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Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; bedtie; piercing; cons; X

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Chapter 33: Real Life

Near the end of their Junior year, Fred learned that there would be room in the university’s couples housing the fall semester. Of course, to qualify, he and Clair would have to be married. The plan had always been to wait until after graduation but this meant living in separate dorms and grabbing a few minutes for sex when they could... well it was getting old. Plus, a part of Clair was feeling empty. She needed rough sex, bondage, and the occasional painful session. Fred could be very creative in the spaces and times they had but it just wasn’t enough for her.

Jill and Bob tried to spend weekends at Gran’s farm as often as they could. Leon could always use the help around the property and Jill and Bob enjoyed the peace and quiet of the country. Clair and Fred were able to join them every few months and around holidays and those were good family times with lots of great food and conversation.

The family had also worked out a way to play. None of them had any desire to cross boundaries between couples and especially between ages. Everyone was completely comfortable with the fact that bondage, impact play and especially captivity play was a part of all three couples sex lives. 

So, the men worked out a system.

There was a small cookie jar on Gran’s shelf that was purely decoration as nobody in the family needed to be eating sweets. Three poker chips lived in the jar, a red one, a blue one and a green one. As couples arrived, usually on Friday, Jill and Clair would drop by the jar, pull a chip and without saying anything to anyone, give it to their husbands. Gran and Leon always took the last chip which, since it was a blind drawing, was as fair as if they had drawn.

The red chip meant that the person who drew it would be sleeping in the Shed. Since the spanking bench was still set up in the Shed it usually also meant she would be sleeping with a sore bottom.

The Blue chip meant the barn for that submissive. She would at least spend the night chained in one of the horse stalls, but the barn presented all kinds of opportunities for bondage or impact play during the evening.

The Green chip was the easiest and the one the women in the family least wanted to draw. It represented a night of cooking and service in the house, followed usually by a night roped spread eagle on the big double bed.

Fun was understood to start at 6pm when the women would appear in bath robes, and nothing else. They would gather in the kitchen to be led off to their respective fates, usually with a huge grin on their faces. Nobody would invade the others' play spaces until 9am the next morning. The Green chips play space was understood to be the bedroom. The green chip couple might be in the rest of the house and in bondage, but they would be dressed outside the bedroom.

How intense each couple would play would vary greatly by age of course. Everyone just understood to completely ignore any sounds coming from the various buildings on the property. All six of them were so comfortable with the family’s activities that dinner conversation on Friday and Sunday night frequently included topics such as new toys or equipment bought, new positions or torments tried, etc. Well, ALMOST everybody was comfortable.

There was an unwritten rule that nobody talked specifically about Saturday night, and nobody talked about actual sex acts. The first time Clair drew the Green chip it resulted in a difficult situation for Bob. Jill had drawn the Red that weekend and after Bob finished with Jill, he returned to the house to sleep in the guest bedroom. When he came into the living room, there was Clair, wearing a bathrobe, handcuffed, and on her knees in front of the couch at Fred’s feet. They were both watching American Idol on the TV and Fred had a beer he was sharing with Clair. Bob was pretty sure there were several forms of Bondage going on under Clair’s bathrobe and that she had dried cum on her chin.

Yes, Bob knew that Clair and Fred played MUCH harder than he and Jill. He was also pretty sure that his daughter, not Fred, initiated and encouraged the intensity of their play. Like mother, like daughter, however it did NOT turn Bob on to see Clair sitting on the floor looking up adoringly at the man who had handcuffed her and had obviously face fucked her. Quite the opposite. This was his little girl, he had changed her diapers, he had been to her dance recitals, to her softball games, he had combed her hair and taken her to daddy / daughter dances.

Clair looked up in time to catch the expression on her Dad’s face. She had seen it before when the family had casual discussions about bondage. Perhaps it was because she, her Mom, and her Gran shared things on a different level, that none of the women seemed to be bothered by any of the family’s activities. But Jill and Clair had discussed the possibility of Bob having this reaction.

“Dad, your little girl is a pain slut,” Jill said flatly. “This man, whom I love and adore, gets me. He loves me, protects me, and gives me what I need! Get over it Dad. Either sit down and watch American Idol with us or go to bed but don’t stand there with that lost puppy look on your face.”

Fred watched Bob’s face go from shock, to bewilderment, to a smile.

“Hea, you raised her to speak her mind. Sometimes I wish you hadn’t,” Fred said with a smile.

Clair would have punched his leg but... handcuffs.

Bob sat down and they discussed the chances of the latest pop singer on the show.

Leon, on the other hand, came in shortly after, plopped down in his overstuffed lounge chair and was fast asleep in minutes. Nothing bothered Leon.

So, it was on one of these weekends, when the family was all together, that Fred got up early on Sunday morning. Before heading to the shed to retrieve Clair, who had been well beaten and fucked the night before. He prepared Waffle mix and preheated the iron, cooked a couple of pounds of bacon, mixed eggs with cheese and got them ready to scramble, set the table, and started the coffee. Hearing Bob and Jill start to stir in the bedroom he grabbed Clair’s robe and the keys and headed out to the shed to retrieve her. He almost bumped into Leon helping Gran back from the barn.

When Fred and Clair returned to the kitchen her hair was a rat’s nest, her feet were dirty and the bathrobe hid a bottom and legs that were still showing stripes. Gran didn’t look much better. Only Jill looked somewhat put together but tired. 

Jill thought it was sweet that Fred had started a big breakfast and had started helping by cooking Waffles and scrambling eggs. Bob was sitting at the table drinking coffee.

