Bound Becky

by MasterKGray

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© Copyright 2020 - MasterKGray - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; kidnap; enslave; gag; rope; collar; blindfold; oral; toys; sex; cuffs; collar; outdoors; farm; reluct; XX

Part One

I awake to darkness, I can’t open my eyes and I don’t understand why. I try to move my arms but they seem to be held somehow. I shake my head and try to dispel the cobwebs and the achy pain of a hangover. I try to open my eyes once more and suddenly realize I am blindfolded. My arms are bound behind me, tied to some kind of pole, but there is another pole on top, crosswise under my armpits. My elbows are also bound, obscenely thrusting up my large breasts. Oh god. My waist is also bound to the pole but my legs are spread widely, I can feel the cool air on my open labia. Oh no, I’m naked. I try to cry out but my mouth is stuffed with a large ball gag. Yes, I know what that is, I’ve watched plenty of BDSM porn on the internet, I’m not a prude. I struggle against the ropes that hold me tight and realize I’m not getting loose. I can’t find any knots, they seem to be out of my limited reach. Whoever did this knows how to tie up a girl. My mind goes back, wondering who might have kidnapped me.

Last night my fiancé and I had a bonfire party to celebrate graduating from high school. I got drunker than I ever remember, knowing how small I am, I don’t normally drink too much. We live in the Midwest on farms that our parents own. We are not going to college, because Jimmy is taking over his father’s farm. The youngest of five children, his dad is retiring and ‘selling’ the farm to him for five dollars. Jimmy is going to take over and give his father the profits for the next year to help offset the cost of everything he has invested in the property, livestock, machinery and buildings. We have already talked about getting married and my parents like Jimmy a lot, so they gave their approval. We set a date for spring of next year, after Jimmy gets used to working the farm by himself. He’s a handsome young man with blond hair and blue eyes, strong and muscular from working on the farm, not super tall, but several inches taller than me.

I’m Rebecca, everyone calls me Becky since I was a little girl. I have red hair down near the middle of my back, though I’m petite, I have big breasts which I inherited from my grandmother on my father’s side. I got my red hair and blue eyes from my father but these big boobs of mine always got the boys attention, not to mention my pouty lips and my bubble butt. I’m quite curvy and I love my curves, I think I’m pretty sexy. Jimmy tells me he loves me and my sexy curves. We plan to spend the rest of our lives together on his farm.

It was a typical high school party, we all got together at Jimmy’s and set up a bonfire. Everyone sat around it on logs and stumps and some people brought lawn chairs, others sat on blankets on the ground. We sat around drinking and laughing, celebrating our high school graduation. Some kids talked about going off to college, while Jimmy and I shared our future plans with our friends. Not that many of them didn’t already know, but we all talked and laughed and enjoyed the buzz of a few beers. Come to think of it, Jimmy kept handing me more, even though I really didn’t want them and for some reason I kept drinking them, maybe it was because he told me to. Yes, I’m a submissive and I’ll do anything to please my man. Now I remember that people were starting to laugh at me because I kept slurring my words and couldn’t seem to stay upright, falling against Jimmy who had to hold me up.

I hear footsteps quietly approaching me. They walk up close to me but not a word is spoken. By this point I’m realizing that I need to pee really badly. With my mouth gagged I can’t even beg to be released or helped to pee, but I try anyway, garbled nonsense coming out around the big gag. My jaw aches from the stretching and I can’t pull my lips off of its circumference. I struggle in my bonds, trying to communicate that I’m going to piss myself if I’m not released. Instead the person ignores my pleas and places a hand on my shoulder, moving it slowly to my neck. I suddenly realize there’s a collar on my neck, as it’s partially blocking the feel of his hand on my skin. His other hand finds my erect nipples and pinches them playfully causing me to stiffen with both fear and arousal. Oh god, help me.

“Somebody’s liking this,” a distorted voice says, being spoken through one of those voice changing synthesizers or whatever you call them. I suddenly realize that my pussy is dripping. Oh god, please don’t touch my pussy, it’s so wet. Of course, he does and chuckles through the distorter as I gasp and his fingers come away wet. I’m such a horny slut, I didn’t ask for this, why am I so wet? But I already know the answer, this is one of my biggest fantasies. As I’ve already mentioned, I read and watch a lot of porn when I’m not with Jimmy. Being a submissive I love kidnapped victims being forced to become sex slaves. Oh, he’s going to make me his sex slave. This thought only makes my pussy gush even more than it already was. No, no, I didn’t ask for this. But my body ignores me as he caresses my breasts, mauling them in his hands, the touch seems almost familiar.

I’ve slept with plenty of guys, they all wanted to take a go at me after my reputation spread around our small town. I didn’t know until I was eighteen that I could deep throat without gagging. I had sucked off a couple of guys when I was fifteen after my body had developed, but Tommy Slater asked me out just after my eighteenth birthday. We went out and I was still a virgin. I told him I would suck him off, but no vaginal sex. He agreed and when we got to old Johnson Road, we started making out. Johnson Road is the dirt road that leads to the old Johnson place back in behind some trees, but no one lives there anymore since old man Johnson died, so the kids go there to neck or have sex in their cars.

That night I sucked Tommy off but during the act he grabbed my hair and started forcing his dick down my throat. I tried to stop him but he was a lineman on the football team and I was no match for his strength. Eventually he was balls deep down my throat and I hadn’t gagged at all. Sure, I couldn’t breathe, but I wasn’t crying or choking, I was just a warm wet receptacle. 

