Bound Becky

by MasterKGray

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© Copyright 2020 - MasterKGray - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; slave; punish; cuffs; susp; crop; whip; pillory; collar; anal; toys; sex; oral; cage; hum; reluct; cons; XXX

Continues from

Part Two

“Great, now about that punishment,” my Master says. Uh-oh, I was hoping he’d forget.

“Yes Master,” I say as I bow my head in submission and both fear and arousal are keeping my adrenaline high. Why are you excited about being punished?

“Clean up from dinner and then come kneel in front of me in the living room when you’re finished,” my Master orders.

“Yes Master,” I reply and get up and start clearing the table as Master heads off to the living room to watch the baseball game. I scrape the small amount of leftovers in a Tupperware container and put them in the fridge. I wash the dishes and put them away.

“Babe, bring me a beer when you’re done,” he calls from the living room. I finish up and scurry into the bathroom to relieve myself. I brush out my hair and put on some makeup, I might as well look as good as I can for him, even if I’m naked. What is wrong with you, you’re putting on makeup for your captor? He is my Master and I love him. I slip back into the kitchen and grab a bottle of beer from the fridge. I open it then walk down the hall and hand him the beer before kneeling, still naked, wearing the leather cuffs and collar he’s locked on me.

“You can do better than that, slave,” Master snaps when he looks down at me.

“I’m sorry Master, please tell me what you want.”

“You’ve watched plenty of videos, and I’m assuming you’ve read even more stories, don’t you know how to kneel before your Master?”

“Each one is different, Master, please order me into the position that pleases you most,” I say and he sighs. Uh-oh, this isn’t going to make my punishment any better, he’s already frustrated because I didn’t pay enough attention to know what he wants. Stupid slave.

“When I tell you to kneel before me I want you to display yourself and emphasize your best assets. Spread your legs wide, let me see that pretty pink pussy of yours. Sit back on your heels and arch your back, thrust up those beautiful tits of yours. Put your hands behind you in the small of your back so my view is not obstructed. Keep your head level and look down at the floor unless I tell you to look at me,” my Master orders and I scramble to assume the position he’s requested.

“Like this Master?”

“This is better, but move your knees wider apart – yes wider, there, much better. The arch of your back is good, but pull your shoulders back more, point those hard nipples at me – yes very good. God you have great tits! I didn’t mention it, but your hair should always be going down your back like it is now, I might have you cut it a bit shorter so that point would be moot, then no matter where your hair is, it won’t cover those wonderful breasts. Perfect! Remember this position, slave, this is how I want you to kneel for me,” he orders. I’m practically gushing at his commands, my body is on fire and I get such a warm feeling from his praise of me. He sits watching the ball game, looking over at me from time to time, admiring my displayed body. Oh god, why does his every glance make me want him even more? He looks at me with an admiring appraisal and my pussy convulses, a trickle of my juices runs down my inner thigh.

After a while he sends me to the kitchen for another beer and when I return he tells me to kneel with my back to him, next to the couch between his legs. I kneel as before and he runs his fingers through my hair, and pats my head affectionately. I'm loving the attention and soon he pulls me up onto his lap and kisses my neck, he knows how much that drives me wild. Soon I’m moaning and squirming, the day’s events and the weight of my submission have turned me into a horny mess, I want him inside me. I turn around and start to unbuckle his belt, kissing him on the lips, but he pulls away. He’s never done that before, what did I do wrong? You’re his slave, not his girlfriend/fiancé, he decides how the game is played.

“Stop slave. Did I give you permission to kiss me or unbuckle my belt?”

“No Master, I’m sorry.” Oh god, this may be a lot harder than I thought, I want him so badly right now.

“Turn back around, you may not touch me until I say so,” he orders and I turn back around, sitting on his lap as before. He continues to stroke his hands over my shoulders and now he reaches my breasts, touching them softly and lovingly, holding them in his hands. He teases my already hard nubs and I gasp and moan as my body is nearing another orgasm. I’m gonna get punished so much, I’m almost to cum again. This new relationship has turned my libido from hot to a raging inferno. I’ve always had a high sex drive, but now I’m off the charts, I can’t even think straight, it’s like I’m turning into his mindless slut. Yes, his slave. He suddenly pinches my nipples harder and the slutty moan that escapes my lips is nothing short of porn worthy. Oh god, if he does that again I’ll cum for sure. I’m not sure I can control myself so I do the only thing I can do.

“Please may I cum, Master?” I beg piteously.

“Already?” He asks incredulously.

“Your slave is in heat, Master, please may I cum, pleeeaaaassssseee?” I beseech him. He grabs both nipples hard and twists, the sound that comes from me is the sluttiest sound I have ever heard, and I somehow hold back my impending climax.


“Y – Yes Master, p – please may I cum.”

“Cum for me slave,” he orders as he twists my nipples and I cum all over his lap, his legs and clean boxers soaked in my juices. I don’t know if I squirted, my eyes were closed, but I certainly gushed, which I usually do. Wow, I’ve never cum from just tit stimulation, this is amazing! I open my eyes as I return to reality to find his arm wrapped around my waist, his left hand still teasing my nipples and I’m still high on endorphins, I could probably cum again if he ordered me to.

“That was awesome, you are incredible babe. Obviously slavery agrees with you, I’ve never seen you cum from my playing with your tits.”

“Yes Master, it was my first time. Did I squirt?”

“No, you just gushed like normal, but you were beautiful as always.”

“Thank you Master,” I sigh with contentment and almost forget that I am not allowed to touch him as I start to grab his arms that are holding me. He unwraps his arms from around me and pushes me off his lap. I slip down onto the floor and kneel as he ordered me before, unsure what the problem is. He gets up off the couch and heads down the hall to his bedroom. He returns after visiting the bathroom and he’s wearing clean boxers and carrying a wet washcloth and a towel. He wipes me up and dries me off, I can’t help but get excited by his care of me. God I’m hornier than ever, what’s happening to me? I know that even after he cleans me I’m still quite juicy and I forget my place and look up at him adoringly.

“This game is boring anyway, let’s get your punishment over with so I can put you away for the night,” he says and I look up at him in fear. Oh shit, my punishment. That’s right, you’re the one who signed on for this, so you have to take the bad with the good. I’m afraid but I’m also strangely aroused, it’s a darker kind of arousal than the normal romantic feelings, it’s raw sexual need, gnawing its way to the fore. I’m becoming a slave to my baser lusts, they seem to be controlling me, forcing me to abase myself for pleasure. Master please, I need you so much! What the hell, you just had an orgasm and he’s promised to punish you and you’re begging him for more? Definitely losing my grip on who I used to be. I suddenly realize he’s attached a leash to my collar and is tugging on it.

“Get up slave, I don’t like repeating myself.”

“I’m sorry Master, this is – is a little overwhelming.” I say softly.

“Becky, look at me. Do you need me to stop? Are you reconsidering your agreement to all this?” Jimmy asks kindly, looking down at me with genuine concern.

“No Master, I – I’m just so damned horny right now because of what we are doing, I need you so badly. Th – This slavery thing has turn up my sex drive by at least ten times, maybe more, oh god, I’m so hot for you right now. Please fuck me Master, use your slave in whatever way you wish, but please fuck me,” I plead with him.

