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Bound for Pleasure

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2001 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; X-frame; stocks; bdsm; paddle; crop; nipple; leather; bodybag; boxed; torment; tease; toys; mast; climax; reluct/cons; XX

continued from part four

Part 5: Punishment Slave

As you may recall, in part 4 our self bondage heroine was tied to a wooden cross within a room filled with all manner of bondage implements, left alone as part of the punishment for using her aunt's best silk scarves to tie herself up with. Found when she could not release herself from the hogtie position she'd put herself into, her aunt was now going to teach her a lesson she would remember the rest of her days. She often drifted back in her fantasies to those days she spent being tied up within that room and the things that happened there.

She remembered how she'd been left tied to the cross for hours drifting in her fantasy, beginning to enjoy her bondage session, she had been left here by her aunt who had gone to work, and was unaware that someone was about to enter the room. The door crept open slowly as the woman entered the room and there against the wall was a young girl, tightly tied to the wooden beams that kept her suspended off the floor, she was gagged & blindfolded and a leather chastity belt surrounded her sex. Just as she had instructed her friend on the telephone yesterday evening and now she was going to spend some time playing with this little captive, her new slave.

I was suddenly brought out of my dreams by a presence in the room, I could not hear whoever it was but could sense that they were standing there watching me suspended up here, naked apart from the leather that covered my pussy. I heard footsteps walking around the room; I tried to move, to escape my bonds but was held fast, I hoped that it was my aunt returning after having second thoughts about my punishment. But no words were spoken, I then felt a touch of someone's hand against my leg, my leg twitched involuntary at this cold hand but it continued to explore other parts of my body. Silently the hand moved about me, stopping to caress and rub parts of my flesh, it was joined by a second hand that was placed over my breast, squeezing it within it's grasp.

My breath stopped when the hand touched my breast, I knew that this person was not my aunt, she had never touched me in this way before and I screamed out but only a muffled yell came out from the gag. I tried to move my body away from the unseen hand and it's owner but my struggles were fruitless against my bonds. The owner of the hand seemed to delight in my attempts to break free and continued to manipulate my breast in it's hand, the other now joined in on my other breast. All I could do was to hang there and let this happen to me, but I remained rigid in the bindings that held me to the beams, my breathing hurried and the fear within me rising as this person carried on their silent molesting.

The hands stopped touching my breast and moved down my body towards my sex, getting closer as they explored my tummy they moved about my pussy rubbing over the top of the leather covering my hole, a finger was then moved inside the leather and rubbed along my lips sending electrical shocks throughout my body. I was helpless to defend myself and wished that my aunt would return soon. Then the hands stopped altogether and left my body, the person moved away and left the room, I could hear someone moving around within the apartment, but couldn't decide where they were. I continued with renewed effort to break free, my thoughts began running through my mind, what's going to happen to me? Will this person come back? What will they do to me?

Bound against the wooden beams all I could do was hope that this was a burglar and that after taking what they wanted around the apartment they would leave. But then I heard whoever it was returning to the room, my ears were more sensitive after being here for so long and I was sure I could hear the sound of leather creaking, I thought that they were wearing a leather jacket and tried to listen for more clues knowing that any information would help the police and my aunt to get her property back. The leather creaking continued to get closer to me and I could now smell the leather, a hand again touched me but was now not so cold, it was covered in leather, so they were wearing gloves. The hands reached up behind my head and unfastened the blindfold; my eyes began adjusting to the light.

The person stepped back as I began to focus on my surroundings, the spotlight was on again and so I could only make out shadows, but the person looked thin and tall, they were moving around the room gathering things. When they came closer I saw her face, she looked at me and said, "Hello my pretty one! So you're the naughty girl who likes using my scarves to tie yourself up with." Her face was of a woman in her mid forties, slender with blond hair cascading over her leather clad shoulders. I looked at her with astonishment as I took her body in, she was dressed from neck to feet with a leather catsuit that highlighted her well proportioned body, her hands were covered within the suit and she worn boots with heels that looked like they'd break being so thin and pointed.

I mumbled into my gag that I wanted to be released, but she just began laughing. "No my pretty little one, you are going to pay for your little indiscretion, you can't just use my scarves and not expect to suffer the consequences." she said.

I wriggled against my bonds, I didn't like the sound of what she was saying but she continued to laugh whilst watching my body move within its tight confines. Her hands again moved around my body checking that the ropes were tight, that no escape was possible. She then attached clamps to my nipples separated by a small chain, she screwed down the fastener on each nipple squeezing them in their vice like grip, sending shock waves to my brain. She tugged at the chain pulling both nipples downwards sending more pain signals to my mind.

