Call Me Mistress

by Ann Onominos | Forum Feedback

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story continued from chapter nine

Chapter 10: Master's Humor

This is update 4 from my prison

Life has definitely settled into a livable routine now. Master rarely beats Jules or me. I can’t even remember the last time he struck me. Of course, I am not counting an occasional spanking or playful session with the riding crop. Those things only cause temporary pain and it only lasts a short time. I suppose that I am a little bit of a pain slut because I actually enjoy an occasional spanking. In addition, the fact that Jules is here with me has made my life so much better. I really do love her very much. We have become very close and I never want us to be apart. I believe that I have found my soul mate in her.

Master knows that she and I like to spend time together, so he played a little joke on me. He had me dress in an old flannel shirt and long blue jeans and he tied me with my arms stretched out to a cross that he had anchored into the ground in the center of the garden. He said I was his new scarecrow! He put a cloth sack over my head and painted a face on it. He had cut holes in the sack for my eyes, nose and mouth so that I could see and breathe just fine. Then He stuffed some straw in an old hat and put it on my head. He then stuffed more straw in my shirt sleeves and pant legs. He took some pictures of his scarecrow with his digital camera and showed them to me. I have to admit, I did look like a scarecrow. The worst part was that the straw made me itch like crazy and there was nothing I could do about it.

He then made Jules work all day in the garden. He told her she had to do my share because I was “a little tied up today”. If I wasn’t so uncomfortable from all the straw itching me, I suppose it would have been fun. Twice, I had to ask Jules to scratch my nose for me. Every hour Master came to the garden with cold water for me. He held a water bottle to my lips until it ran down my shirt. He told me that if could stay as his scarecrow all day without complaining he would have a special treat for me. I remember thinking that it better be something nice to put up with all this straw that causes this terrible itching.

Eventually he untied me and told me to shower before dinner. Jules and I had quite a laugh about our day in the garden while we were getting ready for dinner. Jules said that she was starving after doing the work for both of us. When I asked her if she would have rather changed places with me, she shrugged her shoulders, bowed her head and said, “No Mistress.” I just love it when she calls me that!

While we were dining that evening I waited as long as I could for Master to tell me about my treat. I finally asked him about it. He said, “In time, little one. You will not be disappointed, I promise you that.” I decided I would just have to be patient.

It was two weeks before I saw a UPS truck drive past the main gate on the road Master lives on. I thought the truck had stopped, but I couldn’t be sure. I still had not received the treat Master had promised and was anticipating something nice. When I entered my cell after the mid day exercise session I found a large box on my bed. I immediately opened it. The box had leather clothes in it, including boots, pants, and a halter top, all in black. There was also a leather mask and a leather blindfold. I was stunned. All of this stuff must have cost Master a fortune, I thought. I have to try on this stuff I thought! I thought “Should I wear this new leather outfit to dinner?” No, I thought, “I should not do that. I will just thank Master for the gifts and leave it at that.”

Once seated at the dinner table, I leaned over and kissed Master and thanked him for the leather outfit. He told me that I deserved it and that he would see me in it soon. I just said “Whenever you like, Master,” and nothing more was said about the matter.

Once the garden chores were caught up and there was not so much work to be done, Master let Jules and me have the afternoon off.  He did once or twice a week. That meant no mandatory exercise session or afternoon bondage session. We could do whatever we wanted, as long as we didn’t leave the yard. We could read or sunbathe or just goof off. On of these afternoons I decide Jules needed a slave training session. I asked Master if it was alright with him and he agreed to it, as long as we did not leave the yard. I also asked him permission to remove my wrist and ankle cuffs during Jules’s training session and to use some of the restraints available in the playroom. He agreed to this as long as I kept my shock collar on.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but the shock collars Jules and I always wore (except while sleeping) were activated three different ways: 

- The first way is if we shouted or even talked too loud. 
- The second way is by a remote Master always carried. 
- The third way is by a buried wire in the yard, just like a dog might have an “invisible fence”. (We were not going leave the yard anyway, not while wearing our shock collars.)

