by MasterKGray

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; whip; oral;hum; exhib; cons; nc; XX

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14. Porn Star

Chloe slept fitfully, tossing and turning, no bonds tonight, they didn’t want any extraneous marks on her body. She woke when T opened the door to her cell. Chloe slid out of bed and knelt in presentation on the floor.

“Good morning Master.”

“Good morning, slave. Today’s the big day, we’re gonna be porn stars. Well, you are, I’ve already been in a few with some of the skanky sluts Tom’s brought in, all clean and checked out, no disease. Tom tested you when you came for your interview that Saturday. He couldn’t wait to show me the video of you and I nearly jizzed in my pants.”

“Thank you Master.”

“For what?”

“For telling me how excited I make you, Master.”

“You really like it when men lust after you hot body, don’t you?”

“Yes Master,” Chloe replied, bowing her head in submission, her body blushing with need, she wished he would just fuck her right now to relieve some of her sexual tension. She was growing fond of T, he treated her much like Ben, a strong hand, tempered with a gentle spirit, just what she needed.

“Master, please fuck me,” she pleaded.

“Not a chance, my big cock would stretch out those pretty pussy lips and make them all puffy and red. We need you to look pristine, like you haven’t had sex in a while. Now get up, shave, shower and make yourself pretty. Here’s the makeup Tom wants you to wear for the filming, it’s more like what a young woman your age would wear,” T ordered, handing her the bag with today’s cosmetics in it. Chloe got up and kissed him on the cheek before taking the bag and setting it on the edge of the sink.

“What was that for?” T asked.

“For being you, Master. You are much like my true Master, Ben, he is strong but gentle, and I love him. I like you very much, Master T,” Chloe replied before hurrying into the shower to shave her entire body, then showered and dried her hair, before putting on the new prescribed makeup. She thought it gave her a cute girl-next-door look. Chloe finished and knelt in presentation.

T came in and gave her some clothes to put on.

“Clothes, Master?” Chloe asked, she had been naked except for the day they went out to get her tattoo and hair done.

“Yes, remember it’s supposed to begin with your kidnapping. You would be wearing clothes to go out in public. Don’t worry, I’m gonna cut ‘em off of you soon after the video begins,” T explained and Chloe put on the modest bra and panty set, then the running shorts and tank top. She slipped on the running shoes and tied them. She hadn’t worn normal clothes like this in weeks.

“Damn girl, you look hot in anything,” T said admiringly.

“Thank you Master.”

“No more Master until after the video begins and I force you to admit you’re a slave,” T admonished.

“Yes Sir,” Chloe responded and T gave her the usual breakfast of yogurt and granola. Chloe ate normally until Tom came in and told them he was ready. Chloe finished quickly and drank a few gulps of water before they hurried out into the dungeon area and T wrapped rope around Chloe’s wrists and strung her up by them, only her toes touched the floor.

“Right, that looks great,” Tom said. “Now Chloe, you’ll pretend to be asleep until I start rolling the video. When I say action, wait about thirty seconds and then pretend to be waking up, not knowing where you are and wondering who this guy is that kidnapped you. Got it?” Tom ordered.

“Yes Master,” Chloe replied.

“Didn’t T tell you to drop the Master responses until we get to that part in the scene?” Tom scowled.

“Yes Master, but he didn’t say that about you, I don’t want to be punished for not calling you Master.”

“Alright, but don’t forget and call T your Master until that point in the video.”

“Yes Master.”

“Good, now, everybody ready – action.”

Chloe hung in the ropes like she was asleep and counted slowly to thirty before she stirred slowly, like she was waking from being drugged. Her eyes flitted open a couple of times but then closed again and she moaned, then licked her lips like she was thirsty. Finally she groggily roused before jerking awake when she realized she was hanging by her wrists and she pushed up with her toes as best she could to relieve the strain on her arms.

“W – Where am I? W – Who are you? Why am I tied like this?” Chloe asked T, who was just off camera.

