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Storycodes: F/f; bond; cell; cuffs; electro; taser; toys; whip; pain; force; cons; XX

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Helen uses her mechanical skills to build some new toys to torment Jill and the story begins to get more sadomasochistic. Enjoy.

Chapter 20: Cell, New Toys

Helen took the Hitachi with her and dropped it on Bob’s workbench on her way upstairs. First, she dropped by her bathroom to take a leak and use a wet washcloth to clean her and Jill’s fluids off her genitals. She also stopped in the kitchen to fix a quick sandwich before heading back to Bob’s shop in the basement.

The lumber store had ripped the sheet of plywood in half longwise into two 2 X 8-foot sheets. Back in the workshop she used the table saw to cut one of these halves into 2 X 4-foot sheets. She found Bob’s hole saws and selected the size just slightly smaller than the Hitachi vibrators head.

She used the hole saw to cut a hole in the center of a 2 X 4-foot sheet.

Before she had moved out of Schwartz Iron Works, she had used the machine shop to build a pipe see-saw. The device had a 2-foot-long iron pipe, 3 inches in diameter with an iron cap screwed on each end. A ¼ inch hole had been drilled through the pipe at exactly ½ way down the length to make the pivot for the seesaw. A bolt through this hole was mounted through two L shaped arms. Once Helen bolted the arms to the board just below the hole she had drilled for the Hitachi, she had an iron pipe see-saw mounted about an inch above the board.

“This is going to work really well,” Helen thought as she rolled a condom over the end of the pipe towards the vibrator hole.

The last step was to use some of Bob’s scrap lumber and cut a wedge, 2 inches high at one end tapering off to a point. It looked like a large door stop.

Helen carried the board to the Cell and discovered Jill was napping on her bed, an 8 mile walk had worn her out. She woke Jill and told her to stand with her back up against the cell bars then made two more trips to the shop, bringing two of Bob’s sawhorses. Helen opened the cell door and carried the sawhorses and board inside, setting the board on top of the sawhorses. One last trip to the shop to retrieve the Hitachi and a skank of rope and dropped the Hitachi into the hole in the board so that just the top was above the board. Helen was ready.

First, Helen took out the handheld taser. Jill had not seen this device yet and looked at it with interest wondering if it was a new type of vibrator. Helen pressed her left palm against Jill’s sternum and without warning triggered the taser on Jill's stomach. The reaction almost knocked both of them over. Jill’s muscles tried to contract and bend her at the waist pushing Helen back. Jill screamed “OHHH SHITTT,” and fell to her knees.

When Jill regained her composure she asked, “Oh Helen, what is that? That hurt like hell! My stomach is still quivering.”

“That, Jill, is a police grade handheld taser. And you’re going to take one more shock for me because I need you to know that if you misbehave and especially if you ever lay your hand on me without permission, I will use it.”

“Oh Helen, not again, please?” Jill begged.

“Stand up,” Helen said with no mercy.

Jill was quivering but stood and as Helen moved the taser towards a spot halfway between her belly button and her clit, Jill moved back until her back hit the cell.

“Here’s the deal Jill, if you are grounded against those steel bars, this hurts a lot worse. I’m going to hold this right here. You are going to move forward until you touch the prongs.”

“Oh, Helen, I can’t,” Jill pleaded.

“You can and you will!” Helen said. “If you don’t shock yourself, I’ll shock you at least four times. Handcuffed and neck chained to the trolley the way you are, you can’t stop me. You decide, one or four.”

Tears started to roll down Jill’s cheeks. She looked at the taser, then up at Helen and saw no sympathy. She looked back at the taser and started to ease forward.

“It will be easier if you look at me, not at the taser.” Helen said with some compassion.

Jill looked in Helen’s eyes, grit her teeth and slowly moved forward.

“AAAAGGGGGHHHH!” Jill screamed. She dropped to her knees again and Helen had to take a step back, Jill’s bladder had cut loose.

When Jill had mostly recovered from the shock Helen said quietly, “Jill, please don’t ever make me use this on you as discipline. I’ve used it on myself, and I know what it feels like. But also know that if you ever refuse a command or if I ever feel threatened, I WILL use it.”

Jill watched the taser intently until Helen put it away in one of her many pockets.

Then Jill, who couldn’t stop being a housekeeper, realized she was lying in her own urine and Helen was looking at the situation with a puzzled face.

