Bondage Renewal 3

by The White Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - The White Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; spank; cons; X

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Part 2
Bondage Renewal - Part 3

Now for the last little pieces of the tableau I was setting out to create.  Again from the top draw I removed two items, a black sleep mask and an aged wooden hairbrush.  The mask was a sleep mask from Victoria's Secret.  It was not the best of blindfold, but as a sleep mask was less onerous to my wife than any other option it was my blindfold of choice.  The brush resembled a sort of  miniature paddle sans rounded ends. I had fallen upon this treasure after our first spanking encounter and couldn't help but add it to my bag of goodies.   Ann's eyes popped open as she saw these two items.  A whining scream filled the air as her gag proved its worth.  She began pulling at her bonds, futilely trying to escape from them.  I tried to calm her down, but rather than being mollified she raised her head and shook it negatively from side to side. 

"Whoa.  Whoa, baby", I said as I reached behind her head and untied the satin strap.  Pulling the ball from her mouth, I asked her what her problem was.  

"No one ever said anything about using a hair brush!", she cried out in an angry frightened tone.  

"Your hand, yes", she continued a little more calmly.  "But, that large wooden brush...",  her body shivered,  "that's looks like it would really hurt."

"Baby, to tell you the God's honest truth... spanking your ass hurts my hand," I explained to her.  "I'm a finance expert, not a field worker.  The first time that we tried this it took a part of the fun out of it for me... so I just thought we could try something else."  There were tears in her eyes now, part from frustration and part from fear.  

"But you're going to hurt me!" my she wailed. 

Sitting on the bed, I cupped her head in my hands and kissed away her tears.  "Yes, I am going to hurt you", I agreed with her.  "But, I promise you that I will be very careful and only give you the spanking that you desire."  Tears were still in her eyes, but I could see that I was wining her over.  My face brightened.  "I've got an idea!  How about we leave out the gag for the beginning of your spanking!  If it's too much for you we can stop right away.  On the other hand, if you feel OK about it will put back in the gag and complete your punishment.  How does that sound?"

Her eyes smiled through their watery mist.  "Sounds pretty good to me... master", Ann responded in a shaky voice.  "Besides I have been terribly naughty.  You know dressing up like this and letting you tie me up.  Yes, definitely naughty."  

I stole a desperate kiss from her warm pink lips and answered, "Well, we will just have to set about that young lady.  You know I will."  Rising I lifted the mask from the bureau and moved towards her.  

"Do I have to be blinded?", she once again whined.  Blindfolds were not in her top list of desired apparel.  

"You are taking advantage of my kindness young lady" I reproached her.  Bending down I whispered in her ear "I promise that this will make it more interesting lover.  Not knowing when or from which direction that I am going to smack your fine buttocks should prove quite an experience indeed."  She nodded agreement.  I raised her head off of the pillow and slid the mask over her eyes.  The elastic band slid quickly through her curly locks until it found a tight and secure perch. 

Rising I stood at the left side of the single bed, directly in line with my loves twin creamy crescents.  I gazed at her supine form drinking in her every nock and cranny.   My shapely wife was clothed in an exciting red corset outfit, her legs were graced with gleaming black stockings.  Her feet rested on the bed, loosely shod in red satin mules.  Wrists were tied to knees and her ankles bound to the corners of the footboard of the bed.  Her breasts were tightly constricted in a rope harness, which was attached to the head of the bed.  The bottom line, no pun intended, was that she was bound helplessly before me with her bare butt sticking upwards, awaiting any punishment I wished to deal out to her.

Bending once more I whispered in her ear.  "The first few strokes will be testing blows".  Ann jerked, proving that the blindfold was doing its intended job.  I smiled to myself.  It just doesn't get much better than this!  "Raise your rump young lady, by your own admission you've been naughty and must therefore be punished!"  Determinedly her rear rose into position. Her soft crescents were once again milky white, betraying no hint of our earlier encounter.

