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Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; nipple; torment; rope; predicament; game; tease; denial; sex; cons; XX

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

A bit of an interlude before we start another day on the Farm. Enjoy.

Chapter 29: Farm, The Game

Clair had almost regained control of her emotions and, as Fred sat her on the porch swing, looked up at him with love and simply said “Thank You!” Fred wasn’t sure if she was thanking him for breaking her, or for carrying her to the porch, or both.

Digging the handcuff keys out of his pocket, Fred unlocked one cuff. Clair just sat there in a daze with her hands behind her, so He had to encourage her to move her arms and stretch her shoulders. Fred then took the free end of the cuff and closed it around one of the chains supporting the swing. Clair hardly noticed. At this point it was another wholly symbolic act of bondage, Clair didn’t have the energy to move.

Next Fred tried to remove the strings from around Clair’s nipples. She winced every time he touched them, and the string was almost embedded into the skin. He was relieved to see that the blood wasn’t from the strings cutting into the skin, but from the burlap rubbing the ends of the nipples raw. Pulling out his pocket-knife he put the tip of the blade on the nipple and slid it under the string. Clair held her breath but didn’t try to pull away. She trusted him completely, even with a razor-sharp knife on her nipple. When Fred cut the string, blood rushed back into Clair’s nipple, and she wailed. It wasn’t a scream; Clair didn’t have the energy for a scream. It was a long slow exhale of pain. He let her absorb the pain before doing the other nipple. Fred really wasn’t trying to hurt her at this moment but there was just no other way. He also noticed that a little bit of blood started oozing from the end of each nipple.

Kneeling he unwound the Vet Wrap from around the shoes and took them off, Then he slid the dirty thigh high hose off her legs, marveling at how red some spots on her feet were. He inspected her feet for damage and didn’t see any open blisters, but Clair was going to walk gingerly for a while after that much time on high heels.

Fred went into the house and fixed Clair an open face simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He wasn’t originally planning to feed her until he realized how totally wiped out she was from her walk with Henry. He also looked into the medicine cabinet and found a tube of antibiotic ointment.

He brought the ointment, napkins, sandwich and two bottles of water back to the porch. He washed Clair’s breasts with water from the bottle and a napkin then tenderly applied a dollop of ointment to each nipple. She didn’t pull away, but he could tell even this gentile act was painful.

Fred slowly fed Clair the sandwich and water. She probably could have used her free hand to eat but he wasn’t sure she had the energy to lift her arm. Returning to the kitchen he fixed himself a ham sandwich and a coke and wolfed it down. Then he gathered six lengths of rope, Clair’s battery powered Hitachi, the feather he had found in the yard earlier today, a bottle of lube, two rubber bands from Gran’s desk and a movie trivia game.

Clair loved movies. Fred wanted to bring her back to the land of the living and insert a little vanilla into the flow, just a little so he had an idea. Yes, Clair loved movies, but he wasn’t sure she was going to love his idea for a trivia game.

He was only gone about 10 minutes but when he returned to the porch, Clair was laying on the swing and had fallen asleep. There was too much of the evening left to let her crash already, the sun was still above the horizon. Fred made her sit up and extend her arms along the back of the swing. He then tied her left wrist to the top of the swing, moved to the other end, unlocked the handcuff, and tied that wrist to the top bar of the swing. Clair was now sitting in the middle of the swing with her arms out to either side along the top of the backrest. He added ropes around her arms between the elbow and shoulder and the top of the swing as well. Clair watched him with dull, sleepy eyes but made no move to resist or to help.

Moving around to the front of the swing, Fred grabbed Clair’s hips and pulled them to the front edge of the swing so only half of her ass was on the swing. He wrapped multiple loops of rope around her leg just above the knee and pulled the leg up and back, tying the rope off to the chain coming down from the ceiling to support the swing. He did the same with the other leg. Clair was starting to wake up and come out of her stupor. She realized that her day of torment wasn’t over quite yet. She squirmed and struggled to keep the edge of the swing from cutting into her ass.

Realizing the edge of the swing could get quite painful quickly Fred asked, “Is there anything you would like to ask for Clair? After your gift of suffering this afternoon, I’m in a charitable mood.”

Clair looked at Fred and furrowed her brow, looked around the porch and said, “May I have that throw pillow under my ass sir?”

“Are you sure that’s what you want Clair? You could ask me to untie you.”

“Why would I do that Sir?” And Fred saw the first glimmer of a smile since he put Clair on the exercise machine.

“One pillow coming up,” Fred said as he wrapped his arm around her waist, lifted her body and slid the pillow under that darling ass.

Fred poured some lube on his fingers and started rubbing it into Clair’s clit, labia, into the opening of her vagina and around her anus. As he did so he said, “I thought we would play a game tonight to pass the time. How about Movie Trivia, you love movies, and you always know more about movies and the stars than I do, especially the classics.”