“Helen, the hose right outside the cell. There is a drain on the floor in here.”

Helen laughed, “Of course there is,” and marveled that Jill’s brain would focus on cleaning up while laying naked and handcuffed in her own urine after having just been shocked twice.

Helen used the hose to wash off Jill and the floor and Jill thanked her for adjusting and letting the water run until it was warm. Jill was recovered enough to stand, and Helen stood right in front of her. Jill was 5’10” and Helen was barely 5 ft. Helen felt slightly ridiculous because she was looking UP into Jill’s face, but she had to keep up appearances and she did have the taser.

“Jill, you and Bob don’t use a safeword or phrase and that bothers me. I’m a feminist and a lesbian and believe that you, and only you, are ultimately responsible for your own body. I’m going to push you this week so I want you to know that if you ever say, “You’re Fired,” I will take it literally. Today, this week, anytime in the future if you fire me, all activity will stop, and I will release you from any bondage. I’ll text Bob, and I’ll pack up my things and leave. You can stop anything, anytime, but our relationship will be over.

“Helen, I…” Jill started.

“Shh. I don’t want to hear it.” Helen said. “Now be a good girl and climb up on this board. Lay face down with this pipe between your legs.”

It was hard, the sawhorses were a bit wobbly. Jill’s hands were still cuffed behind her back. And the four-foot-long board only had room for Jill’s torso, her head and legs from the knees down were off the board. But with Helen’s help stabilizing her, Jill managed to sit on the edge of the board then pivot around and roll over. Helen helped by keeping the neck chain out of the way.

Helen reached between Jill’s legs and held her labia apart, instructing Jill to “scoot down” until the pipe impaled her. It felt HUGE, especially with the cap screwed on the end which made the “knob” almost 4 ½ inches across. Jill had pushed dildoes with this much girth into her vagina before, but they were silicone, this was an iron pipe. Helen grabbed Jill’s ankles, put one foot against the end of the plywood and pulled. As Jill slid down on the pipe more she screamed.

“I’m assuming that has bottomed out on your cervix Jill?” Helen asked.

“Shit yes!”

“Good, then we’re ready for the fun part.” Helen laughed. She then took the wood wedge and inserted it under the pipe and started wedging the back of the pipe upward. This pressed the front of the pipe, the part in Jill’s Vagina, down and pressed her clit hard against the vibrator. It also formed a kind of clamp, clamping the front wall of Jill’s vagina and abdomen to the board.

“Ow, ow, ow, that hurts!” Jill complained. Helen backed off just a bit on the wedge.

“OK, you can get up now!” Helen teased.

Jill experimented with a few movements but quickly gave up. “Not likely, just staying still hurts, trying to move causes that thing to dig in and really hurts!”

“Well, I promised you pain and a good friend always keeps their promises. But the real pain is still to come!” Helen said, “but first let’s take those handcuffs off, I know I said I was going to leave them on, but they’ve been on a while and your shoulders must be killing you.”

Jill’s arms and legs were now completely free, but she wasn’t going anywhere. She was clamped by the Vagina to a board with no way to reach the clamp.

Then Helen did something to produce a sound Helen would come to dread in the coming months. Helen unbuckled her heavy leather belt and pulled it out of the cargo pant’s belt loops with one swift motion.


“Jill, I’m about to hurt you more than you’ve ever been hurt with the possible exception of childbirth.” Helen explained.

“The next hour will be bad. It’s not a punishment, you’ve done nothing wrong. I’m doing it simply because I can. I’m doing it because I want you to know I have no mercy. I’m doing it because Bob will enjoy watching your suffering. But mostly, I’m doing it because YOU want me to.”

Helen continued, “Never forget you can fire me, but if you don’t, you will bear the marks I give you proudly for days.

“Jill, ask me to beat you,” Helen concluded.

“Helen, please beat me,” Jill said with conviction.

Helen doubled the belt, held the buckle in her hand and brought the doubled belt down firmly on the meatiest part of Clair’s ass. There were a few heartbeats of silence then Jill moaned, “Ohhhh Helen, that’s BAD!” Jill’s lower legs shot up and her arms wrapped around the end of the board, hugging it. “Owww, stay still Jill!” She said to herself as her movements caused the pipe to dig painfully into her Vagina wall.

