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Storycodes: MF/f; bond; discipline; naked; cell; cons; X

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Chapter 18: Cell, The Jill Keeper

After Helen accepted the position of ‘Jill Keeper’, Bob asked, so when do you want to start?

“Can I come around Sunday Afternoon and bring my stuff. Then I can spend Sunday night here and start Monday morning?” Helen asked.

“Works for us!” Bob responded. “We probably have some more details to go over if you have time?”

“Awww, let me show Helen her room first!” said Jill, still very excited.

Bob laughed and said “Sure,” and Helen and Jill went off down the hall. After they were halfway down the hall Jill called back to Bob, “Can I take my dress off now? I hate wearing clothes!” and she winked at Helen.

“Yes dear,” said Bob.

Jill showed Helen the guest room on the ground floor. She showed her the nightstand, the dresser, the closet, the bathroom, where the spare towels and washcloths were. She was so giddy that she was getting on Helen’s nerves.

“This is all very nice Jill; it will do just fine. It’s nicer than my room growing up.” Helen said.

“Of course you can bring in anything you want to make it home, pictures, nick-nacks...” and Jill just babbled on excitedly until Helen finally reached out and put her hand over Jill’s mouth.

“Jill,” she said sternly, “my first order as your keeper is... give it a REST!”

Jill shut up.

Back in the Den, Bob could hear the entire exchange so when Helen and Jill walked back in he was snickering. Jill glared at him, “Well, I’m just excited, OK!”

“So, Helen, while you were getting the grand tour, I gathered a few things.” Bob had several things in his hands. “Here is a house key, it works all the doors front and back. Here are keys to my Toyota Camry and Jill’s Dodge minivan. I can’t let you have the Camry till next week when I pick up my Tesla, but I’ll go ahead and call the insurance agent and get you on the policy tomorrow. And here’s our spare debit card, the pin is ___. If you need to buy anything routine for the household, like food or gas then you don’t even need to ask. If it’s a discretionary item like new handcuffs for example or something much over $100 then let’s talk about it first.”

“Wow, that’s incredibly trusting of you!” Helen said with surprise.

“Well, I know where you live!” Bob joked.

“So, can we discuss rules, protocols, daily tasks?” Helen asked?

Bob responded, “Well, no kissing on the first date and we expect you home by curfew on school nights.”

Helen looked confused for a second.

Jill, in mock exasperation, said, “Oh Helen he can’t pass up a ‘dad joke’. She meant rules for ME, silly.”

“OK, OK,” Bob said smiling.

“So, we don’t use any high protocols in this house. Jill knows that she is supposed to be respectful of me, and now that also applies to you. But I don’t require her to call me ‘Master’ or any such shit. She generally calls me Sir when she gets into a submissive mindset. Jill can be an excited little girl at times, as you’ve experienced. She can also be a little bratty at times. You may control those behaviors as you see fit.”

Bob explained the few rules Jill was required to always obey.

Jill’s orgasms belonged to Bob. Masturbation, unless he ordered it and watched, was the most serious offense in the household. Bob then explained the Mitts and how they were used.

Jill was expected to do what she was told, promptly and to the best of her ability. This applied to everything from sexual acts to cleaning the bathrooms.

Jill was expected to exercise and keep her weight under 160.

“OK, no masturbation, but what about other sex acts?” Helen asked.

“I assume you mean with you?” Bob smiled. “Here’s what Jill and I have agreed,” and Jill nodded.

“You can require, ask, make her do anything to you, or with you, or with an object like a dildo. Anything, in any hole. That includes having Jill use her mouth on you. You can have her give you all the orgasms you want, all day and night for all I care. Just never involve any other person without discussing it with me first, and NEVER anyone under 18 or an animal.”

“Never!” agreed Helen.

Bob continued, looking straight in Helen’s eyes. “But the reverse is NOT true. Jill may not cum unless I give her the orgasm. You may not put your mouth or genitals on her genitals. I want you to edge her frequently but using your fingers, hands, vibrators, or anything else. If you accidentally give her an orgasm, which may happen until you become familiar with her sexual responses, it isn’t your fault, it’s Jill’s for not telling you and or stopping you. If it happens you should punish her.

But know that to Jill, if you eat her out, that is crossing a line. We would both view that as forcing her to cheat on me.

