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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Having accepted the job of Jill Keeper, Helen moves in and begins her duties. Enjoy.

Chapter 19: Cell, Helen Moves In

Authors Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Bev and Helen showed up about 2pm on Sunday. Bev came to drive the Truck back to Schwartz after Helen moved but she also wanted to see the finished Cell since Helen had done all the final work. Bob heard the truck pull up and greeted them at the front door. Bev was wearing the Schwartz Iron works standard uniform coveralls, but it was Helen that Bob was taking in.

Helen realized he was checking out her newly assembled ‘uniform’ and asked, “Like it?”

Helen was wearing a Light-colored Khaki Safari shirt with several pockets. The shirt was large on Helen and had several pockets. Below she had on darker Khaki Crew pants with pockets all over the legs. The pants were held up with a wide, heavy leather belt. She was wearing industrial, black leather high top boots that were lace up but also had zippers down the sides. Bob also couldn’t miss that the purple hair was gone – it was now jet black and it looked like she hadn’t shaved the side in a few days.

“I think it’s PERFECT,” Bob exclaimed, “You look like a prison guard.”

While Bev looked on approvingly, Helen explained, “I bought them a size large then tailored the sleeve length and pant leg length to fit my short height. When summer comes, I can buy some short sleeve shirts and Cargo shorts, but not too short, Boss. I also took enough out of the waist so they stay up with or without the belt since I may have other uses for the belt. This pocket has a small, handheld zapper. In this pocket I’ll always keep a pair of handcuffs unless they are on Jill. There are lots of other pockets to keep keys, small vibrators, clothes pins, and various surprises for Jill.”

“And the hair?” asked Bob, “You didn’t need to change that? Is that your natural color?”

“I was due for a change; I’ve had that style for several years. And you’re the boss and I know you weren’t a fan. No, my hair is an unremarkable brown but covering purple dye takes a strong color so black it was.

“The only thing I’m not sure of is that zapper,” Said Bob, “Jill and I have never played with one of those.”

“I was going to talk to you about that first Boss. I’ve used it on myself, so I know it’s safe if used properly. And although it’s intense it’s also very motivating. But It’s your call.”

“Shock me with it, please.” Bob asked.

“That’s wise,” said Helen, “but in the spirit of our ‘clinical’ relationship how about I let Bev do it?”

“Clinical relationship?” asked Bev with a curious look on her face.

“I’ll explain later,” said Helen.

“That works for me if it’s OK with Bev, how about here on the arm.” Bob replied.

Helen handed Bev the shocker and gave her a wink where Bob couldn’t see.

When Bev turned it on, he heard a high-pitched whine.

“Ok, Bob, this is…” Bev started to say, then shocked Bob on the upper forearm mid-sentence and without warning.

“HOLY SHIT!” Bob screamed as he danced back and started shaking his arm. “Damn, that still stings and tingles.”

“Sorry about that,” Bev laughed, “I worked for a few years as a pro-dom and I usually had to tie my clients down before using one of these. I didn’t want you to have a chance to anticipate and tense up, so I surprised you. The tingling will fade in a minute. Know that it’s not quite as intense on larger muscles like the thigh.”

“What do you think Boss?” Helen asked.

“I think I never want to feel that again,” Bob exclaimed, “are you sure it does no permanent harm?”

“Police and correction departments all over the world use them. I ordered this one from a law enforcement supply store. They are safe if not used near the heart.” Helen explained while Bev, who was still smiling at Bob’s reaction, nodded.

“OK, I trust your judgment, Helen.”

It only took the three of them one trip to unload what little bit of stuff Helen possessed into the ground floor guest room. Bev then asked if she could have a tour of the completed cell and say hi to Jill. Helen took her down and they found Jill doing deep knee bends, as much out of boredom as a desire to exercise.

“Bev! I didn’t know you were coming!” Jill exclaimed.

“Good to see you too, but aren’t you supposed to kneel and stay quiet until given instructions?” Bev said to Jill.

Helen answered, “Bob doesn’t use a lot of protocol’s here Bev, this isn’t Schwartz.”

The women talked for a while and caught up, including Jill asking Helen about her new “uniform.”