“Holy shit, Becky, you didn’t even gag!” Tommy exclaimed as he pulled me off of his spit covered cock. I gasped for breath and before I could even close my mouth he was all the way down my throat again. I moaned and groaned, protesting the only way I knew how with my throat stuffed full of meat, and he came straight down my esophagus into my stomach. I didn’t taste a drop. As you can imagine, Tommy couldn’t keep it to himself and that’s how I became known as blowjob Becky.

I’m really scared now because I have no idea where I am being held. I’m naked, bound and blindfolded being felt up by a stranger who seems to know all the right buttons to push. He places his hand on my jaw and caresses me lovingly, just the way Jimmy always does. Then I suddenly smell him close to me and my fears are subsiding, though I can’t understand why he would do this to me. I’m pretty sure it’s Jimmy because I can smell his natural musk. He doesn’t wear cologne, but he always smells so damn hot, I guess he has some natural pheromones or something like that, but it is intoxicating. I stiffen and try again to talk around the damn gag, I want to let him know that I know it’s him. But why did he do this? I’ve always been more than willing to do whatever he asked.

“Do you need to pee?” The distorted voice asks and I nod my head energetically as the distorted voice chuckles again. “Alright, go ahead and let go, I’ve got a bucket underneath you.” What? Pee in front of a stranger, or my boyfriend? I’ve never peed in front of anyone but my mother when I was a little girl, and I haven’t done that in years.

“I thought you had to go,” the voice says, breaking me out of my reverie, but I just can’t let go. I really need to pee, and it’s hurting, but not in front of someone, spread obscenely wide. “Come on, you’re my slave now, you have no privacy, just let it go,” the voice orders and like the obedient girl I am, I let go with a powerful stream of piss. I can hear it hitting the bottom of the metal bucket and starting to fill it. I pee for what seems like fifteen minutes, but is really only two or three. As he wipes me clean I almost cum. Get a grip girl, you didn’t sign up for this. But my libido is in high gear. I’ve never even discussed my fantasies with Jimmy, he’s such a straight arrow, he’s never gotten in trouble and everyone likes him. How do I tell such a loving, straight-laced fiancé that I’m a pervert?

He walks away for a minute and comes back, pinching and pulling my nipples. It sends electric sensual shocks straight to my pussy and I’m gushing all over again. Suddenly I feel a bite on my left nipple and know that he’s attached a nipple clamp, I moan around the gag and shudder with arousal. Oh god, don’t cum, don’t cum! It’s not helping, telling myself not to cum is like trying to stop a tornado. He attaches the other nipple clamp and I’m so close I’m gyrating my hips as much as my bonds will allow.

“Such a horny little slave,” the voice says and I blush. I’m very fair skinned so I avoid the sun like the plague. When I blush my face, shoulders, upper chest, and yes, even my breasts turn red. The same happens when I get aroused and I am so hot with need I would probably fuck the fence post to release my pent up titillation. “This really turns you on, doesn’t it?” The voice asks and I nod my head and blush right down to my toes. Please, please don’t cum in front of him, don’t give him the satisfaction. I plead with my body but I know it’s just a matter of time.

Without warning, the post I’m tied to starts to sink into the ground, forcing me to my knees. When it stops my back is arched, forcing my breasts and face up toward the sky. As I sink to my knees there’s a dildo on the ground that forces its way into my overheated pussy and I cum, shaking and shuddering as the cum trickles down my inner thighs. Oh god, I’m such a slut, cumming from being forced. Wow, that was incredible! He allows me a couple of minutes to enjoy the aftershocks before removing the ball gag. I work my jaw and swallow the spit that has pooled in my mouth, unable to swallow it before the gag’s removal.

“Jimmy,” I croak, swallowing again and clearing my throat. “Jimmy, please, why are you doing this?”

“Who’s Jimmy?” The distorted voice asks.

“Come on Jimmy, this isn’t funny – ,”

“Who’s Jimmy?” The voice cuts me off and is louder and more demanding.

“He’s my boyfriend, I mean, my fiancé, we’re getting married next year. Come on Jimmy, you already know this,” I say and there’s an eerie silence with no response.

“I’m not him,” the voice says tentatively.

“Come on Jimmy, I’d know your smell anywhere, I know it’s you, please,” I beg uselessly.

“Dammit!” Jimmy curses softly under his breath. “Not until I get my blow job,” he says, using the distorter again.

“Alright, I’ll give you the best blow job you ever had baby,” I say, trying to appease him. Jimmy walks up and I can smell his hard cock, he’s getting off on this, just like I am, then he steps back and speaks through the distorter again.

“Can I trust you not to bite my dick?”

“Yes Jimmy, please let me suck you off and then you can let me go.”

“Call me Master, slave.”

“Alright Jimmy, I mean Master.”

“Very good, slave, but I’m not letting you go,” he says, still using the distorter and I stiffen and hump the dildo the little movement I’m allowed. You slut, get ahold of yourself. I can almost see Jimmy grinning down at me. Soon his cock is at my mouth and I take it in greedily, licking and sucking the way he always likes it, quickly swallowing him all the way down, my nose buried in his pubic hair and his testicles bouncing off my chin. I can definitely smell that it’s Jimmy and wonder why he’s done this, but I have to be his good little slave and suck his cock, then maybe he will release me. It doesn’t take long for him to cum down my throat and I make it as good for him as I know how, I love him after all. He says he loves me and wants to marry me, why is he doing this?

