Call Me Mistress

by Ann Onominos | Forum Feedback

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story continued from chapter eight

Chapter 9: My Punishment……

(Update 3 from my prison)

In case you don’t recall from my last update, Master caught me playing with myself and told me I needed to be punished for playing with “His” pussy. He said he bought it when he bought me.

After the three of us had a nice breakfast, Master told Jules she would be spending the day in her cell and that I would be serving my punishment for playing with “His” pussy. I was told to get naked and given a large ring gag to put on. I had my wrist and ankle cuffs on as well as my shock collar, fully charged. Master led me into the playroom and directed my attention to a large curtain. He let me study the curtain for a few minutes. I wondered what was in store for me. The suspense was quite intoxicating. Even though I knew my punishment would be severe, it was exciting to think about what might happen to me. Finally, Master opened the curtain. He led me to what looked like a black, over stuffed, cylindrical pillow with the bottom half removed. It looked something like a small barrel cut in half, lengthwise. It had a large, peach colored dildo sticking up from it. Master applied some KY jelly to the dildo and told me to sit on the device.

“This is called a Sybian unit,” he announced. “You will become very familiar with its capabilities before I’m finished with you.”

 I sat on the dildo, straddling the Sybian unit. I felt the cool dildo enter my pussy and instantly became aroused. Master attached my ankles to some anchors in the floor. My arms where tied to ropes hanging from the ceiling, pulling me quite tight. Master then turned the Sybian unit on, slowly at first.

“WOW!” I thought. The motion of the unit inside me was unbelievable. The dildo rotated and twisted around inside me. I had an orgasm almost immediately.

“You wanted to cum, then cum you shall!” he said, “Let’s see, how many times should I make you cum? Six maybe? How about ten? How about until you never want to play with yourself again!”

With that, Master slapped my tits again and again, about a dozen times at least. I had another orgasm instantly. I was moaning through my gag like a wild woman. Then the shock collar kicked on. That shut me up immediately. He attached clover style nipple clamps to my tits and hung a weight on each clamp. I was also blindfolded. Master turned up the speed on the Sybian unit a bit and then left me like that for a long time, I would guess at least two hours. I think he set up a video camera to record my punishment. I thought I heard him fumbling with what I thought was a tripod and camera. I don’t recall how many times I came. I’m sure my pussy was raw from the abuse.

When Master finally returned, he removed my blindfold and I was ordered to kneel. An anal plug was inserted into my butt. This was no ordinary butt plug though. There were wires attached to it and it was connected to some sort of a timer. I don’t know how the darn thing worked. All I know is that I got a jolt every few seconds. Sometimes it was a quick shock and other times it lasted several seconds. Master put the blindfold back on and sat me back down on the Sybian machine.

I must have passed out because I never heard Master return. He turned the machine off and I felt a large cock being forced through my ring gag and down my throat. After he exploded in my mouth, he asked, “Are you going to play with “MY” pussy again?” I violently shook my head no. “Okay then, you just sit like that for a while and think about what you have done.”

He made me sit like that for at least three more hours with the machine running slowly. When I was finally released it was after midnight. I was led back to my cell and I climbed into bed. No supper for me, but I don’t think I could have eaten anything anyway. I was exhausted and fell asleep instantly with my finger in my aching pussy.

The next day, it was breakfast as usual. That is, until Master announced it was time for day two of my punishment. My jaw dropped! Day two! He must be joking. After yesterday’s ordeal, I certainly thought I had been punished enough. I was led back to the playroom with the Sybian unit after being gagged just like yesterday. My eyes filled with tears as I stared at that dreadful machine. Master lubed up the dildo as I prepared myself mentally for another day of sexual torture. Then he stopped and said, “You have a choice now. You may mount the Sybian or you may choose to have Jules take your punishment for you. The choice is yours, but you must make up your mind now.”

