by MasterKGray

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Chloe awoke, disappointed she was no longer held in her Master’s arms, but happy she had spent the night in his bed. Ben had rolled onto his back at some point, disentangling himself from her. He was snoring but not overly loudly, the thing Chloe noticed was his erection, even under the covers it was impressive. Chloe dove under the blankets and found his massive cock, sucking on it. Chloe had always loved giving head, she loved big dicks and practically worshipped them with her mouth whenever she got the chance. She knew most women hated the taste of a man’s cum, but she found that she didn’t mind, in fact, the taste excited her, because when she received it, she knew she had pleased him.

Chloe began deep throating his cock as Ben moaned in his sleep and suddenly he threw back the covers, looking down at his slave, his cock fully in her throat, her lips at his base, nose in his pubic hair and her chin pressed against his balls.

“Wow, what a way to be woken up!” Ben exclaimed and shot his load straight down her throat as Chloe hummed a note in her throat to make it as good as she could for him. Ben shot stream after stream of warm cum straight down her esophagus into her stomach. “Damn, you give the most amazing blow jobs, Chloe, that thing you do in your throat is incredible!” Ben exclaimed as Chloe licked and sucked him clean, keeping Ben hard and straight. “Climb on and get some for yourself, slave,” Ben ordered and Chloe crawled up, straddling him. She had difficulty getting high enough without her hands, so Ben helped guide his cock into her well lubricated pussy. Chloe gave a moan of arousal as she dropped down onto him, fully impaling herself on his cock.

“Oh Master, you’re so big, I love your huge dick, fuck me, fuck me hard, Master,” Chloe said as she began bouncing up and down on his fully erect cock. Ben met her thrusts as best he could but Chloe was doing most of the work. Finally she came, and Ben felt her wetness as it seeped around his cock into his pubic hair, some of it dripping down his thighs. Chloe didn’t seem to need any lube, she produced more than enough of her own natural lubricant. Chloe collapsed onto Ben’s chest and he held for a few minutes before looking at the clock and realizing they needed to start getting ready soon. His alarm had not gone off, but it would in a few minutes if he didn’t shut it off. He slid Chloe off of him and grabbed a towel, wiping himself and Chloe so they wouldn’t soil the bed, then he plodded off to the bathroom and relieved himself. Chloe laid there quietly until he returned.

“Time to get up and go to work, Chloe,” Ben said as he unlocked and removed her restraints, starting with the wrist, elbow and ankle cuffs, before unlocking the chain from her collar.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said and rolled out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to relieve herself as well. As she plopped down on the toilet Ben walked in and Chloe immediately spread her legs. Ben started the water in the shower as Chloe finished up and washed her hands.

“Shower with me, slave,” Ben ordered as he tied her wrists together in front of her with rope and then pulled her into the shower, directly into the water’s spray. He tied her bound wrists to a ring in the ceiling and began washing Chloe as she moaned in appreciation. Ben was not washing her in a business-like manner, but rather taking his time, gently caressing her every nook and cranny. By the time he had finished and rinsed her off, Chloe moaned in her need. Ben wet her hair and washed it as well, using the same shampoo she used, rinsing and adding conditioner, working it deep into her scalp. While he left that to work, he washed himself.

“Please Master, let me wash you,” Chloe begged but Ben shook his head.

“Not enough time for that,” Ben responded and washed himself quickly, rinsing his body before rinsing out the conditioner in her hair. Ben released her rope from the ring above and untied her rope from her wrists. “Go get dressed, Chloe, we have to go to work,” Chloe climbed out of the shower, using one of the large fluffy towels lying there to dry herself off as Ben washed his hair. Ben rinsed his hair and turned off the water, opening the shower door to find Chloe still standing there, drying her hair. “Come on, hurry up, go on,” Ben urged and started drying himself off.

Chloe hurried off to the basement, completely naked save for her collar. She selected her skirt and top, put on her garter and stockings, finding a pair of seven inch heels that matched her outfit and put them on. She dried her hair and did her makeup. Chloe didn’t know whether to kneel or practice walking in the crazy high heels. She decided on practice, and though her feet hurt, she was beginning to walk much better in the skyscraper heels. Ben came down to find her just sitting down on the bed and she slipped off the side onto the floor and knelt in presentation.

“Very nice, slave, you are so sexy, I would kiss you and fuck you right now, but that would mess you up and make us late to work,” Ben complimented her and thought to himself that having a slave sure was a lot of work. It would be so much easier if he didn’t have to earn a living and could stay home and take care of her all day.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said but Ben was lost in his thoughts and he started up the stairs. “Master, may I go get my purse and phone?”

“Oh sorry, yes, it’s on the dresser and your phone should be fully charged,” Ben responded. Chloe rushed into his bedroom and found her purse and pulled her cell phone off the charging cord. It read 100% battery, so she didn’t bother with bringing the cord.

“Got it, thank you Master,” Chloe said as she hurried into the garage and climbed into the truck. “No leash or restraints today, Master?” Chloe asked as she buckled her seatbelt.

“Do you want them?”

