Bound Becky

by MasterKGray

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© Copyright 2020 - MasterKGray - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; slave; bond; gag; cuffs; collar; leash; oral; sex; rom; cons; XX

Continues from

Part Three

Dear Becky,

I’ve enjoyed our weekend together very much and hope you have as well. Shower and get dressed, your suitcase is by the foot of the bed. I have made some oatmeal and left it covered on the stove to keep it warm for you. Eat and be ready to go by ten am, I’ll take you home then.



I look at the clock and it’s already nine fifteen. I blow dry and brush my hair, skip the makeup and get dressed in shorts, t-shirt and my running shoes. It feels strange to be dressed after spending the last two days naked. I find my cell phone fully charged and my purse on the chair he thoughtfully placed next to the suitcase. I roll the suitcase out to sit by the front door then go to the kitchen and eat my breakfast. I finish and clean up just in time as Jimmy strolls through the door with a huge smile on his face and walks over to me.

“Good morning babe,” he says before grabbing my waist and pulling me in for a nice long kiss.

“Good morning Master,” I say and he frowns slightly.

“No babe, no more Master and slave, just Jimmy and Becky, OK?”

“Yes Jimmy, I love you.”

“I love you too Rebecca,” he says and kisses me again and I practically melt. “Alright, let’s get you home,” he says and walks toward the door, picking up my suitcase and opening the door for me. I thank him as I walk through and he closes the door and locks it before heading to his truck.

He opens the door and helps me in before setting my suitcase in the truck bed and climbing in the cab. He fires up the engine and drives me home, smiling like the Cheshire cat that guided Alice and my mind wonders if that’s all this was, a one-time trip to Wonderland. It doesn’t take long to get to my parents place and he pulls up in the drive and jumps out, grabbing the suitcase out of the bed and opening the door for me to get out. Walking me up to my front door and kissing me goodbye then getting in his truck and leaving.

I open the front door and walk through the house to my room, dropping my suitcase and flopping onto my bed. Suddenly I burst into tears. Why did he bring me home, wasn’t I a good enough slave for him? Stop thinking like that, things are back to normal. But I don’t want normal, I want to be back in my Master’s collar where I belong. You idiot, that was only a fantasy, a game you played for a couple days, now he has to work the farm and get ready for the wedding next spring. I sob even harder, I don’t want to be away from him, I love him, and he owns me. Get a grip, girl, he doesn’t want a slave girl, he wants a loving wife. But I’m distraught and I can’t shake this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I lay there for an hour feeling sorry for myself before I get up off the bed and dry my tears. Good thing you didn’t put on any makeup. I put away the clean clothes from my suitcase, I didn’t use any of them. I toss the dirty clothes he placed in a plastic garbage bag into the hamper. I sit down on my bed, kick off my shoes and fire up my laptop. I go to my favorite video and watch it. I’ve watched this video dozens of times and it has never failed to make me cum. This time however, it makes me cry, I want him so badly. I want to be his little slave and make him so happy, but he rejected me and brought me back home to my parents. My mother knocks softly on my door after the video ends.

“Who is it?” I ask, knowing by the knock it’s my Mom.

“Your mother,” she replies, “May I come in?” She asks.

“I guess,” I say, closing the video and wiping my tears before she enters the room. She comes over and sits on the end of my bed.

“I heard you crying, did you and Jimmy break up?” She asks.

“No, at least I don’t think so.”

“Then why were you crying.”

“I – It’s kind of hard to explain, Mom.”

“Try me,” she says kindly and places a hand on the calf of my leg, reassuringly.

“I – I don’t know if I can without freaking you out.”

“Come on, we’ve kept secrets between us before, haven’t we?”

“Yes, we have, but this is different.”

“How is it different?”

“It's private and personal and – and, I don’t know, Mom,” I stammer, bursting into tears. How can I tell my mother that I’m a kinky freak?

“It’s alright,” she reassures me, “I promise I won’t get upset with you. Let it out, honey.”

“I – It’s so messed up. Do you know what BDSM is?”

“Yes, Becky,” my mother replies and I look at her in shock. “Don’t look so surprised, honey, your father and I have been practicing it since before you were born. You know this choker necklace you like so much, it’s locked on, I can’t take it off. I am your father’s slave. We hid it from you as best we could because we didn’t want to influence you,” she explains and I’m stunned, my mouth hanging open in total disbelief. I’ve lived my whole life with my parents and I didn’t know this? I must be naïve or something. Oh god, how did I not notice the signs? They were there all along but I wasn’t paying attention. I mean, who wants to know about their parent’s sex life? Sure they must have sex, that’s how I came to be, but holy shit, mind blown.

