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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Chapter 35: Sr. Year, That's a Wrap

After her exploration of BDSM with Clair and Fred, Regina was a bit nervous to have Psych lab with Fred again. I mean, she had helped him tie his wife to a table, watched him eat her out, licked dessert off her chest and tickled her naked body until she almost hyperventilated. How do people just go back to ‘normal’ after that kind of experience? But normal was exactly what Fred was. They just started in together on the lab assignment like they hadn’t spent an evening last week with their faces covered with chocolate and Cool Whip.

Later that evening Clair asked Fred “How’s Regina?”

“Fine I guess.” Fred replied, not really understanding why Clair was asking, a typical man.

“She just had so many questions that I worried how she was absorbing everything we talked about after our dessert incident.” Clair replied.

“Well,” Fred said, “if she wants to be a Nurse and work in Psych wards, she better get a hard skin.”

“Fred, I’ve been thinking.” Uh oh, Fred thought.

“I really like Regina,” Clair continued. “and you know how I’ve always wanted to try long term restrictive bondage, like mummification?”

“You know I don’t feel qualified to do that with you safely.” Fred started sternly, then stopped and said “Ohhhhh. I see where you’re going with this, that’s an idea.”

“Let me talk to her and see how she reacts, perhaps I can frame it as a psychology experiment.” Fred laughed.


Fred asked Regina to grab coffee after class the very next day. “So, Clair and I wanted to make sure you’re ok with everything? We didn’t push you too far, did we? We normally would have asked someone before we just inserted them into a scene like that.”

“I’m glad you included me,” Regina stated flatly, “Like I said, I’m fascinated with BDSM and I’m not going to really learn without experience. Somehow, I don’t think the University Psychology department is going to provide labs in BDSM, although if they did, I’d recommend you and Clair to direct them.” Regina smiled.

“Funny you should mention that.” Fred said. “Clair wanted me to talk to you about something. She has become fascinated and obsessed with long term restrictive bondage.”

“You mean like a sleep sack?” Regina asked.

Fred was surprised, “You know about sleep sacks?”

“Probably the same way you do,” Regina laughed, “porn. I’ve been spending way too much time on the internet since our last dinner together.”

“Well, Clair is thinking about mummification, but I’m not sure I can do that safely, so I have declined to experiment. Clair thinks I’m being silly since we’ve done some other pretty extreme stuff, but when we’ve done those things, I can see her and gauge her reaction and condition. If she’s all wrapped up for hours and hours, it scares me.” Fred said thoughtfully.

Regina was quiet for a while and Fred wondered what she was thinking. Finally, she said, “I admit, the idea is fascinating and has all kinds of psychological ramifications. Let me do some research and I’ll get back to you two.”


And research she did. Regina read psychology papers on solitary confinement, she read medical papers on caring for patients in full body casts, she watched dozens of porn videos on mummification, and she spent several evenings reading every profile on FetLife with an interest in mummification. Then she messaged several practitioners and asked questions. When she texted Fred several weeks later she was ready.

“Hey Fred,” she texted, “can you and Clair pick up some Thai food and meet me in Room B104 in the Psych building tomorrow night about 6? I want to show you some stuff.” Fred was intrigued, he checked with Clair and then let Regina know they would be there, curry in hand.


As Fred parked their car, he realized that Regina was just arriving at the building with her Mac laptop in hand. As they took the elevator to the basement the smell of curry filled the elevator cab.

“I got four different dishes,” Fred said, “since I didn’t ask what you like? You can pick your favorite, or we can share.”

Fred was surprised that Regina had a key to room B104. Seeing his surprise she explained, “This room was assigned to Professor Chou. He stored some stuff in here that he doesn’t really use unless he’s teaching PS409, which is off this semester. I asked him if I could use it for a week or two. Surprisingly, he didn’t ask any questions.

One side of the room was full of boxes, equipment cases, and other junk Fred and Clair didn’t recognize. The other side of the room had a medical exam table, and a regular folding table with a few chairs around it. At Regina’s prompting they spread dinner out on the folding table and Regina fired up her laptop.

As Fred started dishing out Curry, Regina said with a smile, “So, Clair, Fred tells me you have an interest in Egyptology. I’ve done a bunch of research and have some ideas to share but before I start, can you tell me what you envision?”

Clair was somewhat taken aback by the change in Regina’s demeanor. This was a calm, in control, professional healthcare worker asking a kinky question in a clinical way.