“Whatever my Master desires.”

“Very good, slave, I don’t think you need them. Besides, consider it a reward for how you woke me up this morning.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said but hid her disappointment. She loved being bound by him, it excited her and made her feel wanted and needed. Ben pulled into the Dunkin’ Donuts.

“What do you want from here?” Ben asked as he turned into the drive-thru.

“Um, could I have a medium hot chocolate, a Boston Cream and a Vanilla cream donut, please Master?” Chloe requested.

“Certainly,” Ben responded and placed their order. He picked it up at the window as the pretty petite blonde young woman flirted with him until she noticed Chloe in the passenger seat and then she looked away meekly. Ben took a drink of his coffee before placing it in the cup holder. Chloe sipped at her hot chocolate but did not open her donuts, she would eat them at her desk, unsure if she was allowed to eat in Ben’s truck.

They arrived at work and Ben came around and helped Chloe down out of the truck. She held his arm as they walked into the building and over to the elevator. Ben pushed the button and they waited happily silent. Finally it arrived and they got in along with a few other people who were now waiting, including Dina from Chloe’s department. She gave Chloe a jealous look but didn’t say anything and then smiled politely.

“I have to meet a client for lunch, so you’ll have to get something delivered,” Ben said as they stepped off the elevator.

“Yes M – Ben.”

“Have a nice day, I’ll see you after work,” Ben said and strode off toward his office.

“Is he your new boyfriend?” Dina asked as they walked toward their cubicles.

“Yes,” Chloe replied happily.

“Lucky girl, he’s so big, strong and handsome.” Dina commented and then entered her cubicle.

A week later Ben and Chloe were in the large shower of the master bath, soaping each other and playfully teasing the other. Ben had punished Chloe once for her impertinent mouth:, she had made a snippy remark and failed to call him Master, so Ben forced her to wear a six inch dildo in her anus for the entire work day. Chloe had squirmed and fidgeted all day, but it excited her more than she ever thought possible, and that night she begged him to fuck her up the ass. Ben grudgingly complied and was surprised when Chloe orgasmed before he did. She explained that she was now fully owned, her Master now having taken possession of every one of her holes. This morning they dressed for work and Ben dropped Chloe off at the door, telling her he had a client to see before coming in to work. Chloe shrugged it off and went to her cubicle.

Beth came by Chloe’s desk every day for ‘slave talk’ and Chloe was starting to get a bit annoyed at Beth’s exuberance. Chloe obviously enjoyed being Ben’s slave, it was written all over her face and in her body language, but she was tired of hearing every detail of Reg and Beth’s escapades. Chloe revealed as little as possible, she wasn’t the social butterfly that Beth was. Today was no exception, but Beth was more excited than usual and Chloe rolled her eyes as Beth came bouncing into her cubicle.

“Did you hear?” Beth asked.

“I guess not,” Chloe answered warily.

“Reg and I quit our jobs this morning! Reg’s and Ben’s investments hit the roof, Reg is worth over seven hundred and fifty million and Ben is a billionaire! We’re going to ‘retire’ and enjoy each other for a while before Reg starts his own consulting firm!” Beth’s excitement was unmistakable.

“Wow, that’s great Beth, I’m happy for you,” Chloe said, wondering why Ben hadn’t mentioned anything. Just then her cell phone dinged. Chloe had programmed Ben’s number to come up as Master.

Master: Go quit your job, I’m richer than I ever thought possible, we don’t ever need to work again.

slave: Yes Master, I just heard from Beth that you’re a billionaire. I will speak to my boss and let him know. Do I give two weeks’ notice, or just tell him I’m quitting now?

Master: Just quit now, I’ll be there in about half an hour.

“Was that Ben? Did he tell you to quit your job too?” Beth asked excitedly.

“Yes to both questions,” Chloe replied, almost giving away her annoyance. Beth was becoming nearly impossible for her to deal with and Chloe got along with almost everyone. Chloe got up from her desk and headed to Tony’s office; he had just returned to work after his wife’s funeral.

“Come in.” Tony said as Chloe knocked on his office door, even though it was open. Chloe went in and sat in one of the chairs, waiting for Tony to look up from his work.

“Good morning Chloe.” Tony said.

“Good morning Sir.”

“Chloe, we’ve talked about this, just call me Tony, don’t call me Sir.” Tony admonished her.

“I’m sorry Tony, but I’m used to calling men Sir.”

“Did you come in here for a reason?”

“Yes S – Tony, I did. I know this is short notice, but I’m quitting my job as of now.”

“Not even two weeks’ notice?”

“No Sir, my M – er um, Ben told me to quit right away.”

“Why, I just promoted you to be my assistant and now you’re running away?”

“Yes Sir, my Master, um Ben, has struck it rich with his investments and we are both quitting effective immediately.”

“Your ‘Master’?”

“Yes Sir, Ben is my Master, I am his slave. He ordered me to quit immediately and that’s why I’m here.”

“What does he have on you, maybe I can help?”

“I willingly submitted to be his slave, Sir, I don’t need any help,” Chloe answered.

“So you’re a kinky girl?”

