by MasterKGray

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Storycodes: M+/f; slave; bond; oral; vag; leash; collar; brand; cons; XX

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12. Branded

Chloe awoke more excited than usual on Saturday, today her neck would be measured for her collar and she would be branded as Ben’s property. Her normal morning enthusiasm for sucking his cock was at least doubled and Ben woke as she took him deep in her throat and did that growl or hum thing. Whatever it was, Ben shot his load like a train thundering down the tracks, straight into Chloe’s esophagus and on down into her stomach. No woman had ever deep-throated him fully, yet Chloe seemed to do it easily.

“Good morning Master,” Chloe smiled happily, bringing Ben out of his reverie.

“Good morning, slave, you are incredible.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You may climb aboard and have an orgasm for yourself. After giving me such an incredible blow job every morning, you deserve at least that.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said as she raised herself up enough to slide onto Ben’s cock dropping down until the full length was inside of her. “I can’t believe it all fits inside of me, but it feels amazing, Master. It rubs me everywhere and makes me cum so hard,” Chloe moaned as she slid up and down increasing her arousal. Chloe rode Ben’s dick like a cowboy on a bucking bronco, lifting up and slamming herself back down to full impalement. It didn’t take her long to reach her climax, crying out her passion as the orgasm ripped through her and she collapsed onto Ben’s chest.

As Chloe returned to her senses she realized that Ben was still hard inside of her and she started thrusting a bit, using slow short strokes by rolling her hips as she lay on his muscular chest, the definition of his pectoral muscles rippled a bit with every stroke. Ben did not complain or say a word as Chloe started to climb the mountain again, his excitement level increasing along with hers. She sat up straight and started her ‘cowboy’ ride again, rising and falling, a moan of pleasure escaping her lips each time he was fully inside of her. A few minutes later they came together as Ben shot his second load of the morning deep within her channel, triggering Chloe’s second orgasm as well, again collapsing onto Ben’s broad chest.

Ben kissed her on top of the head and held her as they came down from their coitus. Chloe’s left hand rested on his right chest muscle, while her right hand gripped his left shoulder, her head resting on his left chest.

“Thank you Master, no man has ever made me cum as hard or as much as you do. I love you,” Chloe said as she nestled there with him.

“Likewise slave, no woman has ever made me cum as much or as hard as you make me, and your incredible blow jobs, holy shit!” Ben exclaimed. “You seemed very enthusiastic this morning, any particular reason?” Ben asked after a moment.

“Yes Master, you are going to brand me today, I can barely contain my excitement. Everything you do to me makes me so happy, Master. Being branded by you confirms even more solidly that you want me and want to keep me as your slave. I love being your slave, Master,” Chloe gushed in reply.

“Very good, my hot slave, let’s get a shower so we can make our appointment at ten a.m.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said as she slid off of his softening cock and waited for him to unlock her collar from the chain. Ben unlocked her and Chloe rushed into the bathroom, using the toilet. Ben came in and waited for her to finish before using the toilet himself. They climbed into the huge shower and washed each other thoroughly, making sure to tease the other as they washed. Ben washed Chloe’s hair and then added the cream rinse and left it while she washed his hair. They rinsed each other and then got out and dried off.

“No time for fucking, slave, we have to get going,” Ben admonished as they dried, “Go put on something sexy,” he added.

“What would Master like?” Chloe asked.

“Do I have to tell you exactly what to put on, slave?” Ben asked exasperated.

“Please Master, I prefer to know exactly what pleases you most.”

“Alright, the dark maroon top and the gray skirt with the dark maroon heels.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said happily, then kissed him on the cheek and bounded away, down into the basement to dress as ordered. She put on the clothing he ordered and then dried her hair and applied her makeup. She was admiring herself in the mirror when Ben came down, dressed in black jeans, boots and a maroon shirt that seemed to match Chloe’s top. Ben took out the leather wrist cuffs and locked them on Chloe’s wrists before locking her hands behind her, adding an elbow strap, forcing her elbows together, and she moaned with appreciation. Ben added ankle cuffs but did not add a hobble chain or lock them together.

“Ooo, Master, planning on strapping me down?” Chloe cooed.

“Yes slave. I don’t want to mess up the mold or the brand, you will be bound to prevent that,” Ben replied as he selected more leather bondage straps and stuffed them into a small duffel bag. He attached a leash to her collar and led her out of the basement, up the stairs and into the garage. Ben lifted her into the seat and belted her in, before tossing the bag on the seat between them and getting in, starting up the truck as the garage door rolled open. Ben sped down the street and drove to a bagel shop. He entered the shop because they had no drive thru and came back with drinks and bagels.

“Cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and tea with two sugars and one creamer,” Ben said as he got in the truck.

“Yes, thank you Master.”

Ben drove to a tattoo place and parked near the front door, the parking lot was empty and the time on the clock in the truck read 9:40am. Ben released Chloe and they ate their bagels and drank their beverages while they waited for the shop owner to arrive. At 9:55am he pulled in, along with another vehicle. The two men got out and went to the front door, the one unlocking the shop and they both went in, the guy with the key nodding towards Ben and Chloe that they could come in. Ben took another swig of his coffee as Chloe sipped her tea.

“Alright slave, are you ready?” Ben asked.

“Yes Master,” Chloe moaned, she was beyond ready, her pussy was more than damp at the thought of being branded. Ben climbed down out of the truck and came around, helping Chloe down then locking her wrists together behind her back and adding the elbow strap before taking up her leash and leading her into the establishment.

“Hi Tim,” Ben said as they walked in.

“Good morning Ben,” Tim greeted him. “My god Ben, she is stunning!” He exclaimed. “What’s your name, babe?”


“You know what Ben has requested we do to you?”

“Yes Sir. My Master informed me that you are going to make a mold of my neck so you can make a permanent collar and that you are going to brand me.”

“And you are alright with all of this?”

