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Bound for Pleasure

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2001 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; gag; bfold; caught; M/f; bond; discovered; tease; mast; sex; climax; first; cons/reluct; X

Part One

After returning home from work, where her mind had been wandering all-day and unable to concentrate on her job, Karen had been dreaming about being bound and left to await her fate, it was one of her favourite fantasies. On & off throughout the day her mind drifted to various scenes whereby she was tied up either by some villain for his evil deeds or a sexy Mistress using her body for her pleasure. Karen was quite hot and steamy by mid-afternoon, and being a slow day at the office decided to get away from work early.

On the way home from work she decided that she needed to spend a little time in self bondage, she had done this many times before, although her husband had thought he'd introduced her to the joys of bondage, many years ago she had tried self bondage many times when still at school age, during her mid-teens. She remembered the days when she used to tie herself up with some old rope she found in her dad's garage, taken back into her bedroom she managed to tie her wrists, ankles & knees together, leaving her to struggle on her bed. As she became more adventurous she tried using gags and this was closely followed by blindfolds, these managed to increase the effects the bondage was having on her. She could not quite get totally aroused by her self-bindings, there always seemed to be something lacking. Karen found out what that was after tying herself up one day.

It was during the school holidays, when there seems nothing to do, friends are away on trips and there's little to do in town. So Karen decided to spend some time being bound & gagged, but this time she'd do something different. She decided to tie herself down to the bed spread-eagled, wearing nothing but her panties. She prepared herself on the bed, first her ankles were tied to the corners of the bed, next she doubled up a length of rope and wrapped this around her waist, tying this off she had two ends left. She pulled one piece each to either side of the bed and tied them to the bed frame. Now she was held down by her ankles & her waist. She put a rolled up scarf into her mouth and placed the gag over her mouth, a couple of her mum's silk scarves, tied tight behind her head Karen was now rendered speechless.

Now she placed another scarf over her head, ready to use as a blindfold, she then reached up to the head of the bed to the two ropes that she had tied there. These she had prepared earlier in a way she'd seen in a bondage magazine she found in her dad's garage, along with the rope. She had tied one end to the bed but the other she had tied with a cinch noose type knot, that when she pulled on, would close around her wrists. She now placed her left wrist into the loop and pulled down closing the rope over her wrist, it wasn't perfect - a little slack from the bed to the wrist but she decided it was the best she could do. Now she pulled the blindfold down over her eyes and placed her right wrist into the other piece of rope, pulling down again securing her wrists to the bed.

Karen began testing her bonds, struggling against the ropes that held her to the bed; in her mind she was being held captive by pirates to await the captain's desires. Lost in her bondage dream, at first she didn't hear her boyfriend calling for her, he'd returned home early from vacation and wasn't expected back for a couple days. Her parents weren't at home and were not due back until late evening, she thought that she would be uninterrupted in her self-bondage adventure and wanted to spend the afternoon drifting through some of her fantasies. Just as she was getting to the part of her fantasy when the Captain entered her cabin, her boyfriend entered the house. She heard him downstairs calling out her name and she struggled to free herself from her bonds, but whether through panic or over enthusiasm in tying herself down she could not break free. He was now climbing the stairs and coming to her room, her secret was about to be found out!

The door creaked open slowly, her boyfriend called her name softly thinking that maybe she was asleep, but when he entered the bedroom he could not believe his eyes. There was his girl, tied near naked on the bed, gagged & blindfolded and looking rather delicious, laying there vulnerable and totally at his mercy. He quickly approached the bed and removed the blindfold; he asked if she was OK, then asked who did this to you? Well the look in her eyes gave it away, he realized that Karen had done this to herself and looked as though she had done this before. Then a wicked thought came over him, why not take advantage of the situation, well she was very good looking, her body was gorgeous and she was very available to him bound to the bed the way she was.

He quickly undressed and wasted no time in getting onto the bed, he lay down next to her and began running his hands over her body, feeling her pert little breasts, rubbing his hands down over her stomach towards her secret place. At first she began to panic, did she want this to happen and with this boy, up until now it had only been fumbling's in darkened theatres or in the back of someone's car. She tried to calm herself by saying that this was what she had asked for, that she'd put herself in this position and that her fantasy was to be used and abused whilst bound, Karen began to accept her fate, he wasn't that bad and the gentle stroking of her body was making her quite horny. She began to settle and let her body take over.

Karen could see that he was enjoying the situation, and he said that if she'd wanted to be tied up at any time that he'd be more than willing to oblige her. Her senses began going into overdrive, the thought that she was now his captive was sending her towards the brink of an orgasm, every touch was sending tiny shivers throughout her body, her mind was alight with little electric shocks, she pulled hard against her bondage, straining against the ropes binding her, she was soon overwhelmed by the sensations and her body tensed as her orgasm crashed over her. He was at first frightened by the event but when she came down from her high, she looked at him with wanton lust in her eyes; he could see she was ok. "So that's what a woman's orgasm looks like!" he said, never having seen one before. She herself had had minor ones whilst playing with herself before but not like this, on a scale of 1-10 she'd place this as 12.