“You are in my personal dungeon, I am your Master, and you are tied like that because I want you tied like that,” T answered with a smug look. “You are now my slave and will address me as your Master. If you fail to do so, I will punish you, do you understand?”

Chloe just stared at him, mouth agape in disbelief.

“Do you understand, slave?”

“I am not a slave, I am Jennifer Walters, my father is very – ,” Chloe started, but was interrupted by T whipping her ass with a long single stranded whip.

“AAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEE!” Chloe screamed as if he had broken the skin.

“Let’s begin again. I own your ass, you will address me as Master. You are a slave with no name until I give you one, if I decide to give you one. Now, who am I?”

“I don’t know your name, Sir,” Chloe said quietly and T struck her again across the ass with the whip. Chloe screamed once again and began sobbing.

“You don’t need to know my name, you will address me as Master,” T barked at her. “Now who am I?”

“M – M – My M – Master?”

“Are you sure, slave?” T asked and Chloe remained silent. “I asked you a question, slave,” T practically yelled at her, “Did you forget the question?” And Chloe nodded fearfully, tears in her eyes. “Again, who am I?”

“M – Master,” Chloe said barely above a whisper.

“Louder, who am I?”

“Master,” Chloe said softly but clearly.

“Again, who am I?”




“Good, now who are you?”

“My name is Jenni – AAAIIIIIIIIEEEE!” Chloe screamed as T sliced her backside with the whip again. The whip stung and it made a loud sound, but it really wasn’t that painful, but Chloe did her best to act it up.

“Wrong, you are a slave, and that is the only name you will be called until I decide to give you a name. Now who are you?”

“I – I am a – a s – slave,” Chloe sobbed as if the realization just hit her. What would be expected of a slave? Chloe tried to think along these lines, since she already knew.

“Very good, slave, who are you?”

“I am a s – slave.”


“I am a slave.”

“One more time, louder.”

“I am a slave.”

“Good, and who’s slave are you?”

“I am your slave – Master.”

“Very good, now that wasn’t so hard, was it? So let’s see what my slave looks like,” T said as he pulled out a large folding knife and flipped the long blade open. Chloe’s eyes went wide with fright.

“No, I’m not going to kill you, I just want to see your body,” he said, as he started cutting her clothes off by cutting up the middle of the tank top from her belly up between her tits.

“Please Sir, please don’t strip me naked,” Chloe pleaded and T slapped her across the face causing Chloe to cry out.

“Who am I?”


“Correct, you must address me as Master at all times.”

“Yes Master. Please don’t strip me naked, Master, I promise I’ll be good.”

“You are missing the point, I want you naked, I can’t fuck you with your clothes on.”

“P – Please don’t – Master. I can suck you if you want.”

“You will suck me, but I’m gonna fuck that pussy as well, we will work up to fucking you in the ass.”

“No, please, please don’t have sex with me – Master.”

“I didn’t say I was going to have sex with you, I said I was going to fuck you.”

“Please Master, don’t f – fuck me.”

“I’ll fuck you if I want to, you are my slave, my sex slave. Look at your hot body, why do you think I picked you?”

“I thought you picked me because my father is rich, he will pay you a huge ransom for me,” Chloe said and T slapped her across the face again.

“Who am I?” T growled and Chloe looked up at him with fear in her eyes.

“Sorry Master.”

“I don’t want money, I want you. I want to have access to your hot body whenever I want it. You are just a sex toy now, a masturbation tool, a warm hole to stuff my huge cock into.”

Chloe squirmed in her bonds and T cut the rest of the tank top off of her before caressing her breasts over the bra.

“Mmm, nice big tits, just the way I like ‘em,” T smiled and then cut the center of the bra, the cups starting to separate due to the size of her swelling mounds. T then cut the shoulder straps and pulled the bra away as Chloe gasped, her nipples already hard.

“Somebody’s liking this,” T chuckled as he reached for her shorts.

“No I’m not, it’s cold in here and I’m frightened,” Chloe protested. T took her breasts in his hands, mauling them then suckling one nipple while pinching the other, Chloe couldn’t help but let out a soft moan of pleasure.