“Yes Sir. I am so happy that my Master wants to mark me as his property and keep me as his slave.”

“You are more amazing than Ben described. Let’s get started,” Tim said and led them down the hallway and into a room at the back of the building. Ben released Chloe’s arm bondage and removed her collar, then ordered her onto the table. Chloe complied, her neck felt naked and exposed without the collar, she had worn it 24/7 for nearly two weeks. Ben used her cuffs to lock her to the table, pulling her spread eagle on the surface.

“Is that good enough?” Ben asked.

“Yes, as long as she lays still,” Tim replied.

“Very good, lie still for him, slave,” Ben ordered.

“Yes Master.”

“Alright, I’m going to put this box around your neck and then fill it with a plaster that will take a while to dry. Once it’s dry we’ll remove the box and then crack the mold in half. We will be able to put it back together and make an exact replica of your lovely neck, then the collar can be made to fit you perfectly,” Tim explained.

“Yes Sir,” Chloe said gratefully.

“Good, I’ll tell you when you need to be still,” Tim said and started with the box around her neck, pulling her hair out from under her and draping it down the side of the table, out of his way.

Tim fitted the box around her neck, sealing it up with tape around her neck to keep the plaster from leaking out. He then tested the temperature of the plaster mix that was on a single burner there and turned off the burner, saying it was too hot. He kept stirring it and testing the temperature on his wrist until he decided it was acceptable.

“Now I’m going to pour this into the box, it’s quite warm, but it won’t burn you at this point,” Tim advised then started pouring the mixture into the box around Chloe’s neck. The plaster was quite warm, but not uncomfortably so and she felt the thick liquid surround her neck. Tim poured until the box was filled, covering Chloe’s neck completely. “For the next hour, lie real still, don’t turn your head or even talk,” Tim instructed and left the room. Chloe didn’t know if Ben was still in the room or not, she just did as ordered and kept as still as she was able. Ben appeared in her field of vision and Chloe gave him a small smile.

“Are you alright? Blink once for yes and two for no,” Ben asked and Chloe blinked once for yes and Ben smiled down at her. “I’m right here next to you slave,” he said and sat down in a chair near the table. He reached out and held Chloe’s hand, she gripped his tightly in response. Ben soon slipped his hand out of Chloe’s after a few minutes and sat quietly watching over his lovely slave. Chloe didn’t move and after an hour Tim came in and declared the plaster hard enough.

Tim removed the box and then went to work to crack the plaster into two halves. He tapped at it softly for several minutes without success and was obviously becoming frustrated. Finally the plaster broke into two halves and one side fell onto the table but the other side fell off the table. Fortunately, Ben caught it before it hit the floor, saving it from shattering into dozens of little pieces.

“You dropped this,” Ben joked and Tim gave a sigh of relief.

“Whew, I thought we were going to have to do it all over again. Nice catch!” Tim exclaimed. “I thought you were a quarterback, not a wide receiver.”

“Yes, but I did play some tight end in high school, I have pretty good hands,” Ben noted.

“You sure do, thanks,” Tim said and took the piece from Ben. “There’s washcloths, soap and water and towels in the sink there. Wash her up and bring her to the basement for her branding.”

Ben didn’t release Chloe from the table, instead he meticulously washed her neck with soap and water, before drying her with a towel. He then released her bonds, only to lock her arms behind her again, add the elbow strap and lock her collar back on her now clean neck.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said, thrilled at receiving his loving attention and thorough cleansing.

“This next part is going to hurt a lot,” Ben explained.

“I know Master, and I am more than willing to take the pain for you.”

“You are an amazing woman and slave.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said as Ben led her out of the room and down the stairs into the basement. They went across the first room and into another, closing the door behind them. Tim was there waiting with the brand already in the coals, heating up.

“You must be naked for this part, slave,” Ben ordered as he released her wrists and elbows.

“Yes Master,” Chloe responded as she stripped off her clothes and laid them on a chair off to the side, taking off her hose, garter and shoes as well.

“Lie face down on this bench,” Ben ordered and Chloe did as commanded. Ben strapped her down more tightly than he had ever done before, her legs and hips were completely immovable and the circulation was slowly ebbing from her legs. He didn’t tie her arms and upper body as tightly, but she was still strapped down quite tight. Chloe could smell the heat of the iron in the coals and knew it would soon burn its way into her skin.

Tim came over and wiped her left ass cheek with an alcohol solution allowing it to dry while he checked the iron, pulling it from the fire behind Chloe, she could not see it. Tim and Ben talked softly for only a moment before Tim came and applied something where the alcohol had been applied. A few moments later Ben forced the brand against her left ass cheek and Chloe couldn’t help but scream. She thrashed her upper body, but her legs and hips felt like they were stuck in concrete. Though it was only a few seconds, it felt like hours to Chloe, it wasn’t just the pain, it was also the enormity of it all, she was now a branded slave! Somehow, through all the pain, Chloe’s mind helped bring her to climax and some of the screaming was actual sexual release as she thought about the full implications of being branded. She was marked as property, just like cattle. She had another mini orgasm at that thought.

As soon as Ben pulled the iron away from her skin Tim sprayed it with something that eased the pain. Chloe thought it might have been a numbing spray. After setting the iron off to the side in a rack to cool, Tim sprayed her brand again and waited. After a minute or two he wiped over the area with more alcohol and then added some kind of ointment.

“It’s finished,” Tim announced.

“It’s beautiful, excellent work, Tim,” Ben said. “Are you alright, Chloe?”

“Oh Master, please fuck your branded slave. You own me, please use me,” Chloe pleaded, her pussy ablaze with need, despite the two orgasms.

“Gladly,” Ben smiled and dropped his pants, ramming his huge cock into her waiting channel. Chloe moaned in appreciation and came on his third stroke. Ben was not far behind and only needed a few more thrusts to reach his climax, either triggering another orgasm or extending her current orgasm as she spasmed as much as her bonds would allow. As soon as he started to soften, Ben pulled out and started to release Chloe from the bench, he didn’t want her circulation cut off any longer than necessary. Chloe spun around and cleaned his cock of their combined juices before putting it back in his pants when she was finished.

