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Storycodes: M/f; naked; oral; cell; cuffs; strappado; collar; cons; X

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Bob visits Schwartz and makes an offer. Enjoy.

Chapter 17: Cell, Helen's Job Offer

Jill had been thinking all day. She was excited that Bob had kept her locked in the cell since Friday night. She had blown him Friday night after he had abused her nipples with some nasty alligator clips he picked up at the hardware store. Bob found them in the electrical department and bought them when he couldn’t stand to clamp them on his little finger for more than a few seconds.

He had come home Friday to find his wife in the kitchen, naked as usual. Without comment, he laid the two clips on the dinner table next to Jill’s plate. She had fixed fried shrimp in the air fryer, and Bob really enjoyed dinner. Jill, however, couldn’t take her eyes off the clips and barely heard a word Bob said about his day.

After Dinner, Bob said, “Darling, you haven’t said a word about the new nipple jewelry I bought you, don’t you want to go to your cage and try them on?”

“Game on,” thought Jill, “let’s do this.” But what she said to Bob was “Yes Sir, Thank you for my gift. Do you want me to do the dishes first?”

“No,” Bob replied, “I know how anxious you must be to try them, dishes will wait.” The way Bob said ‘anxious’ definitely had a double meaning.

In the cell, Bob had Jill put her arms behind her and through the handcuff portal in the bars. But when Bob put the handcuffs on, he used a carabiner to attach the chain to one of the bars, effectively trapping Jill in a semi strappado with her elbows resting on the opening. Coming through the still unlocked cell door, Bob knelt and started sucking Jill’s impressive nipples, making them even puffier and firm. The angle was breaking Bob’s neck since her nipples were pointing almost straight down so Bob stopped once he had achieved the desired firmness.

Bob opened one of the clips wide and positioning it around the meatiest part of the right nipple, ordered Jill to watch. He then slowly released the clip and listened to Clair moan and clench her teeth.

Then Bob did the left, which, since he closed the clamp much faster elicited a squeak that seemed to come from deep in Jill’s throat.

“I’ll give you a chance to properly thank me for your present. But first I think I need to clean up the kitchen, we don’t want those dishes to get crusty, they are so much harder to clean when that happens.” And Bob walked out of the basement.

As he left Jill pleaded, “Oh Sir, please hurry, I so want to thank you!”

But the pain in her voice left Bob no doubt that, although she was responding like a good slave girl, she wasn’t giving the real reason she wanted him to hurry.

The intense pain in her nipples was too much to bear, but of course Jill had no choice but to bear it. She was SO wet. The agony did diminish over time but not by much. Jill wasn't sure how long Bob was gone, it was actually only about five minutes. Bob had put the condiments in the refrigerator, quickly rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. He hurried, not because he knew Jill was in pain, but because he knew the clamps were cutting blood to her nipples and he liked them way too much to let them fall off.

Back in the basement, Bob released the carabiner and let Jill kneel with her hands still cuffed behind her.

“Now you can thank me properly,” He said as he unzipped and pulled out his already erect cock.

“And those don’t ‘come off’, until I ‘cum off’, understand Slut.” He explained, proud of himself for his little joke.

“Yes Sir! Thank you Sir!” Jill replied, before getting to work with her best oral skills.

It didn’t take long, Jill was very talented and Bob was horny knowing Jill was in pain. Once he filled her throat and made sure she cleaned him up with her mouth Bob knelt down.

“Ready Slut?” They both knew that removing clothes pins was more painful than putting them on. These alligator clips would probably be worse.

“Yes Sir.” Jill squeaked in a voice that made Bob laugh.

“OH SHIT, Shit, shit.” Jill exclaimed when the first alligator clip came off. Bob saw a tear roll out of one eye. Jill actually tried to reach her nipples with her handcuffed hands but it was no use. She shook her breasts but that made it worse. But after 10 or 15 seconds the tingling pain had almost gone.

