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Storycodes: F/f; M/f; bond; cage; cuffs; collar; electro; cons; X

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Jill and Bob solve the problem of his being out of town so much. Enjoy.

Chapter 16: Cell, Delivery and Testing

It took the Schwartz Iron works about eight weeks for Jill’s order to be ready to install. Since it had been so long, Jill wasn’t sure if Jenni or Jerri would show up, but she really hoped it wouldn’t be Jenni. She wasn’t sure she wanted to face Jenni after what she had caused her to endure. But she needn’t have worried, it was Bev and Helen that came with the big flatbed truck.

Jill appreciated that they kept everything covered with big tarps so the neighbors couldn’t tell what was fence and what was cell parts. They moved the Cell parts into the basement first but, to Jill’s disappointment, they started work on the fence first.

By the time Bob got home Bev and Helen had almost finished the fence. They were packing up their tools for the day when Jill took Bob out back to meet them and see the work. Bob was impressed and whispered to Jill on the side, “I don’t mean to be sexist or anything, but that Helen is a tiny thing to be doing so much lifting and such hard work!”

“I know, have you seen the muscles in their shoulders? I’ll bet all you saw was the side boobs hanging out around those overalls.” Jill kidded him then continued seriously, “They are more than tits, they are extremely talented artists and craftswomen.”

“I can tell from their work,” agreed Bob, “I just wish our backyard was more private.”

“I know just what you’re thinking,” Jill said, “how much fun would it be to tie me naked to that fence!”

It took two more days for Bev and Helen to finish the fence and gate and start installing the Cell. Jill kept them supplied with cold drinks and even fixed them lunch. She felt guilty just watching them work but the one time she tried to help they threatened to handcuff her to a patio chair. Jill wished!

Jill was fascinated by the Cell construction and Bev’s expertise. The craftswomen proudly explained each step to Jill. First, Bev used an impact drill to put a carefully measured row of holes down the poured cement foundation wall on either side of the alcove. She measured and drilled more holes in the floor slap. As she drilled, she moved the drill around to create a cone shaped hole, larger in the back than at the opening. Then she inserted a metal anchor into each hole.

The sides of the cell had been prefabricated as 2 x 10 ft. sections with flat steel on all four sides of the bars. There were pre-drilled holes against the wall, the floor and every place the bars passed a ceiling joist. Helen used a large socket wrench to run lag bolts into the anchors on the wall and floor, expanding them tightly into the wall. She then ran wood lag bolts into the ceiling joists. Even though Jill would not have a socket wrench in the cell, Helen then used a cordless grinder to round off the bolts so they would have to be cut off if ever removed. The Cell walls would be anchored on three sides and welded on the fourth.

“You said you like to feel helpless Jill, well, Houdini himself couldn’t escape this cell.” Bev assured Jill.

While Helen was bolting the two sides in, Bev had fired up the welder and was welding the two 4 ft sections of the front together into the 8 ft front wall. The Cell had been cleverly designed to be easy to assemble onsite. The door wasn’t in the center, it was in the right half of the front wall completely in one of the 4 ft sections. Bev pointed out the features of the left section of the front wall, a port in the bottom of the bars to slide food plates across the floor and another port, about chest high, where the prisoner would put their hands to have cuffs removed or applied. Jill was impressed with the whole design.

Bev welded the front bars to the side bars and Helen bolted the top and bottom of the front section to the floor and ceiling joists. While Bev put the welder back in the truck, Helen brought in four sheets of two by four cement board, normally used as underlayment for tile. It took both of them to hold up each of these sheets, made from fiberglass impregnated concrete, to the ceiling joists at the top of the cell. As they put each sheet up, Helen would empty a can of expanding foam above the board and between the joists filling the space with sound insulation.

Before they left for the day, they explained to Jill that now her cell had a solid ceiling, and she wouldn’t be bothering Bob with the sound of her wailing and gnashing of teeth.

The last day, all that was left was to install the magnetic door lock, install the home automation box and wire everything up. Jill wasn’t surprised when Helen showed up alone as she could handle those items.