“I guess you could say that, Sir.”

“Alright, kinky girl, show me your panties.” Tony said, getting up and closing the door to his office.

“I – I can’t, Sir, I’m not allowed to wear panties, Master’s orders,” Chloe responded.

“So you’re naked under that short little skirt?” Tony asked in surprise.

“Yes Sir, would you like me to show you?”

“Definitely, bend over the desk and pull up your skirt, spread your legs so I can get a good view.” Tony ordered and Chloe complied bending over the desk, her tits nearly spilling out of her low cut top. She lifted her skirt up onto her back so Tony could check and see that she was telling the truth. “Is that arousal I smell?” Tony asked as he gave an exaggerated sniff of the air and smacked Chloe once on the ass with his hand. Chloe gave out a small squeak of surprise.

“Yes Sir, I am aroused by men who give me orders,” Chloe admitted.

“Very good, I’ll smooth it over with upper management. You may put your skirt down and leave my office before I do something that upsets your Master.” Tony said.

“Thank you Sir. You were a great boss to work for,” Chloe said as she strutted out of Tony’s office and back to her cubicle, shutting down her computer and picking up her purse, She realized she didn’t really have anything here that was hers as she shuffled through the drawers. Beth suddenly popped back into Chloe’s cubicle.

“Did you quit your job?” Beth asked.


“Are you ready for your slave walk?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Reg promised to dress me up like a slave, bind me and lead me out of here on a leash. He said Ben was planning on doing the same thing to you,” Beth explained. “Aren’t you excited?”

“Yes, but not as much as you,” Chloe answered and sat quietly waiting for Ben as Reg called Beth back into his cubicle.

“He’s here,” Beth announced, poking her head over the top of the cubicle when she saw Ben approaching. Ben rushed into Chloe’s cubicle carrying a duffel bag.

“Hi beautiful,” Ben said as he entered her space.

“Hi Master,” Chloe responded.

“I’m worth over a billion dollars, I went to the bank and spoke with Don about handling the money,” Ben explained. “I guess I should have told you, but I didn’t want to jinx it. I’m rich and don’t have to work anymore. I was just thinking a couple of days after you submitted to be my slave that it sure was a lot of work to take care of a slave when you have to earn a living. Now I can devote all my time to taking care of you,” Ben smiled down at Chloe as she sat there in shock.

“So it’s true, you can fuck me, whip me, torture me, whatever you want with me, all day long?”

“Yes, I’m ready to test and see how many orgasms I can force out of you in one day,” Ben grinned.

“Death by orgasm, what a way to go,” Chloe said thoughtfully.

“No, I don’t want to kill you, just, well, you’ll see. Now come on, strip out of those clothes and put on what’s in the duffel bag,” Ben ordered.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said and stood up but before she took one step, Ben grabbed her and kissed her, his excitement and possessiveness obvious in the way he took what he wanted from her. Chloe staggered a bit after he broke off the kiss.

Chloe opened the bag and found a dark red leather outfit with matching cuffs and heels. She stripped off her sexy office clothes and donned the cuffs for her wrists and elbows first before putting on the heels and the ankle cuffs. She wasn’t sure how the skimpy leather was supposed to wrap around her body, but Ben helped her. A thin leather strap came down around her neck, then widened a bit at her breasts, with a thin leather strap that went around and buckled behind her back, like a bra. The straps continued down her stomach to another strap that went around her waist, again buckling in the back. Hanging from the waist strap was a six inch wide piece of soft as velvet leather that hung down almost to her knees, covering her pussy, but it was not attached to anything else and would move when she walked. Her ass was completely bare.

“Oh my god, Master, it’s so sexy!” Beth exclaimed from the neighboring cubicle as she was putting on her matching slave outfit, hers in black.

Ben locked Chloe’s wrists and elbows behind her back, then attached a twelve inch hobble chain between her ankles. Finally he stuffed the largest ball gag Chloe had ever seen into her mouth and buckled it tightly behind her neck under her hair. He stuffed her other clothes and purse into the duffle bag before attaching the chain leash to her collar.

“Time for the slave walk,” Ben said and Reg agreed. Ben led the way with Chloe following along behind him. Ben strode toward the elevator steadily and Chloe had to take a lot of quick short steps to keep up with him. Several people noticed and most of the men leered at her nearly naked body as she trotted by, her tits bouncing up and down in rhythm with her shortened, hurried steps. Several women made hushed derogatory comments, such as, sluts, whores, one even calling them cunts, but Chloe stepped with pride, her Master wanted her displayed and she was doing her best to be pleasing for him.

Beth was bringing up the rear and having difficulty. She looked ahead at Chloe and tried to match her gait, she looked so sexy with her feet taking those shuttered steps and her ass bouncing enticingly. Beth also heard the comments and at first was disheartened, but took her cues from Chloe and walked tall and proudly for her Master as they mercifully reached the elevator. Two men from another company came out of the elevator and stopped, commenting that the women looked stunning. Ben and Reg thanked them and led their slaves into the empty elevator and went down to the lobby.

