Brag's Female

by LilCthulhu

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; outdoors; drug; rope; buttplug; toys; gag; naked; enslave; spank; crop; training; nc; XX

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Part 2

Chapter 1.) Realization

A day had passed since Madison had fled into the jungle. At first, she had run away, attempting to hide, certain her tormentor would pursue her. However, after a while, she noticed he was nowhere to be seen. Confused, she decided to venture deeper into the dense green foliage, anxiously aware of the possibility of dangerous predators, and uncertain what her next move should be.

As the day progressed, Madison gradually became aware of how dire her situation was. With her arms restrained behind her back, she could not even perform simple tasks. That gag in her mouth made it nearly impossible to properly swallow food or drink, even if she had access to them. However, the worst aspect of her predicament was that she needed to use the bathroom, but with that dildo in her bum, she couldn’t even do that.

Multiple times Madison tried to squat down and push the dreaded dildo out of her rectum or relieve herself around it. It was humiliating and proved almost entirely futile. Covered in her own waste, she now stank atrociously, her rectum burned with pain, and her stomach felt no better than it had before.

During the night, Madison's predicament worsened. While she was on the run, she had ignored the growing sensation of arousal within her, but now, as darkness descended, she couldn't deny it any longer. Every step she took caused the cursed dildos inside her already overstimulated orifices to move, while the wood they were made of seemed to secrete some kind of aphrodisiac that made it nearly impossible to concentrate on anything but sex.

When it grew too dark to go any further, Madison took refuge against a large tree. She had no shelter, was both hungry and cold, and was experiencing painful cramps in her bowels. Despite all of this, she couldn't stop thinking about the warm, pulsating sensation radiating from between her legs, and how powerless she was to do anything about it.

Once Madison finally had fallen asleep, she still found no solace. In her dreams, she was right back on the beach, free and untied. She approached Brag, the savage that had tormented and abused her. Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees and submitted to him willingly.

Brag accepted her, eliciting a rush of pleasure within Madison's body. She waited patiently as he tied her up with ropes, before finally pushing her into the sandy ground and thrusting into her, hard and deep. In her dream, this scene repeated over and over again, but despite her overpowering desire to climax, Madison was never able to cum.

As Madison awoke, she was overcome with an incredible sense of arousal. Without a moment's hesitation, she began to grind her groin against a nearby log. However, even after nearly ten minutes of desperate humping and rubbing, she was still nowhere close to climaxing. Quite the opposite, all she had managed to achieve was increased frustration and get sore. Eventually, she was simply too exhausted to continue and collapsed to the ground, sobbing in a state of humiliated defeat, her belly cramping with angry protest.

Madison was left with only one option. She had to go back to Brag. Without him, her only fate would be a slow, lonely, and miserable death in the unforgiving jungle.

Chapter 2.) Crawling back

Brag sat by his fire, cooking a fish. He was growing increasingly anxious about Mad’son’s absence. She had been gone for just one night, and there were a few dangerous predators in this part of the jungle. It was, however, part of their ritual for her to flee and eventually return. Should she die or escape, it was the will of the spirits and should not be questioned. However, with a giantess like her, Brag was wondering if he should follow, and make sure she was okay. 

Before Brag could come to a decision, however, he noticed something large and clumsy moving through the dense greenery of the jungle. A smirk spread across his face. He should never have second-guessed the ritual. There, in the flesh, stood the female he sought. She looked absolutely wretched and filthy. Bent over from the cramps, her legs were soiled from a failed attempt to defecate. Her hair was an absolute mess, full of twigs and debris. And of course, her pussy overflowed with lust. As she drew closer to him, she tried to beg for help, muffled by the gag clenched between her teeth.

Brag waited for Mad’son to approach him. She attempted to beg for mercy, but Brag ignored her words, instead choosing to wait for her submission. After a few moments, she finally comprehended and dropped to her knees, sobbing in defeat.

Accepting the gesture, he stood up and patronizingly petted her head, offering a few soothing words. He couldn't help but notice that even on her knees, Mad’son was nearly as tall as he was. What an excellent prize she would make. And now, she was his.

After this brief moment of tenderness, Brag straightened his back and glared down at Mad’son sternly before reciting the traditional words. "Mad’son, you have been tried and failed. Now you beg for my protection and assistance." He paused dramatically and looked into her blank face. It was evident that she understood nothing. "I accept you as my female."

Brag paused for another few seconds, giving the wind time to pick up his words and tell the other spirits. Mad’son was now Brag’s female. He owned her. The first female he had claimed for himself. Brag could not help but smile complacently at her. She shivered and looked fearful but had probably no idea what exactly just had happened. It wasn’t important. She would learn soon enough. And as a female she didn’t need to know much anyway.

Chapter 3.) Makeover

After Brag was done with his speech, he retrieved a long rope and tied it around Madison's neck. “He is leashing me like an animal,” she thought to herself. Despite feeling humiliated, Madison didn't resist. She still needed him to get rid of those devilish dildos, even if it meant going through this.

She followed as he guided her to a nearby tree and gestured for her to spread her legs. Madison knew it meant trouble, but she had no other options, so she complied with an angry grunt. Brag swiftly hammered wooden rods into the ground and then secured Madison's ankles to them, forcing her to maintain her spread position. He then threw the other end of her leash over an overhanging branch and pulled until she was almost choking.