Jill had been watching Helen eagerly all morning, even fixing her a sandwich for lunch. As they talked, Jill quizzed Helen, asking if she had made any decisions about her life and work at Schwartz Iron Works. Jill really liked Helen and was genuinely interested in her future.

“I’m starting to look at what else is available, but I’m not about to walk out on this job until I find something better.” Helen replied.

All was finished and tested about 2pm.

“Do you want to try it out?” Helen asked Jill.

“Can I?” Jill bubbled like a kid.

“It’s your cell,” Helen replied.

Jill started to enter the cell. Helen cleared her throat loudly.

When Jill stopped to look at Helen she said, “Prisoners are always naked in the cell.”

Helen knew she was pushing the limits with that comment but hell, this woman had edged her boss.

Jill looked at Helen, then thought “what the hell,” and removed her shoes and clothes, handing them to Helen.

“Damn, girl, you look good!” Helen exclaimed.

“You mean for someone old enough to be your mother!” Jill smiled, “I do work out you know.” But Jill was pleased with Helen’s acknowledgement of her hard work.

“In you go,” Helen said as she pushed the cell door closed and heard the satisfying ‘clunk’ of the magnets engaging.

“OK, you enjoy while I go make a call” and Helen walked out with Jill’s clothes.

Jill had not expected Helen to leave the basement, but she enjoyed the privacy to look around her new prison from the inside.

Meanwhile Helen walked upstairs and, getting his number out of the emergency contacts list she had noticed hanging in the kitchen, Helen called Bob at work.

“Hi, this is Helen from Schwartz Iron.”

“Oh, hello Helen, is the install finished?”

“Yes sir, it all went well, no problems. Your wife is ‘testing’ the cell now.”

Bob laughed, “Couldn’t wait, huh?”

“No sir. I wanted to see if you wanted me to leave her in there until you get home? I’d stay here of course; I have the time. Then when you get home, I can load the app on your phone and go over everything with you.”

“There’s an app? Damn, there’s an app for everything now.” Bob laughed.

“Yes sir.” Helen was saying ‘sir’ not like you would address a dominant, more like she was being respectful to a customer.

“So, Jill’s in the cell right now? What is she wearing?” Bob asked, trying to be tactful.

“I made her strip, she’s naked. I just helped build a Jail Cell in your basement, Sir, you don’t need to pretend with me.”

“Helen, can you please stop calling me ‘Sir.” 

“Yes sir... uh, Bob.” And they both laughed.

“OK, so did you see the white cabinet against the wall?” Bob asked.

“Uh-huh, I put your old chain and locks in there for you.”

“Good, there is a pair of police quality handcuffs in there, I don’t want my wife to ‘Jill off’ before I get home, would you put the handcuffs on her please?”

“Be happy to get the handcuffs. ‘Jill off’, I see what you did there.” Helen laughed then asked, “front or back?”

“And here I thought you were experienced at this stuff.” Bob kidded.

“Back it is,” Helen replied, “Jill isn’t mine, so I always like to ask about things like that. I’ll see you when you get home.”

Helen went back downstairs and found Jill sitting cross legged on the floor right in the middle of the cell. She went to the cabinet and as she removed the handcuffs she said, “Talked to Bob, he wants you in handcuffs. Do you know where the key to these is?”

“He usually has them on his car key ring. But there is also an emergency key in an ice cube in the chest freezer in the garage. It’s usually WAY down at the bottom,” Jill said.

“Back up to the bars here, lift your arms behind your back and put them through this opening.” Helen instructed.

Jill did as she was told and Helen locked the cuffs on, making sure the keyhole was facing up.

“You can pull your arms out now. Enjoy your Cell,” and Helen left the basement.

“Damn,” Jill thought, “Helen put these on much tighter than Bob usually does, but at least she double locked them, so they won’t get any tighter.”

And then the lights went out. Jill let it soak in that she was naked, handcuffed, locked in a high security cell, in the dark, with no choice but to wait for her husband to get home.

She shivered at how perfect this was.

Bob wanted to get home early, but a last-minute conference call with the west coast office went till almost 7pm. He picked up Chinese takeout on the way home and got enough for three just in case Helen could stay for dinner. If she didn’t, it would be good leftovers anyway.