I quickly thought about my close friendship with Jules and how this might destroy that friendship. I also thought about the suffering I was about to go through if I chose not to make Jules go through it. I slowly walked to the Sybian and mounted it as tears filled my eyes. Master anchored my legs as before and tied my arms above my head. Then he about tore my heart out when he said, “Yesterday I set the machine on slow speed, 3 out of a possible 10. Today we will try a bit faster. How about 5 out of a possible 10”? he asked sarcastally. The machine started and it was less than a minute before I had an orgasm.  Master rubbed some type of cream on my breasts that made them very sensitive, almost tingling. He then blindfolded me again and left me like that, the machine still running at medium speed with my poor nipples on fire.

After about four hours, the machine stopped and my blindfold was removed. Jules was standing in front of me, hands locked behind her back and gagged with a large ring gag, just like the one I was wearing. Master was there with her and asked, “Are you ready to let Jules take your punishment for you now, Anna?”

I knew I couldn’t take much more torture so I nodded yes. Master untied me and pulled me off the machine. He ordered Jules on it and anchored her legs to the floor. I tried to say I’m sorry to her but it sounded more like “ugh ahhhhy”. I hoped that she understood me as a blindfold was placed on her and Master turned the machine on at slow speed. I watched as Jules quickly had her first orgasm, “the first of many,” I thought. Master then led me to the hanging plank. I was all too familiar with that damn plank I thought.

“Now you can ride the rail while you watch your friend take your punishment.” Master tied my elbows tightly together and then locked my wrists together. He positioned me so I straded the plank and raised it up so my toes just grazed the floor. “Now I have a little extra treat for my favorite slave.” Master said as he taped a vibrating massager to the rail positioned so it continually stimulated my pussy.

“I see my two slaves are busy for the afternoon,” he said sadistically. “Anna dear, are you enjoying your punishment?” he asked with a wicked grin on his face. I violently shook my head no.

“Are you done playing with ‘My’ pussy from now on?” he asked, my head again shaking, this time yes. He then put a blindfold on me. Before he did I saw the video cameras, one focused on me and the other one focused on Jules. Seconds later, I heard him leave.

I have no idea how long he left us like that. I would guess at least four hours. He eventually released both of us and returned us to our cells. He left the door connecting our cells open for the first time. I’m sure he did this intentionally because he left the door wide open. After Jules and I were alone, I entered her cell and told her how sorry I was to make her endure that punishment for me. She hugged me and told me she would do anything for me and that she loved me. She told me how much she missed the touch of a loving Mistress and how much she desperately wanted me to be her Mistress. I hugged her and said, “You can Call Me Mistress.”

From that moment on I knew what I wanted in life. I was the dominant person in my relationship with Richard and I now realized I needed to be dominant in my relationship with Jules. I knew I would somehow be her Mistress.

The next morning at breakfast Master announced that day three of my punishment would begin in one hour. Jules and I were to meet him in the playroom, naked and gagged as before. “Jules, would you like to take Anna’s punishment for her again?” Master asked. Jules looked at me for a second and then stepped toward Master. He positioned her on the plank, as I was yesterday. He taped the massager to the plank and turned it on. Jules immediately had an orgasm.

I was led to a chair with the seat removed, leaving my butt fully exposed. My legs were taped to the legs of the chair and my arms were then taped to the chair back at my wrists and biceps. With my legs spread, another massager was placed on the chair and taped down so it was stimulating my pussy. Next came that damn butt plug with the shocker. Master lubed it up and slid in my tight anus.

I was facing Jules as she rode the plank and could see her every time she came. It seemed like we were having simultaneous orgasms most of the time.

After about two hours, Master attached vacuum cups to each of my breasts, covering the nipples. Then he did the same thing to Jules’s breasts. The sucking sensation drove me crazy. My poor nipples grew to almost three centimeters long! After about two more hours, Master released me from my bondage. He told me I could release Jules whenever I wanted to. Of course I released her immediately. We both went back to our cells and waited for further instructions. I lay down on my bed and fell asleep.

