers in the next few days.”

“Sounds wonderful, Master,” Chloe said after finishing a bite of her donut and taking another drink of her hot chocolate. “Master, may I make a request?”

“Of course, what is your request?”

“It is pretty hot, now that summer is here and during the summer I also enjoy a frozen hot chocolate from time to time, if it isn’t any bother, Master.”

“No bother at all, noted.”

“Thank you Master, you are too kind to your slave.”

“Would you rather I was a bastard who deprived you of things that you enjoy?”

“I guess not, Master, I love you as you are and would most likely be disappointed and melancholic if you were not so kind to me. Master T understood that and helped me through the kidnapping and forced acting, even though he participated in it, he was kind like you Master. But now he’s dead, they killed him when they came and kidnapped me back for you,” Chloe said with sorrow in her voice.

“So Tom’s accomplice was actually a pretty nice guy?”

“Yes Master, he didn’t do some of the things that Tom wanted him to, knowing it was cruel and unusual punishment for no reason. He was kind and gentle with me, even offering to take me away from Tom and let me have half of his money made off the videos, as long as I stayed with him. I refused and told him I wanted to be with you, not with him, and I didn’t care about the money, though I did care for him.”

“Did you love him?”

“I think maybe a little, but only because he was a shining light in an otherwise dark place. You are my one true love, Master, I live to serve only you.”

“You never cease to amaze me, you are kidnapped, forced to act in porn videos, yet your acting was incredible and you come back to me, whole and ready to pick up right where we left off. I’m sure many other slaves would have acted much worse and most likely needed therapy before they were ready to resume their service to their Master.”

“I suppose so, Master, but my life experiences have been anything but easy, and it has made me a better slave.”

“I can’t argue with that, it has made you not only a better slave, but an incredible person as well.”

“Thank you Master, but I am no longer a person, only a slave, purchased by her loving Master.”

“Yes, Chloe, you are my slave, but also my love. I can’t help but love a beautiful woman like you who would submit yourself to me so willingly.”

“Thank you Master, please fuck me, I am so hot and ready for you right now.”

“In a minute, slave, are you finished?”

“Yes Master,” Chloe replied and Ben stuffed the ball gag back into her mouth and buckled it tightly at the back of her neck. He also attached her wrist cuffs to the back of her harness so that she was quite helpless again and Chloe moaned as her arousal spiked even higher. Her Master knew her so well, she loved being bound helplessly and taken, it made her cum harder than ever and she shuddered in anticipation. Ben teasingly finished his donut and drank slowly from his coffee. Finally after several agonizing minutes, he released Chloe from her chair and grabbed the leash, leading her down the stairs into the basement.

Chloe struggled to get down the stairs for two reasons, she was so horny and she hadn’t walked in heels the entire time she had been away from Ben. It surprised her that Tom hadn’t forced her to walk around in heels, but she supposed that would have come in time as the videos progressed. Ben led her over to her favorite bench and strapped her down to it, her tits forced through the too small holes and clamped, nearly causing Chloe to cum. Ben pulled out his rampant cock and slammed into Chloe’s dripping channel. Chloe came after only two strokes, she had been near the edge of climax since their conversation at breakfast. Ben was surprised by how quickly she had cum but realized she was still extremely sexually charged and hadn’t been able to get relief as often as she needed.

This concerned Ben and he held out much longer than he might have normally as Chloe came twice more before he shot his load into her spasming pussy, forcing her fourth orgasm. Ben had forgotten how well she milked him and he returned to readiness quite quickly, thrusting and rutting into her with abandon, just how Chloe liked and it matched his own desires. Ben was now slamming into her as hard as he could muster and Chloe orgasmed over and over until Ben sent his second group of swimmers into her pool, forcing another climax from her. Exhausted, Ben collapsed on her back and rested until he regained enough strength to extricate himself from her still shuddering slit. Chloe was still lost in subspace and orgasmic bliss.

Ben cleaned himself and then went back to Chloe who was still having aftershocks and tremors as she slowly recovered from her multiple orgasms. Ben unstrapped her from the bench and removed the nipple clamps before pushing her swollen breasts back through the holes and helping her to stand. Chloe nearly collapsed and Ben caught her, carrying her into the cell and laying her down on the bed, removing the ball gag.

