by MasterKGray

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Storycodes: M+/f; slave; training; bond; collar; chain; whip; kidnap; sold; cell; auction; pain-slut; cons; nc; XX

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15. Kidnapped Again and Sold

T woke Chloe from her sleep and they did their usual morning routine before they filmed the second video. T whipped Chloe to an earth shattering climax, just as she had promised, the chains rattling as her body shook during her orgasm. He locked the permanent collar around her neck as she begged him to do it and then pretended to brand her, branding a piece of thick leather to make it look as real as possible. The filming went well and Tom again praised them for their excellent work.

Chloe was quite sore and T rubbed lotion into her body after lunch to ease the pain caused by the whipping. It really hadn’t been all that bad, but it felt amazing to Chloe and she gave T a blow job in appreciation for his kindness, even though he had fucked her in the ass during the filming, he had cleaned himself off before Chloe started her fellatio. T then pulled her onto his lap and held her as Chloe started to drift off to dreamland.

“T, what the hell are you doing?” Tom barked as just as Chloe had fallen asleep, waking her with a start. “You’d better not be getting attached to her.”

“I was just taking care of her whip marks and then she gave me a nice blow job, so I was holding her for a minute, boss, she was really tired.”

“You were more than holding her, I saw you kissing her forehead and brushing the hair out of her face, you’re falling in love with her aren’t you?”

“So what if I am?”

“No, you can’t fall in love with her, she is my slave, I just let you discipline and fuck her,” Tom said as he started to storm off.

“What did you come down here for?” T asked.

“I came down here to tell you that I have finished the editing and uploaded the new video, it has over a thousand hits in the first few minutes. We’re going to be rich beyond our wildest dreams. What I didn’t expect to find was my lead actor fawning all over my slave. Now tie her up and put her to bed if she needs to sleep,” Tom ordered and stomped out of the room.

“Better do as he says, Master, I can take it, I’m just a slave.”

“I know you can, Chloe, that’s why I love you so much,” T said as he used the soft leather cuffs to bind her and put her in bed, only binding her ankles and wrists.

“Better do my elbows too, Master, otherwise he might get even angrier,” Chloe suggested and T acquiesced, realizing she was probably right and wrapped another set of soft leather cuffs above her elbows locking them together behind her back as well. He locked the now permanent collar to the chain by her bed and Chloe settled down under the blanket T pulled over her. “Thank you Master,” Chloe whispered as T walked out and closed the cell door, leaving Chloe bound and helpless in her cell. She was soon fast asleep, quite tired from her orgasms during filming and the stress of acting, she was surprised how much it drained her mentally and physically.

Chloe and T fell into their routine, working out, fucking, even showering together as Tom got more and more agitated at T, but didn’t come around much, except to tell them near the end of the week that the second video had generated even more views of the first video, and he was a billionaire, while T would receive his ten percent and be worth nearly two hundred million dollars. When Tom left the room, T promised to put aside half of that for Chloe and talked about possibly taking her away from Tom and hiding together with her. Chloe thanked him but said she didn’t want the money, she wanted to return to Ben and be his loving slave for the rest of her life.

The following morning, while Chloe and T were working out, staying in shape, an alarm went off and T locked Chloe in her cell before racing out the room and down the hall, gun in hand. A few moments later Chloe heard gunshots in the distance, and soon some Arabic looking men rushed into the dungeon. One of them found the key to her cell and opened the door, coming in and dragging her out, not even bothering to bind her, he pushed her toward two larger men, each one gripping her upper arms so tightly that it hurt.

The leader led them out of the dungeon, the men dragging Chloe along behind him. Tom was outside in the hallway, handcuffed, his left eye swollen and his lip bleeding. He was sitting on the floor, looking disheveled and defeated. They walked down the hall to the elevator that was propped open with a chair and the leader slid the key to Tom’s handcuffs halfway down the hall toward where Tom was sitting.

“Remember, if you come after us or try to find us, we will kill you like we did your partner,” the leader said, in a heavy Arabic accent, then said something to the men in their language and they forced Chloe into the elevator and pushed the button for the ground floor. The elevator doors opened to find T lying lifeless on the floor, a bullet hole in his head and a few through his chest, lying in a pool of blood. Chloe gasped as they escorted her past his body, sad that he was dead, but too concerned about her own predicament to worry about him now. They rushed her out into the heat and placed her between them in the back seat of a large SUV, their bulk pressing against Chloe from both sides.

The leader got in the passenger seat and the driver, who was already behind the wheel, fired up the engine and spun the tires as they raced away from the compound that had held Chloe captive for nearly three weeks. Tom had been discussing a third film with Chloe and T, before mixing it up and changing Chloe’s hair color and makeup, to film something different. The SUV bounced over the rough terrain as they sped along.

