Bondage Barbie 9

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; bond; leather; cons/reluct; X

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Bondage Barbie 9 by Anne Gray

Chapter 9 - "One Willing, One Not!"

I need not have been concerned about Beth, as I released her from the first taste of real bondage she couldn't stop thanking me. After a long, warm shower and a late meal we sat in the living room and talked into the night about what I had done, her reactions to it, and what the future could hold for us both. It was not long before we decided that she should move in with me, at least on a trial basis.

In my amateur judgment, Beth's masochistic tendencies would come into bloom very quickly and I started immediately to impose my will on her. I told her that whenever I told her to do something it should happen instantly and then I ordered her to drop the robe and come and stand with her back to me and her wrists crossed. There was no argument and I knew I had been right.

I tied her wrists then led her into the playroom. Selecting a pear gag from the dozen or so on the table I held it near her mouth and just looked at her. Obediently she parted her teeth and I slipped the gag in place and buckled the soft leather gag strap around her head. This, I told her, was the very least she could expect any time I felt like it.

Picking a couple of items to take with me I lead her through to the master bedroom and had her kneel on the bed. Pushing her forwards I spread her cheeks and pushed in the butt plug. Pulling down the satin sheets I laid her on her back and tied her ankles about 2' apart to the bottom rail. Undressing, I joined her in the bed, pulled the bedclothes up over us both and reached for the dildo before I turned out the light. She had never experienced a night like the one that followed.

Very early the next morning I slipped out of bed leaving Beth sleeping in satisfied exhaustion. Still bound and gagged she didn't budge as I dressed. My concern was with Dawn who had been severely restrained for a long time and would probably be in distress. She was, but just over an hour later I had her washed, fed and firmly bound in a comfortable chair in the playroom. Installing a gag I closed the bookcase opening to the hidden room and went to wake Beth.

Releasing her from the simple but effective bonds I left her to shower and dress while I made breakfast. Wearing the smart leather suit she was beautiful and I looked forward to the days ahead.  After the meal she left to start packing her belongings and to give her notice at the rented apartment. On a month-to-month lease there would be no problems.

Using my SUV and her car it only took a couple of trips to move her clothes and other personal possessions to my house.  After lunch when we were both comfortably dressed in leather slacks she didn't resist as I bound her wrists behind her back and her ankles together.

Then I explained about Dawn.

Tied as she was, if her reaction was anything except positive to the fact that Dawn was not here voluntarily, I would have to adjust my thinking and she couldn't stop me dealing with her. Again, my fears were groundless. Like many masochists she had an opposite streak and soon convinced me that her being able to practice my hobby on Dawn would just heighten the pleasure I gave her.

There was no time like the present to start so I untied her and showed her the huge closet off the master bedroom where all my special outfits were stored.  We each changed into one of my one- piece leather cat suits with wide, tight belts and high-heeled boots. As I knew it would, everything fit Beth perfectly.

Dawn's eyes went wide as we came through the entrance to the playroom and she realized her problem had doubled. We discussed several bondage possibilities until Beth asked if we could dress our captive in the same outfit I used to initiate her yesterday. I agreed, but we would finish it differently.

With two of us the job went rapidly and poor Dawn found that we could also get things tighter. Enjoying ourselves we worked on the outfit until from the neck down she was fully encased in gleaming black leather.

Stretched on the table her lower orifices were fully plugged, her arms immobile between her shoulder blades and the stiletto heeled single boot clamped her legs together. Each lace and strap was taunt with strain.

Beth was obviously remembering how she felt as I had forced her into the same outfit and she kept caressing Dawn's leather covered body as we proceeded. I inserted earplugs and started to work the rubber cap over Dawn's head then Beth tucked in the hair that had escaped. I wasn't too surprised when she then selected the largest possible gag that could fit in the girl's mouth.

Removing the temporary gag I gave Dawn a drink and then watched as Beth forced the new gag between her teeth while I got the tape ready. She hadn't seen the nostril inserts and watched as I worked them into place. No matter how tight things got around her head they would keep the airways open.

