by MasterKGray

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13. Kidnapped

Chloe was struggling against the two hooded men wearing cloth over their faces as Ben walked down the hall. They had entered the bedroom and surprised Chloe as she lay there, already bound helplessly. The men crept in as Chloe rested, nearly dozing off after her multiple orgasms. The two things that kept her awake was her need to drink and replenish her fluids and use the toilet before bedtime. Chloe tried to warn Ben but the larger man grabbed her and clamped his large hand over her mouth, preventing her from crying out around her gag. Unaware, Ben plodded down the hall and the other man hit him over the head with something as he entered the room and he went down in a heap.

One of the men found the key that unlocked her collar from the chain. Chloe was now crying and inconsolable. Her Master had been attacked and now they were kidnapping her. The man placed a cloth over her nose and told her to breathe deeply. Chloe just looked up at him and held her breath. Eventually her need for air won out and she breathed in the acrid fumes, putting her to sleep.

Chloe awoke with a start and realized she was in a different place. She was still bound, similar to before, but her collar had been removed. Chloe was able to sit up on the bench and look around. Her ankles and knees were bound together with leather cuffs and her wrists and elbows felt the same behind her. She was still wearing the large ball gag and her jaw ached, Chloe wondered how long it had been. She wasn’t bound to the wall or the bed. Chloe was about to stand up and hop around the room when the door burst open as Tom walked in.

“I see you’re awake,” Tom noted as Chloe cringed away from him. “I’m not going to hurt you, unless you disobey me. You’re going to be the biggest internet sensation ever,” Tom stated proudly. Chloe just looked at him with distrust. “We’re going for a little ride to someplace far away where they’ll never find us. You are going to star in my latest film production and become an internet star overnight,” Tom lifted her off the bed, throwing her over his shoulder, carrying her out the door, down the hall and then outside. Chloe couldn’t see, but she heard a jet engine and Tom carried her onto the plane, dropping her into a large seat and buckling the seat belt around her.

Soon the plane taxied out to the runway. The engines roared and the plane hurtled down the runway and took off. After they had been in the air for a few minutes, Tom removed Chloe’s gag.

“My Master is going to kill you,” Chloe spat out with as much anger and venom as she could muster in her weakened condition.

“I doubt it; he’ll never find us.”

“I wouldn’t bet on that.”

“What makes you say that?”

“My Master loves me. He will do whatever it takes to find and punish you.”

“Are you done?” Tom asked and Chloe just glared at him. “I am your Master now. It is legal to own slaves where we are going. I will make you my legal slave and then it will be impossible for him to get you back.”

Chloe did not reply but cried softly to herself as Tom grabbed a bottle of water and offered it to her. Chloe accepted the water and drank greedily, she was quite thirsty and knew she needed to keep up her strength if she was going to survive this.

“Hey, don’t cry, it’s not that bad,” Tom tried to comfort her.

“How would you know, have you ever been kidnapped?”

“No, I guess not. But I know you’ve had fantasies about it, so stop with the fake tears and let’s discuss what’s going to happen. First, I am your Master, you will refer to me as such. Second, you will do as I say without question. Third, you will do whatever T says without question. Fourth, you will act as I tell you to act when I turn on the cameras. Fifth, you will become my legal slave and make me a multi-millionaire. If you fail in any of the above you will be punished until you comply.”

“They’re not fake tears, I miss my Master and I didn’t ask to be kidnapped. I want to go home. I want to know if he’s alright,” Chloe blurted out in anger. Tom grabbed her left nipple and twisted hard. Chloe moaned in pain. “Sorry Master.”

“That’s much better. I understand your being upset, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are now my slave. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master.”

“Very good, I see you can learn. Can you act, or are you acting now?”

“I don’t know if I can act or not, I never tried. I don’t want you to be my Master, but what choice do I have?”

“Exactly, you don’t have a choice, so get used to it,” Tom said and tipped the remains of the bottle of water into her mouth. Chloe drank as quickly as she could so it would not spill. “I’m sure you must be hungry, would you like a granola bar or a yogurt?”

“Could I have both, Master?”

“Sure, and I think we can dispense with these bonds, it’s not like you’re going anywhere at thirty thousand feet,” Tom said as he unlocked all of Chloe’s locks, leaving the cuffs on for convenient binding later. He handed her the yogurt and a spoon and laid the granola bar next to her on the seat.

Chloe ate the yogurt and then the granola bar, asking if she could have another granola bar. Tom acquiesced and handed her another, which she ate quickly, satiating her hunger.

“Master, may I please use the toilet?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, it’s right through here,” Tom said and led her into the back of the plane and watched her go in and lock the door. Chloe did her business and delayed as long as she thought she could before opening the door to find Tom still standing there, waiting. He escorted her back to her seat.

“Master, who is this T that you mentioned?” Chloe asked after she was seated.