After her initial shock, Chloe wondered; Who were these men? How did they know she was there? Where were they taking her? Had they seen her in the videos and pinpointed the broadcast location? She supposed she would remain a slave, possibly to some rich sheik. Would they sell her? Surprising even herself, the thought excited her and Chloe rode along in silence and fear mixed with her rising arousal. What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I getting aroused at the thought of being sold? Deep down she knew the answer, she had fantasized about it many times, now it might possibly come true.

Soon they arrived at a small airport and the men forced Chloe up the ramp to a small jet with something written in Arabic on the side. This confirmed her thoughts and they brought her into the rear compartment, forcing her into a seat and buckling the seatbelt as she heard the jet engines begin to roar. After a few minutes they took off and flew for less than an hour before they set down at another small airstrip. The men came and retrieved her, Chloe had never even removed her seatbelt, too afraid to displease these men.

They placed her in another SUV, this time binding her wrists and elbows behind her with rope before also tying her ankles and tossing into the back compartment. Chloe did not complain, just winced a bit when the rope around her elbows was tied, it was cutting off her circulation, and she knew her arms would be numb in a matter of minutes. Fortunately this trip was only about fifteen minutes and they arrived in a small village. The men extricated Chloe from the rear of the vehicle and cut her bound ankles free, before adding a rope leash to her collar and yanking on it to indicate she should follow them. They led her to a small concrete building and opened the door. Inside were several small cells already filled with naked women. They led Chloe down to an empty cell and opened the door, cutting off the ropes that bound her wrists and elbows before shoving her into the cell as she heard the clanging of the cell door closing behind her.

Chloe rubbed her arms trying to get the circulation to return to them as the men left and closed the door by which they had entered. The cell was approximately six feet square, possibly six or seven feet high, with three concrete walls and bars from floor to ceiling, poured into the concrete. The barred door was the only entrance or exit. There was an empty bucket, Chloe supposed it was for her wastes, and a thin woven straw mat. Chloe went to the front of her cell to look out. She could only see three cells, the one directly across from her that was currently empty and the two neighboring cells on either side of it. The bars were set back far enough behind the concrete walls that she could not see any further.

The building was oppressively hot inside, there were no windows and the concrete was warm to the touch, even under her bare feet. When they had dragged her inside the sun was past midday, maybe the middle of the afternoon. Chloe went and lay down on her straw mat, but it was uncomfortable. The heat was worse and eventually Chloe succumbed to the rising temperatures inside the cell and passed out in a pool of her own perspiration.

Chloe was startled awake by the sound of the door banging open and some men dragging in a beautiful buxom blonde young woman and forcing her into the cell across from Chloe. The poor girl sobbed and cried after the men left. Chloe tried to get her attention, but she was inconsolable. When the blonde girl finally stopped sobbing, Chloe called out to her, asking her name. The girl looked at her quizzically and did not respond. Chloe tried again and the pretty young woman came to the bars and spoke to Chloe in what sounded like Swedish or possibly Norwegian. Chloe suddenly realized this must be a slave holding area, and that all of these women were here to be sold, including her.

Chloe tried to talk soothingly to the young blonde, but she started screaming and becoming more animated. Several of the other women shushed her with the universal shhhh sound, apparently knowing what would happen. Chloe tried her best to get the young woman to calm down, but she just kept screaming. Two men came in and opened her cell, dragging her out of her cell and then outside. The girl continued to scream and soon, sounds of a whip hitting flesh could be heard, followed by even louder screams until they had given her ten lashes and she no longer screamed, only moaned loudly. They brought her back in and thrust her back into her cell, saying something in a language Chloe did not understand and locking the cell door.

The blonde woman’s back and ass were stripped and red as she sobbed, kneeling on the straw mat, her tears rolling down her cheeks and dripping onto her large breasts or falling to the straw mat. She eventually stopped sobbing but moaned in pain as she tried to lay on the mat and rest. Chloe imagined it would be impossible for her to sleep, the mat was uncomfortable enough, but to have been whipped first, she didn’t want to think about that.

Later in the evening an old woman came in with a bucket and bowls. She used a ladle to fill each bowl and hand it to the occupants of the cells. Chloe took her bowl and tried to eat the brown muck but it tasted awful. She knew she should eat as much as possible and finished more than half of it, but just couldn’t bring herself to eat any more. The blonde girl did not eat at all, even after the old woman attempted to cajole her, she still refused to eat. Eventually the old woman removed all of the bowls, clicking her tongue at the amount of ‘food’ left in the bowls.

The old woman returned with another bucket and a ladle. She dipped into it and gave it to the women, who drank a little, but not much. The blonde girl drank some and spat it out on the floor. The old woman shook her finger and scolded her in the native language, whatever it was. The blonde looked remorseful and took another ladle, drinking and swallowing some of the liquid. The old woman brought the bucket to Chloe and handed her the ladle. Chloe drank, realizing it was water, dirty and warm, but it was water. Chloe tried to brush away any scum she could from the top and drank two ladles of water, knowing that in the heat, she needed to keep hydrated. Chloe refused a third ladle and sat down on her mat, staring across the way at the beautiful blonde woman in the cell.