Bob grabbed the second set of clips. He looked Jill right in the eyes and twisted it.

Jill screamed. Now tears were flowing from both eyes.

Bob opened the clip and Jill’s eyes went wide, she held her breath but her mouth was open is a big ‘O’.

The pain-slut in her kicked in and she screamed “THANK YOU SIR!”

Bob had left her in the cell then, still handcuffed, her nipples still burning.

“Good night Jill” he said as he turned out the light. It couldn’t have been later than 7pm.

Jill had no idea of the time. She didn’t know when the sun came up, she didn’t know if it was breakfast or lunch time. The basement was totally dark and quiet. She did know that she was hungry, that her shoulders and wrists were killing her and that she had slept off and on but very little.

Jill had spent a lot of time thinking. She thought about how much she needed this. She had long ago accepted that she needed to be controlled, locked up, hurt. She had come to peace with it. Now she just had to figure out how she and Bob could work around his work schedule.

Bob spent the morning working up in his office, catching up on some paperwork. He wanted to go play golf with his buddies, but he knew how much Jill wanted to experience the cell and he couldn’t deny her that, not this weekend. About 1pm he came down to check on Jill and brought a simple ham, cheese and bread sandwich and a water bottle.

Jill attacked the sandwich while Bob pulled up the old metal folding chair just outside the bars.

“So, how has your day gone?” Bob asked. This, or similar questions had become code, first between Jill and her daughter Clair and later between Jill and Bob. It was a way of saying, let’s suspend the dominant/submissive roles and just talk.

“I love my cell Bob, thank you so much for letting us get it. And the fence and gate looks great too!” Jill exclaimed.

“Well, if you keep giving me oral like last night, you’re welcome!” Bob grinned.

“Sooo, what time is it exactly?” Jill asked between bites.

“A bit after 1pm,” Bob said.

“No shit? I thought it was at least dinner time. Time passes SO slowly in here, especially when you leave the lights off.” Then Jill added, “I’ve had a lot of time to think.”

“Think about what?” Bob asked.

“This cell and how little time we’ll have to use it.” Jill explained.

“Jill,” Bob started sternly, “you KNOW that I’m not EVER going to leave you locked in here without someone at least in the house. Don’t even think about it.”

“I wasn’t Bob, I know how much you love me. But I had an idea,” Jill said hesitantly.

“OH Lord,” Bob exclaimed, “when you start thinking it’s usually trouble.”

“Do you remember, when you were promoted, and you asked what present I wanted? You offered to hire a maid?”

“Yes and you flatly rejected that idea.” Bob replied

“Well, I wasn’t so much thinking a maid, as a prison guard, or perhaps a warden,” Jill said, looking down.

“Jill, I’m NOT hiring some total stranger from some housecleaning service to watch you while you’re locked up naked in a cell!” Bob said, starting to get angry at his wife’s apparent stupidity. Was she thinking with her cunt and not her brain?

“Not a stranger,” Jill said quickly, “Helen.”

“Helen?” was all he could say.

“Look Bob, she’s not completely happy at Schwartz. She likes the people and the side benefits,” Jill smiled,” but her skills aren’t up to the other women there and it bothers her. She hasn’t found her place. And she knows about us and our cell, hell she helped install it. And she’s ‘experienced’ in BDSM. I know she’s tiny, but I’ve seen her be a real dominant at Schwartz and she can be mean! We could hire her, even if just for a little while, until she figures out what she wants to do with her life.”

Bob stopped and thought a minute, then started thinking to himself.

“Well, she was very professional and polite. She’s probably Clair’s age. She’s not my type but... “

And then Bob blurted out, “Jill, I’m not interested in a three way with a short dumpy girl half my age with a head of purple hair and a ring in her lip.”

“Men!” Jill thought, then said, “Bob, Helen is a lesbian, not bi but a hard-core lesbian. I’m quite sure she doesn’t want your dick either.”