“Becky, are you alright honey?” My Mom asks, shaking my arm to bring me back to reality. Am I alright? My whole world is shattered!

“I – I don’t know Mom.”

“Tell me what’s bothering you and why you’re crying?”

“I – I, well,” I stop and take a deep breath, swallow and try again. “Master – I mean Jimmy, no, Master and I had the most wonderful weekend and then he just brings me back home and rejects me. I guess I’m not good enough to be his slave,” I say, breaking into sobs again and my Mother hugs me until I slow down and regain some control.

“That’s not it at all, sweetie. We knew you might be a lot like me and as you got older you showed a remarkable amount of similarities to me. I don’t have a gag reflex either; your Dad really loves that. You are very submissive and you love pleasing others, you are an angel baby. I have always been that way too and I love serving your father, it thrills me to the core,” my Mother explains. “Jimmy brought you home to give you time to think and be on your own to decide what you want. Your father did the same thing to me before we got married.”

“How did you react, Mom?”

“Much like you, I thought he didn’t want me, that I wasn’t a good enough slave for him. We didn’t have cell phones back then and I called him after four days, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to be his slave for life and I asked if we could meet and talk. He came over within half an hour and we went for a drive. We drove down to his father’s pond and sat beside it, throwing rocks into it and talking. It took me a while to muster up the courage and ask him why he rejected me. He told me he hadn’t rejected me, he just wanted me to have time to myself to make sure that this is what I wanted. It’s a lifetime decision and he didn’t want me to enter into it lightly. I stripped off my clothes, knelt before him and begged him to collar me and make me his slave,” my Mother tells me her story.

“Oh Mom, that’s so beautiful, I want that too with Master, I mean Jimmy,” I cry and hug her tightly.

“Have you looked at your phone?”

“No, I – why?”

“We talked to Jimmy about you after you two became serious and started talking about marriage. He sneaked onto your laptop and found the BDSM and sex slave porn. We all knew then that you were most likely a slave candidate.”

“I know, Master told me all about it after he kidnapped me.”

“Kidnapped you?”

“Yes, it was my biggest fantasy, to be kidnapped and forced to become a sex slave. So Master did that for me, only I didn’t see it coming. I woke up Saturday morning all tied up in his barn. He had blindfolded and gagged me and was talking to me through a voice distorter and I didn’t know it was him at first. When he got close to me I could smell him and I knew it was Jimmy, I mean Master. He ungagged me and I told him I knew his smell and to stop pretending to be some stranger. He took off my blindfold and the rest is pretty awesome, but you don’t need all the naughty details.”

“I’d love to hear all the dirty little details,” my Mom grinned at me.

“Mom! Eww, no, that’s – well, alright. He stuffed his nice cock down my throat and made me give him a blow job, then he forced me down onto a dildo and turned it on so it started fucking me. He clamped my nipples and whipped my titties and I came so hard I saw fireworks. Then he – well, never mind, it was a great weekend.”

“Did he punish you?”

“Yes, and it hurt so much, but then he rubbed some soothing lotion or oil into it and then he locked me in his pillory and I came so hard, oh god.”

“Sounds like you had a great time.”

“Yes Mom, the best ever, I want him so badly right now,” I moan and tears start to roll down my cheeks again.

“Check your phone,” Mom says and I pick it up and realize the sound and vibration are turned off. I have two text messages from Master, I mean Jimmy.

Jimmy: If you remember nothing else, remember this; I love you Rebecca DeHart.

Jimmy: I am giving you as much time as you need to decide what you want, but don’t tell me before Thursday. Think it over, be sure that you make the right decision for you, not me. I will wait to hear from you.

I burst into tears again, I love him so much and what we did this past weekend fulfilled my wildest fantasies, but like a moth to a flame, I want more. I want to be his slave right now, but he said I have to wait until Thursday. Why do I have to wait until Thursday? I know it’s what I want right now. My mother looks at me knowingly and leaves me to cry and sort through my thoughts. I wipe my tears and text him back.

Becky: I love you too, Master.