“Thank you Master.”

“What are you thanking me for, slave?”

“For wanting me enough to collar and brand me, I will be your slave forever.”

“Thank you slave, for your submission to me, you are so beautiful.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Do you have any special instructions?” Ben asked, looking at Tim who was standing with his mouth open in shock and surprise at the scene before him.

“Don’t touch it other than to put this ointment on it and clean it gently. The dead skin will peel away in a few days and then it should be fine. Let me know if you’re not sure about something,” Tim answered as he handed the tube of ointment to Ben, his erection quite noticeable even through his jeans.

“Take care of him, slave,” Ben ordered, indicating Tim’s erection. “Thank Tim for your brand.”

Chloe knelt in front of Tim and pulled his cock out of his pants. She immediately took it into her mouth and began to lick and suck, just like she did with Ben. Tim was quite excited and Chloe realized just in time to take him deep in her throat, humming a note, causing Tim to cum, jerking his hips and ejaculating straight down her esophagus into her stomach. Chloe pulled back and caught the last couple of spurts on her tongue, then showed it to Tim before swallowing it. She cleaned him thoroughly and then put his cock back into his pants and Tim finished by zipping up.

“Thank you Sir, for branding me as my Master’s property,” Chloe said sweetly, looking up at him from her knees, still nude.

“You’re welcome, and thank you, that was the most incredible blow job I’ve ever had,” Tim responded. “Good god, she’s amazing, how do I find one like her?” he asked, looking at Ben.

“I’ll send you the links to a few online forums and dating sites,” Ben replied.

“Thanks Ben.”

“No problem, as long as we can keep this stuff a secret.”

“Sure, my lips are sealed.”

“Let’s go get some lunch, get dressed, slave,” Ben ordered and Chloe got up and went to retrieve her clothes. She got dressed quickly and then knelt in presentation before Ben.

“Master, may I use the restroom?” Chloe asked.

“Sure, it’s just at the top of the stairs on the right,” Tim offered and Ben nodded. Chloe jumped up and hurried up the stairs to the unisex restroom, locking the door and using the toilet. She tried to fix her hair, but didn’t have her purse with her, Ben hadn’t seen fit to allow her to bring it, so she did the best she could with her fingers. The ointment and the numbing spray worked so well she forgot about her brand and didn’t look in the mirror to see it. Chloe came out of the restroom and almost bumped into Ben, he was waiting just outside the door.

“Wait for me here,” Ben ordered as he went in to use the restroom himself. He came out a few minutes later and grabbed Chloe’s leash, leading her out of the tattoo parlor without binding her. He led her to the truck and helped her in before going around and climbing in, firing up the engine and driving to the sub shop where they had eaten lunch together for the first time. Ben parked and helped Chloe out of the truck and she moaned a bit as he helped her down.

“Are you alright?” Ben asked.

“Sorry Master, the numbing spray must be wearing off, my ass cheek hurts a bit,” Chloe replied and Ben smiled.

“Will you be able to sit on it?”

“Yes Master, I would be able to sit and eat lunch with you even if you forced me to wear a huge spiked dildo in my ass. I would do anything to be with you, Master, I love you.”

“I can’t even find the words to describe you, just incredible, indescribable, amazing. I love you too, Chloe,” Ben said and led her into the shop by her leash.

They sat at the same table and Ben ordered for both of them, the buxom blonde waitress flirted but Ben ignored her. When she returned and placed her hand on Ben’s shoulder Chloe’s jealousy smoldered in her eyes but she said nothing.

“Miss, please take your hand off my shoulder,” Ben requested.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know this was a no touch zone,” The waitress said sarcastically and left the table.

“Thank you Master, I was about to give her a piece of my mind, but I held my tongue,” Chloe said.

“I know, I saw it in your eyes. I love how jealous you are of me.”

“I don’t think you know how handsome you are, Master, so many women flirt with you.”

“I know a lot of women flirt with me, but I don’t think I’m all that great looking.”

“Believe me Master, you are the guy in many women’s fantasies. You are so big, strong, tall and handsome, many women would love to be in my position.”

“I think you’re just saying that because it’s true for you, I’m your fantasy man, just as you are my fantasy woman,” Ben said as the waitress walked up with their sandwiches.

“Ask her, Master,” Chloe suggested.

“Ask me what?” The waitress asked.

“He doesn’t think he’s that overly handsome. I told him he is the man of many women’s fantasies and he is very handsome, but I may be biased,” Chloe said, “What do you think?”

“Oh he’s very handsome, that’s why I put my hand on his shoulder. A guy who is unattached will sometimes bond with a woman who touches him, but he is obviously very attached to you.”

“More than you know.”

“What do you mean by that statement?”

“We have a very special bond; he is my Master and I am his slave,” Chloe replied and the waitress' eyes grew wide with surprise and shock.

“H – He’s your M – Master, and you’re his s – slave?” the waitress asked incredulously, not believing her.

“Yes, she submitted willingly to be my slave just over two weeks ago,” Ben interjected.

“I – Is that true?” The waitress asked, looking at Chloe.

“Yes, I am a submissive, I love pleasing others, especially big strong men like my Master. I begged him for his collar, and today he branded me,” Chloe replied.

“Did you say branded?” the waitress asked.

“Yes, would you like to see it?”

“Can I?”

“Sure, you have a restroom, let’s go in there,” Chloe suggested and got up, strutting off to the restroom with the waitress in hot pursuit. The unisex restroom was made for one person at a time, but both women slipped in and Chloe locked the door. She raised her skirt and showed the waitress her brand.

“Oh my god, it’s beautiful! Did it hurt?” the waitress asked.