“Water,” Chloe croaked, “Could I have some water please, Master?” Ben went into the other room and came back with two bottles of water, handing one to Chloe and drinking from the other. “Please help me Master, I’m so weak,” Chloe requested, unable to summon the strength to remove the cap. Ben grinned and easily twisted off the cap so she could drink. Chloe drank greedily at first, then slowed down and sipped at the water until it was gone.

“Oh my god, Master, I came a dozen times on the bench, thank you Master.”

“My pleasure,” Ben smiled at her.

“Until you, there was only one guy who made me cum more than once while he was fucking me, and he had a thick eight inch cock, which I thought was about as big as they get at the time. He was a nice guy but very quiet and shy, not assertive at all, except when it came to sex. He knew he had a big cock and he rammed it into me hard, making me cum at least twice and one night, I came three times because I had given him a blow job earlier and he lasted longer. Best sex of my life until I found you, Master.”

“Thanks Chloe, but you don’t have to stroke my ego. I know how lucky I am to have you.”

“I’m not stroking your ego Master, I am only stating the truth.”

“What happened with him?”

“We had sex as much as we could, but he was so boring and after a while we only got together to have sex. I found out later after college that he found a submissive girl who was bold enough to tell him what she wanted and apparently he was more than happy to oblige. I heard they got married, but she wears his collar proudly. I was actually upset with myself when I heard that and wished I had been a little more assertive and told him what I needed, but if I had done that, I would have never found you, Master.”

“I’m glad you didn’t tell him, it’s not who you are. You are so submissive that you don’t seem to have an assertive bone in your body. It makes you the perfect slave, and I love you for it.”

“I can be assertive when I have to be, but it takes a lot for me to summon that courage, at least with men. I seem to be able to be forceful with women, I guess I’m just old-fashioned in that regard.”

“What do you mean?”

“I guess I’ve always felt deep down that men, being stronger and usually smarter, were the natural Masters and women, being weaker and softer were the natural slaves of the men. Sure we can entice you with our looks, our sexy bodies and our soft curves, but you can and do take control over us, protect us, feed us, keep us happy.”

“Wow Chloe, I never knew you believed in gender appropriation. You should not say these things around some feminist, she’ll blow up like a mountain full of explosives.”

“It’s true, Master. Who are the happiest men? It’s the guys with the submissive wife who does what she’s told and then makes him happy in the bedroom, and she’s happy too, because she is sexually satiated, appreciated and her man is happy. The men who are most unhappy are the ones who treat their wives like they are queens or something, waiting on them hand and foot, catering to their every whim, buying them expensive gifts they cannot afford. And are those women happy? No, they are the most miserable bitches I’ve ever met, always finding fault with everything their husband does. I feel sorry for both sides, but it’s their own fault.”

“Holy shit, Chloe, if you were talking to a bunch of women, they’d say you need to have your head examined.”

“I know Master, I have never said this to another woman ever, not even my best friend, Nadia.”

“But you have confided this to me?”

“Yes Master, a slave should not keep secrets from her Master. Um, may I ask how Nadia and Master Don are doing?”

“Actually they are doing well; they bought a little house together and are living there. Nadia was quite upset when she found out you had been kidnapped. I told Don not to tell her, I thought it best not to alarm her in case we did get you back, but he couldn’t help himself and spilled the beans. She took it hard and Don said it took her almost a week to stop crying.”

“Can we go see them, Master?”

“We will see them at the genetics place on Saturday, Nadia is scheduled to have her tits done and have all her hair removed below her eyes. I don’t know if they have any other changes planned, those are the two Don mentioned.”

“Wow, Saturday is going to be a very full day, Master.”

“Yes it is, now get some rest and I’ll be down in a little while with some lunch.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said as she slipped under the blanket and fell asleep.

Chloe slept peacefully with increasingly erotic dreams filling her head. She awoke to find it was more than a dream. Ben had locked her wrists and elbows in the leather cuffs and locked them behind her. He was gently teasing her nipples when she moaned herself awake, her pussy drenched.

“Oh Master, I was having such an arousing dream, only to wake and have it be true.”