As if in answer to my question as soon as he’s done, Jimmy stuffs the huge ball gag back into my mouth and buckles it tightly behind my neck before ripping off the blindfold. I blink and try to adjust to the light, having been blindfolded for a while now. I see we are in his barn and I’m kneeling in clean straw. Jimmy is standing over me, with the most evil grin I have ever seen. I’m actually frightened again, I’ve never seen him like this before.

“You want to know why I’ve done this, don’t you,” Jimmy says and I nod unable to speak around the too big ball gag. “Remember a couple months ago when I came over and spent the night because your parents were out of town?” He asks and I nod my head, remembering the night of passionate love we made, several times. It’s one of the reasons I love Jimmy, he’s a stud and satiates my overactive sexual need. I mean, it’s not the only reason, he’s also a very responsible young man, he can handle that big farm all by himself and that’s why his dad gave it to him. But I can’t deny that he’s incredible in bed, able to cum several times in one night. That night he came inside me five times while I writhed beneath him or on top of him cumming many more times than he did.

A little over a year ago (we didn’t start dating until our senior year and we were both over eighteen by then) he had a date with Jenny ‘the slut’ Miller. She’s hot, with blonde hair and a nice body, but she spreads her legs for every guy she dates. Anyway, Jimmy succumbed to her teasing and went out with her, ‘accidentally’ cumming inside her. She went to the doctor to see if she was pregnant and Jimmy went to see if he had caught any disease from her. His screening came back clean, but they also found out he doesn’t produce any sperm. He never told his parents, but when we started dating, he told me right away and we’ve been fucking like bunnies ever since.

“While you were sleeping, I was so keyed up I couldn’t sleep and I went on your laptop. At first I was just surfing the net but then I noticed you have some bookmarks in a side folder marked ‘girl fun’, so I opened it. I was shocked to find that my hot girlfriend watched such crazy stuff. Inside that folder was another one marked ‘favorite fantasy’, so I clicked on that one and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I saw all kinds of videos of women being kidnapped and forced to become sex slaves. The most watched one was a guy who looks a lot like me, only he’s got a bigger package, and he kidnapped his girlfriend and trained her to be his sex slave,” Jimmy explained, that evil grin getting wider. Uh oh, my wildest fantasies are about to come true, whether I want them to or not. My eyes widen in surprise and fear at what he would do or say next.

“You guessed it, babe, I’m going to give you your fantasy. I started reading and studying about BDSM, and it turns me on too, like nothing else ever has. I doubt you’ve ever experienced any of this, so we’ll explore it together, but make no mistake, I am the Master, you are the slave and you will be punished if you fail to please me. Do you understand?” Jimmy asks and I nod hesitantly as I practically gush on the dildo still inside me. You’re really in for it now, he’s going to force you to become his obedient little slave! I shudder with fear, anticipation and something else, unchecked arousal. My whole body is on fire and my blush is impossible to hide, I know Jimmy sees it too.

“You’re blushing, I know what that means,” Jimmy says and I bow my head in submission. I am so turned on I’m almost to cum again. I’ve fantasized about it over a hundred times, I’ve even masturbated dozens of times to thoughts of Jimmy making me his slave. Oh no, he has all the equipment he needs to collar and brand me! Why does that make me so wet? Jimmy reaches between my legs, turns a switch and the dildo inside me starts to slide out, sinking into the stand, then when it’s almost out, it starts its slow steady way back deep into my wet and slippery tunnel, almost touching my cervix. At first it is slow and tantalizing but each stroke is a little faster and the vibration has kicked on and getting stronger. It’s only a matter of time before I cum again.

Jimmy has been watching me and walks away, returning with a small crop and I try to shrink away from him. I’ve only ever taken a few belt strikes on my ass when I was a little girl. I haven’t been spanked in nearly ten years, and I’ve never felt it on my naked flesh, especially my very exposed tits, which is where he is looking. My arousal continues to spike but Jimmy smacks my left breast with the crop, leaving a pink mark in my flesh. I bruise easily, so I know it will leave a mark, even though the pain wasn’t that bad. What do you mean the pain wasn’t that bad, it hurt didn’t it? Yes, but it was very erotic too, please do it again, Master. Oh god, I’ve lost it now, I’m begging him in my mind to whip my beautiful titties and he does. Each strike drives me higher and soon I am begging for real around the gag.

When he hits my pretty pink nipple I cum harder than I ever have in my life, I convulse and shudder for what seems like hours as I see fireworks like I’ve never seen in real life. When I come to my senses I realize I’m panting like a whore around the ball gag, trying to catch my breath. I bow my head and look down between my heaving breasts to see I’ve left a pretty large wet spot in the straw.

“Damn, I didn’t know you could squirt, that was so hot!” Jimmy exclaims as he admires my still blushing body. The patches where he hit my breasts are turning a darker shade of pink and some areas are a fiery red, but they don’t hurt that badly. Oh god, I came from being cropped on my tits, I’m such a slut! I look up at him with fear and trepidation, but also with a new found lust, my fiancé has become my Master, and I’m his hot little sex slave. What the hell is wrong with me? Though I know the answer lies deep within my submissive nature, I had no idea how I would react to the pain. I am as surprised as he is that it sent me to new heights, I’m almost euphoric.

