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11. Dinner Conversation

Ben started up the truck and pulled out of the garage. He drove to the steakhouse near the edge of town and pulled into the parking lot, parking a short distance from the door in a spot that he could pull into and not have to back out of. Ben climbed out of the cab and came around to the passenger side, releasing the seat belt and helping Chloe down out of the truck. Chloe turned her back to him, expecting Ben to release her bonds, but instead he pulled on her leash, leading her toward the restaurant.

“Master?” Chloe inflected.

“Yes slave?” Ben asked as he stopped to face her.

“Are you going to lead me into there all bound up like this on a leash?” Chloe inquired.

“Yes,” Ben replied. “Do you have a problem with that, slave?”

“No Master,” Chloe bowed her head in submission and arousal. She loved being bound by her Master and the exhibition and humiliation of having it done to her in public just fueled her lust. Chloe followed as Ben turned on his heel and strode into the entrance of the steakhouse.

Ben dropped Chloe’s leash when they entered and left it hanging between her barely covered breasts. He went and spoke quietly to the hostess, slipping her some cash that Chloe could not determine the denomination. They were quickly ushered to a nearly private booth in the back of the establishment, Ben not leading Chloe by the leash but she followed him as if he were and sat where Ben indicated, slipping into the seat. Ben slid in next to her and Chloe leaned against him, feeling his hard body, pressing her soft tits against his muscular arm.

“Damn, if you keep doing that I’m going to have hard time eating, I might have to fuck you right here in the booth.” Ben said after the hostess left.

“Yes Master,” Chloe responded, looking up at him with lust-filled eyes.

“It doesn’t sound like you would mind if I did that.”

“No Master, your slave would actually enjoy being fucked by you, no matter where and when.”

“I can see the need in your eyes,” Ben said and slipped out of the booth sitting on the opposite side of Chloe, facing her. “I really want to talk to you tonight. We’ve mostly just fucked like rabbits and as far as physical and sexual compatibility we seem to be and exact match, but I want to know the real Chloe, the woman behind my slave girl.”

“What do you want to know, Master?”

“Other than the fact that Nadia is your best friend since you were kids, that you had to have a hysterectomy, and that you trained yourself to be the perfect slave girl, I can’t really say that I know you. I know you are beautiful, physically and personally, and that your submissiveness is incredible, but I don’t know about your parents, where you went to school, or anything like that. So tell me about your parents, who wears the pants in the family?”

“My parents split up just after my fifth birthday, Master. I don’t ever remember them getting along, except on my birthday or at Christmas, otherwise they always fought. Finally my father had enough and he left. I remember standing on the front lawn waving goodbye to him until I couldn’t see his car anymore. My mother didn’t care that I cried for hours, she dragged me back into the house and told me we were better off without him. I saw him every other weekend on Saturday. I thought it was all my fault and tried to please my daddy so he would come back, but he never did. When I was nine he was killed by a drunk driver.” Chloe started telling about her parents and then paused.

“I’m so sorry, Chloe, it’s amazing how wonderful you are after having such a tough life, please continue,” Ben interjected. Just then the waitress walked up.

“Hi, I’m Katie, I’ll be your server. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Yes, I’ll have a Bud Light in the bottle, and what would you like to drink, Chloe?” Ben responded.

“Could I have a Cosmopolitan, please.”

“Very good, I’ll be right back with those and take your order.” Katie said as she hustled over to the bar.

“Please continue.” Ben said.

“Yes, Master. My mother is a bitch! When my father died he had a million dollar life insurance policy which he left to me. Unfortunately, I was underage, so my mother became the ‘guardian’ of the money. I was still a child, so I didn’t know anything about it. I knew she had a job, but we lived like we were rich and as I got older I always wondered where the money came from.”

“When I came home from college for the summer after I turned twenty, I brought in the mail. There was a letter from the bank addressed to me. I got the shock of my life when I opened it and found the statement of the entire account, from the one million dollars, all the way down to seven thousand. My mother had been withdrawing from that account whenever she wanted a new dress or a new car or whatever. Sure, some of it went to pay for my college, but the majority of it was spent on her. I was furious! I went to the bank and closed out the account, took the money and moved out that same week. I haven’t spoken to my mother in over two years. The last time I saw her was after graduation, she didn’t even bother to come to see me graduate,” Chloe lamented.

“Damn Chloe, how in the hell did you end up being so nice and submissive, when you had such a poor example at home?”

“I don’t know, Master, I guess I took after my Dad. I loved him so much and couldn’t wait to spend time with him. He was so sweet and nice, and I wanted to do everything I could to make him happy. He never even had a girlfriend after he split up with my mom. My mom’s parade of boyfriends never ended, but she could never get one of them to marry her.”.

“I love you so much, Chloe,” Ben said as he slid out of his seat and sat next to Chloe, hugging her tightly.

