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Bound for Pleasure

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2001 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; scarves; gag; hogtie; stuck; caught; F/f; bond; rope; strappado; punish; cons/reluct; X

continued from part two

Part 3: Scarf Bound

For the rest of the summer vacation I spent quite a lot of time either tying myself up or being bound by my mum, who as you may recall was introducing me to the joys of bondage, or being tied up by my boyfriend who took great delight in using me whilst very immobile and vulnerable, but I was enjoying every minute. Once he took me to the woods where he managed to tie me down to some wooden stakes that he'd brought along, lying there spread eagled and open to his whims in the middle of the forest, he even left me for a short while - alone, naked and bound where anyone could have come along and seen me. Oh the delight!

Well all things come to an end, my dad had to go overseas on business and decided to take mum for a second honeymoon and combine the two, a couple of weeks away in Paris, France. Well mum was over the moon, and spent the next few days in a blur of activity getting ready for the trip. I'd spend most of my time getting out of the way; either tying myself up in my room or getting to use the bondage suit that mum had now given me. (See Bound for Pleasure 2) Occasionally I’d deliberately get in mum's way, because she'd said that if I disturbed her or got in the way that she would teach me a lesson. Well with a warning like that I just had to use it, and paid the price by being tightly bound either in my bed or lately in the garage, where I found out they had a small cage under the work bench.

Left bound & gagged within the cage in the garage gave me more pleasures and ways to explore my desires for bondage. She even once completely forgot I was there and left to do some shopping, she was gone for quite a few hours and it was one of the best times I’d been left in bondage.  But now it was time for them to leave for the trip, I was being picked up by my Aunt Cassie, actually she wasn't really my aunt but an old school friend of mum's, they'd known each other for so long that she was regarded as family. I'd stayed with her before on many occasions when my parents had gone away, I found out later that these were BDSM outings and seminars where they both enjoyed themselves.

Aunt Cassie lived in an apartment block in the city, we lived in the suburbs, I really liked these visits to Aunt Cassie's because she used to spoil me rotten with treats, trips to zoo's etc. She didn't have any children of her own and had never married but seemed to have lots of female friends. She even had one living with her for the past few years, but I wasn't aware of what they were doing and even if I did I wouldn't have cared because she was very nice, well I thought so when I was a kid. During the drive into the city Aunt Cassie said that her friend was away at present so I would have the run of the apartment whilst she was at work. I did not mind the thought of being alone; I could try some new bondage positions that I’d found in another bondage magazine.

Once settled in my room where I was supposed to spend the next couple of weeks, she took me out for a meal and to the movies. She spoke about what we would be doing on her free days whilst I was staying with her, but I said that I was quite happy to stay home if she wanted to; she smiled and gave me a hug. We spent the next day exploring the city and seeing the sights, we were both really tired when we returned back to her apartment and decided on an early night, as she had to work the next day. I went to my room and began planning my bondage session, looking over pictures within the magazine I’d found, I decided that I’d try to hogtie myself the next day.

After she'd left for work, making sure that I’d be all right on my own for the sixth time, she left me to start with my next self bondage session. In all the commotion of my parents leaving for their trip, I’d forgotten to pack something to tie myself up with. My bondage suit was back at home along with all of my ropes and other stuff, what could I use now. I began by looking around the apartment, checking all the cupboards in the kitchen, hallway etc. and could not find anything, and then I went back to my room thinking that I wouldn't be able to tie myself up and enjoy my bound body for the whole two weeks. I went back to reading the bondage magazine after looking at every page several times, I came across a reader's letters page which had a letter from someone asking for advice on scarf bondage.

This gave me an idea, I read the letter, which said that the writer is interested in tying himself up with scarves, but was unable to find any information either in magazines or on the Internet. He was asking for help and went on to describe a self-binding he'd done with scarves. I then got up off the bed and went to Cassie's bedroom; I wasn't supposed to be in here, she'd told me when I was younger that her bedroom and all the things in it were private and to stay out. I knew that she would had to have scarves in her room as both she and her friend had worn them on previous occasions. I entered her room like it was an ancient temple, not disturbed for centuries, full of reverence and fore boding. It had a musty smell to the room but was quite big and full of old furniture, I made my way over to the dresser.

