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Storycodes: M/f; bond; outdoors; barn; cuffs; nipple; torment; rope; blindfold; cons; XX

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Warning, the story is getting even more sadistic. Enjoy.

Chapter 28: Farm, Walking the Horse

Fred returned to the barn. First, he checked Henry’s water and made sure the float was working. He stroked Henry and promised him some exercise soon. Then he looked around the barn. Outside the barn was an electric device that he had seen Gran use to exercise Henry. It basically consisted of a long pole, balanced in the middle on a shaft. Chains hung down from each end of the pole, Henry was attached to one end of the pole and a motor drove the contraption around, so Henry was forced to walk in a circle. Fred assumed that back when Gran had more horses, they could exercise two at a time. Fred looked around and found the power box and switch on the outside of the barn. He turned it on for a minute to make sure it still worked, how fast it started and stopped. 

Fred then walked back to the house. As he approached the screen door, he heard water running in the sink and shouted in, “Add the blindfold in the toybox on Gran’s bed to the stuff you bring when you come and hurry up with those chores!”

“Yes Sir!” Clair replied smartly, like a recruit in boot camp.

Clair thought she must look very strange as she walked across the barnyard. A filthy burlap bag dress barely hung on her shoulders, cut down the front and sides halfway to her waist. It covered next to nothing, especially since it stopped just below her ass cheeks. Below the dress, elegant, off black, thigh high stockings with lace around the top and black pumps with a two-inch heel. Around her neck still hung the chain like a leash. Surely Fred didn’t think this look was sexy, perhaps he was just trying to humiliate her.

Fred almost dropped the plastic bag when he saw Clair. Hell YES he thought it was sexy. Was she actually sashaying across the yard, or did the heels just make her walk that way?

Fred had thrown a rope over one of the support beams running down the sides of the barn. He directed Clair to stand under the beam then had her take off the burlap dress. Next, he wrapped both wrists with Vet Wrap from the bag. “Here come the handcuffs again,” thought Clair. And sure enough, Fred handcuffed Clair in front, then lifted her arms over her head and tied the cuffs to the rope hanging down from the beam.

Next Fred reached in the bag and brought out the spf 50 suntan spray. He was glad it was spray because he wanted to make sure he covered everything. Fred figured, correctly, that a sunburn tomorrow, wasn’t going to add anything to Clair's experience today. Fred sprayed every part of her body from the tops of the stockings to her fingers. He then started slowly and sensually rubbing the oil into every single part of her body. Of course, he spent lots of time ensuring her breasts and ass were properly covered. He also rubbed quite a bit into and all around her labia.

Clair wanted to say, “Fred, I don’t think the sun is gonna shine down there.” But she kept her mouth shut. She was trying to get back into ‘good girl’ headspace after the interruption of their porch talk and her kitchen duties.

Fred untied the rope, lowered her hands, and unlocked one cuff. Handing her burlap dress he indicated she should put it back on. Fred locked the handcuffs behind Clair’s back and double locked them with the key. There was a bundle of twine hanging over the stall rail, it looked like twine cut off hay bales. Fred gathered several pieces of the hay baling string and tied loops on the end of two of the strings.

When Fred turned back to Clair, she instantly knew what was coming next and closed her eyes. Fred noticed and said, “Look at your nipples, I want you to watch!”

Fred had first seen Clair topless almost three years ago and he was still amazed by her nipples. Clair’s were the only nipples Fred had ever seen live. Some of his guy friends thought he was a prude because he’d never gone with them to a strip bar but somehow that just didn’t interest Fred. Looking without being allowed to touch just seemed pointless. However, he had seen enough pictures or porn models and knew Clair’s nipples were extraordinarily large and puffy. 

Jill, Clair’s mom had big nipples but nothing like Clair’s. Clair hated them. She was never comfortable in thin sexy bras, preferring heavy cotton. She always put a cotton pad inside things like sports bras to keep them from poking out.

Clair especially hated her nipples today because, sticking out so far from her breasts, it was her nipples that held out the front of that damn burlap dress. After almost a whole day in the dress, her nipples were red and raw. Now, the Chain around her neck was hanging down between her breasts and holding the burlap even tighter to her chest. She realized she was walking very stiffly and focused on not pivoting from the hips or letting the chain swing; anything to minimize the motion of the burlap across her nipples.

Fred raised the Burlap dress and hooked it over Clair’s head. He leaned over and sucked each of Clair’s nipples for several minutes each, making them swell even more. It should have been erotic but because they were so raw it was torture. He then slowly grabbed the meatiest part of Clair’s right nipple between his thumb and first finger and slowly increased the pressure, pulling the nipple towards him as he squeezed.

Clair grimaced, then clenched her teeth but never took her eyes off his fingers. As Fred continued to increase the pressure and pull, she inhaled sharply and shouted “Ohhh Shit!” as she tried to master the pain.