Before Helen opened the cell door to show Bev how the electric lock worked, she secured Jill. She didn’t have to since Bob had already chained Jill by her heavy stainless steel ‘Bob’s Bitch’ collar to the ceiling track, but she decided there was no time like the present to start her job as keeper. Helen went to the white cabinet and took out the handcuffs. At the cell, she had Jill place her hands through the cell bars in front of her about shoulder high and locked them on outside the bars. Then Helen opened her app and opened the electric lock on the cell door. Helen showed Bev how the electric locks worked, how she had integrated the lights, HVAC controls and exercise controls.

All the while Helen was explaining the cell to Bev, she was standing next to Jill, leaning back against the bars and casually playing with Jill’s pussy.

“Damn, Helen, nice job. I’m glad you’re still going to work for us from time to time, I’m sure we can sell some more systems like this. Well, I need to get the truck back, nice place you’ve got here Jill.”

Helen and Bev walked out of the cell, locking the cell door as they left, and leaving Jill cuffed to the cell bars. Jill knew enough not to remind Helen of the cuffs. If she was leaving them on, Jill realized, then she was doing it on purpose. “I hope I don’t stand here all night.” Jill thought.

After Helen had shown Bev out, she realized that Bob was grilling some BBQ chicken and roasted vegetables on the deck.

“I thought I’d do some grilling for your first meal on the job,” Bob said, “and I thought we could talk some more about Jill’s first week. I arranged to fly to Detroit in the morning. I’ll be gone till Thursday night. I do surprise visits to sales offices from time to time and Detroit is due.”

“That’s great,” said Helen, “let’s go down to the cell after dinner and tell her together. Let her know what she’s in for together, then I’ll leave and let you too have a goodbye session.”

The husband and the Keeper spent dinner discussing ideas Helen had for the coming week. As they were scraping leftovers into a bowl for Jill, Bob thought “the next few days are going to be a bitch for Bob’s Bitch!”

After cleaning up the kitchen, Helen and Bob walked downstairs. Jill, of course, was still standing cuffed to the bars, completely naked except for her “Bob’s Bitch” collar.

Bob started talking while Helen put Jill’s bowl down and slid it under the bars, “Jill, I’m going to Detroit first thing in the morning. I’m going to be gone four days at least, perhaps more.”

“I’ll miss you but thank goodness Helen started tonight so I can stay in the cell next week, that was good timing!” Jill said.

“You may not be so excited after Helen explains a few things to you,” Bob said solemnly.

“Jill,” Helen started, “I know you’re excited that your fantasy is beginning. I also know you’re starting to think of me as a friend and a co-conspirator in your kinks. I’m going to change that perception this week. I’m not your friend Jill, I’m your Keeper. Your husband wants you to get in shape, to work hard, to suffer and to be edged frequently, just because he is a sadist. So, you will obey me instantly, in all things, at all times because when he’s away, I AM BOB.”

Helen said ominously, “By the time this week is over you will know that I will punish you when you deserve it and torment you even when you don’t deserve it, just because Bob wants me to. The next few days will be hell, and you will take it for him.”

“Jill, I won’t call you or answer your emergency phone at all this week. I will watch the security camera recording every evening and enjoy your suffering. Oh, and I called Karen and let her know that you’d be missing tennis this week.”

While Helen and Bob were talking, Jill was looking between the two of them and getting more and more excited. But she had been married to Bob for twenty-four years and she could read him like a book. He was frequently looking down, not meeting Jill’s eyes while Helen was talking. He was also shuffling his feet, a sure sign he was nervous or concerned about something. She was pretty sure she knew what.

“Thank you, Bob, for buying this cell and for going to a lot of trouble to make my fantasies a reality. Bob, I recommended we hire Helen. And that was AFTER I saw how she and her co-workers treat the twins. I trust Helen and I trust you. Go on your business trip, relax, I know you’re right on the other side of that camera. I love you Bob.”

Again, Helen thought, “Awww this couple is adorable! I hope I find a woman to love as deeply as this couple loves each other.”

Then Jill, naked and cuffed to the bars, continued, “And Helen, you are my friend. Friends know what friends need. There is no reason you can’t be my friend and make me suffer and cry. Jerri and Jenni were your boss, but you were strict with them and made them suffer. Bring it on friend!”

