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Storycodes: MM/f; bond; slave; rom; gag; oral; whip; cons; XX

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Pizza Delivery and a Whipping

Ben came around and unbuckled his naked slave, grabbing her leash and leading her into the basement. As they entered the basement Chloe looked around for her purse and laptop but didn’t see them.

“Master, where is my purse, it has my cell phone in it, I’m sure it needs to be charged. And what about my laptop, did you bring that too?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, they are upstairs in my room, I will make sure that everything is charged.”

“Thank you Master, will I be allowed to keep up with my Facebook account?”

“I’m sure you will be able to after a few days, but for now, I want to enjoy my property,” Ben smiled as he gave his response.

“Thank you Master. I know I am only a slave and it is up to you whether I do such things or not,” Chloe said gratefully.

“Right now it’s time to use my slave again,” Ben said as he led Chloe over to a bench and bent her over it, strapping her waist to it before releasing her wrists and elbows and strapping her arms to the bench, forcing her large tits into the holes as she was forced farther down onto the apparatus. The holes seemed too small and her bountiful breasts did not quite fit. Ben reached down and grabbed her nipples pulling hard and Chloe let out a moan of pain mixed with arousal as he forced her mammaries through the holes fully to her chest restricting their base. They soon took on a dusky rose color as the restricted blood flow also heightened the sensitivity of her nipples.

Ben placed another strap around her chest, just below her breasts keeping Chloe’s torso immobile on the bench. He then strapped her legs at the ankle and knee before stuffing a large ball gag with a penis extension into her mouth. Chloe was completely helpless and could not even beg him to stop, the phallus reached into the beginning of her throat. She could breathe, but could not speak or make much noise above a moan or a small squeak. Chloe was so aroused by her helpless condition that her juices were dripping down her inner thighs. Ben reached down and attached a pair of nipple clamps to her already overstimulated nipples and Chloe had a mini orgasm, huffing and puffing through her nose and around the gag as best she could.

“Are you alright?” Ben asked, with concern, but Chloe nodded her head to indicate she was more than alright. Her Master wanted her so much that he had tied her down tightly, added accessories that heightened her excitement and was going to fuck her, she was ecstatic. Ben dropped his pants and plunged into her in one shot. On his second thrust Chloe came with an earth shattering climax, allowing her pent up desires to run rampant as her body shook with the force of her orgasm. This felt amazing to Ben and he pistoned in and out with abandon, seeking his own release. As Chloe returned to her senses she realized he was trying to reach his own orgasm and she massaged him with her vaginal muscles. They came together as Ben slammed in as deep as he could and held there, shooting his load deep within Chloe’s tunnel.

Chloe could not tell him she wanted more, but as soon as she recovered she began to milk his cock with her talented cunt and Ben moaned as his cock hardened once more. He had never experienced a woman whose pussy was so talented, nor one that could make him cum more than once without resting. Ben began thrusting, but slower than before and though he was slowly climbing, the pace seemed to be perfect for Chloe as she orgasmed again, his cock rubbing her g-spot and his balls slapping her clit. Ben continued as her spasms around his cock felt amazing and his cock felt like it was made of stone. Surprisingly, Chloe climaxed again and still Ben had not cum for a second time, her orgasms seemed to be piling one on top of another. Finally Ben came once more forcing another climax from Chloe as his semen hit the depths of her canal. Ben softened and pulled his shrinking erection from her hot tunnel and noticed that Chloe was still spasming in the aftershocks of her orgasm. He cleaned himself off with a warm wet cloth before returning to Chloe.

By the time Ben returned to her, Chloe was lying still against the bench. Ben left her to go upstairs and find his cell phone to call in a pizza order. He ordered a plain pizza to be delivered and then went into his bedroom to find Chloe’s cell phone and put it on charge. It was in her purse where she said it would be and he also plugged in her laptop so they would both be charged and ready for her to use.

Ben returned to the basement to find Chloe asleep on the bench. He removed the nipple clamps first and she softly moaned in her sleep. Next he removed the gag, it would allow her to breathe better if she wasn’t gagged. As Ben released her arms and then her legs from the straps, Chloe awakened.

“Oh Master, that was amazing, you are incredible! I don’t know how many times I came, but – Wow!” Chloe exclaimed as she tried to lift herself off the bench. “Oh Master, my big titties seem to be stuck,” Chloe said as her breasts had swollen somewhat due to the restriction and she felt the resistance as she tried to lift her upper body.

“I see, they’re so big and perky, they barely fit through those holes,” Ben said as he came over and helped push them back through the holes.

