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Author’s Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

We continue the story of Clair and Fred’s Nursing student friend Regina as they help her explore her Kinks. I’ve always been fascinated by the psychological aspects of BDSM. What’s going on in the Sub’s mind, what is their motivation, what kinks do they really enjoy, and which do they simply endure for their Dom’s sake. To explore these themes, I have the characters do some “reflection” sessions during the day. If you’re not into this stuff and just want to focus on the action – feel free to skip ahead when Fred declares a reflection session.


Chapter 39: The Weekend, Two Spankings

Fred woke up first, about 8am and stroked Clair’s face gently until she woke. Regina didn’t stir as they untangled and adjourned to the shower together. The sound of the shower running eventually woke Regina. The memories of last night came flooding back and she smiled, then, when she realized she was no longer tied to the bed, was very tempted to rub one off quickly. Realizing the shower had stopped, she put that idea out of her mind. She really did want to be a ‘good girl’ and stealing an orgasm just didn’t feel like something she should be doing.

When Clair came out of the bathroom, naked except for a towel around her head, she simply said, “Come with me,” and started for the door.

Regina scrambled out of bed to follow her and in doing so, realized she really had to pee!

“Umm, Ma'am? I really need to use the restroom?” Regina said in a whiney voice.

Clair spun around and glared at her, “And you don’t think I know that, having just gotten up myself and emptied my bladder? Do as you’re told, come with me!”

Regina walked to the steps and down the steps, dragging her ankle chain and lightly bent over from the discomfort of the pressure in her abdomen. At the bottom of the steps, Clair had her put her chained foot up on the stairs and swapped chains to the downstairs chain, again locking the new chain on before unlocking the old chain.

“Start a pot of coffee and also put two cups of water on to boil in the kettle.” Clair instructed. “Then I want two eggs over easy, light salt, and a strip of bacon. Fred will have two eggs scrambled hard with two strips of bacon. When the water boils, mix it with a packet of instant oatmeal in a small bowl then put the bowl in the freezer.”

And with that, Clair turned and went back upstairs. Regina had to pee. She had to pee bad! The downstairs bathroom was just steps away. She went to the kitchen and, clamping her knees together as much as she could, she found the various ingredients and utensils and started cooking breakfast.

Fred and Clair came downstairs after about 20 minutes, the smell of coffee and bacon was mouthwatering. Fred had dressed for the day; Clair was still naked and wearing her belt with the pockets and riding crop attached. As they moved into the dining area off the kitchen, Fred said “You may serve us now.”

Regina plated the eggs and bacon and brought out two plates. She went back and brought two cups of coffee. Unsure what to do next she just stood there but she couldn’t hold still, she was doing what Fred’s mother had called ‘The Pee Pee dance’ when he was little. She was going from foot to foot while clamping her legs together.

“Is something wrong?” Fred asked Regina.

“I’ve got to pee sir?” she replied.

“And that is more important than our breakfast?” Fred asked.

“No Sir.” Regina whined.

“Then STAND STILL,” Fred almost shouted.

She did the best she could, but she felt like she was going to make a puddle at any moment.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake!” said Fred, “both of you come with me.” Regina didn’t see him wink at Clair.

Fred walked to and opened the sliding glass door to the back yard, which Regina was grateful had a tall wood fence on all three sides. When both women were outside, he pointed to a patch of grass and said “Pee,” then folded his arms across his chest and looked at her.

Regina was mortified.

She hadn’t used the bathroom in front of another human being since she was, what, four?

And she had never urinated outdoors.

Now BOTH Clair and Fred were standing looking at her.

“Well, if you don’t have to go, can we finish breakfast?”

Regina moved onto the grass. It was still damp from the dew and felt squishy under her bare feet. She thought for a minute then spread her legs as far apart as she could and knelt down.

Rather than look away, both Fred and Clair were staring right at her.

In spite of needing to go desperately, she was just too embarrassed.

After a minute, Fred said “OK, back inside.”

“Please sir, I’ve never done this outside before.” Regina whined, avoiding the biggest reason she couldn’t relax.

Finally, after another minute of looking firmly at the ground and blanking her mind, a thin stream started that quickly became a torrent. And it continued and continued.

“Damn,” Fred said, “That’s more than most horses I’ve seen pee on Gran’s farm.”

Regina turned bright red and it took every bit of control Clair had to not burst out laughing. Clair had relieved herself in the woods many times on camping trips and frequently squatting beside Fred while he went also. Many of those times she envied men their penis.

“Now you’ve splashed it all over your legs!” Fred pointed out, further embarrassing Regina. “Wash her off Clair,” he instructed, pointing to the hose hanging on the wall.