“Yes, very much, but I had an orgasm. I haven’t even seen it yet myself,” Chloe said.

“Well, look at it in the mirror,” the waitress suggested and Chloe stood back far enough to see the brand in the mirror. She gasped when she saw how beautiful the cursive letter S was on her ass cheek. “See, I told you it was beautiful.”

“It’s not only beautiful, it’s so sensual and sexual, all the frills and fronds…” Chloe trailed off and nearly had an orgasm.

“I’ve got to get back to work and I’m sure you want to eat. Hang on to that handsome man you’ve got, I’d almost do what you did to keep a man like that, though I’m not sure I would allow him to mark my body,” the waitress said and they left the restroom.

“What’s your name?” Chloe asked.

“It’s Sara.”

“Nice to meet you Sara, I’m Chloe.”

“Nice to meet you too,” Sara said and stopped at one of the tables to take their order as Chloe continued on to her seat across from Ben.

“What did she say?” Ben asked.

“She told me to hold on to that handsome man I’ve got, and that she’d do almost anything to keep you, but she wasn’t sure she would be able to let you brand her, Master.”

“Alright, so women think I’m handsome.”

“Yes Master, and they’d be willing to do almost anything to keep you, Sara said it herself.”

“So her name is Sara.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said, finally taking a bite of her sandwich, Ben had eaten half of his already. Ben seemed to contemplate this for a moment as he chewed a bite of his sandwich.

“We’re going to perform an experiment of sorts, I want you to play along,” Ben said.

“Yes Master,” Chloe responded in between bites of her sandwich.

“Sara,” Ben called and Sara’s head whipped around and she smiled and nodded sweetly as she finished at the table she was waiting on. Sara rushed to their table.

“Yes Sir, or should I call you Master,” Sara said coyly.

“You shouldn’t call me Master unless you intend to submit yourself to me,” Ben said. “Do you want to do that?”

“Um I’m not sure, Chloe sure seems happy.”

“True, but she is a natural submissive and a damn good slave, she obeys my every command and fulfills my every desire. She is punished if she disobeys or is displeasing in some way.”

“You punish her if she disobeys – oh, you mean you give her erotic whippings.”

“No, they are intended for punishment, they are painful, but she is a pain slut, so sometimes she gets off on it.”

“So it doesn’t really hurt like it does for most women,” Sara stated ignorantly.

“Oh it definitely hurts, and the pain is with you for a few days after,” Chloe informed her indignantly. “Just because I am able to have an orgasm while being whipped, does not mean I want one. It hurts like hell, I don’t have any special powers to ignore or endure the pain,” she explained.

“So how do you have an orgasm through all that pain?”

“I don’t know, it just happens, maybe it’s my frame of mind, but I’m not really sure.”

“Frame of mind?”

“Yes, though I’ve only been a slave for a little over two weeks, I have been reading and studying about being a slave for four years, I was so ready when I found my Master.”

“You’ve conditioned yourself to be a slave.”

“No, I’ve trained myself to be a slave, I already was a slave inside. I just needed to learn the proper way to submit to a Master when I found one.”

“I don’t think I could do that, I don’t think I’m a slave inside, although for this sexy man right here I might be willing to try,” Sara said as she smiled sweetly at Ben.

“I don’t want someone to try, I want and have a willing slave,” Ben responded.

“Yes S – Master,” Sara said and shuddered, her body excited more than she ever thought possible without someone or her own hand touching herself.

“And I’m a one woman man, I don’t want two slaves, I already have the best slave ever,” Ben said and Chloe beamed.

“Yes Sir, if you change your mind, I’m available,” Sara said and walked away from the table.

“She’s very pretty Master, do you think she is prettier than me?” Chloe asked.

“No, you are so beautiful inside and out. She is hot, but she doesn’t have your submissive slave attitude, she just wants to play around and have sex.”

“How do you know that, Master?”

“I had a girlfriend at college who was very much like her. She was blonde, big tits and quite beautiful, but she only played around at bondage and slavery, she just wanted me for my big cock.”

“What happened to her, Master?”

“She eventually admitted that she didn’t like my proclivity to bondage and wanted to have regular sex. After an argument she told me she only wanted me for my big cock. She had talked to her friend who I dated and fucked once, and her friend complained about my huge dick. After she heard about it, Chrissy was all over me. I was young and stupid and she was hot and sexy. She was willing to do almost anything to get my dick inside of her, so we dated for a while. She looked almost exactly like Sara here, only Chrissy had green eyes and Sara’s are blue,” Ben explained.

“Wow, so I’m your first real slave?”

“Yes, and hopefully my last,” Ben smiled at her affectionately and Chloe nearly melted into a puddle of hot woman flesh. She expected to have to please her Master and that he would be an exacting task master, but she never expected him to love her. Her heart was pounding, her pussy was gushing and if they hadn’t been in public she would have mounted and fucked him until they both came to a massive climax. “What’s on your mind, slave?” Ben asked, seeing that faraway look in her eyes.

“Just wanting to show you how much I love you by fucking your brains out.”

“When we get home, I will fuck you, slave.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Are you going to finish your sandwich?” Ben asked, noticing that Chloe still had half of it left.

“No Master, I’m not hungry for food anymore,” Chloe admitted and wrapped the paper around her half of the sandwich. Ben took it and stuffed two one hundred dollar bills into it. He paid the bill and walked outside, handing the half sandwich to a homeless man wearing a veteran’s cap. Chloe rushed to Ben’s side, grabbing his arm and holding his hand, looking up at him with admiration. “Oh Master, I just keep finding more reasons to love you.”

Ben didn’t respond but smiled down at her and grasped her hand tighter, leading her to the truck and helping her in. Ben fired up the truck and just sat there for a minute or so while the air conditioning cooled the cab of the truck.

“Master, may your slave make a request?” Chloe asked.

“Sure, what do you want, my beautiful buxom branded slave?” Ben queried with a huge grin.