“Did you like that you little slave slut?” He asks and I shudder with an aftershock as I nod my head in affirmation. Yes Master, please use your slave in any way you wish, just make me do that again! My fantasies are becoming reality and the lines are blurring in my head. A part of me wants this, but another part of me is rebelling against my true feelings. What in the hell is wrong with you? He just whipped your beautiful tits, now they look ugly. But the other side of my mind says the marks on my breasts are beautiful because of what they symbolize and what it means. My submissive side is filled with lust for my Master and I want to be pleasing to him always. You’ve completely lost it girl.

“I’m going to take the gag out now, but I don’t want to hear anything from you, do you understand?” Jimmy asks as he takes out my gag. I just nod in agreement and look down at my obscenely displayed body, looking at the wet spot on the ground with awe and amazement. He sees me looking at it and chuckles. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, I almost jizzed in my pants.” I stretch my jaw and swallow the copious amount of drool that has puddled in my mouth, some of it dripping onto my pushed up tits.

Jimmy returns with two dog bowls, one filled with something that looks like oatmeal and yogurt, the other with water. He cuts the ropes holding my wrists and waist to the post. My ankles are still tied to anchors in the floor, spread widely apart, but I’m not bound to the post. Yes, my wrists and elbows are still bound and as I stretch up and forward my hair falls down over my shoulders almost covering my right breast. He pulls it back into a ponytail and ties some baling twine around it, a makeshift hair tie. I shudder at his command. “Eat, slave.”

I ease off the dildo still buried inside me and like an animal, I bury my face in the water bowl and drink. I am incredibly thirsty. I nearly drain the bowl before starting in on the mush. It is oatmeal and my favorite yogurt, plus fresh strawberries. Early June is my favorite part of summer, I love fresh strawberries and there are some in this mixture. I gobble it up, making a mess of my face, but I don’t care, I’m so hungry and also aroused. Jimmy stands behind me and lets out a chuckle as a trickle of my juices runs down my inner thigh. It’s not from my earlier orgasm, I’m getting off on being treated like an animal, just his plaything. Girl, you are sick in the head, you need to see a psychiatrist. Oh shut up, I tell that stupid voice in my head and finish my oatmeal, drinking the rest of the water in the bowl.

“Do you want more?” Jimmy asks.

“Yes please Master, may I have some more water?” I respond, my heart pumping harder in my chest as I realize what I’ve just said, but I can’t deny it makes me hot, my blush is returning.

“Do you want more oatmeal, or perhaps a granola bar?” Jimmy offers.

“A granola bar please,” I answer and swiftly receive a swat on my ass with the crop. Damn I forgot to call him Master. “Sorry Master, I forgot.”

“You will address me as Master unless otherwise instructed, is that clear, slave?”

“Yes Master,” I reply and hang my head as he walks away, empty water bowl in hand. He returns with a fresh bowl of water and drops the granola bar in the other bowl. I bend down and take a bite out of it, delighting in the crunchy goodness of the treat. Get a grip girl, you’re falling into this way too easily. Before you know it you’ll only be allowed to speak when company is around. I finally finish the granola bar after chasing the last bite around the bowl a few times, then I drink until my thirst is satiated and I kneel up, my legs still held wide apart by my ankles.

“Such a good girl,” Jimmy says as he wipes my face on a wet paper towel, drying it with a dry paper towel. I beam inwardly, and look up at him. Oh my god, my pussy just convulsed because he called me a good girl. I’m a goner. I’ll be crawling around the yard on a chain, never allowed to walk on my feet again. My mind is going wild with the possibilities.

“Let’s talk, babe,” Jimmy says and drags over a small bench, sitting down on it with the crop in his hand. He is close enough to strike me with it.

“Yes Master,” I respond, not wishing to incur punishment, my meek and mild fiancé has turned into a strong dominant man overnight. I’m more attracted to him than ever before, and I was already in love with him, but this is a new found lust.

“First, to ease your mind, I already talked to your parents and asked if you could stay over this weekend. They agreed, they think my parents are here, but they went to visit my uncle who lives in the next state, so we won’t be disturbed. Second, why didn’t you ever tell me about your fantasies, we could have explored them without my having to resort to this?” Jimmy asks.

“I’m sorry Master, I just didn’t think you’d be interested in finding out your girlfriend is a kinky little slut.”

“Not true, most guys wish their girlfriend was a kinky little slut but are afraid to ask.”

“Yes Master, I guess I should have told you, but I was afraid it would ruin what we have. I mean, our sex is great and you’re the best lover I’ve ever had, not even close. Plus you’re an upstanding member of the community and a damn good farmer, I’m in love with you, I didn’t want to lose you because of some stupid kinks in my closet. I could have lived my whole life with you and been satisfied with that, I didn’t need to bring it up, you make me so happy and fulfilled.”

“Very good, slave, but what if it wasn’t enough after a while?”

“I – I don’t know, I never thought it would come to that, Master.”

“Have you ever squirted before today?”

“No Master.”

“Awesome, that means you really do enjoy this kind of treatment, and I’m happy to give it to you. Hmm, my own personal sex slave, and a very hot one at that,” Jimmy says. “How does that sound to you?”

“I – I don’t know how to answer that, Master,” I say, my mind in turmoil. Do you really want this? Once you cross that threshold, there’s no going back. But I just had the best orgasm of my life.