Clair took the hose and was merciful, only rinsing Regina’s legs from the knee down. Still, the water was COLD.

Fred thought about leaving Regina outside while they finished their breakfast, but he had another scene in mind that he and Clair had brainstormed last week.

“Shake your legs off like a dog!” Fred instructed, then “Back inside.”

When they were inside, Fred retrieved the handcuffs from one of the pockets on Clair’s belt and handed them to Regina. “Put these on Clair, behind her back.” 

Clair was expecting this and turned her back and presented her hands to Regina. 

“Both of you sit down.” Fred instructed. “Regina, feed Clair her breakfast.”

As Regina began putting fork loads of eggs into Clair, Fred went back to his breakfast.

“This coffee is weak,” he complained. “Clair, didn’t you tell Regina I like my coffee strong? And this bacon is not even close to crisp.”

When Regina had finished feeding the last piece of bacon to Clair, Fred pushed his unfinished plate away and told Clair to stand.

“Come here, lay across my lap.” He said. Only Fred could see Clair’s smile. When they were planning things they might do during Regina’s weekend of BDSM exploration, it was Clair that suggested she would like a good old fashioned over the knee spanking to create slave sister guilt.

Clair laid over Fred’s lap and he positioned her so her breasts were hanging on one side of his lap and her cuffed hands were trapped by his left hand. He hooked one of his legs over Clair’s outside leg to help hold her in position. He could have taken the riding crop that Clair still had clipped to her belt, but instead he hit her smartly on each cheek with his hand.

“Didn’t I give you the responsibility for supervising Regina?” He asked,

“Yes, Sir.” She replied.

Smack, Smack again on each cheek.

“And do you know how I like my breakfast?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Smack, Smack.

“And did you give her adequate direction?”

“No Sir.”

Smack, Smack.

“And did you check her work before it was served to me?”

“No Sir,” By this time Clair sounded like she was about to bawl.

Smack, Smack.

“What do you have to say?”

“I’m sorry Sir, I’ll try to do better in the future Sir!”

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack.

When Fred let Clair stand, she was openly crying. “Damn,” he thought, “she’s as good an actress as she is a submissive.” Fred knew it took a lot more than he just delivered to reduce Clair to tears. In fact, he doubted he could do so with just his hand, her ass was much tougher than his palms. But when Fred looked over at Regina, he knew she was buying it, Regina was crying as hard as Clair.

“Clair,” Fred said in a softer voice, “Go and get Regina’s breakfast from the freezer. The least you can do is feed her after failing her so badly.”

The oatmeal had been in the freezer for about 20 minutes now and what was once hot had not frozen yet but was cold. Clair came back carrying the bowl behind her back in her cuffed hands.

“Put it on the floor next to Regina’s chair.” Fred instructed.

Regina went to help her, since kneeling down with the bowl behind her back would be hard.

“STOP. Let her do it.” He said loudly.

Clair managed and Regina was impressed with how gracefully she folded her legs, sat on her ass, put the bowl down and then stood back up, all without her hands.

“Now feed Regina her breakfast.” Fred said.

Regina had NO idea how this was going to work. Even though they had discussed this scene, Clair acted confused and started trying to pick up a spoon off the table with her hands.

“No hands. Use your mouth.” Fred instructed.

After turning back to look at the bowl and pausing for a moment, Clair knelt down in one fluid motion, bent forward and stuck her face in the bowl of cold oatmeal, unfolded and stood up, bent over where Regina was sitting and kissed her. She finally got it when Clair used her tongue to push a glob of cold oatmeal against Regina’s lips. Regina opened her lips and Clair French kissed the oatmeal right into Regina’s mouth.

It was sloppy to say the least. Clair’s lower face was covered in oatmeal, when she tried to push it into Regina, it went everywhere.

Regina was initially repulsed, but on the heels of Clair’s spanking she determined not to do anything else to get either of them in trouble so she sucked in the oatmeal and swallowed. It was unsalted, cold, slimy, mixed with Clair’s spit. It was just gross.

No sooner had she swallowed than Clair was headed back to the floor for another mouthful.

It took ten trips to the bowl to get it all. On the 10th, Fred made sure that Clair licked the bowl clean. Then, when she had transferred the last bit to Regina, she made them lick each other’s faces clean. Well, cleaner.

“Now, I want the two of you to show me you can work together in the future. Kiss each other, stand there and make out!” Fred said.

Neither Regina nor Clair had ever kissed a girl, at least not this kind of kiss. But what was a French Kiss after Clair had gone down on Clair last night. Their lips met and Regina put her arms around Clair.