“What was it Shakespeare said, ‘Methinks thou dost protest too much’ little girl,” T said as he let out another chuckle.

“I’m not a little girl – Master.”

“No, not with tits like these, you are definitely a woman. Must be some genes for that in your family somewhere, you didn’t get them from your mother.”

“No, my grandmother on my father’s side had big boobs, she died when I was young,” Chloe said, that was actually true, her grandmother died when she was only eleven, she remembered going to the funeral, just a couple years after her father was killed by a drunk driver. T then sliced off the sides of the shorts and pulled them away. Now only the panties and sneakers remained. T cut one side of the panties and Chloe sucked in a breath. When he cut the other side and pulled them away Chloe steeled herself and looked away, not deigning to respond.

“Perfect,” T said, looking at her shaved pussy. “You must be a slut, only sluts shave their pussies completely bald,” he laughed.

“I’m not a slut, my boyfriend likes it this way,” Chloe complained and T slapped her ass with his bare hand.

“Sorry, Master,” Chloe said and bowed her head.

“It sure is a pretty little pussy, I’m gonna enjoy fucking it.”

“Please no, Master, please, I’m not on the pill, my boyfriend always uses a condom.”

“You don’t seem to understand, slave. I own this pussy and I’ll fuck it as many times as I want. If I want you to get pregnant, I’ll stop giving you birth control, but you have already taken a beginning dose while you were out of it.”

“What, you gave me birth control pills?” Chloe asked in shock and T slapped her other ass cheek then stormed across the basement to a cabinet pulling out a riding crop and returning to Chloe.

“Sorry Master,” Chloe squeaked fearfully.

“Too late, slave, you need to remember when I tell you something,” T said and gave her ass several swats with the crop as Chloe cried out with pain.

“Well, look here, what a lovely tattoo, did you get that for your boyfriend?”

“Yes Master.”

“It’s quite pretty, I like it. But I’m still going to brand your other ass cheek.”

“B – Brand, y – you mean, like cattle – Master?”

“Yes, you are my property now, and I’m going to mark you as mine.”

“Oh god, please no, please, please let me go, I promise I won’t tell anyone about this, please.”

“No, you are mine, and I intend to get full use of my property.”

“Oh god, oh god – please, oh god.”

“Sorry, God’s not going to help you,” T stated and Chloe broke down in sobs. While she was sobbing and crying he removed her sneakers and cut the rope holding her up and then cut between her wrists, releasing them. Chloe looked up at him incredulously through tear filled eyes.

“You’re letting me go?” Chloe asked and T smacked her ass with the crop twice. “Sorry Master.”

“No, I’m not letting you go,” T said as Chloe eyed the door on the side of the room. “The door’s locked and there’s no key, you can’t get out unless I let you out, and that’s not going to happen.”

“If there’s no key, Master, how do you open it?”

“It has a retinal scanner, only my eye can open it, as long as it’s attached to my live body.”

“All this for me, Master?”

“Yes, now let’s begin your training.”

“Training, Master?”

“Yes, you need to learn to obey my every command. Kneel,” T commanded and Chloe dropped to her knees in fear, her knees tightly pressed together, her left hand covered her shaved pussy and her right arm covered her breasts.

“See, you don’t even know how to kneel properly. When I say kneel, I mean with your legs spread wide, your back straight, your tits thrust up, and your hands behind your back,” T ordered, but Chloe remained as she was, looking up at him incredulously, he couldn’t be serious.

“Now, slave,” T barked as he slapped the crop in the palm of his hand.

Chloe scrambled to do as she was told, but her knees weren’t all that widely apart, her posture was less than perfect but she had at least placed her hands behind her. T walked around her in a circle and then made tisking sounds with his tongue. He then lightly tapped the crop against her inner thigh to indicate she should spread her knees wider. Chloe pretended she didn’t know what he wanted and looked up at him questioningly.

“Spread your legs wider, slave,” T commanded and smacked the inside of her left thigh with the crop. Chloe squeaked but complied. “Come on, wider.”