Madison was struggling for balance, tiptoeing and swaying within the little space she had, as she noticed Brag just walking away, and back to his fire. Fear and panic overwhelmed her and she tugged and strained against her bondage, but the ropes were too thick and the anchors in the ground were too tight. She was trapped, and there was no escape.

After a few minutes, Brag returned, and Madison moaned with relief. He walked behind her, and after a few moments she could feel his hands on her helpless body, fiddling with the rope between her legs. Suddenly, the pressure on the dildos decreased, and Madison couldn't help but mumble a muffled “Thank you!” through her gag.

A moment later Brag then pulled out the dildo from her snatch. The sensation was incredible. Finally something more than the thing just wiggling around inside of her. She couldn't resist, and let out a deep, animalistic moan of pure lust. However, this moment didn't last long as Brag moved on to the second dildo.

Madison's sphincter did not offer resistance and it felt surprisingly good, as Brag pulled the toy out of her. However, with her bum finally free Madison could not hold back any longer. She had to relieve herself!

A few minutes later Madison was done and panting with exhaustion and humiliation, but incredibly thankful that the cramps were finally gone. She could feel Brag behind her, rinsing her down with fresh cold water. Madison couldn't help but feel grateful as he spoke in his strange language and caressed her bum and hip. For a moment, she even felt a sense of happiness.

While Madison was still enjoying the feeling, Brag had prepared himself to fill her up once again. The first thing she noticed was his hand, as he spread his saliva around her still gaping hole. Before she could even attempt to protest, she felt a new wooden dildo pressing against her butt. Despite her efforts, Madison couldn't resist; her sphincter gave way, allowing the well-oiled phallus to slip effortlessly inside her, sending a wave of pain and pleasure coursing through her body. She wanted to scream, but all that escaped her lips were lewd moans.

A moment later, the plug for her pussy followed suit. Once again Madison felt herself overwhelmed with raw sexual need. Grinding against the intruder like a bitch in heat, she thrust back, the sensation of proper stimulation consuming her. Her tormentor noticed and pulled and pushed, teasing her, before he shoved the dildo all the way in and refastened the crotch strap, trapping the toys inside of her.

Madison strained against her restraints, screaming in protest as her chance at an orgasm was ruined. Brag wasn't in the mood for her tantrum, however. The moment she started to act up, he hit her bare ass with a powerful slap. And then another, and another, and another. Soon Madison was hanging in her bondage, sobbing, while her tormentor scolded her in a patronizing tone. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" she gasped under her sobs. "I promise I will be good now!"

Chapter 4.) Training

A few hours after the spanking, Brag finally released Mad’son from her predicament. She was exhausted from standing for so long, and her neck displayed bright red marks from the rope, which had almost strangled her. This state of mind was perfect for breaking down her last bit of resistance.

As Mad’son sat recuperating on the ground, Brag dragged a big, heavy log over to her. It was almost too heavy for him, but since Mad’son was so tall, he assumed she could handle it. She offered no resistance as she attached her arm harness to the ropes connecting her to the log. She gazed at him with glassy, confused eyes, likely too exhausted and aroused to think straight.

With Mad’son properly attached to the log, Brag picked up a thin twig that he had prepared as a crop and gestured for her to stand up. Mad’son hesitated, looking at him with confusion, but Brag had anticipated her reaction and swished his crop. The painful impact landed with precise accuracy right across her left breast, causing her to scream in agony and jump to her feet. As she attempted to back away from Brag, the weight of the log pulled at the ropes, causing her to scream again, but this time in a different tone. Her struggle caused her elbows to be pulled back, which in turn tugged at the rope between her legs. Brag could tell she was conflicted between pain and desire as the rope dug into her, forcing her dildos deeper inside and vigorously stirring them with every movement.

Since she was unable to overcome the log's weight on her first attempt, Brag struck her again with the crop, aiming for her bare buttocks this time. Mad'son screamed and pulled with all her might. Finally, after a third swish with the crop, she managed to start dragging the log along the ground. She groaned and began to slow down almost immediately, but Brag had other plans in mind. With repeated swats from his crop, he forced her to keep moving.

Brag forced Mad’son to walk a dozen wide circles around the beach. He used her leash to steer her in the right direction, while his crop ensured that she kept walking. After a while she had stopped protesting, and after a while she was only moaning and grunting every now and then. Brag could see in her eyes that her mind had shut down, leaving only the pain of her tortured backside, her sore muscles, and the heat between her legs. As he intended, she had been reduced to nothing more than a mindless beast, incapable of coherent thought.

Pleased with the result, Brag finally led Mad’son to the fire and allowed her to stop. He no longer needed to give her many instructions as she just collapsed onto her knees and let him tie her knees and ankles together. She didn’t put up any resistance, even as he connected her elbows and ankles with a short rope, effectively preventing her from getting back up. As Brag removed her gag to water and feed her, she didn't try to speak with him. She had accepted her new role and was just thankful that the day was over.

Brag was pleased with how Mad’son had endured her first day and how she had become more docile towards him. He began to rub her between her legs while she was eating and she responded with moans of pleasure, no longer trying to hide her enjoyment of his touch. It was a good sign, one that Brag appreciated. But of course, he didn't let her cum. Her performance was good, but it wasn't good enough to earn an orgasm. Much more good behavior would be required.

Despite this, Mad’son was grateful anyway and leaned into his touch. Even with her eyes hazy with lust, Brag could see that she understood the dynamic between them: resist and get punished, behave, and get rewarded. When he held up her gag, she even opened her mouth willingly, signaling her submission to him.


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