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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Chapter 34: Sr. Year, Regina

Fred and Clair’s housing situation certainly improved after their wedding with a move into University’s married housing, but their kinky sex life didn’t. They still visited Gran and Leon’s farm every weekend they could but during their senior year, classes were more challenging and seemed to involve more and more out of class work, so free weekends were fewer and farther between. Plus, it was cold at the farm in the dead of winter so they weren’t really thinking about going to the farm over semester break except perhaps for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Who would miss one of Gran’s holiday farm feasts?

Married housing did provide more privacy, which did improve their sex life. But it was still University property which means Fred couldn’t go installing suspension points in the ceiling or put a cell door on the closet. And University maintenance personnel and Resident Assistants had keys to their quarters, so they always had to be careful to put toys away. And then there was the problem of the thin walls and the fact that Clair was a screamer.

They made do and dreamed of graduation, after which they hopped to borrow money from Jill and Bob for a down payment and get their own place.

One of Fred’s courses in the Fall semester was Psychology 403 – Experimental Psychology. It covered how to safely do experiments in Psychology with human subjects and included everything from study design, record keeping, statistical analysis and ethics. Fred took it because it looked like an easy elective that would fit with his Business Management track. The course included labs and the professor liked to pair Psychology majors with those who were just taking the “easy elective” track. He did this in the hope that the Psych majors would get the “easy elective” folks more excited about Psychology.

Fred’s assigned lab partner was Regina Oswald. During their first lab together, Fred learned that Regina was a nursing student with a minor in Psychology who hoped to work in the mental health field. She was passionate about both nursing and Psychology. They hit it off and turned out to be not only great lab partners, but good friends. So much so that about halfway through the semester Fred invited Regina to dinner so she and Clair could meet.

“Should I be worried about you spending so much time in the ‘lab’ with this Regina?” Clair asked Fred.

Fred noticed Clair had a smile on her face, she was just teasing him.

“Well,” Fred replied, those Bunsen burners are creating a good bit of heat between us!” at which point Clair punched him in the arm.

“Did you ask her if she had any dietary restrictions, Fred?”

“Oh, no, I didn’t think of that!” Fred replied.

“That’s OK, we can’t do much in our tiny kitchen, I’ll fix spaghetti and make two pots of sauce, one with meat and one vegetarian. I’ll also get both regular pasta and gluten free and we’ll figure it out when she gets here.

Two nights later, when Regina arrived Clair was surprised at how thin but tall she was. In her mind, when Fred told Clair about Regina, she had pictured a cross between a fashion model and Nurse Ratchet from ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest.’ But Regina was taller than Fred and built like a basketball player, thin and athletic. But one thing she wasn’t was cool and confident.

“OH Clair, you’re just as beautiful as Bob described you. What a wonderful job you’ve done decorating this apartment! Is that spaghetti I smell, OH I love spaghetti!” and for the first 10 minutes neither Clair nor Fred could get a word in edgewise. Clair looked at Fred who just grinned and shrugged his shoulders. When they had a moment in the kitchen Fred said, “I think she’ll settle down in a minute, I’ve never seen her like this, she’s either really nervous or high!”

Clair was pretty confident. Having heard Fred’s explanation. that this wasn’t normal behavior for Regina, she walked back to where Regina was still babbling, looked her right in the eye and said “Shut up a minute.”

Regina stopped mid-sentence.

“You’re a Psych major, right?” Clair asked.

“Minor actually but yes.” Regina said, still a little shocked at Clair’s boldness.

Clair continued. “Stop a minute and do an evaluation of your behavior since you got here.”

Regina looked crestfallen, but she did go silent.

Clair turned back to the kitchen, “Want some wine? Red or White?” she asked over her shoulder.

In a very quiet voice Regina said, “Red please.”

“What did you do?” Fred asked while looking at Clair with raised eyebrows.

“We’ll see.” Clair replied.