Ann's fleshy moons quivered as she awaited the first strike.  SMACK.  Her face grimaced in pain, as she audibly expelled air from her nose.  It was my first time using wood on her rump and I was therefore doubly careful.  The initial white mark of impact turned into a pink patch dead in the center of her left cheek.  Her hands, below her tied wrists, clenched into strained fists.  SMACK.  "Ooooohhhh", Ann moaned softly pulling slightly at her bonds.  I gave her three more shots and then went fishing for feedback.

Again I whispered in her ear, so as not to damage our role-playing.  "How does that feel?" I asked in interest.  

"OK", she breathed out softly.  

I sighed.  "No, no that"s not what I mean", I replied.  "I really want to know how it feels... to be spanked with this brush."  

Ann's mouth opened in a fish-like "O" and she answered, "Oh. Oh, yes of course.  Well at first its real stingy... you know it stings... kind of painfully.  Then, after a few seconds the whole area sort of begins to glow...  like the heat is radiating outward from where the brush landed.  It all sort of tingles... and... and that tingle goes right to... my sex.  God I can feel it now... It's really kind of cool... unique even."  

I looked over my wife's lovely cheeks each with its own pink patch and asked quietly, "You mean spanking your butt is actually turning you on?"  I said this playfully in an incredulous tone of voice.  

"Oh, stop it... master", she smiled and then with a blush that made her cheeks match the color on her ass, she answered me with a laugh, "but, yes...  it does!"

"Alright, rest time is over.  Present yourself my young lady", I ordered my bride.  My fishing expedition for information had paid off.  Obviously, I wasn't putting enough force into the blows if she was getting all gushy over them.  SMACK.  

"Ooohhh my God, master", she groaned as her butt rocked to the blow.  "The tip of the brush just clipped my pussy on that one", she shivered out breathlessly.  "Please be careful... master."  

With her legs spread so widely at the knees, her pussy made no small target.  It was very easy to catch a piece of it when I struck at the lower part of her cheeks.   SMACK.  SMACK.  Two more solid blows fell on the top of each of her cheeks.  

"OOOOhhhhhh yeah", she cried out.  "That was... wonderful", she moaned.  "Maybe just a tiny bit harder... please master", she begged.  

Damn, I had already increased the weight of my strokes and now she was telling me hit harder!  Wow, of course I love it when she begs!  My rod hardened further pulling against my boxers.  SMACK. SMACK.  Two more blows to against the middle of her cheeks.  

"Ooooooowwwww, God yes", she cried out loudly.  SMACK. SMACK.  This time against the fleshy lower part of her cheeks, purposefully trying to tag just a bit of her mons in each stroke.  "Aaaiiiiiiieeee", she yelled as her face set into a grimace.  If was amazing to watch her practice her breathing that we had learned in natural childbirth classes.  She would take a lot of little breaths and then a big cleansing breath.  Heck, it had worked during labor, so why not here?  Her reddened rear was rotating in a circular, up and down fashion as if trying to cool itself off.  Ann shifted her weight from knee to knee, lifting each leg in turn and pulling at the bonds binding her to the bed. 

I put down the brush and began to massage her pain filled rump.  "Oooohhhhh, yes", she moaned.  "God that feels, so good."  I kneaded her rump.  "Oh, master", she moaned in pleasure / pain.  "My butt feels like it's on fire.  The heat tingles so that I think it's almost real.  Like you could cook an egg back there."  She stretched against her bonds.  "Uuuummmm", she continued to moan.  "Touch me master... please touch me."  I continued to rub her beautiful red cheeks and they were indeed hot!  When I didn't go near her aching pussy, she whined again "Pleeeese master!"  Lightly I brushed the tips of my fingers over her mound, just barely touching her pubic hair.  I knew this would drive her crazy.  "Ooooooeeeeeewwwww", she groaned loudly in frustration and anger.

Before she could complain more, I pressed the ball gag up against her anger-pursed lips.  "Open wide darling", I told her.  "We are going for all of the marbles now and you know how loud you get!"  I heard her breathe "damn" under her breath, but she spread her jaws as directed.  Her sweet sexy lips were soon once again surrounding the rubber ball.  That yellow globe, encircled by her widely stretched pink lips was exciting all by itself.  Boing! My cock snapped to attention, again.  Oh, lord I thought, I had better get some relief and soon!