“I’ll give you a few minutes to decide,” he says as he slips the dildo back inside me and the slutty moan that comes out of my mouth should have given me my answer, but I can’t be just a mindless slave, can I? Of course you can, you know you love it, you’re already about to cum again, and he hasn’t even turned on the power yet. Jimmy turns on the dildo before stuffing the ball gag back into my mouth. I’m still bound and I could rise up enough on my knees to keep the dildo from penetrating me, but like an addict, I stay in place and let it fuck me once again, getting lost in the feelings overwhelming me.

As my arousal rises he starts striking me with a whip on my ass and I can’t believe the way it feels. Oh god, now he’s whipping me. Where did he get all these toys? Yes, there is pain but it is melding with my sexual stimulus and turning me into a wanton slut. I’m Blowjob Becky the needy sex slave, a complete whore for her Master. Is this really so bad? I don’t really know as the cognitive part of my brain shuts down and the pleasure center takes over, driving me towards another mind blowing orgasm as I struggle to remain conscious. And then it happens, just as I’m about to reach my peak, everything stops. Damn him, he knows me too well.

“So what’s your answer, Becky? If you want to be my sex slave, nod your head yes. If you want to be just my wife, then shake your head no,” Jimmy says as he starts up the dildo again and gives my ass another stripe. I’m climbing toward that peak, then once again, I’m denied. Dammit, I’d promise anything for him to let me cum right now.

“Earth to Becky, sex slave or wife? I need an answer.” He taunts and starts the dildo again. Oh god, I can’t give in, I’ll be just a mindless fuck toy. But the thought just arouses me further and I wail in need around the gag, I’m so close. Oh no, he shut it off again, please Master, please, I need to cum.

I nod my head and he immediately turns the dildo back on and strikes me only twice more with the whip, both on my nipples and I cum again, my body thrashing and convulsing so hard that I fall onto my side and the dildo slips out but I don’t even notice because I’m lost to the world again, and this time I fall into something I’ve heard about but never experienced until now called subspace. My mind completely blank, my body in total bliss and the euphoria washing over me is indescribable. I’m lost completely, I’ve gone over to the other side, I’m a helpless, needy slave slut, waiting for her Master to control her every moment. It’s so freeing that I can’t believe I fought it. Ready or not, sexual slavery here I cum.

I rouse from my stupor to find that Jimmy has removed all of the ropes and replaced them with leather cuffs. I am not bound in any way, but the cuffs and collar are there to remind me that I can be at any time. I lay on a bed of straw in a stall for horses or cows. Maybe he’ll make his hucow. Get a grip girl. I can’t deny that the thought turns me on, with my big breasts I would make a perfect little human cow.

I get up and Jimmy is nowhere to be found. I try to open the latch but it won’t open, there must be a lock on the other side. Suddenly I realize that this stall is different from the rest, it is in the back corner of the barn and heavy wire fencing has been placed around the top of the open two sides, making it a cage for someone like me. I cannot escape because there is no way to climb over the top with the fencing. I am trapped like an animal. I sit back down in the straw, wincing as my whipped bottom meets the hard concrete. Yes there is straw on top of it, but it still hurts a little and my pussy convulses. God, I’m such a slut, he’s getting a great little slave.

I look at the marks on my breasts examining them. They are red and one or two of them might leave little bruises, but the sight is arousing as I think about how my Master has marked me. Oh god, stop calling him that, he’s supposed to be your fiancé and lover, not your Master. But I can’t help but be aroused as I feel my butt and the warmth coming from it where he has whipped me. I suddenly realize that I’m practically gushing again at the remembrance of what he’s done to me. My fingers find my clit and I’m rubbing myself toward another climax. I am interrupted by my Master’s voice through a speaker.

“Stop slave, you are not allowed to pleasure yourself. If you do not obey you will be punished,” Jimmy’s voice orders through the speaker and I reluctantly pull my hand away from my puffy pussy. I look up and see the speaker outside of the stall, along with a small camera next to it. My Master can see everything I’m doing while I’m in this stall, my cage. Oh god, stop thinking like that, you have to tell him to stop this nonsense and let you go. Tell him that it was all just fantasy and you don’t want this in reality. But I can’t think of anything else other than the pleasure and the submission and how horny it is making me. You’ve really lost it, you deserve everything he does to you if you don’t fight him. But if I fight him I’ll be punished, and I’m sure it won’t be pleasurable.

I hear Jimmy walking around in the barn, feeding the cows and cleaning stalls. I realize I need to pee again and there’s no bucket in my cage, just a refilling trough with water in it. It looks pretty clean so I drink from it and the water level refills, an efficient design. I call out but Jimmy doesn’t answer, he just keeps working and I sit down, trying to get comfortable and hoping he will let me out to pee.

Eventually he leaves the barn and my need to urinate has gone from annoying to urgent, so I go into the corner of the stall. In the concrete under the straw is a drain and I push the straw away with my bare feet and squat over the drain, relieving myself. I know he can see me on the camera, but I don’t care, I’ve already done this earlier, releasing into a bucket. After I finish I use some straw to try and dry myself and walk around the cage again, trying to see out and hoping my Master is coming to play with me again. I could use another orgasm. Oh god, he’s turning me into a horny little slut. Not true, I was already a horny little slut for him.

