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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Chapter 37: Sr. Year, Regina's Turn

“Regina, Fred and I have been talking and we really appreciate all the research, medical expertise, and equipment you brought to my Mummification scene, but we have a lot more experience in BDSM that you do and we honestly think a mummification scene would be way too intense for your first experience as a sub.” Clair said.

Fred, Clair, and Regina had just finished off a couple of large pizzas and a bottle of wine in Regina’s dorm room. It was a little cramped for three people but since the last two times they had a ‘dinner party’ had been at Fred and Regina’s she thought it only fair.

“Look,” Regina replied, not making eye contact with either of her guests, “I know I shocked you guys with my ‘when is it my turn’ question last weekend. I guess I even shocked myself. When Fred asked me if I would help you guys with a scene I was just intrigued and my interest in Psychology kicked in. I wanted to understand BDSM and what you guys got out of it. But during Clair’s mummification, I was, frankly, super turned on through the whole process. I guess I figured out what you get out of it.”

Regina looked up at Clair.

“I’m sorry, but I really enjoyed hurting your nipples with that TENS unit. I enjoyed it even more when Fred was taking a break, or a cat nap and it was just you and me. The power, listening to your scream through your mask, watching you tense your whole body, it just got to me in ways that surprised me. But before that, when Fred was, um, “

“Shoving his six inches down my throat like a mad man!” Clair cut in.

“Yea,” Regina continued with a smile, “the sounds you were making, the panicked gasping for breath, the gagging, knowing you were completely helpless.”

“You were imagining it was you on the table,” Fred added.

“Yea,” Regina said again, “And Clair, I know, I know, and I don’t want your husbands dick down my throat, I’m not saying that. But I realized that I want to feel that helpless, that used, that dominated. And I want to have orgasms like you had when you were wrapped up. I don’t think I’ve EVER come as hard as you did in my life.”

“Not even on the floor?” Fred asked, kidding her.

“Well, that was pretty good,” Regina smiled.

“What are you guys talking about? What floor?” Clair asked, confused.

“You were too occupied at the moment to notice, and you were facing the wrong way anyway, but I wasn’t the only person that got off Saturday night.” Fred said.

“Twice,” Regina added with a smile, “and Fred was a perfect gentleman, Regina said, “he never looked at my end of the table once until I put myself back together.”

Clair looked at Regina, then looked at Fred, thought for a minute and said “Fred, step out in the hall with me for a minute.”

“Clair, are you upset?” Regina said, starting to wonder what was upsetting Clair.

“Just relax, Fred and I need to have a conversation.” Clair added.

When they were in the hall with the door closed, Clair started, “Family conference. We’re both adults, we are secure in our love for each other, we are very liberal and kinky.”

“OooKayyyy” Fred drawled, wondering where this conversation was going.

“So why,” Clair said forcefully, “are we being so fucking prudish about sex with Regina to the point where we’ve made her paranoid that I’ll think she’s trying to steal you.”

Fred was momentarily shocked; this wasn’t where he expected the conversation to go. “Regina is nice enough looking, but I have no romantic feelings for her.”

“What’s your point!” Clair said.

“I just don’t want to do ANYTHING that would jeopardize our relationship. You’re all the woman I need.” Fred said.

“Most men say, ‘you’re all the woman I need or want’” is that an intentional omission.” Clair asked with a smile.

Fred started to protest, Clair stopped him, “I’m teasing. Look, we’re both adults, we both love each other, we’re both very kinky and we both like, not love, but like Regina. Of course, it’s going to be up to Regina but I would be comfortable with either or both of us going down on Regina or her going down on us. I think I’d even be comfortable with anal, maybe, with the right person.”

“Really?” Fred said?

“Yes, really,” Clair replied, “how does that make you feel?”

“OK I guess, a little excited. Do you want to do stuff with other people?” Fred asked.

“Depends on the person, but it’s no longer off the table as far as I’m concerned.” Clair said.

“Here’s what I think I’d be comfortable with.” Fred said thoughtfully, “No Penis in Vagina with others ever, not mine, not yours. That is exclusively reserved between us. Second, no sexual acts with others unless we’re both present, it’s not that I want to watch, well actually I do, but you know what I mean. I just want it to be an “us” experience, not one of us slinking off to have sex with someone else. And third, we ALWAYS talk about it, before and after, to make sure we’re ok. Agreed.”

“Agreed.” Clair nodded.

“Mom and Dad are going to Gran’s farm next weekend,” Clair reminded Fred, “let’s invite Regina to their house where we have the privacy to have some deep conversations and let her begin to explore through some various bondage scenes. And if your dick winds up in her mouth or my tongue winds up on her clit, well, what will be, will be!”

None of the three had classes on Friday, so when Clair and Fred returned from the hall and presented the idea of a weekend at Clair’s home, Regina excitedly agreed.