“Here are your drinks, may I take your order?” Katie asked then frowned down at Ben and Chloe. “Why aren’t you hugging him back?”

“Because my Master has bound me and I must stay this way until he chooses to release me.” Chloe explained, turning her body so her bound arms were visible to the waitress.

“Oh my god, and you’re wearing a collar and leash too!” Katie gasped and Chloe nodded. “What the hell, don’t tell me you’re some kind of sex slave.” Katie said in disgust.

“Yes, I submitted to be his slave just over a week ago.” Chloe smiled up at her.

“That’s disgusting,” Katie spouted.

“But you know she is wearing a collar and leash, you obviously have watched or read BDSM porn on the internet.” Ben spoke up and Katie didn’t answer, just hung her head and walked away from the table.

“I guess that shut her up, now what would you like to order?”

“I would like prime rib, medium well, please Master.”

“Have you ever tried it rare?”

“Um, no Master, it just looks so bloody and almost raw. I’ve only ever eaten meat that was fully cooked before, that’s how my mother cooked it.”

“Well, you’re going to try it rare tonight, and if you don’t like it, we’ll send it back and get you a more cooked piece of meat, but you can’t beat how delicious and juicy the meat is if you don’t cook all of that out of it.”

“Yes Master, I’ll try it.”

Katie finally walked back over to the table after composing herself.

“I’m sorry, Sir and Miss, are you ready to order?” Katie asked contritely.

“Are you sure you want to serve us?” Ben asked.

“Yes Sir, I need the money, my car broke down and I had to get it fixed so I could come to work. Now my rent is due and I need every penny I can get to pay that,” Katie answered.

“Is that the only reason?” Ben chided.

“I’m sorry Sir, I’ve watched a lot of BDSM porn and it excites me beyond belief, but I just can’t let go of being a free, independent woman,” Katie replied.

“I see, so how much do you need to pay your rent?”

“I’m short three hundred dollars, that’s what my car repair cost me.”

“How much do you usually make in a night here?”

“About one hundred and fifty, Sir, but it has been a slow night, I might not even break a hundred.”

“I will tip you the three hundred dollars you need if you follow my instructions to the letter, starting right now.” Ben said and Katie’s eye grew incredulously wide.

“Yes Sir, anything, I really need that money by tomorrow.”

“Very well, do you have a skirt and heels here?”

“Yes Sir, they’re in my locker, I usually wear them on Friday and Saturday nights, it helps increase my tips.”

“Very good. I’m going to give you our order, you are to turn in that order, then go to your locker, change into your skirt, heels and a more revealing top, and come back here to our table without any underwear on. I want you to kneel down here in presentation and we will continue from there. You will call me Master for the rest of the evening.” Ben commanded.

“Yes Sir, um, I mean Master.” Katie responded and started to leave the table. “Oops, I forgot to take your order.”

“I’ll have the porterhouse, rare, and my slave here will have the prime rib, also rare.” Ben gave their order. Katie looked a little peeved at first because Ben ordered for both of them, not allowing Chloe to order for herself, but then shrugged it off and went to do as she was ordered.

“Mmm, Master, you get me all wet when you order women around, especially when you do it to me.” Chloe moaned.

“Damn Chloe, I’m beginning to think you’re a magnet for other slaves.” Ben joked.

“We are a great team together, Master. I am an example of a good slave, and you are a very handsome and kind Master. Any slave girl would love to have you as their Master. You heard Nadia when we talked, she commented about how handsome you are. You have no idea what you do to women, Master. I know plenty of women in the office who talked about you and how they wished you would pick them. Dina from my department was as bad as me when it came to you.”

“Dina, the one with the hot green eyes and the big ass?”

“Yes Master.”

“She was quite attractive, but I had eyes only for you.”

“Thank you Master.”

“What do you think of our Katie?”

“She is quite attractive, Master, she reminds me of Nadia, except her hair is darker and her hips are fuller.”

“Yes, she is quite the hot little slut, she just won’t let go.”

“I know Master, I can hear it in her voice, her heart wants to kneel and beg you to enslave her, but her mind and society tells her it’s wrong.”

Just then Katie appeared at the table and knelt, her back straight, her tits thrust up, but her knees pressed close together. She had on a short skirt and button up top with several buttons undone, revealing the cleavage of her well-formed breasts. She had brushed out her hair and touched up her makeup.

“Spread your knees, slave, presentation means showing your Master the goods, including your pussy,” Ben ordered and Katie complied with a soft moan. This was exciting her more than she ever thought possible. “Very good, let’s check and see if you complied with my orders,” Ben said as he reached down and lifted her skirt enough to see that Katie was not wearing any underwear. Katie gasped when he reached inside her top and pinched her nipple.

“Excellent, now go get our food,” Ben commanded.