“Ummm, well, I’ve started fantasizing, a lot, about being completely immobile, completely helpless, isolated and controlled for, perhaps, days?” Clair explained.

“That long?” Regina asked.

“Yes, I want to experience total sensory deprivation for long enough to feel completely alone.”

“OK,” Regina said between bites of curry, “There are challenges and dangers that must both be managed but I believe that a multi-day mummification can be done safely. After my research, I’m convinced that I can satisfy any concerns that Fred, or you, may have.”

Regina continued by turning her laptop to face them and Clair realized she had done an entire PowerPoint presentation.

“First are the dangers,” and Regina went through the issues she had researched and how she proposed to minimize them including blood clots, breathing problems, and most importantly to Regina, the psychological damage that might be done by long term sensory deprivation. She also went through a list of what she called ‘challenges’ including handling bodily waste, hydration, nutrition and monitoring.

“Wow, Regina,” Clair was impressed, “you’ve thought of everything and have a really complete plan. When do we start?

Fred was impressed but wasn’t quite sold yet. “How long an experience are we talking about and where would we do this?” he asked.

“Because the psychological issues are the hardest to measure and predict, I think we need to start with one 24-hour session and see how it goes. And the reason I wanted to meet here is this is where I propose we do the experiment. This basement is rarely used for anything and never on weekends. The only other keys to this room are with the maintenance and they have no reason to come in here. I can post a sign on the door that says ‘experiment in progress’ to provide even more privacy – those kinds of signs are sacrosanct in this building. Plus, one of us will ALWAYS be in the room with Clair and it’s not like she’ll be naked even if someone did stumble in.” Regina answered.

And so, with a few more details discussed, and the Curry finished, it was agreed that Saturday night to Sunday night would be the time and B104 the place. Clair was very excited!


When Clair and Fred arrived on Saturday it was obvious that Regina had been doing some preparation. On the folding table were boxes of supplies. Fred, as agreed, had brought dinner for he and Regina and a box of other stuff Regina had asked for. Clair, according to Regina’s instructions, would not be eating. Fred had also brought some packaged stuff that didn’t require refrigeration for breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

“How much did you spend on all this stuff?” Fred asked, looking over the table.

“Probably no more than you spent on food, but we can settle up later.” Regina replied.

Fred saw at least a case of 4-inch-wide rolls of vet wrap. There was also some medical equipment in sterile packaging that Fred didn’t recognize. But he did recognize the pine 1 X 12 X 6’ board propped up against the wall.

Fred was also impressed by what Regina was wearing. Where she had found a mid-1900’s era nursing uniform Fred had no idea, but there she was, in a knee length white belted dress that buttoned up the front. It had pockets over each breast, pockets on the sides and a name-tag sewn on that said “Cratchet.” When she saw Clair and Fred, both admiring it, she explained “Halloween last year, I thought it was very appropriate for someone who wants to be a Psych nurse!”

“I love it!” Clair exclaimed, “It sets a perfect mood!”

“Should we eat first or get Clair wrapped up first?” Regina asked, trying to get Fred to take the lead.

“I’m hungry!” Fred declared, “and I’m sure Clair won’t mind us eating in front of her, it’s not like she didn’t have anything for breakfast or lunch.”

“But I didn’t,” wailed Clair, “mean ol’ Regina said I needed to have an empty stomach so there was no chance I’d throw up.”

“And did you take your laxative last night and do two Fleets Enema’s this afternoon?” Regina said in her best ‘nurse’ voice?”

“Yes ma'am,” Clair replied, already getting into submissive mode.

“Good Girl!” Fred said as he started unwrapping Regina and his Burrito.

Why don’t you save us some time and go ahead and get naked Clair, and then kneel here at my feet.

“If you’re going to scene with us Regina you might as well understand our protocols. Some couples use a lot of what’s called ‘high protocol.’ They have very strict rules about how the sub behaves, how she positions her body, what she says and how,” Fred explained. “Frankly, we think most of that stuff is silly but there are a few things that work for us. When Clair gets into a submissive role she will call me Sir, and I would propose she call you Ma’am. She is nearly always naked, she doesn’t use furniture unless told to, and she’s usually physically lower, like kneeling on the floor here. She is also required to be respectful, although I do tolerate a certain amount of bratty-ness, well, just because it’s fun.”

As Fred and Regina started eating, Regina looked over and Clair had knelt by Fred’s chair and laid her head on the side of his leg. Fred was eating with his right hand and stroking Clair’s hair with his left.