They met just after lunch on Friday for the four-hour drive to Chain. Clair had given Regina very explicit instructions on what to wear and bring. Wear a short sleeve blouse that buttons up the front and a knee length skirt with a side zipper, bra and panties. Bring only what would fit in her purse including a toothbrush, hair brush, feminine products and a spare pair of panties. Regina got the message; she wasn’t going to need a lot of clothes this weekend.

The drive was mostly on two lane state highways without a lot of traffic. Once they were underway Clair started a discussion.

“Regina, good BDSM requires good, honest communication. Fred and I thought we could put this time on the drive to good use by talking about your expectations and ours.”

“That sounds great,” Regina replied from the back seat.

“First of all,” Clair continued, “Fred and I, after a long discussion, have changed the ground rules for our BDSM play. We have both agreed to include others in sexual play as a part of our BDSM play.”

As she was saying this, Clair turned around in the seat to look at her and Regina looked shocked.

“It was my idea,” Clair continued, “I kinda had to talk Fred into it. Honest. Regina, I like you, I trust you and frankly when you guys were mummifying me, and Fred said my eating your clit was ‘off the table’ I was disappointed.”

“Really?” Regina replied, trying to read Clair’s expression.

“Fred and I have some ground rules.” And Clair let Fred explain the rules they had agreed to.

“And of course, any of this is totally subject to your agreement and consent to everything, beforehand. In fact, we’re only a few minutes away from the college. If this change in rules makes you uncomfortable, just say the word and we’ll turn around and drop you off at your dorm, no hard feelings.”

“So, no fucking?” Regina asked with a smile.

“Not with my husband,” Clair said, “but we may be able to fix you up in the future and I do have a strap-on.”

“Regina,” Fred continued, “Clair doesn’t have a safeword, she refuses one, but we’ve played together for years, and she trusted me from the beginning. But I’m not comfortable playing with you without one. Do you understand safewords?”

“Yea, I’ve read a bunch of stuff. Can we use the tried and true Yellow and Red.” Regina asked?

“Fine with us,” Fred replied, but just understand that RED is sacred. If you use it, everything stops, everything. We talk, but no play or sex. That session is over. And for this trip the session is the entire weekend. You need to use your safeword if you feel uncomfortable but there has to be a price, for both Dom and Sub if the sub has to use a safeword. And know that if you ever must safeword, it’s not your fault or your problem, it’s the Dom’s fault for misreading you. Never have guilt about using a safeword.”

“Regina,” Clair said in what she would consider her ‘Dom’ voice, “Tell me what you want this weekend. And let’s define and start using a protocol, at least while we’re on this drive. When you are under protocol you only talk when asked a question or there is an emergency. You always end answers with “Ma'am” to me or “Sir” to Fred. And you are always respectful, no sarcasm, no snarky, understood?”

“Yes Ma'am,” Regina replied.

“And there must be consequences to breaking protocol. For this trip, if you forget, you take off one piece of clothing and hand it to me.”

“Yes Ma'am,” Regina said promptly.

“OK, what do you expect to get out of this weekend?” Clair asked.

Regina thought for a minute, “I’m not sure I know?” she said.

“Take your blouse off Regina.” Fred said.

Regina was shocked, not that Fred asked for her blouse, but that she had failed so quickly, “I’m sorry Sir, Ma'am,” as she started unbuttoning. As she started slipping the blouse off her shoulders Clair noticed she was looking around outside the car, wondering how much a passing driver could see.

“So, you don’t know what you want? Do you want to go back to the dorm?” Clair asked sharply.

“NO Ma'am,” Regina answered quickly.

“Then you do know what you want. Answer the question or hand me your skirt.” Clair said.

“I want what you had last Saturday Ma'am,” Regina said.

“So, you want Fred’s penis down your throat?” Clair asked, still speaking sharply.

“No! Well, I don’t know, maybe.” Regina stammered.

“Hand me your skirt.” Clair replied.

“Yes Ma'am.” Regina said as she started unzipping the side zipper.

Clair took the skirt, folded it carefully and put it in the glove box along with Regina’s blouse. Regina watched her close it. “Keep this up and you’ll be naked long before we get to my home.”

“You still haven’t answered the question. Why don’t you take five minutes and formulate a clear, concise, and intelligent answer. I don’t care what you say, but it had better be concise and intelligent or I’m going to throw that bra out the car window.” And Clair turned back around and started working on her phone.

At the end of the five minutes, Clair turned and looked right in Regina’s eyes and asked “Well?”

“Ma'am, Sir, I want to experience complete helplessness, I want you and Sir to take complete control over my body and my sexual response. And, if you choose, I would like to experience an earth-shattering orgasm.”

“That’s a start,” said Clair in a kindlier voice, “so what are your limits?”

“You mean what don’t I want to do? I haven’t thought about it ma'am?”