Just then Tom yelled, “Cut.”

“What’s the matter, boss?” T asked.

“We need to wipe her juices off her slutty pussy, no one’s going to believe that a first time slave is wet already,” Tom said and T dutifully grabbed a towel and wiped away the moisture from Chloe’s already excited crotch.

“Aaannnnd, Action!” Tom called out.

“Wider,” T said and smacked the inside of Chloe’s right thigh with the crop. Chloe spread her knees as wide as she could and moaned. T then walked around her again, tapping her lower back to make her arch it further. Then he tapped the underside of her left tit and Chloe pulled her shoulders back further to accentuate her fantastic tits.

“Very good, you look amazing, even better than I expected. Now you did promise me a blow job, so let’s get to work on that,” T said as he pulled his fully erect cock out of his bulging boxers and Chloe’s eyes widened in mock surprise and fear.

“Ever seen a cock that big?”

“No Master.”

“Well, what are you waiting for, suck it,” T commanded and Chloe took the head into her mouth, acting like she had never given a blow job before. “Come on, don’t tell me you’ve never sucked your boyfriend’s cock.”

“Yes Master, but his is much smaller, I can’t take all of this in my mouth.”

“Do the best you can, slut, we’ll work on it.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe mumbled around his cock before sucking it like an amateur, trying not to show her excellent skills. She bobbed up and down his shaft, gagging once when it hit her throat. Chloe pulled off for a minute to catch her breath.

“Sorry Master, I need to catch my breath.”

“I’m not forcing it down your throat, breathe through your nose when you suck me.”

“Yes Master, sorry,” Chloe said and started again, sucking T’s cock, bobbing up and down.

“Use your tongue, lick the underside, put more suction into it,” T ordered and Chloe implemented his suggestions, trying not to look too practiced at it. T groaned with pleasure at the added stimulation.

“Much better, a little more suction and don’t forget to use your tongue.” T suddenly roared with pleasure and shot his load into her mouth. Chloe caught it all in her mouth, a little leaking out the corner. Chloe turned to spit and T slapped her.

“No spitting, slaves swallow all the cum their Master gives them.” Chloe gave an exaggerated swallow, twice, then looked up at T.

“Open your mouth and show me,” T ordered and Chloe opened to show him her empty mouth.

“Good girl,” T praised her. “Now I’m going to fuck you.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said softly, her body blushing with arousal and her pussy dampening.

“Looks like my little slave slut is getting excited at the thought of me fucking her.”

“Y – Yes Master, I’ve never had a cock so big. I don’t know if it will all fit, but I want to try,” Chloe responded, looking up at him. T lifted her off the floor and carried her over to an apparatus that looked like a gynecological table and began strapping her down to it.

“Please, I agreed to fuck you, Master. Please don’t tie me down and make me helpless.”

“Not your decision any more, slave,” T said as he finished strapping her to the table, her arms above her head, her legs spread wide. T finished by strapping her waist and neck tightly to the table, before stepping between the V made by her legs.

“Please Master, please, I don’t like this, please, I’ll fuck you any way you like, but not like this,” Chloe pleaded and struggled.

“This is how I want to fuck my slave, I find it much more exciting when my slut can’t move or get away, she just has to stay there and take it,” T chuckled as her struggles made his dick hard as stone again.

“Oh god – oh god, please, oh god – no!” Chloe moaned as she continued to struggle.

“Like I said before, God’s not going to help you,” T chuckled. “Damn you look so hot when you struggle like that,” T added and Chloe froze, realizing her struggles were exciting her rapist.

“Someone’s excited by this,” T noted as he ran his finger along her slit, finding it dripping wet. He stuck his finger in his mouth tasting her juice as Chloe looked away as if she were embarrassed. T laughed and stroked her pussy once more, grazing her clit and Chloe bucked her hips as much as her bonds would allow from the stimulation. T crammed his fingers, wet with her own juices into Chloe’s mouth.

