Bondage Barbie 10

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

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Bondage Barbie 10 by Anne Gray

Chapter 10 - "Travelling Tied"

What with the new experience of having Beth living with me and both of us spending time putting Dawn through every conceivable form of bondage, I had neglected several errands that needed to be done.  Consequently, I decided to look after them and take Beth with me for her first leather restrained outing in public.

We spent nearly two hours getting Dawn completely encased in leather and doubled up into the leather-covered box. While I fitted the two halves of the box lid around her neck and finished tightening the helmet and gag straps, Beth went to wash her hair and have a shower. She came back in just a bathrobe as I was positioning Dawn's box where she could watch at least some of the process I was going to use on Beth. She could only move her eyes anyway.

Sitting in two chairs facing each other I handed Beth a pair of tight kid gloves and told her to put them on. After she had worked them up her arms to the elbow I held out a small disposable plastic glove while she pushed her right hand into it. I did the same for the left hand.  These protected the leather of the gloves as I took each hand, squeezed the fingers together and taped them from wrist to fingertip.

Pointed leather mitts, with small steel rings at the tip, now laced over each hand making them even more useless. She was completely docile as I continued to get her ready for her outing. Stripping off the robe I fitted her with a waist cinching leather corset and settled those lovely breasts into the bra cups before tightening the laces down her back.

Following my instructions she knelt on the floor with her back towards me and there were a couple of groans, probably of pleasure, as I worked the large butt plug up inside her. Adjusting her position so she was still kneeling but leaning back with her legs wide apart, I installed a 7" dildo and then held a pair of latex panties while she slipped her feet into them and I pulled them up her legs and in place over her buttocks.

She sat on a chair as I got her legs into a pair of skintight kid leather pants and then stood up so I could lace them down the back of her calves to the ankle and close the fastenings at the waist. Sitting again she pushed hard to get her feet into the stiletto heeled boots which I then laced up to her thighs.

I held out a beautiful green suede shirt so she could slip her arms into it and I buttoned it down the back, tucked it into the top of the leather pants, and fastened the wrist buttons.  A wide leather belt buckled firmly around her waist covered the join. Going to the bench I selected a special crotch strap that I attached to the front of the belt and pulled snugly between her legs to fasten the other end to the back of the belt. There was a small snap hook on the strap level with her vagina.

She sat again as I did her hair and makeup.  I didn't bother with lipstick; she wouldn't need any. A pair of drop earrings finished the job. Going to the closet I selected a full-length black leather, double-breasted trench coat that had been adapted for just this situation. Beth obediently held her arms so I could slide the coat on and settle it over her shoulders. She looked puzzled until I held open the right pocket and told her to put her leather-confined hand inside.

I had opened the seam at the bottom of the pocket and as the tip of her mitt came through I simply snapped the ring on the end through the hook over her crotch. The left hand got the same treatment and then I proceeded to close the coat properly. Beth stood perfectly still on those high heels as I buttoned the coat and then tightened the belt around her waist so the garment was done up the way it had been designed. I could never understand women who purchased a coat that was designed to be fitted and then tied a knot in the belt at the back and walked around like they had a tail or left it unbuttoned and flapping in the wind.

There were several snap fasteners in the inside edge of each pocket that matched some on the edge of the sleeve cuffs and I did those up. Beth looked quite natural standing with her hands in her pockets and nothing indicated her true situation.

For the first time since I had started getting her dressed Beth spoke and said how much she was enjoying the experience. She was firmly restrained and helpless but didn't feel that uncomfortable; that was about to change. I selected a large, colorful silk scarf and arranged it around her neck then knotted it loosely at the back under the collar of the coat. The leather gag filled her mouth and I covered it with a wide piece of tape before buckling a soft leather gag strap over her mouth and fastening it tightly behind her head.

