Bondage Renewal

by The White Knight

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Bondage Renewal - Part 1

I was basically at the point of giving up on making our sexual relationship more in line with what I would like it to be. My wife and I had been married ten years and in that time we had gotten into a pretty healthy cycle of sex... and every blue moon she would even consent to letting me put her into bondage. My wife just isn't the sexy or adventurous type and I had gotten used to that. I wasn't happy about it, but I was used to it.

Her idea of good sex, was a forty-five minute romp in bed wearing a T-shirt (soon discarded) and ending in the standard missionary position. I"m male and a male will take it any way that he can get it, but these little love fests did little to turn me on. If she were in the mood she might slide on a short nightgown. On a very special night she might allow me to take her from the rear, doggy style. But, she had strong aversions to both sucking my cock and letting it go anywhere near her asshole.

So after ten years and three kids, I had resigned myself to my lot in life. The worst of it was that my fantasy was to play the dominant and when it came to sex this just wasn't the case. To say that that upset me didn't do justice to the situation, but as I said, I was resigned to my fate.

My wife calling my name brought me out of my funk. Asking me if I was coming to bed. Putting down the book that I had nominally been reading, I got out of my comfortable easy chair and stretched. My six foot four frame made it easy to touch the ceiling as I straightened. I lowered my arms and shook my head. Ah, well might as well, I thought to myself. Getting something is always better than getting nothing! With that last thought to boost my desire, I climbed the stairs.

Opening the door I was surprised to find her sitting in the middle of the bed, wearing a sexy teddy and a smile. It was peach with white lace and showed off her very nice figure to its fullest potential. "I know that you've been especially considerate these last few weeks, honey", she said to me softly. "And I just wanted you to know that I appreciated it." She waved her arm circling the bed, "Look... no kids!" This was truly a miracle. Our middle son and toddler daughter had been sick of late and for the last two weeks I hadn't come to bed without a least one of them in it. At one point I was even driven to sleep in my sons bunk bed, as both of the children took my place. Hey, I wasn't complaining about it. My wife took care of the kids all night and I got to sleep.

We hadn't been alone for quite some time now so finding my wife alone in bed was a very inviting picture. I closed the door, leaned against it and smiled back at her. "Well, thank God that you've come to your senses. You should realize that withholding sex from your husband is blatantly immoral and probably grounds for divorce!", I said all this in a joking manner that she was well accustomed to. Playing along with my harangue, she hung her head in shame. "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.", I added. "You have definitely been a very naughty girl."

Raising her head her smile knew no bounds. "Come a little closer and I show you just how naughty I can be", Ann responded in a sexually charged tone.

For all of my earlier complaining I must admit that my wife Ann at thirty-three years of age, was still a pleasure to look at. At five foot five and one hundred and twenty five pounds, she was in as good shape as when I had married her. A recent flare up of a nagging back problem had forced her back into doing a series of exercises that not only strengthened the back muscles, but also flattened the tummy. That combined with the fact that we were going into the summer months and she was eating more rabbit food to fit into the bathing suit of choice made her a very tasty morsel indeed.

With her frantic help, I disrobed. The lights were now off and scented candles lit. After a few minutes of truly passionate kissing, we slid into our standard making love format. Kiss her lobes, her chest and stroke her mons. She moans and caresses my cock in one hand. But something new enters the arena. Usually we don't talk while we are making love. Just a little bit of the "yeah like that" or "more to the left" type of thing. But, with her eyes closed she's saying, "Oh yes, I was a very naughty girl." The first time she said this I just blew it off as her trying to keep the mood going. Then twice more she used the word "naughty" when referring to herself. Her breathing was extremely heavy and her moans and movements told me that she would be orgasming in seconds. "Please.... Pleeeeaaase", she cried out. "Make love to me!"

I could have stopped playing with her clit and dutifully gotten between her legs, but a mischievous part of me said no. I began to flick her little love mound, more and more quickly. I had made her cum many times this way, but she much preferred to cum in the "proper way". She started to complain, but had to give it up as a loud moan escaped her lips. Her head thrashed from side to side and her hips bucked as she cried, "Aiiiiiieeeeee". Her wildly orgasming body was spectacular to watch and I loved every minute of it. I was amazed at it as well as fascinated. That was the most vibrant orgasm that I had seen her have in... God, I couldn't remember that far back! I had a vague thought running through my head... I was pretty sure that I knew what was the key to this savage sexual response.

