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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Chapter 38: The Weekend Begins

Regina had no idea what to expect when she met Clair’s parents for dinner on Friday night. Clair had explained that her parents would leave after dinner on Friday and be gone for the weekend so they would have some privacy for the weekend. Regina was looking forward to Clair and her husband Fred dominating and grateful that they could use Clair’s childhood home for their adventures since their dorms at the university weren’t exactly private. But she wasn’t prepared for the strange mixture of an American suburban home and family that also just happened to embrace a full-time dominance dynamic. It was just hard to wrap her mind around how normal it all seemed. Yet here was Clair’s mom Jill, her hands cuffed together, her ankle chained to something? (All Regina could see was the chain seemed to run into a hall closet).

The conversation was basically the same as you would have in any American household, except that Jill pointedly asked Bob’s permission to refill everyone’s drinks. And she asked again when it was time to clear the dinner plates, and nobody else offered to help her. And she asked again if she could serve dessert. Bob asked Regina about her education plans, her career plans, her family and background. It never seemed like an interrogation, just that he was genuinely interested in her. Jill and Clair talked about Jill’s tennis team and their prospects, and Clair’s classes, and a new tablecloth that Jill had sent for Clair and Fred’s family housing dorm suite. Bob and Fred talked about a project they were planning, to replace the siding on the barn at Clair’s grandmother’s place.

It was all so… normal, Regina almost forgot why she was here.

Until Bob spoke up, “Well, it’s a few hours’ drive to the farm and I’d like to get there before those old folks turn in. The car is already loaded so we just need to take care of a couple of things before we leave. Clair, Helen’s going to stay at Schwartz Iron Works this weekend, so you’ll have the place to yourself. Fridge is stocked. We’ll be back Sunday night.”

Turning to Fred Bob said, “Fred would you mind going and getting Jill’s chain key from the garage key rack? It’s labeled.”

Then turning back to Regina who had a puzzled look, “we keep the key to her ankle chain in the garage because her ankle chain won’t reach that far so it’s always available and in a known location to the rest of us but out of Jill’s reach.”

Fred returned and stood at Bob’s side. Regina wondered; had they had planned the scene that was about to unfold? Bob continued looking Regina firmly in the eyes, “Regina, this is my house, and you are very welcome here, but before I leave, I have to ask you to tell me exactly what you expect to happen this weekend and that you freely consent to it.”

Now Regina knew this was a planned scene. It explained why Clair had drilled her in the car driving down to explicitly state her wants and limits. Regina couldn’t believe she was about to say this to a man twice her age that she had just met, Clair’s dad.
“Sir, I’ve told Fred and Clair that I don’t want to die, I don’t want to get pregnant, and I don’t want any damage or modifications done to my body that are still visible after a week. No bruises, cuts or abrasions that won’t heal in a week. Other than that, I want to experience anything and everything they choose for me to experience. I trust them.”

“So!” Bob said more than asked, “You’re doing a three way then?”

“DAD!” Clair blurted out, “You’re crossing the family ethics line, remember we don’t ask, don’t talk about sex.”

“Fair enough,” said Bob without really apologizing, “But I want to hear it from Regina, do you expect and consent to have sex this weekend and do you have protection.”

“Yes sir,” Regina said with as much conviction as she could muster while trying desperately not to break eye contact with Clair’s dad. And then some part of her brain that she couldn’t completely control blurted out, “But no PIV, that’s the only thing off the table, that’s reserved for Clair alone.”

“Oh god, did I really just say that.” Regina thought then added out loud, “Oh, that’s’ Penis in….”

“I know what PIV means Regina and I think it’s a wise rule.” Bob interrupted.

“Well, it wasn’t my idea,” Clair whispered under her breath where only her mother could hear.

“Regina, I hope you have a wonderful experience this weekend, you’re in good hands I know. Fred, hand me that key.”