 “Yes S – Master,” Katie said barely above a whisper and jumped up, rushing off to the kitchen to see if their food was ready. Katie returned with their steaks and set them on the table correctly in front Ben and Chloe. “Would you like to refill you drinks, Master?” Katie asked politely.

“Yes, and bring me a Pepsi and Chloe will have a Mountain Dew,” Ben replied then Katie double checked with her other table to see if they needed anything before rushing off to get their drinks.

“Um Master, are you going to feed me?” Chloe asked.

“Oh, sorry slave, you look so comfortable in your bondage, I sometimes forget you are bound.” 

“Yes Master, I am love being bound, I feel so wanted and it feels like you’re hugging and holding me the whole time.”

“You are amazing, Chloe.”

“Thank you Master.”

Ben reached into his pocket and retrieved the key, unlocking Chloe’s wrists and elbows, leaving the cuffs locked on her but not holding her arms behind her anymore. Ben had already taken two bites of his steak as Chloe cut into hers, trying to hold back her repulsion at the blood oozing out of her meat. Chloe took a bite and chewed slowly, savoring the flavor of the meat. Ben could tell by the way she was chewing that she was enjoying the taste.

“Good, isn’t it?” Ben asked.

“Oh yes Master, it is delicious!” Chloe exclaimed. “Just another thing my mother deprived me of,” Chloe said bitterly, cutting another piece of her prime rib and stabbing it viciously with her fork before stuffing it into her mouth.

“The flavor just fills your mouth, and the meat seems to melt away,” Chloe said after she finished her second bite and then drank the last of her Cosmo just as Katie walked up with their drinks.

“How is everything, are the steaks cooked the way you like them – Master?” Katie asked, adding Master, almost as an afterthought.

“Yes, the steaks are just fine, my slave is enjoying rare meat for the very first time, and loving it,” Ben chuckled as Chloe had already taken another bite of meat and was chewing as if it was the best thing she had ever tasted. “That slip almost cost you that big tip I promised.” Ben said sternly and Katie bowed her head.

“Please forgive me Master, it won’t happen again.”

“See that it doesn’t,” Ben ordered and Katie scurried off to her other table, the older gentleman and his wife were waiting for her. The older man was ogling Katie and his wife seemed upset, but Katie returned to check on Ben and Chloe after the older couple had paid their check.

“Oh my god, he gave me fifty dollar tip for a sixty five dollar order,” Katie reported when she arrived back at the table.

“Kneel in presentation.” Ben ordered. “Did you forget something, slave?” Ben asked.

“Oh god, oh please Master, I really need that money, please, I’ll do anything.” Katie pleaded.

“You have to pay a forfeit.”

“Yes Master, anything you say.”

“Take your right hand and stick it up under your skirt, start rubbing that hot little pussy of yours. Take your left hand and pinch your right nipple.”

“Yes Master,” Katie said and complied immediately, knowing the booth was quite secluded and on her knees, no one would be able to see what she was doing. Katie rubbed her clit and pinched her nipple, her arousal already quite high, it shot skyward very quickly.

“You may not cum without my permission,” Ben commanded.

“Yes Master,” Katie said breathlessly, her orgasm growing nearer. “Please Master, please let me cum, I’m so close,” She begged but did not stop rubbing her nub or pinching her nipple as ordered. “Pleeeeaaassssee Master,” Katie pleaded.

“Cum for me, slut.” Ben ordered and Katie bucked and spasmed as her orgasm washed over her, collapsing onto the floor in a heap, unable to control her body as it convulsed. Katie lay on the floor for a few minutes while Ben and Chloe continued to eat their steaks, finishing them before Katie returned to kneel in presentation.

“Oh god, Master, that was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had in my life.”

“Go clean yourself up and then come back, we’ll have dessert,” Katie rushed off to the ladies room to clean herself and fix her makeup and brush her hair.

“So we didn’t get to talk as much as I’d have liked, since I was kind of training a new slave that won’t admit it to herself,” Ben lamented.

“Oh she will, Master, maybe not tonight, but soon. She’s gotten a taste and will need more,” Chloe grinned. “I’m not going anywhere, Master, you have as long as you need to find out whatever you wish to know about your slave. For instance, I kind of wish you had just kidnapped me, I’ve had fantasies about that, ever since I read a story about it online. The slave said she was truly kidnapped by her Master and at first she was angry and disgusted, but being a submissive, she soon found that she loved her Master and never wanted to be free. I have fantasized about that happening to me ever since.”

“Every time I find out more about you, I find more ways to love you, Chloe, you are my perfect slave. I may never find a reason to punish you.”

“You had to punish me tonight, Master, I have a dildo up my ass.”

“I only had to punish you because you told on yourself.”

“True Master, but I want to be punished so I can be a better slave.”

Katie returned to the table and knelt in presentation, her makeup retouched, her hair brushed neatly, and her clothing straightened. Ben assumed she had cleaned her juices from her crotch.