“I know you were moaning and twisting and at one point your fingers had found your clit. I decided to help you along, you have the most perfect breasts I have ever seen.”

“Mmm, thank you Master. Ahh, please fuck me, I’m so ready for your use my pussy is positively soaked.”

“I know, I can smell your arousal.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Master, I know a lot of men find that smell a bit repugnant.”

“I don’t, I find it quite erotic, knowing my hot slave is ready and willing.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said breathily. Ben quickly flipped her face down on the bed and pulled her hips up, her face in the pillow and slammed into her wanton tunnel. Chloe moaned her appreciation and within a few thrusts she came, her erotic dreams fueling her lust. Ben soon followed suit, shooting his sperm deep within her channel forcing another orgasm from Chloe as her body shuddered with her climax. As Chloe lost herself in subspace her body having a mind of its own she quivered and trembled until she returned to her senses. She lifted herself off the bed to turn around and clean Ben’s cock, but he had already done that and was trying to gently clean her crotch. Ben wiped her softly and threw the dirty cloth in the laundry.

“Is my hot slave ready for lunch?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good,” Ben said and attached a leash to her collar, leading her up the stairs into the kitchen. “Kneel,” he ordered and put down a dog bowl with oatmeal and yogurt on the floor, tying her leash to a ring in the floor Chloe hadn’t noticed before. Ben tied her hair into a ponytail and ordered, “Eat.”

Chloe moaned and obeyed, she liked oatmeal and yogurt, not for lunch, but she dug in, aroused by Ben’s control over her and her own submission. To be forced to eat like an animal was demeaning, yet oh so exciting as her juices flowed. Chloe licked the bowl clean and then Ben poured a bottle of water into the dish. Chloe playfully lapped at it before pursing her lips and drinking until the water was gone.

“Good girl,” Ben teased and Chloe grinned up at him, her face covered with the remains of her lunch. “Would my good girl like some more water?” Ben asked and Chloe nodded, still thirsty. Ben poured half a bottle of water in the bowl and drank the other half himself. Chloe finished the water then knelt in presentation, almost hanging her tongue out of her mouth like a dog, but decided against it. Surprisingly, Ben calling her good girl had ignited her loins even further and a trickle of her juices dribbled down her inner thigh. Ben cleaned her face with a warm wet cloth before releasing her leash and leading her into the living room. Chloe followed and curled up next to Ben on the couch, eventually resting her head in his lap as he played with her hair. Both soon fell asleep as they watched an old movie on the television.

Chloe woke to Ben’s snoring and she slipped out from under his arm, resting on her right breast. He loved her big tits and Chloe was thrilled that he played with them so much, it excited her when men liked to play with her buxom boobs, her nipples were quite sensitive and she would get unusually aroused by their manipulation. Chloe slid down onto her knees and pulled with her teeth at the elastic waistband on Ben’s shorts. Soon she revealed his half hard cock and dove onto it, taking it into her mouth, licking and sucking. She knew Ben loved when she gave him a blow job and she wanted to give him as much pleasure as she could, grateful to be back where she belonged.

Ben stirred but did not awaken until Chloe took him deep into her throat. His cock twitched in her throat and Chloe knew he was close as he opened his eyes to the erotic picture of his slave’s lips wrapped around the base of his cock, her throat massaging and groaning as he pumped his load straight down her esophagus into her stomach. Chloe pulled back to take the last couple of spurts in her mouth, showing them to Ben before swallowing them and cleaning his cock.

“Ahh, that was awesome, I’ve missed you so much, Chloe.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it Master.”

“Yes slave, very much, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Master.”

Ben got up and ordered dinner to be delivered from a local place, then led Chloe out to the table and chained her to her chair before releasing her arms from behind her, leaving the cuffs locked on her arms. He then pulled out a Mountain Dew and set it in front of her.

“Master, may I please have water until dinner?”

“No, you are looking very thin and you need the calories, drink your fill, I have more for dinner.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said as she took a drink. “Am I too skinny for you Master?”

“Yes, you were always a bit thin for your height, at five foot five, you should be around a hundred and twenty pounds with your big tits, I bet you weigh less than one fifteen.”

