Brag's Female

by LilCthulhu

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Storycodes: M/f; outdoors; drug; bond; rope; gag; buttplug; toys; spank; kidnap; nc; XX

Part 1


Dr. Madison Turner, an esteemed anthropologist from England, was highly regarded by her peers. She possessed long hazelnut hair, captivating big green eyes, a petite face, and an attractive figure, though her shy and introverted nature kept her from showcasing it. Wearing big glasses for proper vision, she typically opted for modest, high-necked clothing, concealing much of her natural beauty.

Despite her limited social skills, Madison excelled in her field. After years of dedicated research, she authored a captivating paper on the close relatives of Homo sapiens, detailing their migration to South America and survival there until relatively recent times in evolutionary terms. Buoyed by this success, she successfully persuaded her superiors to fund an expedition, enabling her to search for tangible evidence to support her groundbreaking theories.

Chapter 1.) Lost

Madi awoke with a throbbing headache, her body weighed down by fatigue, and her muscles still burning from her long swim. How much time had elapsed since she washed ashore? Judging by the sun's position in the sky, hours must have passed. The waves continued their melancholic rhythm, crashing against her, but at least she now had the comfort of sandy ground beneath her. Still grappling with the aftermath of the ordeal, she slowly raised her head and surveyed her surroundings. A dense jungle loomed ahead, the endless expanse of the ocean behind her, and imposing cliffs flanking both sides.

Recollections flashed in her mind – she had been aboard a small plane, surveying the region from above when an unusual storm struck. The initially breezy conditions swiftly changed into a nightmarish tempest. Despite the pilot's valiant efforts, the aircraft succumbed to the elements. The crash itself was a blur, but her struggle against the raging sea lingered vividly in her memory. It felt like she had struggled for ages, before she finally washed ashore. Exhausted, she succumbed to sleep as soon as her feet touched land.

Struggling to her feet, Madi groaned in pain. Every muscle protested, as if invaded by a horde of ants. The absence of her glasses left everything beyond a few meters a hazy blur. Yet, more distressing was the stark realization of her predicament – stranded in the jungle, in one of the most remote corners of the world, devoid of any equipment to aid her survival.

Chapter 2.) Into the Jungle

After overcoming the immediate shock, Madi started contemplating her situation. The prospect of searching for civilization on foot was impractical; there were no settlements for hundreds of miles, and she lacked the necessary equipment for orientation. Waiting for rescue emerged as her best option. Her absence would surely be noticed by her colleagues, prompting a search. However, given the vast region, Madi reasoned it could take a long time before anyone found her, if they found her at all. Water, shelter, and food became immediate priorities.

Determined, Madison began scouring the beach, pushing through the lingering exhaustion. Despite a full day's effort, her findings were meager – a collection of washed-up trash with little utility and a handful of berries, which might not even be edible. For shelter, she could only rely on a large rock and a few oversized leaves, offering modest protection against the elements.

Days two and three brought only marginal improvement. Madi managed to find water within large leaves, although it tasted peculiar and caused cramps – a compromise to stave off dehydration, though far from ideal. A few clams provided sustenance, and she fashioned an improvised shelter from branches and leaves. It wasn’t looking great at all.

On the morning of day four, Madi's attention was drawn to something atop one of the surrounding cliffs. For a fleeting moment, she was convinced there was someone standing there, peering down at her. However, the silhouette vanished within seconds. Filled with a blend of hope and panic, Madi sprinted to the cliff and began screaming for help. Unfortunately, her cries went unanswered.

Encouraged by the distant sight, Madi dashed into the jungle. There had to be someone; she was determined to find them. Running through the dense underbrush, battling vines and mud, she penetrated deeper into the jungle than ever before. Despite the early hour, darkness enveloped her, and the air hung damp and heavy compared to the beach.

Parting a large leaf in her path, Madi abruptly came to a halt. A sizable green snake dangled right in front of her face, its tongue dangerously close. Unable to contain herself, Madi screamed and turned to flee, only to feel a sharp bite in her shoulder. Screaming in sheer panic, she sprinted away, but after just a few meters, she felt a funny fuzziness in her limbs. With a few more faltering steps, she collapsed to the ground, losing consciousness shortly after.