Several minutes after the old woman left the blonde girl came to the bars and began pleading with Chloe in her native tongue that Chloe could not understand. Chloe asked her if she understood English and the young woman shook her head and looked bewildered. Chloe tried to talk to her soothingly but this seemed to agitate the poor young thing and she started to cry and Chloe put her finger to her lips in the universal sign to keep quiet. The girl nodded and slipped to the back of her cell, stretching out face first on the straw mat, lying on her pillowy breasts because her backside was covered in stripes from the whip. Chloe could not see them in the semi-darkness but knew they were there. The blonde laid her head down on her folded arms and sobbed quietly.

Chloe tried to get comfortable enough to sleep, the temperature had dropped enough after the sun had gone down that she was no longer uncomfortable temperature wise, but the solid concrete under the thin straw was too hard and Chloe shifted and twisted, trying to find a comfortable way to sleep. Eventually she imitated the blonde girl across from her, using her own large breasts as pillows. The straw poked at them but Chloe could tolerate it better than the pain in her back or hips if she tried to lay any other way. She fell asleep like this for an hour or so before the blonde girl’s cry woke her. The poor girl had tried to move onto her back in her sleep and the pain had wakened her and she shrieked in agony.

Chloe again put her finger to her lips and the blonde woman gave her a weak smile and nodded, returning to her former position. Chloe rolled onto her back and bent her knees at an angle so her back rested more comfortably on the mat and fell asleep after a while, sleeping fitfully until the old woman came in and roused them. Each woman was taken out of her cell one at a time and returned her hands now bound behind her. Chloe didn’t know what was happening until the blonde woman was dragged from her cell and returned a few minutes later, her wrists bound behind her back, her body wet, and the old woman tied her wrists to the front bars of the cell so that she had to remain standing. She had been washed.

Chloe was taken from her cell next and they took her outside into the bright early morning sunlight. The woman tied her hands in front of her and then to beam supported by two poles buried in the ground. The woman washed Chloe thoroughly, lingering on her breasts and nipples as they hardened, the old woman grinning and nodding her head. She washed Chloe’s pussy and lifted her hood, cleaning her clit and toying with it until Chloe gasped and pulled her legs closed, again the woman gave a knowing nod, grinning from ear to ear. The old woman released Chloe’s hands and re-tied them roughly behind her back before leading her back to her cell, forcing Chloe back against the bars, tying her wrists tightly to them. Chloe surmised they must not want them to lie down on the dirty floor again, maybe they would be taken to market and sold. A small shudder of excitement coursed through Chloe’s body at this thought and she let out a small moan.

Shortly after the woman finished cleaning them she returned with a bucket that looked and tasted like oatmeal. Chloe ate all the woman would give her, even though it was lumpy and not that tasty, it was food and she needed to keep up her strength. The woman returned after all had been fed with a bottle with a long nipple on it, sort of like a baby bottle, but probably used to feed animals. When Chloe sucked on the nipple she was rewarded with the taste of warm sweet milk. It didn’t quite taste like cow’s milk, probably goat’s milk, she thought. Chloe finished her bottle and when the woman returned with the bucket of water, Chloe drank heartily, the water was cool and much cleaner than last night.

Around mid-morning two men arrived and opened all of the cell doors, entering and looking over the women. They took the blonde woman across from Chloe first, cutting the ropes that held her to the bars, but leaving her hands bound behind her. They tied a rope around her neck and the first man held the rope while the second man entered Chloe’s cell and released her from the bars and led her to stand behind the blonde woman, tying a rope through her collar loop then tying it to the back of the rope around the first girl’s neck. They continued until all of the women were lined up this way and then they marched them out across the village to a moderately sized lean-to covered with thick grasses on top to block out the sun. Chloe noticed they had lined them up in order of their perceived beauty and interest to prospective buyers.

One by one the women were released from the slave coffle and their hands released and re-tied in front then tied to the central beam running above their heads so they could not cover themselves and were on full display for the anticipated buyers. A small crowd began to gather as the women were displayed and several of the men spoke among themselves and pointed at the women. Soon they were allowed to come and touch the merchandise, and along with the other women, Chloe was pinched, prodded, posed, her breasts fondled, her labia spread, her clit played with. Chloe couldn’t help but become aroused by their groping, she was only a slave. It only aroused her more as she thought about being sold and one of the men licked his finger after pulling it from her now glistening pussy. This incited the buyers and drew their attention to Chloe.