Helen was caught completely off guard by Jill’s insight. A part of her wanted to give Jill a big hug, but Helen also wanted to maintain dignity, so she simply said “Oh, I’ll bring it Bitch!” but she was smiling as she said it.

The cell had three horizontal bars that held the vertical bars in place. The middle bar was shoulder height. The top bar was just above Jill’s wrists when she stood with her hands above her head. The bottom bar was about a foot off the ground. Bev had given a lot of thought to the placement of these horizontal bars rather than simply spacing them evenly. Jill’s hands were cuffed outside the bars and above the middle horizontal. Helen unlocked the handcuffs but immediately relocked them below the middle Cross bar and above the bottom cross bar. This finally allowed Jill to kneel down and get to her food bowl. Helen filled and slid a bowl of water next to the food bowl then walked out saying, “I’ll put the ’do not disturb’ post-it on the door.”

Once Helen was gone, Bob unzipped and took out his penis. “Care for an appetizer before dinner.” He smiled.

“Ohh, I love those tiny cocktail wieners!” Jill teased.

“We’ll see if you think it’s so tiny when it’s crammed down your throat!” Bob shot back.

Seeing his wife on her knees, pressing her face up and tits against the bars, her heavy steel collar chained to the ceiling, licking her lips at the sight of his penis, that was enough to have Bob ridged in seconds. Cram it down her throat is exactly what he did. Bob grabbed the hair at the back of Jill's head and started pumping her head back and forth. He gave her no control and very few chances to breathe. Jill did her very best to keep her tongue on the bottom of his shaft, to suck and to keep her teeth open. Since her hands were cuffed outside the bars, she also grabbed his balls. At first Bob was afraid she would crush his balls if lack of breath caused her to panic but Jill just continued to hold and massage them.

Luckily for Jill’s oxygen levels, Bob didn’t last long at all, he groaned, pushed all the way in and shot his load deep into Jill’s throat. She was right on the verge of panic when he finally finished and pulled out with a satisfying sigh. It took Jill several minutes of hacking and coughing to swallow all of Bob’s emissions and clear her throat. Then she took his semi-erect penis in her mouth again and carefully cleaned it.

Bob dropped to his knees and gave Jill a long, sensuous kiss through the bars, semen residue and all.

“I’ve instructed Helen that she is not to let you to cum while I’m gone. If you’re very, very good for her, I may give you a good fucking when I get home. If you disappoint me… “and Bob let the thought drop there.

“Love you, see you in a few days.” And Bob left the basement.

Jill needed a drink of water and her stomach reminded her that one load of semen wasn’t enough. She looked at the food bowls and realized, again, that she would have to lay on her stomach and stick her face in them. Having her hands cuffed through the bars made it hard. As she tried to get into a position where she could eat, she realized Bev’s genius in welding the bottom horizontal bar a foot above the floor. Her wrists were held a foot off the floor and in front of her. There was no comfortable way to roll on her side or hold herself above the bowls. Jill just had to flop her face into the food.

Shortly after she was done with dinner the lights went out. Jill again discovered the reason her hands were cuffed a foot off the floor. The only option she had for sleeping was on her stomach. With her hands through the bars slightly off the ground she couldn’t even roll onto her side without twisting her arms uncomfortably. This, she realized, was going to be a long night and it was just after dinner time.

When Bob came back upstairs, Helen was in her room getting her stuff organized.

“Everything to your liking.” Bob asked, meaning the room.

“It’s great Boss,” Helen replied.

“There’s one more thing we need to do before I leave town, come into the den when you get done.” Bob added.

Helen stopped what she was doing and followed him into the den. Bob picked up his pad and said, “We need to call our daughter Clair. She needs to know what’s going on. Jill told her when they talked last week that we were making you an offer. You need to virtually ‘meet’ her.”

Helen was finding it hard not to be nervous. She knew that this family was very open about sex and kink, but telling your daughter that her mother has a lesbian keeper? Helen couldn’t wonder how this conversation would go.

“Hey Dad!” Clair answered when she saw Bob on Facetime. Mom must be tied up at the moment,” Clair joked.

“More like locked and chained up,” Bob said. “How’s your week… “ and Bob and Clair shared small talk for several minutes while Helen listened in.