He doesn’t text back right away and I realize he might be working on something right at the time, so I put down my phone and walk to the kitchen and make myself a sandwich. My father comes in for lunch and washes up. I make him a sandwich and get him a glass of tea before heading back to my room. If I can’t be with Master, I just want to be alone. I don’t want to wait until Thursday, but it’s what he orders, so I obey. I come back to my room and see my phone has a new message.

Jimmy: I’m happy that you still love me, but no more calling me Master. If you decide by Thursday that you still want to call me that, then we will talk, but until them I’m just your loving fiancé, Jimmy.

I hug my phone to my chest, hoping he can feel the love I’m sending him. I put down my phone and eat my sandwich and drink my tea. I finish and take my glass and paper plate out to the kitchen, putting my glass in the dishwasher. As I walk back past my parent’s bedroom I hear a noise inside and now that I know they are so kinky, I want to know what they’re doing. I step closer to the door and listen. I hear Mom moan and can tell that she is gagged, the sound is soft and low. I hear my Dad chuckle and I tilt my head in closer, actually bumping the side of my head against the door. I freeze, hoping they didn’t hear me and all is quiet in the room.

“Rebecca Amber DeHart, go to your room,” my father’s voice booms through the door and I scamper back to my room and close the door. I’m panting with fear, but there’s something more, I’m wet and I know it’s because I was trying to hear what my parents were doing. I know my Mom was gagged and I’m sure they were up to something exciting. I sit on my bed and open my laptop, surfing the net. Suddenly there’s a loud rap at the door and I know it’s my Dad.

“Who is it?” I ask, as if I didn’t already know.

“It’s Dad,” he says, “May I come in?”

“Yes Daddy,” I say submissively and realize how it sounds. He enters my room and looks at me sternly; I almost slip off the bed and kneel for him.

“Becky, I know you’re curious, but what your mother and I do is private, is this clear?”

“Yes – Dad,” I say, nearly slipping and calling him Master. “I’m sorry, Mom came in and talked to me earlier, and she told me she’s your slave. Master, I mean Jimmy, and I had a wonderful weekend doing the same thing and I was all confused when he brought me home. He told me I can’t officially decide until Thursday.”

“He’s a very wise young man.”

“Yes Dad, I know he is, but I already know I want to submit to be his slave.”

“That’s because you’re all emotional and high on endorphins right now. Give it a few days and by then you’ll be able to think about it rationally.”

“But Dad, I love him and want him so much right now. If he hadn’t told me to wait until Thursday I would already be at his feet where I belong.”

“Like I said, you need to wait for the feelings to fade and then you’ll be able to think clearly,” my father reaffirms.

“Yes Dad,” I sigh and turn back to my laptop, but I can focus on nothing but what happened over the weekend. I cry again as my emotions get the better of me once more. I’m a mess again for a little while until I suddenly am angry. How could the bastard do that to me? I’m not his little slave, I’m a grown woman with a mind of my own. Oh, maybe this is what my dad was talking about. But now my emotions have shifted from loving to angry. Whoa, Dad was right, hang on Becky, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The rest of the afternoon I’m swaying back and forth like a branch in the wind. One minute I’m in love with him and want to rush to his side. The next I’m ready to slap him upside the head and tell him to go fuck off. Another I’m trying to weigh things logically in my mind. I realize my father’s calm logic was right, I need time to sort this out in my head. I try not to think about it and my Mom calls me to help with dinner. My Dad is nowhere around so I feel emboldened and talk to my Mom.

“Did you have fun this afternoon?” I ask casually.

“Rebecca Amber, what did your father tell you?” Mom scolds me.

“I’m sorry Mom, I’m just, well, all over the place now. This morning when I came home I was sure that I wanted to be his slave, but now, I feel like I’m arguing with myself.”

“I know Becky, I went through the same thing, I loved him, I hated him, I wanted to smack him, I wanted to fuck him, it was difficult, but you have to go through it to know for sure what you really want. Jimmy loves you and will respect your decision, whichever way it turns out. I didn’t know for sure whether your father would want me if I didn’t become his slave. I don’t think Jimmy would turn you away, even if you decide to just be his wife, not his slave.”

“I’ll have to ask him after dinner, he didn’t say I couldn’t ask questions, he just said I couldn’t call him Master until Thursday if that’s what I decided.”

“You’ve chosen well, young lady, he is a wonderful young man. I’m sure you two will be very happy together.”

“Thanks Mom,” I say as I set the table. Mom sets out the food and Dad comes in from the field and washes up, then sits down to eat. Dinner is strangely quiet and I realize it’s because of me. After several minutes I finally find the courage to say something.

