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Bound for Pleasure

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2001 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; spandex; catsuit; sleepsack; straps; mast; climax; cons; X

continued from part one

Part 2: Joys of the Spandex Sleepsack

Later on that evening after they'd had their meal, Karen our bondagette had gone back to her bedroom, her mum & dad sat downstairs, she lay back down on her bed remembering the glorious afternoon she'd just had when her boyfriend had found her bound, gagged & blindfolded to the bed. Her hand drifted between her legs as the memories came back, her body felt delicious, the warm sensations flooding back throughout her body from between her legs, as she gently played with herself. She got closer to orgasm, her body responding to her touch, her mind lost to her dream, she drifted along building up the delightful sensations... she was getting close now, just a few more minutes... now working her body, using her other hand to caress her breast, tease her now hard nipples.

Just as she was getting close there was a knock at the door, causing her to hold her breath, her hands quickly moving away from her pleasure centre. Her mum then entered her bedroom and sat down on the bed. She said that she'd brought something to start her bondage lessons; she held it behind her back. Karen now relaxed a little but still felt a little flushed from her self-manipulations, "What is it?" 

"Just a little bondage device that I use every now & then," she replied, "A gentle introduction to the joy's of bondage, it's called a 'sleep sack' it's made of spandex and stretches over your body, but holds you firmly within it's grasp, you could call it a 'bondage suit’". Karen looked at the piece of material in her hands, she couldn't decide if she wanted to try this new type of bondage out, she was ok with being bound to the bed but to be wrapped into something, she wasn't so sure.

Mum said that she & dad would be in the garage for some while to come, as she'd become very hot for some long term bondage, after discovering her daughter's new found passion, she'd now wanted some more action. She was going to be bound up in the garage where they had set up their playroom. Dad was going to tie her up into a variety of positions and for most of the night she would be tied up. She said that she would not be able to relax if I was to bind myself to the bed on my own with no one to check up on me, she also said that she hadn't told dad about my earlier experience. Now that my journey into the realms of bondage had begun she wanted me to begin with something comfortable for tonight.

I decided to give it a try, the look of delight/relief on mum's face when I said yes made me believe that this was the right decision. She then told me to prepare myself and that she'd return in ten minutes, after using the bathroom and getting myself into bed to wait for her return, I began to get butterflies in my stomach! When she returned she had some other items in her hands behind her back, she told me not to worry about those. I'd put on my nightshirt beforehand, but she said to remove this and put on the clothes she'd brought with her. I picked them up, it was a one-piece catsuit made out of the same material as the sleep suit, it was black in colour and looked too small to use on me. She said that it would stretch & cling to my body and that if I liked it she would give it to me to keep.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed I began by putting my legs in through the only hole in the back, pulling the material up over my legs and my feet into the sock like ends of the suit, my mum helped me pull the body suit over my hips. Next she told me to put my arms into the suit and slide my head through the polo necked opening, now that I was fully enclosed within it's firm grasp she began pulling up the zipper at the rear, closing off my body to the outside air. The zipper pulled the material closer to my body, making it tighter than before. When she'd finished she asked how I felt, told me to walk around the room to get used to the feel of the material. It felt strange at first, I was still unsure if I was actually going to go through with this, she saw the look on my face and reassured me that if I was not happy with this that it would stop at any time.

She gave me a few minutes to think about if I wanted to go on, she explained how she'd felt the first time she'd worn this, that her desires began to build within her after a very short time. She also said that she would check on me at various times during the night when she could, to ensure that I was still okay. If I wanted out I only had to ask. Thus reassured I agreed to continue, besides the tight feel of the material was beginning to work it's magic on me, I was starting to get warm & moist between my legs and wanted to relieve some of the earlier tension that I’d built up before being interrupted. The suit felt nice, being held tightly within it brought out new feelings within me, something clicked in my head and I decided to go for the whole set up.

She then showed me the body bag/sleep suit that I was to get into, again it only had one opening, and again looked at least 2-3 sizes too small, but she helped me place my feet into it, pulling the very tight fabric up my legs. It was then that I noticed the Velcro straps attached to the sleep suit, first at the ankles then at the knees. My heart began beating faster; I was now getting fully into my bondage. She explained that she often used these two items for self-bondage, a little afternoon delight whilst I was at school and dad at work. She used small strings attached to the zips to enclose her within the two suits; she could then lay down and wriggle herself to her own delight, usually with 2 or 3 orgasms.

Now the sleep suit was pulled up and over my hips, she showed me the two inner sleeves where I was to place my arms, if I wanted to. She said that to begin with I could leave this, just to get used to the feel of the suit, but that if I wished to I could put them in there to bind my arms to my sides. The thought of this made me tingle all over, but I needed my hands free for other things!!! The warmth spreading outwards from between my legs demanded attention; I could not deny myself this pleasure and decided to leave my arms free. She then pulled the suit over my body and then I saw the headpiece, I was to be covered head to foot in it's tight embrace, she bent my head forward and pulled the hood over my head covering my face. I could smell the spandex, it was not unpleasant and it too began to arouse my feelings within me.