One of the men who had escorted them to the ‘display case’ as Chloe thought of it, yelled something and the men turned their attention to him. He pulled out a wide leather whip and struck the blonde woman next to her twice, the poor girl’s already sore bottom receiving new stripes and she screamed in terror. Next he came to Chloe and struck her twice, once on each ass cheek and moved on. Chloe had not cried out and had taken a few sharp breaths to deal with the pain inflicted. This seemed to anger some of the men and they said something to the man doing the whipping but he ignored them and gave each of the future slaves two strokes, just as he had with the others.

As the man with the whip returned to stand by the blonde woman, there were grumblings among the men and then pointing at Chloe. It appeared to Chloe that she had somehow incurred their wrath because she did not cry out like the other women had. The man returned to stand behind her and gave her five harder strokes with the wide leather whip, striking both ass cheeks each time. Chloe still had not cried out, but her inner pain slut was taking over and she moaned.

The man then came in front and struck her across her breasts, three times, then twice directly on her nipples. By this point, Chloe was moaning in need to be finished off and he quickly tied her ankles apart and struck her twice on her pussy, the second one connecting with Chloe’s clit and nearly sending her over the edge. The third one between her legs did the trick and Chloe came with a thunderous orgasm, her body convulsing, her screams of ecstasy echoing across the compound, her spasms shaking the entire structure of the lean-to.

When Chloe came to her senses the men were crowded around her, touching and poking her, some slurping up her juices as they ran down her inner thighs. It was obvious she had cum and she squirmed as she hung there, her feet inches off the ground. She suddenly noticed a man in the crowd who looked surprisingly out of place in this desert area. All of the other men wore robes and coverings over their heads. This man was dressed in a very fine looking business suit, well-tailored and expensive, in a light khaki color. He had doffed his straw hat to look upon Chloe and he smiled broadly at her, then donned his hat and walked away. Chloe felt an after-shock run through her body, or perhaps it was a shiver of excitement at the thought of this rich handsome man owning her.

The man with the whip drove the men away after a time because the rest of the crowd could not get near to see the merchandise. Chloe was relieved when he untied her ankles so she could stand and relieve the stress on her arms. The afternoon sun was becoming almost unbearable in its intensity, even though the women were in the shade of the shelter. The men watered them with a bucket of warm water and Chloe drank as much as she could. She needed to pee and wondered if they would be given a break to relieve themselves, but the men went and stood at each end of the lean-to, ignoring the women unless a customer came by to look at them.

As a man came up to Chloe and walked around her, the blonde woman sobbed as she released a strong stream of urine. Chloe smiled inwardly and followed suit, spreading her legs and letting her piss hit the dry dirt beneath her. This seemed to signal the other women who had obviously been fighting the same losing battle and they all released their urine into the dirt. Chloe was surprised how quickly the dry soil absorbed the moisture, and before long, Chloe was able to kick some of the other dirt or sand over the wet patch and it disappeared. Chloe almost giggled thinking she was almost like a cat, covering her wastes in the litter box. Chloe suppressed her grin, fearing it might incur the wrath of the men.

Chloe’s arms ached and she was sure the other women were experiencing the same fate. She hoped they would be let down soon as the sun started its track toward the western horizon. It was at least another hour before the men finally released them, forming the same slave coffle as before and leading the women to a different location. They were led inside where many beautiful women knelt in cages, some wearing a scrap of clothing while others were completely naked, just as the women of Chloe’s coffle were.

Women appeared, seemingly out of nowhere and took charge of the eight women in the coffle. Each woman took a slave and led her to an area along the side. Their wrists were not untied, but they were bathed and hair washed. Chloe’s hair was toweled three times and then the woman began to run the brush through it. The woman fed her some dried meat and dates, along with a piece of fruit that was very sweet. The woman gave her water that was cool and tasted quite clean. Chloe drank quite a bit, feeling a bit dehydrated after baking in the sweltering heat of the afternoon. The girl brought a bucket and Chloe relieved herself before the woman cleaned her up. The woman brushed her hair again and added a ribbon in it, holding it loosely back off her face, then she applied makeup to Chloe’s face. The woman led Chloe to a small cage and pointed inside. Chloe crawled inside and heard the door clang shut before she could turn around and face the door.

Across the way, the blonde girl was refusing to go into her cage and Chloe called out to her, trying to soothe her. The blonde girl looked at Chloe, almost in shock at the smiling woman inside the cage. It was the opportunity the woman handling her needed to force the pretty blonde inside her cage. Chloe noticed they had made her up well, and she looked stunningly beautiful, they had even rouged her nipples. Chloe could hear the noise outside her cage and wondered what it was, until she suddenly realized it was the crowd gathering for the auction. Chloe squirmed with excitement, she was going to be sold, along with all these other women. She hoped the handsome rich businessman would buy her, then shuddered in a mixture of fear, arousal and self-chastisement. What the hell was she thinking, she didn’t want to be sold, did she? Her mind said no, but Chloe’s body had no doubts as the lubrication between her thighs told her.

