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Bound for Pleasure

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2001 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; naked; bond; chair; rope; gag; bfold; hood; X-frame; chast; playroom; punish; reluct/nc; XX

continued from part three

Part 4: The Punishment begins...

Karen had been discovered by her Aunt Cassie, tied with her aunt's best silk scarves, laying on the floor in the hallway of her aunt's apartment. Annoyed & angry that she'd used her best scarves to tie herself up with, she was to be severely punished by her aunt for her crimes... (See part 3)

Karen couldn't recall just how long she'd been hanging in the cupboard, the rope around her wrist was biting into her skin, the rope that was attached to a hook in the ceiling making her stand on her toes. Her legs were cramping up at having to stand like this for so long, she found it hard to adjust her position with her ankles so tightly bound, tears were running down her cheeks and she was beginning to regret tying herself up with those scarves, she had been stupid and now she was going to pay. But what was her aunt going to do? How long was she going to leave her here?

Now Karen could hear her aunt moving around in the bedroom, just outside the walk-in cupboard, opening drawers, moving things around when the telephone rang, she picked up the receiver and began talking, from what Karen could hear she it was the woman who lived with her aunt. She described how she'd found me tied with her scarves and all the time muttering about how bad I had been and now she should be punished. From what little of the conversation I could hear she was receiving instructions from her girlfriend about what to do with me.

After putting the phone down she entered the cupboard and released the rope attached to the hook, she then made me hobble back into the bedroom. Standing in the middle of the room she said, "So you like bondage, tying yourself up and enjoying yourself do you?" 

"Y..y.yes" I replied. 

“Well you're about to be on the receiving end of a whole lot more!" she said and had me sit in a hard, high back chair, she told me to sit still or she'd make the ropes much tighter than required. I just looked into her eyes and could see a change come over her, she seemed to be a lot harder, colder than I’d ever known her.

She began putting rope around my waist, looping it several times, pulling it taut & fixing me to the chair, my wrists still bound behind from before and still sore. The rope was pulled very tight about my waist and she tied the rope off before moving up to put the rest over and around my breasts & shoulders, pushing my body against the back of the chair. She continued laying the rope about my torso, tying off here and there making it extremely tight. She inspected her work and made minor adjustments before she was satisfied and went to retrieve more rope.

When she returned she untied my ankles and spreading my legs tied my ankles to the legs of the chair, binding several turns from my feet to half way up my legs to my knees. She then roped around my knees, above & below fixing them in place and making it so I was unable to close my legs. Now totally bound to the chair she again left me to enter the cupboard and I heard her opening boxes and drawers, she returned and stood behind me and she said that I was to spend the night tied to this chair, she could not decide what to do with me until the morning as she was still too angry with me not to hurt me.

Next she placed a large foam ball into my mouth, pushing it in with her fingers and then fixing it in place with a leather gag that covered my mouth & chin, the straps were fitted over and behind my head, forcing me to bite down on the foam ball. I looked pitifully at her when she came in front of me to adjust the straps, but she gave me a cold stare and I quickly averted my eyes towards the floor. She went behind me again and the light was cut off as she placed a blindfold over my eyes, doing up the strap into the buckle and putting a small lock through the clasp.

Making sure that my bonds, gag & blindfold were to her satisfaction, making a few pulls at the ropes as she tightened them more, she then put a hood over my head, pulling it down over my face and down to my neck. She pulled this into place before pulling the zipper down to my neck at the back; she finished this off with another small lock, clicking this into place. She stepped back to admire her handiwork and said that she was now going to get ready for bed and to think about what I had done. She left me sitting there bound to the chair, unable to move I was beginning to get use to my body being so tightly bound, thinking that this surely can't be my punishment as my body began to react to this latest position, I was starting to warm up between my legs! And where did all this bondage gear come from? What use did my aunt have for all this stuff?

I sat there and heard her moving about the room preparing herself for bed, she came back to me several times to check my ropes, my sex was becoming hotter and wetter and I began to start to enjoy my predicament. She said goodnight and turned off the light and I heard her get into bed, getting herself comfortable and setting the alarm clock to wake her in the morning. Moving ever so slightly in my bonds I began to wriggle my bottom on the chair trying to push my hot little pussy against it, to give into my body's desire for some pleasure. I drifted off into fantasy, being bound to a cruel master's chair to be punished for being naughty, not that far removed from my present state.

I was now really well into my fantasy and my pussy fluid was running like a faucet making the chair seat very wet, I didn't hear my aunt get up from her bed and leave the room, she must have heard my muffled moans of pleasure as I sat there wriggling in the chair, she returned with water and threw it over me, it was icy cold and the shock brought me back to the real world. "You're not supposed to be enjoying this!" she spat out and then pushed at me in a rage, the chair and me falling backwards, crashing to the floor. I hit my head on the floor the pain was sharp but not enough to cause injury. She said that if I continued she'd have to use something to cause more pain, long-term pain and that would take my mind off my cunt.

She left me in the position that I'd fallen onto the floor, my back pressing my arms into the chair with my weight, my legs up above me still bound to the legs of the chair. I lay there and began crying again, all thoughts of pleasure now gone. The fires that raged within me now doused and most certainly out, I tried to move to relieve the pressure on my arms, but could only move slightly and it just moved the pain to other part of my arms and body. All I could do now was lie there and wait for my aunt to release me but when would that be? I could hear her returning to her bed and eventually could hear her light snoring.