When Clair and Fred came back into the living room carrying wine glasses Regina immediately said, “I’m so sorry, I’m not normally like this, I’m just so nervous. Thanks for making me realize I was dominating the conversation.”

“What do you have to be nervous about, you’ve known Fred for weeks?” Clair asked.

“I was nervous about meeting you.” Regina exclaimed. “Fred made it clear, anytime he talks about you, that you are a smart, beautiful, perfect partner. I was just sure I was going to look like a tall, lanky, idiot… and now I have.”

The room was quiet for a minute then Clair looked at Fred and said, “You just said I was smart, not a genius? And you said I was beautiful, not stunning?”

At first Regina was confused, was Clair really mad at Fred? Then she saw the huge grins on both their faces and relaxed. Clair may not have been a Psych major, but she knew how to help people relax and humor was her usual tool. “Regina, you have nothing to be insecure about, Fred has told me he would have probably dropped Psychology 403 if it wasn’t for you. And if I was such a perfect wife, why does Fred have to beat my ass so often.”

“Oops – that slipped out,” thought Clair, “I’m not in Chain Alabama or around the dinner table at Gran’s farm, I gotta watch my mouth.”

Regina blinked, but after a second went on like she assumed Clair’s comment was just another joke.

The spaghetti was excellent, it was Gran’s recipe, and the conversation lively. Clair and Regina got to know each other and started the process of becoming friends. The only time the evening got a bit tedious for Clair was when Fred and Regina started discussing their class project. That’s when Clair made a new rule – no Psychology in her presence. The evening went so well that plans were made to do it again in a few weeks. They agreed to meet back at Clair and Fred’s since Regina shared a dorm room but she offered to bring the meal.

On the second dinner things didn’t start out so smoothly. Regina had brought Lasagna and salad. Of course, since she didn’t have a kitchen, she brought frozen and planned to heat it in Clair’s oven, which was fine with Clair.

As Regina was coming in the apartment door, she handed the Lasagna dish to Clair so she could take her coat off. As Clair reached out for the dish, her long sleeves slid back exposing some rather red marks on her wrists.

Regina didn’t let go of the dish. Clair realized Regina was staring at her wrists. “Oh shit,” she thought, “I knew we shouldn’t have played so hard this afternoon.” Clair had to think fast, the last thing she needed was for Regina to bolt out the door screaming for Campus security.

“I’m not abused, Regina,” Clair said quietly, “Bob and I play consensual bondage games and the sex was so hot this afternoon I struggled a lot. I guess we should have used our leather cuffs instead of rope.”

Perhaps that was more than Regina needed to know but it was what came out of Clair’s mouth. She finished by giving Regina a little tilted head smile and waited.

Fred had heard Clair’s speech but hadn’t realized Regina had seen Clair’s wrists. But he was smart enough to stay quiet.

The two women stood quietly looking at each other, both holding the Lasagna between them.

Then Regina said, “Then let’s get this in the oven, I’m starving.”

During a pause in the dinner conversation, Regina looked at Clair thoughtfully and then said, “you know I read a study recently that said 36% of adults in the U.S. use bondage stuff during sex. It was interesting because it’s only 20% in the rest of the world.” Fred and Clair were quiet for a moment taking in this complete change in the direction of the conversation then Fred added, “I’ll bet the percentage is much higher in our hometown of Chain, Alabama.” Clair then added, “Oh yea, at least 70 or 80%.”

Regina continued, “And 5 to 10% of the U.S. population engages in sadomasochism, at least according to Kinsey, but some professionals question his research methods.”

Clair looked at Regina thoughtfully, wondering why she suddenly brought up BDM. “Well,” she thought, “easy way to find out.” Clair asked, perhaps a little too forcefully, “So, are you interested in BDSM Regina?”

“Oh, no, well yes, uh sorta, but,” Regina stammered. Clair raised her eyebrows and just looked at her.

Regina took a deep breath, “I’m fascinated by the whole area of BDSM, its practitioners and its community, but only academically. Really. I didn’t come here to intrude on your ‘play’, honest. Oh, and I’m not hoping to get tied up or anything, especially not by Fred, we’re lab partners.”