“Understood. What about punishments?” Helen asked Bob.

“Helen, on all things I give you authority to decide punishments and implement them. In this regard, you are me when I’m not home. However, please be clear with Jill about punishments. When you punish her make sure she knows exactly why she is being punished. And don’t make up silly rules or infractions just so you can punish her. If you want to make her suffer, for whatever reason, just tell her that’s what’s going on. You don’t need to justify anything you do to her. If I want to spank her until she cries, I’ll do it simply because I want to, and she has no choice.”

“And similar to our understanding on punishments, we also have an understanding that I would expect to continue with Helen,” Bob said to both Jill and Helen. “Jill never acts out just to get me to punish her. In the past if she wanted chain time, she would just ask using plain English, instead of trying to goad me into punishing her.

“She has a safe word,” Helen assumed, “what is it?”

“NO, I don’t,” interjected Jill strongly, “and I don’t want one!”
“I’m not sure that’s wise,” Helen said, “but it’s your house and your life.”

“If I didn’t trust you Helen, I wouldn’t have hired you. And I’ll be home most every night and we can talk about anything that got out of hand during the day.” Bob reasoned.

“Let’s go over the schedule.” Bob continued.

Every weekday you can decide when to wake Jill and how she spends the day. I would like you to make her walk 5 miles on the treadmill or 20 miles on the spin bike daily but there can be exceptions if you have a special, longer-term torment designed for her.

Prepare and feed her a protein shake or similar light meal around lunch time. We can decide if and how much dinner she gets and where she gets to eat dinner when I get home and we debrief each day. If I’m out of town or working late it’s totally your call. I will weigh her every Saturday morning that I’m home and if her weight gets above 160, we adjust her diet.

I hope you understood that this job involved a lot more than watching TV all day while Jill is in her Cell. I want you to design a constantly changing variety of torments for her. Many of them can involve the toys I ordered at Schwartz. Some examples I’ve done to her in the past:

“I think I get the idea.” Helen said with a smile.

Jill’s naked butt was squirming all over her kitchen chair and Bob assumed there would be a huge wet spot when she stood. Just hearing Bob describe things they had done in the past was making her SO sopping wet.

“You mentioned House cleaning?” Helen asked.

Bob explained the use of the chains in the upstairs and downstairs closets and suggested that they lengthen the downstairs chain so Jill could also clean the kitchen now. He suggested she be given 3 hours for the downstairs and 2 hours for the upstairs once a week. But exactly when during the week this happened was up to Helen. Anything else Helen wanted Jill to do was at her discretion, for example she might want Jill to scrub the kitchen floor with a toothbrush.

Bob also explained how he had used the exercise equipment previously but gave Helen full authority to design what every program she wished. Afterall, someone with the muscles Bob had seen on Helen should know how to exercise Jill.

“I have a Bowflex machine at Schwartz, can I bring it and add it to the basement? I’d like to use it myself.” Helen said.

“Absolutely and use our equipment as well.” Bob answered.

Bob explained how Jill was bathed during her previous chaining and left the details to Helen. “You can hose her down in her cell every day if you want, or you can let her take a shower when she’s cleaning the bathrooms, or you can let her stink, Your call,” Bob said. “Just make sure she brushes her teeth every day, I don’t need the dental bills.” Bob smiled.

“The one day that’s different is Tuesday.” Bob continued. “Jill plays on a tennis team on Tuesday morning, and we think it’s important both for her physical fitness, her sun exposure, and her socialization, to continue with the team. So, on Tuesday, you basically release her. She will shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, drive herself to tennis, then go have lunch with the team. She should always be home by 2pm, naked in her cell unless she has pre-approval for a later time.”

“Any questions?” Bob concluded.

“I’m sure I’ll have some over time but I think I have the basics.” Helen Replied.

“Jill, say goodnight to Helen, go downstairs and lock yourself in your cell. I’ll be down to say goodnight later,” Bob said.

“Yes Sir. Good night Helen, I’m so excited you accepted!” Jill exclaimed then walked towards the basement stairs.

