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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; bond; cuffs; bedtie; rope; urine; piercing; electro; torment; predicament; tease; denial; training; oral; cons; XX

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Helen continues to put Jill through a sort of ‘hell week’ focusing on predicament bondage. Enjoy.

Chapter 21: Cell, Predicament and Training

Helen slept late, so it was almost 9 am when she took a bowl of oatmeal down to the cell. The minute she opened the door to the back part of the basement she knew Jill had not been able to hold her bladder all night.

Jill was miserable laying in a pool of cold urine on top of the plastic covered mattress. Her body made enough of a depression in the mattress and wire springs that all the urine was still pooled around her hips and, cuffed to the bed as she was, all she could do was lay in it. She had been awake and miserable for hours. The minute she heard the door open she started crying.

“Oh Helen, I’m so sorry! I just couldn’t hold it. I tried, I really tried but it was just so long.”

Helen held her nose as she opened the cell and uncuffed Jill.

“You’re not in trouble Jill,” Helen said trying not to laugh at Jill’s distress, “You were cuffed to the bed for, let’s see, almost 14 hours. I’d be surprised if you could hold it that long.”

Helen got the hose, adjusted the water temperature, and passed the hose to Jill. She then went and got the Dove body wash and shampoo out of the cabinet and handed them to Jill. “Clean yourself up and that mattress too.”

Jill couldn’t believe the luxury of being allowed to wash herself, AND use shampoo!

While Jill was showering, Helen went back upstairs and got a bottle of spray disinfectant/cleaner and handed that to Jill for the mattress cover. When Jill was finished, they propped the mattress on end and Helen put the body wash and hose away. She did not, however, give Jill a towel, not even the little washcloth sized one that Bob let her use sometime. Prisoners shouldn’t expect too many luxuries, Helen decided. Instead, she cuffed Jill’s hands to the overhead trolley chain, so she had to stand and dry off.

While Jill air dried, and shivered a bit, Helen brought the parts for Jill’s next predicament from the workshop. She had a clamp in the shape of a figure eight. Each side of the clamp was hinged and could be held closed by a bolt. She also had a foot long piece of the 3-inch iron pipe. She wrapped several layers of electrical tape around one end of the pipe and clamped it into one side of the eight. She placed the other end of the eight shaped clamp around one of the cell bars and closed it, screwing the bolt down just enough so that the whole assembly could slide up and down. She basically had an iron dildo mounted vertically to one of the cell bars.

Jill watched Helen with growing interest. “And my Vagina has just stopped aching.” Jill thought.

Most of the water had run off Jill, although her hair was still sopping wet. Helen released her cuffs from the chain and cuffed her hands behind her back. She then let Jill kneel and eat her, now cold, oatmeal and fed her a bottle of water before wiping the excess oatmeal off Jill’s face with several jokes about what a sloppy eater she was.

Helen had Jill face the bars and spread her legs slightly adjusting her collar and neck chain so the excess hung down behind Jill’s back. She put two fingers into Helen and was pleased to see Jill was already creaming. After wiping her fingers on the cap on the top of the pipe, Helen spread Jill’s labia and guided the pipe up into Jill. When she felt it bottom out, she tightened a set screw in the side of the clamp, locking it in place on the cell bar. Jill was now impaled on the pipe. She had made no move to resist or make this process difficult for Helen, just as she had cooperated when Helen had mounted her on the board yesterday. Jill pondered why she was so compliant in her own torture. But why wouldn’t she be? She had talked Bob into this, she had helped design and contracted for the Cell. This was Jill’s fantasy times ten.

Helen took two pieces of 5/8 inch cotton rope and tied Jill’s wrists to cell bars straight out to her sides. This not only made a nice visual of Jill, crucified against the bars, but prevented Jill from lifting herself off the pipe or preventing Helen from inflicting other torments on her. Helen had bought two very fine insulin needles in sterile packaging. She pushed one needle through Jill’s nipples, right at the base of the nipple. When Jill realized what she was going to do she closed her eyes, grit her teeth, and waited. She was surprised when she only felt a little prick as the needle broke the skin. The second one stung just a bit more but neither of them really hurt.