Regina suddenly realized she had seriously ‘overshared’ and shut up, looking at her lap.

Clair looked at Fred. Fred looked at Clair. They both burst out laughing.

When they had gotten control over their mirth, Clair realized that Regina was still staring at the napkin in her lap, probably wishing she could disappear.

“Fred, I think it’s time we serve dessert… ‘a la Clair’,” Clair said.

Fred looked confused for a moment but then remembered a dinner a few months ago when he had tied Clair on top of their table, spread chocolate syrup all over her breasts and licked it off. He called it ‘dessert a la Clair’.” Fred and Clair had never really played with another person, was Clair really suggesting they ‘scene’ in front of Regina? Well, what the hell, apparently she was more comfortable with Regina than he expected.

Fred winked at Clair and headed to their bedroom where the bondage toys were stored.

“Regina,” Clair started, “If you’re honest with yourself, you know you asked that question because you were curious about BDSM. That curiosity may be purely academic, or it may be more, I suspect even you don’t know for sure yet. But Fred and I are willing to let you into our world, at least a little bit tonight. You can certainly leave if you want, but if you leave now simply because you’re uncomfortable or feeling a little embarrassed, you’ll probably regret it.”

And with that, Clair started taking off her clothes.

When Regina realized that Clair was getting naked, she was frozen in place. She couldn’t think of anything to say or do, so she just sat there and watched.

“This is one of my favorite sweaters, would you mind folding it carefully and putting it on that chair?” Clair asked, more to break Regina’s mood by giving her something physical to do than because she couldn’t fold her own sweater. Regina stood and started folding. As Clair took off each piece of clothing, Clair handed it to her, and Regina made a neat pile on the spare chair.

As Clair was taking off her panties, Fred returned carrying a couple of towels, leather bondage cuffs, four short pieces of ¼ inch rope and the battery powered Hitachi.

Clair was watching Regina as she looked at what Fred was carrying, then at Clair’s naked form, then back at Fred. Regina’s mouth was hanging open and she was getting visibly flushed. “Uh, I really think I should be going, I have a morning anatomy class,” she stammered.

“Fred,” Clair said, “I think we should probably leave the vibrator until after Regina leaves, we’re already making her pretty uncomfortable for a first time.”

“Ooookaaayyy,” Fred drawled, sounding disappointed as he carried the Hitachi into the kitchen with him.

“First time?” thought Regina, what have I gotten myself into?

Clair faced Regina and looked her right in the eyes, “Look, Regina, Fred and I like you. We’re not trying to make you uncomfortable but if you want to learn more about BDSM you’re going to have to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone.” And please know, that EVERYTHING Fred and I do is completely consensual. We may not always talk verbally about it in front of others, but we know and trust each other completely. And it takes a hell of a lot to embarrass either of us.”

Regina looked down at Clair’s naked body and said “Yea, I noticed!” and both women laughed.

“So, you’ll stay?” Clair asked.

“Yea,” Regina responded,” but is it OK if I ask questions?”

“Absolutely, that’s kinda the point of doing this, but if I zone out, what’s called ‘subspace’, you may have to ask Fred.” Clair replied.

Fred returned from the kitchen with a small pot of obviously steaming water with a squeeze bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup floating in it and a tub of frozen Cool Whip.

“Oh no!” Clair said when she saw what Fred was carrying.

For a minute Regina assumed Clair was calling off the whole scene but then Clair continued, “you aren’t putting that hot pot on our dining table without a pad!”

Fred looked sheepish and immediately pivoted back to the kitchen, returning shortly with a hot pad.

Regina was looking at Clair with an expression that Clair couldn’t read. “What?” Clair said, “I may be the submissive but he’s not going to leave a ring on our new table, we saved for months for this thing!”

Regina was beginning to understand that there was a lot more to a real, loving, BDSM relationship than the porn websites she had been using for research.

