Call Me Mistress

by Ann Onominos

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Storycodes: M/f+; D/s; bond; cuffs; gag; bdsm; ponygirl; cell; cage; headbox; slave; torment; pegs; x-frame; rack; sex; reluct; XX

story continued from chapter seven

Chapter 8: Big changes in my prison!

Update 2 from my prison

Much has changed since my last update. Most significantly, Master has acquired a new slave. She now resides in the cell next to mine. I was hoping to gain access to that cell to give me more living area, but that is not to be. No matter. Now I have a friend. I did not realize just how lonely I was.

The new girl is named Jules (short for Julia). She is 23 years old; (two years younger than I) and she is very pretty. She is a little bit taller than me, but only by a few centimeters. She was a slave for another Master before my Master purchased her, so she has experience as a slave. When I first came here, I was so defiant that I was punished all the time. Jules came here as an experienced slave and knows how a slave is supposed to act. Her behavior was reinforced after Master’s “special talk”. Master had this “talk” with her on her second day here. When she returned from her little talk, she just sat on her bed for hours and didn’t say a word. I know how she felt. The memories of Master’s “talk” with me are burned into my brain forever. This is how I remember it…..

I had been in Master’s domain for about six weeks and was still very defiant. Master entered my cell in the middle of the night and ripped the blankets off me. He demanded that I get dressed and threw some clothes at me, socks and underwear, jeans, a flannel shirt, and a pair of old hiking boots. This was not the typical wardrobe for me at all. After I was dressed, Master handcuffed me behind my back, gagged me with a large ring gag, and put a hood over my head. I was then marched outside and put in the trunk of his car. When the trunk lid slammed shut, I thought ‘this is the end of me’. He drove for about 30 minutes, maybe 45. It’s hard to tell time when you are locked in a trunk, bound and gagged.

When he finally stopped the car, Master pulled me from the trunk and marched me into the woods for about 15 minutes. He then removed my hood. It was just getting to be daylight so I could see a little. He sat me down on stump, tied my feet together, and said, “Now you listen to me and you listen good because I have had it with you. I purchased you because I wanted you. You are a slave and you always will be, so you may as well accept it. You are very beautiful and I know I could never have someone as lovely as you without buying them. That is why I bought you. I could have bought a hundred other girls, but I wanted you. Do you understand me?

“Do you think I enjoy beating you? I do not! I hate it! I hate seeing your beauty marked with scars and bruises. I don’t know any other way to train you. I need you to cooperate and be a good slave. In return, you will be fed well and housed in a warm building, provided you follow the rules. Special privileges, like internet shopping and short vacations, can be earned if are a good slave. All you need to do is be cooperative, do some simple daily chores, and see to my sexual needs. I don’t think this is too much to ask from a slave. If you will not do this I will have to find a new owner for you. I can assure you that you will find any new owner much less tolerant than I am. Most slave owners actually enjoy beating and torturing their slaves. I do not.

“Now, you sit there and think about it. If you choose to stay with me, you must agree to be a good slave. If you refuse, I will sell you the first available buyer. Sheik Abdul from Iran has asked me several times to sell him slaves, and when I showed him your picture he said he wants to buy you. I could double, maybe even triple, my money if I do so, but I do not want to do this. I desperately want to keep you, but only if you are a good slave. Think about how your alabaster skin will look after many years in the hot desert sun if I sell you to the sheik. Is this what you want? The choice is yours. I will return for your decision in a few hours.” With that, he put the hood back on my head and left.

I thought about how my life was and how bad it could be. I thought about it for a long time. Maybe I was starting to accept the inevitable; I was a slave for the rest of my life. I decided right then and there that I would turn over a new leaf. My days of defiance would be over. I will become a good slave. Better than a good slave, I will be the best slave ever. When Master returned, I apologized for my past behavior. I told him that he was right, that his demands were not entirely unreasonable. I told him I want to be the best slave he ever had. I begged him to train me to be the best slave ever. I think he had tears in his eyes, tears of joy. He hugged me and told me things would change.