“Yes Master, I’m sorry I’m so thin, I thought that’s what all men wanted.”

“I’ll weigh you after dinner, you’ll see how thin you’ve gotten since you’ve been away.”

“Yes Master.”

Dinner arrived and they ate quietly, Chloe still quite tired from jet lag or maybe her schedule halfway around the world. Ben didn’t seem to be in a talkative mood either and they ate in near silence, Chloe asking for another soda and a few words about the delicious food was all that was spoken. Chloe didn’t want to finish it all but Ben ordered her to and she forced herself to clean up the last few bites.

“Ugh, Master, I am stuffed,” Chloe complained as Ben released her from the chair. Chloe immediately got up and started cleaning up the table, throwing the containers into the trash and putting the empty bottles into the recycling bin. As she wiped the table Ben snuck up behind her and rammed his cock into her, forcing Chloe down onto the table. Chloe gasped in surprise but did not complain and she actually came before Ben did, surprising him. He had been watching her sexy body as she cleaned and decided, why not, she’s my slave, I can use her anytime I feel the need.

After they came down from their orgasms, Chloe slipped to her knees as Ben slid out of her and she cleaned his shrinking cock. Ben placed it back in his shorts.

“Thank you Master.”

“What are you thanking me for?”

“Thank you for using your slave Master.”

“You’re thanking me for that?”

“Yes Master, as you know I had a nice cum from it.”

“But I just took you without warning.”

“Yes Master, a slave should be ready for her Master’s use at any time.”

“Chloe, you are amazing.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Let’s clean you up and get you weighed,” Ben said as he wet a paper towel and cleaned Chloe’s crotch. He led her down into the basement and removed her cuffs and unlocked her high heels, unable to remove the collar on Chloe’s neck. She stepped onto the scale and Ben checked her weight.

“See Master, it’s not that bad, I weigh one hundred and ten pounds.”

“No, actually more like one hundred eight or maybe even seven, that collar weighs at least a couple of pounds, and you just ate dinner, you’ll probably top out at one hundred five in the morning,” Ben noted. “I want you to weigh between one hundred twenty and one hundred twenty five, that is a normal weight for someone your height and build.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said softly. “Um, Master, I love ice cream and it always seems to go straight to my hips, could we get some?”

“That is a great idea, I’ll have to get some at the store, better yet, I’ll send someone out for it. What is your favorite flavor of Häagen Dazs?”

“Oh Master, I love Häagen Dazs, I like Pineapple Coconut, White Chocolate Raspberry and Strawberry,” Chloe blurted out excitedly.

“Wow, for someone who watches their weight so carefully, you sure know a lot about the most fattening flavors of Häagen Dazs,” Ben joked.

“Yes Master, but I would cheat from time to time.”

“More than a little bit by the sound of it.”

“Yes Master, but then I’d go do a double workout or something to burn off all the calories.”

“This time, no workouts, you need to gain weight to be healthy.”

“But I don’t want to be too fat for you Master.”

“That is my concern now, not yours. I want my property to be healthy, and right now she is not.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said glumly as Ben pulled out his cell phone and spoke to someone quickly and quietly before turning it off and putting it back in his pocket.

“We’ll have our ice cream in less than an hour,” Ben stated proudly, having sent one of the security team to fetch the desired flavors. “I told him he’d get a hundred dollar bonus if he had it here in less than half an hour,” Ben chuckled as he headed for the stairs. He stopped and turned around when Chloe did not follow. “What’s the matter Chloe?”

“I’m sorry Master, but you didn’t order me to follow you or bind me, or attach a leash to my collar. Yes I want to be here with you, but I want to be your slave, not your girlfriend. I want, no, I need you to take control of me. I also love to be bound in some way, even if it’s just by a leash or your word, it makes me feel so wanted, that’s what I need. Before I was kidnapped you did that, but since you’ve got me back, well, I don’t know, I guess you’ve been trying to go easy on me, but I don’t want easy. Yes I love you, and I know you love me, but I love you because you are my Master, not because you are my boyfriend! – I’m sorry, Master.”