They began with the beautiful blonde, taking her out of the cage, locking a metal collar around her neck, attached to a chain that was locked to the concrete wall. Chloe had thought she would be next, but they took the ugliest girl next, then the next least ugly and so on it continued until Chloe was the last slave left in her cage. They came to her and attached her already permanent collar to the end of the coffle before releasing the chain from the wall and leading the slave girls toward the auction block. They stopped at the base, some twenty women and several guards, all men. They released the blonde girl from the coffle and prodded her up the stairs onto the raised platform. She complained but one of the men swung a whip, connecting with her pert naked bottom and she scurried up the steps.

The crowd roared with delight as the auctioneer began and they saw the buxom blonde on the platform. Chloe could not see what was happening but could pretty well guess as the shouts of men could be heard and cheers as the bidding rose higher and higher, finally the pretty blonde was sold and led crying down the steps and into the hands of her Master, the handsome businessman whom Chloe had seen in the crowd this afternoon and Chloe’s spirit flagged. Of course, he was probably rich enough to buy her too, but she would be in competition with the hot blonde. Then Chloe thought, but she is untrained and I will please him much better and become his favorite, shuddering at the thought, then arguing within herself that she did not want to be sold. Unfortunately for Chloe, she did not have a choice.

As the auction wore on, it became clear to Chloe why the line had been formed the way it was. The blonde was up first to excite the buyers and stir them into a buying frenzy. Then the ugliest girl would go and slowly build to the best slave of the evening, which was her. Why was she chosen to go last? Surely the blonde was the most beautiful woman there, she should have been chosen to be last. Some of the girls in front of her seemed more beautiful to her that she did, especially the cute little Spanish girl with the curvy body that screamed sex with her every move, she was just in front of Chloe. Each time a slave was sold the coffle grew shorter and their time to be sold grew nearer. With only five women left, Chloe was practically shaking with excitement.

The Spanish girl turned to her and said something in Spanish and Chloe shrugged. She had taken Spanish in high school, but had barely gotten by, remembering enough to pass the class with a B, but not having used it she couldn’t remember much.

“No hablo Español,” Chloe said, which means I don’t speak Spanish. “Se habla Inglés?” Chloe asked, in the hope she spoke some English. The girl shook her head no and frowned. Chloe grabbed the girl’s shoulders and turned her face to face. Chloe spoke to her in a soft soothing tone, telling her it was going to be alright, “Just keep your Master happy and you will be fine,” Chloe finished and gave her a big smile. The Spanish girl smiled a beautiful smile and hugged Chloe, then turned around just as the girl in front of her came down off the block after being sold. She was led up onto the block to be sold. The bidding went a long time and the Spanish girl came down off the block and was delivered to a white man dressed in jeans and a polo shirt with hiking boots on. He locked a collar around her neck and smiled down at her, speaking to her in Spanish. The girl seemed ecstatic and hugged the man and they walked away down the path to a waiting vehicle that Chloe could not see.

Chloe was released from the chain and prodded up onto the block. She climbed the stairs and the auctioneer greeted her warmly and waved his arm to indicate she should walk to stand in the center front of the raised dais as she stood looking out at the crowd of over one hundred men and a few women. Chloe shuddered in fear at the thought of being owned by a woman, she was not a lesbian or bi and most dominant type women were especially cruel, she did not relish that thought. The auctioneer clapped his hands for the bidding to begin and the bidding began in earnest, rising quickly as several bids were placed in less than a minute. Soon there was a lull, and though Chloe didn’t know what the bid was, she thought she was about to be sold. She stood straight and tall with her shoulders back, her legs parted by approximately two feet and stared out into the crowd.

The auctioneer did not seem pleased and walked up beside her, latching his hand in her hair. He turned her toward the different areas of the crowd and pointed with his coiled up whip at her big breasts, then her hips, turning her completely around so they could see her ass and finally facing the center of the crowd he rubbed the whip through her very wet slit and Chloe moaned and dropped to her knees, spreading them wide and kneeling in presentation. The bids took off with a flurry and the crowd roared as the auctioneer held up the whip, showing them where it was slick with her juices. The crowd roared again and the bidding frenzy continued. After a while it leveled off and Chloe looked out, wondering if the rich young businessman was in the crowd, the bright lights shining on her and in her eyes, she could not see the people’s faces.

The auctioneer was still not satisfied and again latched his hand in her hair, forcing Chloe to stand once again and she stood as before, then he turned her before releasing her and uncoiling his whip. Suddenly she heard it hiss and strike her on the ass. She did not cry out, but gasped and measured her breathing to contain her voice. He struck four more times on her ass and Chloe was surprised to find that she was nearing an orgasm. Yes, she was naked and being sold, that in itself was very erotic to her, but to be whipped to orgasm in front of so many people. She thought she might explode into a million little pieces if that happened.