Gently caressing her nylon covered chest I whispered into her ear, "That was very naughty of you dearest. Cumming before I do. You know how that loosens you up down there and makes it less enjoyable for me." She stiffened slightly at my words and I waited silently for her to give me a piece of her mind. Ann remained quiet however, her eyes that up until this point had been closed in sexual ecstasy opened and looked at me. I saw no reproach in them so I pressed forward. "Yes, very naughty of you and for that you really should be.... punished", I said this in a sexy teasing way. Again I waited for her to object, but amazingly she didn't. All she did was bite a corner of her lip and look at me expectantly.

Getting up onto my knees on the bed I looked down at her sternly. "Flip over onto your stomach and then get up on hands and knees...", I ordered my lovely wife. "You know... doggy style." Now, I was really pushing her, but by this point I figured what the heck. She had to break her silence now and jump all over me. This meekness just wasn't her style. Still biting her lip she flipped herself over as instructed and assumed the desired position. The only exception to this was that she was resting on her elbows, so that her face could lie on a pillow. Her eyes closed and her face took on a strained look. I almost relented at this point..., but damn I had come so far!

I slowly undid the three snaps that held the nightgowns, now damp, panties together at the crotch and pushed the offending material out of the way. Placing myself between her widely spread knees I began to caress her milky moons in both of my hands. "Gracious Ann", I said softly. "I just can't believe how bad you can be." I played with her pussy, sliding a few fingers between her wet folds. She moaned in heat. "And of course naughty girls must be... punished," I told her equally softly. A soft moaning, "Yessss" escaped her lips. That's was all that I needed.

Smack. Her ass jiggled to the impact of my hand. It wasn't a heavy blow, just enough to sting. Now the moment of truth was upon us.... "Owwww", she cried out as her eyes popped open in surprise. Undoubtedly she had been expecting me to take her from the rear and this must have been one hell of a shock. "What... what are you doing", she asked in a quavering voice. Part of me felt like a cornered animal as she spoke. She had made it very clear that the one thing that I definitely could not do on our relationship was hit her. But just like a cornered animal, I decided to go down fighting. "I'm spanking a very naughty young woman", I said as forcefully as I could muster. I emphasized "young" because I knew that she liked that and I was fighting to stay on top. "Now be quiet and accept your punishment." Her eyes glared at me and I once again thought it was all over. During that long pregnant silence, I wondered how comfortable the couch would be tonight.

She opened her mouth, but no words came out. Closing it, she closed her eyes at the same time and seemed to relax a little. "I'm sorry", she croaked in a little soft voice. Thank God that her eyes were closed, because my jaw dropped open until it hit the bed. I cleared my throat and responded, "As well you should be, girl."

With a little more force this time I gave her another stinging blow to the lower portion of her right cheek. "Owwww", she said quietly as I watched her fingers tightly grip the edges of the pillow that her head rested on. I had no idea of what to do now so I just decided to follow my instincts. I moved to the left so that my two knees were on either side of her left leg. This put me in a better position to give her a good spanking.

Despite her exercising, time had taken its toll and her ass was a bit better padded than it perhaps should have been. No, it wouldn't make a Playboy centerfold, but I liked it. I realized that I enjoyed watching her cheeks ripple to my slaps. Smack. "Hmmmm", Ann moaned into the pillow. I waited and watched in amazement as the initial white imprint of my hand turn pink on her offended rear. Smack. "Ohhhhh", she cried softly and bit her lip. I had aimed that one for the middle of her crack and part of my stiff fingers had clipped her pussy in the process. This seemed to have a strong effect on her. Ann's hips began to sway a little from side to side. SMACK. "Ooowww....ohhhhh", she groaned under the blow. That one was the hardest I had yet thrown and if anything it just seemed to be making my wife hotter!