“After your punishment, I promise. Bad girls get punished, good girls get to cum. You were a good girl and made me a nice dinner, so you got to cum. Now you have to be punished for being a bad girl and cumming without permission,” he explains. Damn, I hope I don’t cum while he punishes me. He leads me down the hall to his bedroom, but when we enter, there’s no bed in here anymore. There are homemade bondage devices around the room. Oh god, I’m doomed, I’ll spend way too much time in here being punished, I’m gonna look like a battered woman. In the corner is a St. Andrew’s cross, on the other side a pillory, in another corner, a cage. God no, I’ve just signed on to be the sex slave of Ivan the Terrible!

“M – Master, where is your bed?” I ask summoning up what little courage I have left. He laughs that evil laugh again before answering me.

“In the storage shed. My parents aren’t really visiting my uncle, they’re at their new place, my dad bought a house in the next town. They moved there this past week. I’ve been preparing this place for the last two months in preparation for you, my pretty little slave,” he laughs again, sounding even darker. Someone please help me, my parents think I’m staying over for fun, but I’m a captive sex slave now! Help!

My mind screams but I’ve lost my voice. I tremble in real fear now, worse than anything I’ve felt thus far, standing speechless, my legs refuse to move and I’m rooted to the spot. He tugs at my leash and I stumble forward the few steps he’s forced me. No, I don’t want to be tortured! He senses my fear as my eyes flit around the room and widen with each new device I see.

“Are you alright, babe?” He asks, calming me down enough to speak.

“I’m afraid, Master, please don’t torture me, I promise to be a good little slave for you,” I plead profusely and he chuckles in that amiable way he normally does.

“Sorry babe, I guess I’ve been laying it on a little thick, I’ve been working on that laugh for the last two months, I guess I got it right.”

“Yes Master, it frightened me terribly, especially when I see all these torture devices.”

“Punishment, not torture, and some of them can be used for both punishment and pleasure. Take the pillory for example, you’ve always loved it from behind more than face to face. Imagine if I use you while you’re locked in there, every part of your sexy body available to me, and I can take you whenever I want, in any of your holes. I bet you squirt when I do that,” he says and I can’t deny that I’m growing wet with need again, imagining him doing what he just described. He could take any of my holes, even my mouth if I’m locked in there. Please get my punishment over with so you can lock me in there and fuck me.

“Yes Master,” I say much more calmly, but still afraid of what lies ahead. He checks my wrist cuffs, unlocking and pulling them one notch tighter before relocking them and then lifting them over my head to a chain hanging from the ceiling which I had not noticed until now. He uses a large padlock to lock the cuffs together and then the chain, snapping it shut. He walks to the side of the room and turns a crank, pulling my arms toward the ceiling and soon I am forced to stand on my toes. He seems satisfied and stops, flipping a lock which I assume will not allow the chain to descend until he unlocks it.

He walks to a cabinet along the wall and opens it. I can only see a little of what’s inside and he selects a broad leather whip, walking to stand behind me. I hear the whip as it cuts the air and I tense up, expecting it to strike my posterior, but apparently he is taking practice swings as I hear it cut the air once more without impact. I have relaxed and I hear it cut the air again but feel it make solid contact with my backside causing me to scream in pain. I gasp and pant, trying to cope with the pain. He doesn’t ask me to count and strikes me again on my poor ass and I’m screaming once more as the tears start to flow. I can’t take it, the pain, oh god, he’s gonna kill me. I’m still gasping for breath when the leather smashes into my ass cheeks for the third time and I try not to scream or pant, but I can’t help myself and I scream even louder than before. I want to tell him to stop, but I can’t even breathe.

After the fourth stroke I try to recoup as quickly as I can and so I can beg him to stop but he strikes again for a fifth time and I’m writhing in pain and screaming again. He pauses for a moment and I’m hoping it’s over, but it gives me the opportunity I was looking for.

“Please stop Master, it hurts so much, I can’t take it, you’re going to kill me, please!” I cry piteously. I’m a sobbing wounded mess, I can’t believe how much this hurts and there is nothing erotic about it. Oh god, you fool, see, you should never have agreed to be his slave, he’s gonna whip you to death.

“Five more,” he announces and I can’t believe my ears.

“Please no, Master, no more, I’ve learned my lesson, I won’t cum without permission, please,” I beg but my pleas fall on deaf ears as the whip strikes again. Oh my poor ass, I won’t be able to sit down for a week. I don’t scream as loudly and I pant and gasp, but I don’t know whether he’s hitting me with less force or I’m adjusting to the beating.

The seventh stroke hits and I’m hanging by my wrists, my legs failing me as I cry and sob, but no screaming, it doesn’t help. The next stroke is across my upper thighs and I scream again, there’s no padding there and it hurts almost as much as the first one. Mercilessly he hits me before I’ve had a chance to fully recover and I grunt in pain then hang hopelessly, losing count in my mind, not knowing how many are left. I’m nothing but pain, it consumes me. Once more the whip falls and I don’t know if that is all or if there is one more. My tears are slowing but the pain is as great as ever, maybe I’m adjusting to it.

“That’s ten,” he informs me then speaks those two words and the pain seems to melt away. “There’s my good girl.” I’m almost euphoric and I’m outside my body, floating on the comfort of his calling me his good girl. I have been punished and forgiven, back in his good graces. All is right with the world. But your poor ass, you won’t be able to sit down without wincing in front of your parents. How are you going to manage that? I don’t know, but I moan when he caresses my cheek and lean into it. What the hell, why are you letting him touch you like that after what he did to you? It’s not like I have a choice. He lets me down until I can stand on the floor, then unlocks the padlock and grabs the leash still hanging between my breasts, pulling me to a padded bench off to the side. He pushes me onto it face down but does not bind me.

He walks away for a moment then returns and starts rubbing a cool cream or lotion into my burning buttocks. I moan with parts of pain, pleasure and relief and the scene soon becomes erotic as my pain subsides, my arousal rises.

“Thank you Master,” I mutter softly.

“You’re welcome, slave, you did much better than I expected for your first time. You begged me to stop and told me how much it hurt, but you didn’t curse at me or call me horrible names, you took it like such a good girl. You are going to be such a pleasure to own,” he says and I’m shocked and surprised. Why didn’t you call him a horrible perverted son of a bitch? The answer is clear in my mind, because I know he’s not those horrible things, he’s my Master and my lover. He’s fulfilling my darkest fantasies and being the strong Master he needs to be to tame his slave, me. Oh god, I need to be tamed? God help me please. As he rubs the cream into all my sore places he notices my juices running down my inner thigh and sneakily flicks my unhooded clit and I squeak in surprise and titillation.

“Please fuck me Master, use your slave in whatever way pleases you,” I request softly. You truly are a masochist. I guess I am, because as much as it hurt I’ve never wanted him more than right now at this moment.

“Are you sure? It will most likely hurt because of your punishment.”

“Yes Master, please lock me in the pillory and fuck me hard, I want it to hurt,” I hear myself plead. Oh god, I’ve completely lost my mind, I’m just his little fuck toy now. I’ve read that a whipped slave is an obedient and needy slave. In my case that is true, I am so in heat! The flame between my thighs feels like never before, a burning which may never be quenched. Oh god, what is wrong with me? Do I really want this? I know that I do, but I can’t understand this unholy desire running through my body, it consumes me.

I am brought out of my thoughts by his tugging on my leash. I follow him blindly to the pillory and he locks me into it, my neck and arms are locked into the slots, he has to move my cuffs and collar so I fit. It was obviously made specifically for me because even if I weren’t wearing the collar and cuffs, I couldn’t slip out of it. He pulls my legs apart and locks them at least three feet apart and I moan at the realization that all of my holes are completely defenseless against his attacks, he may use me at his will, I am his helpless fuck toy. Please Master, please put out the fire in my loins. I wiggle my hips in an effort to entice him.