“So, if it’s you who is calling and not Mom, I assume you have business to discuss, have I run over my debit card limit again?”

“I don’t know kid, have you? I haven’t looked in a few weeks?” Bob asked.

“Uhh, how’s the weather in Chain?” Jill asked and they both laughed.

“You remember Mom telling you we were offering a position to a woman she met at the place that made our cell?” Bob asked.

“Yep, I can’t wait to see it, Mom showed me some photos, it looks awesome. So did the woman, Helen, wasn't it, did she accept?” Jill replied.

“We hired her last week and she started today. I wanted you to meet here, virtually for now,” Bob said as he turned the camera towards Helen who waved and immediately thought “well that was dorky.”

“Well, that was quick!” Clair was obviously surprised.

Keeping the camera on Helen who was now feeling very self-conscious, Bob said, “I know it was fast, but your mother and I have talked with Helen a lot and both of us trust her with your mother’s health, safety, and life. She’s experienced in BDSM, helped build and install the cell and we think she really gets our relationship.

“OK, well, hello Helen, welcome to the family, I look forward to meeting you in person,” Clair said.

“I wanted you to meet Helen tonight because I’m headed to Detroit tomorrow morning for a few days.” Bob explained.

“Is that why you hired her this quick?”

“No, I decided to take the trip after we hired Helen. Helen and I both think she needs a few days to establish her relationship with Jill. With my approval she’s going to put your mother through a sort of ‘hell week’.”

The camera is still on Helen and both women are sizing each other up on camera. Helen feels like Clair’s eyes are boring through her skull. Finally, Clair broke the awkwardness, “You think you can handle my mother Helen; she can be a bit of a brat!”

Helen laughed, “I have a handheld taser and I know how to use it.” Then immediately wondered if that was too much.

“Oh you’ll need it and that belt you’re wearing as well,” Clair said smiling. “Don’t hesitate to call me if there are problems and you can’t reach Dad. As he’ll tell you, I know ALMOST everything. Enough that you won’t shock me at any rate.”

“Will do, and I look forward to meeting you in person Clair.” Helen said.

After they had hung up Helen commented, “Quite a family Bob, quite a family.”

Helen woke early Monday; she had a lot to do. Fixing Jill a protein shake, she took it downstairs in a plastic solo cup and unchained Jill from the cell bars, putting the handcuffs in her pocket. This left Jill still chained by her collar to the ceiling trolly system that led to the exercise machines. While Jill downed the shake, Helen reset the control panel on the treadmill, zeroing out the miles. Opening the cell door, she motioned for Jill to head to the treadmill while Helen put the key to the padlock connecting Jill’s collar to the chain on the shelf over Jill’s small sink. As she exited the Cell, she closed the door and heard it “clank” as the magnet grabbed.

“I have some errands to run. I want you to put five miles on the treadmill. I’ve programmed it to randomly alternate between an easy jog and walking. If you get done before I get back, continue walking at a slow pace till I get home. If the alarm or power goes off the cell door will open, and I’ve put the key to that chain on your shelf. Should that happen now or any time in the future, free yourself and go check the house, calling 911 if you need to.

Helen took the Camry that Bob was letting her use and first visited the grocery store. She bought several large cans of assorted stews for Jill and some frozen pot pies and other single serving meals for herself and charged it on Bob’s debit card.

Next, she visited the lumber store, she had to be quick because she had frozen foods in the car and a steaming prisoner at home. She bought a sheet of ¾ inch A/B plywood. The store had to cut it in half for her longwise so she could strap it on top of the Camry. She also bought some bolts, nuts, wingnuts, rope, screws, metal pipe strapping and other assorted items.

After Helen had hauled her purchases into the kitchen and Bob’s workshop, she went to check on Jill. She was still walking and up to 8 miles. Helen realized she should have left Jill some bottled water, she wouldn’t make that mistake again, she promised herself.

“You can stop now Jill, go get some water. You’ve done eight miles, that’s a great job.” Helen said, “Rest for a while, I have some work to do.” But when Helen watched Jill’s sweaty ass sway as she pulled the chain along the rail back to her cell, Helen realized it had been almost a week since she’d had an orgasm.

“On second thought I have a job for you first.”

