Bondage Barbie 8

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; bond; leather; cons/reluct; X

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Bondage Barbie 8 by Anne Gray

Chapter 8 - A Friend in Need

The phone call from Beth came just after lunch. She had a problem and wondered if she could come over and talk. Beth was a lovely girl in her mid twenties just a couple of years younger than me. We had gone through college together and frequently went out for a meal or movie. Over the years I had often wondered whether I should tell her about my "interests" but always decided on the side of caution.

While I was comfortable financially Beth had worked at various jobs and for the last 3 years had found a niche as a very good hair stylist and then taken a course in body piercing. She was responsible for the extra holes in my ears and the navel ring I wore.  But she knew nothing about my hobby or the hidden playroom. She did know about some of my leather wardrobe because she sometimes borrowed an outfit for a special event since we wore the same size.

When she arrived I made tea and we sat down to talk. She was obviously embarrassed but after the first few minutes I had a hard time keeping a straight face because I couldn't believe my ears - or my luck. It seemed that she had an affair a couple of years back but when they became physically involved she could just not get to the point of complete relief. Then, one evening they were horsing around and the guy tied her hands behind her back with her pantyhose and pretended to rape her. She said that her body had reacted like never before and the result had been a beautiful climax.

When they had sex after that she would sometimes get him to tie her first with the same result.  Due to other problems they had split nearly six months ago and now, no matter what she did by herself, she was completely frustrated. She did not dare ask any of her occasional dates to do what was needed because she just didn't know them well enough. She had even tried self-bondage but it didn't work because she knew she could get out (tell me about it I thought).

She knew it was asking a lot but since I was her best friend she wondered if I would consider maybe tying her up in my spare bedroom and letting her see if her imagination would do the rest and she could get some relief.   She blushed even more, if that was possible, when she told me she had bought a “toy” with her.  I kept a very serious face as I told her I guessed that in her childhood she had been taught that sex was dirty and now her mind would only accept it if it was convinced she was unable to resist and therefore not responsible.

Well, it might be bullshit but it sounded good.  I told her to stop worrying and that I would be happy to try and help (Oh yeah) and sent her home for an overnight bag.  She left having been asked to stop at the hardware store for some soft cord.  I was playing it straight for the time being because if she knew the equipment I had in the playroom, some of which was currently holding Dawn in the figurehead position, I suspect she might have second thoughts.

While she was gone I moved Dawn from the table, still bound, gagged, blindfolded and encased in leather over to one of the closets. She was now strapped immovably to the back wall brackets and the door was closed.

As Beth and I moved into the living room, I admired her pink leather skirt and matching four-button jacket and then she pulled a hank of soft, white clothesline from her bag and asked if it would do. Putting on that serious face I said I would try my best but maybe I should practice a couple of times before settling her in for the night, just to make sure I could tie her so she couldn't get out.

I put a heavy, straight-backed chair (which just happened to be handy) in the middle of the living room, drew the curtains and asked her to sit down. Making a bit of a fuss I suggested she keep on her long kid gloves so the rope would not hurt her wrists, then proceeded to cross them behind the chair back and bind them firmly. More cord went around her ankles in their high-heeled boots and I pulled them back against the lower rung between the front chair legs.

Talking all the time I wound cord around her knees then under the seat and across her thighs. The last of it went around her chest pulling her tightly against the chair and finally locked her elbows to each side post.

She said she was surprised I was able to tie her so efficiently the first time. Opening the drawer of an end table out of her sight I took out one of the items I had hidden while she was away. I asked if she was all right, and, as she opened her mouth to respond, gave her another surprise by forcing the leather pear shaped gag between her teeth.

Her eyes went wide and then became fearful but I immediately reassured her that she could trust me. I explained that for the next few hours I was going to introduce her to the world of leather bondage and by the time we were finished she would have such relief from her frustrations that she would never have believed possible.

I told her that I knew I was right and anyway she was not in a position to refuse my offer. So I began. After filling her ears with plugs I removed her earrings and the clips holding her hair, then I pulled a rubber swim cap over her head and tucked in her hair. I lifted her chin so I could get the tape started over her mouth and around her head two or three times to hold the gag firmly in place.

This first time I didn't use the nostril inserts but immediately fitted on a kid leather discipline helmet and laced it tightly down the back of her head. A gag strap buckled firmly over her mouth and a padded leather blindfold followed that. She was now blind, deaf, unable to make a sound and ready for the playroom.

I took four casters from the drawer and tilted the chair first forwards, then back and fitted the wheels into the sockets at the bottom of the chair legs. It was now simple to wheel her through to my hidden room.  Her leather suit was lovely and I spent a few minutes just looking at her bound in the chair with the black kid encasing her head and I wondered what was going through her mind.