Fred released the nipple then let Clair calm herself. “Clair, good girls don’t say ‘shit’. I don’t want you to make a single sound when I pinch the left one. If you do, I’ll have to start over again with the right one! And I’ll have to keep doing this until you learn to control your mouth. And Clair, it’s Oh Shit Sir.”

Fred grabbed her left nipple and without the slow buildup he had used on the right, he quickly clamped down hard and twisted. Clair saw stars, she inhaled sharply, a tear rolled down her cheek, but she stayed silent, and she kept focused on his fingers. Fred clamped down on the nipple as hard as he could until his fingers were getting tired, all the while watching Clair’s face both to gauge how much he was hurting her and to make sure she kept her eyes open and looking at her nipple.

“Good Girl!” Fred said as he released her nipple, and he really sounded like he meant it. 

The glow from Fred’s sincere praise made the pain feel like a reward, not a torture.

Fred grabbed each of Clair’s nipples and slipped one of the sting nooses over each, sliding the knot down until they were firmly trapped at the base of each nipple. Clair watched with fascination and dread as the string caused her nipples to engorge and puff out even more. Fred pulled the burlap back over her head, covering her breasts but fished the two strings attached to her nipples and her neck chain out of the deep vee of the neck opening.

Next Fred took the blindfold Clair had brought and put it over her eyes. Taking a roll of Vet Wrap, he added several wraps on top of the blindfold, shutting out what little slivers of light Clair still had under the bottom. Kneeling, Fred wrapped Vet Wrap around each shoe in a figure eight around the ankle and under the shoe, effectively making them impossible for Clair to remove without her hands. Finally, he took one of the short ropes, wrapped it around her waist and trapped her handcuffs in the small of her back.

Now that he had Clair blindfolded and restrained, he could experiment with the string he was using a bit. First, he took a spare piece of the baling string and tried to break it with his hands; nope, no way. Next, he took out his pocket-knife and cut about ½ way through the string, then tried to break it, still no. He cut about ¾ of the fibers in the string and this time he was able to snap the string. It wasn’t easy, but it also didn’t hurt the skin of his fingers when he broke it. Going back to the blindfolded Clair he picked a spot about ½ way between the nipples and the ends of the strings and cut the two nipple strings ¾ the way through. Clair could not tell what he was doing but his messing with the strings was definitely uncomfortable on her nips so she thought he was just tormenting her.

Fred put his knife away, took hold of the ends of the two nipple strings and simply said “come” as he walked off. Totally blind, Clair didn’t have time to think about which way the barn door was or where Fred might be telling her to “come” to. Before she had much time to work it out, her nipples were painfully pulled forward and slightly to the left. She quickly jogged for about three steps in that direction, which was hard in heels. She also quickly realized that Fred was moving at a normal walking pace, providing no recognition that she was wearing heels or blindfolded.

Clair was amazed at how hard it was to follow Fred. She assumed he was walking in a straight line, but her nipples were continually pulled either to the right or the left and she drifted to the left or right of his track. If she let the strings go slack, she couldn’t feel which way he was leading until the strings suddenly and painfully jerked her nipples. If she kept the strings taut, it hurt all the time. As Fred exited the barn door, he turned right without any verbal warning. Clair saw stars again as she was almost pulled off her feet just by the strings around her nipples. Stumbling, she finally regained enough control to take several quick steps to the right. Fred never slowed down and wasn’t even looking back.

When he stopped to open the exercise yard gate, Clair crashed into him and almost lost her balance.

“Clair,” Fred said almost apologetically, “if you wanted me to play with your nipples some more, you don’t have to knock me over!”
“What?” thought Clair, but before she could process Fred’s words, he grabbed both her nipples through the burlap and started massaging them almost gently. The sensation was electric and painful, causing Clair to automatically take a step back, pulling her nipples out of his fingers.

Fred was quiet and stood still for a moment then said quietly, “Clair, I’m very disappointed.”

After a few heartbeats Clair answered, “I’m sorry Sir,” and took a step forward, thrusting her chest out.

“No, you’ve ruined the moment,” Fred said sadly and turned and opened the gate.

Clair was caught by surprise again as her nipples were pulled. She bounced off the side of the gate as she tried to navigate behind Fred.

Fred led Clair under one end of the horse exercise machine and told her to stop. He tied the strings to the last link on the chain which hung from the end of the exercise machine to Clair’s breasts. Grabbing her shoulders, he turned her to face the way the machine would make her walk and simply said “Stay.” Yea, like she was going anywhere.

Fred went back into the barn and put a bridle on Henry. He wasn’t very comfortable with horses and Henry could tell he was nervous, but the bridle always meant going outside so Henry was the one who pulled Fred out the barn door. When Henry smelled Clair in the exercise yard, he headed that way. Pulling Fred along, Henry walked right up to the blindfolded Clair and nuzzled her. Henry, of course, had no concept of human clothes, high heels or of Clair being attached by the nipples. It would have been a sweet moment if he hadn’t almost knocked Clair over.