“Suck off your slutty juices,” T ordered and Chloe fearfully complied, then let out a sensual moan.

“God you are one hot slut,” T laughed as he lined up his shaft with Chloe’s now well lubricated tunnel and slammed into her. Chloe squealed, then let out a ragged moaning breath.

“Oh god, it’s like heaven in here,” T commented as he began rutting into Chloe’s overheated hole. Chloe came after only a few strokes, trying to hold it back, but her pent up desires had her so on edge that she could not. She screamed as she orgasmed and T quickly pulled out, grabbed a ball gag and returned to the table.

“No – No pllleeeeeaaaassseee, don’t gag me!” Chloe begged.

“You hurt my ears, I’m resolving that problem,” T said as he stuffed the ball gag into her mouth and buckled it tightly at the back of her neck. Chloe hyperventilated around the gag, as if terrified. T rammed back into her and on his second stroke, she came again, her body bucking and thrashing against her restraints. T continued to chase his second orgasm, having just cum in her mouth a few minutes ago. By the time he came, Chloe was on her fourth orgasm and as T shot his load, it either triggered a fifth or extended the fourth. Either way, Chloe was lost to the world, her mind and body in subspace as she rode the blissful waves of her climax. It seemed to go on forever and her body shuddered and shook for several minutes, even after T had pulled out.

T walked out of the shot and cleaned himself up and put on his shorts again before returning to Chloe. She opened her eyes and looked up at T, her eyes showed a mixture of shock and fear, along with something else she was unable to hide, lust. She shuddered with an aftershock and closed her eyes for a few moments before opening them again to look at T.

“Looks like my slave enjoyed that very much, didn’t she?” T asked. Chloe nodded her head, then tucked her chin in against her chest, pretending to be embarrassed by her own body.

“Don’t be ashamed of your body’s response. Be proud of your hot sexy body and its natural response to my big dick,” T admonished as he removed the ball gag.

“Oh god, I’ve never cum so hard or so much! Thank you Master, that was – incredible!”

“See, I knew there was a slave hiding under there.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said softly with wonder and amazement in her eyes. “Being tied down made the feelings so much more intense,” she admitted.

“Perfect, my slave likes to get tied down to be fucked,” T chuckled, “we are going to get along great.”

“Yes Master.”

“Have you ever been tied down for sex before?”

“Yes Master, just once, but my boyfriend didn’t like it. I came like a freight train and it scared him, we never did it again, even though I’ve begged him many times.”

“So you like bondage?”

“Yes Master, I’ve watched a lot of bondage porn online, it makes me cum so hard.”

“So have you practiced at all?”

“No Master, I was too afraid of getting stuck and then someone would find out what a freak I was. I would never live it down.”

“That explains your awful blow job.”

“Sorry Master, I will try to do better.”

“I’ve got a solution for that,” T chuckled as he began to unstrap Chloe from the table. As soon as Chloe was free she slipped off the table and knelt as she had been taught, being sure to place her knees as wide as possible, her back arched, her shoulders back, her tits thrust up.

“Good girl, you are learning.”

“Yes Master.”

“I’m going to collar you now as my slave. We will get a permanent collar later, but this will do for now,” T said as he picked up a locking steel collar. “Now beg to be my slave.”

“But – I don’t want to be a slave, Master.”

“You’re going to be one, whether you want it or not, now beg me to collar you or I’ll whip you until you do.”

“Master, may I ask a question?”


“If I become your slave, will you still tie me down and fuck me with that big cock of yours?”

“Yes, of course, that’s why I took you.”

“Master, please collar your slave,” Chloe said huskily with arousal in her voice. T locked the collar around her neck as Chloe moaned and reached up to touch it, fingering it and pulling, not trying to get away, but testing to see if it was really locked around her throat.

“Stand slave,” T ordered and Chloe stood, dwarfed by his bulk and height.

“Turn around, hands behind your back,” T commanded and Chloe complied. He locked leather cuffs on her wrists and locked them together. He took larger cuffs and locked them around her elbows, then pulled those together and locked them as Chloe moaned.

