Call Me Mistress

by Ann Onominos

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© Copyright 2019 - Ann Onominos - Used by permission

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story continued from chapter four

Chapter 5: Fido

I had asked Richard to build me a dog house, one that was large enough for a very big dog, maybe like a Saint Bernard. When he gave the excuse that we didn’t have a dog, I told him that I was thinking about getting one. I told him I wanted the dog house set on a concrete pad. He built a form for the concrete pad and I watched as the concrete was poured. While the concrete was still soft, I buried a large eye bolt deep into it with just the “eye” sticking out. I had bent the eye bolt before sinking it into the concrete, so there was no way it could come out. It took him the next few evenings and half a weekend building the dog house, until he finally finished it, and what a fine dog house it was!

Poor Richard.  He is just clueless sometimes. Did he really think I would get a dog?

My plan was to lock Richard to the eyebolt with a long chain, so he would wander around the yard as much as he wanted to and still have a place to sleep, inside the dog house. I had purchased a heavy chain about fifteen meters long, and I already had the padlocks. I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to do this. Several days went by, and I kept thinking about what it would be like for Richard to be chained to this dog house. I pictured the scenario in my mind, and thought how I would bring him supper every night, served in a dog bowl! He would also have to eat like a dog, too, no silverware! I also thought I should provide him with a bucket to poop in because I certainly was not going to clean up after his mess.

As these exciting thoughts raced through my head, I wondered if maybe I should try all this out on myself, first, just so I knew what it felt like. I did try out the shock collar before using it on Richard for the same reason. I thought, "So, I’ll do it!" I said to myself. "Tomorrow, I will spend the day chained to the dog house!"

The Next Day:

The weather report had looked favorable, so I was going to do as I planned. I was beginning to get that familiar warm feeling between my legs again, thinking about what I was about to do. I put the key to the padlock on a necklace and locked the necklace around my neck for safe keeping, I thought. I put on some sweats as soon as Richard left for work. I took the dog bowl out to the back yard with me, had some fruit and a sandwich, and brought two bottles of water, and a pair of handcuffs. I didn’t know just how long I wanted to be chained, so I brought my cell phone and my mp3 player also to pass the time.

I positioned myself next to the dog house. I snapped the lock shut on the chain around my neck and then snapped the lock to the eye bolt. "That’s it! I am locked to the dog house!" I then snapped the handcuffs on me (in front). The key to the handcuffs was in the house, so there was no way of removing them until I was unchained from the dog house.

I started wandering around the yard on my hands and knees, pretending to be a dog. I just hoped that I wouldn't get spotted by a neighbor. We did live in a very private area, so I thought I was okay. I tried to relax, but it was difficult to do so, knowing the situation I was in. Here I was, chained to the dog house, by my own doing! I then crawled inside the dog house and tried to take a nap. As I lay there, I pictured Richard being in this very situation, and I thought to myself that I must provide a blanket for him. I found myself very bored and ate all my food way before lunch time. The only thing let to do to pass the time was play with myself. I have always found it very erotic to play with my pussy while handcuffed.

After only four hours and a couple of orgasms, I became bored to death and thought I should unlock myself and go inside to take a shower. I reached for the key to the padlock I had placed around my neck and…. OMG…. it was gone! I panicked, "Where is it?! OMG, Anna, what have you done to yourself this time?!" I was saying to myself. "Relax," I thought, "It must be here somewhere".

I started retracing all my movements from this morning. The key is not very big and the yard grass is long, so it was hard to find. I simply starting going over every square centimeter of the area. I looked and looked, but had no luck. Eventually, Richard pulled into the driveway and saw me. When he stepped out of the car, he walked over to me and said, “So this is why you wanted me to build a dog house? So you could play your self-bondage games out in the backyard?”

“Please help me, Richard. I will explain everything later. Right now, just unlock me,” I begged him. I told him where there was another key that would release me, so he went to get it, and he unlocked me. We both then went inside the house, so I could shower and warm up.