Instead of stuffing his rock hard erection into my pussy he puts lube on my anus and I clench in fear. Oh no, not there we haven’t even played around with that yet. As if in answer he’s shoving a small lubed butt plug up my ass. I relax and let it seat itself in my only virgin hole, surprised by the naughty sensation I feel, only stoking the flames of my desire. He chuckles playfully as I moan with pleasure and adjust to the feeling.

“Can’t stick it in there yet, I’d probably tear you. You need a little training first,” he says as he pats my rear gently. 

Even that love tap sends little tremors of pain through my body, somehow sending my pussy to another level as I clench and convulse around nothing. At this point I’m so overwhelmed, I can’t help but beg.

“Please Master, please fuck me, I need you Master, please!” I urgently cry out, thrusting my hips what little I can. He ignores my thrusting and walks around in front of me, his hard cock only an inch or two from my mouth.

“Suck me slave, take me down your throat like a good little slave,” he orders and like the obedient slut I am, I open my mouth and allow him to force his cock into my mouth. I cannot aid him by moving my head, it’s immobile. Instead he fucks my face like he would my pussy, his balls slapping on my chin each time he bottoms out in my throat. I’m just a receptacle for his cum and but I lick and suck greedily, trying to make it as good as I can, my need driving me to assist as best I can. Is this what you really wanted, to be used like a blow up doll? Yes, I am pleasing my Master and that is all that matters.

I try to develop a breathing pattern to work with the rhythm of his thrusting, so far I’m gasping for breath but something else is happening. The loss of oxygen is having an effect, combined with my helplessness, my overwhelming need and my total submission I’m cumming without anything touching me. The erotic picture in my mind has completely taken over and I thrust my hips harder now as the orgasm washes over me and I almost pass out as he shoots his load down my throat. I am so lost that I don’t even clean him as he pulls out. Streams of spit flow out of my mouth and off my chin as he goes to find something to wipe himself up. I’ve just cum from having my face fucked, and yet the fire still burns as hot as ever.

“Did you just cum?” My Master asks.

“Yes Master,” I reply, there’s no point in lying, the evidence is all over my thighs. I love this and I hate it, all at the same time. I want to wrap my arms and legs around him, forcing his cock as deep into me as it will go, but I cannot, I am held helplessly in this pillory. Yet the fire inside me burns hotter than it ever has! I know it’s because everything is out of my control and I must wait for my Master to decide when I will be fucked, and how hard.

He chuckles a bit as he walks around behind me and starts rubbing my sore ass gently. I must be a disgusting pain slut because his painful touch is sending the most erotic messages straight to my core. He touches my pussy and I let out a low growl of desire. I want him inside me so badly I clench before his fingers even find their way inside. He backs off and moves to my breasts hanging pendant beneath me, like a slutty cow. I’m beside myself with need!

“Please Master,” I squeak softly as he plays with my gorgeous tits. He pulls and twists my nipples deliciously and I nearly cum when he gives them a good hard twist. He’s playing your body like an instrument, a thing for his pleasure, nothing more. I know it’s true and more of my juices run down my thighs. I’ve never needed lube, I’ve always been quite lubricious on my own, but now I’m a fountain of female secretions.

“Not yet slave,” Master says as he continues to touch my body. Every touch is torture as I’m so close I can barely hold myself back. I’m trying to think of anything but what he’s doing to my body, how he’s turned me into his whimpering plaything, a puddle of woman flesh, so needy, so close. Hold on girl, your ass can’t take any more punishment. And that fear helps me contain my excitement somehow. He keeps playing with my body, tweaking a nipple, kissing the back of my neck, dipping his fingers in my slit. He knows every trick in the book, I’ve taught him too well, he’s going to make me cum again without permission.

“Please may I cum, Master, please,” my lusty voice surprising even me. I sound like a wanton whore. Now I know why all those sluts on the videos sounded like this, they were in need as much as I am, oh god, please don’t let me cum. I’m clenching and fighting my natural urges, I’ve never tried to hold back an orgasm and the frustration that’s growing is making it worse, not better. He continues to touch me and I bite my lip hard, trying to stop the inevitable. Suddenly he rams his cock into me with such force that I cum instantly. I scream and cry out, this climax is so overwhelming I pass out.

I awake being held in his arms and I instinctively reach out and grab the arms that hold me, forcing them to hug me tighter. I’m in my Master’s arms where I belong, I never want to leave, I want to be here with him always. But I have to go back home to my boring little existence as my parent’s little helper around the farm. I’m an only child and my parents need my help. I don’t know what their plans are when I marry my Master and move in with him. Wait, will he want to marry such a wanton slut? Maybe he’ll just keep me in that cage all day and take me out to play at night. The thought sends shivers of pleasure through my body and I snuggle back into his arms.

“You scared me girl. You passed out and I didn’t know what happened. I had to go get my laptop and do some research online. It’s not that unusual, some women pass out more frequently than others, but in your case it was most likely a sensory overload and your body just shut down to cope with the overwhelming feelings you were experiencing,” Master says. He’s exactly right, I was completely overwhelmed by the incredible feelings, but I want to feel them again and again. I hope I’m able to stay conscious next time. Next time, why would you want there to be a next time, you are out of your mind.

“Thank you Master,” I softly speak my gratitude for his loving embrace.

“Alright, let’s put you away for the night,” he says and I’m confused by what that means. He carries me to the little cage in the corner and I tremble in fear. I don’t want to be locked in a cage, I want to sleep in his arms. Apparently that’s not what he wants because he sets me on the floor and points at the cage. What? Sleep in a cage like an animal, are you crazy? But he doesn’t relent and I obediently start to crawl into the small cage head first.

“No slave, you’ll have to back in, you won’t be able to turn around once you’re locked inside,” my Master expounds and I back out of the cage and turn myself around, backing ass first into the cage. Just as my ass touches the wire at the back he pushes my head and closes the cage door with a bang and puts a padlock through the mechanism, locking me inside. I immediately realize he was right, because my ass is jammed against the wire at the back, I can barely move my hips a bit side to side and my face is nearly against the wire at the front.

“Please Master, I want to sleep with you,” I plead, hoping he will reconsider and take me to his bed.

“Not tonight, babe, maybe tomorrow if you’re a good girl,” he says and then turns and walks out of the room, closing the door so I can’t disturb him during the night. I break down and cry again, I need his comfort and instead I’m put away in a cage like an animal. You told him you wanted to be his slave, you idiot, now you have to live with whatever he does to you. I cry even louder and soon scrunch my knees up under me enough and lower my upper body so I’m not supporting my weight with my arms and legs. The position becomes uncomfortable in just a few minutes and after several more I’m hurting and cramping all over.

I finally stop sobbing and assess my situation. I’m locked in a cage. The floor is made of steel, but there’s a rubber mat in here, easing the hardness of the metal. There’s also a blanket, but I can barely move, much less figure out how to sleep in here. Fortunately I’m not claustrophobic or I would be a complete mess. The confining sides now seem comforting in a way and I’m not sure why. Because you need to have your head examined, this is not normal. But I ignore that voice in my head and eventually find a way to fold my legs up enough to turn onto my side and lay down, pulling the blanket out from underneath me and trying to cover myself over. My head is tucked into my chest, and it is the one time I wish my boobs were smaller, they seem like they’re trying to suffocate me. My ass is against the back corner and my knees are against the opposite side. I will surely have the crisscross pattern of the thick wire on my skin in the morning, but I find a way to fall asleep.