Responding to a hand motion, Jill placed her leg in Bob’s lap, and he unlocked the chain from Jill’s ankle cuff. Bob then got up and Fred sat down in his seat. He made the same hand motion to Regina. Regina was a smart woman, she immediately understood that, not only was she to put her leg in Fred’s lap, but that two symbolic torches were being passed. Bob was turning the head chair, and the house, over to Fred, and Regina was replacing Jill as resident submissive.

Regina wasn’t wearing a fancy, custom steel cuff but that was ok, Fred simply wrapped the chain around her ankle and locked it on. Neither he nor Regina said a word.

Jill had a huge smile on her face and winked at Regina. Goodbyes were said all round and, as soon as the garage door was closed behind Jill and Bob, Fred looked at Regina and said simply “Strip, hand your clothes to Clair, you won’t need them anymore this weekend.”

“Here we go.” Thought Regina. “It’s good I have a skirt on that when unzipped will go over my head.”

Once naked, it was taking all her concentration not to try and cover herself with her arms.

They were still standing in the foyer and Fred had Regina kneel. Looking down at her he said “Time for another reflection session. As in the car, it’s better if you think carefully for a minute before answering so take your time. What did you witness between Bob and Jill, walk us through it from the time we arrived.”

Regina thought for just a minute before saying, “When we arrived, Jill was under high protocol, I’m not sure why but I would assume it was because that’s what Bob wanted. She was certainly very obedient in holding protocol until he released her. The handcuffs and ankle chain were to enforce her captivity and it seemed that she was very comfortable in chains. Perhaps she would have been uncomfortable without them? It was completely obvious that Bob was in control all evening as I noticed Jill had to ask permission for everything she did, even though sometimes the permission was given with a glance or hand gesture.”

“That’s very perceptive of you.” Bob interrupted. “Why did Bob hand feed Jill? Wasn’t that more work for him?”

“I don’t know sir.” Regina replied honestly.

Clair supplied the answer, “I can tell you as a submissive, that it makes you focus on just how dependent you are on your dominant, you rely on him for everything, even the water you drink and the food you eat.”

The reflection time was over, “Regina, you will wash and dry the dishes, by hand, put them away and clean up the kitchen. Clair will show you where everything goes after she brings in our luggage.”

The suddenness of the change in Fred’s demeanor hit Regina as she said, “Yes sir,” and started dragging her chain towards the kitchen.

“Wait.” Fred said, and Regina realized Clair was holding a pair of handcuffs. They looked like the same real, police quality handcuffs that Jill had been wearing earlier. Clair double locked them on Regina’s wrists in front of her.

“You may now leave the room.” Fred said.


Regina found the dish soap and a brush and started first on the plates. In a few minutes she heard Clair come back in the front door and go up the stairs. When she came back down, she was naked except for a wide leather belt with some pouches on it and a riding crop hanging from one side. She stood next to Regina and started picking up the plates she had washed one at a time, inspecting them closely. When Regina started washing silverware, she did the same with each piece.

“Do you think this knife is clean,” Clair asked holding the knife in front of Regina.

“Looks like I missed a smudge.” Regina replied.

Clair dropped the knife in the sink, “Put your hands, palms down on the counter on either side of the sink.”


Clair then slapped Regina’s right ass cheek with the flap at the end of the riding crop causing Regina to yelp and quickly rub her ass with her right hand.
“Hands on the counter, now!” Clair barked.

“That first one,” she continued, “was for doing sloppy work. A slave needs to take pride in their work, do you think Fred should have to eat with a dirty knife?’

“No Ma'am,” Regina replied, realizing she had forgotten protocol when Clair had asked her if the knife was clean but hoping Clair hadn’t noticed.

“The next one is for forgetting to show respect for your betters. You seem to be too stupid to remember a stupid rule.

Clair hit her on the other ass cheek.

“You also seem to be too stupid to follow simple directions, like keeping your hands on the counter.”

And this time Clair used the entire length of the crop like a cane and put a stripe all the way across Regina’s butt. Regina sucked in air then let out a little cry, that last one hurt!