Bob found Helen sitting on the couch reading something on her phone.

“So sorry I’m late, sadly this happens all the time, but I picked up takeout. Do you like Chinese? Can you stay for dinner?” he asked.

“That would be nice, I’m famished.” Helen said. “I need to give you an orientation to the cell anyway and I’d rather not make another trip.”

“I’ll set the table and lay out the food if you’ll go get Jill,” Bob said.

“Handcuff keys?” Helen asked.

“Oh you can leave those on.” Bob answered as Helen realized that meant she didn’t need to take Jill’s clothes with her, there was no way she could put them on in handcuffs.

Helen didn’t know how comfortable Jill was climbing the basement steps, so she held onto Jill’s upper arm. Jill thought, “This is just like a guard would escort a prisoner.”

When they got to the top of the steps, Helen didn’t let go. It just felt right.

When they entered the Kitchen, Jill broke free and ran to Bob, almost bumping into him in excitement.

“Oh Bob, you’ve got to come see, Bev and Helen have done such an amazing job.” Then Jill leaned in close and whispered, “let’s eat quick, I am SO turned on right now.”

Bob looked at her and smiled then replied in a conversational voice so Helen couldn’t help but hear, “well if you’re that horny do you want to fuck on the kitchen table?”

Helen smiled, this couple may be old (to her) but they were adorable and obviously so in love.

Jill turned bright red and said, “Bob, we have a guest.”

“I’d rather we eat first if you’re going to let this slut gush all over the table.” Helen said.

The Chinese was excellent. Bob let Jill sit in a chair and fed her with his chopsticks, further proving to Helen that they were adorable. While they ate, Jill told Bob all about how the Cell was constructed and how unescapable it was. Helen added some details. After dinner, Bob unlocked Jill’s handcuffs and told her to clean up the kitchen then kneel on the floor until she was summoned. He and Helen went to the basement.

“I’ve never seen two people as in love as you two,” Helen said as they descended the basement steps, “How long have you been married?”

“23 years,” said Bob.

“Well, I hope I can find a wife that makes me as happy as you guys someday.” Helen said.

“So, let me give you an operational tour of the Cell before Jill gets down here. Since she approved the designs and watched us build it, she already knows most of this.”, Helen said as she held out her hand and indicated Bob should hand her his phone.

“I’m going to download this free security app by HomeSeer. I can also show you how you can log into their website and do the same things. I’ve installed a HomeSeer control box. It’s basically an opensource home automation system that can control lights, door locks, security cameras, all kinds of stuff to automate your home. The app connects to the control box.”

While she waited for the app to load, she explained the rail system and its attached chain and how it could be charged. She had Bob hold the chain with one hand and hold a cell bar with the other, then triggered the fence charger for just a second. Bob yelped and dropped the chain like it was a snake.

“You were wearing shoes, so I had you touch a bar for a grounding point. Jill won’t be wearing shoes, so she will feel the shock mostly on her neck and some on the soles of her feet. It’s intense but as you can see it didn’t kill you. That charger is made to control cows and horses with their thick hides, so we’ve changed a few resistors in the circuit to limit its power. But it still packs a punch – use it wisely.”

“I think it will definitely get her attention.” Bob commented, shaking his hands to stop the tingling.

Helen had Bob try to open the Cell door. “Grab it with both hands, put one foot on the bars and put your full weight on it.”

Bob pulled as hard as he could, and it wouldn’t budge. Helen then hit a button on the app and the door swung open about an inch. “It has a small spring in the hinge that causes it to pop open a bit, otherwise it would just relock as soon as you took your finger off this button or that doorbell button mounted on the wall there.”

Helen showed Bob where the electromagnets were welded into the frame of the door and how all the wiring was hidden in the frame and hinges.

Helen went on to explain that, in addition to the cell door magnets, she had put an electronic switch on the basement lights and the fence charger that powered the rail. She had also put a sensor on the exercise equipment. Since the HomeSeer system could program timers, time of day actions, and actions that were dependent on other actions or sensors, there was no end to the possibilities.

She showed Bob some of the examples she had created for him:

One was a simple timer that turned the cell light off at night and back on in the morning. 