“Very good, slave. We will split a warm chocolate lava cake with ice cream on top,” Ben ordered.

“Yes Master, would you like coffee with that?” Katie asked.

“Yes, that would be wonderful,” Ben agreed.

“None for me, thanks,” Chloe piped up and Ben gave her a strange look but didn’t say anything as Katie hurried off to place their order.

“You don’t like coffee?” Ben asked.

“No Master,”

“But you drank some last week.”

“Yes Master, because you ordered it and didn’t ask me. I drank it because I didn’t want to disappoint you. If you noticed, I didn’t drink all of it, just enough to wash down the bagel you got for me.”

“I’m sorry Chloe, I had no idea, I’ll remember for next time, you like tea or hot chocolate.”

“Yes Master, I prefer tea, but will drink a hot chocolate when it is cold out, or when I am cold, like the first day we went to Dunkin’ Donuts and you had the air conditioning cranked way up. It was blowing up my skirt and down my blouse, my nipples were hard as diamonds and not because I was excited, I was freezing. My pussy lips were almost numb. You were wearing a coat and tie, while I was half naked.”

“Do you want tea with dessert?”

“No thank you Master, I will finish my Mountain Dew and then you can take me home and give me a second dessert.” Chloe giggled.

Katie brought the dessert and coffee, setting them on the table and then kneeling in presentation. “Will there be anything else Master or shall I get the check?” Katie asked.

“Do you need to clean up or clear tables?” Ben asked.

“No Master, the busboys do that.”

“Very good, then you will go into the restroom with my slave, she will give you something to stuff in that dripping pussy of yours.”

“Yes Master,” Katie responded and headed for the restroom.

“Take the dildo out of your ass, rinse it off and give it to her, use the strap you’re wearing to make sure it’s fully inserted and held in place.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said as she slid out of the booth past Ben and headed to the restroom where Katie had gone. Katie was the only other person in the restroom and Chloe lifted the skirt of her dress and removed the straps and the dildo from her ass.

“Oh my god, he made you wear that up your ass all night?” Kate asked incredulously.

“I was a bad slave and got angry with my Master, because I had to go to use the toilet and he had left me chained to the bed,” Chloe responded as she washed off the dildo in the sink, using soap and water. “My Master has ordered me to clean this and then you will be wearing it the rest of the night,” Chloe explained.

“In my ass?”

“No, didn’t you listen, he said in your pussy. Damn girl, you’d better start listening to Master or you will lose that tip he promised.”

“Alright, just give it to me and I’ll put it in, shouldn’t be too hard, I really am a little wet down there and it’s not that big.”

“My Master ordered me to put the strap on you so the dildo is fully inserted,” Chloe said as she wrapped the strap around Katie’s waist, pulling it tight. “Do you want to put this in, or should I do it?” Chloe asked, waving the dildo in Katie’s face.

“Y – you do it, since you have to check me anyway,” Katie allowed a soft moan to escape her lips as Chloe forced the dildo into her sopping pussy.

“Damn girl, it’s a waterfall down here,” Chloe noted as she tightened the strap running through Katie’s crotch until it was as tight as Ben had strapped it into her.

“Hey, not so tight,” Katie protested.

“Just following Master’s orders,” Chloe smirked and then left Katie in the restroom to rearrange her skirt and compose herself.

“Where’s Katie?” Ben asked when Chloe arrived at the booth.

“She’ll be along, Master, she’s probably having the same trouble I had earlier,” Chloe replied with a grin as she slid into the booth.

“Very well, but if I have to send you to get her, she’ll have to pay another forfeit to get that tip,” Ben said just as Katie arrived at the booth and knelt in presentation, moaning with arousal as she spread her knees wide, driving the dildo and the strap deeper into her crevice. “Something wrong, slave?” Ben teased her.

“N – No Master, oh god, your slave pulled this strap so tight it’s rubbing right on my overstimulated clitoris and it’s making me want to cum again,” Katie responded.

“Perfect, my slave obeyed my orders,” Ben grinned already knowing that Chloe would follow his orders to the letter.

“Yes Master,” Katie said.

“Let’s eat our desert, my lovely slave, the ice cream is melting and cooling it down,” Ben picked up a spoon and took a bite, then fed one to Chloe.

“Mmm, delicious, Master.”

“Isn’t it though, here have another bite.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said and Ben continued to feed her bites in between his own.

“Ahem, Master,” Katie cleared her throat impatiently, her knees starting to hurt from kneeling and feeling annoyed at being left in presentation and ignored.

“Did you hear something?” Ben asked, looking at Chloe.

“I think so, sounded like a bad slave who is demanding attention,” Chloe replied and Ben looked down at Katie.

“Do you want to have to pay another forfeit?” Ben asked.

“No, Master,” Katie said with her head bowed in submission.