“Ooohh!” Chloe moaned as the blood flow returned to her engorged breasts and Ben massaged them. “Oh, thank you Master, that feels so good, I love your big hands on my tits,” Chloe said appreciatively. “Did you ever think you would find a girl whose breasts filled your hands, Master?” Chloe asked seductively.

“I’ve dated other women with big tits, my lovely slave, but yours are just perfect,” Ben replied with a smile and Chloe moaned.

“Is there something wrong, slave?” Ben asked.

“No Master, your manipulation of my boobs is exciting me, ooohhh!” Chloe responded with another moan.

“Oh Master, may I cum?” Chloe asked as Ben had intensified his play, pinching and pulling at her nipples as well as the initial mauling of them.

“Are you able to cum from just tit stimulation?”

“I’ve never done it before Master, but you are exciting me very much,” Chloe’s answer almost sounded like a purr.

“Yes, if you are able to cum from my playing with your lovely tits, then you may cum, slave,” Ben said as he quickly grasped both nipples, pulling on them firmly.

“Aahhh, oooohhhh!” Chloe moaned as she had a small orgasm from his stimulation of her lovely globes.

“You are just amazing!” Ben said with awe. “I love big tits, but I’ve never seen a woman with that much sensitivity in her big breasts.”

“Thank you Master, that was nice.”

“Yes, and it would be nice if the pizza showed up soon, I’m starving,” Ben said.

“Go get cleaned up and meet me upstairs, so we’re ready when the pizza arrives,” Ben ordered and Chloe hurried off to the bathroom in her cell, using the toilet and cleaning herself up, fixing her makeup and brushing out her hair before hurrying upstairs to her Master. As Chloe arrived in the kitchen the doorbell rang and Ben went to answer the door.

“Chloe, come here,” Ben commanded and Chloe came into the living room where her Master had requested her presence.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said as the doorbell rang again.

“Look at this kid,” Ben said as he pulled back the curtain on the living room window so Chloe could see the teenager with the pimpled face who was delivering their pizza.

“Answer the door and ask him how much for the pizza. Then ask him if he’s a virgin, if he says yes, offer him a blow job. If he says no, hand him the twenty dollars and take the pizza,” Ben ordered.

“But Master, I’m naked!” Chloe protested. “You want me to go outside like this?” she asked.

“Yes, slave,” Ben replied and Chloe opened the door grinning at the shocked face of the delivery boy.

“Hello, my Master told me to ask how much for the pizza,” Chloe said, stepping out onto the landing.

“Er, um, it’s $14.50, miss. Why are you naked?” the delivery guy asked.

“I am naked because my Master wishes for me to be this way. Are you a virgin?”

“Um, is it that obvious?”

“So you are a virgin, then?”

“Yes,” the delivery guy said sullenly.

“My Master has ordered me to offer you a blow job since you are a virgin,” Chloe smiled up at him.

“What, a blow job, geez, lady, are you serious?”

“Yes Sir, I am. Here’s the money and keep the change, I’ll just hand off the pizza to my Master inside,” Chloe said as she handed him the twenty dollar bill. She took the pizza, handing it to Ben who was standing in the doorway. “Now, do you want that blow job or not?”

“Um, yeah sure,” the delivery guy replied, so Chloe knelt, unbuckled and unzipped his pants, pulling his cock out of his boxers.

“Ooo, you have a nice big cock,” Chloe cooed as she held his now fully erect, eight-inch cock in her hands.

“Um, thanks,” the delivery guy said.

Chloe took the head of his cock into her mouth and started licking and sucking, working her way up and down it. His cock suddenly jerked and Chloe realized he was about to cum. Chloe quickly buried his cock in her throat and the delivery guy shot his load straight down her esophagus and into her stomach. She backed off and took the last couple of squirts in her mouth, then held them on her tongue to show him before she swallowed the last of his load.

“Oh god, that was awesome!” the delivery guy said. “But I should have pulled out my cell phone and gotten a couple of pictures, no one at work is going to believe me,” he added.

“We can take care of that, here, give me your phone,” Ben said, stepping outside. Ben took pictures of the delivery guy with Chloe standing beside him, then a couple with his arm around her, then a few more with his cock in her mouth and finally one with his fully erect cock and Chloe looking at it hungrily.

“Is that enough?” Ben asked after he handed the delivery guy his phone.

“Oh man, these are great shots, thank you, you are so awesome,” the delivery guy said. “Um, could I ask you a few questions?” the delivery guy said as he pulled up his pants, buckling his belt and zipping them.

“Sure,” Ben said.