The day after her talk, Jules was back to normal. We talked about her trip to the woods with Master. She told me her previous owner was very cruel and beat her regularly. She thought this new Master had to be better and she said she would follow Master’s rules and asked if I would help her. Of course I would help Jules learn Master’s rules. She was a quick learner. She was also an experienced pony girl. She came with a pony outfit and is teaching me how to be a pony too. I can’t tell you just how great it is to have a friend now, someone to share the chores and the sexual “ordeals”.

My new routine is changed somewhat. Now Master has breakfast with both of us every morning in my cell or Jules’s cell. He brings breakfast and he decides where we shall eat. It is at breakfast when Master tells us his plans for us each day (this is not a good time to anger him). The biggest change for me was that after breakfast, I no longer have to have sex with him every day. Jules is very pretty and he enjoys having sex with her too.

Another big change is Master has added some “torture” devices to the yard and a new play room. The yard now has a round pit with a huge metal pipe standing up in it. On top on the metal pipe is a grate made of heavy iron or some other kind of heavy metal. It is rusty and rough to the touch. The pit is about 1 ½ meters across and about the same deep. I have been locked in there a few times for several hours and I don’t like it one bit. When the grate is down, all you can see is the sky above you. Once when I was in there Master kept throwing water at the grate and it rained down on me. There was no place to get out of the “rain”. It is always wet and muddy in the pit.

Another little toy Master has acquired is a “head box”. This is a wooden box with a hole in it big enough for my neck. The box can be opened up, placed over my head and locked on. It is very dark inside the box and scary. The box isn’t heavy at first, but, after a few hours, it feels like it weighs a ton. It doesn’t help if someone hits the box with a stick when I’m inside either! That man can be so sadistic at times.

Now that Master has a “pony”, he acquired a cart for his pony to pull him around. It looks like a mini sulky. I have seen Jules pull Master around the yard and through the fields with Master cracking his whip above her head. Master told me that when I learn to be a better pony I will be allowed to “have the honor” of being his pony girl and only then will I be permitted to pull him around on the cart.

Last week, Master gave me my own pony outfit. It has a harness for my head with a bit gag. The bit gag has two large metal rings near the ends that go through the bit and are attached to the harness. A rope could be tied to the ring and I could be led around just like a real pony or just tied to a tree or one of the hitching posts he now has in the yard. The head harness has blinders attached to it. They can folded closed, which blocks my sight almost completely, or they can be left open. When open, they act as pony blinders, preventing me from seeing anything except what is directly in front of me. Master says this is to keep me from being distracted. The blinders snap on, so they can be removed completely if Master chooses. On top of the harness is a long bushy red plume that looks something like a fox tail except it stands up straight. There is also a posture collar that fits snuggly around my neck. It has several “D” rings on it so Master can attach a chain from my collar to a nipple clamp on each breast.

Around my waist there is a leather corset of sorts with rings and clasps to attach to the chariot. Of course the corset is fitted with a pony tail that is located near my waist and covering my butt. The really wild thing is the boots and gloves. The boots look like normal knee high black leather boots except for the foot portion. It looks like a horses’s hoof. They look stupid to me but after I wore them a few times, they were almost comfortable. The gloves have “hands” that are like pony hooves too. I can put one on by myself but the second one has to be put on me. Once on, I can’t take them off. They zip on, but I cannot pull the zipper once my pony gloves are on my hands. These gloves make my hands useless. I have to eat out of a bowl on the ground while on my hands and knees. Jules is teaching me how to walk like a pony girl, raising my knees up to my waist with each step. She has also taught me to paw the ground when I want something, like a drink. A pony cannot speak, she says, so I must learn to communicate some other way.

