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Storycodes: M/f; bond; chain; rope; strappado; cuffs; oral; cons; XX

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Warning, we’re back to the loving sadism. Enjoy.

Chapter 30: Farm, Another Day

Fred woke with the dawn, something he almost never did.

After dressing and having a good breakfast with coffee, Fred gathered up a roll of Vet Wrap, the handcuffs and keyring, stuffed the Single Tail into his belt and headed out to wake Clair.

Because the shed was basically light proof, Clair was still in a deep sleep. Fred opened the door and called “Time to wake up”

Clair didn’t move. Fred didn’t think she had moved all night, the dirt didn’t look like she had rolled over or moved her legs at all. In fact, he wasn’t sure she was breathing. He almost panicked but then he saw her take a deep breath. “OK” thought Fred, “I can fix this!”

Fred gathered the bucket he had used to wash Clair yesterday, dropped the brush that was still inside by the barn and filled the bucket with water. He unceremoniously threw the bucket on the full length of Clair’s body. She shot up to sitting position, “What... Where... OUCH,” she exclaimed as she tried to cover herself with her hands, only to remember too late that they were still attached to her neck.

“That was mean,” Clair said while looking up at him with a coy expression.

“Well, I didn’t want you to be late for today’s agenda of torture and sexual depravity. And it’s ‘That was mean SIR’”

“You’re so good to me, Sir,” Clair said sarcastically.

Fred grabbed her upper arm and helped her up. It’s hard to get off the floor without the use of your arms, plus Clair’s legs just didn’t want to work yet. Once standing she also realized, with some surprise, that her feet were still a little sore from her hours in high heels.

The block and tackle off the front of the barn was still hanging down from yesterday morning. Fred pushed Clair out the shed door in front of him, “I’m sure a smart cunt like you can figure out what’s next on the agenda.”

“A spa day?” asked Clair, adding a few seconds later, “Sir.”

“I suppose you could call it a refreshing cleansing of the pores with high pressure, temperature-controlled water, of course the temperature in question is best described as ice water.” Fred laughed.

Clair stopped under the hook and Fred unlocked her wrists from the neck chain. Pulling Vet Wrap out of his back pocket he wrapped each of Clair’s wrists again. She continued to hold her hands in front, but Fred pulled them behind her and locked the cuffs on behind her back. Clair was surprised but she decided she had been snarky enough for the morning and kept quiet. Fred hooked the hook below the block and tackle on the handcuff chain, went to the barn door and started raising the hook. He had never put Clair in a strappado; hell, before this week he hadn’t done much more than tie her spread eagle on a bed. He raised the hook slowly, watching for Clair’s reaction. When he had her bent 45 degrees at the waist and her arms at about halfway to vertical, he stopped. Fred walked over and put his hand on the back of Clair’s head. He just stood there for a minute watching her experiment with her position. She was feeling the effects of standing up straighter, which put more strain on the shoulders, or bending over, which was hard on the legs and back.

After a minute Clair figured out why Fred was just standing there. She thought about being bratty again, that was kind of a fun way of sending signals to Fred. But she also remembered how much he agonized over hurting her more than he had intended with his belt. She decided to just talk to him. “This hurts,” she said, “but I’m adjusting. Can we try just a little more please sir?”

“You will tell me if you think you are approaching joint damage.” Fred wasn’t asking, he was telling her.

“Yes sir, I promise.”

He raised her arms another six inches and watched her dance for a bit. Clair was trying to get as far up on her tiptoes as possible, but that was making it hard to keep her balance and so she was stepping back and forth on her toes. “OK,” thought Clair, “this really hurts, I can’t take this for long.”

After enjoying this ballet en pointe for a few minutes, Fred uncoiled the hose and wet Clair down. She held her breath as the cold water hit her and, trying to turn away from the water, sent a shock through her shoulders. Fred poured some soap in the bucket, added some water, and poured a liberal amount over Clair’s hair. After washing her hair and face, he grabbed the brush off the ground and started to wash the rest of Clair. In doing so, he pushed her back and forth increasing her agony.

Before rinsing her down, he dumped the rest of the soapy water over her head, then turned the bucket upside down and put it about a foot in front of her.

“You may stand on the bucket if you wish.” Fred told her and turned to coil the hose back on its holder.

Clair looked at the bucket and thought “Bastard!”

She tried to reach the bucket with one foot but doing so caused her to completely lose her balance and yank painfully on her wrists and shoulders.

“Fred PLEASE! My shoulders.”