“He’s flying the plane, he will be your co-star in the films. Let me go see if he can come visit with us for a few minutes,” Tom replied and disappeared into the cockpit. He returned with a large black man and Chloe shrunk down in her seat, quaking in fear.

“What’s the matter, slave?” Tom asked, noticing Chloe’s reaction.

“I’m sorry, Master, I was kidnapped by a black man when I was a girl, I’ve been afraid of them ever since,” Chloe replied, trying to disappear into the seat.

“Hey girl, I’m not gonna hurt you, I mean, I might a little, but I just wanna fuck you. I’m gonna be your co-star and we have to work together,” T said.

“Chloe this is T. His name is Terrance, and he’s alright with people calling him that, but everyone wants to shorten it to Terry, and he hates that. Anyway, he will be your co-star in the films and you will call him Master, except when I tell you not to during filming,” Tom explained. “Why don’t you two get acquainted?”

“Sure, I’d love to get to know you Chloe, you are my type of woman. Pretty white girl, big tits and nice ass, wow, you really are as hot as Tom said you are.”

“Thank you Master. I’m sorry I was afraid, like I said earlier, I was kidnapped by a black man once before because he thought my friend and I were boys. My friend got away and started to go for help, but when he pulled down my pants and saw that I was a girl, he dumped me out of the van and left. I was more upset he didn’t want me, than that I was kidnapped. Pretty messed up, huh?” Chloe explained.

“Oh I want you girl, you and I are gonna make sweet music together. I can hardly wait to practice acting with you, only I won’t be acting when I tell you that I wanna fuck the shit out of you, ‘cause I do.”

“Thank you Master.”

“So do you wanna fuck?”

“Do I have a choice, Master?”

“No, not really, but I’d like if you wanted me to fuck you.”

“I’ve never fucked a black man before, Master, is it true that you guys have big cocks?”

“Yes, at least in my case, probably larger than you’re used to.”

“How big, Master?”

“A nice thick nine inches, you’re probably never had one that big before,” T said proudly.

“My Master is nine inches and quite thick as well, Master,” Chloe stated and T looked incredulously at Tom who nodded in agreement with Chloe’s statement, having actually measured Ben before in an attempt to lure him into the business. Ben had turned him down because he was doing so well in accounting and investing.

“Impressive for a white boy,” T chuckled.

“He’s not a boy, he’s a man, Master,” Chloe retorted.

“Well, let’s see if you think I’m a man or not,” T said and grabbed Chloe by the wrist, pulling her out into the aisle between the seats. He pulled her arms behind her and locked her right wrist to her left elbow and then her left wrist to her right elbow, forming a box tie with her arms behind. He pulled her knees widely apart and used zip ties through the D rings to hold them to the seat posts, doing the same with her ankles. Chloe’s submissive nature took over and she moaned with arousal, knowing she was about to get fucked but good. T pushed her forward, bending at the waist and used leather straps around her upper arms and the armrests on the seats to hold her like this, her ass in the air, her head down.

Terrance grabbed Chloe’s hips and thrust into her, expecting resistance, but Chloe was well lubricated and he bottomed out on his first attempt.

“Whoa, you really are a hot one, aren’t you my pretty slave?” T asked rhetorically as he thrust in again, amazed at the slickness of her channel. Chloe moaned in appreciation of his huge cock and gripped him with her vaginal muscles, just like she had always done and T groaned appreciatively. “Oh god, this is the best pussy I have ever fucked!” He exclaimed and thrust even harder in Chloe’s excited tunnel. Chloe couldn’t help herself and came before T and he roared as the spasms of her pussy drew his ejaculate from him. As they came down from their climaxes T said softly, “Damn girl, you are amazing, best fuck ever!” He pulled his softening cock from her pussy, slapping her playfully on the ass as he got up off the floor.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe moaned in response.

“So, do you think I’m a man?”

“Oh, definitely, Master.”

“Good, we’re going to have so much fun,” T said as he pulled up his pants and walked back to the cockpit.

Tom released Chloe from her bound position, cutting the zip ties and unlocking the padlocks. Chloe got up and asked if she could clean up in the restroom. Tom agreed and allowed Chloe to walk to the back of the plane alone. She entered the tiny toilet and used it before wiping herself as clean as she could, washing off her juices and T’s semen. Chloe returned and sat in the seat where Tom initially put her.

“May I have more water, Master?”

“See, you’re getting into it.”

“What choice do I have, Master? Do as I’m told or get punished.”

“Exactly,” Tom said as he handed her a bottle of water. Chloe took it and drank slowly, taking small sips from it every few minutes until the bottle was empty. Tom just watched her, not speaking and Chloe sat quietly, knowing she could not escape from the airplane until it landed.

