Call Me Mistress

by Ann Onominos | Forum Feedback

© Copyright 2019 - Ann Onominos - Used by permission

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story continued from chapter three

Chapter 4: A Day in the Country

After being purely a sex object for Krissy and her three girlfriends, I had all the sex I wanted for a few days. When all the girls left my house in the wee hours of the morning, I untied Richard and he and I slept into most of the next day. It wasn’t until the following weekend that I suggested we take a drive out into the country. I had put a shovel and some bondage toys in the trunk of my car in preparation for my plan.

On Saturday morning after breakfast, I ordered Richard to get naked and get into the back seat of the car. I would be doing the driving today. I drove to a secluded spot on a dirt road where young couples presumably parked to kiss and make out and parked the car. I ordered Richard to get out of the car. I tied his hands together in front of him and gagged him with a large gag ball. I then tied a rope around his cock and balls. I tied it tight with two double knots. I left a long “leash”, so I could pull him along wherever I went. I grabbed the shovel from the trunk and handed it to him.

“Here, you can carry this. I’ll carry our food,” I told him. “Did I tell you we are going on a picnic? Well, maybe it will be a picnic for me,” I laughed.

I only took a couple of steps, as I pulled him along, then I stopped, turned around, and looked at Richard. “I think…… you need leg irons, don’t you?”

I went back to the trunk and got some shackles for his legs. I fastened the shackles around his legs and said to him, “There, that’s better. Now we can go."

We proceeded along on a trail. I told him, "Richard, I want you to keep an eye out for some nice nettles. Just groan loudly when you see some nice ones, nice long ones.”

We started walking down a nicely groomed path. I kept the leash fairly tight, so as not to lose my slave. I gave him a nice tug every once in a while, just to let him know I had not forgotten him. Shortly, I came upon and spotted some nice long nettles and cut them, handing them to Richard. “Don’t drop these or else...” I ordered.

We continued our walk for about an hour. I took a look around to make sure that we were still alone. I tied Richard’s leash to a tree and went to look for a nice spot for digging, leaving Richard behind for a few minutes, alone, while I was gone. I returned soon after I had found a nice sunny area that looked like it would be easy digging. I untied my slave and led Richard over to my selected spot. Then I took the shovel away from him and untied his hands. Using the blade of the shovel as a pointer, I dragged the shovel across the ground, marking a large circle. I took off Richard's gag and said to him, “Now dig me a hole.”

“Why, Mistress?” he asked.

“Just dig and do not question me!” I said in a harsh tone of voice, as I slapped him across his face.

I sat back on the soft grass and inspected my picnic basket for some goodies. I grabbed a bottle of wine and opened it. I sat back on the grass, sipping a glass of wine while Richard continued to dig. After a few minutes, I slipped on a pair of leather gloves. Then I picked up a handful of nettles and gave Richard a few swats on his bare naked butt, just to remind him who was in charge. I didn’t hit him hard. I just smacked the nettles lightly across his butt. The nettles were sharp enough, so I didn’t need to swat him too hard.

I watched the beads of sweat dripping off Richard’s forehead as he dug. “Mistress, may I please ask why I am digging this hole for you?” he asked me, with a more intimidated and frightened tone of voice this time.

“I’ll let you know when the hole is deep enough. Just keep digging”, I said. “Don’t worry, slave, I am not going to bury you alive. I assure you that I will be able to see your face at all times.”

He dug for another half hour. I got up to see his progress. “I do believe you are finished. Now give me the shovel and let me get you tied up again. Hands behind you please,” I said.

I tied his wrists together and then his elbows, pulling them tight together. I then ordered him to sit down next to the hole. I pushed him very close to the edge and tied his feet together. Next, I tied a rope from beneath his legs and around his torso, bringing his knees up very close to his chest. I then pushed him into the hole and pulled up onto his legs, until he was all the way inside the hole. As he wiggled around to get comfortable, I could see just his head sticking above the hole. I bent down and kissed him on the forehead then gagged him with the gag ball. I took the shovel and gently filled the hole up with dirt until only his head was visible. He looked absolutely terrified!

“Richard, you look so pathetic with just your head showing. I think you need a shower.” I took off my shorts and squatted close to his face, and I started peeing right on his head. He was shaking his head back and forth, but that didn’t stop me. I just laughed at him, as I continued to pee on him.

I went over to sit back down on the grass and had some more wine. I knew well what I had planned for him, but I don’t think poor Richard had the slightest clue. I let him think about his predicament for a while just to torture him a bit for my own amusement. Eventually, I pulled a plastic bag out of my purse. “Richard, dear, have you ever heard of breath play?” I asked him.

Of course, he couldn’t answer with a gag ball stuck in his mouth, but it sounded something like, “aaarrrggghhh”. I put the bag over his head and tied a rope around his neck, holding the bag securely in place. Not wanting him to die, I watched closely as he struggled to breathe. His face was turning red, and his eyes were wide open. Fear was ravaging all over his face. I let him suffer for as long as I dared, before cutting a small hole at the top of the bag. He could breathe now, as long as he did not panic. I had complete control over this poor man, and I absolutely loved it! I decided I would just leave him there, so I made him watch me, as I walked away. When I was nearly out of his sight, I turned and waved, until I was completely out of sight.