“But she might want your cunt,” Bob said.

“And how would you feel about that?”

Bob had thought about that question back when Jill had ‘confessed’ to him and he stopped for a minute to consider Jill’s question again. “Well, I’m getting an erection thinking about it. I guess I’d be OK with it.”

“You wouldn’t be jealous?” Jill asked.

“I don’t think so, not as long as you’re honest with me about your feelings and it’s just sex.” Bob answered. “But I’m still not interested in doing her myself.”

“Oh Bob.” Jill laughed.

“So, what are you thinking?”

“I was thinking she could be here five days a week when you’re at work. I’d still like to keep playing Tennis on Tuesday mornings and go out with the girls for lunch after. I need some social interaction and exercise. In return for Tuesday mornings off, perhaps she could be here half day Saturday or Sunday so you could play golf, or she might need to stay late some days if you have to work late.” Jill had obviously thought this out. We’ll have to work something out with her for when you travel for business.

“So, she’d be our maid? Our Housekeeper? Would she clean and cook as well as watching you?” Bob asked.

“I told you, I like doing those things, so I think she would be responsible for making sure I do them. At least the cleaning. Cooking would have to be done every night and I don’t want to be ‘out’ that much. So instead of thinking of this job as a Housekeeper, perhaps she would be the ‘Jill Keeper’, Jill said with a straight face.

Bob laughed, “I like that, the Jill keeper.”

“OK, I’ll talk to her,” Bob said, “but first I need to call Jenni, or Jerri, or whoever’s not locked up this month. In the business world you just don’t poach a supplier’s employees without at least informing them if not compensating them. I won’t talk to Helen without talking to Schwartz first.”

Bob had his assistant call Schwartz and asked for a meeting the next afternoon. This was Bob’s first visit to Schwartz shop and, like it had Jill, it took him a while to figure out where to go in. Jerri was expecting him and greeted him at the door.

“Your assistant didn’t say what this meeting was about, is there a problem with our installations?” Jerri asked, concerned.

“No, Jerri, everything is more than perfect. You people did an outstanding job. Is there somewhere we can talk?” Bob asked.

They didn’t have a private conference room, and Jerri wasn’t going to take Bob into the back, but she and Jenni did have a small office area that was private enough.

Bob started, “I want to interview one of your employees, but my business ethics won’t allow that unless I talk to you first.”

Jerri didn’t know what to say. She had commercial customers approaching her people all the time trying to hire them, she had never experienced someone this ethical in business. “Who?” she asked.


“Oh, that makes sense, she would be a good fit in manufacturing automation or even IT.” Jerri said, finally understanding why Bob was meeting with her.

“Uh, no, although I would be more than happy to introduce her to those managers and give her a glowing recommendation if she would prefer. I’m not here as a manager of Chain Manufacturing, I want to hire Helen personally.”

“OH hell,” thought Jerri. This wasn’t the first time one of her customers had hit on one of them, it seemed to go with the territory of being an all-female company. Helen wasn’t her most attractive employee but still! But before she could throw Bob out, he added, “Or perhaps I should say Jill and I would like to hire Helen, it was actually Jill’s idea.”

“I’m confused,” admitted Jerri, “hire her to do what?”

So Bob explained the whole idea Jill had come up with.

Jerri smiled, “Well this is a first, sort of providing an operator to go with one of our products.”

“Bob, thank you for asking first. I would never get in the way of one of my employees. I know Helen’s been thinking about leaving. This sounds like an ideal solution to give her time and space to explore other options. Do you want to ask her now?”

“If she’s here, I could do that. Or I can come back,” Bob answered.

 Jerri left and Bob looked around at the shop for the first time. Quite impressive. He was looking at the door to the back, wondering if that’s where their cell was, when Helen came in.

Helen noticed where he was looking as she walked into the office area and all five feet of her raised up.

“I’m sorry, but you won’t be allowed to tour that part of the facility.” Helen said sternly.