“Then think about it, we’ll wait.” Clair said.

About that time a Semi Truck passed them on the left and Clair realized Regina was trying to figure out how to make herself disappear.

After five minutes Clair again asked Regina to answer.

“Ma'am, I don’t want to die, and I don’t want to get pregnant, I’m not on the pill.” Regina said.

“That’s good to know, so it’s OK if Fred and I brand our initials on your breasts.” Clair said, saying the most extreme thing she could think of quickly.

Regina was momentarily shocked, “No!” was all she said.

“Bra” Clair said as Fred smiled. His wife was becoming quite the dom.

Regina considered refusing. She was feeling very exposed and vulnerable. She also assumed that Clair would make her walk into her parents’ home like this. But she really wanted this experience. And she did trust Fred and Clair. She handed her bra to Clair, who promptly added it to the glove box. Before she closed the glove box, she took out a pair of handcuffs.

“You’re slouching down in the seat, you need to learn posture. Put this on your right wrist and close the other end around the hand hold above the door.

Regina had been trying to slouch, she was not looking forward to another car or truck passing them. It was so bright outside that She didn’t realize that the window tinting was hiding her completely. She had never been nude in public, ok she still had her panties on, but she felt nude. The only way she managed to handcuff herself to the car was simply to not think about it, just do it. “Yes Ma'am.”

“So, you lied about your limits. We don’t like liars, that’s why you’re handcuffed. You do have limits other than death or pregnancy. So, you think some more, take a half an hour this time.” Clair said.

Regina was mortified, ‘Lied?’ she hadn’t lied she just hadn’t thought it through. Then she realized Clair was right – she may not have lied, but she had failed. She was also very uncomfortable with her boobs hanging out. She realized that Fred had adjusted the rear-view mirror so he could look directly at her chest. She put her left arm across her chest.

“Clair,” Fred asked, “isn’t there another pair of handcuffs in the glovebox?

Regina got the message, she dropped her arm but as she thought about her limits, she kept looking out the window for approaching cars.

“OK Regina, time’s up,” Clair said.

“Ma'am, Sir, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to get pregnant, and I don’t want any damage or modifications done to my body that are still visible after a week. No bruises, cuts or abrasions that won’t heal in a week.” Regina said with confidence.

“What about sex, Regina, can we bring a stranger in and have him ream your ass?” Fred asked.

“If that’s what you decide for me, and he doesn’t rip my ass so bad it won’t heal in a week then I trust you sir.” Regina replied.

They rode for a few minutes before Clair asked. “Are you staining our back seat with your juices Regina?”

“Possibly Ma'am, I can’t tell.”

“Why are you wet Regina, think about it for as long as you want, reply when you’re ready but we expect a detailed and complete answer.” Clair said.

It wasn’t long before Regina started, “I’m helpless, I’m naked, I’m powerless to do anything about it. I just gave you permission to do all the things, and more, that I’ve fantasized about the last few months. And I’m scared, and the fear is starting the endorphins. The nursing student in me understands how and why that endocrine reaction happens, but I’m amazed at how it’s affecting me. Thank you, Ma'am, Sir for giving me this experience.”

Fred took his eyes off the road for a second to look at Clair, who winked at him, then reached up and adjusted the rear-view mirror so Fred was looking out the back window again.

“We’re about an hour from home, you have permission to play with yourself, but you MAY NOT cum. Do you understand?” Fred said.

“Yes Sir.” Regina said and they rode in near silence for the next hour. There was some heavy breathing in the back seat.

As they approached Chain and traffic started picking up, Clair retrieved the handcuff key and Regina’s clothes from the glove box. Regina had spent an hour in frustrated bliss and the cloth seat under her was probably going to need some deep cleaning.

“Protocols off,” Fred said as Clair handed the key and clothes to Regina.

“Hey Regina,” Clair asked, “are you having fun?”

“Yes Ma'am!” Regina replied enthusiastically.

‘You’re about to learn that jumping in and out of protocol can be hard.” Clair explained, “You need to stop saying Sir and Ma'am now unless you want to surprise my parents. Those shifts in head space can be hard until you get used to it.”

“Yes Ma'am,” Regina said with a smile as she started unlocking herself. She was incredibly relieved she was getting her clothes back. In the last few hours, she had steeled herself for being kept near nude, but the idea had terrified her.

“Fred and I talked a good bit about this weekend,” Clair continued. “What we thought is that we’ll try to give you an opportunity to experience as many different types of kinks as we can cram into the weekend. Nothing more intense than we think you can handle, just a lot of variety. If anything freaks you out or you want to talk about it just say ‘yellow’. But Fred and I hope you will trust us and be willing to try things. Some things that you may initially think ‘No Way!” may turn out to be fun or at least erotic. How’s that sound?”