Helen then took two lengths of string and tied one each to the nipples behind the needles. Then she tied those strings to the Horizontal cell bar at Jill’s feet, making sure they were tight enough to pull down just slightly.

Now that Helen had Jill restrained, she released the set screw on the pipe clamp and started pushing the iron dildo slowly up. When the pipe started to put pressure on Jill’s cervix, she suddenly realized what she was in for. As she rose to her tiptoes to avoid the pain, her nipples were pulled downward. 

It became a balancing act of pain for Jill, relaxing her feet and her cervix hurt like hell, pushing up too high and her nipples were unbearable. There was just an inch or so where the pain on both was bearable, but how long could she hold that position before her calves tired.

Helen had one more trick up her sleeve. Bob had ordered a commercial grade, four channel, electrotherapy (or TENS) unit off Ebay with a whole package of accessories and pads. Helen clipped one lead to the base of the pipe in Jill’s vagina which was insulated from the clamp holding it by electrical tape. She clipped the other side of that led to one of the bars. She started at about half power and increased until Jill was in obvious distress.

“Ow, ow, ow, shit!” Jill shouted.

Rather than turn down the power, Helen pointed out that if Jill would lean back and not touch the bars, it would stop hurting.

That, Jill discovered, was easier said than done. The clamp and pipe in her pussy only gave her about a ¼ inch of clearance between the bars and her belly. And to lean back, she really needed to put her feet forward, but if she did that her feet touched the bottom of the bars. So, she leaned her shoulders back, arching her back, and the pain stopped. At least the electrical pain. She was now leaning back and the only thing keeping her from falling backwards was the pipe in her vagina. And she had to focus on staying on tip toe just enough to balance the pain in her nipples against the pain the pipe was causing at the top of her vagina.

Helen left the back room but came back shortly with a canvas camping chair. She left again and when she came back, she had a tall glass of iced tea and a book. Helen got comfortable in the chair and started to read, seemingly oblivious to the suffering Jill was enduring.

Jill knew her legs wouldn’t last long. She was in shape, but this position was brutal on her calves and her back. She held out as long as she could but after about half an hour her calves just wouldn’t hold her up anymore and she dropped completely onto the bar. The pain was intense as the pipe held much of her weight directly on the top of her vagina. But she still had to concentrate on keeping her body away from the bars.

Helen yawned, put down her book and announced, “I stayed up late building the toy you are riding, you’re welcome by the way. But now I’m tired, I’m going to take a little nap but you be sure to wake me if you want more pain. As your friend, I’d be happy to wake up and beat your ass with my belt again.”

And with that, Helen reclined back and closed her eyes.

The combination of the pain deep in her vagina and concentrating on position, Jill didn’t even try to reply but she was quite sure she didn’t want to feel Helen’s belt. Her ass was still very sore and bruised from yesterday. She suffered in silence.

Over time, her body stretched and adapted and the pain from the pipe became less intense. But that decrease in pain would lull her into complacency and some part of the front of her body would touch the bars. The electric shock would cause her to jump involuntarily which would move her body on the pipe and start a cycle of pain all over again.

Helen never actually went to sleep, she wouldn’t do that with Jill in such an extreme predicament, but she did keep her eyes closed and rested until she felt it was lunchtime.

Helen ‘woke up’, stretched, took a long drink of her iced tea, then turned off the TENS unit, removed the needles and string from Jill’s nipples, untied her hands and released Jill from the pipe. Jill immediately pressed her hands to her abdomen to massage away the pain still throbbing inside her.

“Oh Helen, that was horrible! Did you think of that all on your own?” Jill exclaimed.

“Not really,” Helen admitted, “It’s a variation of something we’ve done to the twins but using a broom handle. I just moved to metal because I know how much you like metal and total helplessness.”

