Bondage Renewal 2

by The White Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - The White Knight - Used by permission

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Part 1 Bondage Renewal - Part 2

The next day went as quickly as the last at work.  This time however she did call me.  We talked about the kids and other non-controversial topics.  Coming home was much the same as any other night.  Kids clamouring, dishes to wash, children to be put to bed... the entire normal ruckus that goes along with a family.  Ann kissed me as I came in the door, so I knew that everything was all right.

When they were finally upstairs and in bed I tried to start up the conversation.  "Hush", Ann said to me with a soft smile.  "Wait till the kids are all asleep and than will talk... in our bedroom", she gave me a wink and a peck on the cheek.  I made a grab for her, but she eluded my soapy hands and returned to clearing the pots, pans and dishes.  I went back to washing and prayed for the sandman to come to my house!

We sat through a totally innocuous television show, waiting for the last noise form upstairs to end.  I refused to go sit at the computer.  If I did that it was like giving Ann a 'get out of conversation free card' and I wasn't about to do that.  I would talk about just about anything with her as long as it involved sex.  Hell, I would talk to her about sex all night long, if she would listen. From her point of view I could understand her reluctance to talk about it.  She liked the status quo and every time we talked sex I was looking for changes... or as a led into me setting up a time for a bondage session.  Now, we had one heck of an interesting topic to discuss and I couldn't wait for the discussion to begin.

The next thing I knew, Ann was standing before the TV, turning it off.  She held out a hand to me.  "Come on, let's go upstairs".  We walked upstairs hand-in-hand and went into the bedroom and closed the door. 

She sat down on the bed and patted the comforter next to her.  I sat down silently.  "Mike this is really hard for me to talk about.  You know, what happened on Sunday night.  I've been thinking about all of this quite a lot...", she said quietly.  "And... damn I don't think I can do this!"  She looked down at the floor and a tear formed in the corner of her eye.  

"Annie", I said to her softly.  "I've told you things that I have never told anyone else.  Please believe me, you can tell me anything."

Taking a deep breath she raised her eyes and met mine.  Starting just were she had left off she continued in a soft but steady voice, "And...and the end result is I want to have you to... to spank me again."   I knew she wanted me to speak up and agree with her, but I had to let her get it all out.  She had to do this by herself.  Tears began to form in here eyes.  "I don't even understand why I want to do this.  It just that that one time opened up a lot of feelings in me that I didn't even know existed.... and I sort of have to find out if I feel the same way the second time."  She finished her statement with a sigh, saying in effect, thank God that's over.

I was truly surprised by this.  I had fully expected Ann to totally repress the whole event.  She is just not the type to have fantasies like this.  I had hoped... good God, I had prayed that this would be the case, but now that it was happening I still found it difficult to believe.  Taking a deep breath to steady myself I answered,  "OK, And just how do you want to go about doing IT?"

"Oh no, your the creative partner in our marriage," Ann responded quickly.  "You'll have to tell me what I should do, oh masterful one."  She gave a wry smile at this last comment.  Playing on the fact that I liked her to call me "master" during our bondage encounters.

That one threw me for a loop.  OK.  OK. I said to myself.  I've got to think fast.  I stood up and started to pace in front of the bed.  Ann smiled for the first time that night, obviously amused at my consternation.  I smirked at her and then snapped my fingers!

"Stand up, young lady",  I commanded her in a stern and steely voice.  My wife had gotten comfortable and was leaning back on both elbows.  Her face clearly showed her shock at the unanticipated command.  Slowly she responded.  It was as if she was fighting herself the whole way to her feet.  I sat down on the bed and smoothed out my pants.  This little bit of theatrics made it very clear to her where she was going to spend the next few minutes.  "Remove your panties", I ordered. 