As horny as I am I’m also tired so I pile up the straw to make a bed for myself and lay down, trying to get comfortable with the prickly straw sticking my naked body. Eventually my exhaustion wins out and I fall asleep. It seems like I just fell asleep when I feel my Master locking my cuffs to anchors in the corner of my cage. What the hell, I called him Master, not Jimmy, oh god girl, you’ve really lost it. He forces me up onto my hands and knees and then ties my legs wide apart with more eyelets and some rope attached to my locked on cuffs. I’m on my knees, spread wide and I hear him unbuckle and unzip his pants as he kneels behind me. Wait, I’m not even warmed up yet! He sticks two fingers in my pussy and I hear and feel the wetness as he withdraws his fingers, his nice sized cock head starting to force its way into my slippery tunnel. What the hell, I’m wet and horny even when I’m asleep?

Master rams his cock into my helpless body and I moan in appreciation, unable to wrap my mind around what is happening. I’m just a set of holes for his pleasure! As the thought washes over me I thrust back willingly onto his raging hard on, enjoying the sensation of his cock head hitting my g-spot. A slutty moan escapes my lips as he thrusts into me. I sound like a filthy whore. Oh, but a very happy whore as his hands find my tortured tits and squeeze, taking me to new heights again. As he plows my furrow I cum almost as hard as before and I realize I am squirting again. My Master follows and unloads his cum deep within my now spasming pussy, extending the bliss. I collapse onto the straw, my arms and legs no longer able to hold me up and he falls with me, squashing me under his weight. I’m lost to subspace again.

When I return to my senses he’s already locked my wrists behind me, added a hobble chain on my ankles and wrapped a leather strap around my elbows, forcing me to thrust out my big breasts like a slutty whore. Yet I can’t deny that I am still aroused and ready for another round. God girl, you are beyond hope. I sure hope so, because that euphoric feeling I just came down from is addicting. He attaches a leash to my collar and tugs. I get up and follow him out of the barn, across the yard and into the house. There’s not another farm house for over a mile down the road, and unless this sparsely travelled road sees a car come by, no one will see me. Still, a little exhibitionistic thrill runs through me at the thought of someone seeing my sexy naked body, being led by a leash like a dog. What is wrong with you, how can you like this? I don’t know, but my crotch is telling me I’m loving it as we enter the house through the back door.

My Master leads me to the bathroom and starts the shower. Why do I keep calling him Master in my head? He removes the strap and then the leather cuffs on my wrists, pulling them together in front of me and zip tying them. Next comes the collar and finally he removes the leather ankle cuffs. I can see the rope marks on my ankles and wrists, hoping they will fade before I go home. If you go home, you’re his slave now, remember? He herds me into the shower and attaches my wrists above me with another zip tie. He starts washing me with my body wash that I’ve left here for when I stay over. Thank God, the way things were going I thought I might be washed outside with a hose. He takes his time and teases me in all the right places. I moan and squirm but say nothing, I’m a slave being washed by her Master and he has not asked me to speak. You’re hopeless.

He removes the baling twine holding my hair in a ponytail and uses the handheld shower to wet it down. He uses my shampoo and washes it thoroughly, massaging my scalp. It shouldn’t be erotic but I find myself moaning at his ministrations. After rinsing the shampoo away he gently applies the conditioner, working it into my hair and scalp. I could get used to this. Yes, this is really nice and he seems so loving and wonderful, like I know he can be. He rinses out the conditioner and lets the warm water cascade over my body.

He then reaches for the shaving cream and safety razor on the counter. He applies the shaving cream to my pubic hair, covering it all. I’ve always trimmed it up, but kept a thin landing strip, proving that the carpet does indeed match the drapes, but he seems intent on removing it all. I think about protesting but keep my mouth shut, showing incredible restraint. Master finishes rubbing the shaving cream into my pubes.

“You are my slave, from now on you will keep yourself clean and free of hair down here,” Master orders. “Is that clear?”

“Yes Master,” I reply meekly. What the hell is wrong with me? I’ve always loved having that little strip that proves I’m a natural redhead, why didn’t I protest? But I know why, I’m just a submissive little slave and I want him to be pleased with his fuck toy. Oh god, you’ve completely lost your mind. I stand still with my legs spread so he can shave me clean. It almost seems like he’s done this before because it doesn’t take him long to completely denude my pretty pink pussy. I look down after he’s done and moan with arousal. Oh god, I look like a porn star down there. I feel more naked than at any point in my life. He rinses me meticulously and then turns off the water, I am shivering with need.

“Are you cold?”

“No Master.”

“Then why are you shivering?”

“I’m in heat, Master, I need you inside me.”

“So my shaving your pussy turned you on?”

“Partly Master, but it is the combination of things.”

“What things? Explain, my hot little slave.”

“Well, Master, you know that this is my biggest fantasy, and having all control ripped from me is highly erotic. You just took away one of my favorite things about my body, not to mention the water massaging my poor clit.”

“Your pubic hair? Why?”

“I’ve always kept it neatly trimmed, not shaving it like some other girls do, because it proves that I’m a natural redhead, Master.”

“And it excited you because I took it away from you and ordered you to keep it that way.”

“Yes Master,” I moan and press my thighs together, trying to get any stimulation I can.

“You may not cum unless I give you permission, slave.”

“Yes Master. Does that include when I’m home by myself?”

“Yes, especially then, you will have to text me and ask permission before you can touch yourself.”

“Oh god, please Master,” I groan at the thought of him controlling even that. You’re going to be in so much trouble, you masturbate every night, more than once sometimes. I know I’m in trouble, I was already a needy slut, but since I woke up bound in his barn, I’ve been a horny wreck, even when I fell asleep in my cage. Oh god, why do you keep calling it your cage, it’s just a stall in the barn.