Once there I caught sight of myself in a mirror, looking like a frightened rabbit caught in the headlights of a car. I moved on to the dresser and opened the top drawer. There before me was what I was seeking, silk scarves in all sorts of colours, fine net type scarves and a couple of plain cotton ones. I quickly grabbed them all into my arms and darted for the door, thinking that any minute my aunt would pounce out from within the room. Safely making it back to my room I breathed a sigh of relief and placed my ill-gotten gains down on the bed. Looking through the pile that sat on my bed, I began to sort them into different lengths, deciding that the silk was better for the gag, the cotton ones would be used for my feet and legs but I didn't have enough cotton ones to tie my hands or hog tie me, the net type ones looked too flimsy and casting them aside I began to prepare myself.

Firstly I undressed, today I would be totally naked, and not since being tied out in the woods had I been this way, usually when tying myself up I keep my underwear on but not for this session. I expected to be alone for 8 hours during the day and had decided to spend at least 3 of them bound. During my search around the apartment I came across some adult videos put away at the top of the hallway closet, I would watch these whilst tied on the large 3-seater lounge chair. A pleasant way to while away a few hours or so I thought.

Gathering up the scarves that I would be using, I walked naked out to the lounge and began to prepare everything needed during my self-imposed bondage. Placing the video in the player and grabbing the remote I sat on the lounge chair and started to apply the first cotton scarf to my ankles, it was long enough to go around my ankles twice and to be tied off with a short end left out. My ankles suitably bound I began with the second cotton scarf tying this around my knees once and then putting the ends through my legs to cause a cinch like knot in the scarf. Tightly tying this off my knees were now firmly tied together with only a slight gap between them.

I rolled a small silk scarf and placed it within my mouth, pushing it into place and then securing it with another silk scarf around my head and covering my now firmly gagged mouth, tying it into a couple of knots it felt really comfortable, the silk felt exquisite against my skin and I decided to get hold of some before I returned home. Now pressing play on the video remote I began to tie my wrists behind my back, I took two silk scarves and tied them together, and then winding them into a loop I tied the other end. This done I began folding the scarves into a smaller loop, doubling the scarves up several times, until I could squeeze my wrists into them in front of me. I then tied another scarf over the top of these causing a cinch noose type knot in the scarf looping around the other two, removing my wrists I began to get myself into position.

Next I laid face down on the soft cushions and stretched my body out across its length, I was beginning to get quite horny at the prospect of a few hours bound & gagged whilst watching the video. They were just getting past the introductions and were starting to do things to each other, you know, the more interesting parts. Placing my wrists behind my back I wriggled first my left hand into the scarves closely followed by the right, I had to struggle to place my right hand through the scarves and this should have warned me, but being inexperienced as I was I pushed on and forced my hand through, now both wrists were within the scarves.

Pulling my bound feet up towards my wrists I pushed the free end of the scarf through my ankles and around the scarf I had tied there earlier, bringing the scarf back over towards my hands I tied the end off to the wrist wrappings. I was now hog tied just like in the magazine pictures, and I was beginning to see why it was so popular with bondage lovers. My little hole was becoming very warm and very moist, where was a nice tight crotch rope when needed, all I could do with my hands tied behind me was lay there and watch the video, getting hotter by the minute with no relief in sight, well not until I untied myself later and returned to the bedroom.

As I lay there I did not realize how much wriggling and moving that I was doing, watching the video made me hot, and the familiar itch had returned between my legs, so I decided that it was time to release myself and scratch that itch! But I hadn't realized that all that pulling against my bonds had in fact tightened the scarves around my ankles and wrists. The knots had also tightened to such a point that my fingers could not untie them. I was trapped in my own bondage, the scarves had closed tightly around my limbs, pulling them tighter against my skin and my fingers were now starting to go numb.