"Return your buttocks to its up right position.  Fold away your food tray and stow any loose luggage", I intoned like a steward on of the all too many flights I had to take.  Doggedly she raised her pink cheeks into their fully extended position.  We were ready now.  I now had the feel for the how best to use the brush and I was confident that I could warm her cheeks appropriately.  SMACK.  SMACK.  Two blows low on the curve of her left cheek made her whole ass jiggle with the impact.  Her retracted rump, doggedly raised back into position as she regained her composure.  This went on for another three or four round of quick twin blows.  I spread the blows evenly about her rump, making her cheeks glow a uniform bright red.  Her breathing was now only a raspy sound struggling through her nose, but her moaning betrayed her excitement.  Those moans were screaming sexual satisfaction.  They were also getting continually louder, sometimes I was even sure that she was shrieking into her gag.

"Are you alright honey", I asked giving her time to catch her breath.  I rubbed her rear feeling its unnatural heat.  She nodded her head affirmatively against the pillow and groaned appreciatively to my ministrations.  "Very good then", I gave her warning.  I started a slow measured whipping of her already pained ass.  Rather than reduce the force of my blows, which was my first inclination, I did the opposite.  Just slightly increasing their weight.  Soon her rump began to gyrate once more.   I whacked at her revolving rear, taking my time and evenly spacing each stinging blow. 

It didn't take long before her knuckles of her clenched fists became white and her moaning increased its pace.  I knew that she was close to coming and I had a little surprise for her which I had read about once and I hoped would work.  With both hands I steadied her rump.  She obediently stood still.  WHAM.  I gave her a solid shot against both cheeks.   "Uuummmmm", she groaned.  

I again steadied her rear and watched as her ass cheeks twitched, anticipating the worst.  Quickly I switched my grip on the brush, gripping the head in my hand.  Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.  I lightly spanked her widely spread pussy with the brush handle.  "Ooooh.  Oooooh.  Ooooh. Oooooh," she moaned.  "UUUUUMMMMMMMMHHHH", she cried.  

It was amazing to watch her body involuntary twitching from that initial assault.  Literally it looked like her body was sucking in her tender mound trying to protect it.  But in actuality, it was her hips arching inward towards her stomach, slightly reducing my access to that area of her anatomy.  Moving the brush into position accordingly, I resumed my pussy whipping.  Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. TAP.  The last slightly harder slap sent her over the edge.  She groaned loudly into her gag and her hips pumped back and forth.  Her whole body jerked as she screamed, "UURRRGGGHHHH", into her gag and a wild orgasm swept through her tortured body.  Ann's upper body rose and fell against the bed, pulling at her halter and then realizing the futilely of this dropping down once more.  The ropes directly over her nipples dug deeply into her satin-sheathed breast, while the ropes above left chafe marks against the top of her soft white mounds.   She lost a slipper when she tried to kick her ankles upward against the tight ropes.  The whole bed shook as she bucked to the heavenly flow.  Finally, after a few more hectic gyrations Ann's sexual release ran its course.

Dropping my shorts I climbed up on the bed behind her cherry red ass.  Ann was exhausted and her rump was almost resting on the bed.  The way her ankles and knees were spread, of course made that comfort an impossibility.  "Hhhhmmmmmuuuummmpp", she cried out in surprise  as I raised her walloped rump and began to rub my hard member against her fiery pussy.  "Eeeeeiiimmmmpp". she squealed like a stuck pig as I pulled her hips backward and impaled her on my manhood.  This was one of my favorite positions and just a few nights ago I began pounding my meat into and out of her lower mouth.  Each time I dove into her, she squealed.  Partly I am sure it was do to the tenderness of that region after its encounter with the wooden brush handle and also because my pulling her hips toward me dragged her against her breast harness.  