Leaving her wrists and ankles tied I pulled her from the chair and down on her stomach on the floor. A piece of cord held her ankles to a floor ring and then I knelt firmly on her elbows, untied her wrists and retied them to floor rings on either side of her waist. Now she was secure again I left her and changed into one of my black leather cat suits.  With the high neck, wide tight belt and a pair of stiletto-heeled boots they always made me feel creative when I was doing my thing.

Back in the playroom I fixed a velcro strap around each of her wrists and getting rid of the cord, used the small snap hook on each strap to attach her arms back to the floor rings. That made it a lot easier to get her undressed. Straddling her body I unhooked the right wrist and twisted the arm behind her back. This caused her to roll partially on her left side and allowed me to reach around the front and undo the buttons on her leather jacket. At the same time I unbuttoned the silk blouse she was wearing.

Slipping the sleeves off her arm I hooked the wrist strap to the floor ring again and repeated the process with the left arm. In this manner her bra also came off and she was naked from neck to waist. Her breasts were swollen and the nipples erect, I knew she was already reacting.  I left her gloves on and after covering them with a disposable pair of plastic ones to protect the leather I squeezed her fingers together and taped them from wrist to fingertip. Cone shaped heavy leather mitts, each with a metal ring at the end, laced over each hand.

A few minutes later I was lacing the heavily boned, wasp waisted corset jacket down her back. The long sleeves joined to the mitts at her wrists and the collar laced to the neck of the helmet. Settling the V shaped strap around her neck and down between her breasts, I buckled it to the waist belt of the corset. Now it was a matter of bending each arm up between her shoulder blades and hooking the mitt rings over the small clip at the nape of her neck.

As I pulled her elbows together in the small of her back and strapped them tightly, her breasts were forced into the corset bra and bulged through the 2" diameter holes in the cups. Untying the cord holding her bound ankles to the floor ring I opened the zip on her skirt and worked the garment down off her legs. I eased her pantyhose down to the top of the boots and then sat on her thighs to untie her ankles, remove the boots and hose, loop a piece of cord back around her ankles and move her over to the table.

With her strapped down on her back, legs spread wide in the stirrups she was completely available. I checked the batteries in two of my toys (the one I found in her bag was indeed a “toy”), bought over a jar of lubricant and gently inserted the remote controlled rubber butt plug in her puckered pink ass hole. I used my fingers to spread the bush around her vagina and started the dildo into place. Her body was doing just fine providing plenty of natural fluid.

There was a deep moan through her gagged mouth as the dildo eased in an inch at a time until it was buried. Latex panties then kid leather pants molded to her thighs and buttocks as I worked them up her legs.  Standing her beside the table I soon had the crotch strap in place and then laid her flat on the floor for the single leg boot. Twenty minutes later the boot was tightly laced and her insteps force into a wicked curve.

I clamped four bars between the floor to ceiling posts like the rungs of a ladder and moved Beth over to stand with her back against them.  Using the cord she had so innocently handed me I bound her to the bars at the waist, knees and ankles. The bar just above shoulder level had a curved arc in the middle and I pushed her head back until the back of her neck settled against the arc and held it there by buckling a strap across the front of her neck.

Held between the poles, chin up and fully encased in tight leather, I left her to check on Dawn.  Hauling her out of the closet and into the wheelchair I pushed my other playmate through to the kitchen. Removing just enough of her outfit to get at the gag, but keeping her bound and blindfolded, I allowed her to drink and fed her a light meal. The bathroom would have to wait.

Replacing the gag, helmet and gag strap I moved her into the spare bedroom and laid her out on the bed.  A ring at the top of the helmet connected to the headboard and then I pulled on her booted feet to stretch her out and tie them to the foot rail.

Returning to Beth I gently rolled one nipple between my fingers and circled the other with my tongue.  As they reacted I used the remote control to turn on both vibrators.  Almost immediately a small shudder went through her so I turned them off and left her again. She had been so close I knew the climax had only been a minor one so I had a quiet drink and half an hour later started on her again and let things build before turning on the toys and letting them run.

This time the shudders that racked her body were much stronger and I knew she had found some relief.  Still, after a few minutes I went to work one more time and when she was finally at rest against her bonds I removed the blindfold. Her eyes were smiling at me; my friend in need had been looked after and would be a willing participant in my hobby for a long time to come.

How she would react to the fact Dawn was not so willing remained to be seen. I blindfolded her again and left her to her thoughts until the batteries gave out.

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