Fred snapped around to look at Clair. With everything he had done to her yesterday she had not begged once. Now, she was honoring his instructions to tell him when she was afraid for her shoulders.

He couldn’t see her face, since her hair was hanging down all around it, but he quickly rushed back to her side and pushed the bucket under her. The bucket added a little more than a foot of height and made the strappado tolerable again.

Fred rinsed Clair’s hair then hosed down the rest of her body. He noticed that her position was still extremely stressful because on the bucket, she couldn’t dance back and forth when she lost her balance, she had to use her arms to try and get back to position. He had been planning to let Clair air dry again but quickly decided there was a lot he needed to learn about bondage positions. But he did devise another mind fuck. Fred wanted Clair to start to spend the morning anticipating and dreading what he had planned for the afternoon.

“Clair, I’m going to leave you to air dry for an hour or so while I go watch some porn on the porch. But before I go, I’ll give you two choices. Remember that you clearly told me I wasn’t going far enough and that you wanted me to ‘break you’.

I want you to have the experience you need so here are your choices.

One, I’ll put the bucket away.” Fred paused to let the implications of that sink in.

“Or two, after lunch, I’ll string you up and whip you until I think you’re broken or until you use your safe word. “

Clair knew she couldn’t stand an hour of pain in her shoulders; she would have to safe-word out for sure. Clair couldn’t imagine disappointing Fred or herself by ending this early. But a whipping would be hours away. She was also smart enough to know Fred was going to whip her anyway.

“Please sir, I’ll take the whipping.”

“You may regret that decision Clair, I plan to use my belt and the single tail.”

“I’ll still take the whipping sir.”

Fred lowered Clair’s wrists almost back to normal then told her to step off the bucket.

Fred went back to the house, grabbed a Dr. Pepper from the refrigerator, and took it to the porch swing. As he sat down, he hollered to Clair, “Turn around, I want that lovely ass of yours facing me.” Clair was still slightly bent at the waist, pushing her ass out delightfully.

Fred hadn’t reapplied sunscreen or bug spray to Clair so once he finished his drink and after about a half hour had passed, he decided she was dry enough. walked over to Clair and untied her handcuffs from the hoist. Fred led her into the house by her neck chain, took off the handcuffs and again gave her fifteen minutes to use the bathroom, brush her teeth and do her hair. When she came back, with a minute to spare, Fred sent her back into their room with instructions to “put on slut makeup,” complete with lipstick and lots of mascara. Clair rarely wore makeup and when she did, she wore very little. She wasn’t exactly sure what Fred wanted but she tried. When she came out, he simply said, “Not slutty enough, try again,” and sent her back.

Clair thought she looked ridiculous, her eyes had so much eye shadow and mascara that she looked like a racoon. She didn’t have dark red, but she had loaded her lips with the pinkest shade of lipstick she had. She had applied so much foundation to her cheeks that she almost looked like paintings of 1700’s queens with their pancake look.

Fred seemed satisfied, “There’s my good little slut,” he said kindly as she walked out.

Fred already had the antibiotic ointment out and rubbed some on Clair’s nipples. As he did so he was inspecting them. They were red and irritated but no longer oozing blood and the string indentations were completely gone. He judged that Clair could stand to wear the Burlap dress a few more hours and handed it to her. He then sprayed her down with a new can of Deep Woods Off and, handing the can to Clair, let her get the back of his neck and arms.

After Clair was ‘dressed’ he locked her hands behind her again. Now he needed to get just enough nourishment into Clair so that she could make it through the morning. While Clair watched, Fred poured about a cup of milk into a bowl and set it on the floor. Then he opened half a box of Rice Krispie Cereal and simply poured it on the floor, waving the box around so it went everywhere on the kitchen floor.

There were some things Fred had done to her in the last two days that were sexually exciting because they were part of her bondage and masochistic fantasies. But there were also things Fred had done, she realized, that were just mean. This was one of the latter and she glared at him and almost said “bastard!” but kept her mouth shut. At least she was getting some breakfast, her growling stomach reminded her.

Without being told, Clair dropped to her knees and started licking the errant cereal up with her tongue. It was harder than she expected it to be. She had to bend at the waist, way over to lick up some cereal grains. Then straighten back up to crawl a few feet to bend over again. And the Rice Krispies immediately started to absorb the moisture in her mouth (snap, crackle, pop) so she had to crawl over to the milk bowl frequently.