Before she closed the zipper at the back she again asked if I was okay, how did it feel?

"Mom... It’s certainly tight". I said " and it's beginning to bring out some nice feelings within me. Do you feel this good when dressed up like this?"

"Yes, it begins to work not long after I’ve put on the first suit, but by the time I’m in the second one my mind is doing back flips of delight." She then asked if it was time to zip the suit closed, saying that once inside I would not be getting out without her help. This sent me over the edge, to be bound up at someone else's hand, unable to get free. 

"Yes please" I begged, "Close the zip up".

Now fully enclosed head to foot, secure within the two suits, I stood there unable to move and slightly disorientated, I began to fall, but was caught and gently laid down on my bed. She then began to use the straps attached to the outer suit to tighten my bound body, making sure that I was securely wrapped within its warm embrace. 

"How does that feel?" she asked me already knowing the answer in her mind. 

"Mmm, deliciously tight" I said, "It gives me an all over feeling of being fully secure, held within its tight grasp." I began to wriggle around in my new found pleasures, my body heating up the cool material, the centre of my body focused on the feel of the restrictive cloth.

She then reached down and picked up the other items she'd brought with her, they were straps to secure me to the bed! She told me that she didn't want me to hurt myself by falling off the bed, but the thought of these straps holding me to the bed sent me through the roof, my mind began to fantasize about being bound to a bench within someone's laboratory, to be used for sexual experiments and then switched to being bound by a cruel & nasty mistress, packing my body for shipment to the slave markets. During this she'd began to place the straps over my suited form, making sure that I was firmly secured to the bed, the straps ran over my body and around the underside of the bed, back to over me where the buckles where to hold the straps tightly against me and the bed.

Totally immobile within the two suits, strapped down to the bed at my feet, knees, waist, stomach, chest and forehead I couldn't move, I had never before been this tightly bound, with my limited experience of self bondage never had I reached this high a plateau. I was lost within my dreams and only brought back by her asking if I was again okay, did I want to be released? What and miss this, no way and thank you very much, but I’d rather like to stay here and explore my feelings. Particularly that itch between my legs, which has increased ten fold since starting this bondage adventure began. She left me alone for a short while, saying that she'd be back for a final check on how I was going, before leaving to join dad in the garage for her fun!

I again drifted off into my fantasy and was thinking that a nice piece of rope tightly tied between my legs would be nice to rub against, maybe next time but for now I would have to bring my hands up between my legs to rub my little pleasure button. I tried to bring my hands forward from my side, but found that the straps prevented me from getting near my hot little pussy, what no relief from the nagging itch? What was I going to do now, bound for the night within my suits and held by the straps, I could not bring myself off! But as fate would have it, she'd returned to see if I was okay and saw what I was trying to do. She said that if she were a cruel mistress that she'd leave me just the way I was, but seeing it was my first time she would allow me some pleasure, and began to slightly release the strap holding my waist and arms.

I could now reach my moist love hole and play with its little nub of pleasure, so delightful that only us girls can have one. If boys had one they'd never leave it alone! She then re-checked all my fastenings, making sure that I was totally secure and bound tightly within, she bade me goodnight and sweet dreams. As I lay there I could hear her walk downstairs and out to the garage, where dad was waiting for her, what delights awaited her...

My bound body now demanded attention, I had been interrupted previously in my attempts to bring myself to climax, my mind now went into overdrive with my fantasy, my evil & cruel mistress has prepared me for shipping to a slave market to be sold to the highest bidder, to be used for whatever purpose they deem fit. My fingers were now a blur on my little clit, stroking it up & down. Circling around its little head, sending delightful sensations throughout the rest of my body. My tummy seemed to be filled with pleasure that I thought that I’d burst, which is exactly what followed, a tremendous orgasm climaxed within my tightly bound frame, an earthquake that would send the "Richter scale" to new highs. It seemed to last longer than any previous and was very, very intense.

After the aftershocks, I came back to earth with a wonderful full feeling within my body, and I was already feeling like going to round two. I could not escape my bonds; I was totally secured to my bed. I was all alone and again my mind took over drifting off into another fantasy, my hands began to do their work. I lost count of the number of times that I came that night, but I drifted between sleep and arousal, to orgasm and back to sleep for most of the night. My mum did check on me a couple of times during the night, but didn't want to interrupt my fumbling's within my nice tight suit.

I was disappointed to get out of my suit in the morning and wanted to spend some more time in it but she said that I could have the suit whenever I wanted it and maybe, just maybe she'd take me to buy my own one day. I still have that suit today and every time I use it on myself it brings back the memories of the first time.

But as for now I’m supposed to be tying myself up as a present for my husband....

story continues in Part 3: Scarf Bound


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