What Fred was doing with his hand felt wonderful. Clair had been on a sexual high since last night with no relief. Her hands had either been cuffed behind her or Fred had been there to supervise. Fred had not given her any chance to get off. She was exhausted, sore in SO many places, sleepy and had never been more aroused in her 19 years.

“Clair, answer me. Do you want to play a game?”

Clair smiled and said, “Wargames, 1983, directed by John Badham, starred Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy.”

“Smart Ass!” Fred laughed. “But this trivia contest will be a little more, how shall we say, ‘high stakes!’”

“Sounds Fun, if I can stay awake,” replied Clair.

“Oh I think I can keep you awake.” He said as he pulled a porch chair closer to the front of Clair’s obscenely wide-open legs. Fred put the lube, the feather, the Hitachi and the game desk on a small coffee table within easy reach.

“Here’s the rules,” Fred explained while shuffling the cards. “I’ll draw the cards for you since you’re a bit ‘tied up’ and I’ll read the card and ask you the questions. For every question you get right, you get a full minute of stimulation.” And as he was explaining this rule, Fred was lightly stroking the side of Clair’s clitoris with just the tip of the bird feather he had found earlier.

“The more questions in a row you get, the more intense I make the stimulation.” Now Fred was slowly, lightly, finger fucking Clair. She moaned softly and closed her eyes.

Fred jerked his fingers out suddenly and Clair’s eyes snapped open.

“At about eight right answers in a row you will work up to the Hitachi. BUT, if you get one wrong, we go back to the feather. You’ll have 10 seconds to answer the questions. I’ll be the sole judge of when you take too long. If you get off before we get to the bottom of the deck of questions, I win!”

“You win?” said Clair, that doesn’t seem fair.

“And my prize,” Fred continued, “is to Fuck you until I dump a load of Cum into that needy, tight pussy of yours. I think the way you’re tied we can turn this swing into quite a sex swing. Assuming I win of course. If I don’t, I guess I’ll just have to put you in the shed frustrated again and Jerk off in the shower.”

“Well, now I know I’m spending the night in the shed again,” thought Clair to herself, “so let’s wake up and win this game so I don’t go to bed horny!”

What she said out loud to Fred was, “Not likely, sadist boy, this movie expert is about to drain your balls! But I assume I’m going to drain them into a condom!” and Clair winked at him.

“Girl,” Fred smiled, “you really know ruin an image. But yes, as we agreed, with a condom.” Fred added seriously. And he started running the tip of the feather down the right side of her clit.

“OK, first question,” and Fred drew a card.

“What critically panned 1984 country-musical comedy starring Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone eventually became a cult classic?”

“That’s easy,” answered Clair, “Rhinestone.”


Fred switched to the other side of Clair’s clit but kept stroking for a full minute. Clair closed her eyes, relaxed, and enjoyed the light stimulation.

“In what 1976 thriller does Robert De Niro famously say ‘“You talkin’ to me?’”

“Is this the best you’ve got?” Clair mocked.

“Five seconds.” Fred warned

“Taxi Driver.”

Fred started stroking the feather from Clair’s urethra straight over her clit and he increased the pressure for another minute.

“What’s the name of the anthemic dance near the beginning of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?”

“Another easy one, The Time Warp.” But Fred noticed that Clair’s breathing was faster, and was that a drop of cream emerging from the bottom of her vagina?

After another minute of stroking Fred asked, “Who played park owner John Hammond in Jurassic Park?”

Clair hesitated, she knew this one... 

“Five seconds.”

“Ian McKellen,” Clair guessed.

Fred made the sound of a buzzer, “Wrong, Richard Attenborough” and he stopped the feather.

“Perhaps you need a drink of water to lubricate your brain although it seems to be well lubricated down here,” Fred said and slapped Clair’s cunt playfully while he thought “Oops, I may have to buy Gran a new throw pillow, Clair is kinda staining this one.”

“Just pull the next question feather boy because that’s the last wrong answer before I drain your blue balls!” Clair teased, getting into the spirit of the game.

Fred smiled, his idea was working, ‘his Clair’ was coming back from the land of sub-space.

Fred started back with light pressure on the side of Clair’s clit again and asked,

“For what movie did Steven Spielberg win his first Oscar for Best Director?”

“Schindler’s List,” Clair answered instantly.

And so the game went. Despite her boast, Clair would get 5, miss one, get 8, miss one.

One time she missed after only two and Fred teased her mercilessly.

But he also noticed that when she reached four and started finger fucking, she was squirming around on the pillow as she answered. And when she would reach six and he continued the finger fucking but added a thumb on top her clit she was having trouble concentrating and several times just beat the 10 seconds to answer.

So far Clair had only reached eight correct questions once and when Fred put the Hitachi on her labia and moved it up and down, almost, almost bringing it high enough to touch her clit. After the full minute of that much stimulation, she missed an easy question because she couldn’t focus.

