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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

The conclusion of our time at Gran’s Farm. Enjoy.

Chapter 32: Farm, After Care

Fred went into the big bathroom in the hall and drew a warm bath in the big claw foot tub. He added some bubble bath (and yet again hopped Gran wouldn’t mind) and went back for Clair. She had not moved but she did open her eyes when he picked her up and looked up at him. She said, “Just sleep!” but he carried her into the bath and gently lowered her into the warm water.

For the next hour, Fred washed Clair and let her soak in the tub. He stayed right with her because she was dozing off and on and he was afraid she would slide right into the tub and drown. When he helped her out, she was barely able to stand. He dried her off, inspected the few places he had drawn blood and put ointment on those spots and her nipples. Carrying her into their bedroom, Fred laid her down, took off his clothes and snuggled up against her. Clair winced a few times as he laid his arm across her, but she was soon sound asleep.

“Hello! Clair... Fred... are you guys in the house?”

“OH SHIT!” Fred sat up with a start. He had not intended to sleep but just to cuddle Clair for a few minutes then go clean up the evidence of the last few days.

“Clair, wake up, they’re home!” he whispered, then shouted, “We were taking a nap Gran, be out in a minute.”

Clair was in a fog. She didn’t really understand when Fred told her they were home, but when he shouted Gran’s name she sat up. Well, she attempted to sit up. Every muscle in her body protested and her ass protested having the full weight of her body transferred there.

“Shit, shit, shit, the whip and handcuffs are sitting on the kitchen table, the ropes are still hanging in the barn, the bathroom is a mess, shit, shit, shit,” Fred said as he scrambled to get into his underwear and pants. Grabbing a new shirt out of his suitcase, because the one he was wearing was still in the barn, Fred prepared to face Gran and Leon.

Clair was laughing, but quietly because too much movement was painful. “Relax Clair, Gran’s cool.”

“I know she’s cool, Clair, but I borrowed a lot more of their stuff than just the shed and look at you, you’re nothing but red marks from knees to shoulders.”

Clair managed to stand and started looking for some large, loose clothing. She selected a t-shirt and sweatpants thankful that Fred hadn’t hit her arms. Once she started moving, she limbered up and felt almost human although it would be a delicious week before all the pain went away.

Fred burst into the kitchen, “Hea guys, welcome back.”

Gran and Leon were making trips back and forth to the car unloading.

“Did you get my text we were leaving?” Gran asked.

“Oh, yea, here it is, I guess I was sound asleep.”

As Leon came back in with a load he pushed the whip, handcuffs, and other stuff on the table aside to make room to set down his load.

“Whip work OK?” Leon asked with a smile and a glance towards Gran.

“Uh, excellent craftsmanship Leon, excellent.” Was all Fred could think of to reply.

“You guys need help unloaded?”

“Nope, last load,” said Leon.

“OK, well, I think I’ll feed Henry,” Fred said as he bolted out the door.

“I think somebody took too long a nap,” Gran said to Leon

Clair walked into the room “Hey guys, successful trip?”

“Oh I’d say so, we got a lot accomplished.” And the way Leon said ‘accomplished’ implied more than just cleaning out his former home.

But Gran had noticed Clair walking a little stiff, went into ‘mother’ mode and asked, “Are you OK Clair?”

Clair thought for a minute. “To quote a very wise woman from a few years ago, ‘I’m more than OK, I’m DONE.’”

“Well DONE, from the looks of it,” Gran said with a grin, “I guess we should start dinner.”

Gran started some Chicken and rice while Clair cut up the ingredients for a salad. Fred scrambled around removing evidence and putting things away in the barn, shed and exercise yard. Leon finished putting up the stuff they had unloaded but left the whip and stuff on the kitchen table. When Fred came back in he scooped up the stuff on the table.”

“I think I have some leather cleaner and treatment for that whip,” Leon said, clearly indicating what he thought Fred should do about his Whip.

“Thanks,” Fred replied. Then speaking to both Gran and Leon, “I appreciate your loaning us the shed and Leon’s whip, I borrowed some other stuff from your box, and we drank a lot of bottled water. Umm, I also cut a couple of your ropes.”

Clair was amused, Fred was red in the face. Her creative, sadist Boyfriend was embarrassed that he had borrowed or damaged Gran’s stuff.

Gran started to reply, “That’s OK, Fred, you’re family and... “ but Fred cut her off.

“No mam, it’s not OK. I’ll have everything cleaned up tonight and I’ll run into the hardware store tomorrow.”

“I think he’s a keeper Clair,” and Gran winked at Clair.

“Oh yea, he’s definitely a keeper!” Clair replied.

“Dinners ready, you boys stop fussing around, get yourself something to drink and sit.” Gran ordered.

Gran and Clair sat down about the same time. They both gingerly lowered themselves into the chair, looked at each other and laughed. Fred and Leon shared a knowing smile as well.

And the next morning, Fred got up early and went into Chain. He bought a 100ft roll of white cotton rope, a case of bottled water, suntan oil and bug spray. He also bought 50ft of a very strong but lightweight chain for the barn. He had seen how Clair struggled to drag that chain around when she worked. Clair had also told him that Leon and Gran still played in the shed and barn and he wanted to make life a little easier for Gran while still being secure.

After another nice day visiting with Gran and Leon, Clair and Fred said their goodbyes and headed back to college, their relationship forever changed in significant ways.

Clair squirmed a lot all the way home and used her arms to keep the seat-belt away from her chest.


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