Bondage Barbie 5

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2005 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; leather; boxed; latex; nc; X

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Bondage Barbie 5 by Anne Gray
Chapter 5 "The Box"

After breakfast the next morning I spoke to her for the first time. She didn't seem too happy to hear that I planned to continue to show her what real bondage was all about and hoped she enjoyed her day. Her complaints, of course, fell on deaf ears.

Naked, except for a gag, I had her restrained between the floor posts. A collar around her neck attached to the ceiling pulley rope and held her upright.  Starting with the laced gloves and finger mitts her hands were soon immobilized and from the closet I produced a new black leather jacket. This one laced down the back and had 2" diameter holes in the bra cups. When it was tightly done up her breasts tried to squeeze through the holes and her nipples stood out proudly.

I settled a double strap over her shoulders so that the metal ring at one join was at the back of her neck and the other between her breasts then attached to the front of the jacket waist belt. One at a time I forced her arms up between her shoulder blades and hooked the snaps at the ends of the finger mitts to the ring at the back of her neck. A short strap attached to the back of the waist belt went around her elbows and I steadily tightened it until they were touching. I thought her chest would burst through the leather.

Two minutes later I had her strapped back down on the table with her legs tied in the stirrups. She could watch as I picked up the butt plug, dipped it in the jar of gel, and then moved it towards her asshole.  Moans came through the gag changing to grunts as the plug went in followed immediately with a large dildo in the front orifice. I got the latex panties and leather leggings on her.

The single leg boot took as long as usual to get properly laced but it was worth it to see the way it stretched her insteps into an amazing curve because of the heel. Flipping her on her stomach I loaded 3/4" nylon strapping in the type of dispenser shippers use. Bending her legs at the knee I slipped a loop of the nylon around the ankle and upper thigh and squeezed the trigger. As the ratchet tightened her legs were pulled snugly together until the heel of the boot touched her buttocks.

Another trigger sealed the ends of the nylon and cut the strapping. Two more loops and her legs were completely locked together. Rolling her on her back I took two thin leather ribbons and tied them in tight bows on her nipples.

The next strap was awkward and took some doing but I ran a length of the nylon under her back and positioning her knees over her chest, triggered the machine. As each notch clicked through her legs were pulled closer and closer to her chest until I had her folded yet again. A few more times the strapping went around and then I ran one strip over each shoulder and through the toe ring on the boot.

She was absolutely helpless; a wrapped leather ball. The ceiling pulley rope had a hook on the end that I pushed through the straps at her knees and let the pulley take the weight as I moved her over the box.

It sat on a low table and was covered in padded black leather.  As I lowered her into the top opening I had to push and prod her body to get it to fit. Her own weight helped to get her settled until her booted feet met the bottom.  This left just her neck and head above the level of the sides. There was no play at all inside the box, her bound arms were tight against the back and booted legs pressed against the front. Now it was time to work on her head. The gag came out and she found her voice straight away with a loud scream to be let go. This was the last thing on my mind as I pushed leather plugs in her ears and worked the rubber cap over her hair.

A large leather gag was followed by surgical tape around her head and the nostril inserts. The beautiful kid leather discipline helmet took time to lace down the back but once it was done I fitted the back piece of the box lid in place; it had a 2" high padded half moon collar. With that on I put the front part of the lid in the slots and pushed until it matched the back piece. I had to hold her head back to get the collar under her chin. Metal clasps snapped closed under her ears and her head was immobile.  Her eyes pleaded with me in vain. A leather gag strap around her mouth completed the bondage but, on a whim, I went to the closet and took out a fancy wide brimmed leather hat that I settled on her head to finish things off. She made a picture.

I moved the wheelchair over next to the table and slid the box onto the seat. Pushing her through to the bedroom I slid the box on a big night table and turned it to face the room. I stood in front of her and smiled at her as I stripped. She could not move anything except her eyes as I leaned over and kissed the leather covering her mouth. After a shower I settled on the blue suede outfit, with the boots and silk blouse it made a very fetching picture. Taking time with my makeup I went back over so she could see as I put on my black leather coat.

Pulling on a pair of tight kid gloves I caressed the helmeted head held firmly in the grip of the padded box collar.  Warmly dressed in suede and leather I left my bound Bondage Barbie - and went shopping! 

continues in Chapter Six - A Material Change

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