Chapter 3.) You call that help?

As Madi awoke, a sense of fear engulfed her as she realized it was pitch black and cold. She couldn't remember what had happened or where she was, but her body told her that something was wrong. When Madi tried to move, she realized that she was bound, her arms and legs pinned to the floor. There also was something lodged firmly in her mouth, oozing a sticky and weirdly sweet liquid.

Madi's heart raced as she struggled to free herself and look around. She could feel the rough and gritty texture of sand beneath her belly and hear the gentle rhythm of nearby waves, so she guessed that she was probably back at the beach. To her left, she noticed a flickering light, indicating that someone had built a campfire.

However, the most concerning realization for Madi was that she was completely naked, her arms and legs spread out and secured to the ground. Even worse, a tree bole had been placed under belly, forcing her exposed butt high up.

As Madi moved, a figure got up from the fire. Thanks to her bad eyesight, Madi hadn’t noticed that there was somebody, causing her to panic and struggle against her restraints. However, in her attempt to break free, she felt a sharp pain in her right shoulder, and the protest turned into a sudden scream of agony.

A moment later the figure was right in front of her. It had a humanoid appearance, but it was not a modern human. The figure was approximately 1 to 1.2 meters tall, with brown skin, long black hair, and appeared to be male. Except for a loincloth, it was naked, which allowed its small but muscular body to display its strength clearly. Its face was flatter than a human face, and its teeth were pointier.

Seeing it so close, Madi fell silent. This was a living specimen of the species she had studied! Homo Belmand! Despite her amazement, Madi attempted to say hello, but due to the gag, her words were unintelligible. Recognizing her distress, the creature leaned down and made a soothing gesture before starting to speak. Although Madi could not could not understand what it was saying, she was thrilled to learn that it could speak at all. This was the most important discovery of her career!

Probably because Madison had calmed down, the creature leaned towards her face, and with nimble fingers, removed the ball of leaves that had been her gag. Pointing at himself, he spoke his name "Brag" and repeated it again while gesturing for Madison to repeat after him. After she had successfully repeated his name, he pointed at Madison, and with a smile Madison told him her name. Brag repeated it with a grin on his face, "Mad'son."

Finally remembering her predicament, Madison began to strain against her bindings and looked pleading at Brag. “Help me,” she said slowly, overemphasizing her words. “It hurts. Please Help me!” For a moment the creature just looked at her, seemingly trying to process. Finally he tried to repeat her words, and asked “Helb?” “Yes! Please help me!” Madison said, hoping he had somehow recognized the word.

However, different to what Madison had hopped, he grabbed the gag and shoved it back into Madison’s mouth. “Helb!” he said once more, before he wandered back to his fire retrieving a phallic-shaped wooden object. The wood was freshly carved, moist with oil, and the tip was rounded and smoothed. Brag had also drilled a hole through the back of the object and fastened a vine rope through it. He knelt down next to Madison, noticing the object, began to struggle, alarmed from what he might have in mind.

Without wasting any time, Brag spread Madison's butt cheeks apart and spat on her untouched backdoor a few times, before spreading his spit with his fingers. Madison began to panic again and screamed, shaking as much as she could, but it was all in vain. She felt the tip of the wooden rod against her anus, and a moment later, Brag pushed it in.

Madison held her butt tightly clenched, but Brag showed no mercy and shoved the well-lubricated object into her virgin anus, triggering a sharp pang of pain. Madison could only scream and pull with all her might against her restraints, nearly biting her gag in two. Seemingly anticipating her reaction, Brag waited, just holding the phallus in place. Just as Madison had to gasp for air, he pushed again, sinking the dildo all the way into her, invoking another round of painful screams.

Still reeling in pain, Madison lay there, tears streaming down her face, while Brag worked on the rope, connected to the plug. He pulled one end under her belly and the other over her back, before fastening them together around her neck, ensuring that the wooden plug would not come out of her.