“Then be quiet and wait for me to require your services, otherwise you are just window dressing, I’m having fun with my slave right now.” Katie stayed quiet, a tear running down her cheek. As much as her mind hated being demeaned like this, her body’s arousal was skyrocketing. Soon she was rocking back and forth to increase the stimulation.

“Did I tell you to make yourself cum?” Ben asked.

“N – No Master,” Katie replied humbly and stopped moving her hips.

“Did you cum?”

“No. Master.”

“Very good, but be still, you were not given permission to masturbate or give yourself pleasure,” Ben said and he and Chloe finished the desert, Ben drinking his coffee and Chloe finishing her soda and then drinking a little water.

“Mmm, this was delicious, Master,” Chloe said contentedly.

“Which part?”

“All of it Master, the rare meat was incredible, the Cosmo was excellent and the dessert was divine, but I’m really looking forward to my dessert at home.”

“Damn, I never thought I’d find a slave who would drain my balls dry every day! You are incredible, Chloe.”

“Ooo, Master, there are many ways to pleasure your slave.”

“You’re insatiable.”

“Perhaps, Master, but wouldn’t you rather have a slave who wants you all the time than one you have to warm up and play with to get what you want from her?”

“True, we’ve barely had any foreplay, you seem ready and willing 24/7.”

“Pretty much, except when I am asleep, Master.”

“I love you ,Chloe.”

“I love you too, Master. Do you think we should pay the bill and go home?” Chloe asked and rubbed her tits against his arm.

“Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea. Slave, go get us the bill,” Ben ordered, looking down at Katie.

“I have it here, Master,” Katie said, pulling it out of her pocket and handing it to Ben.

“Very good, slave, here’s my credit card, just charge the full amount of the bill on the card, I will give you your tip in cash.”

“Yes Master,” Katie said and got up to go charge his credit card.

“So my pretty slave, what shall we do when we get home?” Ben asked.

“Whatever my Master wants,” Chloe replied with a coy smile, then thrust her breasts against him once again. She placed her hand on his thigh and slowly moved toward his growing erection, threatening to break out of his pants.

“That’s enough for now, we don’t want to waste my ejaculate in my pants,” Ben joked and Chloe pulled her hand away from his crotch but kept her body pressed against him.

“No Master, then I might not get my dessert,” Chloe grinned and Katie arrived back at the table with the credit card slip for Ben to sign.

“Please sign here, Master,” Katie said, pointing to the line on the paper. Ben looked it over and nodded before signing, then he handed the slip back to Katie.

“Now there’s just the matter of the tip,” Ben noted. “Do you think you deserve the full amount?” He asked.

“I’m not sure, Master,” Katie admitted as she sunk down to her knees and spread them wide in presentation again.

“Very good, you gave an honest answer, that goes a long way, slave.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“Now, how do you think you did on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest or best?”

“I – I’m not sure, Master, maybe a s – seven.”

“And why should I give three hundred dollars to a seven?”

“I – I don’t think you should Master, please give me whatever you think is fair.”

“Now you’re starting to sound like a good slave,” Ben smiled and handed Katie three crisp one hundred dollar bills he had gotten from the bank just this morning.

“Oh my god, thank you – thank you so much, Master!” Katie exclaimed and jumped up, hugging Ben in her exuberance, then pulled back and stood, looking at Chloe. “I’m so sorry, I’m just really excited, I thought I was going to have to sleep with the superintendent or something to help pay off my rent.”

“It’s alright, I know how lucky I am to be his slave. He’s the most handsome and wonderful man I have ever met. I knew he would give you the money, his stock went through the roof and he’s now worth over a billion dollars,” Chloe said.

“We do not reveal things like that to the general population, slave,” Ben said tersely.

“Oh my god, I’ve been played by a billionaire playboy and his hot chick of the week,” Katie bemoaned.

“No, you have not been played, though I am rich, we are not playing around, she is my slave and will be punished for that outburst,” Ben retorted.

“I’m sorry Master, I didn’t think about the consequences of telling someone how rich you are, please punish me Master.” 

“If you go around telling everyone how much I’m worth, everyone will expect me to give them tons of money and some of them will try to steal it from me. Fortunately, I don’t think slave Katie here is going to go telling it all over town, are you Katie?” Ben questioned.

“No, Master.”

“Very good.”

“Um, Master, do you want me to go and remove the dildo your slave strapped into my vagina and give it back to you?”

“No, you may keep it, but keep it here, the next time we come in I will ask to be waited on by you and you will put it in before you come to our table.”

“Yes, Master. Do you need anything else from me tonight?” Katie asked, with a hint of lust in her voice.

“No thank you, we are finished and will be leaving now,” Ben said and grabbed Chloe by the shoulders, turning her back to him, locking her wrist and elbow cuffs together, then producing a ball gag and stuffing it into her mouth, buckling it tightly at the back of her neck under her hair. Chloe moaned, but it was one of arousal, not protest.

“Oh god, are you going to lead her out of here like that?” Katie asked.