Ann wore a long denim dress  that dropped to mid-calf.  It had buttons down the front so that she could open it up to the level that suited her mood.  This gave the skirt quite a bit of flexibility.  Today, only a few buttons were open at the bottom, so she proceeded to open a few more to gain easier access to her underwear.  Finished with this she looked in to my eyes, perhaps searching for a reprieve.  "Hurry up girl or I will have to increase your punishment!", I barked at her.  She jumped at my statement, but then quickly complied.  "Pull your skirt up about your waist and hold it there", I ordered sternly.  As directed she pulled the long skirt upwards, bunching the denim about her waist.  Standing there with her skirt at her waist and her beige panties strung tightly above her knees, made her look extremely vulnerable.  I gulped and worked hard to keep this all business like.  "Lay down across my lap, but with your torso lying on the bed.  And don't forget to keep the skirt up!"

I couldn't tell if she was enjoying this or not.  The expression on her face was totally blank. Ann slid obediently into position.  Some of the squirming that she did to get there made me wonder, though.  If she was trying to get a rise out of me she had certainly succeeded.  So there I sat with my lovely wife's bare butt resting in my lap.  I wanted to break character so badly.  I didn't want to play her father spanking a little girl.  If she wanted to be spanked, I wanted to play her loving master giving her the satisfaction that she desired!  I tried to get back into my role... but, I found that I couldn't.  This was something sexual we were talking about here and involving her "father" even as an image was just... wrong.  I'll admit that I am kinky, but that was just totally outside of my bounds.

"Ann, honey", I started and then it all flowed out of me.  Everything that I had been thinking.  

Ann let out an exasperated oath and said, "Mike, I don't know how much longer I can keep my nerve up to do this and I really don't care about your motivation... just spank me!"  

I was a little put off at first, but then I smiled.  "My you really are a naughty lass", I said sweetly.  "Talking to your master that way.  You most certainly will be punished!" 

With that I gave her a solid blow, right at the top of her ass.  SMACK.  Both cheeks rebounded, sort of like a bowl of flesh colored Jell-O.  "Ooohhh", she sighed softly.  In this position I could get a lot more force out of my blows than I had been able to before, but I held back trying to find out her sweet spot.  SMACK.  Against only the right cheek this time.   "Hmmmmm", Ann moaned.  My wife's tender rear was already turning pink where my blows had landed.  Putting more force into the blow I planted it on her left check.  "Ooww", she groaned as I was rewarded with a little kick of her legs and a twisting of her rump.  SMACK.  SMACK.  Two quick blows closely together, aimed more towards the bottom half of her soft crescents.  "Oooowwww", she cried out loudly as her legs began to scissors and kick at the floor. 

I was pretty sure that I had the force of the blows worked out, but I figured that it couldn't hurt to make sure.  "Are my blows too hard for you, lover?", I asked in syrupy soft voice. To my surprise she shook her head in the negative and replied in a raspy tone, "No, master.  Maybe just a little harder.... please master."  My God, my wife was virtually begging to have me spank her harder! 

Taking advantage of this little breather, I began to rub her heated rear end.  It looked so inviting lying there, with those bright pink patches against her milky white tush, that I couldn't keep my hands off of it.  Ann moaned in pleasure, grinding her sex against my achingly hard member. 

SMACK.  SMACK.  "Oh, Gooodddd",  Ann she cried out.  Without giving her a breather this time I gave her red rump another pair of hard blows.  That distinctive sound of flesh meeting flesh was quickly overridden by her cries of pleasure / pain.  Damn, she was getting loud and to make matters worse she was kicking her feet against the floor and making even more noise.  In between series of blows, she continued to moan loudly and kick her feet.  I put my hand firmly upon her legs and tried to restrain them.  But that extremely annoying sound of her leather soled flats making contact with the hard wood floor continued.

"Honey quiet down!" I said to her sternly.  "If you keep this up you'll wake the children!"  This worked, like a charm and Ann quickly settled down.  Her fingers dug into the comforter and grabbed at it tightly.   A small-satisfied smile played at the corner of her lips as she held her eyes tightly closed. 