Once done Brag gave everything another look, pulling and pushing, as he made sure the rope was tight and sat snuggly between Madison's labia, digging into her sensitive flesh. "Helb!" he said once more, while his victim could only sob in defeat.

Chapter 4.) Hard night, Nice day

After Brag had violated her, he simply returned to the fire and resumed carving another piece of wood. As for Madison, the torment was far from over. Her head throbbed with pain, as did her injured shoulder, and now her aching ass began to itch, agitated by the oil the wood was oozing. Time seemed to drag on endlessly until eventually, Brag approached her once more carrying another wooden phallus.

Despite her weakened state, Madison struggled against the restraints binding her, but they held fast. With ease, Brag inserted the second dildo into her unwilling vagina and secured it in place using the same rope that held the first plug. It did not take long for her pussy to itch just like her poor little ass. It was pure torture, keeping Madi awake for the entire night.

In the morning, Brag approached his now depleted victim and removed her gag, allowing her to drink water from his hands. It was oddly tender the way he showed such patience in ensuring she was properly hydrated. Afterwards, he handed her some bitter leaves to chew on, but they gradually became sweeter, satiating Madi’s grumbling hunger for the first time in days.

As Madison ate, Brag attended to the used gag, dismantled the old leaves, and skillfully wove new ones together into a tight ball before wrapping vines around it to hold it in place. Despite Madison's attempts to avoid getting gagged again, Brag seized her by the hair, violently twisting her head until he could forcefully insert the ball between her teeth.

Brag seemed unphased by Madison's attempts to resist, and his response was swift. After tightening the gag, he proceeded to give her a harsh and sustained spanking. His hand relentlessly struck her ass, over and over, reducing her to a tearful, begging mess. Finally, Brag stood triumphantly in front of her, shaking his finger like a disappointed parent and telling her, "Nagh Mad'son! Nagh! Nagh!"

Unable to do anything but cry and nod her head in shame, Madison pleaded through her gag for forgiveness, hoping to appease Brag. Seemingly content with her submission, Brag returned to the fire, retrieved his spear, and disappeared into the jungle, leaving Madison to wallow in her misery.

As the pain from the punishment gradually faded, Madison succumbed to an uneasy sleep. The persistent itch in her groin had overnight grown into a warm sensation, and the throbbing in her head and shoulder had subsided enough to be tolerable. Most notably, her stomach was full, and she finally felt satiated after days of starvation.

Exhausted Madison drifted off into a lewd dreams, filled with images of Brag overpowering her again and again. Despite the depraved nature of the dreams, they felt strangely pleasurable, adding to the warm, wanting throbbing sensation between her legs.

Chapter 5.) Set Free

Upon his return from the hunt, Brag discovered the giant female slumbering. She was soaking wet from her own fluids and moaning in her sleep, which indicated that the leaves and oils he had given her were working their intended magic. Brag had been uncertain whether the concoction would work on such a large and unusual female, but the signs were reassuring.

While the pig he had caught was cooking, Brag began to prepare the snake poison that he would use to numb the female's arms. Ordinarily, a shaman would handle the preparation of such mystical drugs, but there was no way Brag could move Mad’son in her current condition. He needed to outfit and domesticate her right there, before making the long journey back to the village.

Later, with a full belly and everything set, Brag approached the giant female who was slowly awakening from her drug-induced slumber. She was visibly still hazy, aroused, and confused, which would make her much more manageable.

Placing his hands on Mad'son's shoulders, Brag searched for her shoulder muscles before pricking her skin with a prepared poisoned bone needle. He started with the left shoulder, then moved on to the right. The effects were almost instantaneous - her arms went limp, no longer able to resist the ropes that bound her.

Brag knew the effects of the poison would last for some time. Still, it was wise to work fast, and not give her much time to think about it. Leaning with his knee on Mad'son's back, he freed her arms, and pushed them into a reverse prayer position.