It was a long flight and eventually Chloe succumbed to her weariness and fell asleep. Tom started binding her, which woke her up. He already had her wrist and elbow cuffs locked together. He locked her ankle and knee cuffs together before pulling the seatbelt around her and latching it. Lastly he stuffed the large ball gag back into her mouth and buckled it tightly at the back of the neck.

“We’re about to land,” Tom informed her and Chloe pretended to not care. She could not see out the closed windows and had no idea how long they had been in flight because she had been asleep for part of the journey. Chloe wondered if there would be a chance to escape, and if she did, where could she go to get help?

T landed the plane smoothly and taxied off the runway to a very small airport. Chloe didn’t get to see it because Tom stuffed her into a large suitcase. She barely fit, her knees against her chest, her head pushed down into her knees, practically sitting on her hands. Tom zipped it up and rolled her out of the plane along the asphalt to a waiting SUV. The suitcase was tossed into the back and then the front doors opened and closed, presumably by Tom and Terrance then the engine started and they rolled away. So much for a chance to escape, Chloe thought.

The vehicle bounced along on some pretty rough roads, throwing Chloe about in the back compartment. At one point they hit a bump or hole so big that the suitcase was actually airborne for a moment and Chloe screamed in fear and pain from the impact. Her shoulder hurt the most, but her hip was also sore. By the time the SUV stopped, Chloe was a sweltering, sweating mess. It was so hot in the back and the case afforded no ventilation, trapping Chloe’s own body heat inside. She thought she might pass out from heat exhaustion. The suitcase being pulled out of the back brought her thoughts back to her predicament as she hit the ground quite solidly, hurting her tailbone.

Someone tried to roll the suitcase over the rough ground but kept getting stuck. Chloe supposed that Tom was pulling her along. Suddenly she was suspended in the air and the case was being carried, she thought that T had probably picked up the case and was carrying her to their hideout. After they walked inside a building the case was set on the floor for a minute or so before it was picked up again and carried only a few feet before being set down again. Suddenly the floor felt like it fell out from underneath her, and Chloe surmised they must be in an elevator and going down. They seemed to go down a long way, but Chloe’s stressed condition made time seem to pass more slowly. Finally the elevator stopped with a ding, signaling they had reached the desired floor. The case was then rolled out of the elevator and along the floor which sounded like concrete.

They rolled her down what sounded like a hallway or corridor, eventually opening a heavy sounding door and entering, closing and locking it once they were all inside. T unzipped the suitcase and Chloe looked like a wet bedraggled animal. Her entire body was covered in sweat and her hair was plastered to her head, soaked by her perspiration. T pulled her out of the suitcase and Chloe stretched out her limbs, trying to regain her circulation.

“Whoa, someone needs a shower,” Tom commented waving his hand in front of his face to indicate that her body odor was repugnant. T picked her up and carried Chloe through another couple of rooms, depositing her inside a cell. He unlocked and removed all of her bonds before leaving and locking the cell door behind him. The cell was similar to the one Ben had constructed in his basement, the back wall was concrete and the other three ‘walls’ were floor to ceiling round metal bars, bolted into the concrete.

“Get a shower and put on your makeup, I’ll be back in about half an hour with your dinner,” T said in his soft baritone voice.

“Yes Master,” Chloe responded softly and rushed to the shower in her cell, turning on the water and rinsing away the sticky sweat from her body. She found everything that she normally used there in the shower and realized they had been spying on her and planning this for some time and her blood ran cold as a shiver of fear ran up her spine. Chloe washed her body, then her hair, skipping the conditioner for today, she just wanted to be clean. She went to the cabinet to find a blow dryer, brush, makeup and deodorant that she used. She brushed her teeth and then dried her hair and reluctantly put on her makeup. She supposed that if she didn’t, Tom would punish her for not obeying orders.

After Chloe finished her grooming, she knelt in presentation, waiting for T to return with food. She was quite thirsty and a little hungry as well. T returned with a plate of food that smelled delicious.

“Well look at this, my pretty little slave, kneeling in presentation for me. Good girl,” T said softly and Chloe’s arousal spiked at those two words. Ben had never said them to her, he had told her she was a good slave and that he loved her, but for some reason, those two little words ‘good girl’ had thrilled her to the core. T noticed the dampness on her pussy lips and grinned. “We are going to have so much fun together, you and me, you are a very special girl, aren’t you,” T smiled down with approval and Chloe blushed from head to toe. “Now don’t get all embarrassed by your arousal.”

“I’m not embarrassed, I’m excited, Master.”

“Good girl.”

“Oh,” Chloe moaned, a trickle of her juices running down her inner thigh.

“You like it when I tell you you’re a good girl, don’t you?”

“Yes Master, very much.”

“Keep behaving like a good slave and you will hear it a lot from me,” T said and handed Chloe a bottle of water. Chloe drank half of it very quickly to quench her thirst. T then handed her the plate with a plastic fork on it. There was a pre-cut piece of roasted chicken, a helping of macaroni and cheese and a portion of green beans on the plate. Chloe dug in, eating the beans first, then alternating between the chicken and the macaroni. She finished the entire plate and handed it back to T. He smiled and left the cell, locking the door as Chloe drank her water. He returned with another bottle of water and a bowl of ice cream.