The bondage that had begun as a little bit of fun had now turned into my nightmare, I couldn't get free. What was I going to do, alone in the apartment with no help in sight, I began to panic but this caused the scarves to tighten even more and I had to calm myself down and begin to think of a way out of this. Maybe I could crawl to the kitchen and get a knife from the cupboard, but how would I open the drawer where they were kept, it would be hopelessly out of reach. As I lay there trying to find a solution the video stopped playing, my god I’ve been tied here for 3 hours, I’d lost all track of time whilst bound.

No wonder my arms feel sore and cramps were starting to form in my legs, I decided to try to make it to the kitchen and cut myself free. I began to roll off the chair onto the floor, this took the wind out of me as I landed and I took sometime to recover my wits before the long trek into the kitchen. Trying to move your body when bound into a hog tie is pretty hard work; several times I had to stop to just catch my breath, which wasn't helped much by the gag. I tried several times to remove the gag, pushing with my tongue, rubbing against the floor but I’d tied it too well for it to come out easily.

It seemed to take forever to just get out of the lounge room and into the hall, my body felt like it had run a marathon and looking down the hall towards the kitchen I knew that it was going to take forever to get there. Starting out down the hall I had just about reached halfway to the kitchen when I heard someone at the front door, my heart froze as a key turned in the lock and in walked my aunt to see me laying there on the hall floor, bound with her scarves and tightly gagged too. She immediately closed the door and came over to me; she bent down beside me and asked if I was okay, who'd done this to me, as she looked around for signs of a break in.

The look in my eyes gave me away, she saw that I’d done this to myself, and then she saw her favourite and most expensive silk scarves tied around my wrists, pulled very tight, stretching them out of shape. The look of horror that came over her face will be with me for the rest of my life. "What had I been thinking?" she asked, her voice getting angrier by the minute. "Those are my best scarves! A present from a girl friend that'd past away recently" she said, "you've got some explaining to do young lady!" She then proceeded to remove the silk scarves I’d used for the gag. I said that I was sorry, that I tied myself up but couldn't release myself.

She then stood up and walked away from me, leaving me tied up on the floor, going into her bedroom to see what else I’d touched. After making sure that I’d not been into anything else she came back. "Why did you go into my room? And why did you use those scarves?" she continued, "There were cheaper ones in the lower drawers, I wouldn't have mind so much if you'd used those!" Tears began to well up within me and rolled down my cheeks, I had abused her trust and disobeyed her. She seemed really hurt and again walked off back into her bedroom. As I lay there I could hear her moving around in the room, picking up things and crashing them down, she was very angry with me.

I just lay on the floor not daring to move or call out, by now my limbs were crying out in pain, my hands and feet were numb and I was getting cold lying here in the hallway. She returned after what seemed like ages and said that she would have to punish me for being so naughty and using her scarves. She then returned to her room and brought back some rope, I hadn't seen it but then I didn't look around her room. She tied my wrists together still behind my back with one piece and my ankles with the other. She then took her time carefully removing the scarves, trying not to damage them as she took them off one by one. It took her some while as the knots were by now very tight. After removing the last one she helped me stand and shuffle my bound feet into her bedroom.

She pushed me down on to her bed and I lay there face down not wishing to look at her at the moment, my guilt still rising at not only being caught tied up but using her scarves as well. She then left me lying there as she went about clearing the scarves away, checking the damage that I’d caused. When she came back to the bed she tied more rope to the loop around my wrist and told me to stand, she took me over to a large walk in cupboard, where there were clothes hanging both sides. In the middle she told me to stop and lifted the rope attached to my wrists upwards behind my back to a hook in the ceiling, causing me to bend right over. She tightly tied the rope above my head to the hook, I was now standing on my toes within her closet with my ankles tied and wrists attached to the rope hanging down from the ceiling, pulling my wrists sharply upwards behind me.

She left me hanging there whilst she went to the kitchen for something to eat, she told me to think about what I’d done and she would decide my punishment when she'd calmed down. My body still ached from the previous bondage and now was hurting in other places that didn't hurt before. What was she going to do to me? It would be two weeks before my parents got back from their trip. She'd still seemed very angry with me, whatever punishment she gave I felt I deserved it, I felt very sorry for myself & was willing to do anything to please her.


story continues in Part 4: The Punishment begins...


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