“Too much, slave?” T asked.

“No Master, it just makes me so helpless, I won’t be able to slip my body through my arms and get the cuffs in front of me,” Chloe replied as T clipped a leash to her collar and led her out of the room and into a cell, releasing the leash and locking the door. “I’m in a cell, Master, why are you leaving me bound?”

“To help you get used to being bound. When you are not in the cell, you will be bound.”

“Yes Master.”

Chloe noticed the new additions to the wall of her cell. Two large dildos were mounted there, one was blue, the other pink.

“Master, what are these?” Chloe asked, looking at the dildos.

“Consider it training. The blue one is water, the pink one is, well, let’s just say it’s food,” T chuckled. “You have to deep throat them for thirty seconds and lick the bump on the bottom of the shaft to get water or food. You will not be fed any other way until you learn this.”

“Please Master, can’t I be untied?”

“No, I don’t want you to masturbate, I want you horny and ready for me when I come to get you.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said as she sat on the bed and eyed the dildos fearfully.

Tom made it seem like several hours had passed before Chloe got up and went to the blue dildo, her thirst winning out over her fear of taking the thick eight inch dildos down her throat. She knelt and took the blue dildo into her mouth, licking and sucking it like T had commanded, getting it wet with her saliva. Chloe started pretending to try and take the dildo deep into her throat, gagging and coughing as she pulled back off.

She worked at it for half an hour before she finally deepthroated the dildo, but couldn’t hold it in her throat long enough. She pulled back off and caught her breath before trying again, this time she was rewarded with cool water and she backed off and held the head of the dildo in her mouth, drinking the water. After she had her fill she pulled her mouth off the dildo and the water stopped.

Chloe eyed the pink one with dread but moved over and took it into her mouth. She had to eat something, her stomach was hungry. She worked on this one like the other and soon had this one fully down her throat, licking the bump. She felt the food coming through the tube and backed off to take it in her mouth. It was thick like a milkshake and tasted like cum. Chloe suppressed her laugh as she realized that if you were training a girl to do learn to give blow jobs, this was nearly perfect. She sucked down all she wanted and then pulled off the dildo, returned to the blue one for a drink. She used the toilet and found a new lever by her feet which washed her once she was done, then another lever blew hot air to dry her.

Chloe plodded over to the bed and as she sat there, the lights went out, the light from the other room, streaming in through the doorway, but it made the cell quite dim. Chloe lay down on the bed and started to sob.

“CUT!” Tom yelled and the lights came on as he walked in to stand by the cell. “Fantastic! Chloe you were amazing!” Tom praised.

“Thank you Master, it was my first time, I’ve never tried to act before.”

“Well, those orgasms sure looked real.”

“They were, Master, I am a slave and a slut for bondage, I had five orgasms while Master T fucked me.”

“Incredible!” Tom exclaimed as T walked in wearing a clean t-shirt and shorts, he had obviously showered.

“I agree with Tom, you were amazing, easiest money I ever made. You are so hot and you act so well, it almost felt real,” T said.

“Thank you Master, I just tried to put myself in that girl’s shoes, I guess I did alright.”

“Better than alright, you were fantastic,” T said as he unlocked the cell and came in.

“Both of you did a great job, thanks,” Tom said as he walked out of the room leaving T and Chloe alone. T sat on the bed and pulled Chloe onto his lap, kissing her passionately.

“Damn girl, you were indescribable, I’ve only seen a few Hollywood stars who could act as well as you. Most of those sluts are just pretty faces, they don’t even have any tits, and the ones that do are usually even worse actresses. I think this is gonna go viral.”

“Thank you Master, you were pretty great yourself, I mean, making me orgasm so many times on camera, I just couldn’t help myself, I just kept cumming.”

“It looked fantastic.”

“It was, Master,” Chloe said as she snuggled into his arms. “Master, may I get a shower?”

“Of course,” T said as he unlocked her wrist and elbow restraints, but left the collar. Chloe rushed to the shower and was soon washed and dried. She put on the sexy makeup Tom had originally provided and came back to kneel before T.