Helen laid four more blows on Jill’s ass in rapid succession. Jill tried to stay still, tried to breathe. She failed. It hurt so bad and with every blow her body convulsed, crushing her vaginal wall with the pipe.

Helen was watching closely, and Jill had held her breath through the four strokes but, as soon as her brain realized there was a pause, had started to hyperventilate.

“Jill. JILL,” Helen shouted. “Breathe. Concentrate. In, out, in, out. Feel the pain, don't run from it!”

“It… hurts… so… bad!” Jill cried out between pants.

Helen walked around to the other side of the table, she had to switch sides because the belt was landing much harder on the away side, despite her best efforts at even strokes. Once Jill had control of her breathing and wasn’t going to pass out from hyperventilating, Helen laid on five more strokes in rapid succession. This time Jill let out a loud grunt after each blow and managed to control her breathing but she was now sobbing uncontrollably.

“Please Helen, no more, please. I can’t take any more,” Jill sobbed.

“Of course you can take more,” said Helen in a kindly voice a mother might use to get her child to take medicine, “do you know why?”

Jill just sobbed.

“You can take more because you have no choice. I am in control, and I will decide when you can’t take anymore. And I think we have a long way to go,” Helen continued in her motherly voice.

“Please Helen, Please, I had no idea it would hurt so much. I’ve never been whipped like this before, my ass is on fire! Please!” Jill continued to plead.

Once Jill’s breathing had steadied again, Helen hit her right across the shoulder blades. Jill let out an ear-piercing scream and continued to Inhale, scream, inhale, scream as Helen laid on five more blows working down the back but keeping the strokes above the kidneys.

“Breathe Jill, breathe. I know I’m going fast. But you have to focus!” I’m simply inflicting pain, Jill, this isn’t foreplay, that will come next.” Helen explained.

Jill barely heard her, but it did register when Helen said, “Ready for five more?”
Switching sides again, Helen didn’t wait for an answer and laid five more on Jill’s back.

Jill’s arms are trying desperately to reach her back, her legs are bent at the knees trying to cover herself. The pain in her Vagina is no longer relevant compared with the pain on her ass and back.

After several minutes, Jill realized that the beating had stopped, Helen was draping the belt across Jill’s waist. Was it over? Jill’s tears continued but now there were tears of relief mixed with the tears of pain.

Helen turned the Hitachi mounted in the board under Jill’s clit on high. Jill, still trying to process her pain and not expecting the vibrations, jumped when it came on, renewing the pain from the pipe in her vagina.

“We aren’t through with the belt yet Jill, but for now, focus on the vibrator.”

Jill wasn’t the least turned on, but the Hitachi was powerful and insistent. Helen watched Jill’s reaction, her breathing, her posture. Jill’s passion rose higher and higher. Getting an orgasm might make this worth it. It was feeling so good. She hadn’t cum in over a week, she needed this, deserved this.

Helen picked the belt up off Jill’s waist and she didn’t even notice. But she noticed when Helen struck her ass right on top of a previous red welt.

Unlike the previous blows, the pain from this one went straight through her hips to Jill’s clit. The second strike did too. And then the vibrator went off. “No. You bitch,” Jill spat out the words.

Helen was amused, “Now, now, now, is that any way to talk to your friend. Especially your friend who is holding the switch to the vibrator?”

“I’m sorry, Helen, so sorry, but my ass hurts so bad, and I need it.” Jill replied.

“I’m confused,” Helen said, “do you need more pain? Or need the vibrator.”
“Oh Helen, PLEASE,” Jill begged without really answering Helen’s question.

“Tell you what Jill, you beg me to beat your ass and I’ll turn the vibrator back on.” Helen said.

Jill was quiet for a while as the masochist and the slut wrestled with the rational part of Jill’s brain. The rational part of her brain was telling her ‘you can’t take more of the belt.’ But finally, Jill said quietly, “Please Helen, beat me.” The masochist and the slut had won the internal argument.

Helen turned the Hitachi on low.

It took longer this time, the pain was still coursing through Jill’s back and ass, turning on the masochist in her but also distracting the slut at the same time. But after several minutes, Helen saw Jill’s hips start to rock her clit against the vibrator in spite of the pain that motion caused with the pipe clamping her to the board.