Normally the lobby was mostly empty at this point in the morning as everyone had already arrived for work and was at their desk. Today there were probably at least two dozen people there from their office, congratulating Ben and Reg and appraising their slaves. Beth preened as best she could in front of them and seemed jealous because Chloe drew more attention than she did, one of Ben’s friends playing with her under her leather strip. Ben and Reg shook hands with the men gathered there. Chloe’s boss, Tony, kissed her on the cheek and told her to have a nice life. As the crowd dispersed, Chloe was saddened, she hadn’t been able to say goodbye to her friends. Just then Dina, Maria, Sandy and Amanda walked up to her and all of them hugged her, one by one, Dina commenting that she wished she could take Chloe’s place, but wished her well.

Ben and Reg led Chloe and Beth out to their trucks and lifted them into the passenger seats, buckling their seat belts and driving away toward their respective homes. Ben drove straight home, he couldn’t wait to start using his slave on a full time basis instead of having to work for a living. Ben backed his truck into the garage and turned off the engine as the garage door slowly closed. Chloe looked at him longingly. Ben reached over and unbuckled the huge ball gag; he had difficulty getting it out of her mouth. Finally it popped free and Chloe worked her jaw, trying to ease the pain.

“Master, will you take me back to where you first claimed me and fuck me as hard as you can? I want you so much right now!” Chloe pleaded and her arousal was evident in the cab of the truck.

“Don’t need to ask me twice,” Ben grinned and pressed the button to open the garage door before firing up the truck. He had to wait a moment for the door to fully open before he raced out of the garage and down the street. Ben turned off into the grass and then the woods just a few blocks from his house and the truck bounced more than usual because Ben was in a hurry. He could hardly wait to shove his rampant erection into his willing slave. He groaned with need.

“Are you alright, Master?” Chloe asked.

“I will be as soon as I use my slave,” Ben grinned as he answered and Chloe noticed the bulge in his pants. Ben scrambled out of the cab and came around to the passenger side, releasing Chloe’s seatbelt and throwing her over his shoulder, practically running to the door of the concrete bunker. He unlocked the door and deposited Chloe inside on the cot before locking the door and turning back to her.

Ben quickly began releasing Chloe from her bonds and then relieved her of the leather outfit. Chloe knelt in presentation but Ben picked her up by her arms and kissed her. Chloe melted into him, but broke the kiss prematurely.

“Please Master, may I cum?” Chloe requested, her panting breath revealing her arousal.

“No you may not cum until I stick my big dick in you,” Ben ordered and Chloe attempted to squelch her rising need. Ben pulled on the leash still attached to her collar and Chloe followed him into the room with the metal stock apparatus. This time Chloe offered herself up to be locked into the device and soon she was bent over, spread wide and wiggling her hips, trying to entice Ben to shove his big cock into her. Ben stuffed the huge ball gag into her mouth and buckled the straps tightly, forcing the monstrous ball behind her teeth and stretching her jaw beyond anything Chloe could have mustered by herself. It hurt but Chloe accepted this as part of being a slave. It didn’t dampen her arousal, if anything, taking the pain for her Master seemed to fan the flames rather than douse them. Ben pulled her hair into a ponytail and locked her head upright to the stocks, just as he had done that first day.

Ben walked behind Chloe and she wondered what he was doing. He had stripped off his shirt but not his pants and seemed to be looking for something. He finally found what he was looking for and Chloe could see in the mirror that he had a short multi-stranded whip in his hands. She didn’t need to be whipped, she was already beyond any need of foreplay, she needed his cock. Ben struck her twice, once on each ass cheek. Chloe squealed around the gag in dire need and tried to keep from exploding. Ben dropped his pants and plowed into her furrow with his massive cock. Chloe came immediately, she had difficulty just holding off her orgasm until he entered her. Ben came after only three thrusts and collapsed onto Chloe’s back as his ejaculation seemed to extend her bliss. Ben rested for a few moments before pulling out and Chloe made noises around her gag.

“Did you wish to say something, slave?” Ben asked as he walked around in front of her. He was obscuring her view in the mirror but now she could view his cock, only a few inches in front of her nose. Ben had difficulty removing the ball gag and Chloe worked her jaw quickly.

“Please let me clean you, Master?” Chloe requested and Ben shoved his cock into her open mouth. Chloe licked and sucked all their juices from his cock, using her best suction to dry it as much as possible as Ben pulled it out of her mouth.

“Very nice, slave,” Ben complimented her.

“Thank you Master.” Ben started to release her from the stocks, starting with her hair and then opening the upper half of the stocks so she could stand. Chloe had difficulty standing with her legs spread so wide until Ben unlocked her ankles so she could stand on her own. “Master, if you had kidnapped me, would you have left me here alone?”

“Yes, I would have left you here all bound up until I thought you were trained well enough.”

“Trained – you mean tamed?”

“Same thing,” Ben said.

“No Master, it’s not. I am trained, I had done that for you on my own before I ever met you, but I am not tamed. I am here with you because it is where I want to be, not because you have beaten me into submission.”