“Yes, it is part of her punishment,” Ben replied as he stood up from the booth, pulling on the leash indicating that Chloe should follow. Chloe slid out of the booth and followed her Master as Katie stared in disbelief and arousal, seeing a living breathing Master and slave live in person had a decidedly erotic effect on her. Chloe too was aroused and though not many people were left in the restaurant, the thought of everyone seeing her bound and led by her leash excited Chloe immensely. It certainly didn’t feel like punishment to her.

Ben led Chloe out of the restaurant and out to the truck. Ben lifted her into the seat and buckled the seat belt. By the time he got in the truck, her arousal had filled the cab.

“Smells like sex in here,” Ben grinned and then started the truck and drove home. Chloe’s arousal dampened somewhat at the thought of what kind of punishment she might receive. Ben had whipped her once at her request, and twice forced her to wear a dildo up her ass, but that had been it so far. She had been almost a model slave, but tonight, she had really blown it, unthinkingly revealing Ben’s net worth to someone they barely knew. Chloe was ashamed of her indiscretion and a few tears fell as she mentally castigated herself. She glanced at Ben in fear, knowing he would determine her punishment and carry it out. Soon they arrived at home, and Ben dragged her straight to the basement.

“I’m going to unbind you now, get naked and then submit yourself for punishment.” Ben commanded and Chloe quickly complied, hanging her dress back in the closet after Ben had removed her cuffs and unlocked her heels. She set the heels neatly in line with the other pairs in the bottom of the closet. Chloe walked back to Ben and knelt in presentation, her body language giving away her state of mind.

“I have been a bad slave, Master, please punish me,” Chloe pleaded softly as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Tears won’t save you, slave.”

“I know Master, I’m afraid of my punishment, but I’m more upset that I failed you.”

“I have to do this if we are going to continue as Master and slave.”

“Yes Master, please punish your slave.”

“Present your wrists,” Ben ordered and Chloe complied, reaching up to him as he placed the suspension cuffs on her wrists, buckling them tightly. He locked them together and to the chain hanging there pulling Chloe to her feet, then he started the winch and the motor pulled Chloe onto her toes before Ben stopped it. He then added thick leather ankle cuffs and locked them wide apart as he had done before when Chloe had requested a whipping. Now she was suspended by her wrists and spread wide open. Ben went to the cabinet and picked out a multi-bladed leather whip returning to Chloe.

“Twenty lashes, and you will count them for me and request another until we have reached twenty. If you lose count, we start over at one,” Ben commanded.

“Yes Master,” Ben took a position behind her, shaking out the whip and taking a couple of practice swings. Ben wound up and struck Chloe across her ass, but it was a glancing blow, he had miscalculated his swing.

“One Master, may I please have another?” Chloe said as ordered and then tried to look over her shoulder at Ben. He had not hit her hard, it stung a bit, but was nothing compared to last week when he used the single bladed leather. Ben knew why she had looked back, and determined to make the rest of the strokes count. He readjusted his position and struck again, hitting Chloe directly on her ass cheeks and Chloe let out a small scream, partly of surprise and also of pain. She was surprised at the force and the pain that was spreading across her buttocks. She took short panting breaths, trying to keep her cries under control. After almost a minute she finally recouped enough.

“T – Two, Master, may I please have another?” Chloe repeated the mantra. Ben struck viciously again, trying to make up for his earlier slip and Chloe let out a short scream before resorting to her breathing technique to restrain her scream. After another minute she finally spoke again.

“Three, Master, may I please have another?” Chloe said shakily. Ben immediately struck again on her ass and Chloe screamed for several seconds before regaining control. She panted as she hung there, trying to resume some semblance of normalcy.

“Do you wish to be gagged?” Ben asked.

“No Master, then I would not be able to count for you,” Chloe replied. “Four, Master, may I please have another?” Chloe said and Ben struck again, her scream was louder and longer this time. Tears now streamed down her cheeks and her nose ran as Chloe cried due to the pain. She took more than a minute to compose herself.

“Count, slave,” Ben ordered.

“F – Five, Master, may I please have another?” Chloe obeyed. Ben struck again and her scream was softer and shorter, her composure returned in less than a minute, and she moaned out her count and the mantra. This continued with the screams getting shorter and quieter until they reached ten and Chloe counted and repeated her mantra, then let out a low moan of arousal.

“Enough on the backside, time to whip those awesome tits and that sexy slit of yours,” Ben announced this and Chloe just moaned, part fear but mostly excitement. She had always imagined having her tits whipped, now it was about to come true. Ben positioned himself in front of Chloe, taking aim at her big breasts, striking the tops of them with the whip. Chloe did not cry out or scream, she just moaned as she took the pain; it was turning into something else. She counted and repeated the mantra. Ben struck again on the underside of her lovely globes, making them bounce and Chloe’s moan was clearly one of sexual arousal.