She had been crawling around the kitchen for almost a half an hour. Clair’s knees and back were killing her, and Fred was sitting at the kitchen table getting bored.

“Had enough breakfast darling?” Fred asked.

Clair was struck by how Fred kept going back and forth between ‘Creative Sadist Fred” and “Loving boyfriend Fred.” She never knew which Fred was going to speak next.

“Yes Sir.”

“Stand up” Fred ordered, laughed at her and dabbed her face with a napkin. Her lipstick was already a clownish mess. He took the handcuffs off and ordered her to get a broom and dustpan and clean up the rest of the cereal on the floor. When she was finished, he had her kneel on the floor in front of the chair he was sitting in and it was definitely “Loving boyfriend Fred” talking.

“Still doing OK Clair?” Fred asked.

Clair thought for a moment because she wasn’t sure what Fred wanted to hear. He didn’t sound as conflicted or guilty as yesterday when he ‘checked in’ with her. She decided to be completely honest.

“Yes Fred, I’m OK. That strappado was perhaps the worst thing you’ve done to me. It was definitely on my bucket list, and at first it was fun, but then it became really bad really fast. It was the first time I was afraid I was being damaged. Thank you for backing off.”

“I’m an amateur at all this Clair, that’s why I ordered you to tell me if you were concerned about damage to your shoulders. Thank you for being honest, I’m not disappointed, I’m thankful you were a good girl and followed instructions.”

Clair nodded and smiled.

Fred continued, “And how about your nipples? I was concerned that they were bleeding yesterday.”

“They are still very very tender, the burlap is killing me.” Clair replied honestly. “But I can deal. Of course, I’d do almost anything if you would take the dress off,” and Clair looked up at Fred with a seductive smile, opened her mouth, and licked her lips. Since her head was at the same level as Fred’s crotch, the message was pretty clear. 

“We aren’t done yet Clair. Gran said she wasn’t coming home till dinner time; we still have most of the day left. And I DO plan on breaking you again Clair.”

It was amazing, Clair thought, that he had just made the transition from loving boyfriend to creative sadist in a single sentence.

However, if you can’t keep your mind or your slutty mouth off my dick,” Fred said as he unzipped,” you have my permission.”

“Can I use my hands sir?” Clair asked while rattling her handcuffs.

“No, you may not. Honestly Clair, I’m so horny that I’ll probably cum a few seconds after you touch my tip.”

Clair smiled, “Well, I’ll try not to let that happen Sir.”

Clair used all her skill, licking just under the tip, sucking his balls, licking from his balls to the tip. She eventually took him all the way in her throat until she gagged and was instantly startled when he groaned loudly and started pumping hot semen down her throat. She coughed and sputtered and let some of his cum dribble down her chin and chest.

Fred leaned back and took almost a whole minute to come back to earth. When he looked down at Clair she was grinning from ear to ear again and simply said, “Ooops.”

Fred laughed, as much as the sight before her as her ‘ooops.’ Clair’s lipstick was all over his penis, her cheeks, and her chin. She really looked ridiculous, and she had no idea and it made Fred smile.

“Do I get to come now too Sir?” Clair asked, looking down. “I’ve been a good girl!”

“You call making me cum that fast being a ‘good girl?” Fred smiled. “You’ll get to cum after you earn it. You have some work to do. Go fix your lipstick.”

Fred took the handcuffs off, and Clair went into their room and looked in the mirror, “Oh my,” she laughed at the image she saw in the mirror.

When she returned to Fred, he simply said, “Come with me,” and grabbing the end of her neck chain, led her towards the barn. As they walked Fred said, “Clair, you know I don’t know anything about horses. What should be done to properly care for Henry? How long will it take you to do those things?”

“Well, I could just feed and water him then clean out his stall like yesterday, that wouldn’t take long. But you, or we, walked him quite a while yesterday and we really should have cleaned, brushed, and groomed him afterwards. If I do everything Gran would do, two hours?” Clair said.

“Good,” Fred said as he locked the long chain on her ankle, “You have till noon. Make sure you put the work gloves on. If you finish before noon, kneel in the middle of the barn facing Henry, sit on your heels, be quiet and wait.”

“Yes Sir,” she said and started to walk towards the gloves and pitchfork then stopped. “Uh, sir? I don’t have a watch.”

They both laughed and Fred amended the instructions, “Then kneel in the middle of the barn when you’re done, and I’ll tell you when it’s noon.”

“Yes Sir.”

Clair went to work feeding and taking care of Henry and his stall.


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