When Helen thought Jill had an orgasm building, she swung the belt and enjoyed watching Jill’s ass ripple from the strike. Jill had been trying so hard to get off she had not expected the strike and cried out as much from surprise as pain. Helen hadn’t hit her near as hard as the first 10 strikes. But it was enough to stop the build of her orgasm. Helen waited. Each time she thought Jill was within a few seconds of cumming, she laid a strike across her back or ass.

Jill was crying again, this time partly from frustration and partly from the pain. After nine more blows Helen turned off the vibrator and put her belt back on.

“Jill, you silly girl, you know Bob won’t let me give you an orgasm. That’s his job and his alone. But I will come back later after you’ve calmed down and let you properly thank me for your beating. Right now, I have to go make another toy to keep you entertained.” Helen said as she locked the cell door and walked out.

A few seconds later the lights went out and Jill was left clamped face down to a board, her head hanging off one end and nothing to support her lower legs on the other end. The metal collar and chain was pulling her neck down. It was a very uncomfortable position. But the most uncomfortable was the burn of the belt across her back and ass, and the desperate burn in her clit.

Helen thought she had put Jill through enough for one day, besides, she was tired too. But she wanted to make one more toy for tomorrow. She had one more piece of 3-inch pipe and some pipe clamps to assemble.

After finishing her project, Helen took a short nap then put herself a frozen pot pie in the oven and fixed Jill a couple of cups of beef stew, cold, blended to an unrecognizable mush. She took both of their dinners and some water bottles down to the cell and released the clamp holding Jill’s vagina to the board. Jill could hardly move, and Helen had to use her arms to pull her off the pipe before helping her to roll off the board and get her feet under her. Jill went straight to the toilet to pee and was surprised when there was no blood coming out of her vagina. She had been sure the pipe was doing permanent damage.

Jill was surprised Helen didn’t cuff her hands but let her sit on the cell floor at the extent of her neck chain, while Helen sat on the bed and together, they ate their simple dinners. Jill, of course, had no spoon, but at least she could hold the bowl up to her mouth.

At first they didn’t talk at all. Helen figured Jill was either furious with her or genuinely scared of her. Once she had finished her bowl of stew/mush, Jill said “I’m surprised I’m not bleeding?”

“From your back?” Helen asked.

“No, well yes that too, but mostly from my vagina, whatever you had inside me felt like it was ripping me apart,” Jill said emphatically.

“Vaginas are tough, ever been fisted?” Helen asked.

“Oh god, why did I give you another idea!” Jill said.

And Helen knew that she and Jill were OK, Jill was being a smart ass again.

They continued to talk for a while about why Bob’s job involved travel, Clair’s excellent grades last semester, and how much Jill was going to miss her weekly tennis team tomorrow.

When there was a break in the conversation, Helen stood up and took her pants off. The legs were large enough to come right off over her work shoes. She sat back down on the edge of the bed and pointed to her clit. Without a word exchanged, Jill shuffled forward and attacked it with her tongue. Jill was thankful that, for the first time, she wasn’t handcuffed and could use her fingers in Helen. She had never fingered a woman before but had a pretty good idea of what to do based on what worked for her. It took no time at all for Jill to give Helen that ‘proper thank you.”

“I have a really creative day of pain and suffering planned for you tomorrow Jill, so time to get some sleep,” Helen said as she stood and put her pants back on.
“What time is it?” Jill asked, knowing it was way early for bed.

“Well, if you’re not ready for bed yet, go lay back down on the board.” Helen said as she reached for her Belt.

Jill exaggerated a yawn. “That’s OK, I am really tired,” she said quickly.

“Uh Huh, I thought so.” Helen pulled out the handcuffs and pointed at the bed.

For just a second, Jill wasn’t sure if she was going to get a continuation of her beating on the bed, but Helen cuffed her hands to the top rail of the bed then inspected Jill’s back and ass. No breaks in the skin, thankfully, so no need for antibiotics.

“I’d suggest you sleep on your stomach tonight.” Helen said.

“No shit Dick Tracy” Jill answered prompting a bare-handed slap on her ass from Helen.

“Owwww. That stings.”

It took three trips back and forth for Helen to move the board, sawhorses and dishes out of the cell and back to the workshop. Then she locked the cell, left the room, and turned out the lights.

Tomorrow was another day in hell week.


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