Bondage Barbie 7

by Anne Gray

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Bondage Barbie 7 by Anne Gray
Chapter 7 "The Figurehead Position"

The next day she actually tried, weakly, to defy me and as a punishment ended up in a position that stretched every muscle in her body to its limit.  Forcing a temporary ball gag between her teeth I explained exactly what was going to happen and how she would be left while I spent the rest of the day doing some more shopping. The video camera was loaded and fixed on its tripod to record the proceedings.

After working her hands in the tight gloves and taping her fingers together over the thumb, I laced on heavy leather mitts with small steel rings at the points. Next came the waist length leather jacket with a 2" diameter opening at each breast. It fitted snugly around her as I laced it down the back and secured a wide belt at the front. Her breasts tried to squeeze out through the holes and I pulled hard on the laces around the base of each bra cup before knotting them.

As I forced her arms up between her shoulder blades to hook the mitt rings to the strap running around her neck and down to the belt, her breasts were pushed even more firmly into the cups. Pulling her elbows together I strapped them in place before stepping back to admire the job so far. She moaned through the gag as I moved her to the table and strapped her on it - face up. Her legs went in the stirrups and I adjusted them up and out to each side before locking the metal arms.

She knew what was coming next and the semi rigid dildo slipped smoothly in her vagina followed by a large, well lubricated, butt plug.  Releasing her legs one at a time I proceeded with the latex panties and skintight kid leather toreador pants. Re-positioning her on her stomach I laced the pants from knee to ankle and then stood her up facing the table. I changed the belt for a wider one and tightened the double buckles at the front. The strap from the finger rings attached to the front of the belt and, as I pulled on it, her arms became completely immobile.

The crotch strap also attached to the front of the belt and then ran between her legs and was buckled tightly after also running  through the ring at the point of her elbows. Back on the table again with her legs strapped tightly together above and below the knee and at the ankles, her eyes followed me as I got a beautiful, thigh length leather double leg ballet boot from the closet.

As usual it took time to lace the boot on her very tightly and evenly. I relaxed for a moment with a coffee and examined her leather covered helpless body for any possible strap or lace that needed tightening.  She couldn't say anything with the gag filling her mouth but her eyes, full of tears, pleaded with me as I explained the next part of the process.

Rolling her on her stomach I forced her legs to bend at the knee and ran a strap under her thighs across the ankles and, pulling it in a notch at a time, soon had her legs snugly folded with the boot heel tight against her buttocks. Feeding another strap through the toe ring of the boot and up to the back of the belt forced her insteps to stretch to their limit.  Two other straps went around her legs just above the knee and the other across the boots’ heel to complete this part.  All the straps had strategically placed D rings.

Using those rings I anchored her folded legs down to the table.  Taking a long, specially designed strap I snapped one end to the top front of the waist belt, it then went up between her jutting breasts, split to cross each shoulder, then joined again and ran to a large bracket at the end of the table just past her knees. The strap had a turnbuckle at a point just over her elbows.

Going to the other end of the table I lifted her shoulders and wedged a large leather cushion under her chest.  I used the turnbuckle to take up the slack and then pushed up again on her shoulders and shortened the strap again. The straps across each shoulder kept her from falling forward and as the strap got shorter and shorter it bent and then held her up in an arc. I attached straps to each side of the waist belt and tightened them down to the sides of the table then, after giving the turnbuckle a final twist, I pulled out the cushion. She stayed in place.

I connected a strap from the front of the waist belt to the front end of the table to complete the pressure on her bent back. As I took up the last tiny bit of play out of each of her restraining bonds she was sobbing through the gag. Tilting up her chin I kissed her on the forehead and told her I was not even nearly finished with her. Now was the time to complete the outfit from the neck up.

Arched as she was her shoulders and head were well off the table, in fact, from the waist up her body was almost vertical and she was powerless to stop me working on her head. I removed the gag and allowed her to work her jaws as I pushed in the earplugs. The heavy rubber swim cap snapped over her head and I tucked in her blonde hair before pulling the chinstrap up to fasten just under her left ear.

The new penis gag had grooves on the top and bottom of its base that fitted over her teeth. It filled her mouth and spread her jaws immovably apart.  Wide surgical tape wrapped around her head two or three times until her mouth and the gag it contained were smoothly and completely covered. The hollow nostril inserts fitted in neatly and so now, except for her eyes, every opening in her body was filled in some form or another.