Chloe finished her first bottle of water and took the second as T started eating the ice cream. Chloe licked her lips, wishing she could have some, but drank more of her second bottle of water instead. Chloe looked up at him hopefully, but T seemed to be ignoring her, chuckling as he turned towards her.

“Do you want some?”

“Yes please, Master.”

“Tom said not to give you any, but you look a bit thin, I’ll go get some more and you can have that.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said as T left the room for a few minutes before returning with a full bowl of ice cream. He came into the cell and fed it to Chloe, a spoonful at a time, never giving her permission to rise from the floor, her already aching knees were becoming quite painful. They finished the bowl, most of the spoons going into Chloe’s mouth, but T also ate a few.

“Time for bed,” T announced as he placed the bowl to the side, “I’m sorry to have to do this to you, but Tom’s orders,” T apologized. He pulled Chloe up to a standing position and placed leather cuffs on her wrists, elbows, ankles and knees. “Use the toilet,” T ordered and Chloe complied, not even looking for a chance to escape, she was sure it was pointless. She cleaned herself up and washed her hands, returning to allow T to bind her for the night.

T locked all the cuffs together, her arms behind her back, then strapped on a wide leather belt around her waist, cinching it tightly. He added the crotch strap with two rather large dildos attached and pulled it much tighter than Chloe thought was necessary and let out a small gasp as he buckled it closed. The huge ball gag was last and Chloe looked at it warily but allowed T to force it behind her teeth and buckle it at the back of her neck.

“Good girl,” T said soothingly and Chloe smiled at him with her eyes, the ball gag too large for her mouth to show any movement. T wrapped a leather collar around her neck and locked it before locking it to a short chain coming from the wall next to the cot, it was too short for her to get up off the cot or reach the toilet. He activated the dildos by remote control and Chloe was buzzing away, nearing an orgasm pretty quickly. T looked at her sympathetically and softly said, “I’m sorry,” before locking the cell door and walking out of the room, turning out the lights.

Chloe couldn’t sleep, she had several orgasms before the batteries started to fade and the ache in her jaw grew worse until it was just too painful to ignore. After several hours of vibration, the dildos finally stopped, but the pain in her jaw was becoming a serious problem. Chloe thought she would never be able to fall asleep, but exhaustion took over and she fell asleep, moaning in pain.

Just a couple of short hours later, T woke her when he tried to extract the huge gag from behind her teeth. Finally it popped free and Chloe tried to work her jaw, but it seemed to be locked in place. T rubbed her jaw until her screaming muscles relaxed enough for her to close her mouth. Chloe worked her jaw while she looked up gratefully at T.

“How ya doin’, little one?” T asked.

“My jaw is killing me, Master, but otherwise I’m fine.”

“You don’t mind being bound up to sleep?”

“No Master, I actually like it. It means that I’m desirable enough to be bound and kept, not able to escape. It is comforting.”

“Wow, you are a remarkable young woman, most women hate being tied up for sleep.”

“I’m fine, Master. May I use the toilet?” Chloe requested and T unlocked all of her bindings and the collar, removing them. Chloe rushed to the toilet, releasing her urine with her legs spread wide as she had been taught. T watched her with lustful eyes and a salacious grin.

“Girl, you are the hottest bitch I have ever had the privilege to fuck, and you are certainly they most submissive as well, that makes you even hotter. And it makes me horny as hell, damn, get your sexy ass over here and help me take care of this massive hard on,” T ordered.

“Yes Master,” Chloe grinned and knelt in front of T, taking his cock out of his shorts, licking and sucking it enthusiastically. T groaned with appreciation and soon Chloe took him deep into her throat and hummed a note and T shot his load straight down into her stomach, cumming harder than he ever had from a blow job. Chloe licked him clean and laved his cock with her tongue in long slow, tantalizing strokes, bringing his member back to full attention in just a couple of minutes.

“Aaahhh, that was the most amazing blow job, ever!” T exclaimed. “Come on girl, climb up here and get you some.” Chloe happily complied, climbing onto T’s now fully erect cock and sinking nearly to the hilt, moaning in appreciation. Chloe rode T’s cock and undulated up and down. He grabbed her big tits with his huge hands and massaged and pinched the nipples, forcing Chloe over the cliff into a wonderful orgasm nearly drawing another one from T.

“Damn girl, you are so hot, I nearly came again,” T moaned and Chloe started thrusting up and down again in an effort to bring him to his second climax. She lifted herself nearly off of his cock, only the head still inside of her tunnel and then dropped back down, allowing her body weight to slam his hard member fully into her tight passage. She did this several times as T continued to maul her mammaries. T moaned and Chloe tried to squeeze him as she undulated upon him, bringing herself to another thundering orgasm, forcing T to cum with her.