SMACK.  A particularly hard one this time, straight down.  SMACK. SMACK.  Two quicker stinging blows on either cheek.  "Oooohhhhh my Lord, yeesssss.....", she screamed excitedly.  Her hips rotated wildly and her feet pounded heavily against the floor.  My wife was so out of control that I could barely keep her from falling off my lap, forget continuing with her spanking.  Lifting her up bodily I pushed her entirely onto the bed. 

"That's it", I told her.  "Game over.  Baby, you have just got to calm down.  Your making too much darn noise!"  

She rolled onto her side and cried, "No, no, no.... you can't stop now.  It was just getting good."  She looked at me pitifully, pleadingly.  

"Annie", I rejoined softly.  "If our kids weren't such sound sleepers they would have woken up already.  Besides, the windows are open, what do you think this sounds like outside?"  

That one caught her for a loop, but still she persisted.  "I promise I'll be quieter."  

Yeah, right I said to myself.  To her I said gently, "We tried that already.  I warned you and three slaps later you were making more noise then before."  I shook my head.  "I'm sorry baby, but this isn't working out.  We are just going to have to wait for a day when we can get the house to ourselves.  Get my parents to watch the kids or something." 

Ann had moved into a kneeling position besides me.  Her butt resting just above her heels.  The skirt lay in disarray about her legs.  She pounded her clenched fists against her knees.  "No, no, no... It just not fair", she complained bitterly.  I huffed out a exasperated breath.  "Hah, get used to it babe.  I have to wait all of the time.  Heck, if I want to have anything beyond the simplest bondage scene with you, we have to get the kids out of the house.  Do you think this is any different?"

She looked up at me, as a devilish smile spread across her pretty pink painted lips.  "You could tie me up", she said in a sexy singsong tone.   With the tip of her pointer finger she began to trace little sensuous circles upon my chest.  "You could even gag me... to keep me quiet... master."  She was pushing all the right buttons and I was hotter than a match head.  Thinking with my hormones I was ready to agree like a shot, but using what was left of my brain, I had to say no.  The same reasoning that I couldn't tie her spread eagle to the bed or some other such way held true with this situation.  The kids could walk in on us.  I shook my head in the negative as I struggled to come up with a way to make this work.  Ann mistook my reluctance for something else and with that sing song lilt to her voice, strove to sweeten the pot.  "I'll dress for you too.... Any outfit that you want.... Heels...  or slippers.... seamed hose.... How about my red and black corset?"

That was too much!  If I were a kettle steam would have been coming out of my ears!  There had to be a way.  There just had too.  Then like a like bulb turning on, I thought of it.  The attic.  We kept a full sized bed up there for company and the door locked!  We would be a floor away from prying eyes and if one of them did wake I could go down and comfort them back to sleep.  It was perfect.

"OK. OK.  You win", I told my life long companion.  She smiled and put her hand up in the air for a high five, which I quickly responded to.  "But don't think your getting off easily", I warned her.  "I want everything that you promised... no, if ends or buts."  I looked at her sharply.  "Are we agreed?"  She continued to smile and nodded her head.  I made a come on motion with my hand, signifying that I wanted more.  At first she didn't understand, then she smiled wider and said sweetly the words I was waiting to hear, "Yes, master."

"I want you in your satin corset, black hose and red slippers.  Fix your make up, put on a little perfume and then meet me in the attic",  I ordered my, for a change, enthusiastic wife.  She looked at me questioningly and asked, "The attic?"  

Patiently I responded, "We can't do it in here because of the children.  I could tie you to the rafters in the basement, but I thought that perhaps you might enjoy the comfort of a bed under you instead."  Ann caught on quickly and nodded her head in agreement.  "Oh and by the way, no panties", I added, "you won't be needing them."  With a shooing motion from me, she ran off with a smile to the bathroom.