“I’m sorry Mom and Dad, I wasn’t trying to intrude, I’m just all twisted up right now and I heard Mom moan around a gag and I was curious. I didn’t mean to intrude, it won’t happen again, I promise,” I apologize to my parents.

“Thank you young lady, that was a well thought out apology. You know, if you were a slave, you’d have to be punished for your little escapade earlier,” my Dad says and my pussy clenches at the thought of being punished again. When my Master whipped me it hurt terribly, but the aftercare and the sense of forgiveness after was amazing. On top of that, it also helped me not to cum without permission.

“Yes Dad, I know, Master punished me when I came without permission,” I say and he smiles that knowing smile I’ve seen before, only this time I’m sure he’s punished Mom in much the same way and I give my mother a look of respect, seeing her in a whole new light.

“You know, I’ve had to punish Janice for the very same thing, seems having a hard time controlling sexual urges is hereditary,” my father says, calling my mother by her name and we both look at him in disbelief, then we all burst out laughing. It breaks the tension and we eat and talk like nothing is different, like I’m not going crazy and all of this is perfectly normal. My mother and I clean up from dinner as Dad goes out to milk the cows and feed the hogs, etc.

“Becky, I’m so proud of you,” my Mom blurts out after we’re finished with the dishes.

“What do you mean, Mom?” I ask suspiciously.

“You’re taking this so well. Of course, you have a mother and father that are also into BDSM, and I didn’t have that, but I was a wreck. I couldn’t eat, wouldn’t even sit at the table with my family. I was about the same age as you are now, but I cried so much and wanted to go to him, but he had told me not to, and I wouldn’t disobey him. We got married so young and we talked about having kids, but I just didn’t seem to be able to get pregnant. We thought we weren’t going to have any children and then I got pregnant with you. I was already forty five and your father was fifty. We wanted you, but were surprised you came along so late. I’m sixty three now and your father is sixty eight, that’s why we want to retire.”

“Wow, Mom, I would have thought with the BDSM lifestyle that maybe you decided not to have kids, then changed your mind before it was too late.”

“No, we determined early on that we would have kids and hide our special relationship from them, but it just didn’t happen that way. We even went to the doctor and they said I was fine. They did say your father’s sperm count was a little low, but still within the normal range. The doctors were shocked when I got pregnant after all those years and I had never used birth control. We used a condom before we were married, except when he shoved it down my throat, I can’t get pregnant that way,” she grins and then laughs and I laugh with her.

“No, you sure can’t,” I agree and then giggle a little. “They call me Blowjob Becky because I can deep throat without gagging.”

“I know, I can too,” my Mom says, “they called me Swallowing Sweeney, using my last name because nothing like that worked with Janice.”

“Thanks Mom, you’ve really helped me a lot. I thought it was just a fantasy online, but you and Dad have been living it for all these years. I’m not sure what I’ll do because like Dad said, I’m all emotional right now and I need time to process everything. Right now I’m leaning towards being his slave, just like you,” I say and head off to my room. I find a text from Jimmy on my phone.

Jimmy: How’s my little angel doing? That’s what he’s called me until this past weekend.

Becky: Going crazy, I’m so confused right now, but I promise I’ll have an answer by Thursday. I love you.

Jimmy: I love you too, babe. Good night.

Becky: Good night. XXOO

Jimmy: XXOO

I put my phone down and the tears roll down my cheeks. I’m so twisted up inside. I want him so much and I want to be with him, but I’m not allowed until the designated time has passed. I open up my laptop and check out my Facebook, scrolling through mindlessly, barely even reading, just skimming. I get bored with it and log out, going to some of my favorite porn sites and reading some new stories, just trying to take my mind off my problems. It doesn’t help because each story I read reminds me of what we shared over the weekend and I pick up my phone and type in a text.

Becky: Master, I love you and want to be yours always, your slave, formerly known as Becky/Rebecca.

My finger hovers over the send button, but I know better than to tap it. I start to erase it, then retype what I’ve erased and leave it as a draft. I sulk down in my bed and turn on the TV. I watch a Friends marathon, barely even noticing the episodes fly by and I fall asleep, dreaming of my Master placing his permanent collar on me. I wake up at one in the morning, the marathon is over and they are playing The Big Bang Theory. I like the show but I need to sleep so I turn it off and change into my night shirt and plod down the hall to the kitchen for a drink of water before I go to sleep. I run some water that goes through a filter and I drink about half the glass, pouring the rest of it down the drain. Go back to my room and fall into bed, turning off the light.