“May I get some water and pee please Helen?” Jill asked.

“Yes, we don’t want to have to clean up the cell again because you can’t hold your water,” Helen kidded. “You stay here while I go fix some lunch.”

Her pipe predicament had worked so well that Helen was in quite a good mood, so good that she fixed Jill a simple turkey sandwich and a bottle of water for lunch. Helen, of course, had a much larger sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and condiments. As they ate, Helen in her camping chair and Jill kneeling in her cell, they talked about random perfectly normal stuff. They talked about a couple of projects Helen was working on for Schwartz, about Clair’s coming visit next weekend which would be her first-time meeting Helen.

After lunch Helen announced, “Time to edge you some more – we want you nice and horny for that man of yours when he returns.”

Helen opened the cell and had Jill lay on her bed. “Spread and bend your knees, put the soles of your feet against each other.” This left Jill’s pussy spread wide open. Helen pulled her camping chair next to the bed facing Jill’s feet and pressed the Hitachi, set on low, to her labia just below Jill’s clit. She held the Hitachi with her right hand and opened her phone with her left, seeming to ignore Jill completely.

In fact, Helen’s forearm was laying across Jill’s lower belly and she could clearly feel when Jill’s vaginal muscles started to tighten. She could also feel Jill breathing and judge the pace of her breaths. Whenever she felt Jill was getting too high, she moved the Hitachi away for a minute.

It didn’t take long for Jill to start to get very frustrated. Especially since Helen was now touching her clit sometimes, sometimes not, sometimes moving the Hitachi up and down along Jill’s slit. Jill bought into the idea that Helen was paying more attention to her phone than to Jill’s pussy. Jill may have been under orders NOT to have an orgasm unless Bob gave it to her, but this felt SO good, and it had been SO long. If she could just sneak one in on Helen that would be Helen’s fault, right?

But Helen’s forearm was reading Jill like an Orgasm Meter. Every time Jill thought she was ALMOST there, Helen would move the Hitachi. Helen wasn’t paying attention to the clock but she thought it had been about half an hour when she put her phone down and turned the Hitachi on high. But she also reduced the amount of contact. Two seconds on the clit, five seconds rubbing the Hitachi against Jill’s thighs or against her belly. Then a second or two back on the clip, then move it away.

Finally, the tension was just too much for Jill and one of the breaks when the Hitachi was massaging her right thigh she blurted out, “Damn it Helen, that’s not where it goes!”

Helen laughed, “I know, it goes in the cabinet.” And she turned the Hitachi off and carried it to the storage cabinet.

Jill was shaking, she was so physically and emotionally frustrated.

“Let’s work off some of that frustration, shall we?” Helen said as she pointed at the exercise bike.

It took almost a minute for Jill to make her legs work properly to get her off the bed and moving. Helen encouraged her by removing her belt from her pants with a ‘woosh’ sound that Jill both hated and loved.

“Move your lazy ass!” Helen shouted as Jill grabbed her neck chain and pulled the trolly across the overhead track to the cycle.

Jill was given time to put socks and her cycling shoes on, the type that clip into the pedals on the bike, and to do some stretching.

“Just pedal at your pace for a few minutes till you warm up,” Helen said as she handed Jill a water bottle.

After a warm-up period Helen set the alarm speed at 60 rpm, if Jill dropped below that speed the console would beep. She also set the terrain simulation to a medium hilly simulation. Jill used to ride this bike a lot when she was on her weight loss program, but she hadn’t done a serious training ride in months. It wasn’t too many minutes before it started becoming obvious that Jill was out of shape.

“BEEEEP”, “WACK” as the sound of the console low RPM alarm sounded, followed by the sound of Helen’s belt across Jill’s shoulders. The sheer shock of the impact drove Jill to increase speed.

“OW, Helen that hurt!” Jill complained.