Clair had never hit another woman with a crop before. Knowing she was going to do this scene with Regina, she had experimented with hitting the front of her thighs last week and thought she had a feel for how hard to strike to make an impression without breaking the skin. Looking at Regina’s ass over the next few minutes, she decided she had done pretty well for a first time; there were two red patches and a faint red line to show her work.

Regina was mortified. She wasn’t five minutes into her submission, and she had failed three times. A part of her brain knew that Clair was orchestrating this entire scene. But for some reason, that knowledge didn’t prevent her from feeling like she had failed Clair. She vowed to herself that she would do better, to please Clair.

“Continue.” Clair instructed, hooking the crop back on her belt.


While Clair was supervising the dishwashing, Bob had turned on the TV and was channel surfing, trying to ignore the sounds of the crop on Regina’s ass, the whimpers she was emitting and Clair’s excellent job of dominating her. Damn, this was going to be a fun weekend.

When the kitchen was done, Clair led to just in front of the couch where Bob was sitting but off to the side so she didn’t block the TV and knelt in Nadu position, indicating with her hand that Regina should kneel beside her. With her hands cuffed, Regina couldn’t position them properly for Nadu but she tried to emulate Clair. And then they waited. Clair didn’t move, she didn’t turn her head, she didn’t speak, she didn’t fidget. Regina could only see her with peripheral vision, but she tried to copy her. Who knew how hard it was to kneel perfectly still.


Once the episode of ‘The Office’ was done, Fred turned off the TV and turned to the women.

“Clair, Good Girl, you may come sit next to me, protocol off. Regina, you stay, back straight, but you may look at me.”

The Psych student in Regina was analyzing everything that was happening to her, and she was surprised at how her breath caught when Fred told her to “stay” like she was a dog being trained. She also realized that she desperately wanted him to call her a “Good Girl” as he had Clair. Was this proof she was a submissive? Or did all women feel some of these primal feelings. And if she was submissive, why did she get turned on when she was hurting Clair’s nipples during their mummification scene?

Regina was so lost in thought, she almost missed Fred’s question, “Regina, tell me what form of BDSM you just experienced and your reaction to it.”

Clair added, “I know that I just punished you, so you’re probably still feeling that, but you will not be punished this weekend for anything you say during these ‘reflection’ sessions. We hope you’ll be completely honest with us about your feelings.”

“I’ve already started thinking about it, Sir, Ma'am. It was ‘service’ and it felt right to be allowed to do chores to make your evening easier. I was mortified when I screwed up and I felt sad when you told Clair that she was a ‘good girl’ and couldn’t say the same to me. The crop hurt, but I deserved it, so it felt right.

“Why is your ankle chained?” Fred asked, “You’re not going anywhere anyway, are you?”

“No sir,” Regina replied, “but it helps me feel submissive, knowing that I couldn’t leave even if I wanted to.”

“Actually, we all know that’s not true,” Clair said, “but you’re right, It also makes us, your dominants feel in control and turns us on as well.”

“So, why do you think Clair is nude, Regina?” Fred asked.

Regina thought for a minute. “That did surprise me at first, but I assume you intend to enforce a hierarchy of submissives this weekend. Clair is yours, and I am both of yours. Her nudity, protocol and humbling herself is evidence to all of us of that hierarchy.”

“That sounds like a paragraph from a Psychology paper on BDSM.” Fred laughed.

“I may sound like that a lot this weekend,” Regina smiled, “I find I’m analyzing everything.”

“But are you turned on?” Clair asked.

“I’ve been wet since I got in your car outside the dorm!” Regina responded, looking Clair right in the eye.

“You sluts grab Regina’s clothes and let’s adjourn to the bedroom,” Fred said as he fished the key to Regina’s ankle chain out of his pocket. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, the end of the long chain from upstairs that was used to lock Clair’s mom Jill when she cleaned upstairs had been pulled to the bottom of the steps. Fred had Clair bend over, lock the upstairs chain around Regina’s ankle then unlock the downstairs chain from her ankle and hand Fred the key. Then they all walked to the master bedroom.

The upstairs chain allowed Regina to reach everything in the master suite.