Regina realized the sight was turning her on. Would she ever find a partner that would love her as much as Fred obviously loved Regina?

After the Burritos were done, Regina pulled a large pump bottle of body lotion out of a box. She also handed Clair a bottle of water and said “hydrate!”

“OK Fred, you need to cover every inch of Clair with this lotion to make sure her skin stays hydrated for the next day.” Regina instructed.

Fred didn’t miss the “you need” part of Regina’s instructions and decided to set expectations right off the bat. “You’re the medical professional here,” Fred said as he handed her the bottle back.

Clair was pretty sure what was going on in Regina’s head so she decided to let Regina know that rubbing lotion all over her naked body was just fine with both of them, but to do it, she let the brat out again.

“OH Regina Ma’am,” she exclaimed in mock fear, “please don’t make him rub down my body, he’ll get all turned on and he does horrible things to me when he’s horny.”

“Too late,” said Fred and Regina noticed that his pants were bulging pretty good.

“But what if I get turned on?” Regina asked no one in particular.
“Well it would be pretty insulting if you didn’t… Ma’am,” Clair commented.

“You know,” Fred added, “BDSM is a sexual activity. I may not want you going down on my wife, but most other stuff is fair game. We’re all adults here, I hope you have many enjoyable evenings with your vibrator remembering the next 24 hours over the years. Didn’t you enjoy the dessert?”

Regina nodded, squirted a liberal amount of lotion on each of Clair’s shoulders and started rubbing it all over her arms, neck and shoulders. She then added more to Clair’s back and started rubbing it in. Fred ‘suggested’ that Clair lace her fingers behind her head as Regina moved to Clair’s chest and tummy. Fred was getting an almost painful erection. He hadn’t thought, in advance, about getting this turned on in front of Regina. If it had just been him and Clair, Fred would have been naked and Clair would have been on her knees by now. But at dinner Clair had made Fred put the vibrator away rather than using it during dessert, so… was she still worried about pushing Regina too far? And what was Clair willing to do in front of Regina. All of a sudden, he wished they had thought to talk some of this through before tonight.

Fred caught Clair’s eye and then looked down at his crotch. Clair followed his gaze and raised her eyebrows, then slowly licked her lips. Fred looked at Regina, now on her knees rubbing lotion into Clair’s legs. Clair shrugged her shoulders then winked at him.

When Regina was finished Clair said, “Nurse, I’m worried Sir is suffering needlessly, will there be time for me to give him a blowjob before we wrap me up?”

Regina had considered what she would do if Clair and Fred started sex again like when Fred had eaten Clair out during their dinner. She hadn’t come to any conclusion, so in answer she babbled. “Umm sure, I’ll step out for a minute.”

Then after just a second, she thought, “Oh, what the hell! Am I doing this or not!”

“On second thought,” she said out loud, “no blow jobs right now, but after we get you immobilized perhaps Fred can choke you out with his dick.”

Fred let out a little snort, and Clair looked a little shocked, pleasantly shocked, but shocked. “Yes Nurse,” was all she said.

“Fred, grab some rolls of Vet Wrap out of that box please, I’m going to turn the thermostat way down so once we have Clair wrapped, she doesn’t overheat.

Regina then took a black block about the size of a pack of cigarettes out of a box. She used some surgical tape to firmly attach it to Clair’s chest just under the breastbone. Then she started plugging wires into it. Each wire had an EKG sensor pad at the end and Regina expertly placed them in the correct locations. Next a blood oxygen sensor went on one of Clair’s fingers and a wire from that device plugged into the black box as well.

“This is a portable, battery powered heart monitor device I borrowed from the department. It will run for days without recharge. It stores all its readings, but it will also pair using Bluetooth to my iPad and do a real time display of all Clair’s vitals.

Regina started using safety scissors to cut vet-wrap into one-inch-wide strips. As she started using these to wrap the oxygen sensor onto Clair’s finger she asked, “Fred, did you bring your TENS unit?”

“Yup.” Fred answered.

“OK, I’m going to leave that to you, I have no experience with TENS units,” Regina said as she continued by wrapping all 10 fingers with 1-inch strips then continuing with the full width vet-wrap up each arm.

The first set of leads Fred set aside. He and Regina had decided they were for Clair’s nipples, but he had no idea how Regina planned to incorporate that into the wrapping. The second circuit Fred taped to Clair’s thigh, leaving the banana plugs available and convenient for future attachment. This was for a surprise he had worked out for Clair.