“Yes Helen?” Jill said between gulps of water.

“Put these on,” and Helen tossed her the cuffs, “then get on your knees.” Jill never even considered putting the cuffs on anywhere but behind her back.

Helen dropped her cargo pants and sat on the edge of Jill’s metal bed and spread her knees. She thought for just a minute about the camera that was getting a spread shot. She thought about winking at Bob, who would no doubt watch this later, but decided to keep it professional. He had said that watching Helen on camera wouldn’t bother him. Being watched certainly wasn’t going to bother her.

Helen was not shaved and had a healthy bush. After crawling to the side of the bed Jill wiggled her nose into the bush and found what she was looking for with her tongue. Helen hadn’t even told her what her job was, Jill knew what was expected of her and had been anticipating this ever since Bob had agreed to hire Helen. She attacked Helen’s clit with such gusto that Helen had to order her to slow down. “This woman was going to need some training,” thought Helen and then proceeded to start giving her detailed directions. Jill had only gone down on another woman a few times in her life, all the others during her ‘curious’ stage at college. She tried hard to listen to Helen’s instructions but as Helen flew higher, she stopped talking so much and just moaned and thrust her lips at Jill’s lips.

Jill could tell Helen was almost over the top but was completely surprised when Helen’s cunt gushed all over her face and mouth. Jill had never squirted before nor had any of her college experiments squirters. Jill was so surprised she jerked back and watched the fluid pulse out.

After she had come down a bit, Helen said, “Jill, I’m disappointed, NEVER take your mouth off a woman’s clit until her orgasm is complete.

“I’m so sorry Helen!” Jill knew that any excuse she could make would be inadequate, so she stopped with a simple apology.

“If you ever do that again you will be severely punished. This time I’m just going to leave you in those handcuffs for the rest of the day. Now run and get me the battery Hitachi out of the cabinet.”

Jill looked at the cabinet and knew the Hitachi was on the top shelf. She knew her hands were cuffed behind her. She looked at Helen who simply said, “figure it out, NOW!”

Helen scrambled to get off her knees and had to use her neck to pull the chain trolly across the room. She managed to turn around and open the cabinet with her hands. Standing on her toes she wiggled the vibrator around with her nose and finally got the base of it in her mouth. Trying not to get too much slobber on it, Jill came back to the cell as fast as she could drag the trolly. Helen had pulled her cargo pants back up and was looking ‘put together’ again. She pointed to the floor and Jill kneeled as gracefully as possible and presented the vibrator to her.

“You forgot to close the cabinet door.” Helen pointed out.

“Shit,” Jill thought as she made the trip back and forth to close the cabinet doors with her hip.

“Stand in front of me and spread your legs.” Helen instructed. “Wider.”

Helen turned on the vibrator and pressed it to Jill’s labia just below but not touching her clit with her left hand. She then took out her cell phone with her right and started checking email completely ignoring Jill, or so it appeared. After a few minutes of this, Jill was having trouble standing. It was hard enough to keep her balance with her hands cuffed behind her and her legs spread this wide. As the sexual tension increased, Jill started to wobble.

“You fall, I stop.” Helen said simply.

Jill tried to concentrate but her knees just didn’t want to stay locked, her ankles were not cooperating. And it felt SO good. Helen moved the vibrator up to Jill’s clit and Jill started to bend at the waist, her legs started to quiver, she held her breath… and Helen took the vibrator away.

Jill opened her eyes and looked down, Helen was still looking at something on her cell phone and was paying no attention to Jill, or so it seemed. Jill whimpered.

“These shoes are cute!” Helen said, talking to herself. She was shoe shopping? But she was also aware of Jill’s level of need. After a few minutes, she pressed the vibrator back on Jill’s clit. After another minute she took it away. Helen kept up this game for several rounds until she knew Jill’s legs were about to give out.

“Stay just like that until I’m gone Jill, then you can rest for a bit while I build you some new toys. Fun toys… for me at least.” 

“Yes ma’am,” Said Jill

“DO NOT call me ‘ma’am’,” snapped Helen. “My name is Helen. Say ‘Yes Helen.’ ‘No Helen.’ ‘Thank you, Helen.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma…Helen,” Jill replied, correcting herself quickly.


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