I lay there in the quiet darkness, only the cicadas in the distance and I can’t fall asleep. I’m still tired, but my mind is racing again. I turn the TV back on and watch an episode of TBBT and my eyes grow heavy, the show taking my mind off my troubles.

The last three days have been torture for me mentally. Jimmy brought me home on Monday and told me I had a decision to make but couldn’t give him an answer until Thursday. Today is Thursday and I feel like I’m closer to a decision, but it’s not an easy one. My parents have left me alone these past two days. Though Mom offered to talk to me on Wednesday I told her I’d rather be alone and figure it out for myself, it is my life. She is a slave to my father, which I just learned on Monday, and though I’ve fantasized about it and thoroughly enjoyed Master’s (Jimmy’s) domination of me over the past weekend, I am deciding about the rest of my life. Can I be happy as just his wife, or do I need more? Do I need his total domination and become his slave?

Dinner is over and I’m back in my room, I pick up my phone and see the texts each night from Jimmy, telling me he loves me and I am free to make whatever decision I wish and that he will abide by it. Tonight there’s a text and it doesn’t help my decision at all.

Jimmy: Hey little angel, I love you and await your decision. I miss you but I won’t rush you, whenever you are ready.

I text him back but don’t give him a clue which way I’m leaning.

Becky: This is very hard, but thank you for your patience and understanding. I love you too.

Becky: Thank you for making me wait, I’m still weighing my options, but with a much clearer head.

And I am much less emotional and more rational. I’ve actually made a list and I’m sitting on my bed, looking at it. Pros and cons for each. The list contains several pros for each and a few cons, the problem is I’m trying to figure out the weight of each thing on the list. After an hour or so of deliberation, I’m no closer to my decision than I was before I started going through this exercise.

In a light bulb kind of moment I come up with a new plan, and instead of looking at the list from a purely rational perspective, I look at it from a more emotional and sexual feelings view. The wife side of the page makes me feel alright and somewhat happy, but the slave side of the paper makes me exhilarated and excited. Sure there’s the fear of the unknown, but with my Master at the helm, a gentle, kind man who loves me, how could I not be willing to submit to him? Suddenly it’s as clear as a crisp autumn night, he is my Master and my true love and I can have both. The love is still there, it will just be channeled in a new and exciting direction, and oh so amazing orgasms. I catch myself bouncing on my bed and I get up and go to the bathroom to relieve myself.

I knock on my parent’s door but there’s no answer. I wander down to find them both asleep on the couch. I go back to my room and put on my midriff tank top and my shortest running shorts, no bra or panties, slipping into my sneakers without socks, that way it will be easy to strip naked for my Master. I haven’t texted him yet so I do that now. While he’s on the way over I can tell my parents and be ready when he comes.

Becky: Master, I’m all yours, come take me home.

Jimmy: Are you sure, babe?

Becky: Yes Master, please hurry, I’m so hot for you!

And I am, I can feel the moisture in the crotch of my shorts. I don’t even bother to pack a suitcase, what use does a slave have for clothes? I walk down the hall and back into the living room, cell phone in hand and it dings, letting me know my Master has texted me.

Jimmy: On my way, slave, be ready when I get there.

Becky: Ready and waiting, Master.

My mother hears the sound and rouses from her sleep. She stretches and yawns before noticing I’m standing in front of them.

“Hey Becky, what are you doing out here?” Mom asks. By now Dad has woken up and he looks at me.

“I’ve made my decision and my Master is coming to get his slave,” I announce.

“Very wise decision honey, I know you will be very happy,” Mom says and I smile wryly, surprised at her statement.

“Yes my little girl, you have become a woman now and I also believe it is the right decision for you. You are so much like your mother and I’m sure you’ll live a long happy life as Jimmy’s slave, he will give you more pleasure than you could ever imagine,” my Dad echo’s my mother’s sentiment.

“Thank you both, you’ve been wonderful parents and you’ve helped me as much as you could with this decision, the last one I’ll ever have to make, but an incredibly big one,” I say and I hear my Master’s truck pulling into the driveway. “My Master is here, I love you both, goodbye,” I call back to them as I rush out the door and kneel in the headlights of his truck.