“I will be merciful and most likely give you permission after you perform some task for me, but if I find out you’ve cheated and cum without my permission, then you will receive punishment. Am I clear?”

“Yes Master.”

“I will allow you to cum as much as you can while I’m fucking any of your holes.”

“Oh thank you Master,” I gush gratefully. At least he’s not a total sadist. Finally he cuts the zip ties holding me to the eyelet above me and I nearly collapse into his arms. He dries me with a soft fluffy towel and I’m almost overcome with need as my pussy is already dripping down my thighs. He spent way too much time on my stiff nipples and unhooded clit. Oh god, don’t cum. “Please fuck me Master,” I plead looking up at him with lust filled eyes.

“Soon,” is all he says as he locks the leather collar and cuffs back on me, while I stand quietly, allowing him to take control. He doesn’t lock the cuffs together, but attaches a leash and leads me out to the kitchen, giving me a simple two word command, “Cook dinner.”

“Master, may I please have an apron to protect my sensitive parts?”

“Yes, use my mother's, it should cover you enough, she’s quite a bit bigger than you are.”

“Thank you Master,” I say as I put on the apron hanging on the hook. His mother is a bit fat and taller than me, the apron covers my lower part pretty well, hanging down to my knees, but the upper part barely covers my big tits and they are sticking out the sides a bit. My backside is still completely exposed but I take two chicken breasts out of the refrigerator and set them on the counter, looking around the cabinets for the skillet. I find what I need and cut up the chicken and some fresh vegetables from the garden, and start to make a stir fry. Jimmy loves my stir fried chicken and I make it for him whenever I can. I know how to cook many other dishes but this is his favorite. The problem is, the oil pops and spritzes out a bit, and I don’t want a burn mark on my big beautiful breasts.

Jimmy goes into the bathroom and I hear him running the water, getting his own shower, now that his slave is clean and fixing his dinner. I hope he doesn’t take too long, stir fry chicken only takes a few minutes once the oil heats up. I drop the chicken in the pan and get it started, stirring it around a bit before dropping in the vegetables. It smells so good and my stomach growls at me, I haven’t eaten since breakfast and my body is telling me it needs more sustenance. I drink a cool glass of water from the tap, they have a deep well and the water has been tested and filtered, it’s better than most bottled water. Just as I turn off the burner, Master walks out in just a t-shirt and boxers, his hair still wet from the shower. He sits at the head of the table and I put the skillet on a trivet and dish some of it onto his plate. I stand by the chair and wait for him to tell me what to do. I don’t know if it’s okay to serve myself or if he has other plans like this morning with the dog bowls.

“Sit down, slave and eat, but take off that apron, you’re not cooking anymore,” he orders and I obey, putting the apron back on the hook and sitting naked in the chair. I put some of the stir fry on my plate and begin to eat as my Master grins salaciously at me. He’s seen me naked so many times, but I realize this is a new development, we’ve never eaten dinner with me sitting here naked. He can’t keep his eyes off my big boobs. Like the horny slut I am, his frank gaze at my best asset only excites me more. I sit up straight and show them off to him, his grin breaks into a smile, that evil smile. Oh no, he’s got that look again. But it’s like he’s looking right through me and I shudder with arousal and anticipation.

Without saying a word he reaches out and touches the darkest mark on my breasts as if he needed to assess the damage with his hands. Then without warning he pinches the nipple and pulls, tweaking it as I gasp at the pain, but say nothing. Somehow the pain is shooting little electrical shocks straight to my clit and I instinctively squeeze my thighs together. What the hell is wrong with me? Why does the pain keep bringing pleasure? I don’t know the answer but I know what his taking possession of me is doing to my slit and I can’t stop the moan of pleasure that escapes my lips.

“Oh, my little slave likes that, does she?”

“Yes and no, Master.”

“Explain, slave.”

“I don’t like the pain Master, but the signals it’s sending to my pussy make me hornier than I can ever remember before today.”

“Perfect, you might be a pain slut.”

“I suppose that is possible, Master. This morning when you whipped my breasts and my butt while the dildo was working on my nether region, it drove me to heights I’ve never reached before.”

“So that’s why you squirted?”

“I guess so, Master.”

“I’m not a sadistic bastard, and I don’t get off on hurting you, just controlling you.”

“Whatever works for you, Master, I’m just your slave, my pleasure doesn’t matter,” I hear myself say. What? Why did I say that? Do I really mean it? You’ve got to stop watching all that bondage porn and get your mind under control. But another part of me knows I truly mean it, I’ve had fantasies about giving up control since I hit puberty. Besides, if I agree that he is my Master, then he controls everything about me, even my mind. I look up to see that Master is staring at me with mouth agape. It’s coming so naturally now, he’s already been my Master in my mind for a while now, I just never told him about it.

“Do you really mean that babe?” He asks and takes a drink of his milk.

“Yes Master, I’ve been fantasizing about it for months now. I might have eventually told you, because it turns me on like nothing else ever has. Those fantasies have played out in my mind when we’ve had rough animal sex and after that night a couple months ago, I almost told you, but I didn’t want to lose you. I know it’s stupid, but I was afraid you’d think I was some sort of freak and never want to see me again,” I respond, my feelings just spilling out of my mouth. You idiot, why are you telling him everything? I’m telling him because I know as a slave I have no secrets from my Master. This kind, gentle yet strong man is my Master, he already owns my heart and soul, what’s the difference if he owns my body and mind too. You are beyond hope, there’s no going back now.