“I don’t expect to, Helen, I was just looking around. I’d be an idiot to assume you or Jerri would share with me the way you shared with Jill. I came here to talk to you.”

“OK,” Helen said, still suspicious, “Jerri didn’t tell me what this is about. Did the HomeSeer system malfunction? You could have just called, I can fix it remotely.”

“I want to offer you a job.” Bob cut right to the chase.

For the second time, Bob explained Jill’s idea in some detail. He explained the safety reasons why he wouldn’t lock Jill unless someone was in the house. He explained his schedule and how much he traveled. He explained the job duties including that Helen would not have to do housework but make sure that Jill did. Bob was pleased when Helen didn’t reject the idea immediately.

“So, the job is to baby sit your wife in her Cell?” Helen said, obviously not impressed.

“That may be all Jill is thinking about, but I’ve started realizing many other possibilities,” Bob said.

“I’m a lesbian Bob, I’m not...”

Bob cut her off, “I’m sorry that came out sounding creepy. No offense but I have NO interest in having sex with you. I love my wife and you’re the same age as my daughter.”

“No offense taken, plus I know I don’t fit the male model of sexy and you probably think I have weird hair, and piercings.” Helen was starting to loosen up. She had seen him looking at her hair and making faces when he didn’t think she was looking. She had never cared what other people thought of her appearance and she understood Bob was from a different generation.

“So how much.” Now it was Helen’s turn to cut to the chase.

“How much do you make now, I’m sure we can match that.” Bob asked.

“We get a small base and a commission on any projects we work on. There haven’t been many projects I could help on lately, so I only made about $12k last year.”

“Shit,” Bob exclaimed, “how do you live on that?”

“Remember, I live here, I eat here, I can use the trucks if I need to get somewhere, and the company provides these lovely overalls to wear at work. So, it doesn’t cost me much to live.”

Bob wished she hadn’t brought his attention to the coveralls. Damn there was a lot of side boob showing even if she didn’t have any tits.

“I had forgotten you slept and ate here. I think Jill would agree that you can move into our guest bedroom if you want. We’d let you use Clair’s room, but she still comes home from college several times per semester, so we keep that for her. How about we talk $2k a month, room and board and I’ll even let you use my old car. I was going to sell it when my Tesla comes in next week, but I could just keep it for you to use.

“The money sounds good. Let me sleep on it and talk to Jerri. So, Clair is your daughter? How is she going to feel about having a live-in mistress for her mother?” Helen asked.

“We aren’t thinking of it so much as a ‘mistress’ as a ‘Jill keeper’. You know, like a housekeeper, except a Jill keeper. And, well, Clair’s an adult now so she really doesn’t have a say anymore. But she largely did this job for free when Jill was chained up in the basement for a year.” Bob explained.

“Wow, I wish my parents had been that kinky when I was growing up, would have saved a lot of guilt on my part.” Helen exclaimed.

“I’ll text you tomorrow,” Helen said as she stood and indicated the meeting was over.

On the way out they passed Jerri who said, “Well?”

Helen responded, “We’ll talk, I told Bob I’d give him an answer tomorrow.”

“Well, if you accept and Bob still feels an obligation for stealing you from us, perhaps he could buy some toys from our collection to make it up to us.” Jerri smiled.

“Wait, are you ‘selling’ me to Bob,” Helen asked, trying to decide if she should be angry.

“No Helen, it’s just that in business,” Bob explained. “it’s good ethics to ask before poaching an employee from your suppliers. I just asked Jerri’s permission to talk to you. And she was cool with it. But sometimes companies do pay to cover expenses of hiring a replacement, etc., I just made Jerri the offer, and she rejected it. She said she would never consider restricting your options.”

“Good,” Helen said, now smiling, “Because I was starting to feel like cattle and that’s not my kink.”