“You have ten minutes to use the bathroom,” Clair said pointing, “you won’t have another chance till morning so empty bladder and bowels, brush your teeth and comb your hair.

Regina discovered that her purse was on the bathroom sink and all her personal hygiene items had been arranged in a row. Regina had never tried wiping her ass wearing handcuffs, that proved to be hard, but everything Clair asked her to do was accomplished in the ten minutes.

 “Stand at the foot of the bed, facing the bed.” Fred ordered, and the tone of his voice made it plain it was an order.

Clair was unloading various items from a duffle bag, including leather cuffs and shanks of rope.

Bob and Jill had a magnificent four poster bed with large, ornate oak posts on each corner that were at least eight feet tall. Working together Fred and Jill had Regina’s wrists spread wide and attached to the top of each post in minutes. Regina was momentarily grateful that they had left the ropes a bit slack until she realized they were planning to spread her legs to the bottom corners of the post. When they finished, she was stretched tight. Fred adjusted her wrist ropes until they were even lengths on each side and Regina almost, almost had to stand on tip toe to relieve the pressure.

If Regina had thought she felt exposed sitting topless in the back seat of the car, it was nothing to how she felt now. She could feel the breeze from the air conditioning floor vent blowing across her damp cunt. Fred stripped naked, the first time Regina had seen him in anything but street clothes. He and Clair climbed on the bed and started kissing, fondling each other and generally making out on the bed. Fred was already sporting a throbbing, six-and-a-half-inch erection when he got undressed and now Clair was practically waving it in front of Regina.

She turned and looked away, it was just embarrassing and uncomfortable watching her two friends doing a naked makeout session.

“Clair, Regina thinks I’m ugly.” Fred said.

“It must be you darling, because she didn’t look away when I was naked downstairs.” Clair replied.

“Well,” Fred agreed, “I think it’s just rude and I think you should remind your submissive what the crop feels like on a rude girl’s ass.”

Regina wanted to scream that she was just trying to give them some privacy, but, new submissive or not, she remembered to only speak when spoken to.

Clair retrieved the crop from her belt that she had dropped on the floor earlier.

“You,” Wack, “will,” Wack, “not,” Wack, “look,” Wack, “away. Do you understand?”

Regina was sobbing by the second stroke and replied, “Yes,” sob “Ma'am.”

“My husband’s body is magnificent,” Clair continued, “and you will worship it with your eyes any time it is presented to you. And you will hope and beg for the chance to worship his cock with your hands, mouth, and ass. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma'am,” sobbed Regina, still reeling from the pain of Clair’s strikes and from her words.

Clair dropped the crop and climbed back on the bed with Fred, and they started mutually masturbating each other, alternating between hugging and stroking, kissing, and playing with each other’s genitalia. Periodically one of them would look up at Regina to make sure she was attentive to the action.
“God this is HOT!” Clair whispered in Fred’s ear, “PLEASE fuck me sometime tonight,” she begged.

“How about now!” he replied as he rolled over on top of her and thrust into her with one quick motion.

“Regina!” Fred said loudly, “count my thrusts in your head, you’ll tell me the count after I’m done, and you’ll get another stroke of the crop for each number you’re off.”

Fred had been so turned on all evening that he only lasted, by his count, 22 strokes before he exploded into Clair and then collapsed on top of her. Clair had come close, very close, but hadn’t quite crested when Fred pushed in and held. “Shit,” she thought, “please Fred?” she whispered in his ear.

“You’ll get yours, love, I promise; have a little more patience,” Fred answered.

“Regina, count?” he asked.

“21 sir.” She answered.

“Wrong,” Fred replied, “you probably failed to count the initial trust before I told you to count. I’ll get to you in a minute.”

Then Fred cuddled beside Clair and, even though it was just after eight pm, took a nap.

Clair was too turned on to nap, but she was a dutiful sub and laid still and let Fred have his post-orgasmic cool down. Regina had no chance of relaxing, tied as she was. She could feel a trail of her juices slowly rolling down the inside of her left thigh. That was maddening enough but she was stretched so tight she was having to concentrate on breathing. But it was hard to concentrate on anything other than the hot sex she had just witnessed. She wanted what Clair had SO bad. She felt a longing from the depth of her cunt to the recesses of her brain.