Fred laid one of the beach towels over the table then had Clair lay down face up with her knees at one end of the table and her wrists at the other end. Fred handed one of the wrist cuffs to Regina along with a piece of rope and picked up a cuff himself. Regina was holding the cuff at arm’s length and looking at it like it was a snake. It hadn’t occurred to her until now that she would be a participant and not just an observer.

“Wrap it around her wrist and put the little loop through the slot there.” Fred instructed as he demonstrated on Clair’s left wrist.

“And make sure you get it snug; they abrade the skin more when they are loose and I struggle,” Clair added.

Having Clair give her tacit permission got Regina moving and she put the cuff on Clair’s right wrist.

“Now run the rope through the loop where it holds the cuff closed. Pull it through until it’s halfway. That’s good. Now pull both sides of the rope down around the top of the table leg and tie it off,” Fred instructed.

After he had tied her left wrist cuff, Fred walked around to inspect Regina’s work.

“This might be a good time to explain ‘control’ to her Clair.” Fred was now in his dominant voice.

“Yes sir,” Clair replied, following his tone, “Bondage for me is about surrendering control to Fred, and as his helper I’m surrendering to you too. It doesn’t work for me if it’s not absolute control.”

“What do you mean by absolute control?” Regina asked.

“I mean that if Fred simply told me to keep my hands up at the corners of the table, I would, of course, do so. But it wouldn’t turn me on, it wouldn’t help me find subspace, in short, I wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much as KNOWING that I can’t move my hands because Fred has tied them. And KNOWING that I won’t be untied until he decided to untie them.”

“So,” Fred said as he untied what Regina had done, “watch how I re-tie this by wrapping all the excess rope around the leg and then putting the knot on the back side of the leg where Clair has no chance to reach it.” Fred then untied Clair’s wrist and handed the rope back to Regina. He watched as Regina, still somewhat in emotional shock at how quickly this evening was progressing, re-tied Clair’s wrist to Fred’s satisfaction. They both then moved to the ankles, bent Clair’s legs over the edge and tied the ankle cuffs to the table legs.

Although Clair had stripped, laid down on the table and held her hands in position, Regina was surprised to see she was pulling and struggling against the ropes. Clair saw her watching and told her, “Just testing. Remember, I need to feel like I’m helpless, my brain needs to KNOW I can’t get loose.”

“Is that comfortable?” Regina asked in a tone that said, “it can’t be!”

“Not really,” said Clair, the hard tabletop is hard on my shoulder blades and hip bones and the position arches my back. But it will get worse over time.”

“I could get a pillow!” Regina said quickly, trying to be her usual kind, helpful self.

Clair looked up at Fred who was prying the top off the Cool Whip container. Fred looked at Clair then at Regina, then back at the Cool Whip without comment.

“Thanks, but if Fred had wanted to make this comfortable, he knows where the pillows are.” Clair explained, “and remember, It’s Fred I’ve surrendered control to, you’re just here to help and observe.”

“No problem Regina,” Fred commented, “just follow my lead. Your first instinct is to be kind and helpful but we’re not going to be kind to Clair tonight are we dear?”

“I hope not, Sir,” Clair replied with a grin.

Regina definitely felt like Alice lost in Wonderland!

Without warning, Fred dropped a large spoonful of frozen Cool Whip right on Clair’s belly button. She squealed and exclaimed “Oh shit that’s cold!”

“Clair,” Fred said sternly, “I won’t have that kind of disrespectful language around our dinner guest. I don’t want to gag you because you need to be able to answer Regina’s questions, but if you can’t control your mouth, I’m going to have to spice up our dessert menu!”

Regina looked at Fred, then looked at Clair, then said, “I think you two are talking in kink code again?”