My dreams are frightening. Master is the devil, his skin is red and he has horns. He is taller, stronger and his red cock is enormous. He calls me his little slave and orders me to crawl to him. I do it as sexily as I can, and as I draw near, I tremble with fear and arousal. I want that cock in me, but I know it won’t fit, I’m far too small for such a large cock, it’s bigger than a horse’s dick and but I’m drawn to it, like a moth to a flame. He doesn’t stuff it in me, he orders me to suck him off and I know I’m going to die. I can barely take the head into my mouth, it’s so huge. I know I’ll never be able to take it down my throat, and suddenly it is buried to the hilt in my throat. I cannot breathe and it feels like it’s reaching all the way to my stomach. I choke and suddenly wake up, banging my head against my cage. Apparently my breasts were actually suffocating me for real as I see the drool where my mouth was and realize my face was wedged between them.

I try to adjust position, but I’m stuck, I can’t move. My legs have become numb and I’m wedged to a point where, without pushing with my legs, I can’t get free. I struggle for a while and eventually, exhausted I fall back to sleep.

I awake to my Master opening the cage and I look up at him pitifully. I’m unable to move and I stretch my arms outside the cage so I can take full breaths.

“Please help me Master, my legs have been numb for most of the night and I can’t move. I’m stuck, Master, please help me,” I beg and he grabs my arms, trying to pull me out of the cage but I don’t move, I’m wedged against the sides. The cage must be bolted to the floor because it doesn’t slide. He unlocks and opens the cage from the back side, turning me upright in the cage so I’m on my hands and knees again. I groan as the blood flow returns to my legs, like hundreds of pin pricks restoring the circulation. As soon as the pain subsides enough, I crawl out of the cage and kneel before him.

I can’t get my legs to move that well yet and have to push them wider with my hands until I am properly spread, then I thrust back my shoulders, arch my back and point my throbbing nipples at his hard cock, hiding inside his boxers. My legs still ache and my butt hurts, but I’ve knelt as I’ve been ordered by my Master.

“Good girl,” he says and my pussy convulses. My mind is drifting and my body feels like it’s floating on a sea of clouds. He’s done it, he’s turned you into his panting little sex slave. Yes, and I want more, I suddenly want to experience everything in this room, I’m sure I will find out about a few of them today.

“Your first duty every morning will be to give me a blowjob,” he orders and I immediately obey, crawling the few feet to him and kneeling as before in front of him, pulling his big cock out of his boxers and kissing the head before taking it into my mouth. I’m good at this and I put my whole being into it like never before. I’m his sex slave, he should receive as much pleasure as possible from me, so I don’t just suck him off, I worship his member. It is my whole life now, and I need to become the best cocksucker I can be. It doesn’t take him long to cum down my throat as I swallow and groan around his organ. I lick him clean and put him back into his boxers, then I crawl backwards toward my cage and kneel as I’ve been taught.

“Good girl! You’re falling into this way easier than I thought,” my Master praises me and I know that I am because of my proclivity to it. I am a natural submissive and I really love him, so pleasing him has become my number one priority. No mind of your own, just obey or be punished, sounds like you could be an animal for all he cares. I still have my mind and it’s going a mile a minute, thinking of all the possibilities he might like to try with me. Will I become his hucow, his pony girl, his pleasure slave, all of the above or more? I don’t know but I’m still wet and horny, wishing he would fuck me and make me cum like I did yesterday.

“Becky – hey Becky,” he pulls me out of my musings and I look up at him. “I said, go make breakfast, I want scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes,” he orders and I get up off the floor, my legs still a little wobbly and I walk into the kitchen still naked and put on the apron before starting the bacon crackling in the pan. He leaves the house and goes to the barn, as I cook, trying to keep everything warm until he returns. He is back in a few minutes and I know he will need to wash up so I start the pancakes, they will be nice and hot when he sits down to eat. Master sits down and I place his meal before him, then kneel on the floor beside him, not sure where I will be eating.

“Are you finished cooking?” He asks and I realize I forgot to take off the apron.

“Yes Master, sorry Master,” I apologize as I stand and take off the apron, hanging it on its hook, then kneeling again.

“Did you make enough for yourself?”

“No Master, I was told to cook breakfast for you, not me.”

“Go make yourself whatever you want, and in the future, make enough for both of us. I don’t want you to get thinner; I like your sexy curves.”

“Yes Master,” I respond happily and jump up, putting on the apron and making the same for myself. I’m quite hungry and I don’t know if I will get lunch or not, I might be a bit tied up, I sure hope so. You have got to get a grip on reality. I finish fixing my meal and place it on a plate on the table next to him. Taking off the apron I sit down and begin to eat. He is finishing his coffee and watching me eat. Suddenly I realize I must look frightful. I’m sure my hair is a mess, my makeup is long gone with all the crying and I haven’t even showered or used the toilet yet. But he’s looking at me like I’m the most beautiful creature God ever put on this planet and I can’t help but blush at his possessive gaze.

“What are you thinking, Master?” I ask, hoping he will reveal his plans for me today.

“I’m thinking I wish I wasn’t a farmer, then I would have more time to spend with you.”

“Thank you Master,” I say as my blush deepens and my excitement rises. I finish my breakfast and drink a glass of orange juice, plus a glass of water. I feel a bit dehydrated after last night, between the tears and the secretions, I’m sure I could use the liquid. I begin clearing the table and he grabs my arm, stopping me from picking up his empty plate. He forces me face down onto the table, and stands behind me. I hear the zipper of his jeans and moan with anticipation and arousal. He slams into my seemingly constantly wet pussy and bottoms out on the first thrust. I can’t believe I’m so wet all the time now, like a good little slave, ready for her Master at a moment’s notice.

He seems surprised too, but just continues rutting into me as I cum, not as hard as yesterday, but still a very pleasant one. But it doesn’t end there as he’s already cum down my throat so he continues plowing my furrow and soon I am cumming again, my pussy is so sensitive and I squirt a bit this time. When he finally shoots his semen inside of me I cum almost as hard as yesterday, screaming, squirming and squirting all over the table. I’m lost in subspace again and I don’t even realize he’s left the house until I recover enough to pick myself up off the table. There’s a note by the sink: Clean up the breakfast dishes and use the toilet. You may wash your face and brush your hair, but no shower. Meet me by your cage in the room, I have something I want to try.

I do as I’m told, cleaning up breakfast and putting everything away. I plod down the hall to the bathroom and use the toilet, then look at myself in horror in the mirror as I wash my hands. My beautiful hair is in complete disarray, my face looks like someone painted black lines on it where my makeup has run, and my lips look swollen and what little lipstick is left is smeared horribly. I wash my face clear of the makeup and then brush out my hair. It is a tangled knotted mess but I eventually finish and it looks much better, though it could use a wash and conditioner again. I am just about to put on more makeup when my Master knocks on the door.

“No makeup, babe, you’re beautiful without it, hurry up, don’t keep me waiting,” he calls through the door.

“Yes Master, I’ll be right there,” I say as I give my hair one last brush and open the door heading across the hall into the torture chamber as I think of it in my mind. He says it’s just for punishment or pleasure, and I sure hope I get some pleasure, the punishment was no fun. That’s the point isn’t it? It wouldn’t be punishment if it was fun. I walk to the cage where he’s standing, waiting with an evil grin on his face and I’m afraid once again.