Retrieving the sack that I keep my toys in, I headed up to the attic.  My preparations didn't take very long.  I simply emptied canvas sack onto the low bureau in the room.  I arranged each of the white nylon ropes in size order, so that I could easily grab the appropriate one as needed.  I moved the home made ball gag and sleep mask / blindfold into a small top draw.  I placed one other, special item, into the same draw.  Being gagged and blindfolded were two things that were definitively not on Ann's list of turn ons.  Seeing those two items when walking into the room, despite her earlier assurances, might put her right out of the mood.  I decided upon the dentist approach... don't show them the needle until your ready to use it.

Finishing with this in only a matter of minutes.  I found myself nervously pacing with nothing to do.  This isn't the way that I wanted my lover to find me.  It was important to me that I look "in control" and "calm",  even if my heart was racing at a hundred miles an hour.  Moving a few bits of flotsam, leftover from my brother-in-law, off of a padded chair I sat down.  Steadying my thoughts, I began to plan out each of the phases of the coming event.  In what position would I bind the gorgeous creature that called herself my wife?  How would I get her into that pose, in step-by-step detail.  Where should I land my blows when I spank her?  How hard should I hit her? 

I was lost in this revelry when I heard the door on the floor below open.  Then I heard the unmistakable click clacking of heels ascending the staircase.   My seat was situated so that I wouldn't see her until she walked through the door.  One of Ann's arms snaked around the doorway.  Her fingers found the light switch and turned off the room's overhead illumination.

Doing a Mae West bump-and-grind movement she glided into view.   Stopping in the doorway, she posed sexily and asked in a husky voice, "You wanted to see me... master?"  God, every time that I saw my wife like this, that is to say dressed as she was and in this type of mood, I couldn't believe how beautiful she was!  The only light source was from a naked bulb in the hallway behind her.  This caused a funky glow to settle around her, which highlighted certain features and left others in provocative shadow.  She had added one more item to ones that I had requested she wear.  A sheer black robe, from a peignoir set, which was virtually transparent.  It of course provided no useful function, but it added a whole level of magnitude to the sexuality of the outfit.  I absorbed the view into me, trying to memorize her every nuance.

The lovely maidens' heels rested four inches off the ground, perched upon red satin covered spikes. Her slippers were further enhanced by a puff of matching bright red marabou feathers.  Black stockings covered her feet, which were flexed steeply to accommodate the arch of the sandals sole.  Gleaming black sheaths flowed up her shapely legs to end in lace tops, mid-way up her thigh.  One leg was bent outward at the knee, invitingly, leaving no doubt that she was not wearing any panties.  Healthy hips curved inwards to her still youthful waist.  The hand that was the mate of the flexed leg, rested on her satin corseted side.  Her arm bent suggestively at the elbow, while her hand held open the transparent black negligee. 

Ann's corseted body was an absolute pleasure to behold.  While this was not a true corset, the satin still melded to her curves like a smooth second skin.  Bright red front panels, framed a laced black satin psuedo-busk.  Black satin also covered her side panels and breasts, with just a hint of lace at the top of each cup.  Her breasts rose and fell beneath their shinny black covering, betraying her apparent calm.  Soft pink lips smiled at me as her deep brown eyes glowed with desire.  Beautiful auburn curls cascaded downward, framing her angelic face and coming to rest upon her milky shoulders.

I'm not sure if she became tired of standing in the same position while I ogled her assets or simply was nervous herself, but she decide to walk into and about the small room.  It was fun to watch her ham it up, strutting her stuff and working hard to control her spindly high heels.  In the corner she stopped to turn on a small table lamp, then she began her prancing once again. At the furthest point from me she stopped.  Hands on hips, legs spread she gave me a sexy wink over a lowered shoulder.  Then she turned and strutted towards me until she was only inches away, flicking her black robe into my face as she passed.  Again at the far corner of the room, she called to me, "I think you'll like this move... master."  With that she bent at the waist and clasped both ankles, smiling at me between her legs.  Oh God, what a beautiful sight!  The sheer robe acted like a black veil highlighting her wonderful matched set of milky half globes.  She kept her spread legs straight which formed an inverted V directing my eyes to her heated sex.   The toes of her sexy sandals were also spread to either side, giving me a great view of her highly arched feet and providing her with more stability.