“If you have time Bob, why don’t you let Helen show you some of the toys we make here that we don’t show to our ‘vanilla’ customers. I don’t think Jill has even seen our collection.” Jerri said, pointing them to a large cabinet on the side of the shop.

Every time Bob had interacted with Helen, she had been all business. Now, for the first time he realized that she was excited about something. When she opened the cabinet, Bob was looking at a whole lot of stainless steel or titanium or other shiny metal.

Helen pulled things out one at a time and showed him.

There were wrist and ankle cuffs that matched the collar Schwartz had gifted to Jill and Bob. Helen explained that these were samples and they preferred to take measurements and make custom sets.

She pulled out a Shrew’s Fiddle that looked really heavy and solid but was made of aluminum.

There were spreader bars and metal stocks like in the movie ‘Secretary’. There were several metal head cages, one made of metal straps and one that was a solid enclosure with a breathing tube.

Basically, every metal bondage device Bob had ever seen used in Porn movies, the women at Schwartz had created a version. Bob was impressed.

The final piece Helen showed him was a heavy metal collar that had foot long spikes, twelve of them, radiating out from all sides.

“That looks cool,” Bob commented, “but does it have a function other than looks?”

“Try wearing it for 24 hours and you’ll find out. Think about it,” Helen explained, “there is no way to get comfortable. Assuming you’re not allowed to use furniture, you can only stand or kneel. If you try to lay down, the spikes will hold your neck away from the surface. If you try to lean against a wall, the same. It takes no time at all before the wearer is begging to have it taken off. Two or three days trying to get any rest in this thing, and they get truly desperate.

“I’ll take one of everything,” Bob said quite seriously.

At first Helen thought he was joking. Wasn’t he? “Bob, that would cost, I don’t know, over ten grand.”

“What’s your point?” Bob asked.

“You’re serious. Really?” Helen asked. No customer had ever bought more than one or two items at a time.

“Yea, I am, I can afford it and think of all the fun you can have using this stuff on Jill. Consider it an incentive to take the job.”

“OK, I’ll get Jerri to write up a quote and get it to you.”

Helen did send Bob a text the next morning.

HELEN: Can I come over tonight and talk to you and Jill?

BOB: Sure. That sounds promising. Come for dinner about 6.


When Jill opened the front door, Helen was just a little surprised to find her dressed in a cute yellow sundress. She was wearing her ‘Bob’s Bitch’ collar and was barefoot, but Helen had just assumed she would be naked. Jill could read the surprise on her face.

“Welcome, come in. Bob thought, since we were basically going to negotiate what amounts to a long-term scene, that we should ‘desexualize’ tonight, hence the dress. I’m not sure that’s a word, but I understood his point.” Jill explained. “I hope you like baked chicken with rosemary and roasted root vegetables.”

“Glad I didn’t wear my coveralls then,” Helen winked, “Bob seems to like those. Dinner Sounds great!”

They enjoyed an excellent dinner with conversation in which Helen shared some of her life before Schwartz and Jill shared how she and Bob met.

After dessert, Bob said, “Well Helen, you called this meeting, floor’s yours.”

“OK,” Helen started, “I talked to Jerri and Jenni and they really don’t mind if I move on. They did let me know that I could come back and work some weekends if I want. They have the occasional project that involves electronics I could help with.”

“That would be fine with us Helen.” Bob interjected.

This prompted Helen to ask, “Who and how will we decide when I ‘work’ and when I have off?”

“If you decided to live here, then I think we will have to work this like we were a family.” Bob responded. “I’ll set up a ‘Family Calendar’ and post nights when I must work late as soon as I know. I’ll also post business trips, golf games, etc. You post any personal appointments, when you want to work at Schwartz or just want time off. If there are conflicts, we’ll talk and negotiate around them. If we can’t find a solution, then Jill’s just out of bondage for that time.”

“OK,” Helen said, “I’ll take the position.”

Jill was so excited she was bouncing up and down in her chair laughing and smiling.


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