“The next time we do that I have to remember to gag you, you screamed so loud you hurt my ears,” T said.

“Sorry Master, I am very vocal when I cum so hard.”

“No problem, I love screamers, I just don’t like it in my ears.”

“Maybe I should ride you backwards, Master,” Chloe said, turning her body around with his cock still deep within her, her back to him, her ass resting against his hard abdominal muscles. “Like this,” Chloe said and started her undulations again as T moaned in approval. Chloe preferred getting fucked from behind, men’s penises usually rubbed her g-spot much better that way. T grabbed her large breasts and mauled and pinched her nipples as she rode him. Chloe came again but T could not quite cum so soon. Chloe continued when she realized that T had not cum. She was tiring, her leg muscles cramping but she kept it up as best she could, exciting herself as much a she was for T. He finally came with a roar and it triggered yet another climax for the exhausted Chloe and if he hadn’t been holding her big tits in his hands, she would have fallen forward. Instead she collapsed against his chest, lulled to sleep by her exhaustion and his steady breathing.

“Wake up sleepy head,” T coaxed her back to awareness. Chloe moaned when she found that T was still inside her and almost fully erect. It wasn’t a dream, his big black cock was stimulating her pussy while she slept, her dreams of forced slavery were now true. She nearly came as the realization hit her. “You like my big cock, don’t you?”

“Yes Master, I’ve always loved big dicks, they excite me so much.”

“I knew you and I were going to get along great.”

“Yes Master, as long as you keep stabbing me with your sword.”

“And the slave girl’s got jokes,” T chuckled as he pulled Chloe off of his member.

“Aww Master, couldn’t we go some more?”

“And insatiable too, girl, you are incredible.”

“How long have I been asleep, Master?”

“Only a few minutes, my cock got hard again, you were milking it with your vaginal muscles while you slept. I thought you were awake at first, then I heard your steady breathing and soft snore every once in a while and I knew you were sleeping.”

“I’m so tired, Master, I only got a couple hours sleep because of the pain from the huge ball gag.”

“I won’t put that one in at night again.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“You’re welcome, you’re such a good girl, I couldn’t do that to you again,” T said as he set her down on the bench he had been sitting on. Chloe immediately slipped to the floor and knelt in presentation. “You really get into all this Master and slave play, don’t you?”

“It’s not play, Master, I really am a slave to my Master, and Master Tom has said he would make me his legal slave here, wherever we are. My Master already branded me as his property and had a mold made of my neck so a permanent collar could be made. I am a natural submissive and I desire to be a slave to Master Ben legally.”

“Damn girl, I like to play at this shit, but you are something else. You really want to be a legal slave?”

“Yes Master.”

“Well, it looks like that may come true with Tom, he wants to own you legally so that Ben can’t take you away and he can force you to act in porn films as a slave. I guess if you really are his slave, then it won’t be acting.”

Tom came in and called T over. They talked in hushed tones that Chloe could not hear well enough to know what was being said, but she was sure they were discussing her. T came back after a few minutes.

“I’m supposed to feed you and bathe you, then dress you and bind you, we’re taking you out to a few places,” T explained as he pulled a yogurt out of a small fridge and two granola bars out of a box in a cabinet above. He brought them over and handed them to Chloe. “Eat.”

Chloe ate the yogurt first and then polished off both granola bars. Though she was still hungry, she knew it was enough to keep her going until lunch. Chloe got into the open shower using the safety razor there to shave her entire body before washing herself thoroughly, then finishing off by washing her hair. She took the towel T handed her and dried her body and hair. She found a hairbrush and blow dryer behind the mirror over the sink in the cell then dried and styled her hair as best she could. She added the makeup that she found there, then knelt in presentation before T.

“Damn, you are one hot bitch,” T smiled at her after she knelt. He handed her two small articles of clothing. One was a midriff tank top that barely covered the bottoms of Chloe’s large breasts after she pulled it down as far as she could. The other was a too short skirt that almost showed the bottom of her ass cheeks when she stood perfectly straight, but any bending or movement definitely gave a peek at her pert bottom. The tank top also tended to ride up a bit as she walked and her big tits bounced provocatively. She was still barefoot.

T placed a leather collar around her neck and buckled it tightly before adding a lock. He then added leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles, locking them on her as well. He locked the wrist cuffs together behind her and attached a leash to her collar before leading her out of the only area she had seen thus far. Chloe saw the dungeon equipment and let out a small gasp, knowing that the devices there would be used on her. They walked to a door and Tom met them there.

“Why didn’t you bind her elbows?” Tom asked.

“Sorry boss, I didn’t think it was necessary,” T responded.

“Well it is, this one is quite flexible and I’m not taking any chances. Go get a leather strap and a hobble chain.”