Clair laughed, “A month or two ago I got a bit ‘mouthy’ when Fred wouldn’t, well, let’s just say I wanted him to finish something. And Fred discovered that the neck of a bottle of Tabasco sauce will fit perfectly into the hole through his favorite ball gag. Since I was flat on my back, spread eagle on the bed, I had to keep my tongue over the hole in the gag to keep from getting a mouth full of heat. Except that the sauce started burning my tongue so eventually I got a mouth full anyway. It was awful, took half a bottle of Tums to stop the burning.”

Fred added another big dollop of Cool Whip on Clair’s left breast and proceeded to squish it in, causing her to suck in her breath but she held her tongue. He then handed the container and spoon to Regina who took a spoonful and, while looking Clair in the eye, dropped it on her right breast. When she got another reaction from Clair, a slow smile spread across her lips.

“Dump the rest of it on her belly, I’m ready for dessert!” Fred exclaimed, and so Regina turned the tub over and “splat” the whole semi-frozen glob hit her tummy.

“Yeeeeoooowwww!” Clair exclaimed as, following Fred’s lead, he and Regina started squishing the white concoction and spreading it all over Clair from her pubes to her neck. Before long Regina noticed that Clair had goosebumps over her arms and legs. She probably had them everywhere, but you couldn’t see under the layer of fake whipped cream.

Regina realized she was having fun. She wasn’t sure why that was surprising. But yes, she was definitely enjoying spreading ice cold Cool Whip over a naked woman’s body and watching her suffer. Was Clair suffering, she seemed to be mostly giggling? So why was Clair enjoying this, Regina wondered?

Fred pulled the Chocolate syrup out of the hot water, dried the bottle off and started writing on Clair’s chest and tummy with a stream of syrup. The hot syrup immediately melted through the Cool Whip and Regina noticed that Clair was gritting her teeth and wasn’t giggling anymore.

“Wait, that’s hurting her!” Regina exclaimed.

He paused for a minute. Clair was the one that answered, “Yes, it hurts, but I’m sure it’s not even a first-degree burn. I got quiet because I was processing the pain. It’s even more interesting and intense since it’s intermixed with the cold.”

“And,” Fred added, “in a minute we’re going to add a third sensation.”

Fred kept writing on his wife’s chest, Regina could make out “Suck these” and lower down “Eat at the Y.” It took Regina a minute to figure out that last one, and when she did, she blushed again. Did she want that kind of dessert?

“Let’s start with the nipples, you’ll find that Clair has the most amazing and sensitive nipples and the rings really help make them sensitive.” Fred said matter of factly. And with that he bent over and licked the Cool Whip off Clair’s nipple, just barely touching the tip.

Regina was a bundle of conflicting emotions and thoughts as she watched Fred’s tongue with fascination. Clair could sense her conflict, “Regina, don’t let Fred eat all the dessert, he’ll get fat . . er.” At which Fred sucked Clair’s entire nipple in his mouth and bit down, just a little.

“Owww,” Clair exclaimed, followed by “Thank you sir!”

Regina bent over and licked the Cool Whip and a little chocolate off Clair’s right nipple. To encourage her, Clair moaned a little. OK, she was acting, she barely felt the lick, but she got the effect she wanted, Regina closed her eyes but also started licking and sucking, working her way around Clair’s whole breast. Before long she had chocolate and whipped cream all over her face, but she hardly noticed. Both Bob and Regina had done a pretty good job of cleaning off Clair’s breasts when Bob started licking a trail across her tummy. When Regina realized where he was headed, she froze.

“Please?” Clair moaned.

“I’ll take this part down here,” Fred said, taking the pressure off Regina, “you clean off her neck – but know that she’s super ticklish in her armpits and where her shoulders meet her neck. Regina got the hint and was thankful Bob didn’t expect her to help ‘down there’; she wasn’t ready for that yet.

Regina attacked Clair’s upper body with gusto while making a point of NOT watching what Fred was doing. But she couldn’t miss what Clair was doing. It quickly became apparent that Fred was having quite an effect, making Clair moan and writhe – and what Regina was doing was making her giggle, laugh and writhe but for a different reason.