I informed Jules about what I had in mind and that I would be in charge that afternoon. I put on my new leather outfit and ordered Jules to get naked. I used her wrist cuffs to bind her hands behind her back. Then, using some soft cotton rope, pulled her elbows together as close as I could pull them together. They almost touched. As I wound the rope more and more around her elbows they became closer and closer together. When I cinched the bindings using the last 2 meters of the rope and tied it off with 5 knots, I knew that she would not be getting free anytime soon. Next, I attached a spreader bar to each of her ankle cuffs. Lastly, I stuffed a ring gag in her mouth and strapped it around her head. I informed Jules that she would not be released from her bondage until she had made me orgasm three times.

I reached between her legs and inserted a finger. I massaged her pussy until I could easily insert a second finger. I know Jules pretty well and I can tell when she is about to cum. I was determined not to let that happen, at least not for a while. I removed my halter and grabbed Jules’s hair, forcing her mouth to my left breast. It wasn’t long before we tumbled onto the bed. I kept switching breasts in Jules’s mouth while my hand worked her pussy. I could easily get a third finger in her pussy, then a fourth. My other hand was rubbing her ass, but it wasn’t long before my finger found her tight little asshole. She squirmed as my finger entered her anus. When I could tell that she was close to cumming, I pulled both my hands away from her, leaving her frustrated, which is exactly what I wanted.

I loosened my pants, exposing my pussy, and pushed her head to my love box. She licked me for all she was worth as I wrapped my legs around her head. My booted heels were gently digging into her back as we rocked up and down. After I came for the first time, I spanked Jules’s butt with my hand a few times. When I thought she had had enough and my hand hurt a little, I stopped and forced her head to my pussy again. This time, I laid back and let her do her thing. When she got a little slow, I used a riding crop on her butt.

“She still owed me one more orgasm,” I thought, so I strapped on a double ended dildo. After inserting my half inside me, I slid her half of the rubber prick in her. I rode her until we both came. After relaxing in the afterglow for about 30 minutes, I removed the ring gag from her head and positioned her on the bed, face down. With her arms bound behind her back and the spreader bar attached to her legs, she could not roll over or get up. I informed her that I was going to dinner now and she would be spending the evening alone in her cell. “Thank you, Mistress” was her only response. I went to dinner and explained that Jules would not be joining us for dinner this evening. She was a little tied up for a while. Master just smiled and said “I know.” It occurred to me then that he might have been watching us via the video cameras in our cells.

I was nice enough to bring a sandwich back to the cell after I ate. After I fed her the sandwich I tied her in a tight strappado and left her like that for an hour, just to let her know who was still in charge. I could not resist using my riding crop on that beautiful little butt of hers. I was about to untie her when Master walked in the cell and told me to go to bed. “Just close your eyes and don’t look at us. Go to sleep now!” He instructed me. Jules told me the next day that he hand gagged her and fucked her in the ass before untying her.

The Competition

Master informed me and Jules that he had entered us in a pony girl competition. I looked at Jules in disbelief. “What are you talking about Master?” I asked. “What sort of competition?”

He explained that once a year there is a pony girl competition and that Masters in the area would enter their ponies in it. There are several events; carriage pulling, prancing, dual prancing, jumping, racing, obedience, and just show. He said that he would explain all the details later, but, because Jules and I are almost a “matched set” he thought we had a good chance to win the dual prancing event. He also said because we were in such good shape, physically, (thanks to him), that we would do well in the racing event as well.

So the training began. Jules and I had to practice prancing in perfect unison around the yard. We did not wear our pony outfits during the first month of practice. “Master wants to keep them clean,” he said. We also practiced running in heavy boots (to build up our stamina I suppose). That’s what Master wants; and he always gets what he wants.

With two weeks before the competition, we wore our pony outfits during our practice sessions. All of the practice was quite grueling for both of us. We ended up doing well. We came in second in the dual prancing event and Jules placed first in the running while I placed third in the running and second in the show event. Master said that he was quite pleased with both of us and that he thought we would do even better next year. That’s when it hit me. Next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. This is my life now. How sad. As a reward for doing so well in the competition, Master gave me several catalogs to look through, (mostly fetish items), and told Jules and me that we could order whatever we wanted as long as the total was under 500 Euros. He said that even a little over would be okay, but aim for that amount.