"Now you are all mine to do with as I wish, my pretty little one!" with a wicked grin she continued. "I frequently have slaves in here to submit to my wishes, your auntie amongst them, but you are going to be the most promising subject yet!" She slapped me on my thigh with her hand causing me to yelp within my gag. "There’s a lot more to come my little bound slave, a lot more!" She walked away to a small cupboard against the far wall and bending down reached inside to retrieve something, she held this behind her back as she returned to my helpless body.

"Well now, my little one today your auntie has left me in charge of you, to use as I so wish, to enjoy your sweet little body at my whim." she said mockingly. I could only stare down at her from the cross beams, I tried to see what she was hiding behind her but she moved her body to hide it from me. Her hands began to again caress my body saying that I had such smooth unblemished skin; it was going to be a pity to mark it!

What, no, no not that please my mind screamed at the thought. She brought out from behind her back what she'd been hiding, a leather strap at least three inches wide and about a foot long attached to a handle. She stepped back and swung the strap into the air.

Bringing it down onto my thigh and catching the side of my buttock, making me cry out into my gag, she continued to bring blows to that side of my body, moving the slap up or down with each hit. She stopped after a short time and moved around and began to use the strap on the other thigh & buttock. When she'd finished she had used the strap on my thighs both sides several times, moving around to adjust the angles. Both thighs were glowing red and sore, she moved in front of me and I thought that she'd finished, but she again brought the strap up and slapped my breast with it, moving from one to the other she continued to hit them until the tears streamed down my face and my breasts were sore & tender.

She stopped stepping back to admire her work; my breasts and thighs were aglow after the punishing torment she'd just applied. She put down the strap and picked up a small thin stick. "Just a simple riding crop my dear, useful for horse's and disobedient slaves, a simple small device to apply pain just where it's needed!"

The crop was then raised and brought down on my left breast, sending unbearable pain into my already sore body. Moving from right to left she continued to apply blows to my breasts, followed after by my thighs but then she started hitting the inside of my thighs, closer & closer to my sex feeling the wind before it hit against my skin.

Next she began to hit me between my legs, against the leather that covered my poor pussy, hitting it in several spots, each one different from the last. She dropped the riding crop on the floor and began rubbing her hands over the places she'd hit starting with my breasts, then my thighs and now my sex. The warmth created by the blows was starting to spread throughout my body, warming up my tummy and spreading between my legs causing my hole to become damp. She took off one of her long gloves and ran this hand under the chastity belt, checking for moisture. She looked up into eyes as she found out what she wanted, my body had betrayed me, my pussy was getting nicely wet, my cheeks reddened as she looked into my eyes.

She pushed her finger into me and moved it around, it was beginning to send delightful waves of pleasure to my brain when she suddenly removed it and put the finger in her mouth tasting my liquid. "Mmmm! My you do taste sweet, you are going to be delicious when I get through with you!" she said. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, I had never had another woman touch me there before and my embarrassment rose as she continued to suck her finger. The rest of the day was spent on the cross being either hit with whips, paddles or other devices or gently stroked with her hands, feathers or soft cloth. My sex was going wild with all this touching and several times she nearly brought me to orgasm, but stopped rubbing me and applied more pain.

After what seemed like days hanging on the beam, she stopped the beatings and removed the chastity belt from around my crotch, my sex was on fire and she began to use her tongue to cool it's heat. I no longer cared what happened to me or who was doing it, I was in such frenzy that immediate relief was all I craved. She continued licking at my very moist pussy, running her tongue around my lips, flicking my little clit and then pushing her fingers into me. I writhed within my bonds, hanging there getting closer to climax, she continued to tease & torment my throbbing pussy until at last I gained release and my body shook against the frame, pulled at the ropes that held me until the aftershocks had long subsided.

She arose and looked into my eyes, "Yes you are going to be an interesting slave, your aunt said that we have you for nearly two weeks to use & play with. When you leave here you'll know what real pain & bondage is all about!"

With that she began untying me from the frame, releasing me she took hold of my hand and lead me over to another device within the room. I was shackled within the stocks for nearly a whole day, overnight after she and my aunt had finished playing with me I was gagged and a hood placed over my head whilst kept secured within the stocks.

After nearly two weeks in the room I had been bound in every conceivable way and placed into many positions in various devices. They had used my bound body for all their whims and desires; I had been used for their sexual pleasure by both of them. I had become used to being their bondage slave, to be tied, used and abused by both women. I had come to enjoy the feelings I was getting whilst being used by one or both of them, even the punishment had become pleasurable and my tolerance for pain was now higher.