“Get in your cage, slave,” he orders sternly and I think about protesting, I don’t want to go back in there, but like a good little slave I get down on my knees and back myself into the cage. “Today will be a little more fun than last night,” he says and I wonder if that’s true or if he’s teasing me. He unlatches and opens the top of the cage, pulling my arms behind me, forcing my right wrist by my left elbow, and vice versa, tying them together in a box tie with leather straps. He wraps another strap around the middle of my arms and then ties that off to the top of the cage. I’m in a cage, why do I need to be bound?

Now that my arms are useless, he plays with my nipples until they are like little rocks, which doesn’t take very long. As I said, I’m now constantly horny and my puckered nipples were easily enticed into their current state. He attaches a nipple clamp with a chain attached to my left nipple and I let out a slutty moan. He threads the attached chain through a ring at the bottom of the door and back up to my right nipple, only it doesn’t quite reach all the way. He pulls on the chain, distending my left nipple, until he can clamp the other end on my right nipple and then lets it go. I moan again in part pain, part arousal, my nipples pulled by the clamps and the chain.

He walks to the back of the cage and attaches something to the wire behind me. I can’t see what he’s doing but soon I feel a large dildo entering my pussy slowly. He’s attached it to the wire and is screwing it into me slowly. Next he does the same with a thin short dildo for my ass, except because I’ve never used that hole in this way before, it feels as big as the one stuffed in my pussy. Now he gathers my hair and starts working it into a braided ponytail. Why didn’t he tell me to do this for him? I soon find out because he’s added a strand of rope within the braid which he pulls and ties off to the back of the cage, holding my head up, facing the front of the cage.

He walks back around to the front of the cage and gives me that evil grin again. I know something devious is about to happen, my other two holes are stuffed full, I’m assuming he’s about to stuff something in my mouth as well. My suspicions are correct and he orders me to open my mouth as he attaches a dildo to the front of the cage and slowly screws it into my mouth. It doesn’t touch the back of my throat, but I can’t pull off of it while I’m tied like this in the cage.

“Here’s how the game is played,” he says with a smirk. “First let me show you what’s in store.” He presses a button and the toys in my ass and pussy come to life. I squeak with surprise around the phallus in my mouth. “That’s what happens when you play the game correctly.” He presses another button and I get a shock to both orifices from the metal studded rubber buried inside me. Ouch dammit, that hurts. “Good, now that I’ve got your attention, here’s how it works. I’m setting up this timer on a stand in front of you. You must deep throat the cock in your mouth for thirty seconds. That means your lips must touch the metal plate at its base for that long. If you do, you will avoid punishment, the longer you hold it, the stronger the dildos will pulse inside you. You may pull back off of the full deep throat for no more than thirty seconds or you will get another shock. The dildo in your pussy can register when you cum. You need to cum five times to shut off the shocks and the vibrations will allow you a sixth if you’re lucky.”

I stare up at him with defiance, but I don’t think he notices. Damn him, I want to cum, but I don’t want to be punished, those shocks hurt! He sets the timer and grabs the back of my head, forcing the dildo down my throat. When my lips are mashed against the metal plate the timer starts and it counts down from thirty to zero. He releases the back of my head and pulls me back as far as I can go and the timer starts over again, counting down. If I don’t get my lips back on the plate by the time it hits zero, I will receive the shocks. Oh god, I hate him so much right now. But I don’t have a choice as he stops the timer and resets everything, then flips the switch and the timer starts counting down. Unless I want to fry my poor holes, I have to obey. Exactly the point, obedience needs to be automatic, then you’ll be a good slave.

I force the dildo down my throat in plenty of time and the timer resets and starts over, counting down. The first few are easy but the dildos teasing my lower holes are becoming a distraction that’s threatening to overwhelm me. What will happen when I cum? Will I be able to continue with the game while I’m cumming? Or will my poor holes get fried? I don’t know but I keep working at it. My Master left the room after the first round, just to make sure everything was working properly. I keep the dildo down my throat for longer, because I can, but the vibrations have become so intense that I’m about to orgasm. Oh god, please help me, I don’t want the shocks, only the vibrations. I try to focus and keep swallowing the fake cock as my climax approaches.

Suddenly I climax and I’m crying and moaning around the phallus in my mouth, I squirt a little but not as much as earlier on the table. I don’t get the dildo down my throat soon enough because of my orgasm and the shocks hit, but instead of killing the orgasm it drives me higher and I scream in ecstasy. Now I’m definitely squirting as I try to get the dildo down my throat again. I do but I can’t hold it, because I run out of air and I get shocked again as my pussy convulses in surprising extended bliss. Finally I hold my lips on the plate the full thirty seconds and the shocks stop. Wow, that was intense! I pull back and try to catch my breath, all too soon the timer is running out and I’ve got to get my lips against the plate again.

The struggle gets worse with each orgasm and by the fifth I’ve learned something about myself. I must be a pain slut, because each time the pain has only heightened and extended the orgasm. The puddle of my secretions has spread so far that it’s touching my knees and my toes. I’m going to need a gallon of water to replenish all of these fluids. The sixth orgasm is pleasant and relaxing, knowing there are no shocks coming and I don’t have to worry about deep throating the dildo any more. I wish I could collapse onto the floor and lie in the puddle of my juices, but I’m bound helplessly inside my cage and I try to rest as much as I can.

Now that the orgasms are over, and the euphoria is wearing off, I feel the pain in my nipples, and my orifices. My throat is raw and sore, my ass is hurting like never before and my pussy is hurting but satisfied. My poor nipples feel like they will never be the same, but there’s nothing I can do until my Master returns. I have defeated his game, or maybe it has defeated me, I’m not sure which, because I am exhausted. Hurry back please Master, I’m so fatigued I’m afraid I’m going to hurt myself.

Just when I think I can’t hold position any longer my Master returns. He unscrews the dildo out of my mouth first and then places a large water bottle on the outside of the cage with the tube sticking inside. It’s an animal water bottle, the kind you see in gerbil or hamster cages, only this one is larger for sheep or hogs. He’s treating you like an animal, why do you put up with this? But I’m so thirsty I wrap my lips around the tip and lick the spring loaded ball sending precious moisture to my sore throat. I continue to drink not realizing he’s unscrewing the dildos from my anus and pussy until the one in my ass slips out and I moan in relief around the nozzle. The phallus in my pussy slips out, then he detaches all of them from the cage and leaves the room while I drink, replenishing the fluids I’ve expended.

When he returns, Master releases my nipple clamps and I scream in pain. They’ve been pinched and pulled for more than an hour and the pain is excruciating as the blood flow returns to my sensitive tips which are an angry red instead of their natural pretty pink. He releases my arms allowing me use of them again and I crawl out of the cage as he’s directed and kneel before him. Lastly he unbraids my hair and tosses the rope twined in it to the corner, I don’t remember him untying it from the back of the cage.

“You’re such a good girl, I saw you cum from the pain, we will explore that further, but not today,” my Master informs me and I practically gush when he calls me his good girl. Oh god, what is wrong with me? I’m frightened by how easily I’m being conditioned, but I’m also delighted that he’s pleased with me.

“Thank you Master,” I say gratefully looking up at him adoringly.

“Why are you thanking me, slave?”

“Thank you for calling me your good girl, Master.”

“I will always call you my good girl when you please me.”

“Thank you Master,” I say, knowing I’d do anything to hear those two little words again.