“It makes me extremely grateful that you’ve put this much thought into our weekend.” Regina replied. “And I’m planning to be a good submissive and take everything you want me to.”

“So, how would your Psych professors label the kinks in the scene we just did in the car?” Clair asked.

“Umm, public nudity,” Regina said as she counted with her fingers, “so I guess exhibitionism? Bondage, with the handcuffs, Dominance and Submission because I let you order me to strip?”

“You left out interrogation. Were you afraid,” Clair asked.

“Yea, not of you guys but of being seen and mostly of being told to walk into your parents’ house in just my panties. I’ve never been nude before, as an adult, except some of my doctors of course.”

“And if we told you to do just that,” Clair asked, “would you?”

“I honestly don’t think I can answer that question without being in the moment. I hope I would.” Regina replied.

“Well,” Clair smiled, “that is an example of what’s called a ‘Mind Fuck.’ I think you and Fred did some of that to me when I was mummified. But know that we’re not going to make you strip before we get home.”

Regina didn’t miss the ‘before we get home part.’

“But let me tell you a little about my parents and what to expect when we arrive. You’ll learn more over time and I’ll let them decide what to share with you beyond what I’ll tell you now. As you’ve probably picked up, my parents are kinky as hell. In fact, my whole family is into BDSM.”

“Wait till you meet her Gran and her new husband,” Fred cut in with a smile.

“Not this weekend but I hope you do meet them, Gran’s amazing. But Mom is the submissive and her primary kink is what’s usually defined as ‘Captivity or Incarceration.’ They are also pretty much 24/7. They had a jail cell built in a part of the basement and Mom spends much of her time there. She’s also a ‘service slave. Which means she cooks and cleans and waits on Dad hand and foot when he wants. She has a bunch of rules that you will most likely witness.”

“Like what?” Regina asked.

“Well, I asked Dad not to freak you out when we arrive, but I fully expect Mom to be in some type of bondage. And she’s usually naked. I hope Dad doesn’t do that tonight but be prepared. She’s not allowed to use furniture and she must ask permission for everything, like leaving the room, using the bathroom, eating, speaking. But, like Fred and I, they aren’t big on verbal protocols, and she is rarely in ‘high protocol,’ where she can only answer questions. They also use a relaxed protocol and usually when I’m home no protocol at all, Mom can just be herself.

“We’re here.” Fred announced as they pulled into the driveway of Clair’s childhood home, “Let’s go meet the ‘rents.”

Normally Clair would have just used her key and walked right in, hollering as she went but since she had a guest, she rang the doorbell. After just a few minutes Bob opened the door and Clair rushed in, followed by Fred with Regina trailing behind.

“Dad,” Regina shouted joyfully as she almost jumped into his arms. After a big hug Fred and Bob shook hands in a manly way and then Clair focused on Jill, standing behind Bob. She was wearing a very simple sundress, thank goodness, but not shoes. She was standing completely still, staring at the floor in front of her feet. Clair looked up at her Dad who simply winked at her which told Clair in one simple gesture that her Dad was running a mind fuck of his own. So, she turned to introduce Regina.

Clair did the formal introduction, “Mom, Dad, this is our friend Regina. Regina, this is my Dad Bob and my Mom Jill.”

Regina, still trying to get her footing was taking in the whole room. She quickly noticed that Jill’s hands were cuffed in front of her with what looked like sturdy steel bands connected with a foot of chain. And was that a similar collar with rhinestones that spelled out ‘Bob’s Bitch’? Then she noticed the bare feet with similar steel bands around her ankles. Finally, she noticed the ¼ inch chain running from one of the ankle bands, snaking off into the other room. Regina said what she had been practicing walking from the car while taking all this in, “It’s nice to meet you, thanks so much for having me in your home.”

Bob replied, “Regina, friends of my daughter and Fred are always welcome in our home.”

Clair then looked back at her Dad and raised her eyebrows. She was about to lay into him when he said, “Protocol off,” in a firm voice.

And Jill exploded. “Clair!!!” and she danced forward, raised her cuffed arms up and over Clair’s head in a completely natural looking move and wrapped Clair in a bear hug. “You and Fred haven’t been home in two weeks! I missed you kid! And you too Son.”

Then turning to Regina, with her arms still wrapped around Clair, “I’m so glad to meet the woman who got my son-in-law through his Psychology course. I hear you’ve been a supportive and great friend and that you re-heat a mean frozen lasagna.”

Regina immediately liked this family.

“Whatever’s cooking smells wonderful,” Fred said, hoping to move things along towards eating.

“We didn’t know if Regina had dietary limitations or preferences, so I cooked a big sirloin, some chicken thighs and a few Portobello mushrooms stuffed with cheese. And it should all be ready in just a few minutes, let’s go to the table.” Bob explained while Clair ducked under her mom’s handcuffed arms, and they all tried not to step on Jill’s chain as they moved to the dining room.


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