Regina had Clair sit on the exam table in the middle of the room and spread her legs. Working with practiced precision, Regina washed her hands with a bottle of water and surgical soap. She then put gloves on and opened the sterile packaging of the catheter kit and inserted it into Clair’s urethra, letting the tube and bag hang for now. Regina had been nervous all day thinking about this step. She had catheterized many women in nurse training – but not quite like this. But she had decided that she was ‘going for it’ as she said, so that’s what she did. Once she had the catheter inserted, inflated, and tested she let a bit of urine out just to make sure it was working.

Both Clair and Fred were looking down, fascinated at the process, neither had ever seen the process and Regina was a little amused by their expressions. Finally, Fred said, “Could you teach me to do that?”

“Probably, but another time Fred, another time.”

“Butt plug, Fred?” Regina asked.

Fred reached into their box and pulled out their biggest plug. Clair had not seen him pack the box and didn’t know he was bringing a plug, much less the monster he pulled out. She had only worn it once or twice and only for a short time. “This could get interesting,” she thought.

Regina had decided that having Clair do a minor cleansing of her bowels along with the plug should be fine for a 24-hour session. If they progressed to longer sessions she may need to advance to the more complex bag.

“OK, Let’s wrap this bitch up!” Regina said with a smile.

First, with Fred taking one leg and Regina taking the other, they wrapped Clair’s feet, then worked up the legs. Once that was done, Regina had Clair stand.

“Fred Your job is to make sure Clair doesn’t fall, just grab her shoulders and steady her.” Regina explained solemnly. Then she pulled four gray foam blocks, about one inch thick, from her boxes.

“These are going to keep bone from rubbing on bone, which my research says can quickly become ‘bad pain’. She placed one of the blocks between Clair’s knees and another between her ankles and had her squeeze her legs together.

Grabbing a handful of rolls from the box, Regina started wrapping Clair’s legs from the ankles up. When she got to just above the knees she stopped and moved to Clair’s neck, wrapping down her torso. Before she started wrapping Clair’s arms to her body, she went to her box and pulled out a small display unit with a long cord attached. “Scientific Temperature sensor,” Regina explained. “All this wrapping can provide very good insulation and we don’t want Clair to overheat or get too cold. This will monitor her core temperature so we can adjust the room temperature to keep her at 90.6 F.”

“Damn, you thought of everything!” Fred exclaimed.

As Regina continued wrapping, approaching Clair’s nipples, she went to her box and came back with two cones with pink tassels on them. Regina realized Fred was watching her with a puzzled expression on his face. He recognized stripper’s tassels and wasn’t sure how Regina was planning to use them, they were supposed to electrify those nipples while Clair was mummified.

“Trust me, Fred,” was all Regina said.

“But where did you even get those?” Clair asked.

“Arts and Sciences Theatre department costume shop.” Regina replied.

Fred and Clair were both beginning to appreciate just how much research and planning Regina had done for this adventure.

Regina placed both the cones over Clair’s nipples so that they taped down Regina’s nipple rings and almost completely covered her areola. Normally they would have been used with body tape or glue, but Regina cut two short pieces of vet-wrap for each breast and, running those short pieces vertically, taped the tassels to the nipple. They didn’t fit perfectly, Clair had very large and puffy nipples, Fred thought they were one of her best features. But Regina simply held the cones over the nipples as she tapped them down then wrapped over and under them, letting the tassels hang out between the wraps.

Regina continued wrapping down the torso and as she approached the elbows, she took the last two foam blocks and put them between the elbows and torso. Continuing to wrap she made sure Clair’s arms hung straight down and that her hands were flat against her hips.

As she wrapped down Clair’s torso, she was careful to neaten and tuck in all the EKG wires, temperature sensor, and Fred’s TENS wires. When she got down to the top of the pubic bone she stopped.

“Time for your surprise Fred?” she asked in a tone that made Clair nervous. “I’ll let you do this part.”

Clair would have made some snide, bratty remark about them plotting against her, but the restriction of the wrap was already putting her in sub-space, and she was starting to float, struggling to pay attention.

Fred and Regina had conspired. Regina had suggested that they provide some periodic stimulation to Clair to break up her 24 hours of isolation. Fred had assumed this meant a vibrator on her Clit. Regina had pointed out, after getting over her initial embarrassment, that the Catheter would get in the way. She had suggested the TENS suggesting she could borrow one from the orthopedic department but was not surprised to learn that Fred and Clair owned a two-channel battery powered one. Then Fred had an epiphany, why not do both.