“Geez, Becky, you know how much I love you, I could never think that about you. Maybe the horniest woman I’ve ever dated, but certainly not a freak,” he chuckles softly to himself, his eyes look away from me as if remembering something.

“So I’m the horniest slut you ever dated, Master?”

“Yes babe, and it’s not even close. I was afraid to date you at first, I mean, all the rumors and I knew you must be quite the little slut because I’d heard first-hand accounts from several guys. But to me you are the hottest piece of ass I have ever seen, and that includes movie stars and Playboy models. I had to find out for myself, that’s why I asked you out. I figured I would get my dick sucked by Blowjob Becky and maybe stick it in your tight pussy too, and see if the rumors were true. That first night when you took me down your throat without a hint of gagging and sent me to heaven, I was in love. I knew right then I wanted to make you my steady and take you off the market. Damn, you suck cock like a pro! And then when you were so horny and let be dip my wick in your tight pussy, I came again so quickly, I knew I had to marry you.”

“How could you know that after just having sex, Master?”

“It wasn’t just the sex, it was the submissive way you gave yourself to me, the beautiful smile, those fantastic tits, your dimples, and just your overall sweet personality. You kept trying to be as pleasing as possible, even back then, and I knew I had to keep you forever.”

“Oh god, Master, I think I knew that night too. I had already been watching all this BDSM and Non-consent porn, and there had always been random guys in my fantasies, capturing me and making me their slave. You know, movie stars, handsome strong men, but that night, even after all we’d done, I went home and masturbated to thoughts of you being my Master. I imagined you ever since, and I want it for real now, Master,” I say and I’m telling the truth. You really are a masochistic slut, now that you’ve told him all of this, he’ll never let you go. I sure hope not, I want to be with him always.

“Damn Beck, I knew you were sweet and submissive, but I never thought you’d be willing to go this far.”

“Yes Master, my mind was having this war inside, telling me not to tell you, not to submit to you. But my heart, body and soul knew it was what I wanted and needed. What you did today fulfilled my greatest fantasy ever. I’m sure you thought it over a lot and weren’t sure whether you should go through with it, because it might break us up. I mean, most girls would have gotten really angry and never wanted to see or speak to you ever again. Fortunately, I’m not most girls and I loved it. I want you to do it to me always. I don’t mean kidnapping, you don’t need to, I’ll be your willing little slave for as long as you want me, Master.” Goodbye freedom, hello slavery, you idiot. I’m not an idiot and my mind and heart feel so free. It’s incredibly freeing to give up control, worry, etc., to just please my Master and make him happy, that will be so rewarding.

“Just so we’re clear, this means I have carte blanche, I can do anything I want to you, right?” Jimmy asks incredulously. No, no, you need to set up limits, he could ruin your beautiful body or cut off your gorgeous red hair. But then I wouldn’t be a true slave, I’d just be his kinky partner.

“Yes Master,” I say submissively and blush with arousal at thoughts of what he might do to me, but I can’t deny how it makes me feel. Somewhere in the background I hear Master draw in a sharp breath of surprise.

“One more time, if I want to weld a permanent collar on you, if I want to pierce your nipples and clit, if I want to brand your hip with my mark, if I want to make your tits produce milk, if I want to turn you into my pony girl, if I want you to be my puppy, crawling around all the time –“ oh god, stop Master, you’re gonna make me cum. And then I do cum, I can’t help it, he’s pushing every button I have, all in the same sentence. I don’t hear the rest of it as my orgasm overwhelms me. I came without permission, I’m such a bad girl, ooh, now Master will have to punish me. “Becky – babe, are you alright?” He asks, I don’t know how long I was inattentive, but he’s looking at me with concern.

“Sorry Master, I came without permission, please punish me,” I say. Why would you tell on yourself, and who asks for punishment? You are definitely a masochist. Yes, that’s part of BDSM and I’m all in.

“You mean you didn’t hear all of what I said because you had an orgasm while I described all of the things I could do to you?”

“Yes Master,” I reply and he gets that evil grin and laughs like I’ve never heard him laugh before. It sounds like one of those laughs that the evil genius has when he’s discovered some devious way to rule the world. Oh god, you’re in for it now, good luck stupid slut.

“Holy shit Becky, this just gets better and better. You really want to become my sex slave. Hot damn, I just hit the jackpot. The hottest girl I’ve ever seen wants to be my slave!”

“I don’t think I would go that far, Master, there are a lot of beautiful women out there, models and movie stars who are much hotter than me.”

“In the public’s eyes, yes, but not in mine Rebecca DeHart, you are the hottest woman on the planet. I’ve wanted you ever since I first met you that day in Algebra, but I was too nervous to ask you out, because I thought you were out of my league.”

“I met you in Algebra, Master? I don’t remember that.”

“I’m not surprised, I was about the same height as you, skinny and gawky looking. I developed late, I grew several inches my junior year, and I finally started to put on muscle. My dad was getting worried I was going to have to look for another profession, I wasn’t strong enough to work on a farm. That’s why I never asked you out until this past year, I finally looked like a man and I summoned up the courage to ask you out.”

“I guess that’s why I don’t remember you Master, I’m sorry I didn’t remember you from back then.”

“I’m not, it’s better this way, you don’t have to remember me as some skinny kid you took pity on, you have me as I am now.”

“I love you as you are now, Master.”

“Great, now about that punishment,” my Master says. Uh-oh, I was hoping he’d forget.


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