“First off, my name is James and can I ask her a question?” James asked.

“No problem, James,” Ben replied.

“Um, what’s your name?” James asked Chloe.

“My name is Chloe, Sir.”

“Are you really his slave?”

“Yes, I submitted willingly to be his slave just yesterday,” Chloe answered.

“Wow, and here I thought it was just some sort of fantasy,” James mused thoughtfully.

“It’s not a fantasy and Chloe helped another young woman find her true self as well. She submitted to be a slave to one of our other co-workers,” Ben explained.

“That’s incredible. I mean, she’s incredible. No, you are incredible, Chloe, and so beautiful!” James exclaimed.

“You could have just about any guy in the world wrapped around your little finger, why did you submit to be a slave?” James queried.

“I am a natural submissive and found that what I most desired was to be a complete slave to a Master, my Master,” Chloe replied.

“Wow, you sound like you’ve been a slave for a long time, but you said you just submitted to him yesterday,” James noted.

“Yes, but I found out about four years ago that I really wanted to be a slave and find a good Master. I’ve been reading and studying, trying to be ready to be the best slave I can for my Master,” Chloe responded.

“That explains a lot. Did you come out here on your own, or did he order you to do it?” James questioned.

“My Master ordered me,” Chloe admitted.

“And you just did what he said?”

“Yes, I don’t want to be punished.”

“Has he punished you yet?”

“No Sir, I think I’ve been a pretty good slave so far.”

“I think that’s all the questions I have. Thank you, for the tip and the well, you know. Thank you very much,” James said as he started down the steps.

“Sir, may I ask you a question?” Chloe called out.

“Yes,” James stopped and turned back around to face them.

“How old are you, Sir?”

“Eighteen.” James replied and Chloe breathed a sigh of relief, because James would be considered an adult in any court of law.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Nice kid,” Ben commented. “Come on inside, you did very well my lovely slave. Let’s eat dinner,” he added with a smile, very pleased with Chloe.

“He sure asked very specific questions, Master.”

“Yes, he seemed quite knowledgeable about sexual slavery.”

“I wonder if he has a girl in mind to be his slave, Master?” Chloe mused out loud.

“I wouldn’t doubt it,” Ben responded with a grin and set the pizza on the table, grabbing a Pepsi and a Mountain Dew from the fridge. He set these on the table and took a couple of paper plates and napkins from the cupboard and set them both on the table.

“Have a seat,” Ben commanded and Chloe slipped into the chair in front of her. She had thought she might be kneeling to eat dinner again, being fed by her Master’s hand. Not that she minded, she found that even the little things like that emphasized her slavery and aroused her.

Ben sat and opened the pizza box, putting a slice of pizza on Chloe’s plate first before putting one on his own plate and closing the box. Ben took a bite of his pizza and then looked at Chloe who was waiting for him to start before she started on her own. Chloe opened the bottle of soda and took a small sip before taking a bite of pizza. She started chewing faster, trying to match Ben so she would be ready as soon as he was finished. Ben finished his slice and took another, but did not offer Chloe another because she had not finished her first slice. When Chloe finished her first slice she waited for Ben to offer her more.

“Take another slice,” Ben ordered, so Chloe pulled out another slice from the box onto her paper plate.

“Would you like another slice, Master?” Chloe asked, noticing Ben was almost finished with his second slice.

“Sure,” Ben said and slid his plate over near the box so she could put another slice on it while he finished munching on his current one. Chloe tried to hurry, she was very hungry and thought she might like another slice, but didn’t want Ben to have to wait for his slave to finish eating. When she finished her second slice, though she tried to cover it, she belched quite loudly, even with her mouth closed.

“Chloe, are you trying to hurry and eat as fast as I do?”

“I am hurrying, Master, I don’t want you to have to wait for me to finish eating,” Chloe admitted.

“No, slow down, do not hurry, you will give yourself indigestion and ruin our dessert,” Ben commanded and Chloe looked down guiltily. “While I appreciate your attempt to please me, I don’t want you to rush while you eat. Take your time, eat at your pace, that will make me happy,” Ben explained.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said as she took another drink of soda and then took another slice of pizza, eating much slower, at her own pace.

“Much better, slave.”

“Thank you, Master,” Chloe said between bites of pizza. Ben finished his third and started on a fourth slice, while Chloe ate her third. She didn’t finish, leaving the outer crust because she was full.

“Are you full?” Ben asked.

“Yes Master,” Chloe replied and drank some more of her soda. Chloe reflected on her shrinking vocabulary, she often only spoke these two words, but she had never been happier in her life. She and Ben had hardly spoken while eating, but she was so comfortable here with him. Suddenly another large belch erupted from her stomach, she had eaten too fast and was now paying the price.