Regina and Fred, without verbally communicating, fell into a silent teamwork. Regina would take a short break, never moving her mouth far from Clair’s body while Fred drove her higher and higher. Then Fred would take a breath and Regina would attach Clair’s armpits, neck or ribs with her tongue and lips, even blowing bubbles in the Cool Whip to get a reaction. Fred’s constant licking and sucking on her clit followed by Regina’s merciless tickling was maddening for Clair. When Regina figured out the game, she started using her fingers on Clair’s ribs, tickling through the remains of now brown Cool Whip and Syrup.

Clair was losing it. She couldn’t catch her breath, she was laughing so hard from the tickling. She couldn’t even form clear sounds to beg Regina to stop, or to beg Fred not to stop, or to beg them not to stop. After a few minutes, Regina noticed that, while her mouth on Clair’s nipples seemed to be helping Fred’s efforts at increasing her sexual tension, using her lips and tongue on Clair’s neck and the rest of her body wasn’t working as well as her fingers.

Regina shifted strategy, she started very slowly and lightly raking her fingernails down the underside of Clair’s arms from the elbow to her pits, then suddenly dug into her ribs with her fingers. Then she would start on the sides of Clair’s hips and drag her fingernails slowly up Clair’s sides until she reached the pits, then again suddenly dig into her ribs. After the first time, a primal part of Clair’s brain knew what was coming as the almost unbearable sensation of Regina’s long nails felt like electricity moving along her body. The tension built, both from Fred’s vibrator on her clit and Regina’s fingernails until the moment she dug in and Fred simultaneously lifted the vibrator.

Except occasionally, Fred didn’t stop the vibrations. About one time in four he pressed down and held the Hitachi hard on Clair’s now super sensitive clit while simultaneously shoving two fingers into her clear up to the G spot and almost lifting her off the table with his fingers.

This went on for seven or eight rounds. Clair was very close to hyperventilating and very close to cumming at the same time. Fred and Clair had never pushed ‘tickle torture’ this far. Fred noticed that Clair was really starting to struggle against her bonds and he was glad he had used the cuffs and not just rope. Then, for the second time in a row, as Regina reached Clair’s pits, Fred pressed down on the Hitachi and held it. Clair stiffened her whole body. Fred felt like her vagina was going to break his fingers, it convulsed so hard. And she CAME! Hard!

Regina was completely lost in the joy of the moment, the masochistic power of tickling Clair, the erotic sexuality of Clair’s moaning and writing, and her own – oh god – her own arousal. She was so lost that when Fred lifted the vibrator the last time, Regina went back to raking her nails. Fred just stopped and was just watching her tickle his wife.

“Oh, Oh, I’m sorry, are we done?” Regina stammered.

“Well,” Fred grinned, realizing his wife needed a break, “Clair’s definitely done, and this syrup and stuff is getting pretty sweet, I think we need a cup of coffee, want some?” And Fred handed Regina a clean towel to wipe off her face.

“Awwww,” Clair said between trying to get her breath, “and I was just starting to have fun!”

Fred had already started to untie the wrist and ankle on his side of the table, so Regina did the same. But she also had questions which started to flow out of her mouth in rapid fire order:

“So, were you having fun?”

“And do your burns hurt?”

“Did I hurt your… uh… your nipple?”

“Did I do OK?”

“Why do you LIKE this?… Why did I like this?”

And with that last question Regina stopped, realizing she was babbling.

“Slow down girl!” Clair said with a smile. “I know I said you should ask questions but one at a time, and after I wash this gunk off. Fred, get Regina a pad and a pen so she can write down some of her questions while you start some coffee and I jump in the shower.

Clair took a quick shower while the coffee brewed and came back out in a simple robe. Fred served them all coffee and they sat on the couch and talked, and talked, and talked late into the night. Somewhere about 1am Fred realized that Clair was sound asleep. Regina still had a million questions but really did have a class in the morning so regretfully she said her goodbyes and she made her way back to her dorm.


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