Watching her struggle against her bonds and those moaning, groaning, squealing sounds she would make drove me into a frenzy.  I imagined that I could feel the heat of her beaten pussy engulfing my cock... and maybe I really could.  From some reserve of energy Ann began bucking her hips up and down meeting my frantic thrusts.  "Oooohhhh Lord yes", I cried out and came in a wonderfully satisfy explosion.  Just then Ann's rear retracted just a bit too far and my cock came loose!  "Rrrrriiiieeeeee", she cried through her gag in frustration.  Grabbing myself in one hand I went to put my rod back into my wife, but just then I noticed the eroticness of my globs of white sperm splotching Ann's red rear.  Rather than lose the moment, I began jerking myself off.  Shot after shot of the slimy jism splattered against her continually arching ass.  I put one hand on her back to slow her wild movements as my eruption ebbed and the last drops of cream bounced onto her butt. 

Something, I don't truly understand what, made me want to massage her violated rump.  Releasing my spent member, I used both hands to smooth the sticky cum over her buttocks.  To me it was like I was rubbing in some type of healing balm.  Ann moaned loudly as she realized what I was doing. Finished with that satisfying task I removed the yellow ball from behind her pink lips and wiped the spittle away before it could wet the pillow.   

"You've got to make love to me again... right now!", she cried as soon as her mouth was free.  "Oooouuuuuuuuu", she groaned in frustration because she knew she wasn't saying the right words correctly.  "Master.... master....please make love to me again", she stammered out.  "Pleeeeasssee master.  My pussy is on fire and it's unbelievably exciting to have you in me when I'm... I'm like this..... God, it's like being a virgin again!  It's just so good!   Pleeeessseee master.... FUCK ME!"  Her voice deepened as she said "fuck me" and was kind of funny, because it reminded me of Linda Blair when she was possessed in the Exorcist.

She had certainly gotten my attention though and my member did a little shiver and began to come back to life.  Pulling the mask from her eyes, I shook my head and told her, "Honey I would love to, but I truly do not believe that it is physically possible."  Wincing, even in the poor light of the room after being in darkness for so long, Ann couldn't help but notice my collapsed manhood.  "Shit", she mummurred.  "OK. OK. OK".   She said as she pressed her eyes together in thought.  "Alright, untie my hands and chest and I'll.... I'll use my mouth to get you ready again."  My jaw dropped open and my deflated penis did its best to stage a rebound. 

Some people don't do windows, Ann doesn't do blow jobs.  In fact she dislikes them to the point that when given the choice of bondage or a blowjob she would pick getting tied up!  The firsts in our sexual relationship that were coming out of these last few days just kept on popping up.

For the last two years of high school and the first two years of college I had had the same girl friend, which some people would refer to as an eleven.  (i.e. Good looking and she swallowed.)  This woman gave the best head that I have ever experienced throughout the rest of my adult life.  In fact because during this stage of my life I did not have my own place, blowjobs were my normal fare of choice.  And, in all honesty, after sampling her pussy I much preferred her mouth! 

Marriage, on the other hand, was a whole new ball game.  You're in for the long haul and compromise becomes the be all and end all.  Shortly into our relationship I was hit with that "old routine" I'm giving you everything and your giving me nothing in return.  I was forced into the decision of which do you want more; bondage or blowjobs.  So much for being the master of my destiny!  Now many years past this decisive turn of events, to have my wife be the one to suggest using her mouth on me threw me into an overdrive excitement level. 

Needless to say I lost no time uniting my wife's halter from the headboard and then furiously began work on her wrists.  Freeing them I couldn't help but tie the two ropes dangling from her wrists together.  My wife glared at me as she tested the twelve-inch hobble.  Ann knelt upright on the bed, while I slid into a sitting position with my back to the headboard.  Bending over my wide-open crotch she quickly encircled my cock between the fingers of both hands and started a soft pumping motion.  At first my manhood remained soft, but then she began with her tongue!  Her warm soft appendage slithered about the head of my penis bathing it in her oral juices.  Any last drops that were left upon me, were soon cleaned off.  Gentle teeth teased the sensitive head of my circumcised rod.  My john thomas actually jumped as she breathed warm air upon it.  