“How do I look, Master?”

“Beautiful, sexy and hot!”

“Thank you Master.”

T and Chloe settled into their normal routine, though T fucked her much more now, to Chloe’s delight. She had become very fond of Master T and their chemistry went far beyond what they did on screen. Chloe truly enjoyed being a slave, and T fulfilled the role of her Master.

Tom interrupted their fucking two days later to inform them that the video had gone viral and had over twenty million views and climbing. He had found a pirated version and forced them to take it down. The unauthorized video had five million views and Tom was complaining about lost revenue, but T said he thought that those views probably wouldn’t have paid anyway. By the end of the week, they had reached fifty million views at twenty dollars, nearly making Tom a billionaire. He had promised to give T ten percent, so that would leave him with nine hundred million and T with one hundred million.

The night before they were to film the second video, Chloe sat with T and was almost in tears.

“What’s the matter, Chloe?”

“Doesn’t Master Tom like me, I mean he hasn’t even fucked me yet?”

“I wouldn’t worry about that, he’s obsessed with making money off of you, and he really doesn’t like women with big tits.”

“Really, Master, I thought all men loved big tits?”

“Yes. I know it’s unusual, most men love big tits, but Tom doesn’t. I think he was in love with Candy, but she couldn’t handle being a slave all the time, she just wanted to play at it, not like you. Then she broke up with him and went and had her tits done. She looks great. I think Tom is still trying to get over that, and I think he partly blames you for helping her decide to get her new knockers.”

“Should I apologize to him?”

“No, absolutely not, it’s not your fault, Candy would have come to her senses at some point.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said as she hugged T. “So tomorrow you’re going to put my permanent collar on me and pretend to brand me, since I already am branded.”

“Yes, Tom airbrushed it out whenever it was visible in the first installment.”

“Alright, Master, maybe I should get some rest before the big day tomorrow,” Chloe said as he squirmed in his lap.

“Are you excited?”

“Yes Master.”


“I am going to be permanently collared and I was also remembering my actual branding, it made me cum.”

“You are just amazing, Chloe, I think I’m falling in love with you.”

“I think I love you too, Master T.”

“What, don’t you love Ben?” T asked in shock.

“Of course I still love my true Master, and I would go back to him if I could, but since that’s not going to happen, why can’t I love you as well?”

“You are a truly incredible woman, Chloe.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You don’t have to call me Master when Tom’s not around.”

“Yes I do, Master, to my very core I am a slave. You have mastered me so well, that I will always be a slave in your presence.”

“Thank you, Chloe, we kidnap and force you to do things against your will and yet you still submit to me as a slave.”

“You’re welcome, Master, I am a natural submissive, and after studying the ways of a slave online, I knew it was what I most desired to be. Yes, I would rather be with my chosen Master, but I am enjoying my submission to you as well, it is who I am.”

“Remember that tomorrow when I whip you.”

“Don’t worry Master, I will most likely have an orgasm.”

“What, you like being whipped?”

“Not particularly, but I am a pain slut, and I usually orgasm while being whipped. Once you get me going, I will probably beg you to whip my tits and cunt. That will make me cum so hard, I’ll make the walls shake, or at least the chains that hold me.”

“Holy smokes, Chloe! People say that women who submit to men are weak, but you are the strongest woman I have ever met.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Let’s get you to bed, my pretty little slave,” T said, shrugging her off his lap onto the bed and Chloe curled up under the blanket as T walked out and closed the cell door.

“Master,” Chloe called out to T as he started to walk away.

“Yes slave?”

“Will you please order me to go to sleep? My mind is going a mile a minute and I know I need to sleep to be ready for tomorrow. If you order me to go to sleep, I will be asleep in less than five minutes, Master.”

“Very well, be a good slave and go to sleep now,” T acquiesced and true to her word, in a few minutes Chloe’s measured breathing signaled to T that she was fast asleep. He shook his head in amazement and left to go to his own room and get some sleep as well.


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