“Hello, my beautiful little slave, why are you wearing clothes?” Master asks so I strip naked as quickly as I can and kneel again before him. “Much better,” he says as he picks up my clothes and shoes and throws them into the seat of his truck.

“Master, I submit myself as your slave. Please collar me and keep me for as long as you wish, I am yours.”

“Very good, slave, I think I will keep you, you’re very hot,” he says as he locks the wide black leather collar around my neck, and he’s right, I’m so hot for him I could cum if he gave me permission, but I’m sure he meant I was beautiful and sexy. I squirm on my knees as he attaches a leash to my collar and tugs, indicating I should stand. I stand and start to walk toward the passenger side of his truck before I realize he hasn’t moved. He walks around behind me and wraps the wide black leather cuffs around my wrists, then locks them together behind me. This time he adds elbow cuffs of the same wide black leather and locks them together also and I moan and rub my thighs together, he is making me his helpless little plaything and I’m so wet my juices are running down my thighs.

I haven’t cum in three days because my Master didn’t give me permission. I never asked for it, I didn’t want to be distracted, but in retrospect, I should have, I’m so close to cumming and he’s not even finished with my bondage. He straps the big ball gag in my mouth and buckles it tight at the back of my neck. He locks the ankle cuffs on me but doesn’t add a hobble chain. He grabs the leash hanging between my heaving breasts and drags me to the back of the truck, opening the tailgate and I think he’s going to throw me in the truck bed and take me to his house. Instead he pushes me face down onto the tailgate, then kicks my legs apart. In seconds he’s inside of my sopping pussy and I cum so hard I see those fireworks again, squirting, squirming and shuddering around his nice sized cock. As I recover I realize he’s already cum in me and is wiping up his dick with his handkerchief before he sticks it back in his pants. Then he wipes the excess off my still dripping slit, this time with our combined fluids.

He pulls me off the tailgate and unbuckles the ball gag and drool spills out onto my tits at its removal. He kisses me more forcefully than he’s ever done and I moan with passion as he bruises my lips, this is an ownership kiss, not a loving one. I melt under his domination and he pulls me around to the passenger side of his truck and opens the door, lifting me into the seat and then locking my ankles together. He pulls the seat belt around me and buckles it before going around and climbing into the cab. He puts the truck in gear and drives off back to his house, our home.

“Thank you Master,” I say as we drive toward his house.

“What are you thanking me for, slave?”

“For using your slave and allowing her to cum, Master, I haven’t cum in three days.”

“Why not?”

“You didn’t give me permission, Master.”

“You didn’t ask, and you weren’t under those restrictions during that time. But you’re such a good girl, you make me proud.”

“Thank you Master,” I blush at his words of praise and I’m ready for another round as my pussy clenches with need.

“Damn, I can smell how ready you are, my amazing little slave.”

“Yes Master, I am your horny little slave, please use me often.”

“Oh, I plan to.”

“Thank you Master,” I respond, all my negative thoughts about this decision are gone, I’m just his helpless little play toy, his sex doll, his fuck toy or whatever he wants, I’m all his and I’m positively euphoric again. This feels so good, so right. I’m at my Master’s mercy, as it should be.

He pulls in the drive and shuts off the truck, coming around to unbuckle my seat belt and then just lifts me out of the truck and throws me over his shoulder like a sack of grain, my head hanging down his back, my hair almost to his calves, my legs grasped firmly in his strong arms and he carries me into the house. He walks straight to his bedroom and I breathe a sigh of relief, at least I won’t have to spend the night in that damn cage. He tosses me onto the bed and pulls the ball gag out of his pocket, forcing it into my mouth and buckling it tightly. Damn, this will hurt by morning, but it is what my Master has decided. Next he kneels down on the floor and I hear him open what sounds like a metal door under the bed.

He pulls me off the bed and stuffs me into a cage under the bed. Now I know why the bed is so high. He locks the door and drops the valance back down, I’m locked in a cage under his bed, put away for the night. Invisible to the world, no one would know I was here. Oh god, I should hate this, but I’m so wet. Please fuck me Master, I need you. I’m wet and ready for you. But I can barely make a sound with this big ball gag stuffed in my mouth.

My eyes adjust to the small amount of light and I can see that the cage is the same size as the bed, I have plenty of room to roll around. There’s a small pillow and a blanket. I notice that the floor is soft and comfortable, not a mattress but a mat or something with a plush rug or blanket over top of it. I roll to the pillow and lay my head on it. It takes several tries and I eventually mostly cover over with the blanket. He climbs into bed above me and turns off the light. It is so dark I can’t see a thing and I’m glad he left the light on long enough for me to see the pillow and blanket.