“Excellent point, you really are very intelligent,” Ben said.

“Is that a problem, Master?”

“Not at all. It makes me love you even more, knowing that a beautiful intelligent young woman like you would give yourself to me like you have,” Ben replied and kissed her again.

“Thank you, Master. Please bind me and leave me here,” Chloe requested.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes Master. I want to know what it would have been like if you kidnapped me. I know my submissive nature would have taken over and made the best of it, but I just want to know what it would feel like to be left here, bound and waiting for you to return,” Chloe explained.

“Some other time, we are celebrating my huge win in the stock market, I’m taking you out to the steakhouse tonight,” Ben said.

“Yes Master.” They walked out of the concrete bunker and got in the truck. Chloe was still naked, her leash still attached to her collar and bouncing between her big breasts. Ben had thrown all of her restraints and skimpy outfit into the duffle bag with her other clothes. They drove home in silence, their need satiated for the moment.

“So what would my slave like to eat for lunch?” Ben asked as he backed into the garage and Chloe grinned up at him.

“That’s dessert, not the main meal. You need to eat. We’ve been fucking a lot lately and you’ve gotten even thinner. Besides, I need to recharge, I’m running out of swimmers,” Ben joked.

“Could we get a sandwich from the shop where we first ate together, Master?”

“Sure, I’ll call and have it delivered. Turkey sub with provolone, no onions, extra vinegar, right?” Ben arched his eyebrow when he asked the question.

“Yes Master,” Chloe purred, it excited her so much that he paid attention to every detail. It meant he was an amazing Master who would always look after and take care of her special needs. The thought aroused Chloe so much that a moan escaped her lovely lips.

“Are you alright?” Ben asked.

“Mmm, more than alright Master, I’m perfect.”

“You certainly are,” Ben grinned at her as he dialed his cell phone, ordering delivery from the sandwich shop while they sat there in the truck. After he finished ordering, Ben looked over at Chloe with that devious smile that she had come to love. She knew it meant his mind was thinking of something wicked and exciting to force upon her.

“Master?” Chloe looked at him inquisitively.

“Yes, let’s go inside my beautiful slave, you’ll find out,” Ben grinned and Chloe felt a small shudder in her pussy at that statement. She loved him so much, he had given her more orgasms in the past week than she had in her entire life. She was a living breathing orgasm, just waiting to explode. Ben climbed out of the cab, grabbing the duffel bag with all of the cuffs, leather outfit and her work clothes. He came around and opened the door for Chloe, helping her down out of the truck before grabbing her leash still dangling between her tits and leading her down into the basement.

“Until the food arrives, it’s time to see how well you do in the ballet boots,” Ben said and pulled them out of the closet. He unlocked the heels on Chloe’s feet and gave her a minute to stretch her legs, before forcing one of the boots on her foot. It forced her toes to a point and the heel was at least ten inches high. Ben wrapped the leather around her ankle and began tightening the laces until it hugged her leg all the way to just below her knee with crushing tightness. Ben added the other boot as Chloe just watched and tried to adjust her feet to the insane angle at which her foot was forced. Her toes already hurt, she knew when she stood they would hurt even more. Ben finished lacing the second boot and looked up at Chloe with an evil grin.

“Stand up, slave,” Ben ordered and Chloe stood very shakily in the boots. Her toes were pointed straight down. She understood why they were called ballet boots, because only her toes and the ridiculous heels touched the floor. “Come on, walk around,” Ben commanded and tugged on her leash.

“Oh Master, these boots are evil, and I don’t mean in a good way, they are positively horrible. My toes are going numb and my calves have already started to cramp,” Chloe took a few tottering steps, nearly falling but somehow remaining upright. Ben pulled on her leash again and Chloe took a few more steps, having to grab onto one of the bondage benches for support. The ankle area was so stiff that she couldn’t have sprained her ankle if she tried. If she fell she would certainly scrape her knees on the concrete, or possibly break a knee cap. She was terrified that was going to happen.

“Master, please help me, I’m afraid of falling and damaging your property,” Chloe pleaded, referring to herself as his property.

“We can’t have that! I don’t need a slave with a broken leg or knee, that wouldn’t be any fun,” Ben acquiesced to her request, coming near to her and guiding her along, holding her hands as she attempted to find a gait that worked in the insanity boots as Chloe came to think of them. In the seven inch heels she was beginning to adjust and find her swagger, but these things she couldn’t even find a way to stay upright without help. “Stand up straight, slave, push out those big beautiful tits,” Ben ordered and Chloe complied. This helped center her over the wicked boots. She found she could walk carefully without assistance as Ben soon let go of her hands. She let them fall to her side, still frightened, but Ben was there to catch her if she fell. She took a few laps around the basement. By her fourth time around she was starting to walk more confidently, but her toes felt like they must be bleeding, the pain was excruciating. As she was passing by the cell, the doorbell rang.

“Lunch has arrived,” Ben grinned. “Go sit on the bed and unlace the boots, take them off and put on the heels you had on earlier,” Ben commanded and bounded up the stairs to answer the door.