Jules and I spent several hours “shopping” though the catalogs, marking “must have” items and “wish” items. When we gave our list to Master He agreed to order everything for us. I can’t wait for the UPS truck to get here!

Last week, the meals started to get much worse. Breakfast has become fruit and cereal instead of eggs or pancakes. Dinners have become hot dogs and beans or canned stew instead or roast chicken or roast beef. I knew something was very wrong. Master sat down with Jules and me and explained that the cook (the bitch) is very sick. “That explains why I have not seen her,” I thought.

Anyway, Master said that she was in the hospital and may not be coming back. Master also explained that the cook was actually his wife! He told us of the miserable marriage he and his wife have had for years and that she agreed he could have a sex slave as long as she didn’t have to have sex with him anymore. He told us how unhappy he was with life and living with her before he was allowed to have a slave. He then told us that his personal life and his marriage was not a concern of ours. Our concern should be how we are going to get food in the future. I immediately told Master that I was good cook and that I could do all the cooking. I also thought to myself that in the kitchen there would be knives and a possibility of escape from this life of slavery. Master is not stupid and I’m sure he thought of this. He said that he would come up with a plan that day.

Master came up with a cooking plan. I would take over all the cooking and cleaning chores of the house under the following conditions:

- I would be nude whenever I was out of my cell and I would still wear my shock collar and ankle cuffs with a short chain connecting the cuffs. 
- I would be subjected to a metal detector at anytime without warning. (I suppose that he thought I could hide a knife in my hair) .
- All of the cooking utensils and tableware would be inventoried and accounted for every day. This included anything sharp or anything that might be used to escape, such as a lock pick. 
- All of the groceries would be specified by me but ordered by Master weekly.
- Jules would be allowed to assist in the cooking when I asked for help. She would be subjected to same conditions as I, such as nudity and the metal detector. 
- After cooking every meal, I would dine with Jules and Master, eating the same food that they did. (So much for any thoughts of poisoning him).
- Any infraction of the rules would result in the harshest punishment I could ever imagine.

When I asked about that, Master took Jules and me into a room and we were forced to watch a movie clip of women being tortured, whipped, strung up by their ankles upside down and whipped with barbed wire. It was so terrible to watch Jules vomited. I almost did too. Sometimes this man (Master) can be kind and compassionate and at other times a cruel and sadistic monster. The movie clip convinced me not to ever try escaping. Life here was not that bad.

When I asked about how the other work I used to do would get done, Master told me not to worry about that, so I put that out of my mind. I just hoped Jules would not be overworked.

Master informed us recently that his wife had passed away and that I would be the new housekeeper from now on. In a way, I was proud that Master trusted me enough to take over these responsibilities. I was actually looking forward to getting out of the garden and outside work. I thought it would also mean less time with the bondage toys Master has accumulated in the yard and playroom.


A few days ago Master pulled me aside and said that he wanted to have a chat with me, alone. I was worried that maybe I had disappointed him somehow, but he said not to worry. He said that he has a proposal for me to think about. I can’t image what he could be thinking, but we are going to have our talk later this week. I just hope Jules or myself have not been sold.

He said that he sometimes wanted to be there when I dominated Jules. He confessed that He had watched us on the closed circuit TV several times and found it very arousing. Knowing full well he could do whatever he wanted, I appreciated him asking and told him so. We set up a day in the future where he could watch us “play” without being seen. I said that we could have a scene in the playroom and he could be hiding in the adjoining room and peek through the slightly opened door. So now I had to come up with a idea to dominate Jules, knowing he would be watching. Very interesting……

I’ll fill you in on the details next time. The UPS truck is coming soon and Jules and I get to see our new gifts. It has been so long that I forgot everything we asked for, but I can’t forget the black latex body suit I asked for…. for Jules that is!

story continued in chapter 11/12