“Twelve, Master. May I please have another? Please whip my nipples Master,” Chloe requested huskily. Ben struck her directly on her nipples and Chloe sucked in a large breath and low moan escaped her lips before she counted and repeated the mantra, begging him to strike her nipples again. They were rock hard and on fire, Chloe had never felt anything like this before. Ben struck on her nipples twice more as Chloe moaned and writhed, counting and begging for him to whip her naughty pussy. At stroke fifteen Ben obliged and struck Chloe up through her pussy, but it was not well aimed and the worst of the blow snapped her asshole.

“Fifteen Master, please whip my naughty clit,” Chloe pleaded and Ben acquiesced, this time striking her directly on her pussy and Chloe tensed in her bonds, her orgasm nearing. Chloe moaned, counted and requested Ben strike her again on her clit. Ben struck again and Chloe shrieked and shook, but couldn’t quite obtain her release. Ben struck once more and Chloe came, crying out in her passion, her body shaking, the chains rattling as a thunderous orgasm overtook her.

“Oh Master, that was incredible!” Chloe exclaimed after she returned to her senses and Ben started to release her left ankle. “But Master, that was only eighteen, you need to give me two more,” Chloe reminded him.

“No slave, you’ve had enough for one night.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe sighed in relief. Ben released her ankles and helped her gain her footing on the floor before lowering the chain slowly so Chloe could support her weight with her legs again. Chloe faltered a bit in her weakened condition but remained standing while Ben removed the suspension cuffs and tossed them toward the cabinet. He threw Chloe over his shoulder and carried her up to the master bedroom, starting the hot water to fill the hot tub. Ben set Chloe down on the side of the tub and tested the temperature, adjusting the faucet a bit and then adding soothing bath oils that would help with her whip wounds.

“Get in,” Ben ordered and Chloe slid into the tub, missing the seat on the side and slipping under the water’s surface for a moment. She righted herself as Ben nearly fell in, still fully clothed, trying to pull her head above water. Ben guided her to the seat on the edge and Chloe found the ledge and sat.

“Thank you Master.”

“You’re welcome, slave.”

“The water is so nice, and just the right temperature, Master.”

“No playing with yourself or cumming.” Ben ordered as he walked out of the bathroom, taking off his now soaked shirt.

“Aren’t you getting in with me, Master?”

“Eventually, you need to soak for a while and let the oils do their work. I will join you later. Don’t fall asleep or you might drown.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said and she sank down until her face was barely above the surface, relaxing in the warm water, her body abuzz from the whipping and orgasm. She wanted to play with her sore nipples and clit, but her Master had ordered her not to, so she tried to relax and enjoy, but her body wanted more. She felt overstimulated and really wished Ben would come back and pull her out of the water and just fuck her. She really wanted to feel his big cock sliding in and out of her vagina, wringing orgasm after orgasm from her.

By the time Ben returned, nearly an hour later, Chloe had dozed off and was starting to slip beneath the surface, her nose barely an inch above the water. Ben thought she was just resting and turned on the jets to swirl the water around and Chloe jerked awake as the stream from one of the outlets hit her in the back.

“Oh, sorry Master, must have fallen asleep.”

“It’s alright, you didn’t drown, but next time be more careful with my property, I don’t want to bury you, but I would love to bury my cock in you,” Ben grinned as he slipped in next to Chloe and held her in his arms.

“Yes Master, I will be more careful.”

“Very good, my hot little slave.”

“Master, we were talking during dinner and you wanted to know things about me. I guess I should tell you that I’ve fantasized about being kidnapped and taken to some foreign country where slavery is legal and they could legally make me their slave. If you had kidnapped me, I would have yielded to you very quickly. I would have fought you at first, but my lust for you and my submissive nature would have taken over in short order and I would have settled down to become the slave I am now.”

“That’s very intriguing.”

“Can you make me a legal slave here in the United States?”

“I don’t think it would be binding in a court of law, but we can draw up a contract that would protect me in the event someone starts questioning our relationship, or if you decided you didn’t want to be my slave anymore.”

“Protect you, Master?”

“Yes, think about it, if someone noticed that you were following my every order and being the submissive slut that you are, they might think that I’ve coerced you somehow. If it went to court, even though you would defend me, if it’s not in writing, I could be sent to jail as an abusive partner. You know, feminists and all that.”

“Yes Master, I know. Will you put a permanent collar on me Master?”

“Yes, we have an appointment on Saturday to take a mold of your neck so they can fashion a permanent collar that is a perfect fit. No one will be able to remove it without a lot of time and special tools, it will be made of tungsten carbide steel, very strong and very hard. Once it locks together, even I won’t be able to take it off of you,” Chloe gasped then moaned with arousal at the thought.

“Oh Master, a permanent collar! I almost came when you said that.”

“Yes, and I’m going to have you branded as well.”