“Good night slave,” he says and pats the cage door, making it rattle just a bit. Good night Master, I hate this, but I love you and want to please you always. I feel all warm inside, because I’m right where I belong. I’m where my Master wants me and I fall asleep more quickly than I thought I might. I don’t hear my Master’s snoring because I’m asleep before he is.

I have been my Master’s slave for one month. In the past month I have learned under the whip to be a good little slave. He’s pierced my nipples, clit and navel. My body hair has been permanently depilated; I am now as smooth as the day I was born. I now wear a custom polished steel collar and steel cuffs to match on my wrists and ankles, they are all welded onto me permanently; I cannot remove or escape them.

Sometimes he clips a chain to my pierced nipple rings and then runs it through the ring in my collar, tugging on my nipples the whole day. It is very hard not to cum as it tugs painfully and deliciously at my nipples while my tits bounce when I walk or perform other tasks for my Master. He branded my left hip with his specially designed mark. It is a beautiful script mark of his initials, JW, which stands for James Walker, though as you know, everyone still calls him Jimmy, except for me, I only call him Master. I am learning to walk in the five inch high heels he’s ordered me to wear, which is very difficult for a slave with such small feet. After a month’s practice I strut around the house like a whore and my Master is pleased.

Today we are getting married in a special private ceremony. Our parents will be in attendance along with a few close friends, but it will be held here in our backyard. I will officially submit to be his lifelong slave in front of witnesses and I can hardly contain my excitement. I will be allowed white flowers in my hair, a see through veil and carry a bouquet of white roses in my chained hands walking on white five inch heels. My father will walk me down the aisle and sit beside my naked and kneeling mother. I will kneel and submit to my Master publicly. We will exchange special vows and be married. I am beside myself with exhilaration.

Master looks so handsome in his black tuxedo; I’m wearing my veil, heels and nipple chain, positively dripping with arousal. I stand at the back of the aisle and I almost faint because I’m overwhelmed by what’s about to happen. The music plays, not the traditional bridal march but a piece my Master has chosen from some ancient slave ceremony and I strut alongside my father up the aisle. My father gives me to my Master and I kneel as always before him and we recite our special vows.

As part of the ceremony my Master leads me to the pillory which he has moved outside for all to witness his taking of his slave. I am locked into the device I chose when we discussed the ceremony and I squirm with need. My Master doesn’t even unbuckle his belt, he just unzips and thrusts into my hot tunnel that is already gushing. I cum so hard that the best way to describe it would be like a prolonged explosion inside of me, I am lost in subspace as I squirt and squirm on his spurting cock. As I return to my senses I hear the guests clapping and cheering at my public use as a slave. Master has already left my yearning pussy and I want more, but will have to wait until my Master decides when he would like to use his slave again.

I am released from the pillory and allowed to kneel by my Master’s side. We are congratulated by all in attendance, then I am ordered to serve the wedding cake and punch. I cut pieces of the cake I baked, designed and decorated and strut amongst the guests, handing out pieces of cake and cups of punch. I am patted, pinched and probed as I perform before my Master and our guests. His best man sticks his fingers in my still dripping pussy and I cry out softly in surprise and arousal. My Master is by my side and I kneel for him. He is angry with Brandon and they nearly get into a fight. I am almost overcome with my Master’s fierce defense of me.

Soon the guests all leave except for our parents. We say our goodbyes to them as they get in their trucks and drive away, wishing us well and a long and happy life together. My Master takes me in his arms and kisses me passionately.

“You were absolutely perfect today, my beautiful little slave,” my Master praises me and my pussy clenches with need.

“Thank you Master.”

“You’re welcome. Let’s go inside and fuck like rabbits,” he says and I smile up at him.

“Yes Master.”

He attaches a leash to my collar and I strut behind him into the house and on into our bedroom. He locks my cuffs behind me and shoves me face down onto the bed. The bed is the perfect height for him to slam into my wet, horny pussy and he drops his pants and does just that. I cum so quickly, squirting onto the towel he’s conveniently placed for just this reason. Before he finally shoots his load inside me I’ve cum twice more and I’m beyond words for how ecstatic I am. I am my Master’s slave and I’m the luckiest girl in the world!


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