Call Me Mistress

by Ann Onominos

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© Copyright 2019 - Ann Onominos - Used by permission

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story continued from chapter five

Chapter 6: What Goes Around……

I had a special treat lined up for Richard tonight. After he was stripped naked, I led him to the guest room where I had installed four large hooks in the wall, about four meters apart with two near the floor and the other two near the ceiling. I put his leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles and tied him standing, spread eagle style with his legs stretched apart as far as I thought they would go without causing serious injury. I then played with his cock until it was very hard before tying a thin cord around the base of his cock, winding it tightly about ten times. I then gagged him with a large ball gag and told him I had a treat for him and to just be patient. I put a pillow case over his head, disabling his ability to see, yet not making him uncomfortable.

Next I hung a sign on his neck reading “Do whatever you want to me, just don’t let Anna catch you.” He had no idea I was having a jewelry party that night!!

I had finished trussing up Richard and fixed my make-up when the door bell rang. It was Krissy and a friend. Krissy inquired as to Richard’s where-a-bouts. I just held my finger to my lips, giving her the “be quiet” signal. Soon enough, all 12 girls were here. I began demonstrating the jewelry, inviting any of the girls to try anything they wanted on. They could go into the guest room where there was a full length mirror. Of course they would see Richard standing spread eagle, bound to the hooks. Krissy was the first to try on a necklace. She was gone for quite a while before I went to check on her. She was sucking Richard’s cock, just like I thought she would be. One by one, the girls all tried on jewelry and went in the guest room to view themselves in the mirror. One by one they all had their way with Richard.

By 11PM, it was time for the party to break up and I inventoried all my jewelry only to find several pieces missing. I looked in the guest room and there was Richard, wearing earrings on his nipples and on his cock. He had several necklaces on his neck and an ankle bracelet on his ankle. I removed the pillowcase and took several pictures.

“So, you like wearing woman’s jewelry. Maybe you’ll like wearing woman’s clothing too,” I said. I took all my jewelry off him and put the pillow case back on his head and went to find some old clothes of mine from when I was a little heavier.

I untied him and told him to get dressed like the woman he is and I left the room. “Call me when you’re finished getting dressed, slut,” I hollered as I left the room.

“Mistress, I’m dressed now,” I heard from the guest room.

“Come here then, you slut. Yes, there you are, a little slut after my boyfriend Richard. I’m gonna teach you a lesson, you little slut, coming around here trying to steal my man from me.” I said as I continued the role play.

He was no match for me wearing heels three sizes too small. I quickly wrestled him to the floor and had him hogtied and gagged. Time for more pictures I think! I took several pictures of him, hogtied in drag. I proceeded to use my riding crop on his hind quarters until my arm was tired. All the time he was whining, “Please Mistress, have mercy on me.” I let him sleep like that until morning.

The next evening, I decided to use the stocks again and invite my two tickling friends, Alex and Kelli, over for some cocktails and fun. The last time we tickled Richard when he was locked in the stocks he ended up with some chafed wrists and ankles, so this time I put some duct tape around his wrists and ankles before I locked him up. “I am so good to him,” I thought to myself. I also brought out some candles after he was totally secured and could not object. Well, he could object, but it wouldn’t do any good.

When the girls got here, we discussed our plan, and decided we would not gag Richard. I would put the shock collar on him so if he laughed too loud, he would shock himself. “Hey, it’s not my fault if he shocks himself,” I thought, with a silly evil grin on my face.

When we decided to start with the tickle torture, we all walked around Richard, taunting him, poking at him and threatening him. I held up a candle and asked him if he wanted hot wax or tickle. He begged not to be tickled so I gave each of the girls some large candles and we lit them, waiting for the wax to melt. I started first, pouring wax on his hairy chest. Alex went straight to his genitals, pouring a healthy amount of wax on his cock and balls. Kelli covered his hands and toes. He yelped some but when he felt the shock from the collar he shut up, biting his lip and trying to stay quiet. He begged us to stop with the wax so I said, “Ladies, it seems he wants to be tickled now.”

We started tickling him violently right away, no mercy. Oh, he screamed, but then he got shocked all the more. We kept up the tickling for 15 minutes.

It was warm in the room and with all of the tickling activity, I was sweating, so I took off my top and pants. Soon Alex and Kelli did the same. I asked him if would rather have the wax or tickling.

He started to shake his head no but that didn’t stop us. “No answer? Then wax it is,” I laughed. The wax had accumulated quite a bit during our tickling session so he got a super dose of wax this time. After two hours of alternating between tickling and wax, I let Richard out of the stocks. He threatened us with revenge and we just laughed at him. There were three of us against one and he knew it. I told him to go clean himself up and come back when he was calmed down.

He was gone for at least 30 minutes while the three of us had more drinks. Alex got a little crazy and said she wanted to be tickled. She got naked and I locked her into the stocks, asking if she was sure. She said okay, but just for five minutes. Kelli and I went after her with the feathers and toothbrush. She was laughing hysterically when Richard came back. He asked what the hell was going on and I told him that Alex wanted to be tickled. He just laughed and said, “Just be careful what you wish for,” and laughed. Richard made himself a drink and sat back and watched us torture Alex for a few more minutes.