“I’ve fixed some sandwiches for lunch,” he says as he clips a leash to my collar and I stand and follow him to the kitchen. I sit at the side of the table where I sat for dinner and breakfast as my Master sits at the head of the table. It’s clear even in our seating arrangement he’s in charge. In front of me is a plate with a ham and swiss cheese sandwich with mayo, just how I like it along with a glass of ice water. I grab the water and practically gulp it all down, the pet bottle is difficult to get enough water from without a lot of time and practice. I suppose I may get more practice at it later. More of being treated like an animal, disgusting. I pick up the sandwich and take a bite, surprised at how hungry I am. I will often skip lunch, I’m not normally that hungry if I’ve had a big breakfast like today.

“Master, may I get myself more water?” I ask. “Or anything for you, Master,” I correct myself.

“I’m fine,” he chuckles, “go ahead and get some more water.” I got to the tap and run it for a minute or so until the water is cool, coming from underground, and I fill my glass, returning to the table to eat. I finish my sandwich in record time, the multiple orgasms must have burned a lot of calories. I sit patiently while my Master finishes his sandwich and drinks his Mountain Dew.

“Master, may your slave request a soda as well?”

“Yes, go ahead and get one from the fridge.”

“Thank you Master,” I say and get a Mountain Dew as well, drinking it slowly, savoring the taste. I’ve never been one to shy away from drinking sweet tea or soda, I’m a farm girl, we burn a lot of calories, so it’s never been a problem, and after this morning, I’m sure it won’t be now either. You have to ask him for everything? Yes, he’s my Master, he controls everything. I finish the soda and in spite of the large amount of caffeine I’ve just consumed my eyes are heavy and I almost nod off.

“Tired, slave?” he asks amused.

“Exhausted, Master, I didn’t sleep – ,” I start to say but I’m cut off.

“I didn’t ask for an explanation, just an answer to my question. ‘Exhausted Master’, was enough,” he says curtly.

“Yes Master,” I say submissively, bowing my head.

“Clean this up,” he orders and I jump to do his bidding. Why do you keep obeying his every little command? I don’t want to be punished, and I like pleasing him. I clean up the paper plates and wash the glass I’ve used, putting it away after drying it.

“Finished, Master,” I say and he walks over and pulls my hands behind me, locking my cuffs together behind my back. He grabs the leash still attached to my collar and leads me out the back door toward the barn. We enter and he leads me to the stall where I was imprisoned yesterday, opening the door and pushing me inside. He unclips the leash from the collar and I hear the door close behind me and the lock going through the handle, keeping me locked inside my cage.

“Get some rest,” he orders and walks away.

There have been some improvements over yesterday. Against the wall is an old metal bed frame with a mattress on it. On the mattress is a blanket covering it, and another blanket to cover over with. In the corner over the drain is a toilet seat, bolted to the wall. On the wall is a toilet paper holder with a roll of toilet paper on it. Great, your animal accommodations have been upgraded, hope you enjoy your stay at slaves ‘r us. My sarcastic mind is in full swing here after satisfying my hunger and my treatment thus far. At least I still have my sense of humor. I walk toward the toilet seat, then realize my hands are locked behind me. I go to the bed instead and lie down, pulling my hands under my bubble butt, then slide them down my legs and slip through them, now my hands are in front of me, perfect.

I walk back to the toilet seat and sit, relieving myself, then use the toilet paper to wipe up. I don’t know what to do with the used paper so I drop it into the straw. I drag myself to the bed and fall into it, completely wiped out. I pull the blanket up over me and fall asleep, my worn out body thankful for the rest.

I awake as Master unlocks the door to my cage. I look up sleepily through half-lidded eyes and realize my Master is standing beside my bed. Uh oh, what will he say when he finds out I slipped through my arms and they are in front now? I slide out of bed and kneel but I can’t put my arms behind my back, so I lift them up and behind my head. He surveys me with a salacious grin. He doesn’t say anything for at least a minute or so, just looking down at me. Please say something, Master, anything, the suspense is killing me. I tremble a bit as I think of the punishment possibilities, when he suddenly laughs.

“Clever little slave, I’ll have to remember that for next time,” he says and clips the leash to my collar. He tugs and I stand and follow him out of my cage and the barn into the backyard heading toward the door. The sun is low in the sky and I know it must be dinner time. More slave duties, fixing dinner for her Master. I am sure that is what he will expect and when we get to the kitchen he unclips the leash, unlocks the cuffs and gives the same order as last night. “Fix dinner.”

He leaves and I open the refrigerator to see what is in there to cook. I see two steaks and I pull them out, wondering if he would prefer them grilled. I put on the apron and go into the backyard, firing up the propane grill. I walk back into the house and start peeling potatoes and put them into a pot to boil. I snap some fresh green beans and put them in a steamer. I walk back out to find the grill hot enough to start the steaks and I add some seasoning before throwing them on the grill. I go back inside to find my Master standing in the doorway with an angry look on his face.

“What are you doing?”

“Grilling the steaks, Master,” I say as casually as I can muster as my heart pounds in my chest.

“Steak, sounds good, continue slave.”

“Thank you Master.”

I go to the kitchen and check on the green beans, they are nearly done, the potatoes will take a few more minutes. I go back out to the grill and flip the steaks, searing the other side to seal in the juices, then walk back in to find the beans are done. I turn off the flame under the pot and leave them there to keep warm. I grab a plate and walk back out to the grill. I know my Master likes his steak rare and I pull it off the grill after another minute or so, the steaks are not very thick. I bring them in and cover them with foil to keep them warm. The potatoes are now done and I drain and mash them adding garlic, salt, pepper, butter and some parsley. I bring everything to the table and go to the living room where my Master is watching TV.

“Master, dinner is ready,” I say after I kneel before him.

“Very good, slave,” he says and gets up off the couch and goes into the kitchen. I follow and wait for him to sit.

“What would you like to drink, Master?”

“I’ll have a beer.”

“Yes Master,” I say as I head to the fridge and grab a bottle of beer for him and a bottle of Mountain Dew for myself. I set the opened beer by his plate and sit down at my place, then drink from my soda.

“Damn good steak, babe.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Good girl,” he says and as before my pussy convulses but I keep quiet. He eats quickly and goes back to the living room to watch more television while I finish eating and clean up. I finish my duties and walk slowly into the living room, kneeling before him like the obedient slave I’m turning into. Why do you keep this up? Tell him you want to stop. But I can’t displease him and I don’t know why. Yes, on the one hand this is turning me on, but on the other it’s just not right, is it?

“Master, may I get a shower?” I ask and he grins and nods, barely even looking at me as I kneel there for him. Dammit, I’m being a good little slave and he hardly even notices me. I get up and trudge down the hall to the bathroom, when I realize I can’t get a shower with the leather cuffs and collar on. I walk back to the living room with trepidation and kneel again. Shortly a commercial comes on and he looks down at me.

“Something wrong, slave, I thought you were getting a shower?”

“Yes Master, but I didn’t want to ruin the leather,” I say, holding up my wrists and pointing to my collar.

“Oh yeah, right,” he says, pulling a key out of his pocket and motioning for me to move closer so he can unlock me. As he unlocks the leather he says, “We will have to make this a more permanent solution so you can wear them in the shower as well.” I stand there stunned and surprised. Permanent? Oh god, why is my pussy dripping at that idea? I remove the cuffs and collar and leave them on the coffee table, heading down the hall in just my birthday suit. I’m completely unfettered and alone for the first time since he kidnapped me. Pretty damn sure of himself, isn’t he? How does he know I won’t run? But where am I going, still naked. I don’t know where my clothes, cell phone, suitcase or purse are. I’m sure he would hear me if I tried to use the phone on the wall in the kitchen. I could wrap up in a towel and walk across the field to old man Thompson, but he’s an asshole and nobody likes him.

