Bondage Barbie 6

by Anne Gray

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; leather; latex; toys; nc; X

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Bondage Barbie 5 & 6 by Anne Gray
Chapter 6 – A Material Change

I had several errands to do and started by visiting my bank and depositing most of Dawn's cash; then spent time at my favorite leather store picking out some new outfits. Another stop was downtown in a store known for its "naughty novelties" and I paid cash for several items that would make life interesting for my guest.

Back home and comfortably dressed in leather slacks I pushed Dawn back into the playroom. Removing the hat I started to get her out of the box with a lot of help from the ceiling pulley. Very carefully I cut the nylon strapping and left her on the floor to slowly recover. At least her legs moved away from her upper body and then straightened at the knee. She was still fully laced into the boot, corset and helmet so I just added a blindfold to complete the head to toe leather.

The next couple of hours I spent catching up with my household chores. I could easily afford to bring in a maid service or someone to do the job but protected my privacy for obvious reasons. When I finally finished with the vacuuming in the playroom I looked down at her leather-covered figure stretched out on the floor and decided to relieve some of my own tensions.

Unpacking one of the new novelties I removed her blindfold so she could see what was happening and replaced the gag strap with a head harness that went around her mouth and over the top of her head; her chin fitted in a small leather cup and I tightened every strap to the maximum. A dildo snapped onto the harness at her mouth. Dropping my slacks and panties I straddled the helpless girl with my knees on either side of her shoulders.

There were leather grips on each side of the harness level with her ears and I used these to slowly pull her head upwards until the dildo slipped inside me. When it was all the way in her breath, panting through the nostril inserts stimulated my clitoris and after holding her there for a minute or two I started pumping her head up and down. The sensations were beautiful and I moved her head faster and faster until, finally, I rammed the rigid leather all the way in and held it there as shudders of delicious relief racked my body.

Leaving her where she was I took some time to recover. It was now late afternoon and since she had spent most of the day tightly bound in leather and crushed into the box, I decided she would spend the night in a completely different outfit and position. It took a while until I had her showered and sitting very quietly tied in the wheel chair. Not surprisingly she hardly ate any supper but I did get liquid in her before pushing in the temporary ball gag.

There was no resistance as I forced her on to the playroom table and tied her arms, at the elbows, above her head to a bracket at the end of the table. A belt across her waist held her down while I fitted her feet in the stirrups and strapped them in place. The inserts were rubber and the gel helped them slide in despite their size. I worked a pair of very tight latex panties on her by releasing one leg at a time and then moved to the head of the table to fit small rubber gloves on each of her hands. I squeezed her fingers together over the thumbs and wrapped tape tightly around them from fingertips to wrist,

Dusting her entire body with talcum powder and starting with her feet, I worked her into the stretchy one-piece black rubber body suit. After getting it up to her waist I pulled her into a sitting position with her wrists tied to each side of the table level with her knees. She had to be like this because the suit was too small to get on otherwise. One at a time I fitted her arms down the sleeves until the hands popped into the tight pouches at the ends. Pulling the suit over her bent shoulders and up to her neck, I released her hands, pulled her flat on her back and re-attached the strap around her elbows.

Taking her legs from the stirrups I rolled Dawn on her stomach and tied her ankles to each corner of the table. The closing of the suit ran from just above her buttocks to the back of her neck and fastened like a zip lock bag. When I pulled the edges together and clicked the channels in place you could hardly see the seam. The elastic rubber strap was only eight inches long but I wrapped it twice around her wrists before clicking the flat clasp together. The one around her elbows stayed in place and I rolled her onto her back again. The shiny black rubber high- heeled boots were only knee high but, at a size to small for her, they formed themselves tightly to her legs. They had front closings like the suit that were almost invisible.

The next piece of bondage gear was almost as hard to get on as the suit. I fitted her bound hands and wrists into the end pocket of the heavy rubber sheath and pulled it down her arms, over her elbows, to her neck where it split to allow her head through. There was an oval of eyelets just behind her head. The sheath now continued down her torso to the waist. Three elastic rubber straps ran from the front hem and I rolled her until I could feed them between her legs and stretch them to clasps on the back hem.

I used rubber straps to fasten her legs together at the ankle, knee and thigh. The only part of her not covered with glistening, taunt black rubber was her blonde head. Its turn was coming. A hook from the ceiling pulley went through the wrist strap and gave me all the help I needed to get her off the table and standing helplessly in front of me.

The heavy rubber waist cincher fitted from just under her breasts to her hips and it took a lot of strength to get it closed.  Each time I pulled it got a fraction of an inch tighter until it would go no further. Removing the gag I gave her a drink and listened to the soft moans of complaint. Brushing back her hair I filled each ear with a rubber plug before working a tight rubber cover over her head and down to her neck.

It framed her face with a tight rubber oval and the neck clamped to the top of the body suit. Letting go the ceiling hook I guided her body into the seat of the wheelchair. With her arms locked straight up behind her head and her legs almost unable to bend, I pushed her through to the bedroom. Getting her face up on the bed I ran a short rubber strap from her wrists to the headboard and then pulled on her ankles with another strap that attached to the foot rail.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I caressed her cheeks and leaned over to kiss her on the lips. As I pulled back from the kiss I forced the rubber gag between her teeth until it filled her mouth. A roll of tape was handy on the bedside table and several turns were soon smoothly holding the gag in place. The final rubber helmet left nothing showing except her pleading eyes as I let it snap in place. Eyelets framed it from just under each ear and followed the hairline. Gently lifting her encased head I stretched a rubber gag band across her mouth and snapped the clasp behind her neck.

Lacing the two sets of eyelets on the helmet and arm sheath together pulled her head tightly back against the sheath and now nothing could move except her eyes. Undressing myself I climbed into the huge bed, pulled her over on her side, and snuggled up for a good night's sleep.

Continues in Chapter 7 "The Figurehead Position"

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