I explained to Richard that I would never do anything to him which I had not tried on myself first. I even told him about the dog collar, and how I had shocked myself. I told him the truth, that I intended to chain him to the dog house, but that I first wanted to know how it would feel. Richard and I then agreed that the dog house would be reserved for a punishment on him worthy of the dog house itself.

That night, we made love in a rather conventional manner. It was pretty awesome, too. I think all this domination has worked up Richard's sexual appetite. He seldom got more than one erection a night, but three in one night was a first, and I loved it, just as much as he did.

The next day was Saturday, and I had to get some housework done. "Oh wait!" I thought, "I have a slave to help me now!"

I went over and locked Richard to the fiddle I had bought for him and told him he was to wash all the floors and vacuum the entire house. Of course, I made him do this in the nude, just because I can. To be a bit mean, I hung a small weight, about ½ kilo, onto a small rope and tied it to his penis. The weight hung down to his knees, so he had to walk around the house bowlegged. It was so funny to watch him walking around like that. I even took pictures of him with my digital camera. I then took a magic marker and wrote all over his naked body, "Stupid jerk", "slut", "asshole", all kinds of insults like that. I even set up a full length mirror in the living room, so he could not avoid seeing himself while he cleaned.

“Anna, I don’t recall this being part of the deal,” he said to me, then WHACK WHACK WHACK! on his butt went my riding crop.

“CALL ME MISTRESS!!” I yelled at him. “When will you ever learn?!! Do you want to spend the night in the dog house?!!” I reprimanded.

He quickly shut up and went back to work. Good thing for him that he immediately continued to wash and vacuum because I was certainly losing all my patience with him.

Suddenly, while Richard was vacuuming, I heard a strange metallic noise go up through the vacuum hose, like he sucked up some loose change or something, so I had him turn off the machine, open up the cleaner bag, and look though the dirt to see what it was. I was watching him the whole time then noticed a small chain, a necklace perhaps. I took it from him, and I inspected it. Indeed, it was a ladies chain necklace, however, IT WAS NOT MINE! I had never seen it before. I asked him about it, and he stumbled on his words very badly. I knew that he was lying. So, out came the whip!

About fifty whacks on him with my riding crop, and he finally confessed. He said it belonged to another woman, but I ALREADY KNEW THAT! Another twenty whacks with the crop! He told me he had a woman in our house a few months ago, and so she must have lost the necklace.

Another woman in the house without telling me?!! Well, I just about went crazy!

I went and got the shock collar, cranked the intensity up to 8. (Remember the shock collar from previous chapters?) I was sure this infraction was worthy of this intensity. I wrapped the collar on him. I shocked him good, just to make sure it worked. "OUCH!!!" He squealed as he dropped fast to his knees in pain. I then led him outside to the dog house and chained him up. It was broad daylight, but I didn’t care. I was so angry. I went back into the house to check and see if the shock collar would work from inside the house.

“OUCH!!! PLEASE STOP!!” he yelled. It worked perfectly fine, and I was so mad that I shocked him for hours. I gave him one jolt every few minutes for several hours until the battery on the machine went dead. After that, I just left him chained out there all night.

The following morning, I went out to the backyard, unchained Richard and took the fiddle off of him. As I was unchaining him, I did not say a single word. He begged me for forgiveness, literally down on his knees. I did not give him an answer and just ignored him as he whimpered and pleaded like a baby. Well, he got dressed, and then he took me out to dinner, bought me some flowers, and took me to the jewelry store.

Clearly, I am no fool. I was in a VERY good position, and I knew it. I ended up with a diamond tennis bracelet with matching necklace and earrings. Then, I thought to myself, "What an expensive piece of ass he got me, about $8,000. I was still wondering who that woman was. I hope she was worth it."

Eventually, at some point later, I told him that I forgave him, but that I would not forget and that it better NEVER happen again. I am pretty sure that he understood.

story continues in chapter six