Instead I get in the shower and wash my body quickly but thoroughly. I shave my legs, arm pits and pubes as ordered. Why do you keep doing everything he tells you? I don’t want to be punished, but it’s deeper than that. I’ve always fantasized about being his slave and now that we’re playing for real, I’m far more emotionally locked in than physically. I truly want him to be pleased with me, even if it means being his slave. You’ve completely lost your mind. I wash my hair and get out of the shower, drying off and finding my blow dryer, drying my hair while I brush it. It looks flowing and beautiful again. I don’t put on any makeup because of his order this morning and I walk back down the hall and kneel before him.

“Good girl, your hair looks awesome,” he says and I blush with arousal, again those two words, but also his compliment of my hair.

“Thank you Master.”

“You’re really doing well today, come on into my bedroom,” he says and leads me into the master bedroom that used to be his parents. It’s larger than his old room and there’s a large queen sized bed with wrought iron head and foot. The better to tie me down, no doubt. I shudder with equal parts fear and excitement at the thought. “Kneel here,” he says pointing to a soft rug at the foot of the bed and my knees are grateful for the cushioning. I kneel as ordered and he locks a steel collar around my neck. Already attached to the collar is a chain that is also locked to the foot of the bed. I’m locked to the bed, unable to get away again. Why is this making me so damn hot? Please fuck me Master! Why did I just think that, I’m still sore from this morning?

Master goes into the master bathroom (giggle) and gets in the shower. I hear the water running. As I wait, kneeling like the obedient slave I’m becoming I look around the room. I notice that the bed seems higher than it should be, but the foundation or box spring is covered by a long valence. I try to lift it up through the wrought iron foot piece and I see a wooden base and wonder why he’s built it so high. I attempt to stand but my chain is too short and I can only stand bent over at the waist, the length is attached to the bottom of the iron and I am quite limited in my movement. I can’t slide it in either direction and I notice it’s locked to a welded loop at the base of the foot piece. Upon further inspection there are other loops welded into the curly fronds of the metal, convenient anchoring points for binding a slave. Why didn’t you run for it when you had the chance?

As much as parts of me enjoy this play, the feminist side of me is appalled and I’m angry with myself for being such a submissive little slave. But my pussy is wet and my nipples puckered at the thought of what he will do with me, helplessly chained to his bed. My mind drifts to one of my favorite videos and it’s me in the scene, with my Master dominating me. My right hand comes around from behind my back and touches my now soaked pussy as I imagine being fucked by my strong Master. I pull my hand away in surprise and fear. Surprise at how soaked I am, and fear because I’m not allowed to touch myself without permission. I quickly lick my own juices from my hand, hoping he doesn’t detect the scent on my fingers. I wipe my hand on the soft rug to dry it as I hear the water stop in the shower.

I adjust my kneel so that it is perfect and smile up at him as he walks back into the bedroom. Why are you making it easier for him? I want to be fucked by his nice cock, it fits me so well and makes me cum every time. Stop thinking about sex, you’re losing the battle. But at this point I don’t care, I’m so ready for him to use my body and make me cum like a freight train, squirming and squirting for him. You are hopeless, can’t you see that this is what he wants, a mindless horny slut, willing to do anything for sex? But it might be what I want too. You’re impossible.

“My pretty little slave, you look good enough to eat. Are you ready for dessert?”

“Oh yes Master!” I say enthusiastically, but not in my normal girly voice, it’s breathier, sexier and sluttier. Oh god.

“Very good,” he says as he unlocks the metal collar and with practiced ease wraps a different, wider leather collar around my neck, buckling it tightly before I hear the snick of a padlock. “Lie on your back on the bed,” he orders and his voice sounds deeper, manlier. You’re losing it girl, it’s just your imagination. I don’t know or care and lie as commanded on the bed.

“Like this Master?” I ask in that voice again, displaying my body to him, thrusting up my tits and slightly thrusting my hips.

“You’re really getting into this, good girl,” he compliments me and those two little words make me clench in my loins and I feel a trickle of my juices run down my posterior. Oh god, that tickles.

“Thank you Master.”

“You’re welcome slave,” he says and starts locking wide black leather cuffs on me, they contrast nicely with my pale skin. Why are you thinking such things? He’s going to tie you down with them, you’ll be helpless. I sure hope so, I’m learning that I love the feeling of being helpless, it removes all responsibility. By his binding of me, he is putting me exactly where and how he wants me to be pleasing to him. I don’t have to try and do anything, just lie there and enjoy. You are beyond hope. By the time I come out of my thoughts he’s locked the wide cuffs to every limb and starts to chain my left ankle to the bottom corner of the bed, using one of the loops I saw earlier. I tug at I playfully as he grabs my right ankle and pulls it toward the opposite corner of the foot, locking that with a chain as well. My wrists follow suit and I am helpless, spread-eagle on the bed, wide open for his use of my soft body.

He leans in and kisses me, and I kiss him back hungrily, like I do when I’m so close that I need him inside me. He pulls back and chuckles, then looks down to my glistening slit. Oh god, I’m so ready for you Master, please fuck me! But I assume he will take his time and tease me to the point of madness, making it difficult for me to obey and not cum until he is inside me. He reaches his hand down and I think he’s about to touch my labia, but instead he pokes his finger at my other hole and I moan. He grins when he feels the moisture that has slipped down from my overheated pussy and spreads it around my puckered hole. Oh god, that feels amazing.

“I guess I don’t need any lube, you’ve got plenty,” he grins as he swipes his finger through my slit and rubs more of my juices around and into my anal passage. I moan again, this time causing a small gush of my juices and he laughs as he coats the small metal butt plug with them. It feels cold as he pushes it against my anus but I try to relax and let it in. I’m so lost with the exploration of these new feelings that I close my eyes and sigh as he forces the plug inside, and my muscles clench around the base it is fully inserted. I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding and he chuckles softly, knowing what he’s doing to me. When did he get so good at things like this? He’s always been good at reading my responses, but this is a new level, pushing my limits in ways I didn’t know I would enjoy.

He runs a finger lazily from under the collar down my sternum and circles around my breasts, but doesn’t go for the nipples, driving me crazy. Normally he grabs my big boobs and then attacks the nipples with his mouth and I love it. But tonight he is teasing me mercilessly and my fear and arousal rise as I realize I might accidentally cum without permission again. Oh my poor bottom, it’s going to be so sore. He continues on down my abdomen, slowing down to trace my navel and I gasp. I had no idea it would do that, but in smaller measure than my nipples, it sends a little shock straight to my pussy and more wetness leaks out.

“Mmm, another erogenous zone, maybe we’ll pierce that too,” he grins as he circles it once again, then bends down and licks inside it with his tongue and I gasp again. I clench to prevent my orgasm as these new sensations are driving me to the point of no return quite quickly. Too, as in also, does that mean he’s going to pierce other parts of my body? Oh god, don’t cum, don’t cum, don’t cum. My body goes completely rigid and I squeak in fear as I try to hold back the flood of arousal and think of something mundane, like cleaning out the stalls or shoveling manure. My mind is jerked back as his finger travels further down across my now shaven mound and I can’t help myself, I clench again and plead with him.

“Please Master,” I whisper hoarsely through clenched teeth and suck in a breath through them.

“Go on, tell me what you want, slave.”