“There is nothing to be sorry about,” Ben said after he closed his gaping mouth. He had been going easy on Chloe because he loved her so much and wanted to ease her back into being his slave, but she had just given him the green light to use her in whatever way he wished. To take control of her every moment, Ben thought he couldn’t love her any more than right at this point in time, she was his perfect bondage slave angel. “You’re right, I have been trying to ease you back into being home, yes, I’ve tested the waters a bit, but you’ve been passing with flying colors. I guess I just wanted to see that you were mentally ready to be my slave again. Now I see that you are, so all bets are off, slave.”

“Mmm, thank you Master,” Chloe said as she squirmed and rubbed her thighs together.

“Damn, you are one hot bitch,” Ben said and Chloe moaned in response, just then the security guard called from upstairs.

“Boss, I got the flavors you wanted, where do you want them?” The security guard called out.

“Just put them in the freezer, thanks buddy,” Ben called up the stairs. Ben relocked the leather cuffs on Chloe, locking her arms behind her, adding a ball gag and then attaching a leash and leading her up the stairs, the heels forgotten on the basement floor. Ben sat Chloe in the kitchen chair and chained her tightly to it, locking her ankles to the outside of the front legs, spreading her legs apart. Ben removed the ball gag, grabbed two pints of ice cream from the freezer and two spoons from the drawer. He sat down in the chair nearest Chloe and started eating his ice cream while Chloe’s sat untouched, she was still bound.

“Master, are you going to feed mine to me, or release my arms so I can do it myself?”

“Did you say something, slave?”

“Yes Master, may I please be released to eat my ice cream or will you please feed it to me?”

“Oh, sure, wouldn’t want to go too easy on you,” Ben joked as he released her arms from behind her back, leaving the cuffs locked onto her. Chloe gave him a wry smile and picked up her spoon digging into the now softening ice cream.

“Mmm, delicious, Master, thank you,” Chloe said as she savored her first taste of ice cream in weeks. Ben did not even acknowledge her, seemingly lost in thought. “Something wrong, Master?”

“Huh, oh, no slave, I’m just thinking?”

“What are you thinking, Master?”

“I’m thinking about how I’m going to keep you happy.”

“You have that backwards, Master, I’m your slave, you do to me whatever pleases you and that will make me happy.”

“Are you sure? I can be a bastard sometimes.”

“Yes I’m sure, Master, and I’ve never seen you be a ‘bastard’ to anyone.”

“That’s because I’ve held back.”

“Don’t hold back, Master, be true to yourself. I’m your slave forever, I can take it.”

“I’m not sure anyone can.”

“Let me guess, you don’t get along with your mother and you have a lot of rage issues.”

“God, Chloe, how in the hell did you know that?”

“Many dominant men had domineering mothers who pissed them off over the years. Take it out on me, I’m your slave, I can’t fight back, I must take whatever my Master dishes out,” Chloe said as she scraped the last of her ice cream from the container. “That was so good.”

“I don’t want to do that to you, Chloe, I love you.”

“Master, please take me to the basement and take out your frustrations about your mother on me. Whip me, torture me, make me cum like a runaway freight train. I am a pain slut, I don’t like pain, but for some reason it makes me cum so hard.”

“But Chloe, I don’t want to hurt you like that.”

“You need it Master, call it therapy. Say whatever you want to your mother, I will never tell her and will not take it personally, I’m not your mother.”

“Oh my god, Chloe, you are so amazing, I hope I don’t hurt you too much,” Ben said as he released her from the chair and led her down into the basement.

Ben strung Chloe up and whipped her until the anger for his mother was gone. Chloe came twice and had to beg him to finish her off the second time. Her body was sore but her spirit was soaring, she had helped her Master to overcome his anger. Ben carried her upstairs to the Jacuzzi and rubbed lotion into all her welts before he filled up the tub with soothing bath oils and let Chloe slip into the calming water. In just a few minutes she was fast asleep against Ben’s shoulder. Ben kept her in the water for an hour, then drained the tub and dried her beautiful body, putting her into bed and locking her collar to the chain wrapped around the frame.

She moaned as he slipped into bed behind her and spooned her in their usual position, his big hands cupping her large breasts. Ben’s mind was at peace, his frustration with his mother no longer present and he drifted off to join Chloe in dreamland.


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