“Sorry Master, perhaps you should punish your slave for causing herself to get indigestion.”

“I’ll not punish you for trying to please me, but if you rush while you eat in the future, I may punish you for it.”

“Thank you, Master,” Chloe said and finished her soda.

“Do you want more to drink?”

“No thank you Master,” Chloe replied and sat quietly as Ben finished eating his final slice and drinking the rest of his soda. When Ben finished he got up and started to clear away the remains of dinner, putting the last slice in a plastic bag in the fridge.

“Master, shouldn’t your slave be taking care of that for you?”

“Not tonight, you need to sit still and digest.”

“Master, may I make a suggestion?”

“Yes, slave.”

“Perhaps if you had a treadmill or stationary bicycle, I could do a little exercise, that usually helps my digestion,” Chloe suggested.

“Yes, there’s a stationary bicycle in the other room of the basement. Go on down and use that, while I clean up and watch some of the game. Come back up when you’re feeling better,” Ben said, handing her a bottle of water.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said and went down to the basement. She turned in the other direction from her cell and all the bondage equipment, finding the light switch and then the bicycle. Climbing on she started riding slowly for a few miles, drinking water from the bottle as she needed. Soon she was feeling better and bounded up the stairs to kneel in front of Ben in presentation.

“Feeling better?” Ben asked.

“Yes Master,” Chloe answered while Ben continued to watch the game. Chloe knelt silently until a commercial came on during a timeout. “Master, will you whip me, please?” Chloe requested and Ben’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Why, have you been a bad slave?”

“I don’t think so, Master, but I want to feel the kiss of your whip on my skin.”

“Are you a pain slut?”

“Maybe a little, I think, Master.”

“After the game we’ll discuss it,” Ben said as the late stages of the game came on. Chloe had her back to the television, but could hear that the game must be exciting by the announcer’s description. Soon the game ended and Ben looked down at her.

“Chloe, are you happy?”

“Yes Master, I am very happy.” Chloe’s joy was written all over her face.

“So why do you want me to whip you?”

“I am a slave, Master, slaves need to feel the whip to be reminded of their status. I want to feel truly owned by you, and if you whip me, then I will know that you are truly my Master.”

“Very well, slave. Let’s go down to the basement and give you that whipping you keep asking for. Precede me slave, I want to look at the sexy ass I’m going to put stripes on,” Ben ordered. Chloe nearly jumped up and scurried down the stairs to the main dungeon area, standing straight and tall, her tits thrust up, her legs spread and her hands behind her back. Ben walked in and made a circle around her. “You are so beautiful,” Ben commented and then headed over to a cabinet by the wall, opening it and selecting a few items.

“Give me your wrists,” Ben commanded and Chloe complied as he strapped the leather suspension cuffs on her wrists quite tightly. Ben locked them together and to the chain hanging from the ceiling. Ben walked over and pushed a button on the wall that activated a motor which started to retract the chain into the ceiling. Chloe’s wrists shot upward and soon she was barely on her toes. At this point Ben stopped the motor. He strapped leather cuffs around Chloe’s ankles and pulled them out wide, attaching them to two anchors in the concrete that Chloe hadn’t noticed before. She was now completely suspended by her wrists and spread wide. Ben could whip her anywhere he pleased, including her already dripping pussy.

“Are you sure you want this?”

“Yes Master,” Chloe answered softly but clearly. Ben took up a position behind Chloe and swung the whip a couple of times to get the feel of it, then he struck almost perfectly bisecting her perfect ass cheeks. Chloe gasped and panted but did not cry out. Ben struck again about an inch above the first strike that was already turning red. Chloe cried out, but not loudly, panting again. Ben waited about a minute between each stroke, laying five stripes across her ass, Chloe crying out on the last three, but not screaming.

“Are you alright, Chloe?”

“Yes Master, it hurts, but I am a slave, I must take whatever my Master dishes out,” Chloe replied.

“Do you want more?”

“Whatever you wish, Master,” Chloe responded. This spurred Ben to whip her five more times, all on her ass, the stripes crossing each other. Ben threw down the whip in disgust and started to release Chloe, who moaned, but it didn’t seem like it was one of pain. First Ben released her ankles and helped her to gain her footing, lowering the chain a bit to allow her to stand on her feet. Then he lowered the chain and Chloe nearly collapsed, so Ben caught her.

“I love you Master,” Chloe said as Ben held her in his arms.

“Why do you love me, slave?”