Clair had ordered an attachment for their Hitachi some months ago. Fred had initially been a little angry because it was expensive, and they hadn’t talked about it before she ordered it. But once he saw how well it worked, well, all was forgiven. The attachment was shaped like an upside-down T. The T had a cup that fit over the ball of the Hitachi. The long end of the T was a dildo. Each end of the top of the T had an upturn or nub. Basically, when the dildo was inserted in the vagina, one nub hit right over the clitoris, the other hit right on the anus. The triple effect was magical, Clair declared.

Fred made two modifications. One, he painted each side of the dildo with conductive paint, not letting the two sides touch, then attached wires into the paint so he could charge each half of the dildo with one side of the TENS circuit. Two, he drilled a hole in the T, next to the nub for the clit, right over where Clair’s Urethra is located. When Fred pulled the modified attachment out of the box, held it up where she could see and explained it, Clair’s first reaction was to be mad. He had drilled a hole and painted her expensive attachment. But she couldn’t do anything about it now.

Regina helped Fred detach the catheter hose and feed it through the hole in the attachment. He then inserted the dildo into Clair. He thought about spitting on it since stupidly he hadn’t brought any lube, but neither was necessary, Clair was dripping wet, something Fred gleefully pointed out to both Clair and Regina.

Once Fred was sure the attachment was positioned just right, they finished wrapping Clair’s torso, inserting the Hitachi into the attachment, and strapping it down between Clair’s legs where it was held very tightly up into her crotch. They also secured the TENS lines, and the catheter tube.

This was what Clair was hoping for, she had never felt more helpless or vulnerable. She tried to move, flex, twist. She could bend her knees just a little or bend at the waist – but that was soon to change. Regina pulled a package of four rolls of Duct tape from her box. She also pulled out a second set of medical grade safety scissors and laid them on the table making sure Fred saw them. With Fred continuing to steady Clair, Regina started at the neck and placed strips of Duct tape across Clair’s shoulders. Then she started with the shoulders and wrapping down, overlapped each round of tape by about ½ inch.

As the wrapping reached the nipples, Regina again avoided covering the tassels. When she reached the ankles, she and Fred helped Clair sit on the side of the exam table.

“Grab the board over there and lay it on the exam table Fred,” Clair directed. “There are two small pieces of wood in my box over there, put them under the board about 1/3 and 2/3 the way down so we can run straps under the board.”

“Straps?” Clair asked?

“Do we need to wrap your mouth up already?” Fred replied with a smile.

Once Fred had the board positioned, Fred and Regina both manhandled Clair so she was laying along the board on her back. The board went from just between her shoulder blades to just above her ankles. Even before they strapped her to the board, Clair realized that with the Duct Tape, she was even more rigid and immobile than before. Cool! Now that Clair was off her feet, Regina finished wrapping Clair’s feet with tape.

Getting Eight two-inch wide black cargo straps from her box, she handed four to Fred and started running straps around Clair’s legs and the board, basically bonding the board to Clair’s legs. Fred put one around her torso above and below her breasts, around her waist and around her hips, helping to hold the Hitachi in place. Before he tightened the ratchets on the straps, Regina put her last piece of foam, a square flat piece, between the board and the small of Clair’s back, then they started tightening the straps.

Fred watched Clair’s face closely as they tightened the cargo straps. He trusted Regina not to get the leg straps too tight; she was conscious of maintaining blood flow. He wanted to make sure the chest straps didn’t restrict Clair’s breathing too much. Fred realized that Clair was already floating and would probably not be a good judge of her condition right now.

Fred was right, Clair was floating. She felt hugged over every inch of her body. The straps were restricting her breathing just enough to remind her that she wasn’t in control, not at all! There were a few moments of panic as she realized just how helpless she was. But Clair conquered this the way she always did, by focusing on Fred and her intense trust in and love for him.

Fred continued to watch Clair’s face while Regina hung her catheter bag on the side of the exam table, attached the wires to the TENS unit and tucked it under one of the straps, and tested the data coming from the EKG, heart rate and oxygen monitors. Everything looked good.

The next to last thing to do was wrap Clair’s head. First, Regina asked Fred to slide Clair and her board to the end of the exam table so that she could put Clair’s hair in a ponytail. As he was pulling the board down, he inadvertently pulled her face right into his crotch and Clair couldn’t resist – she playfully bit at his penis through his pants.