“Could we go visit Don and Nadia sometime, I’d like to check in and see how she’s doing, she is my best friend in the whole world?” Chloe requested.

“Let’s see if they’re home,” Ben said and pulled out his cell phone calling Don. Don picked up;

Don: Hello Ben, how’s my richest client?

Ben: Doing great as you might expect.

Don: What’s on your mind?”

Ben: My slave would like to come visit you sometime to check on her friend, your slave.

Don: Sure, anytime. How about now?

Ben: No problem, we just finished lunch and are free this afternoon. You sure this isn’t a bother?

Don: No, not at all, come on over, I’ll see you in a few minutes.

Ben: Alright, see you soon.

Ben ended the call and put the truck in gear, driving out of the parking lot toward the apartment building. He pulled into the parking lot and Chloe squealed with delight. They were at her old apartment building, this is where Don lived and kept Nadia as his slave. They climbed out of the truck and walked into the building, ringing the bell to Don’s apartment.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said.

“You’re welcome, Chloe,” Ben smiled down at her, then Don answered the door.

“Hey kids, come on in,” Don joked as they entered the apartment. Nadia was kneeling in presentation, a chain locked to her collar and the post behind her, the chain falling between her heaving breasts and touching her pussy lips before trailing back to the post, just as Don had taught Chloe a couple weeks prior.

“Chloe!” Nadia exclaimed.

“Hey Nadia!” Chloe exclaimed and looked to Ben for permission to go to her. Ben smiled and nodded and Chloe ran to her friend, kneeling and hugging her as Nadia returned the hug. “How are you doing?” Chloe asked after she broke the hug, holding Nadia at arms-length.

“I’m doing great, actually more than great, I’m awesome. Actually I’m not sure I have words to describe how well I’m doing,” Nadia gushed.

“Oh that’s great, Nadia, I was worried that you jumped into this without thinking it through and might be regretting your decision.”

“No way, I’m having more sex and orgasms than I’ve had in my entire life, and it’s like my libido had shifted into overdrive, I can’t get enough. I wear him out some nights and I’m still ready for more, it’s incredible.”

“I think we should go get a beer or something and let the slaves have their girl talk all to themselves,” Don suggested and Ben just nodded. Don went and unlocked Nadia from the chain and started to leave.

“Wait, aren’t you going to keep your slave chained in the apartment, she could escape?” Ben asked.

“No, she can’t. Nadia come here,” Don ordered and Nadia stood and walked over to Don. “Go outside.”

“Please Master.”

“Are you refusing an order?”

“No Master,” Nadia responded sullenly and walked out the door of the apartment. She immediately clutched her neck and cried out. “Please Master, please may I come back into my cell?” she pleaded.

“You may come back inside, slave,” Don said and Nadia ran back into the apartment and knelt in presentation before Don.

“Thank you Master.”

“What are you thanking me for, slave?”

“For placing this electrified slave collar on my neck so that I know how much you want me and want to keep me, and for allowing me to return to my cell.”

“You’re welcome,” Don said and grabbed his keys off the hook by the door.

“Wait a minute,” Ben said as he walked over to Chloe. “Strip, slave,” Ben ordered and Chloe complied, stripping out of her clothes as quickly as she could, then knelt in presentation. Ben locked her collar to the chain lying there that had so recently held Nadia and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps, attaching them to her already hardened nubs. Chloe moaned in appreciation and arousal. Ben gave her a pat on the head. “Be a good slave,” Ben admonished.

“Yes Master,” Chloe responded. Ben looked at her brand and wiped away the excess on her ass before adding some more ointment. “Thank you Master,” she said gratefully.

“Alright, good to go,” Ben said as he and Don headed out the door, locking it behind them. Inside were two slaves, unable to escape. Nadia came over to Chloe and knelt beside her looking at her brand.

“Oh my god, he branded you, that’s so hot!” Nadia exclaimed. “Did it hurt?” She asked.

“Yes, but I had an orgasm.”

“It’s so pretty, I wonder if my Master will brand me. Wait, did you say you had an orgasm?”


“Oh that’s right, you’re a pain slut. I remember when you came just from me whipping you.”

“So how are you doing?” Chloe asked.

“Great, fantastic, wonderful!”

“No regrets, you love being a slave to Master Don?”

“Absolutely, he is amazing, I can’t believe how great this is. I never would have imagined it could be like this. I never would have thought that giving up control can be so freeing. No worries, no troubles, just please my Master. Of course my smart mouth gets me in trouble and I get whipped, but even that’s exciting. The other night I smarted off to him just so he would whip me before sex. It made the orgasms so much better.”

“Wow, sounds like somebody else is a pain slut too,” Chloe chided.

“No, I don’t like it – well, maybe I do. Maybe you’re right, I’m becoming a pain slut.”

“Oh – Oh, what are you doing, don’t touch those,” Chloe yelped as Nadia played with the nipple clamps on Chloe’s tits, pushing the slide up tighter so they pinched harder. “Don’t – Ooooohhhh.” She moaned as Nadia slid them as tight as they would go. “Now see what you did? I had an orgasm and will be punished for cumming without permission.”

“Who’s going to know?”

“I know, and I’m going to tell him.”

“Wow, you really are a masochist.”

“No, I’m a good and truthful slave, and I believe you’re more of a masochist than you think.”

“What if I just took them off for a while,” Nadia said as she slipped tightness down to its least restrictive. When she pulled them off it triggered Chloe’s second orgasm.

“Damn it, Nadia, now I’m really going to be in trouble, two orgasms without permission,” Chloe complained and then grabbed Nadia’s wrist, locking a pair of handcuffs to her wrists, slipping it under the chain that held Chloe to the post, keeping Nadia locked to the post as well. Chloe got up and found a whip within her reach and pushed Nadia down keeping her down on her knees. Chloe reared back and struck Nadia across her lower back with the whip, leaving a stripe there.