Mad'son began to buck and strain, realizing her arms were free, but Brag had dealt with much wilder beasts. He quickly wove tight ropes around her arms, neck, shoulder, and chest, locking her arms in place and rendering her unable to escape without assistance.

With Mad'son firmly under his control, Brag removed the makeshift rope holding her dildos in place. He felt her relax as if she believed he would free her, but he knew that the quiet was deceptive. The moment she realized he intended to replace her dildos instead of removing them, she would fight like a demon.

The plugs were still wet and oily, dripping with the drugged syrup. A tamed female could have kept them for another day or two, but less drugs in her meant she would be less horny, and her holes would not be as well lubricated. Carving new dildos every day was more work, but it was better than dealing with an unruly female, especially one as big as Mad'son.

With the new dildos ready and himself positioned properly, Brag pulled the rod out of Mad'son's pussy, eliciting a groan of sexual haze. Then he shoved the new dildo inside of her, and she buckled and moaned in a mix of pleasure and resistance, caught between wanting more and hating how he controlled her.

Holding the first shaft in place with his knee, Brag proceeded to remove the other toy from Mad'son's rump. This one sat much tighter and the Mad’son bucked and groaned in a mix of pain and pleasure.

After throwing away the old dildo, Brag pushed the new one into Mad'son's still-gaping butthole. It was a bit bigger than the old one, but still pretty meek compared to what she probably could take. She screamed and fought with all her might but Brag kept her down and the sextoys in place, giving her time to exhaust herself. 

After a few minutes, Mad'son gave up and sobbed in defeat. Brag almost felt sorry for her until he noticed how her pussy pulsated under his fingers - wet, aroused, and throbbing around the dildo inside her. It was as the shamans had warned. She pretended to be ashamed, violated, and offended, but like all females, she really was just hiding her carnal nature. Her tears were lies, her body was clearly showing the truth.

With the female properly drained and quiet once again, Brag threaded a rope through the holes on the backside of the dildos, tying them tightly to her chest and arm harness. With rope digging into her pussy and rubbing up against her clit, she would feel stimulation with every step. Another trick the shamans had taught him; to keep a female docile and horny.

However, now came the most dangerous part. Despite being restrained, Mad'son was still large and powerful. Even with her limited mobility, a single kick from her could seriously injure Brag if he wasn't careful.

Brag moved in front of the drained female and brandished his knife. He locked eyes with her, trying to convey a clear message- "Don't do anything foolish. I will kill you if you do!" Though she appeared intimidated, Brag couldn't be entirely sure of her. He just would have to be on guard.

Brag loosened the ropes tying Mad'son to the ground, beginning with the one around her neck, then left ankle, then right. He stepped back to the fire, knife at his side, waiting to see what she'd do. It took her a moment, her legs still shaky from the outfitting, but she managed to push herself onto her knees. A wave of dizziness washed over her and she paused to gather her strength before getting to her feet. She glanced at Brag with confusion, but he just stood there, waiting for her to act.

With trepidation, Mad'son walked tentatively towards the jungle while keeping her gaze fixed on Brag, half-expecting him to chase after her and tie her up again. To her relief, he made no move or attempt to stop her; instead, he simply pointed towards the canopy of trees, before he settled down at his fire.

Mad’son cautiously took a few steps towards the jungle, then a few more until she was running full tilt and disappeared into the verdant foliage.

Brag watched her go, a satisfied smirk on his face. He had no intention of chasing after her; instead, he began carving yet another pair of dildos. It was a slow and delicate process, but worth it in the long run. She would return to him in time, he was sure of it. It was just a matter of patience and persistence.

With the gag in place, Mad’son would be unable to eat or drink, the plug would prevent her from pooping, and dildo would keep her body in a constant state of sexual hunger, and her arms were bound too tightly to use tools or hunt. He knew that she wouldn't be able to bear the intense desire for sexual release for very long without him. It was only a matter of time before she came crawling back, begging him for relief.

Brag knew that once she did that, she would become his female. The shaman’s wisdom truly was great.


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