When Clair thought it had been long enough, she started slowly stroking Fred’s body. Fred rolled over and stretched like a waking tiger. Regina was starting to feel pretty uncomfortable and most of her joints were aching, but she didn’t have to be ordered again to worship Fred’s body with her eyes. She had always tried NOT to think about Fred, since he was her lab partner and was married. But now, she couldn’t help but notice how hot he was. You wouldn’t describe him as ripped but he was well toned, had a nice amount of dark body hair, a very nice chest and that penis. Regina didn’t have a lot of experience with penis’ but she knew enough to know Fred’s was above average length, girth and had a nice upward curve. When he stretched, she absorbed every inch of his body.

Clair noticed Regina watching and correctly read her reaction. “Nice huh!” she said.

“Yes Ma'am, both of you are very attractive.” Regina replied without embarrassment this time.

“She thinks we’re attractive?” Fred said to Clair with a smile as he got out of bed and picked up the crop.

“I think 22 minus 21 is 1?” Fred asked no one in particular. And without warning he applied a very firm stroke across Regina’s ass. Then he started untying Regina. Clair got out and helped him. They left the cuffs and ropes on Regina’s wrists and ankles, and, using those restraints, soon had her spread-eagled face up in the middle of the queen bed.

“I do believe you’re a bit frustrated darling, so, ‘ladies first’.” Fred said with an elegant flourish of his hand. Clair proceeded to face the headboard, put her knees on either side of Regina’s head and sit on Regina’s face, “I’m assuming this is your first time, Regina, so Fred is going to give you a little help. He’s going to eat you out just the way I like to be eaten, you feel what he’s doing to you and copy his technique. The only thing you’ll have to be aware of, is that Fred is very good at this, and he may be so distracting that you forget to focus on me! So, if I feel you slacking off, I’ll just cut off your air as a friendly reminder.” And with that, Clair pressed down on Regina’s face so she couldn’t breathe. “Or I might do this!” Clair added as she reached behind her back, found one of Regina’s nipples and squeezed hard and twisted!

When Clair eased up and moved her clit back over Regina’s lips, Regina realized with a start that Fred’s cum had leaked out of Clair and onto her nose and was still oozing onto her lips. Clair hadn’t cleaned herself up after Fred’s orgasm. A part of Regina’s brain wanted to be repulsed, but her curiosity overcame the squick factor and she licked her lips and tasted the salty, gooey liquid.

“Ahh,” Clair laughed, “you’ve figured out that there is a bonus to doing this after Fred has plowed me. Doesn’t he taste wonderful!”

Regina wasn’t sure ‘wonderful’ was the right description, but she wasn’t about to criticize the taste of Clair’s husband’s cum when Clair controlled her air and still held one of her nipples.

Regina felt a hot breath on her lips and then the long, slow, very light stroke of Fred’s tongue from near the bottom of her inner labia to above her clit. Oh god! It felt so good she almost forgot to duplicate the movement but did so before Clair noticed.

“Slower and lighter bitch!” Clair growled.

Over the next ten minutes, Fred ‘instructed’ Regina but made sure that she didn’t cum. As Clair got higher and higher, Fred sat up and said “I think you’ve got the technique now Regina, and you’re getting too distracted. Keep going and get Clair off.”

Regina was disappointed Fred had stopped, she wanted to beg him to finish her too, but she did her best on Clair. It took another five minutes before Clair’s moaning and breathing peaked. “Suck it. Suck it hard!” Clair growled then pressed down on Regina’s face. Regina was caught off guard and hadn’t grabbed a breath. She was starting to panic for air when she felt Clair’s genitals convulse. Regina WAS panicked now, Clair kept cumming and cumming and Regina was bucking, trying to get Clair off her face, trying to get air!

Finally, Clair literally fell off Regina’s face and collapsed in a ball at the head of the bed.

“Damn, I’m good!” Fred said, taking credit for the work of Regina’s tongue.