“Oooohhhhhh Maaaaasssstttteeerrrrr,” Chloe moaned out softly as she had a mini orgasm at the thought of being branded.

“Did you just cum?”

“Yes, I’m sorry Master, the combination of wearing a permanent collar and being branded would leave no doubt that I am your slave and I couldn’t help but have a little orgasm at the thought.”

“Well, I can’t whip you again for cumming without permission, but I can fuck you in the ass tonight.”

“I don’t think that would be much of a punishment, Master.”

“Why not?”

“I’m a pain slut, Master, though it hurts, it also heightens my orgasms.”

“But I didn’t whip or hurt you that first time, or other times, yet you seemed to have incredible orgasms.”

“True Master, but don’t you think that huge dick of yours hurt me the first time you rammed it into me?”

“I never thought about it.”

“Well, it did, and it does, though not as much now, because you’ve stretched out my little pussy with that monster.”

“So even though it hurts, you still have amazing orgasms?”

“Yes Master, it hurts so good. I’m sure you’ve ruined me for other men,” Chloe grinned up at him.

“Is that a problem?”

“Not as long as you keep me as your slave, Master.”

“I don’t intend to ever let go of you, Chloe.”

“Thank you, Master. Are you going to give me a new name as your slave?”

“No, I really like the name Chloe, and it is now synonymous with beauty and submissive slavery in my mind, so your name stays.”

“Whatever you wish, Master.”

“Did you have a name picked out as your slave name?”

“Yes Master. I was hoping for Camilla or Cami for short.”

“That’s pretty, what does it mean.”

“It means beautiful flower, Master.”

“Well, you certainly are a beautiful flower, but you will remain, Chloe.”

“Yes Master.”

“The water is cooling, let’s get out and I’ll give you that ass fucking you deserve.”

“Certainly Master,” Chloe smiled and Ben shook his head in amazement at the beautiful and wonderful slave he had. He couldn’t believe he not only found a slave, but one who so closely mirrored his own image of what a slave should be, she was beyond description. Ben wasn’t a religious man, but he thanked the stars or whoever was out there for this amazing woman who willingly submitted to him as his slave.

Ben climbed out of the tub and turned off the jets. He handed Chloe a towel as she got out and then he dried himself off as Chloe dried her amazing body. He looked her over, and other than the redness, there were no marks on her. He had whipped her exactly as he wanted and other than the soreness that would fade in a few days, her flawless skin would be intact. He rubbed a generous amount of lubricant on his cock and as Chloe bent over to dry her legs, he slammed into her asshole. Chloe gave a small shriek of surprise but did not complain or beg him to stop.

Unable to force himself fully in on the initial thrust because of the tightness of her hole, Ben pulled out. He lubed her ass and his cock again, before ramming nearly fully in on his second thrust and Chloe moaned. His third thrust did the trick and Chloe came with a rapturous orgasm which actually peeved Ben a bit. He had given her permission to cum anytime he used one of her holes, but was surprised and annoyed that she had cum first. The tightness of her ass and her orgasm pushed Ben over the edge after a few more strokes.

Ben held them both up as they came down from their orgasms. After a couple of minutes, Ben sank to his knees, forcing Chloe with him, his cock still buried in her ass but softening. A moment later he slid out of her and Chloe turned around, ready to take his cock in her mouth and clean it.

“No, slave, that is disgusting. You may not clean my cock with your mouth after it has been in your ass,” Ben ordered and went to wash it off. Chloe followed soon after, cleaning out her ass, squeezing out Ben’s cum and cleaning as well as she could.

“Master, why wouldn’t you allow me clean your cock?”

“It’s unsanitary and unhealthy, people get sick and die from eating shit and I don’t want that to happen to you. No ass to mouth for my slave.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Time for bed, slave.”

“Yes Master.”

Chloe plodded out of the bathroom and stood beside the bed, waiting for Ben. He came out a few minutes later and pulled back the covers, plopping into bed.

“Master, aren’t you going to bind me?” Chloe asked.

“No, I’m too tired, now come to bed,” Ben replied and waited for Chloe to get into bed, locking her collar to the chain at the head of the bed, then wrapping his arms around her, holding her large tits in his big hands as his semi erect cock slipped into Chloe ass crack before he covered them over.

“Mmm, Master, I love the way you hold me,” Chloe said sexily and reached around with one hand to grab Ben’s burgeoning erection.

“Lie still and go to sleep,” Ben ordered.

“Yes Master,” Chloe was asleep in less than a minute. Ben knew it would happen, but was surprised she was conditioning herself to sleep so quickly after he had commanded it. She was an incredible young woman, even if she hadn’t been a submissive and a slave, but those things made her the most attractive woman he had ever met, much less had the pleasure of fucking. Ben’s erection grew and he thought about using his slave again, but he was quite tired and needed rest. A few minutes later, he joined her in dreamland.

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