Now her boyfriend began playing with her body in earnest, happy that she was seemingly wiling to continue with him playing with her body, he moved his hand down to her now wet pussy and began to stroke her lips, pressing against her little pleasure button, sending more delightful shock waves through her body, she was in heaven and didn't care what he'd do to her now. She was his bound slave awaiting her Master’s desires and pleasures just like in the stories she'd read in the romance novels. He began sucking on her breasts, teasing her nipples, the sensations bringing her towards the brink of another but smaller orgasm. She was moaning through her gag driving him onwards, begging him to mount her and take her for his own.

His member was throbbing and rearing to go, and after her second orgasm he decided that it was now his turn, pulling himself up on top of her he pulled her very wet panties to one side and pushed his hard erection into her warm, moist hole. It was a bit hard at first but he managed to push past her muscles and into her inner sanctum, she at first winced at the pain that this first time entry brought her, but because she was already so wet & hot it made it easier when he entered her. They then both moved as one pushing up to meet each other’s thrusts, his cock rubbing her insides, her nub pushing against his pubic bone, grinding herself towards yet another orgasm.

They both came close together she first, followed closely by him, his sperm ejaculating within her, she felt his penis throb & pulse as he came. She enjoyed this feeling of being used in this way, happy that she'd found the part of bondage that she was missing. Being bound and awaiting someone to use you for their own delight. Now that he was spent he rolled off of her and lay down beside her, Karen now wanted to be untied from her bonds, but he had other ideas. He asked when would her parents be arriving home, she mumbled through the gag "about seven". "Good", he said, "that gives us more time to play!", and then proceeded to replace the blindfold. She began to struggle against her bonds, but he now began to re-tie her, tightening the ropes and stretching her body out over the bed, making the ropes even more secure and her bondage more complete.

Looking around he found a bondage magazine under her bed and began to look through the pages, this gave him some ideas, finding more rope left over from her bondage session he began running the rope under the bed and around her breast, forming a cross-over pattern, separating her orbs by the rope and fixing her to the bed even more. He then took some smaller pieces of rope & tied these around her knees, securing the other end to the bed, now bound by her ankles, knees, waist, breasts & wrists she was unable to move, Karen felt great, she was loving the extra bondage ties and she felt wonderful inside. He then left the room saying he'd return shortly, closing the door behind him.

'What was he doing?' 'Was he going to get his mates to join him in using her?' Wild thoughts rushed through her mind as to what awaited her. All sorts of scenarios ran through her mind, images of several boys using her began to fuel her fantasies, in her mind they all became pirates, using her body after the Captain had has his fill.

He returned after a while and began to rub her body all over, exploring every inch of her tightly bound body with his hands & mouth. Sending shivers down her spine and causing goose bumps to appear on her skin, he continued to take his time with her, she wondered to herself why she had waited so long for this, why had she not given in to his previous attempts beforehand. Now all she could do was lay back and give in to the wonderful sensations spreading throughout her body. He seemed to take his time with her, building her up towards the brink before stopping and letting her come back down to earth. He began working her body up for one more time and said that this time he would mount her & use her for his own pleasure.

Climbing on top of her he again entered her very wet pussy; it slid in easier than the first time. They began buckling on the bed; her body was alive with electrical energy as she came in a series of waves breaking across her body, he pumping more of his semen into her. They both sank back down to earth after what seemed to her like an eternity. He continued to lie on top of her bound body; Karen was unable to move because of his weight and the tight bindings that held her to the bed. They both must have drifted off into sleep because it was dark when they awoke, he quickly looked at the time, it was very nearly 7pm and her parents would be arriving home anytime now. He thought about leaving her for them to find, their only daughter found bound, gagged & blindfolded to the bed, fucked and oozing his spunk. What would their reaction be?

Little did they know that mum & dad both enjoyed being tied up, that's why they were late coming home, using a motel room for a little afternoon delight... He heard their car pull up into the driveway and quickly began untying her, removing her wrist ropes first so she could remove the gag & blindfold herself, he then removed the other ropes from her body, leaving her to untie her ankles as he slipped quietly out the back door just as her parents entered through the front. She managed to untie her ankles and shove the ropes under the bed, pulling the bed covers over her body she pretended that she was asleep when her mom checked on her.

Turning over in the bed, her mum turning on the light she sat upright in the bed holding the cover over her naked breasts. Her mum sat down on the bed to ask if she was feeling ok, that's when she noticed the tell tale signs of rope bondage. She been busted, her mum asked her what she'd been doing to get these rope marks on her wrists. Then she noticed the marks on her face, only slight but they were there, gag & blindfold marks now clearly visible. Her mom pulled the bedclothes away and looked first at her ankles, then noticed the rope marks around her breasts. She smiled and asked if she'd tied herself up or had someone else done this to her. The story then unfolded about how she'd found the bondage magazine and how she began tying herself to the bed and what pleasure she got from it.

Mom said that she & dad had be doing this for years, that she got the same pleasure from being tightly bound & gagged and that it was nothing to be ashamed of. That she'd enjoyed being used whilst tied to the bed or tied to other things whilst he used & abused her body. And that maybe she should teach her how to safely tie herself or others up and introduce her to some other things that you can do whilst securely tied. That night after their evening meal her lessons began...


story continues in Part 2: Joys of the Spandex Sleepsack


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