Fred made them kiss for at least five minutes, which seemed like forever. He was never satisfied, telling them he expected to be entertained, that they were boring, that they obviously didn’t know how to kiss. He made them get more and more erotic until finally he told them to stop.

“Regina,” Fred said, handing her the handcuff keys, “unlock Clair and put the cuffs back on her belt.

Clair, go clean the kitchen.”

Regina, you didn’t think Clair was the only one deserving punishment for that lousy breakfast, did you? Over my knee,” and Fred pointed to his lap.

Regina’s breath caught in her throat; she was going to get a spanking.

“Over further, put your palm flat on the floor, open your legs, I’m going to hook my leg over your outside leg. This is going to hurt, but I’m going to make it hurt a lot worse if you don’t keep those hands on the floor.” Fred explained as Regina positioned herself across his lap.

Regina forgot to breathe for a few seconds while Fred slowly and sensually rubbed his hand all over her buttocks. Then without warning he came down hard on her right ass cheek. Wack.

There was just moments delay while Regina’s brain registered the pain and then she bucked, her knees bent and all her weight fell onto Fred’s legs. But she didn’t move her hands.

“Good Girl!” Fred praised, and despite the glow on her ass, and despite feeling foolish, Regina felt a glow inside at his praise.

Wack. The other cheek, at least he wasn’t making her count or say some other silly refrain after each stroke. She was free to clear her mind and just focus on the sting of his hand and the burn that followed.

Fred gave her eight more, spaced almost a minute apart and evenly distributed around her ass. He was getting a nice rosy-red glow and was pleased with the results so far.

Then he moved his hand down inside her thigh and stroked once, just once, down and back up her labia, making sure to pass right over her clit.

The move caught Regina completely by surprise. She was so focused on getting a spanking that it didn’t even occur to her that Fred would take advantage of this position to finger her.

She liked it, yes, it helped focus the burn from her bottom somewhere else.


Fred started again, ten more. Then the fingers found her clit and opening again and spent longer there this time.


Ten more. Her ass was really glowing red now but she counted each one in her head, hoping that after the tenth one he would again stroke her sex.

This time he spent a long time and Regina was dripping by the time he pulled his hand away.


Ten more made 40 and it was taking all of Regina’s concentration not to lift her hands, to try and roll off Fred’s lap, to do anything to stop the sharp pain of his hand.

“Can you take ten more for me Regina? Can you keep your hands on the floor? Can you be my good girl?” Fred asked.

“I’ll try sir.”

“Do you want to know the secret? If you can master this, you could take 50 more.”

“What sir?”

“First, relax, take a deep breath, try hard not to tense up, don’t run from the pain, absorb it. Don’t hide from the pain but intentionally feel it, feel how it stings, feel if it’s harder or softer than the last one, really feel it and then let that pain go right to your clit. Anticipate how the burn is going to soak into your whole pussy and take you higher.”

Clair added from the kitchen, “I try to remember that famous Churchill quote, “The only thing you have to fear is… fear itself.” The fear makes me tense up and then it hurts more. Then I do what Fred said, it’s easier, it’s erotic, up to a point.”

Regina thought what Fred and Clair were suggesting was an impossible task, but she resolved to try. Fred felt her take a deep breath, hold it and then let it out.


Regina tried, but she jerked and tensed as the pain hit.

“Try again,” Fred instructed, and waited until she relaxed.


Regina did better this time but still flinched.

“Don’t be afraid of the pain, you’ve already felt it and it doesn’t kill you. Let it flow.”

Fred waited for the deep breath and,


Fred felt nothing but Regina breathing.





Fred passed 50 and just kept going. Regina was so far into subspace, zoned completely out, that she wasn’t counting and didn’t notice. But the pain kept building up and building up with each hand. Finally, at about 65 spanks the pain overcame the calm and Regina started sobbing.

Fred stopped, he was ready to stop anyway, his hand was stinging. But instead of releasing her, he started stroking her clit again. At first, she barely noticed but as he continued, she started to squirm on his lap. After a few minutes she stopped sobbing and started quietly begging, “Please sir, please sir, please sir.”

Fred looked up and Clair, who had finished the kitchen, was standing in the doorway. He couldn’t read her expression. Was she wishing she was the one still across his lap? Was she wishing she was the one whose hand was causing Regina’s pain, or pleasure. He would have to ask her later. For now, he was trying to judge just how close Regina was to an orgasm.

As he helped Regina stand, he said to Clair, “Come give your sister a hug and some aftercare. But do not let her play with herself, in fact in a few minutes put the cuffs behind her back again.”