Fred didn’t even pause for effect or ask for everyone’s attention, he fished the ring out of his pocket, dropped to one knee in front of Clair and started in a strong, firm voice:

“Clair, I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, sharing all the highs and all the challenges of life. Will you be my wife?”

Clair had just spent a hard night sleeping in chains on a dirt floor with her ass radiating a delicious burn. It took her brain several seconds to process what had just happened. She looked up at the rest of the family, who were all holding their breath but smiling.

“Yes, yes, yes I will marry you, Fred.”

But Fred wasn’t finished. Still on his knees he turned to the rest of the family and asked, “And will you accept me into this family?”

Bob almost knocked the kitchen chair over rushing to grab Fred’s hand. As he lifted him up the whole family came in for a group hug saying, “of course, yes Fred, welcome to the Family.”

The hug continued until Clair and Jill, almost at the same time, said, “Ouch, ouch, don’t hug so hard!” and everyone had a good laugh.

Gran was practically jumping up and down. “Oh, it’s only 9:15, if we hurry, we can still make the 11am service!”

Bob, who was the least excited about the prospect of being dragged to church said, “Gran, usually just you and Leon attend service, you know Jill and I aren’t regular members.”

“Well, we’re all going today!” Said Gran in a tone that was clear, “I’m the matriarch of this family and we are going!”

“I can’t wait to tell the whole church, and we can ask the Pastor about dates, and... .” and Gran just wouldn’t shut up until Leon put his hand over her mouth like a gag. She looked at him, exasperated, but got the message. “OK,” she said, getting organized, “Clair, you and Fred hit the shower. Yes, together. We have to hurry, and don’t waste hot water. The rest of us will eat this wonderful breakfast Fred has prepared and take our turns in the bathroom. Oh, I wish this house had more than one bath!”

“Well,” said Leon, “there’s always the hose.”

“You go right ahead,” said Gran in a tone that said, “my Granddaughter just got engaged, I don’t have time for your crap right now.”

Well, this wasn’t how Fred had pictured the morning, but it seemed that events were spiraling out of his control. Fred was always good at improvising and taking a shower with Clair sounded fun right now, even if they wouldn’t have much time to enjoy it and breakfast would be cold by the time they got out.

Somehow, they made it out the door at 10:30 and all crammed into Bob’s SUV with Jill and Clair sitting in the third-row seats. That put Gran and Fred in the back seat together.

“So I thought you two weren’t going to marry till you Graduated?” Jill asked.

“Well, I found out we can get an apartment in Family housing next semester IF we’re legally married and we just didn’t want to wait any longer.” Fred answered.

“And the dorm is just not conducive to...” Clair added trailing off. Everyone chuckled.

“So, are you going to have a ‘collaring ceremony’?” Gran asked.

Fred was a little surprised Gran knew what a collaring ceremony was, but he understood that her real question was “there will be a traditional wedding, won’t there?”

“Gran, Clair has been subscribing to Modern Bride magazine for as long as we’ve been dating. I’m not blind or stupid. I’d love a church wedding with a big reception, assuming of course that the Father of the Bride is up for it.”

Of course, the whole car was listening. Clair and Jill looked at each other and smiled.

“I think we can afford a box of Ritz and some sliced Cheese.” Bob joked.

The church did go nuts. The ladies were planning a bridal shower during fellowship hour. The men were offering to help Leon clean up the barn. Somehow everyone just assumed the wedding would be held at the Farm. And that was just fine with Clair and Jill, that’s what they had hoped for years.

Fred may not have planned a “collaring ceremony” but he did have one surprise for Clair up his sleeve. When he and Clair were back in the guest bedroom packing to go home, he dropped to his knee again. Clair was thinking, “you already did this, did you forget already?”

“Clair,” Fred said as he opened another, smaller ring box, “will you wear my nipple ring as a sign of your submission to me.”

Clair looked in the box, it contained a solid gold ring and a small piece of folded paper.

“Oh, god I love you Sir!, Of course I’ll wear your nipple ring and be your devoted submissive for life!”

Fred handed her the box, and she took the ring out and examined it. Then she unfolded the paper and started to read it. It was from a doctor’s office. At first Clair didn’t understand.

“No tattoo artist/piercer is going to mess with those masterpieces,” Fred said pointing to Clair’s chest. “I don’t care if they are licensed, and experienced. I’ve made you an appointment with a dermatologist next week.”

“Doctors punch holes in nipples?” Clair asked, completely seriously. Her mom, after all, had her ears pierced at the mall when she was 13.

“Damn right,” said Fred emphatically. “Dr. Carlyle does lots of piercings and she advertises as “kink friendly.” The lady at the Jewelry store recommended her. And she has a special tiny spot welder that will close the loop so it only comes off if it’s cut off.”

“It will never come off Fred,” said Clair emphatically, “But, if I may ask, why only one? Last time I looked I had two nipples.”

Fred laughed, “It’s an engagement ring silly. We’ll make another appointment after the wedding.”

The wedding was in the barn on a beautiful spring day. A large tent was set up in the barnyard for the catered reception following the service. Flowers and bunting hung from the old support beams where Clair had been broken months ago. The Altar was set up in the center stall where all three generations of women had spent the night chained. The new 50-foot chain that Fred had bought Gran and Leon was left coiled up in the back of the stall, and nobody asked. Otherwise, it was a completely traditional wedding with Gran’s horse Henry watching intently, his head over his stall gate.


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