“I love you because you are strong enough to whip me when necessary, Master. I know you will be the kind of Master I need: strong and commanding, willing to punish me when necessary, but not an asshole who loves to whip and hurt a woman just for fun. Thank you Master, that is why I love you.”

“I love you too, Chloe. You are so beautiful physically, yet your submissive slave nature makes you ten times more beautiful than any woman I’ve ever known,” Ben said. He kissed her passionately, then carried her into the cell and laid her face down on the bed. He left for a moment but returned and started rubbing a cool cream into her ass where he had whipped her.

“Thank you Master, I knew you would do this, it makes me love you even more.”

Chloe moaned with pleasure as Ben rubbed the soothing cream into her backside.

“Please fuck me Master,” Chloe requested as her breathing pattern increased, denoting her arousal.

“When I’m finished,” Ben responded as he continued to rub the ointment into her lovely buttocks. After he finished massaging her ass, Ben put away the cream and removed the suspension cuffs from Chloe’s wrists. He returned with the regular leather cuffs for her wrists, elbows and ankles, strapping them all tight and locking them on her. Ben then pulled her arms behind her and locked her wrists to the opposing elbows in a box tie. Next he stood her on her feet and bent her over the end of the metal bed frame, face in the bedding, her ass high in the air. Ben locked her ankles to the bed posts and slammed into her.

“Ooohhh, yeeeessss Master! Please use your slave! Thank you Master!” Chloe exclaimed.

Ben thrust into her again and Chloe came, he was amazed by how easily she orgasmed, but continued his assault on her welcoming pussy. It didn’t take long before he shot his load forcing a second orgasm from Chloe. Ben was tired and pulled out, his cock still erect, but no longer ejaculating and he cleaned himself off and then cleaned Chloe as she moaned with pleasure.

“Thank you Master, you are the best Master ever. You give me multiple orgasms and then clean me up when I am too weak to do my duty and clean you.”

“Are you tired, slave?”

“Yes Master,” Chloe replied followed by a yawn. Ben lifted her into bed and changed her arms, locking her wrists together and then her elbows.

“Thank you Master, I love it when you lock my elbows together.”

Ben added ankle cuffs and also locked them together before locking her collar to a chain attached to the wall next to the bed.

“Good night slave,” Ben said and kissed softly on her full lips.

“Mmm, good night Master,” Chloe said and snuggled under the blanket he had pulled up over her.

Ben went upstairs and grabbed a bottle of water before heading into his room. He turned on the TV, and again he watched as Chloe slept, noting the rise and fall of her breasts as she took deep steady breaths. He looked at her lovely face, framed by the now auburn hair, her peaceful face, her plump lips, almost turned up into a small smile. He turned off the light and lay there in bed watching her. A sudden thought struck him. ‘Why was he lying here in bed all alone when he had a willing slave chained up in the basement? Why not bring her up here and chain her to his bed, then he could enjoy her whenever he desired?’ Ben jumped out of bed and rushed down the stairs into the basement. Chloe awakened when Ben opened the door to her cell.

“Is it morning already, Master,” Chloe asked groggily.

“No, it’s only been a few minutes, slave,” Ben said, as he unlocked her collar from the chain and slung her over his shoulder.

“Where are we going, Master?” Chloe asked, though her face was half buried in his back. Ben smacked her on the ass once and Chloe realized she should have kept quiet, she would find out soon enough. Ben dumped her onto the side of the bed opposite from where he normally slept and locked a chain to her collar and the wrought iron headboard. Chloe was still bound hand and foot and now locked to her Master’s bed. Ben climbed into bed beside her and covered them over, wrapping his arms around her holding her full tits in his large hands.

“Mmm, Master, this is very nice, thank you,” Chloe said and her hands gripped his semi erect cock. She pumped it a few times.

“No more sex tonight, only sleep. You may hold it, but that’s all,” Ben commanded.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said barely above a whisper as she snuggled herself into his warmth. Chloe lay there, too aroused to go to sleep, her Master had taken her to his bed and lay holding her big breasts in his large hands. She fidgeted slightly, trying not to disturb him, but was having difficulty keeping her arousal in check.

“Lie still and go to sleep,” Ben ordered and within a couple of minutes, Chloe was fast asleep, her measured breathing let Ben know she had gone off to dreamland. He shook his head in amazement at the lovely woman he was holding, she was so submissive that just his order had allowed her to go to sleep, even in her excited condition. To him she was the most amazing woman he had ever known, it was no wonder he loved her. Ben fell asleep a few minutes later as the song of her breathing sung him to sleep.

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