"Oh, yes I do like it very much", I told her truthfully.  "But as much as I admire your charms, I believe that it is time that I sample some of them."  I motioned with one arm towards the bed.  "Please remove your robe, then come over here and sit down."  Ann did as instructed, sitting on the edge of the bed with her hands resting upon her knees.  Her eyes met mine as I walked over to a position in front of her.  We smiled conspiratorially at each other.  

"What offence am I charged with, for which I am going to be pummelled so... master?" Ann asked me slyly.  

My smile knew no bounds.  "Why simply because you are a terribly naughty young woman in desperate need.... of chastisement!"  

My lovely wife smiled back infectiously and replied, "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.  Naughty me.  But I do so ever NEED YOU.... master!"

She held her arms out towards me, looking for some hugs and kisses.  But now was not the time for that.  "Perfect", I cried.  Reaching around behind me I grabbed two of the cords.  "Just hold your arms out like that while I secure these ropes to your wrists."  The unexpectedness of my action took her slightly by surprise, but she stoically did as directed.  I looped the rope expertly around her left wrist, forming a cuff of spiralling white nylon around her delicate appendage.  When I was finished I let the remaining length of rope simply dangle below her wrist until it reached the floor.  Her right wrist was done in exactly the same way, again leaving about four feet of rope to hang downward.  It was a really an awesome site watching her sitting there, with both of her wrists encased in the tight nylon cuffs which would soon be used to bind her helplessly to the bed. 

"You can put your arms down now", I informed my soon to be captive.  Retrieving two more of the cords I knelt down in front of her and proceeded to apply similar bindings to her ankles.  The bright white rope formed a beautiful contrast against her silky black stockings.  The spirals dug gently into the soft flesh, leaving visible indentations.  In minutes I had completed my task and stood up to look over my work.

Ann had a blank look on her face, until she realized that I was looking at her.  Then she smiled reassuringly as she shrugged her shoulders.  Without words conveying to me, "I don't know what your doing, but I trust you."  With this encouragement it seemed like as good a time as any to go on with the next step.  Reaching into the top draw of the bureau I removed the gag.  Ann's lips hardened into a single line and I could tell she wasn't thrilled.  "That's a different ball from the last time you gagged me?" She stated with a questioning tone.  It was a homemade affair.  A simple children's hard rubber ball with a hole drilled through it.  Through the hole was threaded a half inch thick piece of double weight black satin.  Since the last ball had been greenish blue it didn't take a whole lot of deductive reasoning to notice the difference. 

"I realize that it's been a long time, since our last bondage encounter", I began.  I couldn't help but add the little jab about how long it had been.  "But if you remember correctly that ball was just a tad too small and didn't really fit properly in your mouth.  This one is slightly larger and I believe that it will rectify that situation."  She continued to give the ball a malevolent gaze.  As far as she was concerned it was a necessary evil that she must contend with.  Striving to make the situation a little less tense, I dropped the gag into her lap.  

Her mouth gaped open as she looked down at the intruding item.  She let it sit there for a long minute, then finally picked it up in both hands and held it up to me.  "What do you want me to do with this?", she asked me dumbfounded  (read "You don't actually expect me to put this on myself"). 

I had to smile.  She made such a pretty picture sitting there on the bed in her sexy costume, holding the ball gag by its satin straps.  The satin cords were stretched between her grasping fingers, as thick white nylon ropes dangled from her wrists.  "I thought that it might be a little easier for you if you put it on yourself.  I was hoping that it would make the process a little less repugnant to you."  

Ann studied the ball intently.  Her face lost its blank 'I don't like this look' and took on a more relaxed visage.   Again she shrugged her shoulders, then brought the ball to her lips.  Looking mischievously over the hard rubber, up into my eyes, she gave the ball a sexy kiss.  "I just want you to remember what you will be missing... master", she told me coyly.  With that she opened her mouth widely and pulled in the ball.  It quickly became lodged between her two sets of pearly whites.  Stretching wider and pulling harder she still wasn't able to get it all of the way in. 