“Yes Sir,” T said as he hurried back into the dungeon and retrieved the items Tom had ordered. He returned and pulled Chloe elbows together until they touched before buckling the strap. He added a fifteen inch hobble chain between her ankle cuffs and took the leash back from Tom, who stepped up to a device by the door. It was a retinal scanner and Tom placed his eye in front of it so he could unlock and open the door.

“Don’t get any crazy ideas about cutting out one of our eyeballs to escape, it won’t work if it isn’t attached to our bodies,” Tom warned Chloe, who didn’t respond. Tom opened the door and he and T led Chloe down a long hallway passing several other doors until they reached the elevator.

Again Tom placed his eye in front of a scanner and it unlocked the elevator. Tom pressed a button and they walked into the elevator, the doors closing behind them. Tom walked to the other side of the large elevator car and pressed the G button which Chloe assumed meant ground floor, since they were currently underground. The elevator rose quickly to the ground floor and doors opened. Bright sunlight was streaming in the windows and Chloe could feel the heat before they even exited the elevator. They walked a short distance to a door and Tom opened it to reveal the hot desert-like area. T led Chloe to a large black SUV and helped her into the back seat, buckling the seat belt around her.

T got in the driver’s seat and Tom got in the passenger seat. T started the engine and drove down the bumpy dirt and sand road. There was no vegetation or any houses around for almost twenty minutes. Chloe noted the time on the radio of the SUV. Finally a small village appeared after they crested the hill and drove the mile or so it took to get there. They drove to a small shop near the center of town and parked. Tom got out and went inside while T and Chloe waited in the vehicle, not that she had any choice. Chloe realized that she had nowhere to go, the locals had probably been informed that if she was found, she was to be returned to Tom. Besides, the oppressive heat would burn her fair skin and probably induce heat stroke. Tom appeared in the front of the shop and motioned for T to come inside and bring Chloe with him.

T shut off the engine and got out, releasing Chloe’s seatbelt and helping her out of the vehicle. He led her into the shop and they followed Tom to a chair in the back of the hair salon. The woman sat Chloe in the chair and placed a leather strap over her waist, buckling Chloe into the chair, her arms still bound behind her. The woman tilted the chair back and washed Chloe’s hair, then raised her upright and began cutting it. She didn’t take much off, just straightening the ends and styling it. Then she placed Chloe’s head back in the sink, wet her hair and pulled out a box of hair color. She applied the dye to Chloe’s hair and left the room as T stood by and watched over her. Soon she returned and rinsed out the color, then did a very professional job of styling Chloe’s hair. It was the same color that Candy had used when Chloe had first met Tom. She had to admit it looked quite lovely.

The next stop was the tattoo parlor and Chloe became extremely nervous. She hated needles and had fainted more than once when the doctor or nurse had to give her a shot of some kind. She had never given blood because of her fear of needles. T pulled her out of the SUV and led her into the shop as Tom talked with the owner. She was taken to a back room, hobbling along as best she could with the short chain between her ankles. That was removed as she was laid on a large table and her ankles were secured to the corners, her legs spread wide. Chloe’s wrists were then released from behind her and stretched above her head to the other corners, holding her in a spread eagle. The tank top had ridden up to the point where it barely covered her nipples and the skirt was nearly exposing her shaved pussy.

The shop owner came in and looked her over, smiling and nodding at the beautiful woman restrained on the table. He didn’t say anything and went straight to work, placing a box around Chloe's neck after T removed the leather collar. He poured the solution into the box, it was not quite as hot as it had been when Tim had done it in the shop back home. They left her to dry and Chloe held very still, knowing how important that was and knew that Tom would punish her if she somehow ruined the mold. They came back only half an hour later and the owner declared it hard enough, removing the box and tapping only a couple of times before the mold split into two perfect halves that fell gently onto the table.

After the mold was taken away, T put the leather collar back on Chloe and locked it, then turned her face down on the table and reattached her spread eagle again. When the tattoo artist entered the room with the needles, Chloe started hyperventilating.

“What’s the matter, little one?” T asked soothingly as Tom looked on with displeasure.

“I’m – terrified – of needles – Master,” Chloe said between gasping breaths.

“Calm down, it will be alright, it doesn’t hurt that much,” T tried to calm her down, but Chloe was inconsolable and broke out in deep gasping sobs, her terror at its height.

“Knock it off Chloe, or I’m going to whip you,” Tom said sternly, which did nothing to calm Chloe’s fears.

“I don’t think that’s going to help, boss,” T offered.

“I’ll give her a mild sedative, it will put her to sleep and then we can begin,” The tattoo artist suggested.

“Do it,” Tom said angrily as T rubbed Chloe’s back. The artist stuck a needle with the sedative into Chloe’s arm and she screamed as if someone was cutting her arm off. After a few minutes the sedative took effect and Chloe fell asleep.