“Owww, damn it Chloe,” Nadia complained.

“Shut up, slave. You’ve been a naughty little slave girl, and now you’re going to be punished, just like I will when my Master returns,” Chloe ordered and struck again, this time on Nadia’s upturned ass cheeks. Nadia cried out but didn’t complain, huffing and puffing, trying to keep from crying out. Chloe waited only about forty five seconds before striking again and Nadia shrieked briefly before resorting to panting and breathing to keep herself in check. This continued until Chloe had laid ten strokes on Nadia, all on her ass with the exception of the first one.

“Turn around and lie on your back,” Chloe ordered and Nadia complied, moaning at the pain in her backside. Chloe raised the whip to strike Nadia on her breasts and she rolled out of the way of the stroke.

“Naughty slave, now I have to tie you down,” Chloe said and grabbed a piece of rope lying there.

“Y – You were going to hit my t – tits,” Nadia stammered.

“Yes, you’re already wet between your legs, I’m going to finish you off,” Chloe said as she wrapped the rope around Nadia’s ankles and then tied them to the leg of the couch, stretching her out so Nadia couldn’t dodge the blows. Chloe reared back and struck Nadia on the top of her well-formed tits, causing Nadia to cry out in pain, but then a soft moan of pleasure escaped her lips before Chloe’s next stroke on the bottom of her lovely globes. Nadia again shrieked, but only briefly before she let out a sensual moan.

“Oh Mistress, please whip my nipples, I’m getting close,” Nadia pleaded and Chloe obliged, striking her directly across both nipples. Nadia only groaned for a moment before letting out another moan of pleasure. “Oh god, oh god – do it again,” she pleaded so Chloe struck her again on the nipples and Nadia only moaned in pleasure, though it obviously hurt as well. Chloe struck once more on Nadia’s tits before switching targets and aiming for her mound.

Chloe struck Nadia on her pussy, but only on the lips her clit still hiding. Nadia moaned and Chloe untied her legs and Nadia quickly spread her legs widely, inviting Chloe to strike her on her most sensitive spot. Chloe’s stroke hit Nadia directly on her clit and Nadia squealed in equal measure of pain and pleasure. Chloe struck again and Nadia only moaned and thrust her hips, her orgasm nearing.

“Oh god, I’m so close, once more please,” Nadia requested and Chloe acquiesced, striking her directly on her clit. Nadia exploded in a body thrashing, pussy contracting and convulsing orgasm. Chloe threw the whip far enough away that neither of them would be able to reach it and knelt beside Nadia, waiting for her to return to her senses.

“How’s my little pain slut?” Chloe asked when Nadia opened her eyes and looked up at her.

“Oh my god, I never knew I could do that! It hurt like hell, but through the pain, the pleasure built until it totally consumed me!” Nadia exclaimed.

“I knew you could when you said you asked him to whip you before sex.”

“Oh wow, thanks Chloe, I mean I guess I would have eventually found out on my own, but now I know. I don’t even know how to describe it, just incredible!”

“You’re welcome, slave, you sexy little pain slut. Your Master is going to have all kinds of fun exploiting that.”

“No, don’t tell him, I want him to find out all on his own one day and I can tell him he brought it out of me.”

“Sorry Nadia, I have to tell, I’m a good little slave girl, remember.”

“Damn it, why do you always have to follow the rules to the letter?”

“I’m a natural submissive, and a very detailed one at that.”

“Damn you and your details,” Nadia said as she glared up at Chloe.

Just then Don and Ben burst into the room, laughing. Chloe quickly knelt in presentation, adjusting her chain. She hadn’t time to put the nipple clamps back on and kept her head bowed.

“So, what have you two been up to?” Don asked.

“Nothing, just talking Master,” Nadia lied, still lying on her back, the marks from the whip obvious on her flesh.

“Nadia, you lying little slut,” Chloe hissed. “Master, I have been a bad slave and had two orgasms without permission because Nadia played with my nipple clamps. I caught her by surprise and locked handcuffs on her that hold her to the post. Then I punished her by whipping her for getting me in trouble, but she ended up having an orgasm from the whipping. She is a pain slut, just like me,” Chloe explained. Ben and Don burst out laughing and Chloe looked bewildered, but even Nadia was laughing. The laughter finally died off, but Chloe had not even giggled.

“Why was everyone laughing, Master?” Chloe asked.

“We are laughing because Don has cameras set up all around this place, and we’ve been watching you on his phone. We already knew what was happening, and Nadia knew that the cameras were there and set you up. She obviously wanted you to get angry enough to whip her and make her cum,” Ben chuckled as Don released Nadia from the handcuffs.

“You knew about this and set me up?” Chloe asked, feeling betrayed by her friend.

“Yes, why do you think the handcuffs and whip were within the reach of your chain, you wouldn’t have been able to get me if I stayed out of the reach,” Nadia replied and Chloe looked sad. Nadia came over and hugged Chloe. “Please, I didn’t mean it to upset you, I just wanted you to whip me to orgasm, I knew I was close to it happening, I was sure that you would take me there, and you did.” Chloe hugged Nadia in return.

“Always with the games, you never were any good at saying what you wanted, you always had to tease me into doing what you wanted,” Chloe said sullenly.

“I know, sometimes I wondered why we stayed friends, but I think it is because we are so much alike. Oh sure, you were way more submissive than me, but we both had skinny little bodies and no curves until late. All the other girls were wearing bras and getting hips and we still looked like boys, even our hair was short.”

“That’s true, remember when that black guy grabbed us because he thought we were boys?”

“Oh yeah, I got away, but he pulled your pants down and when he found out you weren’t a boy, he dumped you out of the van.”

“I know, it seems weird, but I was more upset that he rejected me than the fact that he kidnapped me.”

“I’m sorry, Chloe, I was just so happy to get away. I was going to go get help, but then he just tossed you out of the van. We ran home so fast, I don’t think I’ve ever ran so fast in my life as I did that day.”