I then doubled back, making sure that he didn’t see me, and watched him from his backside. I was very quiet, and I’m sure he didn’t know I was there. I watched him for at least thirty minutes before I quietly crawled up from behind him. I took a twig and poked at him, softly, teasing him. His head jerked wildly when he felt me poke him. He must have thought he was alone. I just laughed at him. He was sooooo helpless.

As darkness approached, I began the dreaded task of digging Richard out. I removed the bag from his head and I could see a sense of relief in his eyes. I didn’t dare use the shovel for fear of injuring him, so I used a plastic cup to scoop the dirt away from his naked body. This took some effort, and it was quite some time before he was able to stand, even after I helped him out of the hole. I kept thinking that my idea of burying him was probably not that smart, and I wouldn’t be doing this again any time soon. I brushed some of the dirt off him while he was still bound and gagged. I looked into his eyes, and he was glaring at me in a way that scared me. He was certainly quite upset with me.

“Don’t give me that look, slave! You are the one who wanted to be dominated. Just be happy I dug you out of that hole!” I made him lead the way back to my car as I followed him, with nettles in hand! I used them on his backside whenever I thought he was going too slowly.

When we got back to the car, I told him he was too dirty to get inside my car. So, I helped him into the trunk, and I drove home. I didn’t dare untie him until I was sure that he had calmed down. When we got home, I helped him out of the trunk and asked him if he was okay. He nodded yes, so I took out a garden hose and rinsed him off, hosing him down completely. The water was freezing cold. I untied him and we went to bed and had fantastic sex for the next three hours before falling asleep.

* * *

The next weekend I was feeling extremely horny, but not for cock. I knew what I wanted, and I knew how to get it! I suggested that I tie Richard up while he was lying on the living room rug. My plan was to leave him tied up for a long time, forcing him to service me orally first. I knew well what I was going to do with him, but I’m sure that Richard didn’t.

I had made a release mechanism for a key to drop. It was a balance scales device of sorts. If enough weight was deposited into a container, a key (to the handcuffs) would fall to the floor. The container had a small hole at the top, so the size of the weight had to be small. The weight I chose to use was a marble. I tested my mechanism and adjusted the scale, so it would take about 50 marbles to release the key. Too much weight and the container would fall to the floor and the key would never fall.

I locked Richard's hands behind his back with the same handcuffs he had purchased and told him how the scales work. I put a pile of marbles on the floor and made him pick up one marble with his mouth and place it in the container. I timed him and it took just over a minute for him to place one marble in the container. I warned him that if he tried to fool my mechanism somehow, there would be hell to pay, and that too much weight would leave him stuck until I returned. I was very excited about my plan, knowing that I was going to be leaving my man bound, while I was going to be out on the town, hehe!

“I am going to leave you tied up here, while I am out for a few hours, maybe longer if I meet the right lady. After you place about fifty marbles into the container I showed you, the key will drop and you will be able to unlock the handcuffs and free yourself. Do you understand?" I explained.

“Yes Mistress, when I have put fifty marbles into the container, the key will fall. Thank you Mistress for this lesson and the trouble you have taken to train me”, he replied.

“Before you begin playing with your marbles, I have a little task for you.” I ordered him down to his knees to lick my hot wet pussy. After Richard drove me over the top with his magic tongue three times, and I relaxed in the afterglow, I said, “Okay then, I will be leaving now. There is just one little adjustment I need to make to your bondage,” I said. “Now lie down, face down”. I proceeded to cross his legs and tie them together so he could not stand. I then tied a rope around his cock and balls tightly. The other end was then tied to his ankles, pulling the two ends close to his butt so he look something like a hogtie.

“Oh, Mistress, you are so cruel to me. How can I get to the marbles tied like this?” I just laughed and told him he would have to find a way or stay tied up until I returned, and that may not be for days.

“Oh, by the way, I’ve disconnected the phone so you won’t be bothered with any annoying calls. See ya! How about a kiss goodbye before I leave?”. I asked. He started to stretch his neck up to reach my face, but I pushed him back. “My boots, you fool, kiss my boots!” He kissed both my boot toes, and then I left him tied like that while I hit the pub.

Richard spent the next few hours slithering across the floor, picking up marbles with his mouth and placing them inside the container I had provided. His knees turned raw from the rough carpet. He saw how many marbles remained and thought how mean I was to make him do this, but at the same time, he thought how much he loved being my slave.

He suddenly heard a knocking on the door, but lying there, helpless, on the floor, there was nothing he could do about it. Then, he saw a woman’s feet appear, almost touching his face. He strained to see who it was. "Oh, no!" he thought. It was Krissy! She was wearing black leather boots, black stockings, a black leather skirt, and a tight fitting red sweater. "Now what?" he thought.

“Hello, Richard”, she said. “It looks like Anna has you in quite a bind.” she laughed. “She asked me to check up on you. I bet she thought I would just see if you were okay," she said. "Well, I have other plans for you,” she continued. She untied Richard’s legs and ordered him to his knees as she disrobed, except for her boots, and positioned herself almost naked on the couch with her legs spread wide. She looped a belt around Richard’s neck and pulled him into her eagerly awaiting pussy.

“Now eat! Anna says you have a magic tongue! Now prove it!” she ordered.

story continues in chapter five