BOING. BOING. My cock jumped upwards of its own accord. I had been denying my own hard on for some time now, not wanting to lose a second of this new experience, but I realized I could not hold out much longer. SMACK. A last sting blow to her rump and then I leaped back between her legs. Without a second of foreplay, I plunged my hardened member into her warm love tunnel. "Owwww..... Ohhhh... Oh, God YES", she cried more loudly. The knuckles on her hands had turned white as she desperately gripped at the pillow. Pulling her hips to me I buried my manhood within her until I could feel my ball sacks bounce against her heated flesh. Pushing her away from me and straightening I pulled out until only my circumcised head remained within her silky folds. I loved feeling the tip of my cock push up against her clit as I made love to my wife. This position made it very easy to get the most possible time doing just that. I quickly began to piston in and out of her with these deep strokes. Learning quickly, she began to move her hips against me in time to my thrusts. She was moaning more and more loudly. "Oh God", she cried. "Give it to me, Mike. GIVE IT TO ME HARD!" With that I came deep within her hot sex, shooting shot after shot of cum into her womb. She also cried out and pushing her hips wildly against mine came for the second time that evening.

I was totally exhausted and totally shocked. Ann never got this loud. In fact she never asked for me to so bluntly to "Give it to her hard". To top it off it was only very infrequently that she orgasmed twice while we made love. I could count the number of times on one hand, that she had done so in the past year! God Lord... had I really found the key to my wife of ten years?

After both of our breathings had returned to normal, my wife slowly straightened up. She turned, gave me a quick squeeze and headed for the bathroom. I followed. The flap of her teddy fell back over her ass, but it couldn't hide the pinkish red marks that my hand had left. We each, respectively, cleaned off the parts that needed to be cleaned. I didn't know what to say, so I didn't say anything. Ann also remained silent.

Getting back in bed Ann gave me a quick peck on the lips, and said, "Good night." She turned her back to me and drifted off to sleep. I turned my back to hers so that we were butt to butt and tried to follow her lead, but sleep would not come so easily. What had I done? What did this all mean? Pushing all of these Pandora's box type questions aside, I just thought back on the evening and relived it. A smile spread across my face, as I relaxed and sleep finally over took me.

As was normal, I was up well before my wife to go to work. I gave her sleeping form a peck on the cheek before I left for work. The day went by quickly and it wasn't until 5:30pm that I noticed that Ann hadn't called me. She always called me at least once a day. I called the house but only got the answering machine. Heck, it was Wednesday. Half price Happy Meals night at McDonalds. I'll catch her when I got home.

Dinner was just being put on the table as I walked in and the kids were all upstairs. Both of these things were out of the ordinary. Half of the time on Wednesday, I was left to fend for myself. Even when there was food waiting for me, I usually had to fight through my throng of young until I could get to it. Ann finished putting everything out, then said that she was off to get the kids to sleep. You know the routine. Put everyone in the appropriate bed, read a story and say prayers. She also said she was tired and going to sleep after that. Now if she had said she was tired with a smile, I would have known that everything was all right and last night was as much fun for her as it had been for me. But her eyes never seemed to meet mine and her face was devoid of all emotion. Great. Things did not look good.

I ate my dinner and thought about what I should do. If she's angry, I knew that I should let her cool down. If she's happy I should get up there as soon as possible and work towards a repeat performance. Unfortunately she didn't seem to be either. She seemed sort of numb. Zombie-ish.

Not knowing what to do, I did nothing. I emptied my mind by playing a mindless shoot "em up on the computer. When I heard that everything was quiet upstairs, that is to say that all of the kids were finally asleep, I went up to our room.

Opening the door I found my wife lying in bed in one of her normal T-shirt nighties, reading a mystery. "Couldn't sleep", I asked her quietly as I sat down on the bed. She shook her head "no". I could see that she was biting her lip and that tears were forming in her eyes. I opened my arms to her and dropping the book she dove into them. "There, there", I comforted her as I ran my fingers through her long curly hair. "Whatever it is, it's OK", I assured her. The tears burst like they had been held back behind a damn. She cried in huge sobs against my shoulders. I hadn't seen her this upset for ages and I could literally feel her tears soaking through my Oxford-cut shirt and T-shirt!

"What's wrong, baby?", I asked her softly. She pushed me away from her as she held onto my shoulders. "What's wrong?", she sputtered through the tears. "I let.... I let you spank me last night." She looked down at the bed, not being able to hold eye contact as she finished her declaration. Sniffing back more tears, Ann said in a whispering, "You must think that I'm some kind of freak."