After the tattoo artist had finished his work, T roused Chloe and released her from the table. He bound her with her wrists and elbows behind her back but kept the hobble chain in his pocket. Tom didn’t notice and T added the leash to her collar but didn’t pull her along with it, but instead helped her down off the table and held Chloe by her upper arm as he walked her out of the shop and to the waiting SUV. Chloe thought it had gotten much hotter outside and must be early afternoon now, the sun high overhead. She felt like it would probably burn her skin in a matter of minutes if she were to go out unprotected without sunscreen.

T lifted her into the back seat and buckled her in, then drove back to the compound where they were keeping her. No one spoke for several minutes.

“You will receive twenty lashes for that temper tantrum in the tattoo place,” Tom declared angrily.

“Boss, you’re overreacting, she can’t help her fear of needles,” T said.

“I don’t care, I want her whipped for that outburst.”

“Fine, but don’t expect me to do it, Mr. Control Freak.”

“Alright, I’ll do it myself, I know how to whip a bad slave,” Tom groused. Chloe said nothing, just sat there in fear of the whipping she would receive and wondered how it would affect the tattoo she had just received.

“If you whip her, you’ll have to be careful with the tattoo, otherwise you’ll make a mess of it,” T admonished.

“That’s true, and as angry as I am right now, she’d probably still be showing the marks, and then I’d have to delay filming. I guess we’ll give her a pass this time,” Tom said, “but don’t think you’re off the hook,” he said as he turned to glare at Chloe.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said and looked down, struggling to keep herself from smiling. She would have to thank T later, maybe with another blow job.

They arrived at the building where they were keeping Chloe and T got out, helping Chloe out of the vehicle as Tom rushed into the building, the heat outside becoming increasingly oppressive. Chloe didn’t know where they were, but she thought maybe somewhere in the Middle East desert, the scorching heat was nearly unbearable. T led Chloe into the building and over to the elevator where Tom was waiting. The elevator opened and they got in, returning to the basement or wherever, definitely far underground and the air was much cooler.

When they reached the lowest level Tom stormed out of the elevator and down the hall, entering one of the rooms along the corridor. T led Chloe back to the dungeon and her cell, releasing her from her bonds and removing the cuffs and collar. Chloe was completely naked and unfettered, yet she was still very much a prisoner, unable to leave the compound without Tom or T.

Chloe rushed to the toilet and did her business, then returned to kneel in presentation by her bed in the cell as T came back into the cell after putting away the bondage equipment.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said gratefully.

“What are you thanking me for?” T asked.

“For stopping Master Tom from whipping me, I can’t help my fear of needles, they terrify me.”

“You’re welcome. Stand up, let’s have a look at your tattoo,” T ordered then examined the tattoo, wiping off the ooze and applying a thin coat of ointment, just like Ben had done with her brand. “Lie down and get some rest, I know you didn’t sleep well last night and we don’t have anything planned for this afternoon.”

“May I thank you with a blow job, Master? Or perhaps you’d like to fuck my pussy or my asshole?”

“Not now, get some rest, I’ll wake you up for dinner,” T said and left, closing the self-locking cell door on his way out, so Chloe laid down on the bed and fell asleep quite quickly.

Chloe woke with a start when T unlocked her cell door and it opened with a clang. He was carrying her dinner, two dog bowls, one with water and the other filled to nearly overflowing with what looked like dog food. Chloe made a face but knelt in presentation. T placed the bowls on the floor in front of her and left the cell, returning a moment later to pull her hair into a ponytail so that it would be out of the way for her to eat and drink from the dog bowls.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said softly, grateful that her hair would not fall into the bowls while she ate and drank.

“You’re welcome. This is your punishment, you have to eat out of the dog bowls for a while, Tom didn’t say for how long, but he’s still pretty pissed off.” T explained.

“Yes Master.”

“It’s not dog food, it’s beef stew, Tom just wanted to make it look like dog food.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You may not use your hands, you have to put your face in the bowl and eat like a dog.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe responded and bent down on all fours, drinking some water from the bowl first before eating some of the beef stew. It was quite tasty and Chloe was very hungry as she didn’t get any lunch. She took her time but finished the bowl, licking it clean like a dog would, before draining the bowl of water.

“Good girl.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe blushed with increased arousal at those two words. For some reason, being forced to eat like a dog had aroused her more than she understood. It wasn’t the dog thing, maybe it was the humiliation and being under a Master’s control. T grabbed a wet cloth and wiped her face clean, then released the pony tail.

“Thank you Master, would you like that blow job now?” Chloe asked.

“As amazing as your blow job was, your pussy was even better. Climb up on the bed on all fours, I like fucking my bitches from behind,” T ordered and Chloe immediately complied, wiggling her ass at T as he stripped out of his shorts and tank top. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to seduce me.”