The whip struck across her breasts, once, twice, above and below her nipples before two strokes directly on her nipples caused Chloe to cry out with passion and she spread her legs, begging him to finish her off. It only took two well-placed stripes to her clit to cause Chloe to shatter into those millions of pieces she had thought of as she cried out in ecstasy and fell to her knees in the throes of a rapturous orgasm, her body quaking and convulsing, eventually falling to the surface of the block and her body writhed with bliss.

She did not hear the roar of the crowd or the delirious bidding. She recovered and returned to her knees in presentation and a voice from the back called out a bid as the crowd gasped. There were murmurs among the crowd and the auctioneer seemed pleased. He called out the bid once, twice and then threw down his whip and raised his arms. The crowd cheered uproariously, it was almost deafening to Chloe and she trembled with another orgasm as she realized she had been sold. The auctioneer practically dragged her off the block and down the steps to her waiting Master. It was the handsome young Arab businessman she had seen this afternoon. Chloe nearly swooned, if one of these men had to buy her, this was the man she most wanted to become a slave to.

“Hello, little one, you are a truly amazing creature, I am going to enjoy owning you,” Her Master spoke as he attached a leash to her collar, then locked leather wrist and elbow cuffs around her arms before locking them behind her back. “Come,” he said and Chloe stood there in shock, her Master spoke polished English, almost with a British accent and she was jerked out of her reverie when he pulled on the leash. She followed him down the path to a waiting SUV and obediently climbed inside and slid over to allow her Master to sit next to her as he indicated.

“Oh, these tits are amazing, but the fact that you are a submissive pain slut is your best trait by far. I’m sure you didn’t want your Master to know about that, but these men know their business and your true nature was revealed. You see, when one buys a slave girl, he does not just purchase her body, he also acquires her mind and her inner slut as well. Do you have a voice, my little one or do I need to discipline you?” Her Master asked.

“Yes Master, I have a voice. Please do not discipline me.”

“Ah, very good, little one, you will be my favorite, I can tell.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You are welcome little one.”

“Didn’t you also purchase the hot blonde woman with big boobs like mine, Master?”

“Yes, yes I did, but I do not like you asking questions of me, that is none of your business.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said looking down sheepishly.

“Are you worried about having to compete with her for my attention?”

“Yes Master.”

“Ah, do not worry little one, I have many slaves, but that one was a special gift for an associate of mine, he loves naturally blonde women with big tits, I’m sure her arrival will help me seal a deal I have been trying to make with him.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Don’t thank me yet, slave, I have many slaves, you will be the only white one, most of my slaves are of Arabic ancestry, although I do have one who is Hispanic and another who is Asian, but I’m thinking of selling the Asian, she is very weak. But not you, little one, you are a very strong woman, oh the fun we will have,” Chloe’s new Master said as she shuddered in fear. He then placed his left arm around her shoulder and pulled her towards him, reaching out with his right hand and playing with Chloe’s nipples as pain and pleasure shot through her and she gasped.

“Oh, does that hurt, little one?”

“Yes Master.”

“But it is also arousing you, is it not?”

“Yes Master,” Chloe replied as they pulled up to the airport next to a rather large private airplane, again the words written on the side were in Arabic and Chloe nearly cried but kept her composure. How would Ben find her now? She had been kidnapped again, taken away from Tom and going to another Arabic country, halfway around the world. She would disappear off the face of the earth, a true slave. She almost orgasmed at the thought, but held her body in check as they exited the plush SUV into the warm night and boarded the plane. Chloe was taken into a back compartment and placed in a large first class type seat and belted in.

“I have some business to attend to right now, but I will come back later, my associate will be here in my stead,” her new Master stated as he strode out of the enclosed back area toward the front of the plane. The associate stood by the door her Master had just exited and looked at Chloe hungrily, his lust for her obvious, but there was also something else there. At first Chloe couldn’t put her finger on the other emotion she saw in his eyes, then realized that it was fear and respect for her new Master, knowing if he screwed up with her, he could face punishment or even death.

The jet engines were already running when they boarded the plane so little time was wasted as the aircraft soon taxied out to the runway and the engines roared as they raced down the asphalt and took flight. They had been in the air for probably an hour and the associate watching Chloe had not taken his eyes off of her. Chloe wondered why he watched her so intently, she was helplessly bound and belted into the seat, she wasn’t going anywhere so she sat and relaxed, thankful she wasn’t gagged.

“Do you speak English?” Chloe asked her guard after a little while and he looked at her and nodded.

“May I use the toilet?” She asked.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to release you from the seat, let me check,” The guard said as he picked up a phone on the wall of the bulkhead and spoke softly before turning back to Chloe. “You may use the restroom,” he said as he released her seatbelt and led her by her leash to the small toilets in the back. He opened the door and motioned Chloe inside. Chloe stepped inside and tried to close the door. “No, I am ordered to keep my eyes on you at all times, you will do your business while I watch or you will return to your seat.”