“And then when I started getting my period and my hips and tits started to grow, you were a little behind, but you caught up quite nicely.”

“N – Not completely.”

“What do you mean?” Chloe asked.

“Well, these aren’t real, I had them done when I turned seventeen. Yours were so big and full, and mine were tiny little bumps, maybe a big A cup, or a very small B, so I went and had them done. The doctor said I couldn’t have ones as big as yours, I don’t have the frame for it, but these are pretty nice,” Nadia said, grabbing her tits.

“You should have told me, slave, I could have popped one of them if I decided to whip you there,” Don interjected.

“Yes Master, I didn’t think about that,” Nadia responded.

“I can recommend a place where they will fix them the right way. I’m told it’s painful, but the results are excellent. I’m taking Chloe there next Saturday to have her denuded so she won’t be able to grow hair below her eyes,” Ben offered.

“Thanks Ben, send me an email or text with a link and I’ll check it out,” Don said.

“Sent,” Ben said as he texted Don with the link.

“Thanks, Ben.”

“No problem, now let’s go home, slave,” Ben ordered and Chloe remained kneeling. “What’s the matter, slave, I said let’s go.”

“I can’t Master, I’m still chained to the post.”

“Damn, I keep forgetting you’re bound because of how natural and comfortable you look in bondage.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said as Don came and unlocked the chain from her collar. Chloe grabbed her clothes and dressed as quickly as she could. She went to Ben and turned her back, putting her arms behind her so Ben could bind her.

“I’m guessing you want me to bind you.”

“If it pleases you Master.”

“Very well, because I love how you look with your elbows tied together,” Ben said and locked her wrist cuffs together before wrapping a leather strap around her elbows, pulling them tightly together. Chloe moaned in appreciation.

“Mmm, Master, I can’t help but present my tits when you tie me like this, and it makes me so helpless,” Chloe purred. They said their goodbyes and headed out to the truck, Ben pulling Chloe on her leash as she happily strutted along behind him, so proud of her sexuality and how much her Master appreciated her. Ben helped her into the truck and buckled her seat belt before climbing into the cab himself.

“How does pizza sound for dinner?” Ben asked, already dialing the number to the place where he normally ordered from.

“Whatever you wish, Master,” Chloe responded as Ben ordered.

“We’ll pick it up on the way home, no need for delivery if I’m driving right past the place,” Ben said as he fired up the truck and drove toward home.

“Master, do you want me to dye my hair red, or can they make it grow in red at this place you’re taking me to next week?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, they can make it grow in red and thicker too.”

“Please have them do that also, Master, then I can be even more pleasing for you.”

“You are incredible, how in the world did I ever get so lucky? It actually frustrates me that I waited so long to make my move on you, we could have been enjoying this a year ago.” Ben bemoaned his reluctance to pursue Chloe.

“You had no idea I was a submissive slave, Master. Please don’t be upset over what we’ve missed, let’s just be thankful for what we have,” Chloe admonished.

“You are so right, Chloe,” Ben said as they pulled into the parking lot at the pizza place. Ben got out and went inside, leaving Chloe in the truck. After a couple of minutes, James came rushing out to the parking lot and peered in the window at Chloe. Ben followed a minute or two later, rolling down the window on Chloe’s side as James stood on the running board so he could see inside the truck.

“Hi Chloe, looking hot as ever,” James grinned.

“Looking pretty good, yourself, Sir,” Chloe said, noticing that he looked taller because he was standing straighter, not hunching his shoulders, and his acne seemed to be clearing up. “Did you start using a new facial cream or wash?”

“No. After you gave me that incredible blow job and I showed some of the guys the pictures, they all commented on how hot you are, but one guy shouts out, ‘Holy shit James, you’ve got a huge dick!’ Well, a bunch of people heard it, and several girls. Next thing you know they’re practically lining up to ride me. I’ve had sex with eight different girls over the last couple of weeks, turns out, having sex is a great stress reliever and my acne started clearing up on its own.”

“So have you found a girl who really pushes all the right buttons?” Ben asked.

“Well, yes, and no. What I mean is, there’s this girl that I like very much, and she looks so much like Chloe here, but I haven’t gotten up the courage to ask her out yet. Plus, I’ve decided I want what you two have, I mean, I want a slave girl too. I think this girl might be a submissive, she’s always so polite and pleasant around me,” James explained.

“So what’s holding you back?” Ben questioned.

“Stupid teenage fear, I guess.”

“Buck up, man, be a Master and tell her you’re taking her out, tell her what to wear and what time you’ll pick her up, you can double with us if you want.”

“Really, thanks a lot Ben, I appreciate that. How about next Saturday night, say seven pm?” James asked.

“Sounds great, bring her to the steakhouse out on route thirty one by seven pm, we’ll be there and we can help you talk to her about it. Chloe being there as an example might help,” Ben responded.

“Thanks, you guys are great!”

“What’s her name?” Chloe asked.


“Very pretty name, Sir.”

“Yes, and she’s almost as beautiful as you are Chloe. Thanks again guys, see you next Saturday night,” James said and then jumped down off the truck.

Ben started up the truck and drove home so they could eat their pizza before it got cold. He backed into the garage and cut the engine. He helped Chloe down out of the truck and led her down into the basement, leaving the pizza on the table. He unlocked and took off her cuffs and unlocked her shoes.

“Get naked and meet me at the table upstairs.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe responded and started taking off her clothes while Ben headed upstairs to get ready to eat. Chloe threw her clothes in the hamper, she would need to do a load of laundry soon, unless her Master kept her home and naked. Chloe glanced down and noticed her ass cheek was starting to ooze again so she went upstairs to eat dinner.

“Master, my brand could use some attention.”