As Fred went to use the restroom, Clair wrapped her arms around Regina and felt her shudder. Now that she was starting to come back down from her sexual high, still unfulfilled, she was starting to feel the burn on her ass. She sobbed into Clair’s shoulder.

When Fred returned, Regina had calmed down quite a bit. When Clair heard him coming, she started to handcuff Regina who was obviously ready to comply and continue.

“Wait up on that Clair, I think it’s time we did another reflection session,” He said. 

“Why can’t we do both, Sir?” Regina was smiling her coy smile despite having just been crying. 

Clair looked at Fred, raised her eyebrows and smiled, then, when Fred nodded she finished cuffing Regina then Fred had both women kneel. 

“So, protocol off. We’ve put you through a lot since dinner last night, are you getting overwhelmed? Are you OK?” Fred asked.

Regina took a moment to think, as they had taught her. “No, definitely not overwhelmed but reeling a little from so many new experiences. I knew it was coming but seeing you nude, and then watching you and Clair make love, right in front of me like I wasn’t even there, that was surprisingly intimate. I know this sounds strange since I wasn’t exactly a participant, but it made me feel loved.”

“Do you think you’re a voyeur? And what about the standing spread Eagle, that was your first rope bondage?” Fred asked. 

“Just watching wasn’t the turn on, it was the way you included me in the most intimate moment a couple can have. The tie was hard, the rope quickly got hard on my wrists and having my legs tied that far apart really stressed my hips and legs. It looks so easy when you see someone tied that way in porn. But it was so worth it when you took me down. I’ve never, um, you know, eaten another woman before and it was SO hard to concentrate with you eating me. I don’t think I could have ever come while I was doing Clair, not that you aren’t amazing, but I was focused so much on feeling what you were doing and repeating it on Clair. Also, she kept covering my nose and mouth and I was very close to panicking.”

“And…?” Fred asked.

“Oh, your, um, cum dripping out of Clair, yea, that was just kinda gross. I know it should have been hot or something but honestly I had to not think about it.” Regina said as she made a face.

Fred laughed, “Ok, I won’t take that personally. And using breath control for the first time in that complex a scene was probably too much, we’ll try that again in a simpler way, later.”

“But once you guys started double teaming me, god that felt amazing.” Regina continued, “I never wanted it to stop, and I wanted, I still want, to cum SO badly. Are you guys going to be this mean all weekend?”

“Yes, yes we are,” said Fred emphatically.

“The combination of your fingers and Clair’s skill with the vibrator, I came SO CLOSE so many times.” Regina complained.

“And having to pee in the backyard?” Fred prompted.

“Not a fan,” Regina laughed, “I just don’t think I’m into humiliation, verbal or physical. Being sprayed with cold water… yea, hated it at the time but thinking back it was controlling and hot.”

“OK, sex good, tease and denial good, humiliation not so good. Noted.” Fred said.

“And my punishing Clair?” Fred asked.

“You know, I’m fascinated by that old phrase ‘Doctor, heal thyself.’ I KNOW you’re roleplaying, but it still affects me on a primal level. I was horrified that I had let Clair down and caused her pain, even though I knew it was your scene and your hand. But I was also fascinated watching her take the spanking. Watching your handprints blossom on her ass. Wondering what it felt like.”

“And then you found out.” Fred stated.

“And then I found out!” Regina agreed.

“But first, tell me about the feeding scene.” Fred asked.

“It's curious, watching Clair stick her face in that oatmeal was, I suppose, a humiliation to her but at the time I thought it was kind of hot. Then when she came and kissed me I was so surprised I didn’t move until she stuck her tongue and a glob of oatmeal in my mouth. It took a while to relax but sharing breakfast that way was intimate. But I don’t think I’m into kissing girls, especially with a guy giving directions, perhaps I should try it again when it’s just for fun. I did like kissing her pussy after all.”

“And finally, your spanking?” Fred asked.

“Yes Please!

Oh, at first it hurt. It hurt more than I expected having watched Clair’s spanking. After the first few I just wanted to get off your lap, I wanted it to stop. And then you taught me to focus and started playing with my clit. And that changed everything. I really want to try that again but with the right attitude from the beginning.” Regina said emphatically.

“Oh, we have lots of impact play and pain planned. We’ll see how well you can remember the lessons on absorbing pain.” Fred answered.

Clair had been kneeling quietly behind Regina through all of this, “So, you’re OK, you’re good to continue the day?”

“Yes!” Regina said quickly, “I’m learning SO much. And thank you for your hugs, it was so nice to calm down in your arms.”


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