Near the end of my stay I was allowed a bit more freedom and allowed to roam about the apartment, but always in bondage & under strict supervision of either of them. If not I was secured within the room to await their pleasure. One night my aunt's friend asked if I’d liked any of my bondage or if they'd missed something I’d might like. They were going out for the evening and wanted to give me something that I’d like for a change, a treat she'd called it. I told her about my bondage suit at home and how I liked to spend time wrapped within its' grasp. "Well we have something like that here, your aunt has the same desires you do!" she explained.

She went into their bedroom and brought out a leather suit, it had buckles all the way along it and closed around the neck leaving the wearers head free. She showed me how it was worn by my aunt. She said, "Tonight is your night, you'll be locked within this suit until we return or decide otherwise." I agreed as I loved being tightly bound in my suit at home and this one was made of leather, a new experience for me. I said that I would like to also wear one of the hoods that I’d worn before and went to get myself ready whilst she retrieved some other things to use on me.

She caught hold of me in the hallway and lead me into their bedroom, my aunt was getting ready in the room and smiled at me as I entered. Her girlfriend had already told her my wishes and she knew how it felt to be locked away within this suit. Standing there naked, I hadn't worn clothes since the first day, she told me to sit on the bed whilst she placed my feet within the leather suit. Pulling the leather up my legs enclosing them within its cool grasp, she continued and bade me stand. My aunt approached me with a small plastic item she'd removed from the drawer, it had little straps running off of it, she showed me what it was and told me it would give me hours of pleasure whilst it vibrated against my little nub. Fixing it in place with the straps it was turned on and the leather suit pulled up over my hips and waist.

My hands were placed into the inner gloves that held my arms to the sides of the suit, they then pulled the suit over my shoulders and up to my neck, but before fasten the collar the hood was pulled over my head blocking out the light and was pulled into the collar. The suit was closed with the zipper, enclosing my sweet young body within it's leather confines, the zipper ran all the way up to the collar and was held there by a small lock. Now that I was secure within the suit they began to fasten the straps about my leather clad frame, pulling the suit even closer and restricting all movement. When finished they stood and admired their handiwork, running their hands over my bound form, smoothing the leather against my body, I was in heaven at their touch.

My body was picked up by them and placed on their bed and they both began to tie me down to the bed, applying rope to the straps and eyelet's attached to the suit. Soon I could not move at all and was left there on the bed to begin enjoying the pleasure that was drifting up form my buzzing sex. They continued to get themselves ready for their evening out, leaving me quietly smouldering on the bed. They both leaned over and kissed me before they left the room, turning off the light and heading off for their nights entertainment.

I lay there for many hours drifting in my fantasy world, letting orgasm after orgasm crash over my leather bound body until late in the night I heard them returning. They came directly into the bedroom to check on me and I could hear them kissing each other and clothes being removed, they seemed very hot for each other and couldn't wait to get to each other’s body. But they had one small problem - I was still bound to the bed, their bed. "What'll we do with her?" my aunt said.

"We could move her to the playroom." said her friend. "No, she's been in there for over a week, think of something else."

"Well there's always the box!" said her girlfriend, "She could spend the rest of the night in there. You've always enjoyed it when you're strapped into that suit."

"Yes, put away into storage I’ve always loved that, let’s do it to her!" she said.

With that one of them began untying the ropes that bound me to the bed, while the other moved the large wooden blanket box out of the closet where it was stored. They then picked up my tightly wrapped body and lifted me over to the box, placing me inside they made sure that I was comfortable, my aunt reassured me that I would enjoy being locked away and they closed and locked the lid. I lay there bound within my leather suit still unable to move and heard muffled moans coming from outside the box.

I could hear my aunt and her girlfriend make love to each other on top of the box that they placed me in, making me hotter between my legs, the vibrator still working it's magic against my little nub. As they were coming to a climax on top I was also reaching mine inside the box. They left me inside all night and continued their love making on their bed until the early hours. I awoke in the morning the batteries now dead in my vibrator, to the sound of someone opening the box, it was my bondage mistress, my aunt's lover and she picked me up out of the box and placed me down on the bed where she began to remove the bondage suit and hood.

After removing the suit I lay there on the bed relaxing, while she put the bondage suit away. She returned and told me to lie on my tummy and she would massage my aching muscles, she climbed onto the bed and began rubbing her hands over my sore body. It felt so good I just melted into the bed as she soothed me; she continued her movements down my legs working the backs of my thighs and then down to my feet. She asked she and me to roll over would continue my massage on the front of my body, I did so and she applied the soothing cream to my breasts and tummy, I drifted off into a daze and was brought out of my dream like state when her hands drifted between my legs....



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