I drifted between sleep and pain all through the night, my body crying out at being so tightly bound and in such an awkward position, my arms were numb from being tied and crushed by my body all night. I heard the alarm clock sound and my aunt waking, she got out of bed and walked over to me, looking down at my bound body still tied to the chair. She then walked out of the room, my heart dropped, what about me? Couldn't she have untied me? Lying there I could hear her moving about the apartment, taking a shower and getting dressed, leaving me on the floor. She eventually came over to me and released the lock on my hood; she pulled the zipper open and took the hood off my head. She then removed the blindfold and the gag; I moved my mouth to get the feeling back into it, my chin felt stiff & sore.

Next she pulled the chair upright and began removing the ropes that had so cruelly kept me in their grasp all night. She firstly untied the rope around my chest and waist, finally I could take a deep breath and inhaled, my chest was crossed with rope marks deep into my skin. But now I could also lean forward to relieve the pressure on my arms, the sudden rush of blood to my hands causing intense pain. Untying my legs and then helping me stand she walked me to the toilet, I was about to burst! I only just made it in time and thankfully didn't embarrass myself in front of her. I did not care what she saw I was just glad to relieve myself after being bound to the chair all night. She left me sitting there with my hands still bound behind my back as she cleared away all the rope and things that I’d worn.

Returning she had a pair of handcuffs in her hand, I thought that my punishment was now over and gave her a surprised look. She said that my punishment had yet to start and last night was only holding me until she could decide my fate. She untied my wrists and pulled them to the front, placing the handcuffs on my wrists. My arms were very sore, pins & needles running up from my fingers to my elbows, but the relief of being able to bring my arms back in front after being behind my back for so long was indescribable, she pulled me off of the toilet and took me into the kitchen. She gave me a light breakfast with a little amount of fluid, saying that I would not be able to use the toilet again for quite some time, she busied herself around the kitchen popping out to other rooms and returning, waiting for me to finish.

My limbs were beginning to ease their pain, the senses returning to all parts of my body. I was then lead out of the kitchen and down the hall towards another bedroom, opening the door and pushing me inside she closed the door behind her. I looked around the room, I’d never seen this room before, it was quite dark inside and when she turned the light on, it only illuminated parts of it. Their were several chains hanging from the walls all glistening in the lights, as my eyes went around the room taking in all the sights, my eyes darting from one device to another, from chains to what looked like stocks, I then focused my eyes on 2 black wooden beams attached to the wall at cross angles with another spotlight picking out chains hanging from the ends of the wood. She pushed me into the middle of the room; I stood there naked, shivering with my wrists cuffed in front of me, staring at this cross.

She saw what I was staring at and laughed, tingles went down my spine as she pulled on my handcuffs dragging towards the wooden cross. She said that she and her partner had built this room for their entertainment, tying each other up to the various implements within, or sometimes using a third person, a slave to use and punish as they willed. Now I was to sample some of the delights of the room as my punishment and she placed my back against the wood. It was cold to touch and the spotlight above was shinning into my eyes, I could only make out her shadow outline as she removed the metal cuffs from my wrists, which were soon replaced with large leather ones fixed into place with small locks.

The cross was fastened to the wall at an angle, small pegs stood out near the base for me to stand on, I was lifted up and my feet placed onto these pegs and she began tying rope about my feet and ankles, making sure that the rope was tight. Spreading my arms above my head she attached the cuffs to the chains, pulling the chain taut and stretching me out along the cross before locking them again with more locks. She then tied pieces of rope about my arms fixing them to the wood and repeated this on my legs about my knees; she walked away to a bench in the corner. She returned with a leather collar, which she placed around my neck, it was thick and wide, it made it very difficult to move my head and I could no longer look down at what she was doing to me. A gag made of rubber was pushed into my mouth, a little ball dangling from the front, which after securing the gag around my head she began to pump, inflating the part within my mouth and filling me entirely.

Now suitably fixed and gagged, she picked up what appeared to be two leather belts joined at an angle, she pushed one around my waist bringing the other through my legs and covering my love hole, clasping the buckles tight she said that this was a chastity belt so I could not be played with there without her permission, securing it with a large lock she stepped back to admire her work. She pulled some more rope around my waist and after several turns tied off behind the cross beams, fixing my body to the cross and running the free ends over the tops of my thighs and through my crotch and back around the wooden beams. Tied off these would prevent me slipping on the cross and presented me nicely on display.

She checked all of my bindings and that I was secure, that nothing was out of place or dangerous she said that she was now going to leave me to get ready for work, that as she was starting work late she would not be returning home until late. I was to wait here until she returned, not that I could do anything otherwise. She left the room to get ready and I began testing the straps and ropes that held me to the wooden frame. The leather straps between my legs was pushing very firmly upwards into my pussy, but the rest of the ropes seemed okay. The overhead light was still blinding me so I could not see her re-enter the room, she had walked over to me without my knowledge.

I looked down at her and pleaded with my eyes not to leave me like this, she said that this was just a small part of my punishment and that I’d better get used to it. She then reached up and placed a blindfold over my eyes, blocking out the light, she ran one final check over me before turning out the lights & walking out, locking the door and leaving for work. Leaving me tightly bound to a wooden cross within her bondage playroom not sure when she'd return and knowing that I could not escape, my mind searched for ways out of my present situation and pressing my body against the bonds only gave me more frustration and the knowledge that I was well and truly stuck.

I hung on the wooden beams for what seemed like ages, moving where I could slightly against my bonds, drifting into fantasy dreams of being held hostage by some mad evil religious group who were using me as a sacrifice to appease their god. I was a virgin who was going to be used by all their members at an orgy before they finished me off. I was so deeply engrossed within my bondage I had not heard someone enter the apartment and was now starting to enter the room....


story continues in Part 5: Punishment Slave


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