“Please Master, please stop teasing me and fuck me,” I moan and clench, lifting my hips up off the bed as if offering my sex to him, even though that point is moot, he can take me whenever he wants.

“Do you want to cum?”

“Yes Master, please – please let me cum!”

“You know the rules, not without permission, or you’re allowed if I’m inside you.”

“Yes Master,” I whimper and try to pull my thighs together, I’m so close. If he doesn’t fuck me soon I’m going to cum and be punished, I can’t hold it forever. The sadistic bastard, he’s trying to make you disobey him just so he can punish you. I know that’s not true, or at least I hope it’s not. He traces my labia and grazes my unhooded clit, I gasp and clench again. “Please Master, I’m so close, oh god, please let me cum, I can’t hold it.”

“Hang on for me a little longer, slave,” he tells me as he brushes a few strands of hair away from my face. Thankfully he pulls off his boxers and plunges into me, and I scream in ecstasy, unable to contain my climax any longer, I squirt all over him but I’m lost to the world, floating on a sea of indescribable sensations, my body squirming and shuddering, I don’t realize I’ve made him cum as well. I suddenly find it hard to breathe and return to my senses, realizing he’s collapsed on top of me, mashing my breasts with his weight and restricting my intake of precious oxygen. He realizes he’s crushing me and pulls out, rolling off of me, lying beside me, playing with my sensitive nipples. I could get used to this. That was incredible! No pain or discomfort this time, just incessant teasing until I’m ready to burst and then, WOW!

Master continues to play with my body and even though my clit and nipples are so sensitive, he’s driving me back to that place where I lose all control and become his mindless little fuck toy. I moan in appreciation and am thankful that he hasn’t gagged me, I probably would have passed out and missed the best part of these incredible orgasms. He continues to tease, gently stoking my fire and I’m once again ablaze with unbridled desire. As I moan and pant he climbs up to straddle my head, his growing cock, glistening with our combined juices is dangling before my lips and I take him in eagerly. I lick and suck him clean, noting the two tastes, my own juices and his cum. I don’t remember tasting his semen before because it’s always deep in my throat. I start to swallow him and he gasps, and I feel him twitch, but he holds it back and slides out of my mouth to slip down and stuff it into my oversensitive pussy once more. I cum by his third thrust, not as hard as before and I gush like normal.

He’s not as ready so soon and he thrusts into me with abandon, fucking me harder than he ever has before, I climb the mountain again. This time the feelings are more intense and I wonder how long it will take him to make me cum a second time. It doesn't take nearly as long as I thought it might and I’m cumming so hard that I nearly black out, the fireworks are back and that amazing peaceful feeling as I shake and squirt harder than I have ever before. I am zoned out in subspace but I come back to earth in time to find he’s still thrusting into me and my pubic bone will surely be bruised, but I’m rising again. I can’t believe I’m going to cum a third time and as I feel his hot semen hit my cervix I climax again, not quite so high and I don’t squirt as much, but it is still amazingly satisfying as I lay helpless beneath my Master’s strength.

He collapses on top of me, but this time he uses his arms to keep from crushing me and I breathe deeply as we come down from our shared orgasm. We lay there a while, basking in the afterglow of our coitus. It feels better than it ever felt before, even though I can’t even hold him. He softens and slips out, our combined juices sliding out of my overused pussy onto the bed clothes. I moan softly and smile up at my Master who has dominated me so well that I am positively euphoric.

“Thank you Master,” I whisper as I gaze at him lovingly.

“You’re welcome, slave, that was the best sex of my life,” he states without a hint of guile.

“For me too, Master,” I say and he kisses me softly, his lips sliding gently over mine with such tenderness. It is highly erotic and I wonder where he’s learned all the new tricks, they are making me hotter with need than I’ve ever been in my life. If he could, I would happily receive him inside me again right now, but I know he needs to rest a bit first. He slides off of me and lies next to me, his arm draped over my chest just below my breasts and soon I hear him snoring. I lay basking in the glorious orgasms and soon sleep overtakes me as well, even though my limbs are still stretched by my bonds.

I awake in the night to my Master fucking me again. I’m no longer surprised that I’m already wet and squelching as he plows into me chasing his own need with no regard for mine. A slutty moan escapes my lips and he chuckles as he pounds me. My pussy is sore but still oh so needy and I try to raise my hips to his thrusts but my body is not responding. He’s slamming into me so hard I know I will be bruised but I no longer care as long as I please him by making him cum. My own salacious desires are driving me forward and as the pain melds with the pleasure I know I’m a pain slut because most women would be crying in pain at this point. As I sense him getting close I’m able to lift up my hips to meet his thrusts and we cum together, I cry out in bliss as he shoots his load deep within me.

“Damn babe, that was awesome! I thought you’d be dry and I’d have to use some lube, but you were wet even in your sleep,” he exclaims as he pulls out of my sore channel and I moan in pain. “Are you alright, babe?”

“It hurts Master, but it felt so good just a couple minutes ago.”

“You are incredible Rebecca, I love you.”

“I love you too, Master,” I say adoringly, he only calls me Rebecca when he tells me he loves me.

“How did I ever get so lucky to have such a hot fiancé who is also very kinky?” He muses.

“I don’t know, Master, how did I ever get so lucky as to become a slave to such a sweet gentle man?”

“But I wasn’t gentle when I punished you, and I wasn’t exactly gentle when I was fucking you earlier and just now.”

“I know, Master, that’s not what I meant. You have such a sweet gentle soul and I love you for it. But I’m thrilled that you’ve found this new dominant side, it makes me so hot for you.”

“Thanks babe, I guess I’d better release you so you can get some sleep, I’ve got to send you back to your parents tomorrow,” he says as he gets up off the bed and unlocks my cuffs from the chains holding them to the corners of the bed. After he unlocks my legs, he pulls them close together and slips a padlock through both D rings and locks my legs together. He rolls me onto my stomach and pulls my arms behind me, locking the wrist cuffs together the same way. To complete my bondage he locks my collar to a chain that’s locked to the headpiece and I’m trapped in the bed until he releases me.

“I wasn’t going to run away Master,” I grin up at him coyly.

“And now you can’t,” he states the obvious and lays down behind me, turning off the light and spooning me, his hands finding my big breasts, holding them. My arms are trapped between us and I try to grab his member, but it’s just out of my grasp, my small stature and short arms limiting my reach. I snuggle into him and he covers us over with the blanket. I luxuriate in the warmth of his body against me. Soon he is snoring and I follow him to dreamland, my exhausted body demanding I rest.

I awake to sunlight streaming in through the window, the shades are open and I blink and roll away from the light. I sit straight up in bed. My Master is not in bed with me and I am no longer bound. No collar or cuffs and I wonder what is wrong. Then I remember him saying that he has to send me home to my parents today. I get up and plod into the master bath and use the toilet.

This bathroom is much larger than the one in the hallway and I climb into the large open shower and turn on the water. My Master has thoughtfully placed my body wash, shower mitts, shampoo and conditioner in this shower and I cleanse myself thoroughly, shaving everything again so that I’m as smooth as I can be for him. I notice the bruising between my thighs, but it’s not too bad and I softly giggle, remembering the way I received them. I will wear them like a badge of honor for my Master. I get out of the shower and find the note on the mirror.

Dear Becky,

I’ve enjoyed our weekend together very much and hope you have as well. Shower and get dressed, your suitcase is by the foot of the bed. I have made some oatmeal and left it covered on the stove to keep it warm for you. Eat and be ready to go by ten am, I’ll take you home then.




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