As Regina finished up the ponytail, she asked Fred to bring her more vet-wrap and Duct tape. Regina didn’t need a nursing degree to figure out what needed to happen next. There was Clair, with her head hanging off the end of the table, her mouth open and a spaced-out grin on her face.

When Fred returned with the rolls of vet-wrap Regina said, “OK Fred, now that we have her completely helpless, before we wrap her head I think it’s time to take care of your needs. I’ve heard this is a great angle for doing deep throat. I’ll just step outside for a few minutes.”

“Regina,” Fred said seriously, “I don’t want to make this weird, so if you want to step outside that’s ok, but I can’t be the only one here who’s getting very turned on by this whole scene. If you’re not comfortable watching that’s cool, and Clair and I aren’t ready to have her eat you out so I’m not suggesting that.”

“Well, I don’t remember discussing not doing that!” Clair thought to herself with some disappointment.

“But you could just sit at the other end of the table with your back to us and, uh, ‘do your own thing’ if you want.”

Regina was trying to stay cool but she was very turned on by the evening’s activities, “Uh, ok,” she said, then positioned a chair at Clair’s feet. Initially Regina had no intention of doing anything but sitting there. But she was wet. The whole process of oiling down Clair’s naked body, wrapping her and realizing how completely helpless Clair was had turned Regina on. As she sat in the hard metal folding chair, she couldn’t help but hear Fred’s zipper, then the wet, sloppy sounds of Clair slurping in his penis. She couldn’t help but wonder how big it was or how far Clair could take it down her throat. She had intended to just sit there, but when the gagging and ‘ugh, ugh, ugh’ sounds started, Regina slid down in her chair and her fingers found their way under her nurse’s skirt.

By the time Fred dumped his load down Clair’s throat, Regina was laying on the floor face up, her dress up around her waist and her panties hanging on one ankle. She only had her fingers to work with, but she was wet, and listening to the sounds coming from Clair's mouth pushed her over the edge twice. Then she realized Fred had stopped and except for some violent coughing and heavy breathing coming from Clair, all was quiet. Ever the gentleman, when Regina sat up, she realized that he had resisted the temptation to look at her and was facing away, holding Clair’s head up and trying to zip himself up.

For Clair that had been the most terrifying blow job ever. In fact, it might have been the most terrifying thing Fred had ever done to her, including the serious beatings and bondage they had done at the farm. When she first realized what Fred was going to do, she was excited. She loved giving head in this position because if she could focus, relax her throat and swallow, she could usually get him most of the way down, touching his balls to her nose. Clair had worked hard on her skills and considered herself a master fellatio artist. What she didn’t count on was how totally and completely helpless she was. She couldn’t move away, dodge sideways, push him with her hands. In fact, about the only thing she could do other than take it, was to bite it, something she didn’t dare do even in panic.

Fred started right in, no preliminaries, no letting her lick it, stroke the head with her tongue, nothing, he just shoved it down her throat and it caught her completely off guard. And it took her about 15 seconds to start to panic. Fred was already hard, but as he just stayed in her throat and she started gagging, she realized that he was growing even harder. Fred knew his wife, however, and he withdrew just before she might have bitten him. But as soon as she grabbed a breath he was right back in and then he started pumping. The sheer aggressiveness of his face fucking made it hard for her to find a rhythm and breath on the out stroke. And he just wouldn’t stop. In – out – in – out – in and hold it until she was desperate.

She was sure she was going to pass out when he gave her a chance to get a good long breath and then he went all in, and every part of his body tensed. Clair tried to relax and open her throat; she knew what was coming. What she didn’t expect was the volume, it just kept cumming and cumming and cumming. When he finally stopped and pulled out there was cum everywhere, in her stomach, in her mouth, dripping down her face. Clair prided herself on swallowing and she was momentarily mortified by how much was dripping everywhere. When she started coughing and some of the cum blew up her nose, she almost lost it.

Fred quickly held her head up and started wiping cum away from her eyes. When he realized Regina was sitting up, he asked her for something to wipe up with, which was when Regina realized that the paper towels were in the box across the room. But then she remembered extra napkins with the Mexican and fished some out of the bag on the floor next to her.

There was evidence everywhere of just how intense these last few minutes had been for all three of them. Regina was disheveled, her dress crooked, her panties still down around one ankle, her hair a mess. Fred had streaks of ejaculate down his pants legs, and it was all over Clair’s face and hair. She was still coughing occasionally, trying to clear her airways. Fred and Regina looked at each other… and started laughing. What other reaction could they have?


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