The "Piece de Resistance" was a beautifully designed head casque in gleaming black leather.  I fitted it over her face and head, smoothing out any minor wrinkles before lacing it closed down the back.  Using the eyelets I attached it at the neck to the top of the jacket. I pulled a wide gag strap across her mouth and fastened it as tightly as it would go. The strap had a D ring on each side under the ears and short leather straps from them went back to the ring on the turnbuckle. Cupping her chin with one hand I slowly forced her head back until, like the reins on a horse, they held her head strained back and immobile.

Looking into her eyes I held up the next two items for her inspection.  The small pointed leather cups each had metal clamps inside. As I laced the first cup on her bulging right breast the clamp tightened on the nipple. The second one was installed on the left breast.

Putting my shoulder against her chest I gradually pushed against it to take up the last inch of play in her spine; then twisted the turnbuckle to take up the slack.

From the side, with her jutting breasts, she resembled the bowsprit figurehead on an old ship.

Turning off the camera, I left her and changed into a silk blouse, leather skirt, matching vest and high-heeled knee boots. I stopped at the closet to get my leather trench coat and then stood in the doorway of the playroom and studied Dawn as I put it on. Back arched in a bow, leather covered and in such a strenuous position she was a beautiful sight.

With my coat properly buttoned and the belt tight around my waist, I picked up the last item and made my way to the table. She could just see me by looking down her leather covered nose. The air was moving evenly through her nostrils because, since she was gagged more often than not, she had learned to control her breathing. I used a tissue to wipe the tears from her eyes and dry the edges of the leather surrounding them. The blindfold had leather pads for each eye and I buckled it behind her head.

Pulling on my tight leather gloves I picked up my handbag, stroked her helpless leather covered head and left to enjoy another afternoon in my favorite stores.

Several hours later I was back having spent a fair amount of Dawn's money on some new clothes, leather and suede of course and at some specialty stores for ideas and toys. Unable to speak, move, see or hear she didn't know I was back until I again stroked her encased cheek with my kid gloved hand. As soon as she felt my touch she groaned, the strain on her back and indeed all her muscles was considerable and by now I felt she would have learned her lesson.

After taking off my coat and gloves I spent time video taping her from all angles it would be fun playing it back when I had both of us in a more comfortable position and could savor the beauty of her leather bound body and re-live the process that got her there. Starting with the reins on the gag strap I gradually relieved the pressure by next unscrewing the turnbuckle until the shoulder straps were loose enough for me to unsnap the end from the waist belt and let her chest down to rest on the table.

Removing all the straps keeping her legs bent double allowed her to straighten them and, as she did, I rolled her over on her back. Still helpless she could not resist as I strapped her to the table at the waist and removed the combination breast cups and nipple clamps. Taking one of the items purchased that afternoon I plugged it into an outlet and, after pulling on a nice tight kid glove, slipped the elastic strap on so the small motor was resting on the back of my hand.

Turning on the massage vibrator I gently started to kneed her breasts with my left hand and my mouth while my vibrating right hand moved down to rest near her crotch. As my fingers slid up and down the crotch strap that kept the butt plug and dildo hard up inside her, she began to writhe and moans came from deep in her throat. Her nipples became firm and erect and I knew she was close. So I stopped.

For the next half hour I put away my afternoon purchases and started to get dinner ready. When I returned to the playroom her breathing was back to as normal as possible through the nostril inserts and I started again. This time the reaction was much faster and as her leather bound body started to stiffen I moved the massager to my own crotch and we came together. When the shudders finished I went to the bathroom to clean up and then returned to finish releasing Dawn. She had been through so much today that she was now completely compliant. I left the casque, blindfold and gag until last while I moved her into the washroom with just a single strap holding her wrists together behind her back.

I settled her over the toilet and pulled on a plastic glove to remove the butt plug and dildo; her relief was immediate. The helmet and gag kept her docile as I used plastic ties to fix her wrists to the walls of the shower stall and her ankles to the lower rings. I removed the head covering and as the gag finally popped out of her mouth she gave a big sigh and accepted the glass of water I held for her to drink.

In the following hour I had her showered, hair washed, dried and brushed to a glossy gold. There was no resistance as I dressed her in leather slacks, knee boots and a kid leather straight jacket that held her arms immovably folded across her back with the strap buckled under her breasts. She ate a good dinner that I fed her as we sat side by side. When I had tidied up the meal I settled her on the couch with her ankles firmly secured to one of the legs, replaced the ball gag and rewound the videotape.

Snuggling up to her I caressed her leather-covered body and re-lived the morning project. Watching the various stages as I worked on her and as the Figurehead Position was achieved she was moaning as she thought of the stresses I had inflicted. It had been a busy but enjoyable day and I wondered what new ideas I could come up with for my leather covered Dawn.

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