Chloe used the bars on the cell to help hold her up until she could sit down on the bed. She untied the laces at the top and began loosening them until she finally removed one of the boots and massaged her leg and foot. Her toes were still intact and not bleeding, but they were quite red and sore. Chloe removed the other boot and then put on the dark red heels she had worn earlier, hearing them click and lock when she pulled the straps tight around her foot and ankle.

“Hurry up, slave, I’m hungry,” Ben called down the stairs just as Chloe stood to exit the cell.

“Coming Master,” Chloe called back as she walked toward the stairs.

“Not without permission, slave,” Ben joked and Chloe smiled up at him.

“Of course not, Master,” Chloe responded. She walked up the steps and into the kitchen.

“Have a seat, slave,” Ben smiled and locked a chain around her waist, locking her to the chair. He locked her ankles and knees to the legs of the chair so they were spread apart and her pussy was on full display. Ben pushed the chair into the table and put Chloe’s sandwich and a bottle of her favorite soda in front of her before sitting down himself and taking a drink of his soda then biting into his sandwich.

Chloe opened her sandwich and began eating, she was very hungry. She surprised even herself and finished the entire thing, even though it was quite large. She sat quietly drinking her soda as Ben had already finished and looked deep in thought.

In fact, Ben was thinking about all the things he would like to buy for Chloe or to use on her, but he needed her exact measurements. Sure, he had her, he could do that himself, but he knew that Tom had those measurements and had a better understanding of what to measure and how. Ben decided he needed to pay his ex-friend a visit and get those measurements from him.

“Master, you seem deep in thought, may I ask what you are thinking?” Chloe questioned.

“I am thinking about all the things I want to buy to use on you,” Ben grinned in response.

“Ooo, Master, you’re teasing your slave,” Chloe giggled.

“Yes and no, but I need very specific measurements,” Ben explained.

“Here I am, Master, measure away,” Chloe grinned.

“Yes, I know, but I don’t know how to measure like Tom did, I’m going to need to get those measurements from him. I’m sure they are very precise,” Ben responded.

“Yes Master, he was very thorough, including my pussy, anus, oral cavity, head size, everything, he measured me everywhere,” Chloe agreed.

“I know, I’ve watched him do it before. Most of the sluts that came in there were subpar. I’m sure he is angry that you didn’t come back, you are very beautiful and his subscribers would have gone crazy over someone as hot as you.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe accepted his compliment.

“I’ll have to pay him a visit sometime and get them from him. Right now I’m tired and want to take a nap,” Ben said and Chloe pouted; she was quite excited and wanted Ben to play with her. He had all kinds of time to do that now and she was ready to accept whatever he dished out. Ben released her from the chair and went into the living room, plopping down, sprawled out on the couch and turned on the television. Ben found an old movie and started watching. Chloe knew it was old because Clint Eastwood was a handsome young man in the movie. Chloe knelt in presentation but was disappointed.

“Master, may I join you on the couch?”

“What’s the rule, slave?”

“No unbound slaves on the couch, Master.”

“Well, if you want to sit up here with me, go get your restraints from this morning and bring them to me,” Ben yawned. Now that he was set for life, the excitement was gone and the past week of fucking Chloe every chance he got had worn him down. Chloe jumped up and practically ran to the basement, gathering her leather cuffs, putting them on her wrists, elbows and ankles, locking them, before rushing upstairs with the padlocks that Ben could use to restrain her.

“Here Master, please bind your slave,” Chloe requested.

“Very good, my pretty slave. I want you to start working on not referring to yourself in the first person. No I or me, say this slave, your slave and so on,” Ben ordered as he clipped Chloe’s wrists together behind her back with one of the padlocks.

“Yes Master, this slave will not refer to herself in the first person,” Chloe responded.

“Very good,” Ben said but Chloe remained kneeling.

“Master, would you please bind this slave’s elbows as well?” Chloe requested.

“Doesn’t that get uncomfortable?”

“Not really, Master, but it makes me – um, this slave more helpless and she feels more wanted and desired. It is also impossible to get away when you bind your slave’s elbows together.”

“Please explain,” Ben commanded.

“With your slave’s elbows bound, even though she is quite flexible, she cannot pull her body through her arms and get them in front of her to help her escape,” Chloe responded.

“You could do that?”

“Yes Master.”

“Show me,” Ben demanded and Chloe pulled her bound wrists under her ass until they were under her thighs, sat back on the floor and pulled her wrists up her legs until she pulled them over her feet, her wrists now in front of her.

“Impressive, now put them back behind you,” Ben said and Chloe complied, reversing the process. “Very good, slave. Come here, I will bind your elbows,” Ben said and clipped a padlock between her elbow cuffs, keeping her elbows about two inches apart.

“Thank you Master, now your slave is helpless and unable to escape, not that she wants to escape, but now she knows it is impossible and that makes her hotter than the Sahara desert between her thighs,” Chloe slid onto the couch and snuggled up next to Ben, pressing her large breasts against him and rubbing up and down, exciting herself further.