Reaching for the kid leather discipline helmet we turned Dawn on her stomach and laced it down the back of her head. The collar laced to the neck of the jacket and a firmly buckled gag strap completed this part of the exercise.

Going to the equipment closet I selected a beautiful black leather dress. Lifting Dawn's feet we worked the dress up her legs and then swung her off the table. Holding her upright we pulled the dress up until we could pop her shoulders into place. The knee length skirt clung tightly around her legs and instead of sleeves the upper part was tailored to fit snugly like a pocket over her arms bound between her shoulder blades.

We tucked the wide left lapel flap under and then stretched the right one across to fasten from her waist to just under the left collarbone with gold buttons. A matching set of false buttons ran up the right side of her chest. The high collar closed around her neck and I buckled three small straps on the choke band under her chin. The top of the collar folded down over the band and was held in place by two more gold buttons at the points.

There were three gold fasteners at the front of the waist belt and we buckled them tightly then moved her over to sit in a chair with no back.  Instead there was a short metal bar which curved up into the small of her back where it split into a V up the outside of her bound arms. This allowed her to sit with her back straight and a strap around her chest held her firmly in place. Two short straps went from rings on each side of the waist belt making sure her rear end was tight against the bar.

We tied her booted ankles to the chair rung and added a decorative strap to look as if it was part of the boot. From the closet I got a fitted jacket that matched the dress. It was sleeveless but when I fitted it over her shoulders and smoothed it in place Beth did up the front and buckled the waist belt.

The hood of the jacket came up over her leather-covered head to frame her face and I fastened the closing under her chin.  Three layers of leather molded to her body.  Sitting rigidly she could only look at us with pleading eyes as we studied our creation.

It was time to remind Beth of her position in our threesome so I told her to strip and bring me a butt plug and dildo.  As she knelt in front of me I parted her cheeks to slide the plug in its nest then the dildo went in for its full length and I handed her a pair of latex panties.

The cat suit went back on and she fastened it neatly pulling the waist belt tight and then worked on the boots.  When they were fully laced I handed her a pair of kid leather gloves, which she pulled on and tucked under the sleeves of the suit. Using soft cord I bound her wrist behind her back so the hands were palm to palm, then ran more cord around her elbows to pull them securely together.  From a drawer came the leather arm sheath and I worked it up over her hands and forearms then nearly to her armpits.

Lacing up the sheath I made sure it would not slip by running straps from reinforced slots on each side of the top edge, under her arms and back across her shoulders to fasten again at the top edge.  One end of a crotch strap attached to the ring at the fingertip of the sheath and I pulled it between her legs and buckled it to the waist belt.

I led her over to a wheeled, backless stool that had a padded leather seat and made her sit with her feet apart and against the front legs.  Cord around her ankles held them firmly in place and short straps around each thigh just above the knee reinforced the leg bondage.  They each had a handy D ring through it.  All this time she had not said a word and now I made sure she couldn’t.

The gag filled her mouth completely and I had to prod with my fingers to get it behind her teeth.  A piece of tape sealed her lips and this time I used the nostril inserts.  Fifteen minutes later the discipline helmet was tightly laced and attached to the collar of the cat suit.

The gag strap I used had an inverted V strap running up each side of her nose, it joined at her forehead in to a single one that I pulled back over her head and buckled to the top of the arm sheath.  A strap under her chin kept the gag strap from riding up.  The reinforced slots in the top of the arm sheath came into play again as I ran straps from them, across her shoulders and down to the rings at her knees.

As I pulled on them she was forced to bend forward at the waist putting extra pressure on the crotch strap between her legs.  Cupping her chin I pushed up and further tightened the head strap from the gag to the top of the sheath.

She was done and I pushed her through to the master bedroom positioning the stool beside the bed.  I bought Dawn into the room and arranged her beside Beth.  Loosening the hood of Dawn’s jacket I added a padded leather blindfold and then fixed the hood back in place.  Beth could not move her head as I put one on her too.

Undressing and climbing into bed I read one of my German bondage magazines to get some new ideas before looking fondly at my two guests and turning out the light.  I had not had much sleep the last few days and intended to make up for it tonight.

They would spend the night, as they were – one willing, one not – but both mine!


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