Now the scarf came up over her mouth and I attached it to the top edge of the gag strap with small pieces of velcro, it looked quite natural and I finished buttoning the coat under her chin and closed the storm flap. Reaching across her shoulders I lifted the hood of her coat and adjusted it to frame her face with a couple of curls of hair showing on either side. I closed a flap across her neck and under her chin that held the hood firmly in place.

Putting on my own 3/4 length leather winter jacket I led Beth out to the garage and opened the front passenger door of the van for her. After she had settled back in the seat I adjusted the coat neatly over her knees and fixed the seat belt across her lap. The other part of the belt came over her shoulder and snapped into its holder at the left of the seat. I used a short strap to lock her boot ankles together and attach them to the metal bar under the front seat.

Climbing into the van behind her I fixed the height of the neck rest and then buckled a short strap attached to the back of the hood around the supporting back of the padded rest. Completely restrained, gagged and helpless she was, to anyone looking into the van, quite naturally just dressed for winter. I went back and blindfolded Dawn, then after one more tug on her gag strap, left to do my errands.

At each stop I left the van parked in full view of people passing by, the windows had a very light tint and anyone could look in. At the first stop Beth's eyes had a worried look. This was part of the game - would she be discovered and someone see how she was bound? It didn't happen of course, and after the third stop, I felt she needed another sensation. Parking in a fairly remote section of a mall lot I opened the glove compartment and took out another toy.

Loosening the seat belt I reached up under Beth's coat and worked the small vibrator pad between the crotch strap and the leather pants. I hid the thin wire from it down her leg under the coat and over to the center console. I did the seat belt up again and drove out of the lot.

I warned her not to make any fuss as I pulled into traffic and plugged the vibrator into the cigarette lighter socket. Even restrained as I had her she was soon squirming but could not move enough to be noticed by other drivers. She groaned and squealed through the gag as we drove along and after a few minutes I unplugged the gadget. I told her that at the next stop I would be parking in full view of the shoppers and turn it on again so if she called attention to herself we would both be in trouble.

For the first time I saw a touch of fear in her eyes, which was just the reaction I was looking for. True to my word I parked and plugged the toy in again. As I left and locked the doors Beth was desperately trying to sit still. She could turn her leather covered head just enough against the bonds to look at me with pleading eyes - it didn't work. I didn't stay away too long because the vibrator was working off the van's battery and with the cold weather I didn't want to take any chances of problems starting up again; at least not with the state my passenger was in.

The leather over Beth's lap was moving slightly as she tried to pull her hands away from the hook holding them against her vagina. Cold or not there was a bead of perspiration on her forehead and she moaned at me as I climbed into the driver's seat. I disconnected the toy again. Taking a long route home I took us on the expressway and once I was up to maximum speed I reached down and plugged the unit in again.

I had to concentrate on the road but my ears told me as Beth began to pant and a quick glance showed that her eyes had closed. Now I had the combination I wanted - the speed of the van, the frequent bumps in the highway and the action of the vibrator on her inserts. A moan grew in her throat. Another glance showed her body straining against the seat belts and then she relaxed. She had just come at sixty miles an hour and I turned off the vibrator as I headed home.

Safely back in the garage I undid the straps holding her ankles and neck then unlocked the seat belts and helped her out of the seat. Walking her through to the playroom I unbuttoned the coat and released her right hand, slid the coat off her arm and forced it behind her back so I could reattached the ring to the hook between her legs.

Doing the same with her other arm left her with her shoulders pulled back and chest thrust out. The suede shirt, kid leather pants and laced, high-heeled thigh boots made a pretty picture. I took off the scarf, tightened the gag strap and left her while I unloaded my purchases. When that job as was done I decided it was time for me to get some relief. I took the blindfold off Dawn so she could watch then I made Beth kneel and tied her ankles to two floor rings. A dildo gag replaced the one in her mouth and I screwed a 7" ribbed leather cock into the socket, bent her backwards, dropped my leather slacks and panties, then straddled her chest. It was heaven - several times!


Author’s note:  The basic theme of this chapter also appears in my “stand alone” story “This Month It’s Her Treat – Damit.”

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