Chloe sat on the toilet and released her urine. She did not spread her legs as she did for Ben, but peed naked and bound in front of a strange man. When she finished, she just sat there for a couple of minutes.

“Are you finished?” The guard asked.

“Yes Sir,” Chloe responded and the guard came into the tiny toilet area and pushed her legs apart before wiping her thoroughly. He stood and washed his hands in the small sink before taking her leash and leading Chloe back to her seat. “Could I have some water, please, Sir?” Chloe asked and the guard went to a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of water and started to hand it to Chloe before catching himself, twisting off the cap and pouring it into Chloe’s mouth. He stopped at about half as Chloe gasped and sputtered before pouring the rest of the contents into her mouth and Chloe gulped it down as fast as she could. He took the empty bottle and threw it in a trash can.

“Are you hungry?” The guard asked.

“Yes Sir,” Chloe responded and he disappeared for a few minutes, returning with some sliced cheese and fruit along with some crackers on a platter. He fed Chloe pieces of each and she was thankful that all of it tasted wonderful, but she chalked that up to her hunger. The guard kept shoving food into her mouth until Chloe couldn’t eat anymore. “Please Sir, I’m full. Could I have some more water, please, a little slower this time?”

The guard took the tray back toward the front of the plane where he had retrieved it from and returned holding a small bottle of water that had obviously been refrigerated, it was wet with condensation. He opened the bottle and gave Chloe little swallows at a time until she indicated she had enough. He placed the bottle in a small refrigerator there and then stood guard over her.

Chloe’s new Master came through the door and spoke to the guard in Arabic and then dismissed him. He sat in the seat across the aisle from Chloe looking at her with lust and admiration. Chloe did not know whether to speak or remain silent, and decided on the latter, figuring he would ask her to speak if he wished her to do so. After several long minutes he spoke.

“You are an exquisite slave.”

“Thank you Master.”

“I did not ask you to speak, slave, you will only speak when I ask you a direct question or give you a command. You will then answer the question, or just say ‘Yes Master’ to acknowledge the command and that you agree to obey. Do we understand each other?”

“Yes Master,” Chloe gulped fearfully. Oh god, her mouth was going to get her in trouble, she had always found it difficult to hold her tongue and her new Master noted the fear with a smile.

“You are afraid of me?”

“Yes Master.”

“That is very good, you should be afraid of me, I will punish you if you are disobedient, it will not be pleasant, I assure you.” After a short pause he continued. “You are a very beautiful woman, are you good at sucking cock?”

“Yes Master.”

“Is your pussy still tight?”

“No Master, my previous Master was – “

“No explanations,” he said, cutting her off, “just answer the question. So your pussy is stretched out?”

“Yes Master.”


“My former Master was quite large and has stretched out my poor pussy.”

“See, if I want an explanation, I will ask for it. So how large was your former Master?”

“He was nine inches and quite thick, Master,” Chloe said and her new Master pulled out his phone and tapped on it for a bit before looking up at her with a surprised look.

“That big eh, well I’m pretty close to that myself. So tell me, has your Master ever done anal, or are you a virgin back there?”

“Yes Master, I have been fucked in the ass a few times.”

“Very good, so I will not need to ease into that with you.”

“No Master.”

“Did I ask you a question or give you a command?”

“No Master, I’m sorry Master.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t punish you for it just yet, but rest assured by the time we arrive you will be. I run a tight ship and cannot allow any one slave to be disciplined any different than the others,” He said and Chloe gave him a wry smile. “So you say you are a good cock sucker?”

“Yes Master, would you like me to show you?”

“Yes,” her Master said and Chloe knelt by his seat, using her teeth to unbuckle his belt, which was more difficult than she originally thought and her Master became impatient and unbuckled it himself, unbuttoning his pants and pulling down his zipper revealing his boxers. Chloe gripped the waistband of his underwear with her mouth and pulled them down until his erection sprang free.

“Mmm, very nice cock, Master, big and thick,” Chloe said and took him into her mouth licking and sucking as best she knew how. It wasn’t long before her Master groaned and she knew he was close. She took him deep in her throat and then pulled back off as he moaned with pleasure. After catching her breath, Chloe swallowed him fully into her throat, her nose in his bush of pubic hair, her chin touching his balls and she growled in her throat and sucked and licked him forcing him to cum straight down her esophagus and into her stomach. She held him there until he stopped pulsing and pulled back to catch the last shot of his cum on her tongue, showing it to him before swallowing. She cleaned him up and then sat back on her heels, kneeling in presentation.

“I see you did not lie, little one, a most excellent blow job.”

“Thank you Master, would you like to try my slutty pussy, it is very wet for you. My former Master liked to fuck it often.”

“You just cannot help yourself, can you?”

“I’m sorry Master,” Chloe said contritely, looking down. Her Master leaned forward and she thought he was going to slap her face or possibly get up and spank or whip her backside, but instead he stuck two fingers in her very well lubricated slit and Chloe gasped in surprise before releasing a low moan of arousal.