I began to laugh and then quickly changed my mind. Laugher now might just throw her over the edge and we would lose whatever ground we had gained. Covering my gaff with a forced cough, I cleared my throat. "Darling, there is no way that I would ever think of you in those terms", I shook her shoulders a little as I spoke. Then I pulled her towards me, into my chest. "Baby", I continued softly. "I like you to wear four-inch heels and corsets for me. Heck, you know I'm into bondage and will tie you up at every opportunity.... If anyone is a freak in this relationship it has got to be me!" She gave a little laugh at this and her tears all but subsided. "Well, you definitely aren't normal", she agreed with me as she gave another small laugh.

We were turning that emotional corner. I could feel it. All I had to do was keep calm and get her by this chasm that her psyche faced. "That right", I replied heartily. "I am definitely not normal... and proud of it!" Putting gentle fingers below her chin I raised her eyes to mine. "And you still love me... don't you?" Never ask that question to an emotional woman. She grabbed me and squeezed me so tightly that I thought that she was going to break something! I hadn't been squeezed like that since I asked her to marry me. Every once in a blue moon, I do find the right thing to say. But, now what do I do?

"OK. Now that were both calm lets talk about it", I said to her quietly. 

Her body tensed and she quickly replied, "I don't want to talk about it." 

I ran my fingers calmingly through her hair and said, "Come on, baby". 

This time she spoke even more forcefully, "I don't want to talk about it."

Damn, I thought if I let this go now it will never happen again. Sex will go back to humdrum, with a little spice thrown in at odd moments. Damn, damn, damn. She liked it! I finally found something, sexually outside of the norms that she liked. I couldn't let it just slip by!

"OK. How about I talk and you listen if you want to answer any questions I pose feel free. But, in my heart honey I think its best for both of us if you open up about this," I told her softly. She didn't say yes, but then again she didn't say no. I plunged onwards.

"Did your father spank you when you were a child?", I asked softly. I knew her father well. He was a stern man, but definitely not one prone to violence. Besides Ann was the apple of his eye I truly couldn't imagine him doing this to Ann, but I had to start somewhere. "Yeah, right", she scoffed at my amateur psychology. Strike one. "Did he spank any of your other siblings?", I continued my pursuit. In a low voice she answered, "Yes." A HIT. "Which of them did he spank", I asked softly. A long moment passed. "All of them", she replied equally softly. "But especially Kathy and Danny." Her elder sister and youngest brother. This made sense. Kathy had started getting a little wild as she hit her teen years and Danny was always getting into trouble looking for attention. But it was the way that she said Kathy that I focused in on. It was like she spit the word out. I knew she had a pretty good relationship with her sister so I didn't understand this part.

"Tell me about your Dad spanking them. Let's start with Kathy", I said. More silence followed then her soft voice floated up from my chest. "He would come into our room and turn on the lights. It would usually be after dark as Dad usually worked pretty late. He would have Kathy stand up next to her bed and then he would sit down. She would have to lower her own panties and then lay across his lap. Raising her nightdress he would spank her on her bottom." She paused. "There wasn't anything sexual in it", she assured me. "He just punished her till she cried. Then she would pull up her panties and while she was still crying he would comfort her. He would tell her that she was a good girl. That he was sorry that he had to punish her. You did a naughty thing, but you are a good girl and don't forget that. The entire time he was talking to her he would be hugging her and patting her back..." Her voice trailed off into silence.

"Your dad never spanked you though?", I stated this with a hint of a question. She snorted again. "No", she said softly. "I always wanted to be good for him. So he never had a reason to spank me." I thought about this. It was becoming pretty obvious that this all stemmed from some type of closeness she perceived her sister having with her father that she never had been able to achieve. Now, how do I tell her this without turning her off? "That must have been hard for you", I said. "What do you mean", she asked. "The dilemma that you faced. Be good to make your Dad happy or be bad so that you can share his tender healing... after he had spanked you." Ann gasped in a breath of air. "My God, that's right. I remember one time planning to get into trouble just so that I would be punished... but, I chickened out. I cried myself to sleep that night." Again the tears came cascading down upon my chest.

"A fine pair we make", I said over her sobbing. "My over bearing mother drives me into wanting to have control over women through bondage. At the same time your father leads you into seeking punishment as a way to feel closer to a man. I'm sure that neither one of them planned it that way, it just sort of happened." It was a lame ending, but I was going through some soul searching at the same time, so it was the best I could do.