When I woke up an hour or so later, Jules was in my bed with me. “Please, Mistress, please tie me up,” she begged.

She was still wearing her wrist and ankle cuffs, as always. It was a simple matter to lock her wrists behind her and lock her ankles together then join the two for a simple hogtie. She started sucking my tender nipples but they were much too sensitive for her nibbling. I gently pushed her head between my spread legs. Holding her hair, I forced her face to my wet pussy. Her tongue went deep inside me and quickly found my G spot. I wrapped my legs around her head as she licked my pussy, her tongue reaching deeply inside me. I had just had an orgasm when I heard someone enter the cell. Master saw the two of us and I thought we were in deep trouble, but he just laughed at us and said something about us never getting enough.

“If you girls are done playing you can get dressed for dinner,” he said. “Your punishment is over,” he continued. “Now, we can have a nice meal and relax together tonight.”

The next day, things were back to our normal routine of morning chores and afternoon “exercise” as Master called it. Now that Master has two slaves, he likes to do things with us together quite often. Sometimes he tied our legs together; my left leg to Jules’s right leg. We would have to walk around like that all afternoon, like we are in a three legged race. It reminded me of playing that game when I was a girl in grade school. Sometimes he mades us hold hands and make sure we didn’t let go by tying our wrists together.

Another little item Master obtained was a pair of straight jackets. These were not toys, but the kind that might be used in a medical facility. I found that I rather enjoyed being locked in the straight jacket with Jules in her jacket tied to me. I liked it best when we faced each other rather being than back to back.

Jules taught me all that she knows about being a pony girl. I still think it is a little silly to dress up like a pony, but it amuses Master. He even modified his sulky so that he could have his two ponies pull him around the yard and through the fields.

Master has left the cell door between our cells unlocked all the time now. I’m not sure why, but we both like it this way. Occasionally, after it is “lights out” Jules sneaks into my cell and we make love. I have realized that I have fallen in love with her. I usually tie her up when we make love because I know that she likes it. I like it too. I’m just afraid if Master finds out about our “affair” he won’t like it.

We decided to approach Master with our true feelings. I wanted desperately to be a dominant Mistress with Jules as my willing slave. Jules and I decided that we were going to confront Master at breakfast the next morning.

When we asked Master if our Mistress/slave arrangement was okay with him I was shocked when he agreed. He said we could try it for a month and see how things worked out. His only real concerns were that his sexual pleasure was to always come first and that all the chores be completed.

I am overjoyed that Master was so agreeable to me being a Mistress to Jules. I really do love Jules and will never mistreat her. I think he knows that somehow. He even gave me a catalog with fetish clothing so I could order some leather boots and other dominatrix clothing.

To celebrate Master’s approval of our relationship, I decided to tie Jules to her cell door standing spread eagle. I could swing the door open and closed, so she could see me or not; but the choice would be mine. That night, I told Jules what I was going to do to her and she smiled passionately. I ordered her to strip naked except for her wrist and ankle cuffs. With her feet resting on the cell door, I tied her legs spread about one meter apart. I used stockings to tie her legs to the door as well, just above her knees. Moving to her arms, I tied her wrists to the cell door and, again using stockings, tied her elbows to the cell door. Now she was in a standing spread eagle, just like I wanted her.

When my right hand touched her clean shaven pussy, I felt she was already moist. She started to moan, but I quickly hand gagged her to keep her quiet. I gave her a sloppy wet kiss with my tongue deep in her mouth. Just then the lights came on.

“Ahh ha!” shouted Master. “I thought I might find you two at it again. Anna, thanks for getting Jules warmed up for me. You can go to bed now. I’ll take over from here.” Master pushed me aside. There was nothing I could do but let him have his way with my friend. As I watched him screwing Jules, I wondered if this was why he was so agreeable to our arrangement.

story continued in chapter ten