When she was gone Bob said to Helen, “There are a few things I want to talk over with you without Jill. First, when I’m in the house I would appreciate it if you would dress modestly. I don’t care what you choose as long as it’s not sexually exciting. You might even consider a type of uniform and I’d be happy to let you expense them. I’m not talking about something fetish wear, it should be comfortable and fit your fashion sense.”

Helen interrupted, “You mean no coveralls with side boob showing.”

“I hope you understand, I’m not being critical of what you wear, but the three of us will always be in a sexually charged environment. I’m a man. We’ve already established that neither of us is interested in the other but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a young woman.”

“Purple hair, dumpy figure and all,” Helen smiled. “I get it. I’ll figure something out.”

“Thanks. I really don’t care what you wear when I’m not here. I don’t think watching you and Jill on the security cameras will bother me. It’s just standing here face to face.

And also,” Bob continued, “let’s keep our discussions regarding Jill, plans, instructions, reports, etc. as clinical as possible. For example, say ‘I edged Jill four times today and she gave me an orgasm orally.’ Not ‘I took her right to the edge and had her squirming and gushing all over the place then she ate me till I saw stars.”

Helen, fighting the need to laugh as Bob is giving his examples, replied, “Ok Boss, like I said, I get it. We’ll keep it professional between us.”

“One other thing I want you to understand about your job.” Bob explained. “I think you understand what Jill gets out of this arrangement, she has needs of control, domination, and pain. Between us we will meet those needs. Luckily, my needs are the inverse of hers, to control, dominate and be a sadist to my wife. You are being paid to help meet my needs as well as Jills. You do that by acting as my proxy. When I’m at work or traveling, I will know that you are acting for me. So, I want a full report each day on what you did with and to Jill and I’ll also be able to watch segments of the security tapes most evenings to enjoy those activities, even when I’m on the road.

It is also an important part of your job to keep my wife constantly horny and desperate to have sex, any type of sex, with me.”

“I think I can do that, no problem. We keep whichever Schwartz sister is caged in exactly that state for months at a time.” Helen pointed out.

“And I think I can use those dildos in the cabinet to help her improve her fellatio skills, among other things,” Helen said, keeping to the clinical terminology. “When you are out of town, do you mind if I run short errands?”

“You’ll need to at least go to the grocery store occasionally,” Bob said. “If you need to leave the house, please make them short trips. I’d rather you leave on several short trips spread out rather than be gone for half a day. When you leave, make sure Jill is unrestrained other than being locked in the cell so that when a power failure or fire alarm automatically unlocks the cell, she can get out. And make sure she has her emergency kids cell phone and that it’s charged. If you must leave for a longer time, such as a medical appointment or an emergency, just release her. Maintaining the kink isn’t worth the risk.

“Have you thought about contracting with one of my former co-workers at Schwartz about being a backup?” Helen asked. “You could probably negotiate an hourly rate if we need them to come over on short notice?”

“I don’t think that will be needed. I know you trust them, but I’d need to develop a sense of trust with anyone before I would leave them in charge of my wife,” Bob said. “Besides, it’s not like she’s a real prisoner and a danger to society,” Bob laughed, “At the end of the day this is just an elaborate, expensive game to fulfill our kink. If we have to release Jill for a few hours or a few days, so be it. We let her go on Tuesday just to play Tennis for heaven’s sake.”

“Do you have any business trips planned next week?” Helen asked.

“Not currently? Why do you ask?”

“I’m afraid Jill thinks of me as a friend at this point. If I’m going to be her ‘keeper’ I want to make sure she also understands that I WILL control her and I WILL cause her discomfort and pain.” Helen said.

“I can understand your need to establish your authority, what are you thinking?” Bob asked.

Helen explained, “I’ve been thinking that it might be good to have a few days, just Jill and myself. I’d make it a sort of ‘hell week’, more intense than normal. I’d push her to her limits, so she learns that she has to obey me or suffer.”

“I like it,” Bob said, “I guess I could just stay upstairs for a few days but you’re right, it would be better if I’m completely out of town and Jill knows it. Let me see what I can work out and I’ll tell you Sunday.”

“I’m sure we’ll have to discuss and adjust over the next few weeks, but like Jill, I’m also excited to have you as her keeper. Do you want to crash here tonight or head back to Schwartz?” Bob asked.

“I need to head back and return the company truck. I’ll get one of the girls to bring me over Sunday.”


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