“At least you are not a liar, you are very wet. Did sucking my cock excite you that much?”

“Yes and no, Master. I enjoy sucking cock very much and it did heighten my excitement, but your commanding presence, my real sale, my actual slavery and your rich and handsome person has also contributed to my burgeoning arousal.”

“Ah, so you are excited at becoming a slave?”

“I was already a slave, Master, at least mentally. But to become one for real is a part of my wildest fantasies and now it has come true. I know you saw me have an orgasm from being whipped on the auction block, but after I was sold I had another climax and I was still having aftershocks when they drug me off the block to bring me to you. I nearly had another one when I found out it was you who purchased me. I remember seeing you while I was on display and you smiled at me. I hoped even then that you would buy me.”

“You are making my cock hard again.”

“Let me help you with that, Master.”

“I do not need any help with it, turn around and put your face on the floor, your ass in the air,” Master said as he pulled his nearly fully erect member out of his pants and stroked it with his hand.

“Yes Master,” Chloe responded and quickly complied with his order, her arms still bound behind her, she kept her pert bottom high in the air and her face on the carpet. She moaned with anticipation, she was so ready for this, her first fuck as a real slave. Her Master knelt behind her and thrust into her as best he could. The angle was not right and he thrust again as he adjusted his knees wider and he sunk deeply into her willing channel. He began to start up a rhythm, but Chloe came before he could even establish that and even he had to admit it felt amazing around his shaft. He stopped for a moment to allow Chloe to recover and when she began milking him with her vaginal muscles, he started up again.

Master, developed a coordinated rutting with her, but Chloe, her nipples rubbing on the carpet, heightening her excitement, came again twice more before he was finally able to cum inside of her. He had just a few minutes before been the recipient of an amazing blow job which drained him of most of his swimmers and as he shot his load into her, Chloe came again, crying out in her passion. He softened quickly and pulled out, patting her ass as he got up off the floor and Chloe righted herself and knelt before him.

“Master, would you like your slave to clean you big dick before you put it back in your pants?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, of course, Master.”

“Very well, clean away,” her Master acquiesced and his member grew again as she loved his cock with her tongue. After a couple of minutes of Chloe worshipping his cock he put it in his pants as he sat back in the seat. Chloe remained kneeling and spread her knees in presentation. “You are amazing.”

Chloe knelt and waited for him to command her further but he sat back in his seat and rested for several minutes as their combined fluids ran down the inside of her thighs. Eventually he got up and went to the restroom in the back relieving himself and bringing back a damp cloth to clean her up. He wiped her clean and Chloe moaned with appreciation, her libido still in high gear, she still wanted more and probably could have gone on for hours, achieving dozens of orgasms.

Her Master could sense that Chloe wanted - no, needed - more, but he was unable to satiate her need, so he asked her if she would like some water to which Chloe agreed and mentioned the partial bottle of water she had been given earlier. He retrieved it from the small fridge and added a sedative, then had her empty the contents of the bottle. He placed Chloe back in her seat and fastened the seat belt and called for the guard. By the time the guard had returned, Chloe had gone to dreamland.

Chloe woke with a start and looked up at the guard as he stood watch over her.

“Do you need to use the toilet?”

“Yes Sir,” Chloe said and he released her seat belt and led her to the small toilets and they repeated the earlier visit. He returned her to her seat and affixed the belt.

“We are about to land,” the guard said as he sat across the aisle from her and buckled his own seat belt. There were no windows in this area of the plane and Chloe could not tell where they were or how long they had been in the air, again upset with herself because she had fallen asleep. This time however, it was not her fault, she had been drugged, but Chloe was unaware. Soon they landed and taxied to a stop. Her Master came in and placed a blindfold on her. Chloe supposed they did not want her to know the location of her slavery.

Her Master attached a leash to her collar, unbuckled her seat belt and tugged, indicating she should stand. Chloe stood and followed the gentle tug of the leash as she was led off the plane and down a hallway. She wondered if it was a private airport as she heard no other noises than the clicking of her Master’s shoes on the cool tile floor. She padded along behind him until he stopped. He muttered something Chloe could not make out and then he opened a door and pulled her inside.

Once inside, her Master removed the blindfold and sat her in a utilitarian chair. He immediately left the room, closing the door behind him. Soon the guard came in and began removing Chloe bonds. He released the locks that held her arms behind her since her new slavery began, then removed the cuffs and the leash, leaving Chloe completely naked and unfettered, except for her collar. He collected all of the accoutrements and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Chloe sat there for several minutes before she got up and tested the door, of course it was locked. She looked around the room, there were just two chairs and a sturdy table. The room had no windows and the small air duct above her head would be too small for her to crawl through, she was stuck here until someone opened the door. She sat back down in the chair and waited, wondering why she was here. And where was here, anyway, it just didn’t seem to make any sense.


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