Another would simply unlock the cell at a preset time.

A more complex routine would:

  1. Start at a scheduled time, say 2pm,
  2. Cause the control box speaker to say “Exercise Time” in Helen’s cheerful recorded voice,
  3. Wait one minute while watching the sensors on the exercise machines
  4. If one of the exercise machines was not running within the minute, turn on the fence charger for 1 second. Loop to step b)
  5. If either of the exercise sensors were triggered, either the spin bike or treadmill, wait a preset time, say 30 minutes.
  6. Play a recorded “End Exercise Time.”
  7. Wait one minute for the Cell door to show closed.
  8. If the cell door was not closed within one minute, turn on the fence charger for 1 second. Loop to step f.

“My app currently has access to your system, but you can change the password here and lock me out, or leave me access as a safety backup.” Helen finished.

“Brilliant,” said Bob excitedly, “I can see all kinds of possibilities! Is there documentation somewhere?”

“Yep, lots, it’s all online, I’ll show you when we go back upstairs.” Helen explained.

“So, can I add more sensors and stuff?” Bob asked.

“Sure, what did you have in mind?”

“Well, how about a doorbell button at nose height? I could handcuff Jill and have the system tell her to press the button with her nose and hold it down for, oh, an hour or get shocked?” Bob asked.

“Easy peasy.” Helen explained, “There are wireless doorbell buttons that are made to work with this system. They are battery powered and you only need to change the batteries about once a year. You could even put three or four of them on the side wall back there.”

“Why three?” asked Bob.

“If you don’t have her handcuffed, you could program the system where she must hold one button with her right hand, one with her left hand, and one with her nose. You could also put a nose button at standing height and another at kneeling height, change it up.”

“You are devious.” Bob laughed.

“Oh, you have no idea.” Helen smirked. “I’d also glue one of those carpet protector pads, like you use under office chairs, in front of the buttons. I’d epoxy that sucker spikes side up.”

“Would you mind calling Jill downstairs?” Helen asked. “I have a thank you gift from the company to give both of you.”

Bob went up and brought a very excited Jill downstairs. He had put the handcuffs back on her, but in front this time. Helen was holding a shiny collar as they walked into the back of the basement. She held it up where Bob and Jill could see.

“Two pounds of hand crafted, polished Titanium collar as Schwartz Iron Works thanks for giving us your business.” Helen announced formally. Then she went on to explain the gift.

“This collar is made in two pieces. It has no hinge but two clips. When you put the two halves together like this,” and Helen inserted tabs on each side of the collar into the other side of the collar, “it locks into a seamless ring.”

Jill was getting giddy and bouncing excitedly like a kid at Christmas.

“Is it permanent?” she asked, obviously not troubled in the least by the possibility.

“No, not this model.” Helen reached in her pocket and pulled out two silver things that looked like pawns on a chess set, or perhaps large chocolate kisses.

“These are super magnets in a special shape. Hold the collar for me Bob. See, you press one here and the other here at the same time and...” the two sides of the collar fell apart.

“Awesome,” Bob exclaimed, noting that the collar also had a U-shaped attachment point.

And one final thing I hope isn’t too much, Helen turned the collar so they could see what was engraved in Old English font along one side: “Bob’s Bitch”.

“I love it, I absolutely love it,” said Jill, still bouncing up and down. “Can I try it on now?”

Helen handed Bob the two magnetic keys which he put in his pocket and the collar.

“Do the honors sir.”

First Bob walked to the white cabinet and came back with an open padlock. Then he encircled Jill’s neck and pushed the collar together hearing two satisfying clicks. Finally, he walked Jill into the cell and locked her collar to the chain from the trolly setup.

“Welcome to your new part-time cell ‘Bob’s Bitch’.” Bob announced. Then he noticed Jill’s face lost its excitement for just a minute.
“What’s wrong Jill?” he asked.
“Oh nothing, I love it, thanks for letting us buy a real jail cell Bob. It’s just, well, when you used the term part-time, I remembered that we can’t use it while you’re out of town.” 

“I know Jill, But I must travel to make money to buy a jail cell. You’ll still have lots of fun down here, I promise.”


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