“I am Master, I love big cocks and getting fucked from behind, it hits my g-spot so hard and I cum like a freight train.”

“So you’re just making the best of a bad situation.”

“In a way, Master, but I am a slave, though not to my chosen Master, I am still a slave, and I love being a slave. Please fuck me, Master.”

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” T said as he buried his hard-as-steel erection into Chloe’s steaming pussy. This girl was smoking hot and yet she wanted to be a slave. Chloe thrust back with as much fervor as T put into slamming into her. Chloe came after only a few strokes, her arousal already high from not getting fucked since this morning. T’s gentle but firm command of her had already stoked her fire. She came just as she predicted, like a freight train, screaming and crying out in the throes of her passion. She loved getting fucked like this, just like a slave should be used, she reasoned with what little of her cognitive power she had left after her mind numbing orgasm.

T continued to ram his huge rod into her depths and her orgasm felt amazing on his cock. He wondered why he hadn’t cum yet but chalked it up to his exhaustion. They were in a far different time zone and it was probably early morning or the middle of the night in the US. T thrust as hard as he could until he came, forcing another body convulsing, pussy spasming orgasm from Chloe as his load hit the end of her channel. Chloe practically collapsed but was held up by T’s huge hands, holding onto her more than ample breasts. T released her as his cock softened, pulling out as Chloe flopped face first onto the bed, her arms too tired to hold her up. T got off the bed to clean himself up but Chloe spun around with surprising quickness for someone so drained from her orgasm.

“Please let me clean that for you Master,” Chloe requested from her knees on the bed. She slipped down onto the floor and knelt in presentation before taking T’s slimy cock into her mouth and laving it with her tongue. It was soon clean, but also rock hard again, and T shook his head at the amazing slave girl kneeling before him. It felt like he had died and gone to pervert heaven. Her Master, Ben, was one lucky dude to have such a beautiful woman submit to him. “Is there something wrong, Master?”

“No, not at all, my good girl, I can’t believe how lucky I am to be commanding and fucking such a beautiful woman, er, slave,” T responded.

“I like you too, Master,” Chloe stated, smiling up at him as she finished with his cock. “Want to fuck me again, Master? I have one hole you have not used yet.” T just shook his head and walked out of the cell, closing the door behind him.

Chloe got up off the floor and went to the toilet relieving and cleaning herself, before wiping up the floor where her pussy had dripped their combined juices. She suddenly realized how tired she was and lay down on the bed. T returned with a bottle of water which he handed through the bars to Chloe as she started to get out of bed and kneel on the floor.

“No, no, don’t get up, rest, you’re going to need it,” T admonished and Chloe took the bottle from him, drinking about half the bottle before settling down under the blanket to go to sleep. T stood with his big fists wrapped around the bars, staring down at Chloe. She had closed her eyes and was nearly asleep, her breathing taking on a measured cadence and T walked out, turning out the light in her cell, but light from the dungeon filtered in. Chloe slept very deeply, not even dreaming and it seemed like only a few minutes before T woke her when he opened the cell door.

“Good morning Master,” Chloe said as she slipped out of bed and knelt on the floor in presentation.

“Good morning,” T returned the greeting as he dumped a yogurt and two granola bars into the dog dish, filling the other with water. He handed her a hair tie and left the cell. Chloe ate like she had the night before, only T did not clean her up. When she was finished eating, she cleaned herself and was just about to turn on the shower when T returned.

“Don’t get a shower, you’ve got a yoga workout this morning,” T ordered and Chloe followed him out of the cell after he unlocked the door.

The workout was strenuous, but nothing she couldn’t handle. Chloe was tired and sweaty but felt good from working her well-toned body. She showered and after a small lunch of T feeding her a sandwich, they went down the hall to talk to Tom. He seemed annoyed that Chloe was not bound but did not mention it, instead discussing the choreography of the film he wanted them to act in. Chloe would act as if she had been kidnapped, which wasn’t a stretch. T was to be her kidnapper and he would force her to become his slave. Chloe thought this sounded trite and simplistic, but she supposed this was just a first idea session and he would write a script for it, one that never came.

Chloe’s routine consisted of waking to breakfast and a workout of some kind. Shower, eat a light lunch and then discuss more of the filming with Tom, which didn’t seem to take much better shape. T fucked her when he wanted but by the end of the week, he hadn’t fucked her in two days, and Chloe was horny as hell. Tom said they would film tomorrow and he wanted her to be a horny wreck so that she would want to submit to T, just to get fucked.

That night Chloe pleaded with T to fuck her and he finally acquiesced, helping her relieve some of her pent up desire. Tomorrow was going to be difficult enough without her dripping with need. She fell asleep, knowing the basic outline of what Tom wanted, but still no script, they were supposed to just wing it. Chloe didn’t think it was going to turn out too well, but she fell asleep, wondering what tomorrow’s filming would bring.


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