“That was just a warning shot, you want hurt! Just let that alarm go off again and I start using this belt on your back until it goes silent again.” Helen said sternly.

All the previous times Jill had used the bike she always set her own pace. She wasn’t used to paying attention to the RPM counter but this time her eyes were glued to it. The hard part was when the simulation went ‘up hill’ and Jill had to increase her effort to keep the same pace.

It hadn’t been fifteen minutes and Jill’s lungs were already gasping in air and her legs were starting to burn.

“Helen, how many miles?” Jill asked between gasps of air.

“Well, now it will be a mile farther than I had originally intended.” Helen answered. “Any other questions you want to ask or whining you want to do?”

“No Helen!” Jill said.

“BEEEP”, “WACK”, “BEEEP”, “WACK”, it was becoming harder and harder to force her legs to keep the speed. And when she did fail, Jill found it much harder to get her speed back up quickly enough to avoid two or even three blows.

“You’ve gotten WEAK, Jill, we need to work you harder, step it up woman, keep the pace, don’t get lazy on me or I’ll turn that ass to hamburger!” Helen kept up the coaching.

Jill didn’t know how much longer she could do this; her mind was already in an exercise fog. Sweat was rolling off her forehead and into her eyes, she needed a sweat band. The sweat burned her eyes and made it hard to watch the RPM meter.

Finally, Helen let her slow down but made her keep 20 RPM for almost 10 more minutes. When Helen let her stop, she managed to get off the bike, but then fell to her knees.

“Crawl to the bed, assume the edging position we used earlier, soles of your feet touching.” Helen instructed.

Jill crawled, dragging her chain with her. When Jill laid down it would have felt wonderful except the red stripes on her back burned and her whole body was exhausted and sweat soaked.

Helen was relentless, she edged Jill for another half an hour, taking her right to the very precipice of orgasm and then backing off. Finally, Helen made Jill drink more water, handcuffed Jill’s hands to the top of the bed frame and left her to rest. Jill was sound asleep in minutes, and it was only 4pm.

At 6 pm Helen came down with a bowl of blended beef stew for Jill and woke her, but before she let her have the stew, she edged her for another 20 minutes. She didn’t even uncuff her from the bed, just made her spread her legs and cranked up the Hitachi on low at first then on high, never letting Jill summit the crest. When Jill was shaking in exhaustion and frustration, Helen laid the bowl of cold, blender mushed stew next to Jill’s face and left.

Again at 8 pm, and 10 pm, and 12 pm, Helen came down, woke Jill and edged her relentlessly. Jill was too exhausted to beg and too horny and desperate not to. Every time Helen started the Hitachi, Jill determined to be strong, to ignore the buildup, to let the exhaustion rule over the incessant wetness. And every time she failed and started begging Helen to let her cum. Helen just smiled and kept up the constant on/off/on/off Jill’s clit, always with the same technique, right forearm on Jill’s stomach where she could feel her body respond, left hand holding her phone where she was reading a romance novel.

Jill remembered nothing after the midnight edging until Helen hit her with cold water from the hose at 8 am.

“Rise and shine Jill”, Helen shouted, “I’m horny!”

Jill was so startled that she forgot she was handcuffed to the bed and tried to jump out of the stream of cold water, hurting her wrists in the process. Then she realized, as her eyes focused on Helen and her mind cleared, that Helen was completely naked. Jill had never seen Helen naked. Her first thought was “damn those breasts are perky!” followed by “why is she naked?” followed by “what did she say?” and then “OH” as Helen sat on Jill’s face.

Jill was still a bit foggy and wasn’t licking yet so Helen reached behind her ass and pinched Jill’s nipples, HARD. Jill mumbled something Helen couldn’t understand with her genitals covering Jill’s mouth but at least Jill got to work. It wasn’t as good as yesterday, Helen didn’t squirt, but Jill was still half asleep. 

“OK, today we’re going to work on slave positions but first use the toilet and brush your teeth, your breath smells like pussy!” Helen announced, smiling.