Clair realized even in the brain fog of near orgasmic bliss that she was in trouble. If she couldn’t focus on the stimulation Fred was giving her after eight right answers, how was she ever going to answer enough questions right to get off?

Clair tried begging, “Please Fred, I need to cum, I need it bad, haven’t I been a good girl and suffered for you all day?

“So be a good girl and continue to suffer. Tease and Denial is one of my favorite kinds of suffering.” Fred answers. “Now focus. We start back at level one!” 

What Clair didn’t know was that Fred, as he always did, had a plan.

First of all, he had stacked the deck of questions, so the bottom of the deck were really easy questions. Secondly, he was slightly increasing the stimulation he was giving Clair with each round.

The next time Clair got to eight and the Hitachi Fred asked, “What was the name of Walt Disney’s mouse.”

Clair was squirming and panting and almost didn’t answer in the 10 seconds but finally blurted out “Mickey Mouse.”

Fred smiled as he held the vibrator on her clit for the full minute.

One more question to go, and he had another soft ball ready.

But before he could pick up the next card, Clair sucked in a lung full of air, arched her back, tensed every muscle in her body and shouted “FUUUCCCCKKKK!” so loud Fred was afraid she had scared Henry out in the barn. They had been playing, and Clair had been under constant stimulation, for almost two hours. Clair’s almost violent orgasm still took Fred completely by surprise.

Fred put the vibrator on the table and adjourned to the kitchen to get both of them a drink and get a condom out of his suitcase. When he returned Clair had an angelic smile of complete satisfaction on her face. After they both drank, Clair said, “OK feather boy, get that lovely cock of yours in here and start pumping!”

“Yeah, you would be well advised to remember who’s tied up naked here and who still has very sore nipples,” Fred teased as he started to reach for Clair’s breast, opening and closing his fingers.

Clair squealed and quickly said, “Please SIR, use this unworthy cunt’s body to take your pleasure.”

Fred undressed completely, taking his time while Clair watched. He opened and rolled the condom on a dick that was as firm and straight as Clair had ever seen Fred’s penis. Taking the other matching throw pillow for his knees, Fred knelt in front of Clair’s open body. She was ready but he wasn’t, first he took the Hitachi and, holding it upside down where it wouldn’t get in the way, he pressed the head firmly on Clair’s clit and turned it on. The effect was electric as Clair’s body was still in that sensitive post orgasm stage. She tried to squirm backwards, but Fred just pressed harder. He wasn’t being subtle or employing any great technique and it was driving her back to the edge very quickly.

Fred removed the vibrator as suddenly as he had started and simultaneously plunged his penis into her well lubricated cunt. Clair moaned, “Oh god yes, oh that feels so good, you’re pounding my cervix, harder, faster, oh please don’t stop!”

And Fred didn’t.

After it was over, he wanted desperately to take her in his arms and carry her to bed, but that would have to wait until tomorrow. What had started this whole two days was Clair’s desire to experience Gran’s shed, so he would continue that experience again tonight.

Fred stood, still naked and wearing the condom, and slipped his feet into his shoes. He walked around behind the swing and untied Clair’s legs and arms. She collapsed sideways and curled up in a fetal position. He came back around front and untied the ropes from her ankles. He scooped her up in his arms and stood, but when the chain around her neck fell over her shoulder, it fell straight down and pulled sharply on her neck, her eyes snapped open, and she looked at him in panic. He quickly set her back on the swing. He found the open padlock used earlier in the day to chain her to the porch railing, Fred made a figure eight with the chain around Clair’s wrists and slipped the padlock into the middle of the eight, effectively trapping Clair’s hands about two feet from her neck. It was long enough to give her some freedom but not enough to slack for her to reach her pussy with her hands.

Realizing his dick was almost limp and the Condom was falling off, Fred pulled it off and dumped the impressive contents all over Clair’s face, squeezing out the last drops and then gently, lovingly, rubbed it into her face, wiping his hands on her hair. Clair inhaled the smell of him then exhaled a sigh. She also licked just a bit off her lips and tasted it. Other than that, she barely moved.

Fred again scooped Clair up in his arms and started walking to the shed. He had thought about making her crawl, but he doubted she had the energy even if he tried to make her by using his belt on her. Clair just had enough mental awareness to think, “What a sight this must be, her naked man, carrying his naked, chained woman. A woman that was exhausted, aching all over, filthy, covered in his cum. A woman that had been well worked and well fucked by her man. A woman that was happy and content!” 

When they reached the shed, Fred kicked the door open with his foot and laid Clair on the dirt floor. He locked the shed chain around her ankle, turned out the light, locked the door and walked back to the farmhouse. This had been a day he would never forget, and there was still tomorrow.

Clair remembers thinking, “This feels like home...” and she was out.

Fred needed a shower and sleep himself, but first he gathered up the things on the porch and put most of them on the kitchen counter where they could be cleaned and sorted later. His clothes he took to the bedroom. After his shower, Fred was fast asleep by 10.


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