I laughed at myself. "Of course I can't even get that right", I said to the room at large. Ann, who had been lost in her own thoughts, stirred and asked, "Get what right?" Now it was my turn to look down at the bed. "I've never managed to take control in the sexual part of our relationship", I answered dejectedly. 

She looked up at me incredulously. "What are you talking about? I let you tie me up! I dress in clothes fit only for a hooker, not to mention the shoes and slippers that I've bought to please you. Where do you get off saying that you don't control this relationship!", she replied angrily. She looked at me with fire in her eyes. 

I knew that she had come a long way since we had started going out. The thought of dressing in sexy (Frederick's of Hollywood sexy, not Victoria's Secret sexy) was repellent to her. She would rather be bare foot than wear shoes, especially high heels! And as far as bondage went, if it wasn't as important as it was to me, it would just never happen. I felt my top position slipping away, so I strove to fight back. 

"Ninety percent of the time when we make love we do it your way", I cried back angrily. "You wear what you want, we do it in the way you want and in the position you like!" 

Ann was not to be put off so easily though and was quick to come back, "And the other ten percent of the time we make love I'm reduced to being you're... you're love slave!", she shot back at me. 

"Well try making love to a person and always having to be careful to touch the right places at the right time so that you don't make the other person ticklish and lose the mood! Oh, no, not so rough or oh, no, that's to soft it tickles!" All of my pent up anger that I had let burn within me came forth.

Ann folded her arms in front of her and stewed. I followed suit and did the same thing. We sat that way for what felt like hours, but was probably only five minutes. Then another first happened. "I'm sorry", she said softly as the tears started again. 

Great Caesar's ghost, I sighed to myself. I took her back into my arms and held her tight once more. "Damn, hon.", I told her. "It should be me that's sorry. You are only being who you are... I'm the one asking you to change to fit into my fantasies." 

She was quiet for a moment and then she laughed. "That's true", she said with a little girl voice as she hit me lightly. "It's all your fault." That's a joke we've shared since we were married. Somehow, no matter what, it's always the husband's fault. "But, turning that logic around... I'm also making you fit into my quote normal unquote world. As you say, you are who you are and I married you faults and all." She paused thinking, then added in a wry tone, "At least you build you're fantasies around me. Look what happened to Emily. I don't think her husband was working her into his fantasies." The reference was to a recently divorced woman that we both knew. A pretty darn good-looking woman, but her husbands wandering eye ended that family. Not to mentioned leaving a pretty little girl, my son's age, between split parents.

"Look", I said softly. "This all came about because I spanked you last night." She didn't reply or comment. "All I want to do is make sure that before we go to bed for the night that we both love each other and everything is OK." I looked down into her dark brown eyes. They seemed to bore into me looking for answers to questions I hadn't even thought of yet. I went with what I knew. "The bottom line is that I love you", I told her gently as I hugged her tight. She hugged me back and said, "I love you to." After a few seconds she continued, "But, we had better get some sleep. Its getting awfully late."

I looked at the clock and couldn't believe that it was half-past twelve. We had been talking for almost two hours! "OK", I responded half-heartedly, not wanting to lose the mood. "Are you sure that you don't want to talk about it any more." 

She smiled at me and pulled herself under the covers. "Actually, I have more than enough to think about already!" Her face froze for a second as she realized that she might be taking charge like I had accused her of. "Unless... you really want to keep talking about it that is." She offered me the olive branch. 

"Thanks, honey", I replied happily. "That's OK, will talk more tomorrow. But, I really appreciate your asking." She smiled as she laid her head upon the pillow and began to drift off to sleep.

I brushed my teeth, took off my clothes and slid into bed next to Ann. She reached over and snuggled up to me. We exchanged our normal, 'we are not going to have sex, but we love each other' kiss. Then she closed her eyes once more to sleep. I ran my fingers through her hair in a lazy motion. One question burned in my mind. I didn't want to ask it. I didn't want to spoil, what we had gained. But I'm more curious than a cat... "Annie", I asked softly. She didn't respond, but she shifted a little. "Annie, did you like it?" Silence followed. I figured that she must have fallen asleep. Knowing my wife it was possible. She could fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

"Yes", she whispered quietly. She hit me playfully on the chest. "Now, go to sleep will talk more about it tomorrow."

Bondage Renewal continues in Part 2

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