As Regina got her breath she realized three things, she was still incredibly wet and frustrated, both Fred and Clair’s juices were all over her face, the smell of which was adding to her arousal, and Fred was an arrogant ass. And because she was still tied up, she couldn’t do anything about the first two.

Fred’s face was sporting quite a facial from Regina’s juices as well. They just left Regina tied to the bed and spent several minutes in the bathroom cleaning up. At least Clair came back with a wet wash-rag and cleaned Regina’s face and pussy. Once Clair had her reasonably clean, she grabbed a battery powered Hitachi out of her bag and she and Fred double teamed Regina. Fred inserted two fingers of his right hand into Regina but held them still, simply applying upward pressure. With his left hand he pinched and massaged her left nipple. At first Clair started slowly and lightly circling Regina’s clit while massaging her right nipple. Regina closed her eyes and started slowly rocking her hips, trying to get more pressure from Clair’s finger and move on Fred’s. They kept this up for what seemed like forever to Regina.

When Clair thought Regina had plateaued, she picked up the vibrator but held it well above Regina’s clit, moving it down towards her clit but never quite touching it. Since the vibrator was over Regina’s pubic bone the vibrations were rippling through her whole cunt but not enough, not nearly enough. Fred, meanwhile, started gently stroking that spongy pad on the top of Regina’s vagina from the G spot to her urethra. It was maddening.

“Please, may I have more please?” Regina panted.

Fred and Clair looked at each other and Fred removed his hands. Clair took his lead and did likewise.

“Well, we were going to get you off,” Fred scolded, “but since you can’t seem to show proper respect in how you address us, I don’t think you deserve it.”

Regina almost sobbed.

Clair was grinning so hard that she had to turn away, so she didn’t ruin the mood. Fred was amazed at the sadism coming out of his wife. She was amused by Regina’s desperation. Did she not remember how many times she had suffered a similar fate? Perhaps it was those memories that caused her lack of sympathy.

“Well, I guess it’s time to get ready for bed dear.” Fred said and they both adjourned to the bathroom.

“You’re really enjoying this aren’t you!” Fred said when they closed the bathroom door.

“I’m a little surprised too… but yes… yes I am.” Clair replied. “I guess I’m more of a switch than expected.”

“Well, don’t ever expect me to sub to you,” Fred stated emphatically.

“Never,” Clair agreed, “that would ruin it for me as well. But Regina, now that’s fun. But Fred,” she continued with concern, “does it bother you that I’m probably bi? I really enjoyed Regina eating me out.”

“Now how could that ever bother me when I had so much fun eating Regina out.”

“OK,” Clair said, that’s great. Just let's never forget to communicate openly and plainly if anything does bother us, even a little, OK. I think we’re both a little scared that this new sexual territory we’re venturing into might damage our relationship.”

“Agreed. Which side do you want?” Fred said as he opened the bathroom door.

Fred turned out the bedside lamp and Clair positioned a pillow under Regina’s head. She knew she didn’t want to leave Regina spread eagled all night but a little snuggling starting in this position would be fun, especially given how sexually frustrated Regina was right now. They each tucked their pillows into one of Regina’s arm pits on “their” respective sides of the bed and snuggled up. Fred and Clair’s hands found each other and clasped right over Regina’s pussy. Fred moved his head partly onto Regina’s chest and took a nipple in his mouth, Clair followed his lead and did the same on her side. Each threw their top leg over Regina’s legs, and they pulled the sheet over them.

With two warm bodies on either side of her, and her nipples being almost instinctively sucked by two wet mouths, Regina drifted off to sleep, content. At one point in the night, she woke Clair twitching wildly and mumbling “don’t stop, please” again and again. Clair untangled her limbs and stood at the side of the bed looking down, in the dim light of the LED clock, at Fred curled in Regina’s bound arm. Neither Fred nor Regina stirred as she untied each of Regina’s limbs, moved her arm down around Fred’s shoulders then climbed back in her side and snuggled back up to Regina’s side. The clock read 2am.


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