“No, we can’t have this, I can’t sleep with my slave rubbing her terrific tits on me,” Ben got up off the couch and went down into the basement. He returned with a small metal apparatus and an average dildo on a stand. Chloe looked at it curiously but said nothing. Ben strapped Chloe’s knees and ankles to the metal frame, keeping her legs spread widely apart, her arms already locked behind her back. Ben then slid the dildo on the stand in front of her already lubricated pussy.

“Impale yourself, slave,” Ben ordered.

“Yes Master,” Chloe responded as she complied and easily slid the six inch dildo into her sopping tunnel. She glanced up at Ben with a disappointed look but again kept her mouth shut.

“I know it seems small, but it will get bigger,” Ben grinned as he plugged the cord for the dildo into the wall socket and pressed start on the remote. The dildo expanded in length and girth and Chloe moaned in appreciation as it filled her nicely.

“I know how noisy you get, so open up,” Ben commanded as he presented a penis panel gag before her face. Chloe opened wide and allowed him to insert the phallus into her mouth. Ben pulled it tight against her face, strapping it quite tightly against her cheeks and mouth, effectively reducing the amount of noise she would be able to make. Ben pressed another button on the remote and the dildo started plunging in and out of Chloe in realistic fashion. Chloe’s aroused moan could barely be heard around the gag.

Ben set the device, called ‘The Dominator’ to auto-orgasm mode and watched as Chloe soon peaked and shuddered and thrust herself onto the dildo as her orgasm crested. Ben also activated the counter mode, the sensor would count how many orgasms Chloe had while riding the fake cock. Chloe orgasmed again and Ben grinned as he watched her, his tired eyes finally succumbing to his much needed sleep.

Chloe orgasmed over and over again, she had lost track after about a dozen. After that she wasn’t unconscious, but the world around her seemed blurry or shapeless and she seemed to have one very long orgasm before she finally passed out from exhaustion. The Dominator stopped when she collapsed and fell to one side, her legs still held widely apart by her bonds.

Ben was jarred out of his nap by the sound of Chloe falling onto her side. He got up and released her from the metal frame, The Dominator having already fallen out of her. Ben then removed the ball gag and unlocked her cuffs but did not remove them and carried her to his bed. He laid her in bed, locked her collar to the chain and covered her over so she could rest. He went back and checked The Dominator to find that Chloe had thirty two orgasms before she passed out and fell off. Ben figured she would probably be out for a while and grabbed the keys to his truck.

Ben fired up his truck and went to pay his ex-friend a visit. He pulled into the parking lot and rushed into the building, taking the stairs two at a time to get to the second floor. He stormed into Submissive Secrets and down the hall. The new receptionist tried to stop him but Ben just continued on down the hall and into the dungeon.

“Tom, I need to see you now,” Ben demanded.

“Can’t this wait, I’m with a client right now,” Tom complained, he was binding a young woman who already sat helplessly bound and gagged.

“No, I need some information from you and I want it now,” Ben said sternly and walked out of the dungeon, leaving the door ajar and motioning for Tom to follow. Ben strode down the hall to Tom’s office and stood waiting for him.

“What is so goddamn important that you had to interrupt me?” Tom asked angrily.

“First, you tried to steal my slave from me, and second, you took very specific measurements of said slave and I need them,” Ben said.

“I know I should have told you about her, but damn Ben, do you know how amazing she is?” Tom asked. “I mean, this girl is perfectly proportioned, very symmetrical, she films incredibly well and the subscribers would have gone crazy over her,” Tom opined.

“I don’t think you have any idea how special she really is. Chloe is a natural submissive and her desire to be a slave makes her the most beautiful woman in the world to me. Yes, she’s beautiful physically, but her personality is so much more beautiful than her physical attributes,” Ben said.

“I guess that’s why she never came back last Saturday,” Tom grumbled.

“Yes, she submitted to be my slave last week, now get me those measurements,” Ben demanded.

“Here they are,” Tom said, looking at his computer and hitting print, then handing Ben the printed copy.

“No, I want it on this flash drive,” Ben said, tossing a thumb drive onto Tom’s desk.

“Alright, no problem,” Tom said and copied the file onto Ben’s flash drive, giving it back to him. “There, all set,” Tom said.

“Not quite. Now delete the file from your computer and empty the recycle bin,” Ben ordered.

“Now you’re asking too much,” Tom said.

“No, you dissolved our friendship when you failed to tell me that Chloe came to see you. She is mine now and you can’t have her, delete the file,” Ben commanded and stepped closer to see that Tom was actually deleting the file. Tom deleted it but only pretended to empty his recycle bin, but Ben thought it was done and stormed out.


Chloe awoke in Ben’s bed with her collar chained to the headboard. She really needed to pee but Ben was nowhere around.

“Master?” Chloe called out, hoping he would hear her and come release her so she could use the bathroom. She called out louder a second time, again with no response. What the hell, Chloe thought to herself, where could he be?

“MASTER, PLEASE, I REALLY NEED TO PEE,” Chloe yelled as loud as she could, still no response. Oh god, I’m going to wet the bed and then he’s going to be pissed, and so am I. Chloe tried to think of anything else and rocked back and forth, sitting on the edge of the bed, hoping Ben would come soon.