Kelli asked to use the restroom and I pointed the way. She barely closed the bathroom door and Richard grabbed me and clamped his hand over my mouth. He quickly pushed me to the floor and pulled my arms behind my back. In an instant, he had me handcuffed! I tried to scream for help but he stuffed a rag in my mouth and secured it with tape. He then rushed over to Alex and shoved a ball gag in her mouth. Now he moved back to me like a cat. He tied my legs together at the ankles and knees. Just as he finished tying me, Kelli came back. I never knew he could move so fast. He had her handcuffed in seconds. She was screaming at him and kicking, but it didn’t stop him. He quickly tied her legs together and stuffed a sock in her mouth. He then moved back to me and gagged me with the ball gag I usually use on him. Then he tied my elbows together very tight, mumbling something like revenge is sweet.

After I was totally helpless, he moved back to Kelli and tied her up more securely, binding her legs together and then her elbows. He sat back and grinned, “Now I can take my time with you bitches.”

He went over to Alex and started tickling her. He finally said he would stop if she agreed to suck his cock. She reluctantly agreed. He stuck his cock in her mouth while she was still locked in the pillory. It didn’t take but a couple of minutes before Richard exploded in her mouth. I just watched as she licked the cum over her lips, smiling like she just got laid herself. I think that little bitch actually enjoyed sucking his cock! Then he gagged her again, smiling all the time.

Now he turned to me and said, “You’ve got some paybacks coming, sister.” He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried me to the basement and forced me into his cage. Once I was inside he uncuffed me and said, “Now you get to see just what’s like to be locked up in there. See if you can wiggle yourself loose.” With that, he went upstairs and turned off the light, leaving me in total darkness. I was stuck in there until he decided to let me out.

I could hear him upstairs with Kelli. I could just imagine what he was doing to her.

I guess Richard decided to have some kinky fun with Alex and Kelli. He released Alex from the pillory but left her feet in the stocks, keeping her immobile. He then tied her arms behind her back with several wraps of the rope I usually use on him. After cinching the wrist ropes, he moved to her elbows and tied them tight together, cinching them also. He then wrapped about twenty wraps of rope around her waist, effectively welding her arms to her sides. Only then did he release her from the stocks. “Alex, you little slut. I saw how much you liked making me cum. Now you are going to make Kelli cum,” he told her. He then crossed her legs and tied her feet together and hogtied her.

He tossed Kelli on top of the ottoman and retied her so she was on her back, naked and spread eagle. He picked up Alex and placed her on the floor with her face right in Kelli’s pussy. “Okay, Alex, I know how much you like pussy,” she started lapping up Kelli’s juices. With Alex’s legs tied and spread, he could easily reach down and play with her pussy, making her steam with pleasure as she licked Kelli. He finally fucked Alex in the ass while she was busy eating Kelli.

After Kelli had cum five or six times, he tossed Alex to one side and asked Kelli if it was ok to fuck her. She violently shook her head yes and he didn’t waste any time entering her pussy with his rock hard prick. Well, he fucked her like it was first time he ever fucked anybody. Kelli is extremely hot and I guess it really turned him on.

After an hour or so, he untied the girls and they sat around drinking and laughing, at my expense I’m afraid. The girls thanked him for the great sex and said they wanted to come back. My Richard, he said okay, but only if I didn’t mind. After they left, Richard came down stairs and told me what happened. He said the girls wanted a repeat, but with me there too. I was in no position to argue, locked in the cage and all.

Richard asked me if I wanted to get out and, of course, I said yes. He told me to slither out, feet first. I didn’t understand why at the time, but I did it. When my feet were out the door he slapped a steel shackle on each ankle and locked them on. I didn’t argue, I just wanted out at the time. Once I was out he quickly handcuffed me with my arms behind my back and led me upstairs to the bedroom where he tied my legs spread to the foot board. He proceeded to fuck me repeatedly for the next three hours. Whenever I opened my mouth to protest, he clamped a hand over it.

In the morning, he untied my feet, stuffed some toast in my mouth, and marched me out to his car. He forced into the back seat and fastened the seat belt around me and gagged me again with that damn ball gag. He also blindfolded me. He drove for a long time. I would have to guess at least three hours. When he finally stopped, I was taken out of the car and led away.

“Anna” he said, “I’m sorry to tell you this but I have sold you to someone. He has promised me he would take good care of you and give you all the sex you crave. Goodbye, my love,” he said as he kissed me on the forehead. “Oh, I almost forgot this. She seems to like it.,” Richard said as he handed the man MY RIDING CROP!

I watched Richard drive away.

I was led into a building and taken down some steps. I heard a chain being attached to my ankle and my blindfold and gag were removed. He unlocked my handcuffs and spoke. “I purchased you from Richard and you belong to me now. I’m sure you have heard of white slavery organizations. That is what this is. I live alone and have no neighbors within five miles, so there is no reason to gag you, unless you annoy me. This is your new home. It may look like a dungeon to you, but it is your home, so make the best of it. Oh, one more thing, always call me Master!” he instructed, as he gave me three solid whacks with MY OWN RIDING CROP!

So ends my story of me being a Mistress. I am now a prisoner, locked in a dungeon, tethered to a concrete wall with a 10 meter chain. My owner lets me write stories on his computer if I am a good slave. I can’t sit due to the sessions with the crop, so any future stories will have to be short.

story continued in chapter seven