Jill noticed Helen had brought her usual oatmeal breakfast, but it was sitting on the floor outside the cell.

Helen left the basement and Jill used the toilet, brushed her teeth and splashed the remnants of Helen’s juices off her face. Helen reappeared just as she was finished wearing the same uniform of khaki safari shirt and cargo pants.

“Here’s the drill for today,” Helen said, “I’m going to explain a slave position to you and make sure you know how to do it properly. Then I’m going to leave you in that position for as long as I want. Then I’m going to teach you another slave position and leave you in that position. Then we’re going back and forth between those positions until I’m sure you know them by name and can do them properly.”

“When you’ve mastered two positions,” Helen continued, “I’ll add a third, then a fourth. You have twelve to learn. Every time you fail to remember and assume the correct position by name you get this,” and Helen pressed the button on the taser causing an electrical snap. “Fail to execute the position perfectly and you get this,” another electrical snap.

Jill shuddered but said nothing.

“First position is called ‘Inspection’. Stand up. Spread your feet three feet apart. Wider, I said three feet. Interlace your fingers behind your head. Hold your head level but look at the ground. Do not speak.” When Jill had the position, Helen moved around her, running her hands over her breasts, fingering her pussy, Helen even stuck a finger up one of Jill’s nose while saying “Never move, even an inch, until you’re told to. I’m going upstairs now. You HAVE NOT been given permission to move from this position.”

Helen came back down with a cup of coffee and said, “Good Girl!”

“Next position is ‘At Ease’, keep your legs and body in the same position but put your hands behind your back, cross them at the wrists with the palms out. Good.” Helen said as Jill assumed the At Ease position.

Jill couldn’t help noticing that her breakfast oatmeal was still sitting in the bowl just outside her cell. And just knowing it was there was making Jill’s stomach growl.

Helen sat down in her camping chair inside the cell, right in front of Jill and enjoyed her coffee while Jill held At Ease. After a few minutes Helen said, “OK, relax, that’s your code word that you may stop holding position. Eat your breakfast and get some water from the sink.”

Jill looked at Helen, who seemed to be ignoring her, looked at her breakfast and then got down on her knees, reached through the bars and pulled the bowl of oatmeal to the slot under the bars and started eating with her fingers.

After waiting for Jill to get a drink and wash off her fingers at the sink Helen said in a strong voice “Inspection.”

Jill moved to the position, but her head wasn’t straight enough and her feet weren’t far enough apart and Helen reached out and shocked her on the side of the hip. Jill just about bent double but quickly resumed her position and kept her mouth mostly shut, emitting just a small squeal. Helen corrected her position then said “At Ease”

Jill immediately realized that the taser had not hurt nearly as much as it had two days ago, she thankfully assumed Helen had it on a lower setting. Still hit HURT and Jill worked very hard to get her hands right. Helen stood up and walked all around Jill, inspecting everything about her position.

“Third position is ‘Attention’ – same as Inspection or At Ease except your hands are at your sides, fingers together, palms facing your hips. Make sure your posture is straight!”

And Helen went through all twelve positions, drilling Jill by calling them out in random order, then teaching her a new position, then drilling more, then a new position, more drilling.

This went on all morning. Helen taught Jill:

Helen drilled Jill all morning, from shortly after 8am until noon. Once she had taught Jill all the positions, she continued to randomly call them out, leaving Jill in a position from just seconds to five or ten minutes each. Helen constantly corrected even the slightest flaw. Jill’s hands aren’t in the perfect position, zap goes the taser. Jill’s back isn’t straight enough, zap. Jill’s knees aren’t far enough apart, zap. Jill is caught looking up, zap.

Three times during the morning, Helen put Jill in a position that left her sexually open and edged her with the Hitachi. Once in Inspection, once in Table and once in Capture position.

About noon, Helen told Jill to relax, took her camping chair and left the cell, locking it behind her. Jill collapsed on her bed thankful that morning was over.


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