“BEN DAVIDSON, GET YOUR ASS IN HERE NOW BEFORE I PEE IN THE BED,” Chloe cried out in anger and frustration, then looked down, ashamed of her poor behavior.

A few minutes later, Chloe heard Ben’s truck backing into the garage and she breathed a silent thank you. Ben came in the door from the garage and Chloe called out.

“MASTER, PLEASE, I REALLY NEED TO USE THE BATHROOM,” Chloe cried out. Ben came rushing into the bedroom and unlocked the chain from Chloe’s collar. She ran into the bathroom, plopping down on the toilet and releasing a torrent of urine as her bladder had felt like it was about to burst. Chloe sighed in relief.

“I see you made it without having an accident,” Ben noted as he walked into the bathroom.

“Yes Master, but I – your slave was a bad slave girl and called out your name in anger and demanded you come release her after she had called out a few times with no answer,” Chloe said looking down, ashamed.

“I guess that means I’ll have to punish you,” Ben said, trying to hide his grin.

“Yes Master, your slave is sorry.”

“I know you are, Chloe, and I can’t punish you for something I didn’t even know about. You’ve been such a model slave all this past week, I’ll give you a pass on this one,” Ben smiled down at her.

“But Master, this slave knows you can watch it on the video, and she really should be punished.”

“Alright slave, you will have a six inch dildo up your ass when we go to dinner. Now go down and put on that sexy little black dress I bought for you and hung in the closet down there,” Ben commanded.

“Yes Master, thank you for punishing your slave,” Chloe said joyfully as she rushed down into the basement to carry out her Master’s orders.

Chloe found the almost nothing black dress and put it on over her best black bra. The shoulder straps were thin but hid her bra straps; however, this dress seemed to redefine V-neck as the said ‘V’ plunged nearly to her navel. The back of the dress also seemed to be missing as it plunged almost to the top of her ass cheeks in a U shape. The skirt of the dress was so short that Chloe pulled down at it constantly; the dress hugged her voluptuous curves and the skirt seemed to ride up, threatening to reveal her shaved pussy. Chloe put on black stockings and garter belt, but the tops of the stockings were clearly visible below the too short skirt. She slipped on the black strap high heels and was fixing her makeup and hair when Ben arrived in the basement.

“Don’t you think this dress is showing a little too much of your slave, Master?” Chloe asked.

“No, I think it looks great,” Ben answered.

“I – this slave is afraid of getting arrested, Master,” Chloe complained.

“You’ll be fine, but you need to take off your bra, it’s showing in the V,” Ben said as he went to the closet and pulled out two pieces that looked like half cup bra pieces, with nothing attached. Chloe pulled the dress down off her shoulders and removed the bra. Ben took the bra and handed her the two items.

“What are these, Master?”

“They are adhesive bra cups, you peel off the protective strip and stick them under your fabulous tits and they lift them up nicely,” Ben replied and Chloe looked them over carefully before setting one down and peeling the strip, sticking the adhesive to her skin under her right breast as she lifted it with her other hand. Chloe repeated the process with the other side, then slid the dress back up over her shoulders and moaned.

“Oh Master, these cups don’t cover this slave’s nipples and the material in the dress is rubbing against them, making your slut horny,” Chloe admitted.

“No problem,” Ben grinned that devilish smile again. “Let’s bind you up, ready to go,” Ben said.

“But Master, you haven’t given your slave her punishment yet,” Chloe reminded him.

“Such a perfect slave, reminding her Master to punish her,” Ben smiled and selected a six inch dildo along with a harness to keep it in. Ben strapped the harness around Chloe’s waist very tightly and then pulled the single strap down through her crotch forcing the lubed dildo into her tight ass. Chloe moaned with arousal. “This doesn’t seem like much of a punishment,” Ben chuckled.

“Oh Master, if you don’t give your slave permission to cum it will be pure torture.” Ben strapped the leather cuffs on Chloe’s wrists and elbows and locked them behind her. He attached a leash to her collar and tugged, indicating he wanted her to follow. Chloe followed behind Ben on her leash and by the time they reached the stairs, Chloe gave out a frustrated yelp as she tried to contain her orgasm. The crotch strap was running straight through her pussy lips and rubbing furiously on her clit with every step. “Please Master, may your slut cum?” Chloe requested.

“No, slave, but I see the problem,” Ben said and went into the dungeon, returning with a different strap. He detached the one bisecting her ass and pussy, then attached a different one that had a Y shaped strap in the front that connected to a single strap in the rear. Ben attached it and pulled it up through her ass cheeks, holding the dildo in place but the Y framed her pussy lips, not adding any stimulation in that area. Ben then tugged on the leash and Chloe followed up the stairs.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said when they arrived in the garage, next to his truck and Ben assisted her into the seat. Ben did not respond and went around and climbed into the driver seat, starting the engine and roaring off down the street to the steakhouse. Chloe was thankful that the new strap did not rub against her pussy or clit, now she would be able to control herself.

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