Henry wasn’t happy when Fred forcibly pulled him to the other side of the exercise yard and attached his lead to the other arm of the exercise machine. Fred had expected Henry to stand still while he went back and checked on Clair, then went to the barn wall and flipped the switch to start the machine moving. But Henry wasn’t waiting. He started walking as soon as Fred stepped out from in front of him.

Clair, by this time, had figured out where she was and what was going on.

“How perfectly humiliating to be exercised like and with a horse using the feature of her body that she most hated as her leash.” Now she was sure Fred was a sadistic genius. She smiled inside at how much effort it took Fred to get Henry to move. He could dominate her brutally but couldn’t show a horse who was boss. She would have to help him with that later this week. She was waiting for the noise of the motor to start walking when she felt the yank on her nipples, gave a yelp and jogged to catch up.

“Oh shit,” thought Clair, “She had seen Gran put Henry on the machine earlier in the week and Gram had commented she only had to turn the machine on if Henry was being obstinate. Henry had spent so many days in his long life in the exercise yard that being put on the lead was like Pavlov’s bell, he simply started walking. Now Clair was doubly humiliated. Not only was she being exercised like and with a horse, but the horse was also controlling the pace of her exercise. Would Fred also allow him to control the duration? Henry could walk on the machine for hours!

It's a good thing that Clair was blindfolded because Fred was grinning like the Cheshire cat. This was working out SO much better than he expected. He watched for a few minutes to make sure Henry wasn’t going to stop, or worse yet, break into a trot. But old reliable Henry was just that, reliably plodding around the circle at a walk. Henry’s casual walk was between a very fast walk and a trot for Clair, and in heels that was proving very challenging.

Clair was also terrified of having her nipples literally ripped off. She had seen the string tied around her nipples and knew how strong it was from cutting it off hay bales. She didn’t know that Fred had pre-cut the strings. She should have realized that Fred would never risk her most hated and one of his most beloved body parts. But Clair wasn’t really thinking about anything but keeping up with Henry and trying to figure out how to walk in a circle.

The human brain wants to walk in a straight line. If you blindfold someone and tell them to walk, they will mostly walk in a straight line, mostly. Most people tend to veer off to their dominant side. Clair was right-handed and the machine was moving in a left-handed circle. Clair tried desperately to envision the circle the machine was making but she failed repeatedly. Without the use of her eyes, her first clue was always a hard tug of her nipples, usually to the left. After a few laps she got a feel for how tight to try and keep the string. She discovered that it was best to keep it tight enough that she could feel some directional pull, but loose enough that if she stumbled or got too far off the circle, she had time to correct before getting a painful yank. Fred hadn’t planned this aspect but the fact the chain hung straight down about four feet before the strings were attached meant that Clair had both the arch of the chain and the length of the strings to work with.

Once Fred was pretty sure Henry wasn’t going to stop or take off and break the nipple strings, he went back to the house. On the way across the barnyard, he noticed a small, delicate bird feather on the ground. That could be useful, he thought, picking it up. At the house, he picked up a couple of bottles of water, stuffed a handful of sugar cubes for Henry in his shirt pocket and grabbed the spray Deep Woods Off. Fred had noticed a few flies in the exercise yard, and he knew Clair was pretty defenseless against them.

Clair had also discovered the flies, or rather the flies had discovered her. It was after 3pm, but the sun was still high and keeping pace with Henry, Clair was starting to sweat. At least two horse flies had bitten her, and their sharp stinging bite was every bit as bad as Fred’s belt, just much sharper. Clair was close to tears. It was overwhelming, the pace, the shoes, The chain around her neck swinging, the burlap rubbing across her nipples, the string loops, the constant pulling to the left and now the flies. She had seen dozens of the evil things on Henry and couldn’t imagine how many were hovering around her right now, ready to cover her from head to toe with stinging bites. And she had heard Fred open and close the gate, so she feared he had left her. Did he even know how much she would suffer?

A human girl in burlap, hose and high heels just didn’t have the thick hide of a horse or cow, but she did sweat like one. The thought also added to her humiliation, not only was she being exercised like a horse, but she was attracting flies just like one.

Fred came back just in time to prevent a flood of tears. As he entered the yard, he noticed a dozen flies buzzing around Clair’s body and saw her yelp as a third one bit.

“There’s my good girl, suffering like a pony girl for me.” And he started walking beside her spraying her with Off.

Clair at first thought, “You can’t imagine how much I’m suffering !” Then she thought, “The bastard is spraying me with water.” Then the smell of the Off hit her nose and she calmed down.