The play room has been expanded and has a few new things. Sometimes I used to have to provide “entertainment” for Master near the dining area after the evening meal. Now he uses the play room for “entertainment”. The padded saw horse that I was sometimes tied to has been moved into the play room and Master still uses that sometimes to truss me up good. He has added a long plank suspended by ropes on each end. I am forced to “ride the rail” as he says. Sometimes Jules and I are on the plank together, facing each other, tied together, our tits smashing into each others. Sometimes we have to kiss each other until both of us cum. That is one punishment we both enjoy. As you may remember from earlier chapters, I am bi. Jules is as well, so we have a good time with that punishment. Once we were both tied on the rail facing each other but a short distance apart. Master attached a nipple clamp to each of our nipples. The nipple clamps each had a small bell attached to them. We had to keep the bells ringing while Master provided encouragement with his small whip.

Another addition to the play room is video cameras, cameras all over the place, even in my cell. I think Master makes movies to watch later.

There is a also hoist in the center of the room where a cage can be elevated. I have been locked in the cage when it was raised up to the ceiling. I was so scared! I was dangling and swinging. It was terrible. I was screaming. Master told me to shut up or he would gag me. He thinks that is so funny to torment me and Jules.

Another addition to the playroom is a large heavy rack, the kind used to stretch and torture a slave. I was forced to endure a stretching session once, but Master only stretched me until it really started to hurt; then let me loose. I would definitely not want to get stretched more than my little demonstration. I was warned to be a good slave or I would get a little “taller”. Master likes to tease me a little sometimes, telling me he should make me as tall as Jules.

Another toy he has added is a device that he calls his “elbow trap”. It is a series of metal pipes arranged to form a square with one extra pipe in the middle of the square. When I have to “wear” it, my elbows go around one pipe, which is behind my back. The other pipes go above and below my elbows, preventing me from getting loose. All the pipes can be positioned (adjusted) to provide a secure “trap”. This contraption can be worn attached to the ceiling with a rope or separately. I had to wear that stupid elbow trap for three hours one time while being forced to clean the floor with a scrub brush tied around my head near my mouth. I have thought about what it might be like to wear that elbow trap while dressed as a pony. I hope Master has not had the same thought!

In the play room, there is a circular “track” used for pony training. The outer ring is about 10 meters in diameter and the track is about ¾ meter wide. Master can stand in the middle with a long leash, or leashes, and train his ponies. He uses a whistle and when he blows that we must listen for his next order. “Faster ponies” is the order I hate the most. Of course he always has his long whip in one hand while the leash is in the other. Sometimes he places a box or other obstacle in the track and we have to leap over it.

Another new device is a St. Andrews Cross. It looks like a large “X” made from two large timbers attached together, forming the X shape. A slave can be strapped to the cross resulting in a standing spread eagle position. I have only been strapped to the cross once. Master attached about 50 clothes pins to my skin, and then blindfolded me. My breasts and nipples were covered with clothes pins. My pussy must have had a dozen on it. The rest were on my arms and legs. The bastard left them on me for an hour. The slow process of removing then was pure hell. The pain was excruciating as the blood rushed back to my pinched skin. It took another hour to get all the clothes pins off. I was crying so much that my eyes were swollen.

Other torture items I have seen but not experienced yet are the suction cups. They can be placed on my nipples and a vacuum applied to them, keeping them on. Master showed me a picture of a woman experiencing this. There is also an electric shocking device. I don’t know how that one works but I’m sure it is painful. One entire wall in the playroom is decorated with torture devices, cuffs and chains, whips, canes, and other things I have no idea what they are. I dread finding out how they work.

The evening meal procedure is much the same as before, with Jules joining Master and I every night. He is usually very pleasant during the evening meal, almost human. (Gawd I hope he does not read this!) After dinner it is often entertainment time (two or three nights a week). The “bitch” is still here doing the cooking and whatever else she does. I have got Jules calling her the “bitch” now too. Hehe

This morning Master caught me playing with my pussy. He told me I had to be punished because my pussy belonged to Him. I will write about what happens in my next update, if I survive long enough.

story continued in chapter nine