With this first hint of renewal, Ann placed a kiss on the head of my cock.  But, this was no ordinary kiss.  Opening her mouth wider and closing down the side of her mouth she produced enough suction to pull me into her warm oral cavity!   Now the fingers that were wrapped around my rapidly reinflating member began a quick pistoning motion.  Her head began to bob up and down upon me as her busy tongue swirled around my head and was alternately replaced with a glorious sucking sensation.  What was amazing to me was that she never took in more than two or three inches of my meat, while it felt like my entire cock was sliding into her warm opening!  I had never encountered this particular manoeuvre before, but I could now attest to its effectiveness! 

It was a painful process, with my cock tingling its way back to life.  Soon though it was once more hard as a rock within the glorious confines of her mouth.  Struggling to my knees, Ann continued to piston her head forward.  Coming twice, this closely together, was both difficult and painful.  It sort of felt like there was a fire in the center of my cock as more fluids were poured in to replace the earlier expended ones.  Despite all of this, it was immensely exciting. 

"Alright you've gotten me ready", I groaned out.  "Now it is time that I return you to your earlier stage of excitement."  I am not sure if she heard me or if she just didn't understand, but the first swat to her pussy with the brush handle was definitely a complete surprise.  "Ooooowwww", she moaned around a mouthful of me.  Ann's eyes had flown open and she was just quick enough in realizing what had happened, to keep from biting me.  Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.   I re-warmed her already whipped pussy.  She fought to concentrate and continue her oral assault, but she soon lost it.  Realizing this I pulled out, before I lost any of my revived hardness. 

Kneeling behind her as before I rubbed my cock against her hot juicy opening.  TAP.  One more snap to her pussy for good measure.  Finding the opening, I lost no time diving in.  I love doggie style.  There is something about this position that lets her clamp her inner muscles more tightly about my plunging rod.  She was moaning, I was moaning, we must have sounded like two animals in heat!  Our movements again became frantic.  This time however, we both strove to stay in sync with each other and it  worked to perfection.  In only minutes we were both crying out in ecstasy.  It was like shooting mini fireballs out  as I exploded into my wife love canal.  That pleasure / pain mix made it all the better for me!

As our ravaged bodies finally relaxed, we began to laugh.  First little giggles and then building to almost uncontrollable laughter.  It took many deep breaths and a lot of work to get back in control of our faculties.  

"That was the best sex that I have ever had", I said breaking the ice.  

"Me too!", my lovely bride piped up.  "Oh my God, was that incredible or what?", she continued softly.  

"Absolutely unbelievable", I answered truthfully.  

"Oh God, I'm too tired to move", Ann moaned.  I started laughing again and had to forcibly stop myself.  

"Not that you could move too far in your current circumstances", I told her wryly.  

She laughed and replied, "Speaking of which would you be so good as to untie me please.... master."

I removed her bonds, finishing off with her breast harness.  Ann slid slowly into a sitting position... and then popped off the bed.  "Oooww", she said rubbing her rear-end.  I chuckled as she made quite a site standing there in one high heel, the other stocking sheathed foot stretched like a ballet dancer to imitate its counterpart.  I kicked over her other slipper, which she slid into effortlessly.  

"Damn, for the first time in my life I know what its like to not be able to sit down because of a spanking," she said softly.  I gave her a hug and then gathered up all of the loose odds and ends from our bondage / spanking encounter.  

Helping her into her sheer wrap, I said, "Come on downstairs honey.  I'll rub some nice soothing cream into your rear end."  She laid her head against my shoulder and replied simply, "OK."


NOTE:  One further thought (piece of information) -  Don't take a HOT shower after getting your butt spanked!  I thought it would be nice to take a shower together after our earlier endeavors and my wife agreed.  Ann yelped like a wounded dog and jumped from beneath the hot stream of water (she had entered front first and didn't get zinged until she turned her back.  OW.  She likened it to taking a hot shower with a bad sunburn.  Tepid water worked out just fine.


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