“This man loves me,” she reminded herself, “and he’s my brilliant sadist. He’s not going to make me do more than I can handle. I have to calm down and be his good girl!”

Fred emptied the whole spray can of Off, covering every inch of Clair, even shooting it up under the burlap. He continued to walk beside Clair as he opened and pressed a bottle of water to her lips. At first it startled her but when she realized what it was, she gulped it down greedily. The only problem was drinking broke her concentration and her nipples pulled her painfully back into the circular path. Fred took the last part of the water bottle and poured it over Clair’s head, letting it run off and soak into the burlap. Clair was instantly grateful as even the late afternoon sun was hot, causing her to sweat profusely.

Fred went into the barn and brought the old metal chair into the exercise yard. He set it by the wall of the barn where a small tree provided a little shade and sat down.

“God Clair was beautiful.” Fred thought for the hundredth time this week. Her hair was sweat soaked and matted to the side of her face and neck. The filthy burlap bag, now half wet, clung here and there to a body that wasn’t much cleaner. The chain around her neck swung back and forth like a metronome, with a rhythm that matched Clair’s steps and pulled the burlap across her nipples with each step. Her elegant off black hose were now gray with yard dust. The high heels gave a definition to her calf muscles that Fred adored. Her face, half covered in Vet Wrap, was a focus of concentration. Fred had sported erections several times this day, and again his manhood was painfully throbbing. Clair was blindfolded and wouldn’t know but Fred resisted temptation yet again, he was saving this one for Clair.

Fred didn’t have an exact plan for how long he was going to let Clair walk. He hoped he would know when she was near the end of her endurance, but he wanted to take her right up to the edge. As Clair feared, he toyed with the idea of letting Henry decide when to stop but basically decided that was a bad idea. He had no idea how long a horse could walk or what Henry might do when he decided he had walked enough. But Fred also knew he could use this idea.

After relaxing in the shade and watching Clair make about six more rounds, Fred thought Clair could use some emotional support and some more water. But first he walked beside Henry, “You’re being such a good boy Henry, helping Clair get her exercise, here’s a sugar cube for you! And I’m sorry we’ve ignored you all day, so you walk as long as you want Henry. I’m sure Clair wants you to get your exercise too.”

Clair thought, “Henry’s being a good boy? I’m the one suffering for you, you sadist! And Henry can walk all day if you let him!”

Then Fred let Clair come halfway around the circle and startled her when he said, “And here’s Clair suffering like a good pony for me.” Clair was breathing hard enough that her mouth was partially open, so Fred simply pushed a sugar cube into her mouth with one finger.

Being blindfolded, she never saw it coming but instinctively took it into her mouth. Clair’s sense of humiliation deepened as she realized, “now he’s giving me horse treats.”

If Henry cared that Fred was giving away his treats, he never showed it, he just kept plodding along.

Fred sat and kept a close eye on Clair. He didn’t even consider taking out his smartphone. He would get up every six- or eight-times Clair went around to give her half a bottle of water, pour some water over her or give her and Henry a sugar cube.

It was close to 6:00, Clair had been walking in high heels for over two and a half hours. The girl was in amazing shape, but she was done. She was starting to stagger and stumbled frequently. A couple of times when she stumbled, Fred was surprised the string didn’t break. She had really pulled hard on her nipples multiple times. He wondered if he had weakened the string enough and decided to stop Henry before he found out the hard way. He had also noticed, with concern, that a small blood stain was appearing on the burlap in front of each nipple.

Clair, meanwhile, was deep in subspace. She had heard the term subspace on a few bondage videos but had never experienced it until now. She was totally zoned out in her sightless world, her conscious mind was blank, her subconscious mind was constantly calculating the pace and the circle, but she was no longer aware of that. She just put one foot in front of the next and endured the pain in her feet and legs, the agony of her raw nipples and her total exhaustion.

The chain hit Clair in the face. It took her a minute to realize what that meant. It had stopped.

Fred took Henry back to the barn first, leaving Clair barely standing. He took the time to check Henry’s water and feed. He probably should have brushed him or something, but he wasn’t sure how that was done.

When he returned to Clair she was standing with her chin on her chest, bent partially at the waist, absolutely still except for her slow breathing.

“Shit,” thought Fred, that is blood from her nipples on the burlap, “I should have stopped this sooner.”

But Fred stayed calm and removed her blindfold, he wanted her to see what he was going to do next. He then held the strings on either side of the cuts he had made and pulled them apart… the strings broke.

Clair started laughing and sobbing at the same time. Fred hadn’t put her nipples at risk.

The relief, the complete release of tension, the draining of all that adrenaline, it all caused a rush of sub drop. The exhaustion came flooding in and Clair almost collapsed. Henry wasn’t what you would call a weightlifter, but he did hit the gym occasionally. He scooped his girlfriend up in his arms, cradled her filthy, sweaty body next to his chest and carried her to the porch.


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