"Arrrrhhhh, Arrrrhhhh", she complained to me with angry eyes as she shook the gags satin cords.  

"Use the tips of your fingers and PUSH the ball into your mouth", I calmly advised her.  Slightly mollified by my words, she dropped the straps and did as instructed.  The ball that had been held tightly, now popped behind her teeth sliding snugly into place.  Her warm pink lips surrounded the bright yellow ball.  "Oooohhh... oooohhh", she mumbled through her gag as she shook her head contently.   Flipping her hair out the way, as only a woman can do, she tied the satin straps behind her head.   These soft satin cords dug deeply into the corners of her mouth, proving that she had not slacked in her tying.  When she was finished, she raised her hands palm up in front of her inferring what's next?

I took one of the longer pieces of rope from the bureau and folded it in half.  "Raise your arms over your head", I ordered calmly.  Her arms went up and I went to work.  Running the rope over each shoulder and around her back, I formed a criss-cross pattern about her chest.  The bottom ropes pushed into the base of her satin-cupped breasts, pressing them slightly upwards.  I added one last turn of the rope directly across the center of her chest digging deeply into the soft mounds of her bosom.  The breast bindings were all knotted dead in the center of her back.  I had extra rope left over, but I just left it there... for the time being.

"Now please, kneel in the middle of the bed, doggie style", I commanded softly.  Turning she climbed like a cat onto the white sheeted bed and manoeuvred into the desired position.  "Spread your knees a bit more", I told her.  After she complied I said, "Thank you".  

With that I used the rope dragging behind each of her bound ankles to attach them to the short corner posts at the foot of the bed.  No great shocker their, but my next command caused her enough concern to give me a double take.  Placing a pillow just below her face, I ordered, "Rest your face on the pillow and put each of your wrists along side its respective knee."  Her eyes glared at me as she followed my directions.  Come now, I said to myself, I can't make it too easy for the dear.  Now can I?  Just as I had learned long ago in the boy scouts I tied perfect knots attaching each of her wrists to the fleshy part of her leg just above the knee.  Keeping her ass raised up like that put quite a bit of strain on her back and pressed her face into the pillow.  "You may lower you rear... until I tell you to otherwise, my dear", I informed my wife graciously.  She mumbled some imprecations through her gag, but fortunately I was not able to make it out.

She watched me intently as I took the rope lying against her back and raised it towards the ceiling.  "Should be just enough", I said mostly to myself.  I placed the ends of the rope through a decorative hole in the tall headboard.  "Raise your rear once again, my dear", I required of my bound lover.  Upon her completing my command, I took in the slack and tied it off.  This, seemingly extra tie was essential, as it would provide support to her back and help her keep her tush in the air.  "Thank you, my dear, you may now rest", I once again informed her.  

"Arrrrrggghhhh, aaarrgh ssssiiisish", she yelled through her very effective gag as the unrelenting rope about her chest absorbed the weight from her upper body.  "Sorry about that my dear, but you will need the support when I start spanking your butt", I told her.  "Besides once I begin to really whack you I don't want you flailing all over the bed.  Or worse yet, falling off of it."  This seemed to slightly mollify her, but I'm sure that she thought that I was just playing a dirty trick on her.  You see now when she lowered her butt, her body weight pulled against the rope halter encircling her chest. While not exactly painful, I am sure it was definitely uncomfortable.

Using a long cord I bound one end to her leg just above the knee then stretched the rope between her spread legs and bound the other leg.  Sliding the rope under the bed and bring it back up on her right side where I had started, I fastened the rope to the first binding.  This made it virtually impossible for her to move her body, with of course the exception of her rear-end.  Oh, and I intended that part of her anatomy to be moving quite a bit in the very near future!

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