“It certainly could,” Ben noted as he looked at it. He grabbed a clean cloth and wiped the ooze, then added more ointment to the area. Chloe winced slightly but said nothing. It still hurt, but the pain was subsiding. She was so proud of her brand, it was quite beautiful and marked her as property. To Chloe, it marked her mentally as well, she was now exactly what she knew she should be, her Master’s property, soon she would wear the new permanent collar. It sent a shiver of excitement through her body.

“Does it still hurt that much?” Ben asked, noticing her shiver.

“No Master, only a little. I’m just so excited at being your slave and being branded. I didn’t have an orgasm, just a shudder of excitement.”

“So my slave was excited by her branding?”

“Very much, Master, I had an orgasm while the iron burned your mark into me.”

“God I love you, Chloe. You are so incredible, there aren’t enough words to describe how I feel,” Ben said as he hugged her tightly, almost squeezing the breath out of her, then he kissed her so passionately that Chloe struggled to break the kiss because she couldn’t breathe.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes Master, I just needed to breathe,” Chloe replied breathlessly and then kissed him again, lost in the passion. “Master, as much as I love your kisses, maybe we should eat the pizza before it is cold,” she suggested and Ben chuckled, giving her another quick kiss before setting her down in the chair and chaining her to it by her waist and her ankles spread wide, attached to the legs of the chair.

Ben opened the pizza box and placed a slice of pizza on each of the two paper plates there, giving one to Chloe and then taking one for himself. He pushed the bottle of Mountain Dew in front of Chloe and started to eat. Chloe followed after pausing for a moment. It thrilled her beyond her own understanding that he always wanted her bound in some way so that she could not escape. She didn’t want to get away, but perhaps it fed into her fantasies of being a kidnapped and forced slave.

They ate in silence, both tired from the long day and just relaxing as they ate, recharging. Chloe noted that it was not an awkward silence, but more of a comfortable quiet, just being together and happy. As they ate Chloe could feel the wetness seeping between her legs, she was collared and branded, chained to a chair and so hot for her Master. He was the most amazing man she had ever met. He wanted her for his slave, he wanted to Master her, but he was kind and he loved her, maybe as much as she loved him. Chloe finished eating and sat drinking her soda.

“Master, your slave is in heat, please fuck her,” Chloe pleaded, the thoughts in her head having kicked her libido into high gear.

“Soon, slave, very soon.”

“Yes Master, thank you.”

Ben finished his soda and couldn’t believe the vision before him. A beautiful naked woman sat chained to the chair, his collar on her neck, his brand on her ass, but most amazing was she wanted all this, and him. His cock rose to the challenge, straining against his dark jeans. Ben cleaned up from their pizza dinner and began restraining Chloe’s arms behind her, pulling her elbows tightly together and locking her wrists together as well.

“Mmm, Master, I love when you bind me,” Chloe purred and tested her bonds, not trying to escape, but finding there was none.

“Slaves should be seen and not heard,” Ben said and stuffed a large ball gag into Chloe’s mouth. Chloe looked up at him with shining eyes, thrilled that he was binding her. She knew it usually led to him fucking the stuffing out of her, and reaching untold orgasms with great climaxes. She was so ready her pussy left a puddle on the chair. Ben released her ankles and waist chain, attached a leash to her collar and led Chloe into the bedroom. Chloe was surprised, expecting him to take her to the basement. So far they only had sex in the bedroom in the morning when she first gave him a blow job and then usually rode him to her own climax.

Ben walked into the bedroom with Chloe in tow and stopped, dropping the leash. As it fell between her mammaries, the leash then lightly slapped against her pussy lips and Chloe moaned with arousal around the gag. Ben returned with rope and tied it to an eyelet in the ceiling that Chloe had never noticed. Ben then pulled the rope through the D rings in her cuffs and pulled up, forcing Chloe to bend at the waist and into a strappado position, her neck directly over the foot of the wrought iron bed. Ben wrapped her leash around it a couple of times and tied it off. He left again and Chloe struggled to remain patient, her lust consuming her very being. Ben returned with nipple clamps and attached them to her very erect nipples, almost forcing her to orgasm from the added stimulation.

Ben went behind Chloe and could see the slickness of her vaginal area and kicked her legs apart before slamming into her with as much force as he could muster and Chloe’s feet left the floor for a second or so. Chloe exploded with ecstasy, her orgasm so near the surface that just him ramming into her had triggered her climax. Ben was in heaven, her hot slippery cunt was spasming around his cock and after only a handful of thrusts, he came, shooting his load deep within her depths, triggering another climax for Chloe. She never knew that she could be multi-orgasmic, but Ben treating her like the slave she desired to be and his huge cock, drew more orgasms from her than she ever thought possible.

Chloe recovered and started her vaginal massage of Ben’s cock, causing him to remain stiff and eventually start plowing her furrow once again. Chloe came three more times before Ben’s frantic thrusting finally pushed him over the edge and he deposited his second load into Chloe’s willing hole. Chloe came again, her sixth of this coitus. Ben pulled out after he softened and went into the bathroom, cleaning himself before coming back to Chloe and wiping her dripping pussy. She moaned softly and shuddered as a small climax rippled through her overly sensitive body. She hung in her bonds, her arms hurting but she didn’t have the strength left to lift her body enough to relieve some of the strain.

Ben realized she was painfully hanging and quickly untied the leash, then lowered and untied the rope that held Chloe in strappado. He caught her because she nearly fell face first into the metal of the iron bed. He lifted her up and carried her over his shoulder into the bathroom and set her on the toilet. Chloe urinated and Ben cleaned her up before carrying her to the bed and chaining her collar to the head of the bed. He went to the kitchen to get a couple bottles of water and suddenly had an uneasy feeling. Had he heard a noise or was it his imagination?

Ben shook it off, he was rich beyond his wildest dreams. He had the most beautiful woman he had ever known, chained to his bed, his willing slave. He had just fucked her to their mutual enjoyment, so what did he have to be worried about? Ben plodded off down the hall to his bedroom, then his world went dark.


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